Farmyard bestiality fun

How many times had she told herself this feeling was wrong? She had slipped only once in her life, vowing never again to let a man touch her until she married him. But a rising tide of sensuality was shattering her mind as she leaned against the tall porch pillar of her cousin’s ranch home just east of San Bernardino.

There were all those men — ranch hands sauntering around the barn, smoking their cigarettes and stealing glances at her as she felt herself getting hotter and hotter. Oh, if they only knew just how much heat was concentrated in that furry bundle between her legs! They’d probably be out to mount her, to fuck her like the animals in the barnyard.

Again Barbara closed her eyes, curling her fingers around the wood and digging her nails into the soft surface. Another spasm, this one more powerful than the last! Her knees pressed against each other, knocking and shivering while that seeping electric charge made her pussy pucker up.

‘Howdy, Miss Barbara!’

Barbara started, her eyes widening as the baritone voice rolled over her like an ocean wave. Turning, she saw a tall, dark-haired man with his straw cowboy hat tilted back on his head. Brad Edmunds. Christina, her cousin, had told her about him — wild, a reputation with women that was far from clean. But a good ranch hand and especially needed ever since her uncle had taken ill.

‘Hello,’ Barbara said coolly, feeling her voice shivering along with her body.

‘Mighty nice evenin’ it’s gonna be,’ Brad said, narrowing his eyes and smiling at her.

Did he know? Did everyone know? If so, would he make a pass? Christina had told her some unsavory stories about Brad and his friends. They were rumors, really no one would ever really confront Brad and his buddies with those stories to his face. But it had been said that they enjoyed ‘strange’ sexual practices. Their women more often than not wound up completely ruined if not half-insane after a few nights. More than one family around had had to send their daughter to an institution to recuperate from an evening with Brad.

Of course, nothing could be proven. The families were too shocked to dig up any evidence, and Brad was far too careful in covering his tracks. Christina realized Brad’s value as a hand on the ranch and reluctantly let him stay on. All these stories rushed through Barbara’s head as she stared back at the darkly handsome man standing in front of her. Instinctively she put one hand to the base of her throat and breathed with some difficulty.

‘Somethin’ the matter, ma’am?’

‘Uh, no, just… just feeling a little faint. It probably was the heat today,’ Barbara said, tearing her eyes away from his handsome face.

Oh, oh, in spite of the stories she still felt so attracted to this man standing here. Perhaps it was because of the stories that she felt this wild pull.

‘Yeah, pretty hot… real hot,’ Brad said, leaning against the same porch support.

Barbara was taking deep breaths now, feeling her tits tingling more than ever. She felt a sudden glow washing over her flesh as she glanced at him once more, then looked away. In a moment the confused blonde felt her pussy starting to swell.

‘Might be nice to take a walk.’

The words sent a jolt of fear mixed with hope racing through her. Yes, she thought of fucking, fucking with a man! This was supposed to be a vacation, a trip away from all the temptations of Los Angeles that were making her break her resolve not to fuck men until she was married. But it was turning out to be an ordeal.

‘No, I don’t think so.’

Goosebumps broke out around her stiffening nipples and all up and down her tensing thighs. Her furry cunt was generating more and more heat as the swollen lips began to rub together. Brad made another move, his hand brushing hers. It was as if she’d been touched by a hot stove. A wild sensation made her cuntal walls buckle as she drew her hand away. Barbara was about to say something when her cousin, Christina walked out the front door. Brad muttered something under his breath and drew away.

‘See you’ve met our good ranch hand,’ Christina said ironically, watching Brad with hands on her hips as he shuffled away to join some of his buddies near a dusty old pickup nearby.

‘He… seemed nice,’ Barbara said, feeling a wave of relief rush through her mind. Her body seemed to melt, deflate. Her tits lost their tingle and her cunt closed up tight under its thicket of blonde bushy curls.

‘Don’t let the surface charm confuse you,’ the brunette said, brushing back her long hair.

‘Now come on, Cuz, I want you to see what I bought today. I had him delivered while you were in town. Come on, Pardner, come on,’ Christina said, patting her thighs.

A big gray and white German shepherd bolted out the open front door, circling around the two women with his pink tongue hanging out, barking excitedly. Barbara smiled, bending down and reaching out to pet him. Something strange happened at that point, something that she was glad Christina hadn’t noticed. The big friendly dog suddenly moved around her, sticking his nose up her thighs and lapping his long hot wet tongue over her flesh.

