Enzos Niki Invited To The Game

He was a security guard at the local mall. He
enjoyed his work, and liked to meet different people.
his bosses had no idea that inside he was really a
pervert, wanting to peek at teenage girls in the
dressing room. But being scared he would get caught,
he never fullfilled his fantasies while at work. But if
he did see a cute one, he would follow her around while
she shopped, undressing her with his eyes, and then
think about her as he masturbated after returning home
at the end of the day.

One day, he saw a young teen getting dropped off
by her mom in front of the mall. He saw instantly how
cute she was. She was about 21. She looked a little
older physically, but when she smiled she had a mouth
full of braces, which made her look somewhat younger
in the face. She had on tight blue jeans, and a VERY
tight t-shirt. Her chest was small, but he could see
every bulge her breast created. He could even see the
outline of her bra when he stood behind her. She had
the cutest braces that he’d ever seen on a teen. They
made her not look like a silly k*d, but rather
“distinguished” he thought. Her mother joined her a few
minutes later, and he followed them around for a little
while. The mom finally had to sit down and get a drink,
and the girl went over to look at some underwear in a
store. He walked up behind her, and she sorta jumped
when he said hello.

“Finding everything okay?” he asked. The girl
knodded yes, and he told her that his name was Bob. She
introduced herself, and he said, “Enjoy your shopping
Nicolette. I’ll keep an eye on you today.” She smiled, and he
could feel his erection growing as he stared into her

He “accidently” ran into her again later that
afternoon, while she was alone again. The two of them
talked, and she told him all about herself. “These girls
love to talk” he thought. The whole time Nicolette told him
about herself, he was undressing her with his eyes. He
wondered what those tits would look like. How much hair
would she have. Is she a virgin? So many questions he
would ponder tonight, as he did his thing. Between all
the bullshit she was yacking about, he finally pieced
together enough to be happy with how well he knew her.

She was 18, and a freshman cheerleader. She had no
boyfriend, and from the way she talked, was a virgin.
She liked movies, pizza, and TV. “Well, you seem very
nice” he told her. He then told her that he would love
to see her cheer. “We have a game tonight!” she blurted
out. “I’d love for you to come see me.” He turned red
in the face, but she sat and smiled at him, waiting to
hear what he would say. He figured that he might as well
give it a shot.

He was tired of jacking off all the time, and
wanted to see how she would react. “Well, Nicolette” he told
her, “I just have one small problem. I should not tell
you this, but I am not really a very nice man. I think
nasty thoughts sometimes when I see girls your age in
those outfits.”

Nicolette blushed and whispered to you, “That is okay. I
feel the same way about men in uniforms.” He grinned,
and told her he would think about it. She then said to
him, “Come see me, I’ll do some special cheers for you.
Before and after the game.” He confirmed that he would
be there, and smiled as she walked over to her mother.

That night, he went to the football game, and sat
on the bottom row. Nicolette was in her red and black uniform,
and looked very cute. She looked more sexy than she had
at the mall that day. She walked to the bleachers, and
secretly handed him a note. It said: This next one is
for you! The next cheer, at the very end, she did the
splits. She went all the way to the ground, and when her
crotch hit the grass, she rotated her hips, and winked
at Him. It was subtle enough that no one else would
notice, but he began to breathe heavy. He could feel
his penis getting hard. “Wow!” he thought.

After the game was over, he sat in the bleachers
till almost everyone was gone. After what seemed like
forever Nicolette came up to him, and asked, “Can you give me
a ride home? My parents had to leave early, and I told
them I had a date after the game. It is now 9:30, and I
don’t have to be home till midnight. Do you want to go

Talking was the last thing on his mind, but he told
her sure. She said to meet her by the locker rooms in 15
minutes. He went over there, and sure enough, just like
she said, she showed up. “Lets go inside” she said. He
wondered what was up, but she opened the door. “I stole
a key from the coach tonight” she said as he entered the
locker room. He looked around, and smelled all the
perfume. It was the girls locker room. It wasn’t much
different from the guys he had been in as a teen. Same
lockers, showers, and benches.

