Family gets involved in daughter’s web cam

Ted Rodgers was enjoying the new state of the art
computer that his sister had just bought for him. Ted
was fourteen and enjoyed working with computers.

Along with the computer, Amy also purchased for him an
Internet access account, which he was just getting up
and running.

Amy Rodgers was Ted’s older sister. She was a pretty
girl with an ample vivacious body. Amy had graduated
with a degree in computer science and Art. She lived at
home with their parents Frank and Carol.

Frank was a quiet man bordering on being dull, usually
not saying anything, leaving most of the talking to his
wife Carol.

Carol on the other hand was the adventurer in the
family. She always kidded Frank saying that if it
wasn’t for her sex drive; Amy and Ted wouldn’t be here
today. Carol always thought that Frank’s quiet demeanor
might have been caused by too many drugs in his youth.

Carol always kept herself looking great with a healthy
life style, exercise, and a healthy diet.

Daughter Amy supported herself and pretty much the rest
of the family by designing web sites for businesses in
the area. It was obvious that she was doing well, for
her income was responsible for the family’s large
sprawling ranch house, the cost of which far exceeded
Frank’s ability to provide. With his truck-driving job
Frank was barely able to buy groceries for the family
much less the other things that Amy’s income provided.
Carol also worked as a cook at the high school
cafeteria, where Ted attended school.

The last family member was Tex the family German
shepherd who mostly laid about the house with a
personality resembling Frank’s.

On this first evening with his new computer, Ted was
busy exploring the Internet. He was doing searches
using key words like “girl” and “Cam” in an attempt to
find one of the real-time live camera sites that his
friends had told him about. He found a number of Cam
sites, but they all required healthy credit card
payments before entering the site.

Then he happened upon a site that had no charge for the
first hour. The banner promised a real time view into
the life of a beautiful young brunette with no

Ted excitedly worked his way through the site, on his
way to the live cam page. The image of the cam site
began to materialize on the screen just as Frank
quietly joined his son at the computer.

The image yielded an awesome sight. There before them
was the picture of a beautiful young girl. She looked
like the typical girl next door, but this pretty young
lady was sitting in front of the camera and her
computer keyboard wearing only an unbuttoned man’s
shirt. Her breasts were exposed and she sat with one
bare foot on the desk, which afforded the viewer a
clear view of her down covered womanhood.

The text of her real time chat room, appeared under her

Some of the comments were quite crude but the young
lady had a way of replying to the crude remarks in a
way that made the authors of the remarks, become quiet
or change their way of communicating. Most of the
remarks were complimentary. Many of the guys that sent
messages were obviously taken with the smiling
brunette, to the point of declaring their undying love
for her.

Ted and his Father were also quite taken with the young
lady, for it only took a few seconds for them both to
realize that the young lady on the screen was Ted’s
lovable sister and Frank’s pretty young daughter Amy.
The men were struck dumb. They could not speak nor
could they take their eyes off the provocative sight
before them. Amy began to oblige her admirer’s request
by performing a slow probing of her self with her index

It was not an overt movement, it was slow, and teasing
with only an inch of her finger imbedded in her sex.
She was idly exploring the folds of her love-nest as
she continued to chat with her subscribers. She
operated the keyboard with one hand and played with
herself with the other. The sight of Amy on the screen
was affecting both Ted and his father with mixed

They could not speak of what they were watching; each
thought that maybe the other had not recognized Amy.
The men were becoming uncomfortable with the effect
that Amy was having on them. They had erections and
they both had dropped their hand to cover the swelling
in their pants and to discretely stimulate their

Just as both Rodgers males became unbearably aroused,
Carol Rodgers walked in Ted’s room. Seeing the image of
the near naked woman on the screen, Carol asked the

“I see you guys are having fun, mind if I watch too?”

Carol had not recognized the woman on the screen as

After a short time she realized that the naked woman
was in fact her very own daughter, she was also
momentarily struck dumb. When she recovered from the
shock, she spoke.

“She is quite the woman isn’t she?” She said in a quiet
low tone.

Neither man replied to Carol’s comment they were not
ready to talk; they only stared at the screen, and only
barely were aware of Carol’s presents.

All three family members were totally engrossed in the
sexual activities that were enfolding on the monitor.
It was difficult for them to realize that the
activities they were witnessing were happening just
down the hallway from them in Amy’s room.

Carol spoke again.

“You know, Frank, you shouldn’t be looking at your
daughter that way, and Ted, you are getting all hot and
bothered watching your sister. Doesn’t that seem sick
to you guys?”

Her tone was half mocking half scolding. If the truth
were known, she would have to admit that she herself
felt warmth in her loins from watching Amy. Carol sat
down on Ted’s bed, she had decided to stay and watch
along with the men in her family.

Amy had taken off the shirt and was toying with a small
vibrator near her pussy. She had moved the camera to a
position on the floor where the viewers could watch the
sex toy slowly work its way deeper and deeper into her
pussy. Ted had his hand on his erect penis, trying to
hide it from his parents. Frank would not have cared,
for he of course had the same problem. He also had his
hand over his crotch but he was slowly rubbing himself
and was very close to achieving his release. Carol
could see what was happening to her men and she didn’t
want Frank to waste his jizm in his pants so she spoke

“Frank! Come on you’ve seen enough of Amy for one
night, lets go to bed and you can take out your
excitement out on me.”

Frank obediently followed her to their room.

After they left, Ted was alone and he immediately
dropped his pants and shorts to his knees in order to
gain better access to his swollen member. He was
stroking himself as Amy was working the dildo ever
faster obviously nearing her own climax. Just as Ted
began, spraying his seed, his Mother walked back in

“I just wanted to say goodnight honey.” She said. As
she walked over to him, she was not aware of what Ted
was doing until she was standing right next to him. Ted
could not move, he was being held captive by his

“Oh I’m so sorry Ted honey, I really should have
knocked before coming in, please forgive me, but its ok
honey, what you were doing is ok. It’s a normal thing
for a young boy to play with himself, I don’t mind.
I’ll leave now; just give Mommy a kiss good night.” She

As Carol went over to her son, Ted had neither the
strength nor the time to cover himself. He just sat
there with his pants around his ankles; his hands still
wrapped around his penis.

