Enzos Nikki and Christie Sharon Horse Ride

First let me tell you a little about myself. I am 37, long black hair to my ass, hazel eyes, 5 foot 7 inches tall and I weigh right at 135 lbs. My breasts are slappy, or so I’m told anyway, perfect aureoles that I find pleasant to look at. I have a models build and am considered beautiful by most men and quite a few ladies…giggling! I could probably have any man, or woman, I wanted if I played my cards right, but, it wasn’t a person I wanted at that stage of my life, it was a horse! This a story of how I sated a lifelong fantasy that eventually became a burning need in my life.

Let me explain. On a school trip to the zoo when I was around 17 and just entering puberty I stopped to look at the zebras and there was one with his cock hanging, almost touching the ground. All the girls were giggling and pointing as it would jerk and then suddenly stiffen and rise to stand straight out under his belly. I noticed some older ladies sitting around on benches avidly staring with their legs crossed and thighs pumping quickly. As we watched, the zebra walked to another zebra and rose up and placed his front legs over the others hips and we saw his cock straighten and he began hunching it into the female zebra. Some of the older girls laughed nervously and I overheard them talking, saying things like, “I bet you’d like to have it fucking you Beth” and a retort of, “It would probably fit in your pussy Enzo’s Nikki , you’re the one that likes those huge black dicks and the zebra’s is black so go for it!”

After we got home I remembered their conversation and was wondering if a woman could really fit something so big in her pussy because mine felt awfully small to take something so big. I decided to search the internet and see what I could find on the subject. Needless to say soon I was immersed in a world of women fucking not only horses but dogs, pigs and a variety of other animals and even fish! I found movies and watched as one after another woman found great enjoyment pressing their pussies up on horse dicks, mules, ponies etc. As I listened to them moan and press up into those huge cocks I felt a stirring in my groin, a yearning feeling that I enjoyed but didn’t really understand. I found myself turning my hips down and rubbing myself on the chair and felt a moistness at my pussy.

I laughed when I wondered if the carrot would feel good right then, let me explain; I knew the mechanics of fucking but not the sensations and emotions involved. I had broken my hymen in a bicycle accident over a year earlier and when the doctor told my mother not to worry she just smiled. In the car she told me I should just be glad it was gone and smiled and started to explain what a hymen was but I just stopped her saying, I know mom, I know! A few weeks after that I had pressed a carrot into my pussy but it didn’t feel good so I didn’t do that anymore. But these new sensation had me thinking maybe I should try it again!

I rose and walked to my door and locked it and stripped my clothes off before again returning to watch women fucking animals. My clit was swollen and pulsing and I felt a real yearning to feel something inside my pussy as I watched remembering the zebra dick and how it had jerked and stiffened and my hand unconsciously moved to touch my clit. I smiled to myself as I remembered the older women there at the zebra pen, thighs pumping as they obviously were thinking of how that big cock would feel crammed up in their pussies. Soon, as I watched a tall blonde woman drive her pussy back into a chestnut colored horse’s huge cock I found the joy of masturbation and orgasm. I had heard of this but never felt a need to partake and now my need said to continue forever.

I spent the rest of my teen years cramming anything that felt good up my pussy including those big black dicks that I learned to love. I found that I loved having my pussy hurt and stretched and by the time I was in college could take the biggest cocks of any men I happened across and some were simply huge! I had a collection of dildos that told the story of how my pussy had stretched over the years. I also did kegel exercises regularly to keep me able to enjoy fucking most men. But all those years I always seemed to cum strongest with men with huge girths or while watching women fuck horses, donkeys etc. One day in my mid twenty’s I realized that I shall never feel fulfilled until I become one of those women I have watched all these years fucking horses. I had dated men from farms hoping one would bring the subject up and they would help me fulfill my dream but it hadn’t happened yet and I was too embarrassed to broach the subject myself. I could never talk of this need with anyone close to me lest they think I was completely corrupted and lewd, which to be honest I am…being honest!. And that brings me to now as I relate and write this.