Nicolette locked the door behind them, and sat down on a
bench. He sat down next to her, and the two of them
talked for a few minutes. Then he told her how uncom-
fortable he were being there with her. “I know this must
be weird, but I didn’t know where else to go” she said.
Then she asked him, “Did you want to kiss me at the mall
today?” He stuttered and tried to avoid the question.

She asked him again, and so he told her yes. She
asked him if he would kiss her now, and he couldn’t
resist. “I’m ready to become a woman tonight. I love
you and want you to be my first” she said. He leaned
forward, and pressed hisr lips to hers. Her braces poked
his lip a little, but he didn’t care.

He was getting hard as she slipped her tongue into
his mouth. His reaction was quick, and he did the same
to her. He placed His hand on her little knee, and began
to massage her inner thigh. She didn’t stop him, and
just continued to kiss him. He raised his hand higher
up her thigh, and under her skirt. She took her mouth
away from his and said, “It’s okay, I have on panties.”
She began to kiss him again and he put his hand over
her crotch. It was moist, and he wondered how far she
would let him go.

He worked his way up to the top of her panties. He
pulled them away from her stomach, and lowered his hand
inside. She kissed him harder as he felt the thin hair
on her pussy. He slipped his hand farther inside, and
began to rub her wet slit.

Before he could stick a finger into her, she stood
up in front of him. “Let me take these off!” she said.
She pulled down her panties, and he looked at them
around her ankles. They were white, and had moisture in
the crotch. She stepped out of them, and he raised her
skirt up. She was directly in front of him, so he
leaned forward to kiss her pussy. It had light brown
hair on top, very thin, but very sexy. As he kissed her
cunt, she held her skirt up for him. He reached under
her shirt, and unlatched her bra. As he ran his hands
to the front, the bra pulled away from her breast.

They stood in place as he cupped his hands around
them. She lowered her skirt, and pulled his head away.
Then she removed her top, and posed for him. “Want to
see me naked?” she asked softly. “Oh god yes!” was all
he could answer. She unzipped the skirt, and took it
off also.

His dick was pounding as this juvenile stood bare
before him. “You are beautiful!” he told her, as she
got on her knees between his legs.

She began to unzip his pants as he massaged her
breasts. Her nipples were small and hard as rocks. She
got his pants undone, and reached inside. Her small hand
wrapped around his dick, and she pulled it out. It stood
strait up as she held on to it. “God damn it’s big!” she
said. “I thought it would be smaller.” She then told him
she had never given oral sex, and wanted to try it. He
told her to go ahead, and convinced her she would do a
good job.

She lowered her mouth onto his penis, and the
warmth was overwhelming. She was new to this, but oh
was she good. She sucked his head for a little, then put
the shaft into her mouth. She took it in deep, raising
her head up and down, she must watch alot of cable TV.
Finally he told her she would have to stop. He was
about to cum.

The teen stood back up, and sat on his lap as he
began to kiss her again. He rubbed her pussy and insert-
ed a finger into it. She moaned, and leaned her head
back as he sucked her tit and fingered her young private

He said he was ready, and he was going to take her
virginity now. He pulled her over his lap, stradling and
facing him. He held his cock as she slowly lowered down
onto it.

It was tough getting it in at first. He had it in
about an inch, and she started to moan. When he had slid
her down to 3 inches, she began to pant, and say, “Oh it
hurts a little.” He told her to relax, that once she was
on him completely, the pain would go away. He put his
hands on her shoulders, and as she took a deep breathe,
slammed her all the way onto his hard cock.

Nicolette let out a scream, but he held her on tight.
After a moment of sitting there, catching her breathe,
she began to ride him back and forth. She fucked him
like no other had before. Her young, tight pussy was
clinching his dick with it’s virginity. He watched her
ride him, and kissed her again.