Carol bent down to give her son a kiss on the forehead.
She glanced at the monitor in time to see her
daughter’s body shudder in the midst of an earth-
shaking climax. Carol was affected by the sight of her
lustful daughter and instead of placing a kiss on Ted’s
forehead she placed her lips upon his and probed his
lips with her tongue. Carol turned and on her way out
she said.

“That’s quite a piece of manhood you have there young
man, someday you’re going to make some woman very

“Good night Mom, and thanks for understanding, you are
a cool mother.” He said.

“Why thank you young man.” She said as she paused at
the door.

Ted had still not covered himself. He thought that if
she was going to complement him on his penis, he might
as well continue to display it. He stepped out of his
pants; he only left his tee shirt on. Carol paused at
the door trying to think of an excuse to remain longer
while she stared at her half naked son.

“What do you think of your sister?” She asked.

“I think that she is one hot babe.” He replied. “Is it
ok if I continue to watch her?”

“I don’t know honey; I think we should ask her if she
minds you watching her.” She said.

“Let’s not tell her.” He suggested.

“No honey I can’t, not tell her, I just could not keep
a secret like that from her. Tomorrow we will tell her
that we found out what she has really been doing to
make all that money that she brought into this house
and then what ever she says about watching her, we will

During their conversation, Ted had walked closer to his
mother. There was a part of his body that was reaching
out to further close the distance between them. Carol
noticed Ted’s rising erection and could not take her
eyes from the bulbous head bobbing towards her.

“Can I have another kiss goodnight like the last one?”
He asked.

“Sure honey.” Carol held her arms out and Ted molded
himself into an affectionate hug. Carol gave him a peck
on the forehead as she felt his arousal pressing into
her stomach.

“No not like that.” He protested. “I want one like the
last one, on the mouth.”

“Well ok honey, but mothers and sons aren’t supposed to
kiss like that.” She said.

“You liked it didn’t you mom? I sure did.” He said.

“Yes honey, I liked it, but we shouldn’t kiss like
this.” As she finished her veiled protest she placed
her lips on his and again she probed his lips with her
tongue. This time Ted opened up his mouth and toyed
with his mother’s tongue with his own. Carol became
dizzy. She had not felt this much sexual arousal in
some time. She fought to stop this activity before it
was too late but the feeling of his young penis poking
into her and the warmth of his mouth held her in a
binding grip that she could not or would not break. The
heat of their passion caused their mouths to mash
together as their tongues explored each other.

“Wow: She finally said as she f****d herself back. You
are quite the kisser.” She said as she made for the
door, she had to leave, before she could not stop
herself from doing something she would be ashamed of.

“Good night Mother.” Ted said.

He was standing there displaying his erect member; he
reached down and began stroking himself, smiling at
her. The sight of her aroused son mesmerized her. She
tore herself away and ran to her room. Frank would be
busy with her tonight.


The next morning was Saturday. Frank had left early to
go fishing. He didn’t want to be there when Carol told
Amy that the family knew of her web site camera. Ted
was eating breakfast in his pajamas; Carol was
preparing the morning meal wearing an old flannel robe
over her see through teddy that she wore the night

As Amy came into the kitchen Ted was reading a comic
book and Carol was reading the morning paper. Amy sat
down as she wished the family “Good morning”

“Good morning.” They both replied.

Amy sensed that something was wrong so she asked. “Is
there something going on here that I should know

Carol looked up from her paper and gave Amy a look that
sent the message of pride toward Amy and also gave Amy
the feeling that she might be in some kind of trouble.

“What is it Mother, what’s wrong?” Amy asked.

“Amy I don’t know quite how to start. So I’ll just say
it. We saw you on the Internet last night.” Carol said.

“Who saw me, You, and Dad?” She Asked.

“We all saw you.” Carol replied.

“I knew you probably would find out about it sooner or
later but I never thought you would find out about it
this soon.” Amy said.

“When you watched me, what did you think?” Amy asked.
“How did I look?”

“I think you were beautiful!” Ted blurted.

“Thank you little brother, did I turn you on?” Amy

“I guess you did.” Carol jumped in. “I saw the results,
he was as hard as a rock.”

“Awe Mom, don’t tell her that.” Ted protested.

“But it’s true honey, even your father got a hard-on
watching your sister and afterwards he made love to me
like he was a teenager.” Carol boasted.

“Jesus, I never thought about dad watching me, that
kind of turns me on.” Amy said.

“You even turned your old mother on.” Carol admitted.

“Even you Mom, how long did you watch me?” Amy asked.
And did you see the end?”

“Yes we saw the end it looked like you almost passed
out, it was so good.” Carol described.

“I think I did pass out, that was the first time I ever
came on camera; It was a mind blower.” Amy said.

“Did you jerk off little brother?” Amy asked.

“Yes he did.” Carol said. “He came all over himself.”

“You watched him Mom?” Amy asked.

“No not really, I just happened to catch him when I
went to his room to kiss him good night.” Carol told

“How big is his pecker, is it very big?” Amy asked.

“It’s not bad.” Carol said.

“Hay quit that kind of talk.” Ted protested.

Amy got up from the table to get her breakfast. She was
wearing only a short terry-cloth robe and a pair of
brief panties. She put two toaster waffles in the
toaster, got out the syrup and when the waffles were
done went to the table with her hands full of breakfast
and utensils. When she passed behind her brother, he
playfully pulled the sash that held her robe closed. As
Amy continued toward her place at the table Ted held on
to the cord as the robe opened wide exposing Amy’s left

Amy’s breasts are unique in the way they are shaped.
They are large, cone shaped with pointed cone shaped
nipples. They hang low from her body but without
sagging. They also separate and point to the left and
right at about thirty degrees from straight-ahead.

“They are so beautiful.” Ted said as he drank in the
sight of his sister’s exposed breast. Carol was also
amazed at the sight of what only could be described as
Amy’s perfect breasts.

Amy stepped towards her brother while holding her
breakfast in both her hands. She held her arms out wide
allowing her brother better access to her robe.