It had taken some doing to get hired in the office of a horse breeder. But it was all part of my plan to fulfill my fantasy. Ever since I had begun thinking about a horse fucking me it seemed my life had been a preparation to that end. Now as I see horses around me every day I stay aroused and soon after arriving home have my huge dildo embedded in me and am engulfed in fantasy in my mind! For the first few months it took all my time learning the new job. But for that whole time I was listening to the men as they talked and joked about the stallions and the breeders shed. More than one of the Mexican workers had jokingly told me that they would take me to the shed row if I got too smart with them. I thought they were just joking at the time, but little did I know!

I began wandering around the barn area on my lunch time and would see stallions walking by, their cocks hanging and I would feel myself getting moist in my pussy. The men began joking with me whenever they saw me staring at a horses’ big cock as they walked him to the breeding shed. The stallions seemed to know where they were going and why as their cocks would begin extending and hardening as they walked towards the shed. Once, Don Jacinto commented, “Never find a man hung like that will you Tera?”

Before I could stop myself I blurted out, “I WISH!!!”

I could feel my face burning with embarrassment as he stopped and looked me up and down and asked, “Think you could handle something that big?” with a leering look on his face.

Might be fun trying Don Jacinto, why, you know somebody hung like that?”

Naw, ain’t no man hung like that. Then he turned and started towards the shed before again stopping and asking, “You ever been in the shed Tera, watched the gals take this hunk of meat?”

“No, but I’m game, can I?”

“He had an evil gleam in his eyes as he said, “Sure babe, c’mon with me”.

I walked with him into the shed where the men had already positioned the female horse. I watched as Don Jacinto led him to the open end of the enclosure and he began to get agitated, rearing and pawing the air until he was allowed enough rope that he could mount the mare. My clit was throbbing and I had to squeeze my thighs together as I watched his cock waving in the air as it straightened stiffly, all the while thinking what it would feel like inside me. He mounted her and was hunching his steely cock forcefully while trying to find her pussy until a man gripped him and guided him to where he wanted to be. The mare whinnied as he began forcing his hard cock into her and seemed to back into him like she really wanted all of it. Watching him pounding his cock deep inside her had my breathing raspy and shallow and my pussy felt so empty and yearning. I was mesmerized by the force of his thrusting and was thinking of how it would hurt to have that big cock rammed in my pussy like that. I wanted that so badly but I had to admit that after watching it I wasn’t so sure I could really go through with it..it was so big…but I knew other women fucked horses so I was determined to make it happen for me. I was in a trance-like state as I watched him thrust into her and could see his big balls jerking as he shot his cum deep inside the mare.

I don’t know how long the men had been watching me as I gazed intently but they were all laughing and pointing at me when I finally heard them laughing. They seemed to know what I was thinking and that fact caused my cheeks to inflame and I turned and walked from the shed as they all roared with laughter. After that I became very curt with the men because they all leered at me like they knew my secret and a few even became very pissed at me because of it. The owner of the farm was an older man and he flirted with me every time he was around me but I knew he couldn’t do me any good so I usually ignored his remarks or just rebuked him for them as he was married to a nice lady. His wife had hired me and I knew he couldn’t fire me as long as she wanted me and liked me there.

One day she came into the office and told me I should be nicer to the men because something bad might happen to me if they got mad enough at me and her husband might not stop it because he thought I was kinda uppity at times. When I asked her what kind of thing she would only say, “Well Tera, before I married him I had your job and I felt like I was better than these Mexican guys and just let me say that one day they showed me I couldn’t handle all I thought I could and my life hasn’t been the same since”, And honey I love these guys now..she said laughingly

Then she left the office..I saw her walk over to a couple of the guys and put her arms around their shoulders and the three of them walked to the shed row and entered it. A few minutes later I saw Don Jacinto walking a stallion to the shed and I looked at the days schedule and couldn’t find any breeding sessions scheduled..puzzled I went to the intercom and paged the shed. One of the guys answered and when I asked if they were breeding a mare he laughed and said, “No, we’re training a stallion so don’t come over here because he might get rowdy and we don’t want you getting hurt.” And then he turned the intercom off so I couldn’t even page them. I knew Sharon Christie was in the shed and wondered why she was allowed to stay if I wasn’t allowed in there. Most of the men had already went home and no-one appeared to be around and as my curiosity got the best of me I slowly walked to the shed row. Although constructed of cinder block the back door was wood and had cracks running the length of it from a few well-placed kicks from some of the stallions.

