Enzo puppy and Nikki

I am a lonely woman. I’ve spent most of my life in my house, scared of the world and trying to find the courage to talk to other people. My only friend is my dog, Enzo . How sad is that? I was watching CNN one night, and a story came on that dog lovers are supposed to be more social people, but my one acquaintance woefully contradicts that. I’m not bad looking. I’m mid-thirties, blonde, 34 DD chest and an ass that won’t quit. I work out a lot to compensate for my lack of social skills, but it seems that great body doesn’t buy dick like it used to. I blame porn. Every guy’s watching porn instead of getting a sweet taste of this fine ass. Never mind that every time I try to flirt, I almost piss myself, and if a cute guy asks me what my name is, I forget it. No, its’s society that is at fault. But Enzo doesn’t care. Enzo doesn’t care that I’m awkward, suffering from crippling social anxiety and taking to the bottle every night. When I tell Enzo to bark, he barks. When I tell Enzo to roll over, he rolls over. When I tell Enzo to come, we both do.

That’s my dirty little secret. Every girl needs a dirty secret. Mine just happens to mistake his shit for food. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t let Enzo lick my face. I let Enzo lick other places.

“Here boy!” I say, feeling my heart pounding with excitement. Enzo is big black shit dog, but with out the clipped ears. I love my good boy too much to do that to him.

“Mommy has a treat for you!” I say, breathing fast as I bend over. I take the peanut butter from the jar, smiling to myself as I spread my asscheeks, and smear it down my taint.

“Who’s a good boy?” I laugh. Enzo starts sniffing where I like. I feel his nose cold and wet across my pussy and ass. A shiver runs through me, and I bite my lip and smile back at him. “Dinner time.” I say.

Enzo ‘s tongue is flat and soft against my cunt. He licks the peanut butter from me, and then move inside, trying to get the last of it that pushed deeper. I moan as he finds all my spots, and another shiver runs through me, this one more intense than the last.

“That’s a good boy,” I whisper, “just a little… that’s it…” I start to pant like a bitch in heat, and I must smell like one too, because Enzo starts sniffing like a rutting boar as he explores me. I moan as his tongue moves up and down my taint, pushing slowly into my asshole and making me feel so good. I reach back and spread myself wider, letting his tongue slide deeper into me. God, it feels so good. He starts moving with faster motions, his tongue burrowing deeper, his panting growing hot against my taint. I can tell he’s not just licking me for the peanut butter any more. I wait until I know he’s worked-up, and then give him the signalling whistle.

Red rocket is such a crude term for dog cock, but I guess it fits the deion. Enzo puts his paws on my ass, scratching the skin a little, but not to bad. He breaths fasts and panting, and then misses his target. I’d never let him fuck me in the ass before, and the shock of it causes me to yelp. It feels so weird inside me there, so wrong, but after the initial shock, I can’t say that I don’t like it. Live and let live, I guess. I arch my back and rest my head on the cold floor, sighing as Enzo begins jerking his body back and forth. He treats me like I want to be treated, without any respect at all. I’m a loser whore who fucks her dog, and I don’t want to be doted on like a princess. I want to be fucked like an animal.

Enzo ‘s hips move back and forth as his pink cock stretches me gaping. I sigh louder, biting my lip, moaning through my breaths and shifting back to take him.

“Fuck your little bitch!” I yell at him. Enzo is a good boy. Enzo doesn’t stop when his master yells at him. Enzo knows he’s the master now.

Enzo fucks me harder and faster. I stop moaning, and start screaming instead. I yell at the top of my lungs as I heave to the beat. I have ‘who let the dogs out’ on the stereo, of course.

I feel his dick throbbing inside my shithole, and I hear his growls grow louder. I cry out and breath against the tiled floor, pathetic sounds coming from my whore-mouth.