It was mind tingling! Dogs nosed around a lot. Everyone knew that and took it as something dogs simply just did. But this was different. Pardner had touched her with his tongue, licked her ass right there on the porch! Barbara jerked forward, jerking her hands back and pulling down her skirt while wheeling around from the animal. Pardner backed away, looking up at her with his laughing eyes! Could he smell her? Was she that hot?

‘Come on… in the barn,’ Christina said.

Barbara followed, making sure the dog was well ahead of her. It probably was simply a coincidence, an accident. She would put it out of her mind at once as she stepped in the small red wood barn and shuffled through the coating of stubble and wood-shavings on the floor. There was the immediate aroma of stale piss and shit as Barbara picked her way carefully down the narrow aisle, looking from one empty stall to another. Her uncle had raised so many horses out here, horses he had sold to pay for his rising medical bills. Christina had come out here from Los Angeles several years ago to bring back the business.

‘Right here.’

Barbara squinted, seeing her cousin stopping in front of a stall to the left. Drawing closer, she saw a huge white stallion, the most beautiful creature she had ever seen!

‘Oh, Christina, he must have cost the earth!’ Barbara gasped, stretching out one hand and petting the big stallion on the nose.

‘Enough,’ Christina said, wrinkling her forehead up and nodding. ‘But starting out with him to stud others is a good idea, I think.’

Stud? The word sent shivers up and down her spine, the more so when the big stallion turned his head around and drew his tongue over her arm. Barbara drew back, hugging her tits with both hands. Her cheeks were burning a bright red as her cunt fired up again.

Christina was dragging her into the large stall, making her pet the big horse’s sides. The touch of that soft hair against her fingertips, the feel of his muscular strength, of his animal-warmth was doing things to her!

The woman felt her cunt zapped with thrill after thrill, that tingling sensation starting up once more between her legs. It was like having a single drop of perspiration trickle its way through the mossy covering of her tight little cunt. Oh yes, yes, the plump lips of her cunt were aching to be touched now, to be licked, fucked, anything! And a horse had done this? My God, what could she be thinking of?

‘I’m a little tired,’ Barbara said, backing away from the stall after flicking a last longing look at the handsome white horse.

‘Sure. Get back in the house and rest. I’ve got to go into town and finalize his papers. I’ll be back around eight,’ Christina said with a smile.

Barbara smiled weakly back, picking her way to the outside and then heading to the house. Her cousin went quickly to her small red car and drove off.

Alone now, Barbara noticed some of the hands were still hanging around the corral, talking softly and looking curiously in her direction. Men! They were probably talking about her, talking about how easy it might be to slip up between her legs. They only want one thing. That’s what Joe Franklin had wanted in high school and she had given it to him again and again. Only after she realized he’d been bragging to his friends about her did Barbara know what a fool she’d been! No more. Not until she was married.

But now, standing in that living room, she wasn’t so certain. Brad had stared at her with those mocking eyes, his strong arms about to wrap around her! Or had she been imagining things.

What was wrong? Perhaps a drink would settle her nerves. It was still a little early, only six, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Crossing the large room, Barbara sauntered up to the bar and grabbed a bottle of gin. Gin and tonic, the old cure for the world’s problems. The ice tinkled merrily in the glass as she mixed the powerful drink, then began sipping it quickly.


How the liquor burned down her belly, making her feel so soft, so warm all over. She walked slowly to the sofa, settling her ass down in the soft cushions and closing her eyes.

Maybe that was the way she would have to stay — drunk as a Lord to keep men from touching her as Joe had done.

Another sip, another feeling of relief washing over her. Already the tensions of the afternoon were leaving her. There was some noise in the kitchen. Had Christina come home early? No, of course not. It was Pardner, pushing his dinner dish around. Where was that food?

About to put down her drink, Barbara turned her head and saw the playful two-year-old German shepherd come trotting into the living room. She again stretched out her hand to pet him, forgetting momentarily about the incident on the porch. The dog hadn’t forgotten, however, and immediately thrust his snout between her knees.


Barbara jerked back, her drink spilling all over her dress and the couch.

‘No! Bad dog!’

She slapped down at the animal, her fingertips brushing the dog’s big snout. Pardner backed away, his powerful body arching down while his bushy tail stood straight up in the air.

Those black eyes were glistening, glittering with excitement while his jaws opened.


Barbara scooted back on the couch, curling her fingers and digging her nails into the soft material. She stared at the double row of pointed teeth, the way they glistened with his spittle while his pink tongue lolled out from one corner of his mouth. He was growling, that soft, smothered growl of a coming attack.