I crept quietly around back until I could peer through one of the cracks in the wood door. Inside I saw Sharon Christie standing nude beside the stallion, her back to me, one hand on the stallions side as if to brace herself and the other in front of her moving at groin level. Don Jacinto was holding the stallions’ reins and the horse was visibly agitated and snorting. While I watched, Sharon Christie dropped to her knees and I could see her mouthing the end of the horses’ big cock. God I was hot! Luckily I had worn a skirt to work that day and I lifted the hem and ran my hand down into my panties and began twirling my clit as I watched her. The back of the shed was facing a forested area and no-one ever ventured there much so I felt secure that nobody would catch me as I played with myself. I wanted to go in there so badly and do what Sharon Christie was doing. Anyone could tell how hot Sharon Christie was by the way she stroked and sucked so avidly on that big dick. Kneeling there with one hand wrapped around the horses dick and the other rubbing her clit, as her head bobbed on its cock, she was working herself into a frenzy and the horse was beginning to hunch sporadically. Even from this distance I was able to see the fluids streaming from the tip of the horses cock and covering her face and I could hear her moans as her hips hunched and her fingers worked between her thighs.

It was then that I saw Solomon, a big black man that shoed the horses for the barn, come into view. He also was naked and stroking a giant black cock that must have been 12 inches long and as thick as a beer can. Kneeling behind her he began rubbing his cock along her ass crack until she pushed her ass rearward and he placed his big glans at her entrance and then held her hips and literally shoved half his cock into her pussy with one hard shove. Her loud moan was plain to me and both her hands reached back to try and push him away while still sucking on the horses cock. He simply grabbed both her wrists and held them as he fucked her hard, his cock entering her more and more with each hard thrust as he ordered her to “Suck that horse dick bitch, make it cum down your throat”

Seeing her f****d to suck that big cock while he pummeled deep in her pussy had me wanting to cum so badly but it felt so good I didn’t want to cum yet. Seeing his blackness contrasted against her white body was so exciting, his ass cheeks squeezing as he rammed deep into her and his big black balls drawing up tightly. Her reaction to his hurtful dicking of her pussy was to cum repeatedly. He had his hand entwined in her hair and was pushing and pulling her mouth onto the horses cock, c*****g her with it while he f****d his dick to his balls and hunched hard into her pussy. He must have fucked her hard for 10-15 minutes before ramming his cum deep inside her.

He withdrew and stood and Don Jacinto knelt where the black had been and began fucking her fast and furiously. I could tell how hot and excited he was by the way he fucked her. His cock was extremely thick but only 7-8 inches long but I could tell Sharon Christie loved the way he filled her pussy. By now she had both hands on the horse’s dick, pumping it quickly; her head lay on the horse’s side as she enjoyed what was happening to her pussy. I could hear her begging Don Jacinto to fuck her, to hurt her pussy and was near cumming myself when suddenly I felt myself pressed against the door, held there by someone’s body. I felt my skirt being raised and my panties ripped from my body with one quick jerk and heard a voice say, ” You like what you saw don’t you Tera, you pretend to be an uppity bitch but your pussy is wet from wanting that horse cock ain’t it bitch. Well baby you’re gonna get your fair share of dick today you sneakin cunt!!”

And then I felt a hot hardness pressed against my pussy and begin forcing into me. God it was so big, his head felt like the size of an orange but I was so wet that it slid in while opening me like no man ever had before. That’s when I realized it was Solomon the black guy. It felt sooooo good, god I needed it after watching them for so long. It hurt me bad but he didn’t seem to care and began fucking me like he had Sharon Christie, ramming into me unmercifully till I cried and begged him to stop but he just kept fucking his cock deeper and deeper till I thought my pussy was ripping wide open. Then I felt his big hand push between my thighs and begin rubbing my clit roughly and some semblance of pleasure began to return to my body. As the ripples swam through my body from my clit I began wanting to cum and could feel his big glans throbbing inside of me. My hips began moving of their own volition, responding to the fullness I felt within me and I began begging him, “Fuck me, Hurt me, damn..fuckit.oh shit I love it..so good.so big..oohhhhhhhHHHHHHHH…and I began cumming..and cumming…and he bent me over and really fucked me hard then…I thought I was going to die cumming and he kept swelling bigger and bigger and I couldn’t stop screaming..FUCKME!!….DON’TSTOP..PLEASEFUCKIT OHGODICAN’TSTOPCUMMIN..HURTS..OH GOD IT HURTS…HARDER!!.FUCK ME HARDER! …PLEASE!!!

