Farmhouse Fun – submissive bisexual experience

My car ran out of gas 10 km from the nearest gas
station. Cursing my luck (and overconfidence), I
coasted to a stop in front of a farm house.

I decided to let the owner of the house know I was
planning on returning to my car soon or to see if he
could possibly help me out.

I walked up to the house and was about to knock on
the door when I saw the owner outside, working on
something. I called out to him to draw his attention
and he came over.

I introduced myself and explained my predicament. He
listened to me with a slight smile.

“I may be able to help you out. Save you the trip to
the gas station.”

“Awesome! But you don’t have to…” I said, trying to
be polite.

“It’s no bother. If you want to do something for me
that is.”

“What’s up?,” I said, not sure what he was playing

He reached down and unbuckled his belt, grinning

“Uhmm,” I mumbled. I had never done anything sexual
with another man, but I had entertained the thought
and I sure as hell had been pretty horny the entire

I tried to hide my embarrassment and humiliation as I
nodded and whispered an “okay.”

“Let’s go inside. Get some privacy.” He motioned,
opening the door to his home.

“I’ll just blow you, okay?” I said, trying to retain
some control of the situation.

“Suites me.,” he agreed as we stepped inside, my
heart pounding and my knees becoming weak both from
anticipation and anxiety.

He lead me to his living room and sat down in an
armchair, motioning down towards his pants.


He was going to make me do the whole thing by myself.

I knelt down in front of him and removed his belt. I
then unzipped his pants, my hands brushing against
his now obvious erection.

I reached in there and grabbed a hold of his dick,
pulling out. It was an average length but fairly

Without looking up at him, I leaned down and kissed
the head of his cock, eliciting a groan from the man
above me.

I was getting hornier and hornier and couldn’t hold
myself back from the penis in front of me.

I wrapped my lips around it and pushed my head down,
forcing the head to enter my throat and go down it.

“Oh yeah!” the guy moaned as I gagged a little but
proceeded to take his cock deep down my throat and
then pull it out almost to the tip, concentrating on
giving the man something to remember.

He held onto my head and started dictating the
rhythm, gradually increasing the pace. He would shove
my head all the way down his shaft, keep it there
until I started to struggle for air and gag and then
let me pull out.

Soon I was wondering if I hadn’t gotten myself into
more than I can handle as he was forcefully fucking
my throat completely oblivious to my discomfort.

He suddenly pulled my head up, his cock springing out
of my mouth. A huge glob of saliva trickled out
between my lip, a string connecting my mouth and his

He turned my face up to and looked at me, grinning.
Then suddenly he slapped me hard across the face,
sending my spit across the room.

Before I’ve recovered, I found my mouth on his cock
again, the brutal face fucking continuing again, now
even quicker than before.

It wasn’t long after that on the way down his shaft,
he held my head there, moaning loudly and exploding
down my throat.

I flailed around, feeling a huge load of cum shooting
down my throat, building up and suddenly sprouting up
out of my nose.

He laughed hard, seeing this but kept my mouth down
on his cock. Looking down I could see his cum
dribbling out of my nostrils. I could taste and smell
it at the same time.

Finally, satisfied, he let me go and I got his cock
out of my mouth, sitting back in a daze.

“Oh I think you should stay the night,” he said,
sounding jolly. “I won’t take no for an answer! Be a
good guest and I’ll help you out first thing tomorrow

He got up and loomed over me. I was just realizing
how much bigger he was than me. I was at a loss. What
were my options?

“I need to take a piss,” he stated and headed to the
bathroom. He stopped midway and gestured for me to
follow him.

I got up, wiping my face with my sleeve, still
tasting his cum on my lips. I still hadn’t cum myself
so I was still feeling pretty frisky. I couldn’t help
myself and licked the semen that had trickled down
onto my lips.

We entered the bathroom, me wondering what he wanted
to do next.

“Kneel next to the toilet. I want you to stick your
head above it. I’ll give you a nice shower which I’m
sure you need after your long day.”

I did as he asked, sitting next to the toilet and
placing my head above the bowl.

He dropped his pants to his ankles and pointed his
semi-hard dick towards my face. I knew what was going
to come so I closed my eyes.