‘No, Pardner, no… come on, boy, leave me alone,’ Barbara said in a shaky voice, her thighs tingling more than before while her scalp itched and crawled with terror.

She had never felt particularly secure with animals before, although these past three days with her cousin on the ranch had partially cured that. Pardner had seemed more human than animal, always friendly and playful. This was the first time, the very first time he had acted like this.

‘No, boy, get away…’

He was half on her lap now, his jaws opened. She felt his panting breath against her throat while his paws dug into her upper thighs. What did he want? Then the girl realized that once again he had picked up the scent of her hot pussy!

Barbara reached forward, pressing her fingers against the German shepherd’s throat and shoving him off her lap. Pardner barked, circling around and around, his tail still high in the air. She rose from the couch, staring around the room in blind panic. Upstairs!

That was one place where she could run to get away from the pursuing beast. Stumbling around the sofa, she moved toward the winding staircase, the big shepherd nosing her thighs. Oh, she could feel that cold snout brushing up against the backs of her legs, hear him sniffing at her pussy as she tried wildly to get away from him!

‘Horrible… beastly animal!’ she cried, wheeling around once more and slapping down at the large barking dog.

But Pardner had become used to her tactics now. He backed away, his forepaws stretched in front of him, his handsome, furry head tilted to one side, his tongue hanging out from one corner of his mouth. He was barking savagely now, his body shaking.

‘No, get away from me.’

She turned to face him, backing slowly toward the stairs with her right hand stretched behind her, searching for the banister. Her cunt was hot, oh so hot and tender and tight from all those wild thoughts that had been running through her head the past few hours.

The dog smelled her now, smelled her and was aroused as if she were his favorite gutter bitch.

‘Bad dog, bad Pardner. You don’t want me telling Christina on you, do you?’

Her voice was shivery, unsure. The dog caught the note of excitement rustling through it and pricked his ears forward. Instinctively Barbara knew what that meant and felt her heart pounding wildly. She had to get upstairs!

‘No, bad!’

The stairs! Twisting around she gripped the banister and rushed up the steps, realizing the animal was still pursuing her. She felt the slippery, rubbery rub of her cuntlips against one another. She stumbled, felt the dog’s snout push up against her silken panties, cried out and scrambled back up, breathing so hard she thought her lungs would burst from the effort.

It was a horrible dream! Reaching the top, Barbara ran down the darkened hall, her eyes swimming. Sputtering sparks showered from her clit into her cunt as her mind raced wildly. Images of Brad, of the horse, of Pardner, whirled about in her brain as she finally reached her bedroom door.

‘No, get out!’

Barbara hadn’t been quick enough. Just as she slammed the door shut, Pardner rushed in, wheeled about, then jumped on her.


She stumbled sideways, her right elbow knocking hard against the dresser. The dog was on top of her in a moment, barking, then panting against her throat while his tail wagged merrily back and forth in triumph. Glancing down, Barbara saw something that made her scalp crawl again with fear. His cock — that long, knobby thing, was slithering out of its furry sheath!

‘Oh please, God, not this!’ she whispered.

Barbara clung to the front edge of the mattress, drawing herself upon the bed. Below she could hear the sounds of cars starting up and crunching over the graveled drive toward the main highway. The men were going home. If only they knew what kind of show they were missing upstairs!

She slapped down once more, having hauled her body flatly on the bed. Bending one knee, she kicked hard at the big animal. But Pardner wasn’t to be put off. He nuzzled her calves, slobbering over her crawling flesh. Barbara closed her eyes, half-twisting around, reaching out and drawing her fingernails over the sheets. Wrong. Wrong! This was a sickness, a terrible sickness! And yet… yet her cunt was heating up so, heating and tightening as it had heated and tightened for Joe so many years ago.

Release! Relief! That’s what her body had been craving for these years. And now the dog was going to give it to her! This animal was going to draw his tongue over her cunt, maybe even fuck her and…

‘Ohhhhh… noooooo!’

Again Barbara kicked at the big animal, her mind revolting at the thought of a dog touching her. The big king-sized bed groaned and squeaked under her thrashing body and the weight of the animal.

But there was that crawling hot wetness tensing her pussy, a hot chilly series of flashes making her flesh tighten around her cunt.

Barbara scooted back a little more, dragging her heels over the mattress while she reached back and curled her fingers tightly around the headboard. No, no, she couldn’t fight him, couldn’t fight the hot tingling between her legs! Slowly the woman felt her resistance melting under her super-heated cunt. Drawing her knees up, feeling her cuntlips stickily peel back as she opened herself to the big dog, Barbara breathed through her flared nostrils.