He said, “Baby, I’m just loosening you up for that horse cock you been wantin to fuck..you gonna do some screaming on dat bad ass boy.while chuckling evilly.” My mind was delirious with lust and I couldn’t think, just feel, feel and react to the spasms flowing through my body. But when he said that my cumming intensified even more and my knees gave out and he wrapped an arm around my waist and began walking me into the shed. Each jolting step heightened my orgasm as he was f****d deeper and deeper inside me…god I’d never cum so much or for so long before this. When Don Jacinto and the other men saw us, me impaled on Solomon’s big dick they stopped watching Sharon Christie, who now was fucking her pussy back on the horses’ cock, to gloat over the prize he brought them. Feeling his big dick in me and seeing Sharon Christie ramming her pussy back on that huge horse cock had me near exploding and going completely crazy. By now I was hopelessly gone, lost to all the carnality I was experiencing and seeing.

All I wanted was to be fucked as Sharon Christie was and to feel myself cumming as the horse unloaded in my pussy. I felt a fear, a dark trepidation of what these men were planning for me but also exhilaration at knowing today I would feel a horse dick in my pussy. Setting me down the men wasted no time stripping my clothes from me and throwing me on the ground in the hay and taking turns fucking me hard and roughly. Don Jacintos’ thick cock had me in heaven quickly as I imagined it was a horse fucking me and I couldn’t stop cumming as another guy rammed his cock in my mouth and held my head and said, “Eat my dick you uppity bitch, suck my Mexican cum down your throat” and he wrapped his fingers in my hair and began throat fucking me, c*****g me as he fucked me like a common slut with no regard for my feelings. I tensed over and over as Don Jacinto f****d my cunt open farther than it had ever been stretched. My mind was aflame with lust, my hips hunching fast and furiously into his big dick.cum.cum.that was my only thought.fuck me fuckme and make me cum.god I loved this.being fucked senseless.cumming over and over..I craved dick.and I kept staring at that big horse cock and the glazed look on Sharon Christie’s face as she fucked it.

When the horse began hunching hard, forcing his cock into her, lifting her from her feet you could see the pleasure that permeated her mind and body even though the pain of his thrust was etched on her face in an awed expression. With every hard thrust she screamed out in pained pleasure and immediately pushed back into his cock. Solomon positioned his hard cock in front of Sharon Christie and said,”suck this black dick baby, I remember when you was an uppity bitch like Tera there but now you’re just Mister Mack’s fuck slut, and fore the nights over she will be too” I watched as her mouth slid down over his glans and heard her moans as the horse began fucking her in earnest, hunching over and over into her body as Solomon held her to the horses dick with hands on her shoulders, pinning her between them, unable to move to blunt the force of his thrusts, her screams muffled around his cock as she began cumming hard, her whole body shaking with the intensity of her spasms and suddenly her eyes opened wide and she moaned deeply around Solomon’s cock and the horse lunged forward into her almost knocking them down and a deluge spurted from around the horses cock, spurt after spurt was being shot deep inside her and you could tell she was in heaven..shaking violently as what seemed gallons of horse cum ran down her thighs and dripped from her pussy.

It seemed hours that she tensed before finally regaining a semblance of her mental capacity and began to rapidly suck at Solomon’s cock like a woman possessed while jacking the length of it rapidly with both hands. I could tell she wanted his cum. The violent explosion of cum in her pussy had her wanting more and she sucked his big black pole until he grabbed her head with his hands and f****d his cock into her throat and I watched his ass cheeks squeeze together and knew he was pumping his seed into her belly as she moaned loudly before sucking hard, head bobbing quickly as she pumped every drop into her eager mouth. And then she fell in a heap on the hay and lay there with horse cum flowing from her pussy and Solomon’s seed dribbling down her chin. By now Don Jacinto had rolled over onto his back and was holding my ass cheeks apart and saying, ” Sol, put that big cock in her ass before it gets soft, she needs that ass loosened up for that stallion dick too. This bitch is gonna remember tonight the next time she thinks she’s better than us beaners!” And Sol did as he was asked, he just f****d his cock into my ass while I screamed and cried, hurting me badly, I had never felt so full, my ass felt like it was being ripped open and my pussy was stretched open to its max and beyond by Hernández’s thick cock as they both began fucking me hard and deep.