“Open your mouth,” he commanded and I did, the side
of my face towards him.

A second later, a heavy stream of urine hit my cheek.
He then proceeded to piss on my face, being careful
not to miss any spots. Some of it ended up in my
mouth, my ears, it trickled down my neck and stung my

By the time he was finally finished, my head was

“Mmmm,” he groaned in approval. “I’m getting horny
again, my friend. You’re going to keep me entertained
today, aren’t you?”

Not waiting for a reply, he continued, “Get up and
remove your clothes.”

I stumbled up, smelling his piss all over my face and
started undressing in front of him. When I was done,
he directed me to kneel down in front of the toilet
again, facing away from him.

I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen but I
felt completely intimidated and no longer having any
control over my situation.

By now he had gotten naked as well, so he knelt
behind me and roughly pushed my head down. He kept
pushing until my nose was touching the piss water in
the toilet, my chin rubbing against the porcelain.

With his other hand, he positioned the tip of his
dick at my anus and started pushing.

It was hard going at first. I was too dry and my ass
resisted his advances, but he was persistent and
forceful. His dick finally penetrated it and from
then on, he just kept shoving until it was lodged all
the way in.

He then started fucking me remorselessly while once
in a while pushing my face all the way down into the
toilet, submerging it in his piss. I was too busy
gasping for air to even be able to voice a protest. I
swallowed/snorted a lot of piss while he was abusing
my ass at his leisure.

A few minutes later I felt him tense up. He shoved my
face down again and held it for the longest time
while cumming deep inside my bowels. Once done, he
finally released me and I lifted my head out, gasping
and sputtering.

I was completely exhausted and spent. Unfortunately,
I had developed a raging erection which he took to
mean that I was still fair game.

“You’re not quite done yet. Look at the mess you
made,” he said, pointing to his cock.

I could now see it was completely covered in shit. Oh

“Come here.”

He got up and sat down on a chair next to the
bathtub, silently pointing towards his dick.

I crawled towards him and stopped short of doing
anything. My face was very close to his cock, I was
able to see how messy it was. It was covered from tip
to balls. I couldn’t smell anything because all the
a***e my nose and mouth had taken but I could guess
it wasn’t pleasant.

“Look at me,” he instructed and I looked up at his
face. He spat right onto my right eye, his saliva
trickling down to my mouth.

“Make no mistake, I owe you today. Open your mouth.”

I did and he spat again this time right in it. I
swallowed dutifully – I knew he was right.

With that, I turned my attention back to his shit-
covered cock. I gingerly extended my tongue and
licked at it, creating one small clean spot in the
middle of the shaft.

Overcoming my uncertainty, I put my mouth back down
on his dick where I felt like it belongs. I started
licking and sucking on his cock, smearing the shit
all over my lips and mouth. I took it in my mouth and
tried deep-throating him, the tip of his cock hitting
the back of my throat. I felt completely used and it
seemed right.

He was making approving noises and was starting to
get hard again. My cleanup job was becoming his
second blowjob of the night. Having cum twice already
this one took a long time. By the end, my face was a
complete mess.

He enjoyed the sight of it so much, his next load was
delivered on it, mixing his cum with the shit.

After he was done appreciating his handiwork, he let
me clean up and made dinner in the meantime.

Knowing how much I had been craving to cum, he let me
jerk off but with one caveat – I had to cum onto my
dinner and eat it. I had the most intense orgasm and
blew a giant load of 3 days onto my meal which I then
ate, slurping cum off my lips in front of my
tormentor’s grinning face.

He set me up to sleep on a bed in a guestroom and
wished me good night as if nothing had happened.

At some point during the night, I was woken up by him
barging into my room, stark naked and starting to
pull my pants off me as I struggled to wake up and
understand what was happening.

He pressed me face-down against the bed and ass-
fucked me roughly until he deposited a load in me and
left without saying anything.

When I got up in the morning, he was already up,
preparing eggs for breakfast.

After he served them, he whipped out his cock and
started pissing in a glass set in front of me on the
table. It was clear he had been saving it because he
filled a good half-pint of it.

“Some healthy juice for you,” he declared proudly.

I was f****d to drink it all with my breakfast.