‘Ohhhhh… no, you… you just can’t do this… uhhhhhh.’

Her cunt muscles shivered, trembled then cramped down, telling Barbara her battle was lost. For better or worse she was going to let the animal have his way. Moaning, she reached down and raised up her skirt, skinning down her panties. God help her. She was going to let the big German shepherd lick her off!


‘Uhhhhh… God, God, it’s so… good, so good,’ Barbara moaned, pushing her fingers into the pillow behind her head.

It was the same lush, swampy feeling she had experienced years ago when Joe had first touched her with his fingers, rubbing them over her cuntal mound while undressing her.

Now it was a dog. Barbara had only managed to scoot her panties down halfway. The dog was nosing up hotly between her white shivering thighs now, rubbing his snout against the juice-soaked crotch panel.

‘Uhhhhh, oh Pardner… what are you making me do?’

Barbara rocked her body from side to side, drawing her fingers up along her thighs, then reaching back again and holding tightly onto the clattering headboard. The dog was nuzzling her cunt, pressing his warm snout against the thin pink silk of her panties, pushing the material up into her hot cunt. The feeling was wild, something she had never felt before!

The warm, silky rub of her juice-soaked panties against the folds of her convulsing pussy walls drove her even higher sexually than before! And then he began licking, dragging his tongue sloppily along her ass, then moving down to the soft spots behind her knees.

Barbara rolled her head over the crushed pillow, prancing her ass high in the air while curling her spine in excitement. Strands of her silky blonde hair clung to her cheeks and the corners of her mouth while she drew her knees up from the mattress, then let them sag slowly back down again. Peering up over her thunderous high-riding tits, she saw the dog there, saw him crouched between her long, slender legs. How odd it looked, seeing something that furry settled down in that oh too private spot, his tongue stretched out and touching her all over!


And then the image of that big white horse flitted across her mind. His power, his… his sexuality. Barbara remembered the warm, furry feeling of his coat and trembled, her cunt puckering up once more, the muscles trying to grip the big German shepherd’s snout while Barbara began breathing wheezily through her flared nostrils again.

She was a bitch, a panting, yowling bitch under Pardner’s trained tongue. She writhed her body against the bed, her fists pounding the mattress, the backs of her naked legs flailing wildly against the sheets. Again and again she breathed the dog’s name, stretching out her hands, curling her fingers in his warm, fuzzy coat while hunching up into his snout.


All the way. She was going to go all the way! To hell with morality. Moving one hand down, Barbara was about to shove her panties off when she heard a change in Pardner’s growling. He suddenly became more savage. And then there was the sound of ripping fabric and the feel of her panties being tugged down off her thighs. More ripping. And finally the panties came off, torn from her body by the large animal!

Barbara cried out in fear as she peered down heavy-lidded and watched Pardner backing away with the shredded pink briefs in his teeth. He tossed his head around, the panties whipping against his furry flesh. Then they flew off the bed, floating down to the floor.

‘Oh God!’

He was licking her steadily now, tenderly with that wonderful hot tongue of his. The warm spittle oozed down her splayed thighs while his furry sides tickled her flesh deliciously. It was that tenderness, that gentle, wet brush of his maw that made her close her eyes tight again and squeeze her fingernails hard against her damp palms.

‘Ohhhhhh… oh my God, yesss, yes, it’s so wonderful!’

The dog’s tongue licked higher and higher, stretching up along the insides of her thighs. It was so devastating, so evilly exciting. Barbara felt her world whirling around her madly as she tensed her thigh muscles and began hunching into the dog’s mouth. The animal whimpered appreciatively, moving the long tip of his snout from side to side. Barbara caught her breath, feeling her heart almost stop at the touch of the animal’s tongue against her clit.

The frantic blonde wallowed her shoulder blades against the mattress, arching her spine once more and rubbing the backs of her legs against the silken sheets. Now every square inch of her body had come alive under the dog’s affectionate tonguing! Moving both hands to the center of her body, Barbara found herself catching the dog’s head in her hands. She stopped twisting on the squeaking bed for a moment, staring at him. He started that low growl in his throat again, his eyes slitting his ears pinned back.