He had said they were going to let the horse fuck my asshole and I was scared to death but at the same time the thought seemed to excite me and soon I was moving between the two of them, pushing my asshole back on Sol’s cock and my pussy down on Don Jacintos’ dick and when Sol began fucking my ass with long strokes, letting me feel all 12 inches sliding across my muscle while I ground my clit against Don Jacintos’ body as he was long stroking my pussy I began cumming again. A deep orgasm, one that seemed to tense every cell of my body and fogged my mind..I couldn’t talk, couldn’t breathe..I just kept thinking over and over..DON’T STOP!!..PLEASE..DON’T STOP!!…FUCKME!!…FUCK MY ASS!!..SO FULL!!..CUMMING…CUMMING…LOVEIT!!…SHIT…SOOO BIG ….AAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGHHHHHH…FUCKITHARD!!..OHGODITSSOOOOOGOOODDD

Just when I thought I’d die cumming another of the guys stuck his cock in my mouth and pushed it down my throat and cum instantly.I was c*****g.cum was running out my nose burning my nostrils..I tried to swallow and his cock just went farther into my throat and he began fucking it in and out while I heard him groaning and I just lost it and began sucking at his dick like the cock crazed whore I was. Even as it shriveled I sucked at it, cleaned it and swallowed his jism and hunched into the other two’s cocks fiercely. My mind was crazed with need.need to cum and cum on these cocks and to take their ball juice and revel in it. My world was their dicks and cumming on them, nothing else mattered but to make them and myself cum repeatedly. I loved the way they used my body, made me a slut.I wanted the horse to fuck my ass and pussy and cum in my mouth..I needed it so badly, especially after seeing how Sharon Christie had loved it so much. I was vaguely aware of one of the men taking the horse from the shed row and bringing Blackman the largest stallion at the farm in to replace him. I had watched Blackman breed a few mares and he had the thickest, longest cock of any of the horses and was by far the most energetic of the breeders.

Sharon Christie sat up and her eyes opened wide as she asked, “You’re not going to let Blackman fuck her are you guys, my god he’ll rip her to pieces?”

“That’s what the bitch deserves, way she treats us. You know how it is Sharon Christie, you get what you give and she gave us a very hard time so she gets a hard time. Besides, she always looked like she was gonna get off watchin ole Blackie in action so she must want it!”

Don Jacinto began grunting and hunching faster and deeper in my pussy and soon he was filling me with his ball load and I loved it! I didn’t think he’d ever quit spewing and soon Solomon was also filling me with his cum, squirting inside my ass and lubricating his cock so he could force even deeper inside me as my body tensed with my own hard orgasm. I was unable to move as they sporadically pumped and erupted in me, my ass and pussy stretched larger than ever in my life and I loved it. Hearing Sharon Christie and Lopez talking about Blackman fucking me, the memory of his fucking mares vividly in my mind had me cumming so hard I thought I was going to die right there impaled as I was.

Then Solomon raised off me and Don Jacinto rolled me over on the floor while saying, “Lopez get the cart, this bitch is ready for some horse dick.” I lay there, my hand cupping my mound watching as Lopez wheeled in a cart that looked to be the right height for someone to lay atop it under a horse and a cold shudder wracked my body as I realized it was for me. I was filled with anxiety, fear and a craving for it to happen. My pussy felt gaped, empty and my asshole was open and loose and both yearned to be filled again as I realized it was time! After all these years of fantasizing I was finally going to feel a real horse dick fucking my pussy. My fingers crept to my clit as my pussy suddenly seemed so empty and a warm feeling grew in my body. I felt so slutty laying there drenched in cum, nude, knowing what was about to happen to me and wanting it, needing it, uncaring that all those present would see my debasement, hear my screams and undoubtedly my loud moans of pleasure and know I was enjoying fucking an animal.

