Extreme animal sex on holiday in Greece

After I left the village where farmer Norman introduced
me to my first bestial experience I seemed to drift
from place to place. There was no contact at all with
old friends from the village so I just started over
again, and enrolled in evening classes one year because
I got so bored. It was much more fun than I thought.
The course was about classical Greek life and
architecture, yes I know it sounds very dry and boring,
but it interested me.

The Greeks were a very open minded lot and much of
their deviant sexual side is well documented, they,
like me, like to chronicle events. I decided that the
following Spring I would have a trip to one of the
Greek islands which was famous for its existing ancient
architecture, explore and take some photos, I am quite
a keen photographer.

It was a dry, beautiful Spring in Athos, the flowers in
the meadows were truly awesome, the low mountain ranges
wonderful in the Spring morning light. I stayed at a
sort of bed and breakfast place run by an old couple.
They fussed over me and did my washing and cooking and
I felt like a family member, so much so that I decided
to stay a whole month and explore further a field. I
was told about an old amphitheatre which nestled
between two hills but it was at least a long day’s hike
away, no roads went near, but it was very unspoilt so
the old man said, but he also said that there could be
bandits in the hills so I should be very careful.

There was in the house a dog, God knows what breed but
he reminded me immediately of Blackie at the farm,
except he was more friendly and had a much nicer
nature. I did however notice, as I would, how powerful
he was, he was a big dog, short haired, a bit bigger
than a Labrador, and I noticed that, well I couldn’t
help but notice, as he sat there how big his sheath was
and how well rounded his balls were and how potent he

He never became aroused during the normal daily routine
but one day he and I were together on a walk and I sat
down to rest under the shade of a tree. I had a small
snack to eat but he had none, so we shared it, we
became friends, I talked to him and he sat and
listened, his eyes following my facial movements as if
he understood.

“You’re a good boy, aren’t you?” I said, his tail
wagged. “What would you do if I interfered with you?
would you like it? Would you bite me?” his head cocked
to one side. “One thing for sure, you wouldn’t tell on
me,” I said laughing. He got up and wandered over to
me, I stroked his head and he nuzzled into me, as if
inviting. I looked about me but we were alone and the
devil in me allowed my hand to roam, down his side and
back again, the next pass went lower and the next lower
still until I was on his belly. He looked at me as if
expectant, my hand felt him, the soft fur on the
sheath, the gristle it contained felt thick, my hand
was gentle, manipulative, coaxing, the response was a
thickening and lengthening with the tip peeping out at

“You like that?” I asked. “It feels good doesn’t it? Be
a good boy and let me see it all,” I said feeling
wicked but extremely sexual.

My hand grasped it more firmly and I started to
masturbate him, drawing back the sheath, exposing his
manhood fully. It grew and grew until it hung there
hugely, my hand now feeling the large swelling at the
base which the sheath would not expose. My throat went
dry and I swallowed as I looked around again to make
sure no one was around, we were quite alone.

My hand was on his naked cock now, encircling it as he
started to hump into it, I could feel the wetness in my
hand as his fluid started to come at the tip, it still
grew in size, then suddenly the sheath slipped back
over the swelling, and it was all to be seen. I looked
at it, it was truly magnificent, I started to wonder
what it tasted like, could I possibly suck it? would I?
should I?. I heard some screeching birds fly out of a
bush in panic, my hand let go immediately, my heart
beating fast, Oh God! was someone watching us.

He still stood there so I pushed him away, he even
looked at me with a hurt expression, but I saw with
relief that his erection was subsiding and fast
disappearing. No one came by and we went back to the
house for the evening meal, I decided to go on the trip
to see the ancient amphitheater the next day and
arranged for a packed lunch to be made, I went to bed
early, I lay there thinking of the dog, I touched
myself, it felt good, then I fell asleep.

The next day’s early dawn was beautiful and armed with
my camera, a knapsack with food and water, a straw wide
brimmed hat and good hiking boots I set off for the
long trek to the amphitheatre. Initially it was cool
but soon the heat of the sun drove off the dew, at
least the air was cool as I climbed over the small
mountain range.

There was only a narrow track and I hoped and prayed
that the small map the old man had drawn for me was
accurate, for as I stood still for a moment and gazed
at the wonderful view I could have been the only person
in the world, but not quite, I saw out of the corner of
my eye a dark shape moving along the path many feet
below, the dog from the bed and breakfast place. I
wanted a short rest so I sat quietly and waited for him
to catch me up. When he saw me he looked a bit guilty
at first but soon came loping over for a friendly pat .

” What on earth are you doing here?” I asked as I
stroked his neck. Little did I know but the old man had
sent him on to follow to act as my guard.

At length we arrived at the old amphitheatre at just
before midday, I was excited and explored immediately,
taking photos and drawing some sketches but it soon got
so hot that we had to find a tree to sit under out of
the sun. I shared my sandwiches with him and found an
old tin for him to drink some of my water out of. The
heat shimmered off the lush grass around this spot
which was totally isolated, I sat with my back to the
small tree and he lay in the shade, then we seemed to
be staring at each other for ages and I wondered what
he was thinking.

I smiled to myself as I imagined his thoughts of the
day before with this girl stroking his cock, my
thoughts too of its size and potency, we were quite
alone here. Then he rose and wandered over to me,
standing looking at me, big brown eyes, wet nose,
nostrils slightly flaring, taking in a scent, eyes
following his nose to between my legs. I sat with knees
bent, legs slightly parted, shortish skirt exposing my
mound within my white cotton panties. I watched as his
nose got closer and closer, my heart beating faster and
faster, then he licked my mound. It is hard to describe
the feeling that went through me, but it felt like an
electric shock. It was his time to investigate me now
so I slipped off my panties and spread my legs for him,
with whispers of encouragement as my fingers gently
stroked through the hair on his head as he licked me.