‘Oh God, God, this is… is awful… It’s so… Uhhhhhh…’

Barbara dropped her hands to her sides, feeling another rush of spasms race through her pussy. Pardner had dropped back and opened his jaw, sinking the forward fangs into her white quivering flesh. The effect was maddening! Barbara whimpered through her flared nostrils, beating her fists against the mattress while snapping her head from side to side. Brilliant lights of oranges and reds popped in front of her eyes. Pardner let go for the flash of a second, then bit higher on her thigh. The burning explosion of her nerves being stimulated made her heart pound heavily in her chest. Pardner was pushing his big shoulders farther between her splayed thighs. She felt her legs being pushed apart and let it happen. Yes, she wanted that tongue all over her, in her!

Sobbing, rolling to one side on the bed, Barbara curled her legs up, pressing her knees against her tits and feeling the German shepherd’s tongue sliding up and down, wetting down her ass, then curling around and touching her cuntlips. She cried out, clawing at the sheets, pushing her ass backward for the dog to lick.

It was unbelievable how good the feeling was. She heard Pardner whimpering, felt him moving the long tip of his snout from side to side. The dog was growling louder. She could feel his paws scratching against her back and asscheeks, feel his breath against her back. Barbara let out another groan and rolled back on her ass, letting her knees fall apart for the animal.


She was rolling her head from side to side, gasping for air while the dog moved around and stuck his maw back onto her cunt. It was wild! His tongue slopped over the sensitive inner flesh of her thigh. How she loved it, loved the hot, wet licking sensation of his tongue moving up and down her body! Barbara writhed like a snake, her nipples getting hard, itchy. If she had the time she would have taken her dress off completely and let the animal go crazy over her body. But there was no time. She felt her cunt burning, sizzling under the animal’s ferocious sexual attack. She was going to cum! Barbara knew it, could feel it.


She drew her legs together, rubbing the spit-slicked flesh against Pardner’s warm, fuzzy sides! Oh, oh, how lovely it was hearing the dog licking her, hearing his tongue smacking against her juice-soaked pussylips! Groaning, Barbara raised her ass again off the bed, letting it hang there trembling, feeling the dog’s tongue curling around her pussy once more, bringing more and more sensation from her clit!

‘Ohhhhhh God, God!’

How expertly his long pink tongue slipped around her small inner cuntlips. It petted her cut, making the tiny pink nub sputter with wild excitement. Raising her head, Barbara peered through her eyelashes and saw the dog resting there on his belly, his maw buried in the blonde cuntal thicket between her legs. How odd! How excitingly odd to see an animal resting like that between her shivering thighs! Barbara let out a sharp cry of ecstasy and fell back onto the mattress, undulating her naked legs.

‘Ummmm… oh Pardner, do it, do it! Oh God, suck my cunt! Uhhhhh…’

Moving her hands down her belly Barbara felt the fire rising in her pussy. Sliding her fingers down a little further, she felt Pardner’s tongue loving her cunt. Oh yes, yes, he was wonderful! She rubbed her fingertips along the rubbery swollen sides of her outer cuntlips, edging up to her clit. When she touched the tiny nub, Barbara thought someone had touched her body with a live electric wire. Pardner’s tongue was wriggling there too and the double touch nearly drove her over the brink! She arched her back, wallowing her shoulders against the groaning mattress while she drew her legs up and spread her thighs even more for the cunt-hungry animal.

‘Oh God, Pardner… Uhhhhh… Fuck me with that tongue!’

Barbara snapped her ass up once more, giving the dog more of her cunt to lick. He saw the rising excitement and whimpered through his nostrils. Now he was licking the rounded curves of her asscheeks, going back into the hot split between them. Barbara’s eyes flickered open. She stared at the ceiling, concentrating on the hot licking toward her asshole. Her muscles cramped. The room seemed to be growing dark when she felt his tongue touching the gray/pink wrinkled flesh of her asshole. Barbara chewed on her lips, tossing her body from side to side like a ship in a storm.


Her body fell back down to the bed, trapping Pardner under her for a second. He wriggled free, pushing his scratchy paws against her asscheeks, then twisting his head around and drawing his tongue over her cunt. That slow, wet, warm lick made Barbara shiver with unspeakable lust. Soon. Very, very soon. She was panting heavily now, feeling her cunt ache and throb as if it were a festering wound! More. She wanted more!

‘Uhhh… more, Pardner… oh God, more,’ the woman gasped.

His long pink tongue was driving up and down her hot cunt crack more frenziedly now, lapping up the flowing juices. Barbara snapped her head wildly from side to side, sweat dampening her cheeks and forehead. The headboard clattered aloud against the wall as Barbara rounded the final curve for her climax. Yes, she could feel her cunt tightening, every nerve ending in her body tensed, wound, ready to spring.