After we ate, he pulled out his dick and sat down in
the same armchair he face-fucked me the day before.
Without needing any prompting, I went up to him,
knelt down and started blowing him obligingly.

While doing that, he started asking me questions. Do
I have a girlfriend? Will I tell her about this?

I had to answer him in between me sucking him off.
Yes. No. How could I possible tell her?

He told me he’d very much like to meet her. Then he
started going into detail about all the things he
would make her do. Everything he’s done to me and
then some.

Hearing him talk that way about my girlfriend while
his cock was in my mouth really aroused me. I must
have made it obvious because he laughed and stated
that I like what I’m hearing.

“You just have to pass by here again, pretend there’s
some issue with your car. I’ll take care of the rest.
Maybe I can even invite some friends over, have them
join in on the fun. I’m sure they’ll appreciate a
nice pussy and ass. The more she struggles, the
better. She’d have an easier time giving birth once
we’re done with her. Hell, if she’s a lucky lady, we
might event give her one! What do you think?”

All I could do at this point was mumble as I was too
busy ramming his cock down my throat.

After swallowing another load, he gave me some gas
(“Fair payment,” he said) and sent me off with a
“think about it.” It was the only thing I could think
of when I jerked off in my hotel that night.


Over the next few days, I couldn’t help thinking
about what he had offered.

I could obviously not make my girlfriend go through
that but I had just the right person in mind – an ex.

I had nothing against her – she was a nice girl. But
also I would have loved to see her in the position
that I was and then some. My cock was twitching in my
pants just thinking about it.

The trick was getting her to that farmhouse.

I got in touch with the farm owner who had so
generously helped me out in my hour of need and
explained the problem.

We came up with a solution – I just had to meet her
and lead her to a place in the city she lived in. He
and a couple of his buddies would do the rest.

We agreed on the date and time and I set out on
making it happen.

Under the pretext of catching up, I offered we meet
near the place she was going to be kidnapped.

While having dinner with her, I could not stop
thinking about what was to come next.

I proposed a walk after the restaurant and she
reluctantly agreed – it had gotten dark and that part
of time was pretty desolate at that time.

As we rounded a corner, heading into an industrial
zone, a van pulled up beside us and I recognized my
tormentor behind the wheel. The sliding door opened
and two men grabbed my ex and pulled her in. I
stepped in after her.

She was too shocked to struggle at first so
restraining her appeared to be an easy job.

When she was tied and gagged, the guy behind the
wheel (he presented himself as Josh) explained the
situation to her.

“Listen lady, you’ll be home in a couple of days. We
just want to play with you a little.”

By then she was struggling against her restraints but
with no effect.

One of the other two men used the opportunity to
start groping her through her clothes. His hands were
all over her tits and running up and down her thighs.

“Oh, I like this one,” he was whispering.

My ex Stephanie, was Asian, of slight frame and
fairly sexually inexperienced. Imagining her being
violated in front of me was making me want to cream
my pants right then and there.

It took us two hours to arrive at our destination.

By then Steph was half-naked, her boobs hanging out
and being roughly squeezed by guy who was groping her
initially (“Mike”). The third guy, who the other two
were calling Ted, was mostly sitting there quietly.

Mike had impatiently pulled his dick out of his pants
and was rubbing it against her face, leaving drops of
pre-cum. She was trying to resist those approaches
but Ted was holding her in one place.

Mike’s cock was wickedly crooked. I hadn’t seen
anything like it and I wondered if it were possible
for him to have sex with anyone who would enjoy it. I
couldn’t wait to see that bad boy slide into

When we arrived, she was hauled out of the van and
brought into the house when her blindfold was
removed. The gag stayed in at that point.

She was set on a table, her legs tied to each table
leg, her hands tied in front of her and her head
hanging off the other side.

Without much delay, her clothes were ripped off of
her, leaving her fully exposed to the three lecherous
men now surrounding her.

At this point in time, I stepped into the picture,
giving her a few view of myself.

Her initial expression of hope quickly turned into
shock as I failed to make any attempt to rescue her.

“It’s ok, Steph. Just do as these gentlemen tell

She mumbled a protest and shook her head.

“Bad start,” said Josh and promptly slapped her face,
sending her head flying sideways.