“Are you going to tie me up again or are you going to
stare at them all day?” Amy asked smiling at the effect
that her bare breast had on her brother. Ted reached
out for the sash to retie the robe but he changed his
mind and took hold of both collars of the robe and
gently, slowly lifted the robe off his sister’s
shoulders and allowed the robe to fall fully open
exposing his sister’s body.

“Well have you seen enough little brothers, can I cover
them up now?” Amy asked as she set down her breakfast
plate and utensils.

“Do you have to cover them up?” Ted pleaded.

“Oh Amy, do you really have to cover them up, they, you
are so beautiful, please leave them where we can see
them.” Carol joined in.

“Mom, do you really want me to go around half naked in
front of my brother?” Amy asked.

“Yes I do, I enjoy looking at you and I know Ted enjoys
it so why not, we saw all there was to see last night
anyway so what’s the harm?” Carol reasoned.

“I love the idea.” Amy responded. “But why go half way,
why not totally naked.” Amy said as she stood up and
hooked her thumbs in the edge of her briefs and deftly
stepped out of her panties.

Ted could not believe his eyes; his wildest dreams had
come true. There right in front of him sat the most
beautiful naked woman he had ever seen and it was his
sexy sister.

Ted tried to return to his comic book but he could not.
He was transfixed on the lushes’ sight in front of him.
Amy, inspired by the attention she was getting from her
brother and her Mother, sat up straight with her chest
jutting out for her family to admire.

Once as she reached for the milk, Amy’s left breast
dipped into the syrup that had puddled on her plate.
When she had retrieved the milk bottle her nipple had a
generous amount of the sticky goo dripping from the
erect nipple onto her lap.

“Oh jeez, now I’m all sticky.” Amy lamented. Amy
watched motionless as the sweet fluid continued to run
off her breast.

“Now what am I supposed to do? ” Amy said while

“Ted, get your sister a wet paper towel before she
drips on the floor.” Carol told her son.

“Ok Mom.” Ted said as her prepared the wet towel.

Ted approached his sister with the towel offering to
hand it to her.

“You do it little brother.” Amy suggested.

“Don’t let him do that Amy; the poor boy will cream his
pajamas.” Carol said with a laugh.

Ted gingerly started to dab at the syrup, but he was
not doing a good job, the water would not cut the
syrup. He tried rubbing harder which caused his sister
to moan at the stimulation his vigorous activities

“Ted you better stop, you’re going to give your sister
an orgasm.” Carol said.

Carol was enjoying the sight of her son and daughter’s
sexual teasing.

“Maybe he should lick it off honey, that wet towel
isn’t getting it.” Carol suggested.

“Gee Mom could I, could I lick it off?” Ted exclaimed.

“I don’t care honey I think watching you two sexually
play with each other, is a beautiful site.” Carol said.
“But you better ask your sister if it’s ok.”

“I don’t mind Ted, but hurry up and lick it off, my
breakfast is getting cold.” Amy said as she stood up so
that Ted who was somewhat shorter could easily reach
her breast.

Ted closed his mouth eagerly over the swollen nipple
and began to suck the sweetness from the surface. Amy’s
head then her eyes rolled back as she moaned with
pleasure at her brother’s efforts.

“Hey you two are having too much fun, I want to play
too.” Carol demanded.

“Well Mom, get out of those clothes and syrup up your
tits. I’m sure Ted will oblige you and if he doesn’t I
will.” Amy offered.

“Oh God c******n you are naughty, I don’t think that I
should be playing in this game, after all I am your
Mother.” She said.

“Come on Mom show us what you got.” Ted pleaded.

“Please Mom, you should blow Ted’s mind with that body
of yours.” Amy suggested.

“I don’t know c******n, should I?” I feel so wicked.”
Carol replied.

“Go ahead Mom.” Amy encouraged. “I bet Ted would love
to see your tits, wouldn’t you Ted?”

“I sure would Mom; please just let me see them just
once.” Ted pleaded.

“Ok just this once but please kids don’t tell your
father or anybody.” Carol said.

Carol let the flannel robe drop to the floor; you could
see everything there was to see without taking off the

Ted’s attention was drawn from the task at hand as his
mother stood there wearing the flimsy teddy.

“Ted would you like to take my night gown off for me?”
Carol teased.

“Could I Mom?” Ted exclaimed.

“Sure honey, come over and strip your Mother naked.”
Carol said wickedly.

Carol could not believe what she was saying to her own
son, but the sexual heat being generated in that room
caused her to lose control of her senses.

Ted left the swollen nipple of his sister’s breast to
help his mother out of her gown.

The gown was made up of only one piece so when he let
it hit the floor his Mother stood before him completely

“Holy cow mother, excuse the pun but your tits are
huge.” Amy exclaimed. Amy went over to her mother to
get a closer look. Ted’s attention was now concentrated
on his mother’s magnificent well kept body. Carol’s
breasts were exactly like Amy’s but they were almost
twice as large. Amy and Ted stood there admiring their
mother. Carol put her hands on her hips; she thrust out
her chest and proudly strutted around the kitchen.

When she rounded the kitchen table to where Amy had
been sitting she stepped in a puddle of syrup that had
dripped off Amy’s body.

“Oh yuck!” She exclaimed. “There’s syrup all over the

“Ted, go let Tex in, He will clean it up.” Carol

Ted obediently went out to the back door and called the
lumbering beast.

As Ted left, Amy took the syrup bottle and sneaked up
behind her mother who was at the table. From over her
mother’s shoulders Amy let a generous amount of syrup
drip on to her mother’s breasts.

“Darn you Amy why did you do that.” Carol protested.

The syrup flowed down Carol’s shoulders over her
breasts and soaked her patch of pubic hair before
leaving a trail down her thighs and legs. It eventually
reached the floor.

“I guess Ted better hurry back to get that cleaned up
Mom it’s getting in your pussy, he’ll have to clean
that up too.” Amy said, kidding her Mother.

“Oh Amy you are nasty, how could you think of such a
thing.” Carol protested.

“Mother, you just told my own brother to lick my tits,
what’s the difference. It’s still incest.” Amy argued.

