Erica’s Bathroom Fun

Erica was sitting at one of the rubber tables outside the main doors of the high school. Her two girlfriends were sitting there with her. They were all drinking Raspberry ice tea and talking amongst either, enjoying their fourth period free period and the nice warm sun that shown down upon them. Just as Erica finished her ice tea she suddenly felt the need to go potty. Standing up, she told her friends she’d be back shortly. She threw away her bottle in the nearest trash can and walked through the main doors of the school. Walking down the main hallway at a quick pace, Erica finally made it to the bathroom, but stopped just outside them.

Erica wasn’t like a lot of girls. She was a junior, one of the best in her class with GPA. She was co-captain of the cheerleading squad, a gymnast, and a figure skater in her spare time. She had lengthy dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. She led the famous group known as the Plastics. She had flawless skin from her forehead down to her toes. Perfect 34 C cup breasts, had all the guys gawking and drooling at her. She had a perfect tone stomach, with her navel pierced. It wasn’t just her breasts all the guys gawked at it was her not to small, not to big tone ass that got attention too. She was like every guys dream to get into bed.

Of course being so gorgeous and popular, Erica had a secret. She was addicted to sex. But it wasn’t just sex she was addicted to; no Erica was the most filthy Slut of the school. She loved going into the bathroom and blowing some random guy who was out of class at that moment. She loved having her pussy or ass filled with cock. If she wasn’t in the boy’s bathroom, she was on her knees eating a girl’s pussy or ass out. Erica did love having a cock, pussy, ass, and cum but that wasn’t all she craved her. She also loved pee and poop. She found herself being peed on, f****d to drink pee, or was smearing it against her. But it wasn’t just pee, she was also pooped on, eating poop, smearing it on herself and anything else. Her friends knew how she was and often would join her but today they knew it was just going to be her.

Walking through the right side, Erica entered the boys’ bathroom. Upon walking in she could smell stain piss, on the floor and urinals. The stalls were disgusting with hand writing on the sides and back of the door. Toilet paper was scattered across the floor, pee and shit stains covered the toilets. Walking into the second stall, Erica could see lots of shit stains on the toilet seat. Not bothering to close the stall door, Erica set her handbag down on the floor, turned around, pulled her black skirt and pink bikini underwear to her knees, she sat down on the seat and let loose. Her pee was like a jet. It shot out of her quickly and was hitting the inside of the bowl, turning the water into a light yellow. Erica sat there peeing and peeing until finally it stopped. Standing up she turned around and stared into the toilet bowl. She kept staring into it as her pussy inflamed with being horny. She slightly rubbed the outside of her pussy getting her wetness on her fingers and bringing it up to her mouth, she sucked her fingers clean before getting down on her knees. Once on her knees, Erica slowly moved her head closer and closer to the toilet bowl, she stuck her tongue out and it soon met the coldness of the bowl. She held her tongue against the bowl for a few seconds before slowly moving it around following the rim of the toilet bowl. She could taste the staleness of the piss along with the poop marks that were splattered around. She kept licking and licking the bowl clean, making it nice and clean as her pussy was getting wetter.

A group of three boys came walking into the bathroom talking to one another, but stopped when they saw Erica. They just stood outside the stall staring at the ass and pussy of Erica while she continued licking the floor.

“How’s that toilet tasting there?” asked the middle guy and his friends laughed with him

Erica turned around and looked up at the boys.

“Oh hi there, Alex,” Erica said, not bothered that she was exposed from the waist down. “Come in here for a nice pee break.”

“You bet Slut,” He said moving closer to her. “I was just going to use the toilet and leave but since you’re here, we’ll all have fun with you.”

“Yes of course. Use me as your toilet, treat me like the little Whore I’m known around here as.”