Her clit burned from the steady friction, burned like a tiny jewel as Pardner concentrated his lapping on that wet pink spindle. Snapping her legs together, rubbing her thighs against the big animal, Barbara let the outsides of her knees nearly touch the mattress. She bounced and pranced her ass wildly on the bed, feeling the sweat-stained sheets gathering up under her ass. She could hear her labored breathing, hear the animal’s pants over her own. Tears of delight streamed from her wide eyes as the frantic blonde neared the border of her climax.

‘Uhhh… ohhhhh… yessss, yesss, Pardner,’ she hissed. ‘Oh give it to me! God in heaven, give it to me!’

Barbara fanned her fingers out along the animal’s neck now, curling them, digging the nails into his warm flesh while holding him down, steady against her burning cunt. She bent her knees a little more, raising her feet off the mattress and putting herself in a better fucking position. Yes, he was fucking her, driving that wonderful tongue in and down into her cunt! It was the first thing that had been in her pussy for such a long, long time, and it felt oh so good!

Reality exploded into an unreal myriad of oranges, reds and blacks as Barbara tossed her body around the groaning bed. Pardner nuzzled and licked and pressed his snout against her soaking cunt while the woman gasped and babbled meaningless phrases. She brought her feet together at the sides of his head, rubbing her itchy soles and toes against his furry flesh.

‘Damn… oh damn!’

Drool oozed from the corners of her mouth, sucking her cheeks as Barbara felt herself inch even closer to orgasm. She jerked her ass up, moved it slightly from side to side, feeling the trembling of her ass while the animal licked more wildly. Up and down, up and down, back and forth she wiggled. She twisted so the dog’s teeth brushed her cuntlips. Then, slowly lowering her ass back to the bed, Barbara gave the animal her clit to touch once more.


That was it! She could hold back her climax no longer. The woman worked her ass around in wild, frantic circles, crying excitedly through her flared nostrils. The air itself seemed to burn her nose, her lungs, as she pitched and yowled like a cat in heat. The more she moved the more licking pleasure the animal brought her. The blonde woman was going mad, insane with the wet, hot licking of the German shepherd. At times she could feel the bushy brush of his tail against the tops of her feet. Yes, yes, it was good, so very good. It was something that had been a long time coming.

The woman hiked her cunt up, feeling the dog’s tongue rim the pulsing, rubbery circle of tense muscles. Then he stuck it inside, touching those sacred places, all those secret wet lumps and squiggles that made her gasp even louder and pitch crazily on the bed.

‘Huhhhrrrr! Huhhhhrrrr! Huhhhrrrr!’ the woman screamed.

Oh fucking! Fucking! As she lay on the bed, writhing insanely under Pardner’s licking, Barbara thought about fucking, about how good it would be to have a hard, stiff, thick cock pile-driving through her pussy. Yes, she wanted something big and hard and hot, something that would squeeze deliciously, slowly through her cunt, stretching her to the ripping point. She thought of Joe, her first and only fuck, and of the way his prick felt trenching through her cunt. Then she thought of Pardner. Would she dare something like that? Would she dare turning around, getting up on her hands and knees and letting the dog fuck her?

Barbara kicked one leg out, fanning her toes until they cramped. The big muscles in her ass and thighs cramped too. She was quivering on the feverish edge of her climax.

‘God, hurry… ughhhhhhhhh… oh, Pardner, hurrrryyyyyyy?’

The dog let out a small bark, then nuzzled once between her cuntlips. She felt her tender membranes fill with more b***d. Fucking. Fucking. The thought of having a cock — any kind of cock — in her sent her along into the firestorm of her climax. Barbara wailed, pitching crazily on the bed, bucking her ass against Pardner’s licking maw. She heard him growling, heard him yipping, felt him nibbling at her bouncing asscheeks. Barbara didn’t care. She didn’t care about anything except her climax.


Barbara tossed her head, her hair falling over her face while her thighs were filled with that itching, teasing fire. She throbbed and quivered, bucking her body around so wildly she thought the dog might jump away. But he stayed, licking and nuzzling and panting against her soaked flesh.


The thought sent slivers of razor-like spasms through her cunt. Barbara could almost hear her cuntal walls slapping together as she jerked and pitched and yowled on the squeaking bed. Brilliant lights flashed in front of her eyes as she came and came and came!