“I guess you’re right I did tell him to do that didn’t
I.” Carol giggled.

“Do you think he will lick my titties?” Carol asked her

“If he is crazy enough to not want to, then I’ll lick
them clean.” Amy offered.

Carol blushed at the suggestion from her daughter.

“Quick honey before Ted comes back, please just give me
one quick lick, I need something; being naked in front
of my c******n has made me so hot I can’t stand it.”
Carol pleaded.

“Why don’t you let Ted fuck you Mom; he needs to be
broken in and who better to do it but his own Mother.”
Amy said.

“I think that if anyone in the family lets him that you
had better do it honey I’m a married woman remember.”
Carol said.

“I’ll tell you what Mom I’ll do it if you are there to
help.” Amy suggested.

“Oh you don’t want me to watch honey, I’ll be so horny
that I won’t be able to stand it and then where would I
get my relief; certainly your Father may not be any
satisfaction.” Carol lamented.

“What’s wrong with dad, can’t he get it up?” Amy asked.

“Usually he can’t get hard but last night he was
wonderful, after watching you.” Carol said.

“Well that’s the answer then, maybe I can help.” Amy

“You mean let him watch you on TV before we do it?”
Carol asked.

“Either watch me on TV or let me into your bedroom for
some first hand stimulation.” Amy suggested.

“I don’t think that he could do that, not his own
daughter.” Carol said.

“I don’t mean for me to do it to Dad, maybe just my
being there could help, if I was naked and playing with
myself like he saw me do last night, that might just do
the trick for him.” Amy said.

“It would sure do the trick for me having you do that
again.” Carol said.

“You mean I turn you on Mom.” Amy said with a giggle in
her voice.

“You know that you did; I’m hot now just looking at
you, you’re so sexy looking honey.” Carol said.

“Thank you Mommy that’s one of the nicest things you
have ever said to me.” Carol replied.

Carol came over to her seated Mother and hugged her
neck, pressing her breasts to each side of her Mother’s
head. Carol turned her head and captured one of Amy’s
breasts in her mouth and sucked greedily.

“Oh Mom, that feels heavenly please don’t stop.” Amy

Carol was not about to stop; she loved the thought and
feeling of nursing on her daughter’s breast. Carol
switched sides and started to bring the other nipple to
a rigid erection.

Amy climbed on her Mother’s lap facing her and placed a
deep wet kiss on her Mother’s mouth, their tongues
tangled and dueled for the prize for the deepest
penetration. They broke away and looked deeply at each
other, each knowing what the other wanted.

“Honey we can’t do this now while Ted is here, we’ll do
it later, don’t worry we’ll do it, this is too good to
not continue.” Carol promised.

“Oh Mom, when can we do it, I want you now, I want to
lick you until you come and come again,” Amy boasted.

“Amy, that talk will make me come right here, don’t say
anything more, we’ll get together tonight after your
father goes to bed I promise.” Carol Said.

Just then Ted returned with the dog following behind.
Ted was puzzled at the sight of his naked sister
sitting in his naked Mother’s lap.

When Ted suddenly came into the kitchen, Carol tried to
push Amy off her lap, as she was embarrassed to have
her naked daughter sitting in her lap. Amy would not
budge; in fact she stuffed one of her breast in her
mother’s mouth to keep her from saying anything that
might spoil the mood.

“Don’t worry little brother; Mom’s just cleaning off my
tit since you weren’t here to do it.” Amy said. “She
wants you to clean her off though, she had an accident
and she has covered herself with syrup.”

Amy motioned her brother closer, as she held her
Mother’s sticky breast out for him to lick. Ted knelt
down and was transfixed by the size of his Mother’s
large breasts; not only that, his sister’s breasts were
right there to admire also.

“Come on brother clean it off, do you think that mother
wants to be sticky all day?”

Ted did what he was told and started to place his mouth
over his Mother’s nipple. Carol put her arm around her
young son and hugged him to her breast. Ted let his
Mother’s nipple slip from his mouth and took hold of
his sister’s breast. Amy resumed the exploration of her
Mother’s mouth.

Tex the dog had discovered the spilled syrup and was
lapping up the sweet liquid from the floor. He had
worked his way over to where the threesome concentrated
on their own clean up effort. When Tex could find no
more syrup on the floor so he began to look elsewhere,
for he could smell syrup close by. He smelled something
else that intrigued him, the smell of two aroused women
whose love-nests were leaking evidence of their
excitement down their legs.

Tex went over to Carol and found some syrup on the
floor between her legs. He cleaned the floor and then
began licking the syrup from Carol’s foot. Carol jumped
and yelled. All three of them looked down to see what
had caused Carol’s surprise. They laughed at the dog
that was helping with the cleanup project.

Amy and Ted went back to pleasuring their Mother. Each
had taken a breast and had made sure that there would
be no sign of syrup when they were done. After she had
licked her mother’s breast clean, Amy continued to soul
kiss her Mother, causing More of Carol’s love juices to
flow from her.

“Have you ever kissed a girl, Ted?” Amy asked.

“Sure I have, I kissed plenty of girls.” Ted boasted.

“Would you like to know how to French kiss a girl
little brother?” Amy asked.

“What’s French kissing?” Ted asked.

“Here I’ll show you, you watch me kiss Mom.” Amy

Amy placed her lips upon her Mother’s, she slowly
inserted her tongue into her mother’s mouth, she
wiggled it around then withdrew herself only to have
her Mother’s tongue reach out to caress hers.

“Now you do it Ted, kiss your horny old mother like
this.” Amy said.

Ted approached his mother’s mouth and placed his lips
on hers; she was the first to probe him with her
tongue. Ted followed her example and slipped his tongue
inside his mother’s mouth. It was then that the dog
started up Carol’s leg with his quest for more syrup.
Carol’s response was to try to move her leg away. Amy,
saw what was making her Mother squirm; she got off her
mother’s lap and stood behind her. Ted continued his
attention to his Mother’s breasts and his kissing

“It looks like Tex is really into that clean up job you
gave him Mom.” Amy said.