He then went around, dropped his pants and started
rubbing his cock against her pussy.

“We’ve got a very special night in store for you…”

Mike moved to stand in front of her face and wagged
his crooked cock in front her.

“Open your mouth and suck me. Bite and I’ll pull your
teeth out.”

With this guy in your face, you knew he wasn’t

Steph opened up and his cock slid in. He had to stand
sideways to be able to guide it into her mouth and
then push it down her throat.

At that point, Josh couldn’t wait any longer and slid
his cock inside her pussy.

“Oh man! Tight! You clearly haven’t done your job.,”
he said, addressing me. “Don’t worry, we’ll fix that
within a day.”

He started fucking her while Mike was pleasuring
himself with her mouth.

She was moaning in the rhythm of the cock pumping
into her.

From personal experience, I knew Josh wouldn’t last
very long and he didn’t. Within a few minutes he
groaned loudly and emptied his balls in her cunt.

Realizing she’s been pumped full of cum, Steph let
out a muffled “noo” around Mike’s cock in her mouth.

She didn’t have trouble vocalizing for long since
Mike pulled out and moved down to her dripping cunt.

Josh replaced him and wiped his dripping cock onto
her lips. At first she refused to open her mouth for
him, but a hard slap quickly convinced her and she
was sucking cock once again.

Meanwhile Mike was getting ready to stick his weird
member into her.

I moved near him so I could see the action from up

“Oh man. This is going to hurt,” I said to her but
all she could muster was a groan in response.

Mike poked his dick in and slid it into her cum-
dripping her cunt.

He made a strange noise which I guess signified how
rare he gets to do this and started thrusting into

Steph was gagging around the cock in her mouth but
still managed to let out very loud noises of

I could see his cock entering her pussy and then
curving to the side as it plunged inside her. She was
wiggling and trying mightily to evade the treatment
but had no success.

Josh finally satisfied with her cleanup job, pulled
out and she was now letting out yelps of pain that I
had never heard her make. It was pretty hot.

Finally, Ted joined in on the action. I wasn’t sure
why he waited until I realized it was for dramatic

Standing in front her face, he removed his pants and
his cock sprang into action – all 9 inches of thick

Steph uttered a “No!” in between her gasps of pain,
knowing what that means for her. It wasn’t just the
length that was impressive but the girth.

Soon she found herself with her mouth open again,
trying to fit the giant member in there but miserably

“Come on, doll. The closer I am to cumming the less
time I spend in you,” Ted advised her.

That seemed to motivate her and she kept trying to
suck him off. It was a pitiful sight, however.

Mike finally started making loud grunting noises and
finally, with a big thrust that elicited a yell of
pain from Steph, he buried his dick into her and
started coming.

Still inside her, he leaned over and started kissing
her face, trying to get to her lips.

Ted pulled out and held her head in one place.

“Let the gentleman kiss you now,” he instructed and
finally she stopped struggling.

Mike planted his lips on hers and started prodding
her mouth his tongue.

“Give him some action.”

She reluctantly responded, entwining her tongue with
his, a look of disgust on her face.

Finally satisfied, Mike pulled out and she was left
alone for a few minutes while the other 3 conferred
in the other room.

“I’m sure it will all be over soon,” I encouraged
her. “Just make sure you listen to what they say or
it might get ugly.”

When they came back she was untied but not for long.

They flipped her on her stomach and tied her to the
table again.

This time, her arms were also tied to the table. They
also added a strap across her back to further secure
her and leave her unable to move.

“Ted time,” Ted muttered and moved behind her.

“No, please, no… I’ll do anything,” Steph started

“We know you will,” Josh assured her. “You have no

Ted liberally lubed up his shaft and pointed it at
her ass.

When she felt it press against her anus, her pleads
intensified. They fell on deaf ears.

For the next 10 minutes, Ted pushed and prodded,
trying to get his dick inside her virgin ass. She
alternated from screams of pain to more pleading.

Ted was a strong guy and Steph was well-secured to
the table so eventually the head of his cock popped
inside her. She let out her loudest scream yet and I
felt a mixture of guilt and excitement course through
me. She was going to remember this day for the rest
of her life.

