Family fun at the Glory Hole

My wife and I visited the local glory holes once or
twice a month, so it was no big deal when I told her I
wanted to go again soon. It was unexpected however,
when I told her I wanted to do things differently next
time. I had bought a mask for her to wear so her face
wouldn’t be seen. I wanted her to pose with her
incredible tits at the glory hole, so the guy in the
next booth knew there was a woman there (I guess she
could have seemed to be a really well equipped

I might suck the cocks that came through the hole for a
minute or so, or I might not. I wanted her to back up
to the hole and fuck most of them, then let them cum in
her mouth. I would spend most of my time taking
pictures with out Polaroid camera. She was OK with all
of this. We decided to go out that Saturday, in the
late afternoon.

Unbeknownst to Ann, I then had three days to round up
some cocks for her to suck! Normally, we sucked and
fucked any and all “comers”, but I had other plans.

I told 5 friends or family members that a guy I worked
with was taking HIS wife to the glory hole, and had
asked me to come down and be sucked off. (I didn’t want
them to know it was Ann, hence that leather mask.) I
said they didn’t know I was inviting anyone, but I
thought this was too good to keep to myself!

Three asked if THEY could bring a friend. I said that
was OK, but just ONE friend, and they had to tell me
who they were bringing. I told them when and where, and
told them to say, “Hi Bob!” (or Scott or Tom…) as
they stuck there cocks through the hole. I wanted to
hear a voice so I knew who we were servicing. I also
told them not to talk after that; I didn’t want Ann to
recognize their voices too!


The days passed, SLOWLY it seemed, but eventually we
were at the ABS and headed for the glory hole. Ann
carried a large “purse” for these visits. In it was our
camera and several packs of film and flash bars, a
large battery powered lamp, and a small blanket we
could spread on the floor to keep us off the stale cum.
We were ready.

We were there a little early, so we could get into the
booth without being seen. We sucked off a couple guys
before any of our guests arrived.

The first guest was Alan, Ann’s older brother! I
recognized his voice immediately. Ann was waving her
tits toward the glory hole, and offered them though the
hole. I got a picture of half of Alan’s face pressed to
the hole as he sucked his sister’s lovely tits! Ann
drew back from the hole and Alan stepped up. I was
quite impressed at the length of manhood he poked
through the hole! A good 8 inches, thick and cut! Wow!

I licked it up one side and down the other, and swirled
my tongue around the tip. I didn’t want to do much, but
I did want to know that I had sucked all these dicks
too. I backed off, and Ann backed up to the hole. I
watched, and took another picture, as her brother’s
cock slid into her pussy! I was so hot, I almost came
in my pants! And we were just getting started. When Ann
thought he was close, she swapped ends, and sucked him
off! Of course I got a picture of her with Alan’s cock
in her mouth!

Alan left, and his “guest” stepped into the booth. He
had chosen to bring his cousin Tim. Cool, more incest!
Ann had had a lot of partners before (and after) we got
together, but she had never been fucked by family. Well
that had already changed, and it was now continuing!

Tim’s cock looked a lot like Alan’s, maybe a little
thinner. I slurped Tim’s cock for a minute (I was
acting like Ann’s “FLUFFER”! Way cool!) then helped her
aim it up her cunt. Again, I got pictures; tit sucking,
fucking, and the suck-off! Tim didn’t last long, but
Ann said “Damn, that was a big load!” (I remember, ‘coz
I was also writing little notes on the pictures.

Tim left, and my best friend from work, Bob, was next.
He LOVED Ann’s tits! When she pulled away, he motioned
for her to bring them back! Ann obliged, and told him
he was a GREAT tit man! I was afraid he would recognize
her voice, but apparently he didn’t.

She finally pulled back again, and he presented a 6
inch uncut cock for her pleasure. I skinned it back and
gave it a lick or two, but Ann wasn’t waiting
patiently. I got out of their way and she crammed Bob’s
cock up her cunt! She waited ’til the last minute,
whipped around and sucked him off. As he came, he
moaned, “Oh my GAWD!” Bob didn’t bring a guest.

Next was my brother! Ann had the glory hole plugged
with her Tit when John opened the door! “Damn!” he
said, as he dropped to his knees and started sucking.
Ann and I were getting this to run like a production
line. Suck Ann’s tit, I get a quick lick and suck, fuck
Ann, finally, cum in Ann’s mouth. All through this, I’m
taking pictures.