“Ted, please take the dog outside, I don’t like him
doing that.” Carol pleaded.

“Nonsense, Mom let him clean you off; he’s only after
the syrup.” Amy said.

Carol was becoming excited by her c******n sucking on
her, and by the dog’s tongue. The feeling was sending
her near the edge. Carol could not help herself; she
started to slouch down in her chair and began to spread
her legs. Ted had stopped sucking on his Mother’s
nipples and tongue to watch the progress that the dog
was making.

Tex was licking the back of Carol’s knee on his way to
source of the flow of syrup and the other fluids that
caught his interest; there was as much female juices as
syrup on Carol’s legs. Ted and Amy stood behind their
Mother as the dog worked his way higher and higher up
her legs. He was licking her thighs; both thighs were
covered with the sweet mixture.

Carol began to moan as the hot tongue dutifully worked
at the task before him. Carol reached down to stop the
dog’s head from moving higher but Amy reached down and
pulled her Mother’s hands up away from the dog.

Amy placed one of her Mother’s hands upon her own
breast, the other she placed on the front of Ted’s
shorts. Carol did not object. Ted held his Mother’s
hand tightly against his crotch.

“Why don’t you take off your shorts, Ted?” Amy

Ted was quick to obey; he one handedly slipped out of
his cut-offs and placed his mother’s hand around his
young rigid cock. Carol looked over at the object in
her right hand and then at the beautiful breast in her
other hand. It was then that Tex reached the junction
of Carol’s legs. The dog was tentative abut the
invasion of his owner’s body but when she opened her
legs wider, he was assured that he was doing her
bidding. He was no longer after syrup; he was after the
taste and smell of her sex.

Tex increased the pace of his licking and he attempted
to invade deeper and deeper into his mistress’s cavity.
Carol slouched down further in the chair. She raised
one leg after the other and placed her feet on the edge
of the table completely exposing herself not only to
the dog but also to her two c******n who watch the
activity with great interest.

She didn’t care; the sensations that she was feeling
were too good to stop. Tex had really stepped up the
pace. He was now licking Carol deep and fast. Carol’s
pussy had opened wide allowing Tex.’s tongue to probe
deeper and deeper into the void. Amy bent down and gave
her Mother’s breast a deep sucking kiss and then she
gave her Mother’s mouth a good tongue lashing.

“Ted, come give your mother some attention, kiss her or
suck her or something.” Amy told him.

Ted responded by kneeling down and then he stuck his
Mother’ breast in his mouth while his Mother still had
a tight grip on his penis. Carol tried to slouch down
further to get the dog to lick deeper but when she did
she slipped down almost falling to the floor. Fearing
injury and seeking more comfort, the c******n helped
their mother out to the living room.

She lay down on the thick carpet and spread her legs
waiting for the dog to follow her. The dog lost no time
in resuming his activity, he went to her, and as soon
as she was in position, he resumed his licking. The
c******n joined their Mother on the floor next to her;
Amy lay with her head next to the licking dog with her
feet towards her Mother’s head. Ted sat on his haunches
not knowing what to do next.

“Ted what do you want to do honey?” Carol asked her
son. Her speech was rather difficult to understand
because the dog was now slamming his nose up inside her
pussy in an attempt to get his maw inside her body. He
was frantic in his desire to get more of the nectar
that flowed from her body. The big dog’s exuberant
slamming was rocking Carol’s whole body.

“What do you mean, Mom?” Ted replied.

“What can Mommy do for you honey?” Carol asked.

“Why don’t you suck his peter Mom?” Amy suggested.

“Would you like that honey?” Carol asked between the
slamming of the dog’s nose.

“I don’t know Mom; would you do “that” for me?” Ted

“Oh honey I would love to have that pretty cock of
yours in my mouth.” His mother said.

Ted moved over to his mother’s face and offered her his
rigid member. Carol eagerly slipped it in her mouth and
swirled it with her tongue. Ted could not believe what
was happening to him, his mother actually his penis in
her mouth. Unfortunately, Carol became distracted by
the lavish tongue-lashing the dog was giving her so she
could not give her son the attention to his member that
she might have. She just held it tightly between her
lips and concentrated on the sensations flowing through
her body.

Ted did finally climax, he did not move himself to
stimulate his release, and it just came. Carol drank in
and swallowed her son’s spunk she really didn’t know
what had happened; she only knew that some one some how
had given her something to drink.

“I’m sorry Mom, I didn’t mean to do that, I’m really
sorry.” Ted said.

Carol came out of her trance long enough to ease her
boy’s mind.

“Don’t be silly honey I liked it, you don’t have to
apologize.” Carol reassured him.

“Can you do it again sometime, Mom?” He asked.

“Yes honey any time you want.” She promised.

Amy was closely watching the dog’s activity getting
more and more turned on by the lapping sounds and the
sight of his long pink tongue penetrating deep inside
her Mother. She was jealous of her getting all the
attention. She was caressing Carol’s body especially
her breasts. Then she reached down and found her
Mother’s clitoris. She wiggled her finger across the
little red headed flower.

Carol rolled her head back, moaned and then whimpered.

“Oh honey that’s it, please don’t stop.” She pleaded.

“What was that, that you did you do to her?” Ted asked.

“Oh nothing, Teddy I just tickled her clitty.” She

Ted joined his sister on the other side of his Mother
to watch the dog’s action and to find out what his
sister had done to cause his Mother to cry out. Amy
pointed out the little red organ between his mother’s

“Here let me show you.” Amy said as she took his hand
and placed his finger on the little spot. When his
finger touched his mother’s clit, she gave an immediate
moan of pleasure.

“Wow, are we hurting you Mom?” Ted asked.

“No honey you are not hurting me, you can keep doing
that with your finger if you want to.” Carol told him.

Ted began to twitch his mother’s clit, enjoying the
effect that his fingers had on her.

Tex could wait no longer for his release, he rose up
and moved up Carol’s body, his large long cock was
unsheathed and he was humping the air as he licked his
way up Carol’s belly.

“Don’t let him stick that thing in me Amy, please pull
him off me.” Carol pleaded.