I felt a joy inside me, exhilaration at seeing my dreams finally realized, but then my eyes fell on Sharon Christie and the horse dick she was so energetically stroking. Blackman’s dick was huge, thicker, and longer and he was more explosive in his hunching than any of the other stallions. I was suddenly filled with doubt, fear and an apprehension of everything that I was about to experience. I remembered Sharon Christie’s words and the implications that even she wouldn’t fuck Blackman. Solomon and Don Jacinto lifted me onto the cart and through my protests strapped my thighs open and to the cart. The top of the cart had an half circle removed from the front edge that my ass fit and then there I was, arms and legs strapped down, unable to move or prevent anything they wished to happen to me. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would fly from my chest as I struggled with my bindings to no avail
Then Solomon said, “Sharon Christie suck Tera’s cunt and get her ready for that big dick” and Sharon Christie knelt between my thighs and smiled at me as her face neared my pussy saying, “Well Tera, I was hoping to taste you someday but I never thought it would be here in the shed row, just lay back and enjoy baby” and her tongue laved my clit swiftly, pressing onto it hard, sucking as she wet it and twirled her tongue around it. I had never had another woman touch me and at first I was repelled by the thought, but soon my hips were hunching and my mind was fogging with need as she ate me. God I wanted to cum! I wanted to reach down and pull her to me but I couldn’t move and her tongue just teased me, lightly stroked me till I was begging her to let me cum, to touch me, to have someone fuck me, to have a dick in me.

I felt her tongue slide into the cummy mess of my pussy and begin licking, probing and I thought my mind would explode at the carnality of her action. My head flailed from side to side and I thought I was going to go crazy from the relentless waves of need that coursed from my mound, my clit swollen tautly under her tongue flips. I twisted from side to side trying to escape her caresses, her relentless teasing but I couldn’t get away and finally Sharon Christie reached for Blackman’s cock and began rubbing it over my pussy saying, “You want this Tera, you want to feel this big horse cock in your pussy baby?”

“YES! YES! I cried, put it in me Sharon Christie, PLEASE DOIT! Oh damn Sharon Christie don’t tease me, you know I want it, you know I want to feel it in me so badly!”

“You mean you WANT to fuck a horse Tera, have a horse fuck your little pussy?”, as she rubbed my clit with the bulbous end of his dick.

“PLEASE!..PLEASE DO IT!” And then I felt her pushing his tip into my well wetted entrance, stretching me, pulling my pussy open with her hands as she f****d him inside me. I was beyond caring about the pain, I had to have it in me! My pussy felt ripping, his tip rougher than a man’s against the tender swollen flesh within me. Then it was in me and I couldn’t stop groaning, “Oh god, fuck its soo big, oh god yes, its in me…oh damn its so good Sharon Christie”.

It was hot against my flesh and I felt fuller than ever in my life. My pussy felt ripping, distended horribly, I loved it and my hips began moving, hunching, rolling in circles as I tried to accommodate it’s huge girth. I didn’t even have to think about it as my body responded to the invasion by clenching it, squeezing down on it till the craving I felt f****d me to relax and try to open my pussy to its deeper insertion. Sharon Christie pressed it in me, a look of fascination upon her face as she watched my body move. I felt so full and his cock was so hot, it seemed scalding and I could feel it jerking, swelling, it felt alive inside me and I could feel every small movement, the nerves in my walls screaming their pleasure as they were pressed and caressed so fully. I couldn’t move that spasms of pleasure didn’t roil my mind and send wave after strong wave of pure energy shooting through my cells. Just knowing an animal, a horse had his cock in my pussy and I loved it had my emotions in a state of agitated turmoil. I should feel shame and guilt knowing these people were watching my debasement at their hands, instead I felt extreme excitement at their seeing me take Blackmans’ dick inside me.

Then he began hunching, small jerking movements at first, movements that f****d him deeper within me. With each jerk I could feel myself opening, stretching as he pressed deeper and deeper into my body. His cock thickened as it buried itself inside my pussy and I felt as if my hips were being pried apart as he quickened his thrusting, each hard thrust increasing in force until the cart was being rolled forward with each of his hunching movements, each hard thrust filling me with a pained joy that evoked deep moans from my lungs. God it hurt but I needed it, needed to feel this animal driving his dick in my pussy and I hunched into it forcefully. I now understood the passion etched on the faces of the women I had watched perform this act of debauchery, the love that permeated the moans from their lips. My deepest walls caressed his tip, rubbed against it hard and it seemed to cause him to hunch hard each time I held my pussy to it. Each forceful thrust felt so satisfying but each pained stretching caused my mind and body to crave more even if it ripped me apart. Every strong jerk of his animal dick lifted my body and took me closer to what I knew would be the best orgasm of my life.