I have to say, I spent a little extra time sucking my
brother. As an added thrill, his cock looked almost
EXACTLY like mine! It was as if I was blowing ME!?! I
had never done this before, and he would never know
about this time. I figured I should make the best of
it. Eventually, Ann fucked him, then gulped down his
cum, and he left.

John had brought his best friend. Jim was a big, dumb
jock. You either loved him, or hated him. Ann and I
loved the guy, so this would be fun. John’s cock looked
more like a fire plug! It was about 5 inches long, but
REALLY thick! It barely fit through the glory hole! No
way would it fit in my mouth, but I sure as Hell gave
it a good licking!

After a few licks, it was hard as a rock and dark
purple! Ann loved fucking this one. She said, “It’s
even thicker than YOURS!” She didn’t even try to suck
it. He was the first that night to cum in Ann’s pussy.
When she pulled away, a HUGE wad of cum hit the floor.

The next visitor was Ann best friend from her High
School days. Ann and Jake had been great PLATONIC
friends. No sex, ever, not even any kissing. Well, the
platonic part would soon be over. Ann offered one tit,
then the other, and then the first one again. She kept
switching and he kept licking and sucking. When Ann
pulled back a beautiful small cock presented itself.

I had it in MY mouth in no time. It was rock hard, as
small cocks often are, so I couldn’t tell if he was
close or not.

I decided to not risk it, and turned him over to Ann
fairly quickly. I didn’t think Ann thought it was big
enough to back up to, so she dropped to her knees to
suck him off. Jake moaned enough for Ann to recognize
his voice. After he left, she said, “Fuck! I think that
was JAKE! I’m glad I’m wearing this MASK tonight!”

Jake had brought one of his best friends. Nick had
dated (and fucked) Karen in High School. I wondered if
either of them would recognize the other’s “best
parts”. Fortunately, Nick had a fairly common looking
cock; about 6 inches, slim and cut. I liked Nick well
enough, considering he fucked my wife before I did 😉
Same routine; tits, suck, fuck and suck off.

Only one more guest from my list; my DAD. I didn’t know
if he’d come or not (so to speak). But my Mom had died
a few years before, and as far as I knew, he could USE
some relief. I recognized his voice immediately, and
true to the family tradition, his cock looked just like
mine and my brothers.

I remember thinking we would give this old guy a
thrill, but know I realized he was about the same age
as I am now! I have pictures of my Dad sucking my
wife’s tits, no pix of me licking the tip, and a
picture of him fucking Ann. He didn’t last long, and
shot a huge load up Ann’s pussy. It, too, plopped on
the floor as she pulled away.

Dad had brought his best friend, Jerry. I had known
Jerry as long as I could remember and was stunned that
he was here. Another close up of him chowing-down on
Ann’s tit. I licked all around the tip of his cock to
get it ready for Ann. She slid his long skinny cock
smoothly up her pussy and worked it pretty hard letting
him cum in her pussy, too.

I was shocked when Jerry left, my Dad came back for
seconds! Way to go, Ol’ Dude! No tits for him this
time, he just presented his cock for sucking or
fucking. I pointed out to Ann that this was the guy she
had fucked a few minutes earlier.

She just backed her pussy up to the hole and let him
have at it. He lasted a lot longer the second time, and
worked her pussy over about as hard as you can through
a hole in the wall. I was worried, ‘coz when he came,
it sounded like he passed out in his booth! Fuck! I
didn’t want to K**L the old guy. Finally, I heard him
zip up and leave.

We stayed a little longer, so I could be fairly sure we
would be seen by our invited guests. We sucked off a
couple more guys to k**l the time. I finally blew a
HUGE load down Ann’s throat!


A month later, I presented Ann with a photo album on
her birthday. Names were associated with cocks. Yes,
Ann, you fucked my brother, YOUR brother, your cousin,
my Dad, my best friend, YOUR best friend, and my Dad’s
best friend! (WTF? Yes, my DAD’s best friend, too!)

I really thought for a minute I had made a HUGE
mistake! It had all been extremely sexual, but it
wasn’t public knowledge amongst our friends and family.
Now, she knew she had sucked and fucked all of these
friends and family members.

It took me a few minutes to convince her that THEY
didn’t know they had fucked HER! I told her, I invited
them to fuck my friend’s wife, and reminded her she was
wearing a mask!

Once she knew she was still “anonymous” she thought it
was a GREAT birthday present after all.

Over the years, we have fucked ourselves senseless
looking through that album again and again!

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