Amy grabbed his collar and tried to pull him off. Tex
snarled and rolled back his lips baring a fine set of
teeth. Amy let go and just watched the big red bobbing
cock close in on his target, his humping got lower and
lower until the pointed end was bumping Carol’s clit.

Carol again moaned enjoying the stimulation but fearing
what was coming next, the next stab of his cock entered
Carol momentarily for a couple of inches before it fell
out and once again rubbed her clit.

“Don’t let him fuck me please, please don’t let him put
his thing in me please, I don’t want to be screwed by a
dog, please.” Carol pleaded.

Ted did not know what to do; he enjoyed watching his
Mother and the dog. Amy wasn’t going to try to stop him
again. Tex was getting closer now, the head of his cock
was now poking in every time, but the dog would
withdraw it again not quite getting the range of his
target. Finally Carol could not deny what she wanted,
she raised her hips off the floor to meet the dog’s
thrusts, and Tex was in.

Tex buried his cock deep into Carol’s pussy and held
still as the massive canine tie knot swelled up inside
Carol’s pussy locking the dog’s cock deep inside her.
Both the dog and Carol were enjoying being fulfilled.
Amy thought that the dog had come but he hadn’t he was
just resting and enjoying the feeling. The dog began
rocking again; he began slow and quickly increased his
speed until his body was a blur of in and out motion.
Amy was so envious of the good fucking her Mother was
getting that she promised herself that Tex would be
spending some time with her, soon.

Carol began an intense orgasm, which lasted longer than
anything she had experienced before did. The dog came
also; his ejaculate was spent half inside Carol and
half outside, depositing spunk over both Carol and Amy.

Finally, after a moment or so, Tex staggered away still
humping the air as he moved.

Carol reached out and gathered her c******n to her for
a long warm hug. All three lay there for a few moments
in a mutual embrace.

Ted got up first. He ran upstairs stating that he
really had to pee.

Then Amy got up. “I’m going to take a shower.” Amy

“Can I join you?” Carol asked.

“Sure Mom; that would be fun.” Amy replied.

Amy and Carol went up to the upstairs bathroom.

When the women arrived they opened the door and caught
Ted standing there next to the toilet with his cock in
his hand trying to pee. The remnants of his recent
raging hard on made it difficult for him to go, he was
forcing his rigid member down to aim it at the bowl and
his member was fighting him. The women stood there
amused at Ted’s predicament.

“Will you please go away for a minute?” He insisted.

“I think you’re cute little brother, are you having
trouble.” Amy said as she approached him.

“Go away.” Ted repeated. “I can’t go if you two are
here watching me.” He pleaded.

“I think we can help you.” Amy offered.

Amy stood next to Ted and stared at his erection
intently. That is just what Ted didn’t want. Carol
approached Ted from the other side and also stared at
his penis. Ted gave up trying to force his cock down to
pee; he just let it spring free to point upwards with
no hope of relieving his bloated kidneys.

“Isn’t it the prettiest little pecker in the world
Mother?” Amy said.

“It surly is the prettiest.” Carol agreed.

“Are you ever going to let us watch you pee little
brother, or are you going to stand there all day.” Amy

“I’m going to pee all over you if I ever get this thing
to work again.” He warned.

“Ok little brother, we’ll leave you alone,” Carol said.

The two women moved toward the shower and Amy turned it
on. As the women were about to step into the tub, they
heard the thunder of Ted’s piss exploding into the

They both rushed over to watch Ted piss.

“Go away you two.” He repeated. “I just got this thing
working, don’t interrupt me.” He pleaded.

“We just want to watch,” Carol said. “We won’t do

They resumed their previous position on either side of
him. As they got up close, they bent over for a real
close up of the action until their faces were inches
from the yellow stream. Ted’s thunderous stream was
reduced to a trickle from embarrassment.

“I told you what I would do if you kept bothering me.”
He said.

“Go ahead I dare you,” Amy said.

“You don’t dare piss on your Mother,” Carol warned.

Both women moved their faces closer in defiance to
Ted’s threat.

“I’m warning you.” He repeated. His stream had reduced
to a mere dribble though his bladder was still aching
from being full. His discomfort was his motivation to
go through with his threat. He grabbed his cock and
whipped it from side to side and splashed his urine on
both of their faces. Neither woman moved. They both had
the same reaction. The overwhelming feeling of pure
decadence, the warm yellow droplets coming from their
son and brother smelled and felt exciting.

They did not move. They allowed the liquid to run off
their faces and run down their naked bodies. The stream
increased in volume the bladder was overriding Ted’s
embarrassment and was releasing more urine until the
full stream was flowing first over his mother’s face
and then over his sister’s face. They still didn’t

Ted started to drench each of them in turn. Amy once
opened her mouth in an invitation for Ted to piss where
she could taste him. He obliged her and left the stream
fills her to overflowing. Carol became impatient and
reached for him to continue wetting her instead of
pissing in his sister’s mouth but Ted had finally run
out. The stream that once was a torrent was reduced to
a few drops, drops that were licked off by an eager
sister. Amy’s mouth met her mother’s at the end of her
brothers dripping penis. They took the opportunity to
kiss long and deep, both tasting Ted’s urine and each

Ted backed away and watched his mother and his sister
kiss and explore each other’s mouth. When their lips
parted they continued to hug each other and look at Ted
with a dreamy sexy look of satisfaction.

“I think I’m ready for that shower now,” Carol said.

“Me too,” Amy echoed.

“Are you going to join us, Ted,” Carol offered.

“You want me to,” Ted replied.

“Sure there’s room,” Amy said.

Ted joined his mother and sister in the shower. Ted
stood at one end still exhibiting the remainder of an
erection. He soaped himself down as Amy stood with her
back to him as she soaped down their mother. When Amy
was finished washing Carol’s back, Carol turned around
and faced Amy. As Amy worked her way down Carol’s body
she paid special attention to her Mother’s breasts,
using both hands to wash each one with extended loving

As Amy moved down Carol’s body Carol leaned back
against the wall and extended her hips out toward the
loving hands and fingers of her daughter. Amy made sure
that the area around Carol’s pussy was clean both
inside and out. Amy swirled her fingers inside to see
if she could stimulate another climax from her mother.
Carol hung on to the showerhead as Amy worked her

“Ted honey, come here and play with your mother’s
tits.” Amy suggested.