After a few minutes of fucking her this way, he
decided he wanted to get on top of her. “Nicolette” he asked,
“Can you put back on your outfit, and just leave your
panties off?” Nicolette got off of him, and picked her outfit
up off the floor. She then told him, “Wow, really nasty
man. Want to do me and make me look cute, don’t you?
Okay!!” She put on the top, and then the skirt. He told
her to lay on the bench, and spread her legs. He went
over to her, and raised her top over her small breasts.
Then he raised her skirt, then he said, “I know you will
like this.” He buried his face in her pussy, and began
to eat her out. She moaned and rubbed his hair as he
licked her up and down. She was so wet, his face was
covered with pussy juice. After a while, he raised up,
and told her, “Time to fuck again.”

He climbed on top of her, and worked his dick back
into her. She moaned and scratched his back as he thrust
into her over and over. He talked to her as he fucked
her, “Oh baby, I’m glad I met you today. Your young
pussy is so tight. I love young pussy around me!! I am
going to cum into you!!” She just continued to pant as
he worked up to his orgasm.

Finally, he could hold it no more. He told her what
was about to happen, and she told him to go ahead. His
cock shot the first load deep inside her. He had it
buried in deep as it sprayed his cum into her young
body. She yelled as he shot another time, “I can feel
it!! I can feel your cum spraying into me!! Keep cumming

After he was empty, he pulled out his cock, and
sat on the bench next to Nicolette. He talked to her for a
little bit, and both of them decided that what just
happened would be their little secret. As he pulled
his pants back on, Nicolette handed him her underwear. “Keep
these as a reminder of tonight” she said. He just smiled
and took them from her.

When he dropped her off at home, she jumped out of
the car. “Better go quick!” she said. As he drove off,
he looked back at her in the rear view morror one more


The next Monday, he went to the school. He was
riding around the campus, and finally saw Nicolette. She saw
him also, and ran over to your car.

“The money you gave me made EVERYONE happy” she
said. She said they were having a banquet that night for
all the biggest boosters, so she invited him to go. “I
can’t” he told her. “Yes you can” she replied. “It’ll be
a nice dinner, and I’ll tell them you’re new to town and
support the school a lot! I’ll make it worth your while
to show up..”

That night, he met Nicolette back at the campus, and
picked her up. He went to the cafeteria with her, and
there were dozens of tables and chairs set up. He
relaxed as he realized that there were so many people
no one would recognize him, or even care what he was
doing there. It was for all the high school cheer-
leaders, not just the freshmen.

As he walked around with Nicolette, he looked at all
her cheerleader friends. He lusted after each one as
they introduced themselves to him. Nicolette told him, “I have
5 notes in my pocket. I’ll pass you them one at a time
throughout the night”. He grinned and wondered what she
was up to. After a while of walking around, it was time
to eat. He sat down with Nicolette, and as the food was being
put on the table, she gave him the first note she had
written. It said: “I’m not wearing my bra!”

He stared at her chest as he ate his dinner. She
was small, so it was hard to tell that she was not
wearing it. As he stared at her, another note was put
into his hand, “My nipples are hard now!” it said.

Now as he looked at her, he could see her little
nipples beginning to poke out. He wondered what she was
up to………..

After a while of sitting there, eating his meal,
and enjoying a nice Dr. Pepper, he noticed Nicolette looking
up and down the table to make sure no one was looking at
her. She put another note onto his thigh. He almost
died when he read it.

“Oops” it said, “I forgot to put on panties
tonight! My little pussy is uncovered!” His dick began
to get hard as he thought about how sweet she had looked
a few nights ago. “I want her again!” he said to him-

When desert was being put on the table, he
looked over at Nicolette. She passed the forth note to him,
and he wondered what it would say. When no one was
watching, he opened it up. “My pussy is wet now” it
read. “Really, it is. I have proof. Put your hand on
the table”.