When she’d opened her eyes again Pardner was off the bed, curled up in one corner, licking himself. No, he hadn’t done anything. She had been careful about that. Nothing had happened. Swirls of thoughts whirled around her. How could this have happened? She had been so careful about men, making sure her dates went no further than some kissing. And now… now she had been with a dog, had let him touch her with his tongue. That was something she hadn’t let a man do since Joey fucked her.

Barbara rose from the bed, looked down at her spit-slicked cunt hairs and shivered. She pushed her dress back over her knees and stood up, feeling a little weak, a little drained. Brushing the hair from her eyes, she looked at Pardner, sucking in her upper lip and biting down hard.

‘What’ve I done? Oh dear God, what’ve I done with that…’

She couldn’t finish the sentence. Tears made her eyes swim. Inhaling a deep breath, Barbara pursed her lips and walked from the bedroom. A long, hot shower, that’s what she needed. She had to wash away the animal’s spit. And perhaps with that she would wash away the rising confusion and guilt she felt about what had happened.


‘You certainly seem quiet today,’ Christina observed, closing the ledger book and turning around.

Barbara was sitting in the same sofa Pardner had ‘attacked’ her in. Leafing through a magazine, she felt her mind wandering, wandering back to the day two days ago when the animal had jumped on her and brushed her cunt with his tongue.

‘Hm? Oh, just thinking about how relaxing it’s been since I’ve come here,’ Barbara mused out loud, feeling a little ill at ease under her cousin’s questioning.

She was really thinking about the dog, about how good his body had felt against hers, about how that tongue had touched her clit, her pussylips. How she would have loved to have had that feeling now! Her fingers trembled, the magazine shaking in her hand. Barbara put the paper down and turned back toward Christina.

‘It’s been wonderful getting away from the city and visiting you.’

‘Oh, that’s nothing. Glad to do it. Say, you might enjoy going out to the barn and taking another look at that new horse I bought,’ Christina said, smiling openly at her cousin.


‘Finally finished the purchase,’ Christina sighed, giving her a pleased look. ‘I’ve even had some offers already about studding.’

Barbara felt a shiver race up and down her spine while a strange kind of heat began to radiate through her pussy. She frowned at her reaction to this simple news, wondering what on earth could be going through her mind.

‘I’ve named him Lightning,’ Christina announced, obviously pleased with herself. ‘What do you think?’

‘Sounds good,’ Barbara muttered, rubbing her fingertips along her upper arms. ‘I think I will take a stroll into the barn. That would be good.’ She put the magazine to one side.

‘See you in a bit.’

Christina went back to her bookkeeping while Barbara walked through the kitchen and out the back door. It was nearly four in the afternoon. The heat of the day was at its peak, seeming to paralyze everything in the area. A few of the hands were walking lazily down the slope to the east toward their quarters. In the distance she could hear some larks calling to one another. Wiping her damp palms on her Levi’s, Barbara strolled easily toward the barn. Lightning. That was a good name, a powerful name, and an appropriate name for such a powerful white stallion.

Stopping at the half-opened barn door Barbara examined herself for a moment. What was she feeling? Her heart was beating. She was sweating, the perspiration soaking her light-pink cotton shirt. The blonde shook her head, confused at her reaction. She was only going to see a horse, not her… lover.

Feeling a little silly Barbara stepped into the large warm building. Earlier that day Lightning had been out in the fields exercising. Now he was eating. In the dark distance she could hear him munching his oats. Again the woman stopped, putting one hand to her throat and breathing in with difficulty. Her flesh was tingly, crawling with… with excitement.

Yes, that’s what it was. She couldn’t deny it. Excitement! But why? Why was she feeling this way about him? Out of her mind. She had to be out of her mind to have this kind of sensation racing through her brain and body.

Barbara knew she should have raced from the barn, run out the door and never returned. But something drew her on, pushed her through the thick darkness toward the big animal.

She walked as if possessed, her feet shuffling through the hay stubble on the floor. Stall after stall slowly went by. And then Barbara reached it, reached Lightning’s stall. What a beautiful animal! Stopping there in front of him, pressing her palms against her thighs, she stood in awe of the stallion.


She whispered his name, felt her heart contract when he raised his head from the feedbag and looked at her. A shock of white hair hung over his forehead while his big brown eyes rolled up and stared at her. He snorted, his nostrils quivering, his hind legs stomping nervously on the ground.

‘Don’t worry, boy. I’m not going to hurt you,’ she said in a reassuring voice.

What was wrong with her? Why was she feeling so aroused from being so close to this beast? Raising one hand, Barbara put her fingers to her cheeks. She was burning up! Dear God, she was on fire!