I pulled out my camera and started filming the

Once in, Ted was not as patient. Having some
leverage, he pushed in, getting half of his dick to
slide in one go. Steph let out another piercing
scream and Josh responded with a couple of face

“Bottoms up!,” Ted announced and pushed the rest of
his giant cock in her ass.

“Balls deep, baby. That’s impressive,” he announced.

“I’m proud of you, Steph,” I said and bend down to
kiss her head.

I crouched in front her and took a hold of hand.

“You can do this.”

I kept my face near her, being able to tell when Ted
is pulling out and pushing back in by her expressions
and pained yells.

Just before he pushed back in, I kissed her deeply,
enjoying the following scream and her wet face, tears
streaming down her cheeks from the exertion.

She was sweating profusely as Ted worked on her for
over 15 minutes.

When he finally came and pulled out, her ass was
gaping beautifully.

“Hey, on the bright side, anal is now going to be
super easy,” I assured her.

She was then lifted and turned on the table, letting
her rest.

We all sat around and drank beer while she lay there,

Mike found it amusing to stick his empty beer bottle
in her raw ass, bringing her back into focus and
reminding her of her pain.

“Fits no problem,” he announced, tapping on the
bottom of the bottle.

After an hour or so, she was picked up and we all
went into the basement.

Her ankles were tied together and her hands were tied
to a hook which was then raised, taking her off her
feet and into the air.

“Time for Mike to have some fun,” said Josh and
pointed to 3 chairs placed in front of her.

We sat down and watched Mike.

I didn’t know what to expect but it was clearly not
going to be pleasant for Steph.

Mike picked up a cattle prod and stuck it in her
side. Steph convulsed beautifully while hanging there
and screamed.

Mike teetered with joy and did it again.

He then stuck it between her legs and send her
jolting further up into the air.

Satisfied with the results, he gave up on the prod
and picked up a whip.

He started beating her, focusing on her ass, thighs
and tits, spinning her on the hook for our viewing

Her cries of pain were something I had never imagined
I’d hear.

He didn’t stop until he had drawn b***d which was now
dripping down her legs.

He then switched to a cane which he repeatedly
delivered across her thighs and tits which were
starting to look blue and raw.

Steph was openly crying, now given up on any attempts
to plead her way out of this.

Josh got up to inspect the damage. He pulled on her
boobs, enjoying her cries.

“Beautiful job, Mike.”

“Okay. Let’s all get some sleep. There’s always

Steph was let down and chained to the wall but at
least she could lie down and sleep (if the pain from
her t*****e allowed her to do that).

Everyone else went to sleep but I was too horny for

I went back downstairs and saw her lying on the

I removed my clothes and got on top of her. She
opened her eyes and gave me a pleading look.

“Shh… Just a quick fuck. For old time’s sakes.” I
lifted her legs and went right for her ass which
caught her by surprised.

I fucked her slowly, fully enjoying the feeling. Once
in a while, I pulled on her tits, making sure she’s
paying attention.

When I finally came, I wiped my cock on her lips,
kissed her on the forehead and left.

When I woke up, everyone else was already up.
Everyone other than Mike were in the kitchen, getting
ready to eat.

“Bring the porta potty, please!” Josh yelled out.

A few minutes later, Mike brought Steph in – now
black and blue from the beating done to her

Her feet were shackled, hands tied behind her back.

He mouth was locked open by a metal brace.

Mike walked her to Josh and kicked the back of her
knees, making her collapse down in front of him.

Josh unzipped his fly, whipped out his cock and
pointed it to her mouth.

“Spill a drop and you’re back in the dungeon with
Mike. He is more imaginative than you’ve seen,” he

The fear in Steph’s eyes showed she understood.

He then let out a stream of urine, filling her mouth
before stopping.

“Swallow,” he commanded and she gulped his piss down
while shuddering violently.

This process was repeated another 4 times.

Ted was next and she drank his piss down as well.

I followed, gladly. I looked into her eyes as she
swallowed the last drop of my piss.

We looked at Mike, but he said he’s already taken
care of it. I guess that was not her first piss
tasting of the day.

“Okay. Let’s eat and do some more work,” Josh

Steph sat in the corner while we ate.