Ted reached out and fondled one of the large orbs with
both hands. Carol stood with her legs splayed wide her
eyes closed hanging on to the showerhead for balance as
waves of pleasure ran through her body. Ted reached up
and kissed her and practiced the French kissing that
his sister taught him earlier. Amy squatted down to be
able to insert more fingers into her mother’s pussy.
Amy then realized that she had to pee. Amy let fly but
as she did she hugged her pissing pussy against her
mother’s thigh, which caused the stream to spread
through out the shower.

Carol felt the hot liquid down her leg and that
additional stimulation of heat and smell dropped her
over the edge. She came with a vibrating shudder. She
slid down the wall until she reached the edge of the
tub where she sat down exhausted. Amy started to wash
her brother. She did not use the slow sultry strokes
that she used on her mother she went about washing him
as if he was her car.

Even when she had his cock in her hand, she washed it
with no loving caress; she was there to wash and
nothing more. When she was finished she handed the soap
to him and turned around so that Ted could do her back.
As he was washing her rounded buns she spread her legs
and instructed him to reach deep between her legs to
wash her “ass out real good” as she put it. She bent
over displaying to him her pucker hole.

“Now Ted you have to soap your finger and way deep
inside me to get my ass hole clean.” She instructed.

Ted moved his finger around to find the opening and
slipped it in to the first knuckle.

“You have got to go deeper if you want to get my ass
clean.” She said.

Carol was watching the activities of her offspring with
a pleasant satisfied smile on her face. She was
thoroughly enjoying the display.

For the rest of the day Carol, Ted and Amy went about
their usual Saturday activities. The only difference
this Saturday was whenever they met one or another by
chance, the women would get their breasts felt by Ted
or the women would feel for his cock as they went past.

Even Carol and Amy would kiss with lengthy probing with
their tongues on occasion.

At lunch, Amy took her shirt off so as to not to stain
it with ketchup. Ted asked her to leave it off for the
rest of the day and she agreed. Ted asked his mother to
leave her shirt off but she was afraid that someone
could see in the windows so she offered to take her
shorts off. No one could see that she wasn’t wearing
anything that low.

After lunch, Ted took every occasion to be near his
sister and watch her breasts sway. Often she would stop
what she was doing and allow him to play with her
breasts for a minute. Then, she would walk away
listening to him complain that she was teasing him�
which she of course, she was.

Ted caught his mother bending over to plug in the
vacuum cleaner. He walked up behind her and put his
hands on her rounded ass. Carol paused for a moment
wondering what he was going to do next. Ted began to
gently rub his hand around the soft skin. He began to
run his index finger down through the crack of her ass.
He ran his finger over her rectum and circled the tight
little opening before going further to the beginning of
her vagina. Carol braced herself by holding on to the
arm of the couch as Ted explored her pussy.

God this was good, she thought, we should have done
this, years ago; what harm is there in a family having
a little fun with each other sexually, it feels so
right and I feel so much closer to my kids.

Ted was probing her damp insides with his fingers.
Carol had spread her legs and lowered her head until it
rested on the arm of the couch to give Ted better
access to her pussy. Ted moved around to her side and
approached her from the front with his left hand while
his right hand was still deep inside her from the rear.
He replaced his right hand with his left and now his
left hand was poking and probing his mother while his
right hand which had become well lubricated started to
probe her other hole.

Amy came into the room and stopped to watch.

“What’s he doing mom?” She asked.

Carol turned to look at Amy. “I think that he has at
least three fingers in my pussy and he’s trying to see
how far he can jam two fingers up my ass. He’s very
good, he isn’t in a hurry and he is very gentle. You
should have him do you sometime.” Carol said.

“I can’t wait to have him do me.” Amy said.

Ted was on his knees as he administrated his mother. He
began giving he kisses on her ass, which sent shivers
down her spine. Then he ran his tongue into the crack
of her ass near the base of her spine.

Amy sat down to watch her brother do his mother. After
a few minutes of watching him poke and prod her, she
slipped her shorts off and began playing with herself.

Ted became bolder with his tongue. He began to travel
down the crack of his mother’s ass until he was very
near her ass hole. He withdrew his fingers from her ass
and proceeded to tease her opening with his tongue.

“Are you doing what I think you’re doing young man?”
Carol asked.

“He sure is mom, you are about to have your ass
licked.” Amy replied.

Amy was getting as much out of watching Ted’s licking
his mother as she was getting. Amy’s fingers were
flying in and out of her pussy. She was very close to

Ted tentatively poked the end of his tongue into his

Carol moaned. “Oh God he’s doing it!”

Upon hearing Carol moan, Amy frigged herself faster.

“What does it feel like mother?” Amy asked.

“It feels wonderful, honey, he is so good, you can’t
believe how good he is at it.” Carol said.

This praise only spurred Ted on to greater effort.

He began forcing the tiny opening to yield to his

Carol was moaning louder, she was pushing back and
concentrating on relaxing her muscles back there, so
that she could feel more of his tongue invade her body.

Ted began to flutter his tongue, which caused Carol to
scream out loud as her orgasm hit her.

When Amy saw Ted jamming his tongue in his mother’s
back door and when she heard her mother’s screams of
joy, she also came with a loud scream almost equaling
her mother’s.

Soon after, Carol collapsed on the couch, Amy lay
slouched down in the chair completely naked and Ted
went to the bathroom, they all heard the door to the
garage slam. Roger was home and would be in the house
in a couple of seconds.

Ted ran to his room to lie down and fake taking a nap.
Carol was slow to move, because of the earth-shattering
climax that she just had experienced.

Amy tried to get up and pull her shorts up, but she
wore nothing on top.

That was the sight that Roger was greeted with when he
walked in the door.

“What the hell is going on here?” He bellowed.

Roger was wearing his hip-waders and was carrying a
string of trout. His eyes were bugged out as he looked
to the left and saw his naked daughter stretched out in
the chair, and to his right his wife was laying on the
couch without anything on below the waist.