Erica repositioned herself so she was on her knees facing the three senior boys. First up was Alex, he stood right infront of Erica, dropped his pants down, letting his 8 in cock spring free. Erica loved his cock, as she’s done so much with him already. She took hold of his cock and put the tip into her mouth and Alex let go, a jet stream of piss shot into Erica’s mouth, Erica gagged on it for a second but was soon having her mouth filled with his piss and swallowing as much of it as she could. The piss she couldn’t swallow was running down her chin onto her shirt. Once Alex finished peeing in her mouth, Erica licked his pee hole clean then took her top off and bra, exposing her widely popular tits. The guys just stared at them before Ben took Alex’s place. He undid his pants and had his cock in front of Erica in a second. Just like she did with Alex, she took his cock head into her mouth and he began pissing. Ben’s pee tasted much more salty then Alex’s and she had a hard time swallowing, so a lot of the pee, flowed from her mouth onto her Boobs and down to her pussy. Ten minutes later she had all three of their bladders empty. Erica had a pee after taste that lingered in her mouth. Now was the fun part, she told herself. Again Alex was first. Still kneeling in the stall, Erica took Alex’s cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down, using a lot of tongue, licking it like a chocolate lollipop. The other guys took their positions around her, Ben was fondling with Erica’s ass and pussy, fingering them both viciously, while the third senior, Ted, was fondling with her boobs. Erica couldn’t help but moan and shake as she was being manhandled with the fingering of both her holes and of the sucking of her nipples and the now face fucking she was receiving from Alex. After five minutes of hard face fucking, Alex held his cock deep down Erica’s throat, causing her to gag and eventually puke. A brownish, red liquid came up through her throat and out onto Alex’s cock, along with small chucks of digested food. She held her head down, coughing, trying to catch her breath.

“That’s what im talking about” Alex said with a smile on his face. Good little sluts love puking on to guy’s cock, and having their throats destroyed.”

Alex stood back, while Ben and Ted, each took their turn of having their cocks sucked on and face fucking the little slut that knelt in front of them. After puking another two times and completely emptying herself, Erica could relax her mouth, but the guys weren’t done with her yet. They had her lay down on the floor in the now puke and piss covered floor. Alex took charge forcing his cock into her pussy and began fucking her like a rag doll, his thrust her so hard and fast, it was nothing Erica had felt before, she was moaning and was biting into her shirt so her screams wouldn’t reach out into the hallway and bring a curious face into the room. Alex kept fucking her pussy, loosening her up a little more then she already was, before Ben took his position behind Erica, forcing his cock into her ass. Ben had to thrust three times before his cock finally went into the tight slut ass of this Plastic Slut. Alex held is cock inside of Erica while Ben took a few thrust to loosen her ass up. Before she knew it the two boys were fucking her holes vigorously. She was moaning and screaming into her shirt, she never felt a guy fuck her so hard as these two guys were doing just now. Ten thrust later, Ted joined in removing her shirt from her mouth and replaced with his cock, she sucked on the cock as hard as she could while Alex and ben fucked her two holes. Ben was the first to cum, exploding a month’s worth of cum inot her ass while Alex filled her pussy till his cum was licking. She could actually fill both loads of cum dripping out of her body and onto the floor. Ted happy that it was his turn now, took his spot in front of Erica and began fucking her worn pussy. It only took twenty thrust before he unloaded his cum load inside her pussy too. Erica layed there exhausted but recovered was pulling her underwear and skirt up. Once they were on, she could feel the cum coming out of her and pussy and filling her panties full.

“You’re not done just yet, Slut Erica, you still have to lick that floor clean and clean her face and hair up in that toilet you pissed in.”

“Yes of course, guys. That’s all I’m good for.”

Kneeling down again but in her skirt this time, she stuck her tongue out and lowered her head to the floor. Once her tongue reached the surface she began licking up the piss, cum and puke from the floor. Half way through this cleaning, Alex pushed her head down, moving her hair through the messy getting it all wet and filthy. Erica just smiled and continued to lick the floor clean once it was clean of any filth, she had the guys push her head into the toilet bowl and she began drinking her piss. Once it was clean. She flushed the toilet till it refilled with water and rinsed her face and hair out. The guys left laughing while Erica took a towel from her handbag and cleaned and dried her hair and face up. She put the towel back into the handbag and took out a tshirt which she put on. It was very tight on her and outlined her boobs making them very noticeable. Even her nipples were slightly showing. Going out into the main wash area, Erica brushed her hair back into a slick smooth style, washed her hands and went back outside to meet with her friends again.

“How was it?” asked Wendy who was on the left side of Erica as they walked to their classroom.

“It was a lot of fun the best experience I had felt since I began doing this 2 years ago. It was Alex and his two friends who came in.. Alex was really fucking me hard, I never had him fuck me so hard.”

“Yeah we bet it was awful good,” said Cindy from Erica’s right. “You were in there for most of the break.”

“I know.”

With that, the class bell rang and the hallways filled with students and Erica, Wendy and Cindy walked into their classroom, acting as if nothing had happen.