Afterwards she was tied to a different table that
looked kind of like a one at a gynecologist. She was
on her back, her legs spread above her, leaving her
pussy fully exposed.

There was also a strap for her neck which lodged her
head in place.

Josh strapped surgical gloves on both his hands.

“Just want to check if we planted any babies
yesterday. Only one way to do that!” he announced,
whatever that meant.

Steph was quiet.

Josh then started fingering her. Two fingers first,
then three, then moving to four, stretching her pussy

Steph started moaning in pain again.

I could see Josh’s finger prodding inside her and
pushing up and around.

He then started forcing the tip of his thumb in as
well, having to strain to push part of it in.

He was trying to fist her, but I couldn’t imagine
that actually happening – she was so tight.

But he kept on pushing. He stopped for a moment so
Ted can pour a bunch of lube in his hand and then
continued after, every push getting a little bit of
his hand in.

Steph was yelling for help and trying to twist away
in vain. That hand was going in sooner or later.

Finally, after another mighty push (and most likely
something ripping), Josh’s hand popped loudly inside
her womb. Everyone cheered, temporarily drowning out
Steph’s pained screams.

He then proceeded to see how far up her cunt he can
push his hand in, passing the wrist and then some.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I took a
picture as Josh stood there proudly, his arm deep
into Steph’s womb, grinning for the camera.

I then went around and showed the picture to Steph.

“Look at that! Nicely done,” I said happily.

Josh pulled most of his arm out and then slid it back
in a few times.

Then he practices alternating hands – pulling one out
and popping the other in right away. Steph’s pussy
was making popping sounds and was bleeding by then.

Josh let me try it out as well. My hands were much
smaller so they went in easily but not without more
screams from Steph.

With my arm up her cunt, I made space for Ted who
once again slid his cock into her still raw ass.

I could feel his dick pushing through the thin
membrane separating her orifices.

He too enjoyed the feeling greatly.

We started fucking her unison – Ted with his giant
cock in her ass and me with my arm inside her.

I was so mesmerized by the sight, I had stopped
looking up at her face.

At one point her screams became muffled and I took a
look up only to find Mike having backed into her and
stuck his ass into her face and still locked-open

We all laughed and continued the rough action.

Josh, who was masturbating by now, stepped in and
pushed me aside with some urgency.

“Fuck that cunt!” he yelled.

He stuck his hand in her and drove his arm in as deep
as it would go.

Then he started pushing his penis in as well,
stretching her even more.

Screaming, Steph must have felled like she was giving

With his free hand, Josh was punching her in the
stomach and slapping her tits. Finally he came with a
loud howl and stopped the t*****e.

I came up to her and blasted a load on her face and
mouth while Ted came into her ass again.

Exhausted, the three of us left the room, leaving
Mike clean his mess.

We sat around, recollecting what had just happened. I
still couldn’t erase the images from my mind.

For a few hours, we completely forgot about Mike and

Suddenly, Josh uttered a startled, “Oh, shit!”

He got up and went into the kitchen, calling out
Mike’s name.

He was nowhere to be found. We then went into the
basement and found him there.

“Check it out guys!” he called to us happily.

Steph was strapped to a table again and Mike had a
hand in each of her orifices, fisting both her pussy
and ass.

“And she can do this too!,” he said, pulling out a
hand out of her ass and popping it alongside the
other in her pussy.

Astounded, I moved to the other side of the table and
found Steph in a half-conscious daze, uttering a sort
of an “ungg” sound, saliva dripping out of her mouth.

At that point I realized we had all gotten a little
carried away.

Still, I whipped out my cock and took advantage of
the situation, fucking her confused-looking face
until I came down her throat.

“What a good girl,” I said as I patted her on the


We locked Steph in the basement and went upstairs to
discuss our next steps. We had to make sure doesn’t
tell anyone what had happened over the last couple of

We decided on a plan of blackmail mixed with

The following morning, we let Steph out and let her
shower and clean up. We made breakfast and sat around
the table, trying to put her at ease.

“You wanna go home today, Steph?” asked Josh, trying
to sound casual.

She looked up at him and nodded trying not to show
her desperation.