“Oh fuck me! Make me come!” I scream. I think I’m losing my mind. Hell, I know I’ve lost mind. I’m a dog-fucking whore, and I should be ashamed that I’m getting anally fucked by a canine, but I’m not. I love it. I feel the orgasm coming inside me, causing me to squirt everywhere. I hiss against the tiles as I push my fingers into my cunt, rubbing like a little slut as my dog barks and yips. He bucks the last of his thrusts, and then comes into my ass. I feel his cum dripping inside me, and I sigh as it pours into my guts.

“Good boy, Enzo !” I say as he gets off me. I always make sure to clean Enzo afterward. I’m a good owner, and having a dirty dog cock is not something I can abide by. I suck Enzo ‘s red rocket, cleaning my ass and peanut butter off him. He comes in my mouth, and I swallow it all like a good little bitch. Then I laugh as he licks my face, and smile as he runs over to the door, wagging his tail. I always take Enzo for a walk after he’s done. It’s my little reward to him, for being such a good boy.

As I’m walking down the street, I spot a stray going through the garbage. He’s skinny, but not starving, and he’s got muscle in all the right places. I wonder if I can take him home. I know it’s crazy, he might have rabies, but the wild dogs are always the best, and I think Enzo needs a new friend. It wouldn’t be the first time I let him share me with another. I reach into my purse and pull out some bacon strips. Enzo immediately starts barking and drooling, and give him one so that he knows I haven’t abandoned him emotionally. Dogs are so needy.

“Here boy!” I call to the stray. His ears perk up and he looks at me. He’s not mangy at all, not really. Scruffy around the edges, but obviously once cared for. He comes bounding over to me, his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth. I hand him him a bacon strip, and Enzo immediately intercepts it.

“Enzo !” I laugh, “You greedy fucker!” I pull out another strip, and make sure the dog gets it this time. He gobbled it up and then looks up at me expectantly. I give him another, and while’s eating it, and lay a cautious hand on his head. He doesn’t snap or snarl, so I start to pet him . He’s a good boy.

“I see you’ve me Bart!” a voice says. I jump in fright and turn around. It’s a man, and not the homeless owner I’d assumed based on the dog’s appearance. He looks to be about my age, and he’s dark, and tall, and too handsome for me to speak to.

“Uh…” I say, unable to do anything but gawk.

“I’m Dave.” Dave says, extending his hand.

“Me too.” I say, and then blush. I just want to get out of here. I want to go home, curl into a ball, and cry myself to sleep. Dave just laughs.

“What a coincidence!” Dave says, his smile causing me to swoon as I hold-in my piss.

“My name’s Anne,” I manage to croak out, “and I like your dog.”

“His name’s Bart.” Dave says.

“You just said that.” I say, realizing I’m blowing this conversation. Dave smiles again, and then digs into his pocket.

“You know, I don’t usually do this,” he says, “but there’s something about you, Anne, and I can’t put my finger on it, but I think I’d like to.”

“Oh my god,” I squeak, hardly able to talk, “did you just make a pass on me?”

“I currently am,” Dave laughs, and then holds out his phone, “would you put your number in there, or am I being to forward?”

“No.” I say, shakily taking his phone and pushing my digits into his hardrive.

That night, Dave and I go on a double date with out dogs. We walk to the park, and I manage to hold more than thirty seconds of conversation before I have a panic attack. Dave is nice, and understanding. He lets me go through my episodes without comment, and then moves on like it never happened. We talk for a little bit more, get some drinks, and then my tongue begins to loosen as the liquor pours.

“So, I’ve gotta ask,” Dave says at the outdoor bar by the pool, “are you a virgin?”

“No!” I laugh nervously, “I mean.. not technically.”

“There’s usually not a lot of room for grey area with that question.” Dave laughs. I grin naughtily at him, and then glance at my dog. I immediately regret it, thinking I’m the stupidest whore in the world. What kind of a man would want a woman who fucks her dog? Dave doesn’t walk away in disgust, or yell, or even laugh. Dave just smiles like he knew the whole time.

“I’d love to see you do it.” He says to me.

“Do you want to see now?” I smile back. He grins, and nods.

To be continued… (if you all want more).

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