I literally craved to cum with it in me. I found myself screaming for him to fuck me, to fuck his dick in me faster, deeper and I twisted in my bindings, neck tensed, head lifting as I watched his thick cock fucking me. Hearing me begging for more, Don Jacinto walked beside the cart and bent, first on one side then the other as he said, “Ok baby, you want to feel old Blackie’s dick then we’ll just lock these wheels for you!” I didn’t understand until the next hard thrust of his cock. The cart didn’t rock forward and his cock fucked hard into me, stretching me brutally as he began hunching quickly, his hips thrusting his big cock deeper and deeper into me until I was screaming in pain. Sharon Christie sensed the pain I was feeling and began rubbing my clit with her fingers and the resulting sensations brought me to the first horse induced orgasm of my life and I was immersed in pleasure, my whole body shook and shook I tensed so long and hard. My pussy was clenching his dick so tightly it felt like a telephone pole was fucking me but his powerful haunches just f****d his dick into me easily as I cum.

Being tied, unable to move had me straining at my straps as my muscles tensed, thighs straining to straighten as my pussy pushed into his thrusts. Each quick forceful thrust caused me to scream and my orgasm to intensify until I knew insanity in my mind. I had to get away from the intense pleasure I felt flooding my body. Each stabbing pain filled me with voltage like rippling waves of pleasure that tormented me. It seemed electric like arcs jumped from cell to cell throughout my entire being causing rippling spasms that curled and twisted me as all the men laughed at my pleasurable plight. They all knew I was loving everything I was feeling and couldn’t get enough of the horse cock fucking me. Then Solomon released my legs and I immediately raised them and began squeezing Blackman’s sides as I hunched rapidly, pressing into his cock, riding it as it moved. God I loved it, all those years of imagining how it would feel were nothing like the real thing.

Then I felt a hotness seeping into my pussy, and he began sliding easier along my walls, something seeming to lubricate his cock and allowing him to fuck me smoothly, my cunt gripping him as he slid in and out. I wanted it, all of it, I wanted him to force it all up my pussy in my lust gripped mind as I pressed into his hunching dick. Then with a lunging thrust he buried another foot of dick in my pussy it felt like. I saw a bright light as the pain ripped through me as his tip trumpeted inside me stretching me so much I could feel my pussy being pressured outwards from within. It was like an explosion within me as his tip swelled enormously and throbbed as his balls primed his chute with hot horse semen. His hard thrust caused the cart to begin tipping over as I came close to passing out from the pain I felt burning my flesh. I felt my first horse flood my pussy with his cum; spewing a hotness that seemed to seep into every cell of my body and caused me to orgasm so hard I couldn’t breathe. My emotions at feeling him cum in me had me lost to the pleasure both mentally and physically. I felt intense pain that mingled with the pleasure to drive me to tense until my muscles felt ripping along with the flesh of my pussy. His horse cock was stiffened and each forceful jerk of his spewing dick lifted me bodily from the cart, impaling me. The strength I felt imbued in his dick as he f****d my shoulders back against the cart as he spewed deep inside me excited and frightened me. My entire body shook fitfully as his scalding cum seared its way into my brain. I loved it I loved the full feeling his trumpeted tip presented me. His tip swollen inside me caused his hot animal cum to pool inside until each new thrust of his enraged dick compressed the cum within me and caused my pussy to balloon around his tip until his lava like juices were f****d from around his dick as I felt its heat scalding my entire pussy. God his dick was already hot but his cum felt like it had been steeping in his balls until steaming it seared my pussy. Each spurt sent waves of heat flowing through my pussy eliciting loud screams of joyous pain as he lifted me by my pussy with his battering ram of a cock. My pussy oozed horse cum and I felt it flowing like a stream of hot lava down the crack of my ass. Then he whinnied and just stood there motionless as his dick softened in my pussy.