“We know you’ve had a hard time and appreciate you
entertaining us over the last couple of days,”
started Josh. “The only way we can be sure of your
good intentions, however, is if you, willingly, spend
the day taking care of our needs. No pulling away, no
fighting, no drama. Just do what we tell you, do your
best and we’ll get you home tomorrow.”

He reached over and stroke her hear, his hard gaze
only hinting at the alternative.

“Okay,” she mumbled, trying to not look into his

“Great!” said Josh jovially and we wrapped up our

While we were still sitting, Steph got up and started
putting everything away. We all admired her naked ass
as she busied herself with clearing the table.

As she was passing by him, Mike grabbed her ass cheek
and stopped her in her tracks. He looked up at her
and puckered up. With only a moment’s hesitation,
Steph leaned over and kissed him on the lips before
returning to her duties.

While she was wrapping up with the cleaning, we got
up and went into the living room.

We had a setup a camera on a tripod earlier, making
sure we record all the upcoming action. We around on
the sofa and armchairs, discussing Steph’s change of
attitude approvingly.

She followed in shortly after and stood at the
doorway for a second, only now noticing the camera.

We looked at her expectantly.

She entered the room and crossed it, stopping in
front of Ted. To our surprise, she then knelt in
front of him and started unzipping his pants.

Ted laughed and helped her out, releasing his now
hardening cock.

Steph didn’t hesitate but immediately placed it in
her mouth, nurturing it to its full 9 inches as she
laved her tongue up and down the shaft and licking
the head.

While she was sucking Ted off, the rest of us were
treated to the sigh to of her slender ass and her
bobbing head.

This was too much for Josh who got up and knelt
behind her.

Steph didn’t miss a beat. She raised her ass to meet
his crotch while slurping on the giant cock in her

Without hesitating, Josh slid his penis in her pussy
and proceeded to fuck her while roughly slapping her
thighs. Steph started emitting moans which, most
likely fake or not, got all of us even more excited.

Ted lifted her head off his cock and lay down on the
floor. Josh then guided her on top of Ted who slid
his giant member into her undoubtedly extremely sore

Josh then pushed her forward on top of Ted and went
for her ass, spitting on his penis and pushing it in
without much patience.

Steph’s moans of pleasure turned into ones of pain as
she was getting skewered in both holes but persevered
and kept riding Ted’s cock.

Mike and I moved on each side of her and stuck our
cocks in her face. She was f****d to alternative
between us, as we kept shoving them down her throat
every time she opened her mouth to receive us.

Mike took great pleasure at holding her head down
against his crotch as she choked and tried screaming
around the cock in her mouth. Every time he pulled
out, a huge glob of saliva trailed his dick and
dripped from her lips.

We spent the rest of the day fucking her
intermittently, whenever we felt like it.

Steph was a trooper though and she never protested.
She was that eager to be done with us and taken back


The next day, we prepared to let her go.

The first order of business, however, was telling her
to get into the bathtub, sitting her down and
drenching her with our full bladders. She sat there
submissively, mouth wide-open, while we aimed for her
face, tits and hair. We then made her lie on her
back, lift her legs up and piss on herself as well,
before finally letting her shower.

After breakfast, we showed her the video footage from
the day before. It was extremely damning and we made
sure we stress to her how this would get released on
the internet and sent to her parents if she ever
tried to accuse us of anything.

And if that wasn’t enough, we left her alone in the
room with Mike, who articulated very clearly the
things he would like to do to her if she ever became
a threat to any of us. I’m not sure what was said,
but her face was two shades paler when we reconvened.

She seemed eager to cooperate.

Finally, we took our leave, everyone giving her a
long kiss and sending us off to our car.

During the drive back, Steph was completely silent.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of her but I wanted to
test whether our hold on her was still strong.

A little way from her house, I pulled over. She
looked at me with some apprehension, making this the
first time she met my gaze since we got in the car.

Wordlessly, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my
throbbing penis.

She quietly leaned over and started sucking me off.
All was still well.

Not too long after I came, hard, in her mouth and
felt her swallow my entire load and she not detach
herself until I told her to stop.

“That was good. You’ve gotten better,” I said,
smiling at her.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and I waved at
her goodbye as I drove off.

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