I could see the tongue as it parted my lips, the red of
his tongue merging with the red of my inner lips, I
squirmed with delight as I watched and felt my clit
being exposed and dragged back and forth by his tongue,
I seemed to be slipping further and further down the
trunk with my legs further apart until I couldn’t see
anymore, but I raised my hips to him so that he could
find all of me.

He didn’t disappoint me and I groaned with delight as
his tongue traced a route between my puckered hole to
my clit, back and forth, back and forth until an
enormous orgasm started to form deep in me and I could
feel my juices being squeezed and pushed to him. He
lapped at them with obvious delight and I just
collapsed on the ground in front of him., moaning and
squirming still.

“Oh you wonderful dog,” I gasped quietly, looking at
him, then I saw his huge monster dangling there between
his legs, his back dipping and jerking every now and
then, he was ready for sex. I turned onto my knees,
actually and this is the truth to get up, I would have
been happy to jerk him off, perhaps suck him a little
too, but he had other ideas and as soon as he was
presented with my nice rounded bottom he decided to
fuck me. He was tall enough to straddle me without
mounting so I was sort of trapped in a cage formed by
his legs, I felt his heavy organ slap against my pubes
as he humped at me, every now and then it slid over the
top and seemed to reach half way down my back. I felt
the tip at my puckered hole but it did not yield, but
that refusal seemed to spur him to even more anguished
thrusts, and it was just a matter of time before he hit
the target.

When he did, I have to say it was still a shock even
though my mind had reconciled receiving it, there was
an initial refusal quickly followed by a f****d entry,
or should I say impalement. I felt the tip hit the
entrance to my cervix and yelled out with pain, but
that didn’t stop him ramming it in and out at an
horrendous rate and I became really frightened by the
force of it. My insides felt as if they were on fire
and now I felt the swelling being f****d in, he pushed
and pushed at me, my mind was in turmoil with fear on
the one side and a mounting sexual desire on the other,
but as I was stretched by it and slowly accommodated
the monster, the desire finally won over.

I knelt like a slut with my backside in the air moving
with him now, thrusting back against his force, my
pussy slowly stretching and opening for him, and then
it was in, it hurt too, a lot, but then he stopped
humping and the most amazing sexy thing happened as he
started to ejaculate into me, great spasms and waves of
pleasure along his cock, and I could feel the power of
the squirts of his desire fill me. It wasn’t long
before it started to be f****d out between our union
and I felt it flowing down my thighs.

As I felt his spasm start and then build, culminating
with another squirt, orgasm after orgasm was building
in me too and I think we actually started coming
together. We ended up lying together joined by this
plug inside me, neither of us could move away. As we
lay there we both became aware of tinkling bells and
the occasional shout, I looked around but could see
nothing and then suddenly over the brow of the hill not
far away appeared the head of a sheep, then another and
another, until a whole flock, and three men too. My
heart raced, thinking what to do, I pulled at my
tether, but it did not yield, and the dog became vexed
and growled at the intruders and made to get up.

I pulled him back down and covered our union with a
blanket hoping that they would pass by without seeing
us, but too late they had already and were pointing. I
waved nonchalantly and they waved back, all would have
been well if I had a better hold over the dog but alas
he pulled away from me, wanting to protect me perhaps
and as he pulled I was dragged bodily with him across
the grass. In my panic I saw them stop to look, what a
sight it must have been, a young woman naked from the
waist down, in sexual union with a large black dog,
being dragged across the grass until at last his knot
pulled out, she then crawling back to her retreat under
a tree and covering herself with a blanket.

I cowered there trying to wipe up the semen flowing
from me and desperately trying to find my panties, out
of the corner of my eye I saw the dog in full flight
towards the men, but one had his shepherds crook ready
and caught him around the neck and he was then securely
tethered to a bush.

There I sat with them looking down at me, their sheep
grazing happily on the nearby scrub. They talked
between themselves, looking at me, then pointing at the
dog, who now was sleeping peacefully under the bush.
One was old, brown like a nut, as I looked at them it
was obvious they were father, son and grandson, the old
man seemed to be in charge and said something to me, I
looked at him blankly as the others laughed, I started
to get a bad feeling about this.

Then he said something else and made gesture to me that
resembled the dog fucking, they all laughed again. He
gave an order and the middle one stepped towards me and
pulled me up, all their eyes saw my nakedness as the
blanket fell away, I was then stripped and the old man
slipped his braces over his shoulders and took down his
baggy trousers followed by his underpants, my eyes were
wide as I glimpsed his great mass of hairy pubes with
this enormous old penis nestled in the thicket of hair.
It must have been a foot long and not even erect yet.

The others made gestures at it and laughed at my
expression as he moved towards me, I thought that I
should faint now, my mouth was so dry I couldn’t
swallow, I was gasping for breath, then I awoke with a
start. The dog looked over at me as I sat resting
against the tree, God it was all a dream, I laughed
inwardly to myself with relief, I felt between my legs,
all dry, no sign of the dog being there, and I laughed.
I had a drink of water and as I swallowed the dog
approached me, I stroked him and did not resist as he
nosed my mound.

I put down the water bottle and watched him scent me,
then I pulled aside my panties, watched his tongue do
me, felt very aroused as I wondered what he really
fucked like with that lovely cock, my head rested back
as he started to explore me fully, prepared to give in
to my desires.

As I thus succumbed to my desire — three men, Father,
Son and Grandson with their flock of sheep were making
for the grass pasture they knew was near the old

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