I wanted more and hunched feverishly into his swollen dick as his fluids ran down the crack of my ass and dripped from my thighs.…god I loved the slutty feeling I had as I felt his dick sliding in my sloppy pussy. I craved more of the full feeling he gave me and I began hunching fiercely, pressing my pussy into his cock and when Solomon released my arms I began reaching down pulling at his cock, holding it as I hunched into it. I could hear the men all laughing at the way I craved his big horse dick and how I kept fucking it and how they were gonna have to get another horse to fuck me some more cause I had an insatiable craving for horse dick. Just feeling that big horse cock in my hand, fingers unable to encircle it made me want it and I cum again while using it like a big dildo to fuck myself with. God I wanted it hard again and I thought, “Maybe if I suck it” and rolled from the cart, his cock pulling from me with a loud sucking sound as I knelt in the hay floor and began sucking at his still engorged tip. Tasting his and my own cum as I licked the first foot or so of his magnificent cock excited me tremendously. I loved this huge dick and the animal that had fucked me so well with it.

I was frantically pumping his cock with both my hands sliding along his long shaft when one by one the men again began fucking me from behind. Now none of them hurt me and their cocks slid in and out of my gaping pussy with ease as they quickly unloaded the excitement they felt at witnessing my debauchery. Each time I felt one of them spewing inside me I cum and soon my attention was riveted on what I was feeling in my pussy. I was on my hands and knees pressing back into them and screaming my pleasure at their unloading their balls in my pussy.

I never fucked another horse that night but soon the men were calling their friends at the other near-by farms and I was fucked all night till I saw the sun rising as a black guy from the farm next door was pounding his big black dick in me to my throat. I swear he was as big as Blackman and I loved him. Even after fucking a horse and fucking all night this guy had me cumming like a girl scout in heat, straddling him as he lay on his back and hunching my pussy down into his thick cock until the friction of my clit rubbing his rough skin had me on fire, unable to stop my hips moving as my mind was flooded with pleasure at each small movement of my ass. And when finally he gripped my hips and began fucking up into me as hard as possible while holding me to his cock I began cumming for the umpteenth time with him and then he threw me on my back and placed my ankles on his shoulders and lay down on me and began pounding his dick in me hard, fast, deeper than he ever had I completely lost it and began screaming..aaaaiiieeeeEEEEEAAARRRGGHHHH…YES…YES…..ILOVE IT!…FUCKIT…..OHGOD FUCKIT!….IWANTIT FOREVER!…OH DAMN I LOVE YOUR DICK…BLACKDICK…….OOHHHHFUCKMY WHITEPUSSY……CUM..CUMIN…CUMMING!! And then he cum and his glans swelled so big I thought I’d just fucking die knowing he was about to cum and then he rammed to his balls and as I hunched and cried, tears streaming down my face as I begged him…. CUM…CUM.BABY…YES…OHGOD YES……FILL YOUR PUSSY UP…GIVE ME YOUR BABYSEED…AAAARRRGGGGGGGGGGAAIIIEEIIIIEIEIIII and after a few sporadic thrusts and much groaning, my calves pulling his big ass into my pussy, holding him, he attempted to rise but I told him, “A gentleman kisses a lady goodnight” He reached around him and easily f****d my legs from around him as he said, “ I ain’t no fucking gentleman slut and that asshole of yours is gonna find that out next time I’m around!”

I lay there and remembered that I hadn’t had a horse cock in my ass yet either but I bet that wasn’t going to remain true for long. I guess I’ll just have to piss the guys off again soon. Mister Mack walked in then and just looked at me and laughed as he said, “Guess you pissed the boys off didn’t you, you should have listened to Sharon Christie little lady. Take the day off, in fact why don’t you go over to the house and bed down with Sharon Christie, she’d probably like that, having another horse slut to mess with. Maybe tonight I’ll get the boys and you and Sharon Christie can put on a little ass fuckin show with old Blackman, I hear you’re kinda fond of the way he fucks you……..as he walked away laughing to himself loudly……murmuring, “Uppity bitch shoulda knowed the boys would get even, guess I got two women fucking my studs now!” I walked nude to his house not knowing if I should feel elated or humiliated at the catcalls from the men but remembering Sharon Christie between my thighs the night before quickened my pace as I debated whether to shower or just dive between her thighs and take her to that wonderful place she took me too…after an hour or so of teasing her after I’ve tied her up while she sleeps…………..payback can be a wonderful hell sometimes…I know that from personal experience and look forward to my being punished over and over because I plan on being a real BAD girl!!!!

I’ll know by your votes if I should write about that next night in the shedrow!!

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