He put his hand on the table, and rested his
elbow on the edge. Nicolette discreetly lowered her hand
under the table as he watched her. She put her hand up
her skirt and working it around a little. She then laid
her arm on the table next to his. He reached over, and
took her hand into his. Sure enough, her little fingers
were soaking wet. She smiled as he gulped and licked
his lips.

The man in charge of the dinner made an
anouncement that the show would begin in a moment, and
asked all the guests to go to the auditorium. As they
entered the theater, Nicolette passed him the final letter.
“I’m going to let you fuck me again tonight. On one
condition though. It has to be in here, before the end
of the show. In this room!”

He was devestated. How could they do that in
front of all those people and not get caught. When he
got to the seats, there was not nearly enough seats for
everyone to sit down. A bunch of people stood, and
several girls were sitting on their dads laps. He and
Nicolette were on one of the front rows, and as she sat next
to him, he lusted for her young body. His fantasy was
getting closer though, as a bunch of people came to
their row. The usher asked if he would mind sharing
his seat with Nicolette, and he told him “Heavens no!”

Nicolette climbed onto his lap, his already hard dick
mashing against her skirt. When the lights went out, and
the show began, Nicolette raised up a little, and covered his
entire lap with her skirt. Her little uncovered pussy
was all over his jeans. “Now is the time to try” she
said. He was worried, but were so hard he couldn’t stop.

He slowly reached below her skirt, and unzipped
his pants. He decided to check her out, to make sure
she was ready before he continued. He raised his hand up
a little, and rubbed her slit up and down. It was wet,
as he’dd hoped, so he decided to make his move.

He pulled out his dick, and put it between her
legs. Nicolette raised up just a little as he sank his ass
deep into the chair. His head was now poking her crack,
and he raised up a little. As his dick penetrated her
young cunt, Nicolette let out a light moan and twitched a
little. His dick was now completely inside her, and it
was hard for him not to move his hips. He closed his
eyes and relaxed, feeling the tight young pussy gripping
his cock.

Nicolette moved around a little, making hhim want to
cum more than ever. Her breathing was very heavy, but
the girl kept a strait face, so no one would know what
he was doing to her.

She whispered into his ear as he watched the
Varsity Cheerleaders perform. She said, “Like being
inside me while we sit here? I love it this way!”
He could do nothing but knod as she continued to slowly
rotate her hips.

After about 15 minutes, she leaned to his ear
again. “I got a big surprise to tell you” she said. She
told him, “We aren’t the only ones in here having sex.
Look at the red head girl over in the next section.”

He glanced over at a cute cheerleader sitting
on another man’s lap. The man was laying his head back,
and was sweating something aweful. “She’s getting it
right now also” Nicolette told him. He gulped and looked
closer at the girl. Her and Nicolette waved, then the man
looked at him. He didn’t know what to say as Nicolette
continued to hold his cock in her crotch. “That’s her
older man friend” Nicolette said. “After the show, we’re
suppose to double date with them. He just smiled and
knodded yes to her.

When the show was about over, Nicolette raised up a
little, and he pulled his cock out of her. You put it
up, and straitened his clothes. It had felt so good,
that he wanted more. “Let me go introduce you to them!”
Nicolette yelled and ran off toward the other girl. The four
of them walked outside, and went to his car. The other
man was not as shy as he was about being with the girls.
Nicolette made the introductions:

She told him the girls name was Christina.
Christina was also a freshman, and a year older than Nicolette.
The man was Karl, and was Christina’s next door neighbor. He
had been her lover for about 2 years. When Christina was 19,
he had made his first pass at her. She let him take her,
and they had been doing it regularly since that day.

“Karl is taking the three of us to a motel” Nicolette
informed him. “Are you ready to go?” He told her yes,
and wondered what the evening would be like.

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