“Oh honey relax; we were just trying something new, we
heard that doing housework in the nude could be fun,
and it was. It was until you came home that is. We
didn’t expect you for hours.” Carol explained.

“Well I caught my limit early and came home, I’m sorry
that my coming home spoiled your fun.” He said.

“It won’t spoil our fun; we’ll just continue what we
were doing.” Carol said.

Neither, Carol nor Amy did anything to cover up their
bodies. Amy continued to be stretched out on her chair
in the most provocative way and Carol lay on the couch
with one foot on the floor and the other knee bent that
displayed her swollen wet pussy to her husband.

“What about Ted; where has he been all this time?”
Roger asked.

“Oh he has been right here, he doesn’t mind.” Carol

Roger thought that she was kidding so he didn’t react
to her.

“Oh I’m sure you both walked around like that in front
of him.” Roger said.

“We do it all the time.” Amy said still displaying
herself to her father.

“I think that you should get some clothes on Amy, in
case Ted comes home.” Roger said.

“So you don’t care if I am naked when you’re home
daddy?” Amy asked.

“Well you should be dressed when I am home too.” Roger
said with very little conviction.

“You don’t mind Amy being naked do you honey?” Carol

“No I don’t mind, it doesn’t bother me, but I am
concerned about your brother.” Roger said.

“If he doesn’t mind can I be naked?” Amy asked.

“Of course he won’t mind, he would like it very much.”
Roger said.

“What’s the harm, were one big happy family aren’t we?”
Carol asked.

“Yes, but we shouldn’t be naked together, that’s all.”
Roger said.

Roger couldn’t keep his eyes from staring at his
daughter. She was sitting there in a most provocative
way. From his vantage-point, he could see up and inside
her womanhood. Amy stared at him staring at her and it
obviously was turning her on, her nipples were as hard
as they could be and her pussy was wide open and
leaking so much that she was beginning to stain the
chair. Roger wanted to tell her that she was leaking
all over the furniture, but he didn’t have the nerve.
When looking at Carol he noticed that she was leaking

“Carol, don’t you think that you should have a towel
under you you’re staining the couch.” Roger said.

“Why don’t you get me a towel, I seem to be leaking a
little.” Carol said.

As Roger went to get the towel Carol called after him;
“You had better get one for your daughter, she seem to
be having the same problem.”

As Roger left the room, both women broke out laughing
at his difficulty in handling their nudity.

Roger returned with the towels and extended one out to
Carol. Instead of taking the towel she lifted her hips
off the couching, inviting him to place the towel under

Roger placed the towel neatly under her while his face
was inches away from her dripping pussy.

“Don’t you want to give it a little kiss?” Carol asked.

“Not in front of Amy!” He insisted.

“Oh come on give it a little kiss, she won’t mind.”
Carol said.

Roger stared at the inviting sight of his wife’s pussy,
it was very clear that she was aroused. He wanted to
kiss her, he wanted to lick her and drink her juices,
but not with Amy in the room.

“Go ahead dad, kiss it, I won’t look I promise.” Amy

“Go ahead honey Amy said that she wouldn’t look.” Carol

Roger looked over at his naked daughter, she didn’t
show any indication that she was going to look away;
she stared at them with a glint in her eye. It was
obvious that she was going to watch and that she was
going to enjoy it.

Roger looked down at Carol’s pussy; it was very
tempting. He dare not do what she wants him to do. He
looked up into her smiling eyes. She lifted herself up
towards him. She was clearly teasing him. He glanced
over at Amy once more before he placed his lips on
Carol’s pussy. One long kiss; with just a few flicks of
his tongue to drive her wild before he stood up.

“OOOooommmmmm!” Carol moaned when his lips touched
hers. “Oh Jesus that felt so good.” Carol added.

Roger continued to admire his pretty wife as she
continued to tempt him.

“Daddy, I need a towel too.” Amy said.

Roger looked over at Amy to see that she was blatantly
waving her bare pussy in his direction. He approached
her and knelt down between her legs with the towel
ready to place under her ass. When he was finished
placing the towel, he stared at Amy’s wet glistening
opening. She shamelessly humped the air with her hips;
practically touching his face with every upward sweep.

Rodger was mesmerized by the sight and the smell of his

“Go ahead honey; it’s okay.” Carol said. “I know that
you want to.”

“Come on daddy, kiss it; I want you to, please daddy,
kiss it for me, please.” Amy begged

Rodger could not help himself; the smell of her sweet
pussy did more to destroy his inhibitions then anything
else. Then with his wife’s permission and his
daughter’s encouragement he could no longer contain
himself. His mouth went to the source of the
intoxicating aroma.

He was gentle at first; just a soft kiss to the open
lips. Then his emotional dam burst; he jammed his open
mouth against her pelvis. He tried to taste her lick
her and enter her with his face.

Amy choked back a scream at the sudden sensation; she
could feel the softness of his tongue and lips but she
could also feel his teeth and nose and chin violating
her private area.

Even Carol yelled at him. “What are you trying to do
Rodger, eat her literally?”

After gaining control of himself, Rodger backed away
from his daughter’s spread out legs.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “It was the smell; Amy smelled so
sweet that I couldn’t control myself.” He started to
stand up.

“No, no Daddy, don’t stop.” Amy pleaded. “You surprised
me because I have never seen you so aggressive before;
what you did actually felt good; I like having my pussy
rammed into.”

Rodger looked first at Carol; she nodded her approval;
then he looked at his sexy daughter; she was still
waiting with open legs for him to continue what he had

Rodger knelt down between Amy’s legs; he would be
patient this time. Rodger began to explore using his
tongue. To make up for his first violent encounter he
was going to take his time, this time. He placed his
hands under his daughter, grasping each perfectly
formed ass cheek. He brought her to his mouth and began
to enjoy her essence. This may take hours to do right.

Amy felt the slow pace that her father had established;
she lay back and relaxed into a floating dream of pure

Carol was enjoying the image of her daughter and her
husband together. To her it was a beautiful sight. She
settled in for a long period of pleasure as her fingers
were busy between her own legs.

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