‘Easy, Lightning, easy…’

Barbara walked up to the stall, one hand stretched in front of her. She crooned to the big horse, her body trembling with an excitement foreign to her up to this moment. He was snorting again, shaking his head, his long, beautiful mane fluttering over his neck. Again he pawed the ground nervously. Barbara drew her hand back a second, then stretched it forward tentatively. In a moment she found herself petting the beast, feeling his warm body against her hand.

She had to have more, had to feel more!

Trembling, Barbara reached down and opened the stall. Lightning paused, his big eyes rolling toward her as she stepped in, one hand constantly on his body. She felt her flesh crawling with a new kind of electricity! She was breathing hard now, breathing as hard as she had when Pardner had jumped her and licked her pussy into climax.

‘Easy, Lightning, it’s all right,’ she whispered.

Barbara stood along the stallion’s side now, pressing her body against his. He whinnied, twisting his head around and staring at the trembling young woman. Why was that awful tingle in her cunt getting worse? What kind of person was she turning into?

‘God… oh my God, what’s… What’s happening to me?’ she whispered to herself.

Feeling her strength draining from her, Barbara leaned heavily against the big animal. Lightning whinnied and snorted again, swishing his full tail up against her. Closing her eyes the woman concentrated, trying to push away that burning, throbbing itch. How wet her pussy felt! When she moved her hips slightly, rubbing her thighs against Lightning’s muscled sides she felt more hot juice seep out.

It was bad, really bad! Christina was there inside the house, thinking her cousin was just having an innocent visit with the big beast. And there she was, nearly embracing him! With another shuddering sigh Barbara stretched out one hand, rubbing her fingers along Lightning’s flesh. What a strong, handsome, powerful animal he was! She could feel his muscles rippling under her light touch, heard the animal’s breathing become strong, even labored.

Turning her head, Barbara rested one cheek against the stallion’s side, closing her eyes and feeling his head radiate against her flesh. Her hand was stretching back, back to the rounded curves of his rump. Again Barbara moved her hips, feeling the subtle rub of her cuntlips as they slipped across her clit. She paused for a moment, feeling the excruciating tickle get worse.

A horse! She was having these feelings with a horse! Biting down on her lip, the woman stretched her hand out a little further, a little more until she was touching his balls. Lightning whinnied loudly, turning around, bumping his body against the rear of the wooden stall.

‘Oh God!’

Barbara drew back, both hands pressed to her lips as she gazed at the animal in horror.

What had she nearly done? What was becoming of her? Closing her eyes and shaking her head, she rushed from the stall, suddenly finding herself crashing into Brad Edmunds.

‘It’s not right leaving the stall open,’ he said dryly, catching her in both hands and holding her by the shoulders.

‘Oh! You… you startled me,’ Barbara said in confusion.

Had he seen her? Had he been watching her with Lightning, seen her caress, guessed what had been going through her mind? Jolts of embarrassed shame rushed through her mind as Brad reached around and shut the stall gate. Lightning whinnied once more, then draped his head over the front of his box and began munching on his oats again.

‘You shouldn’t be in here alone,’ Brad said, grabbing hold of her once more.

‘I… I just came in to see Lightning. Christina told me about finally buying him and…’

‘Fine horse,’ Brad commented, looking over her shoulder for a moment at the eating stallion. ‘Little skittish, though. You could’ve been hurt real bad if he got wild.’

‘I… I think I’d better go now,’ she stammered, trying to shake free.

‘I don’t think so.’


Brad was smiling, that same sexy, knowing smile he had flashed her earlier on the porch.

‘What was goin’ on between you and that fuckin’ horse in there?’

Barbara felt her cheeks redden. If she could have she would have died on the spot. He knew! Dear God in heaven, he knew!

‘Nothing. I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ she snapped with as much confidence as she could muster.

‘Sure. What you were doin’ in there just wasn’t really… normal, if you know what I mean.’

‘Oh, you… you can’t say something like that to me! You don’t know what you’re talking about,’ Barbara blurted, shaking her shoulders, trying to push away from the big ranch hand.

‘A normal woman don’t hang onto a horse like that. She don’t reach out for his balls,’ he continued, his voice even, level even though his black eyes sparkled with excitement.

‘You can’t prove a thing!’ she whispered hoarsely, wondering how she could face Christina if the word got out.

‘Don’t want to,’ Brad said, his eyes slitting.

God in heaven, when he looked at her like that he reminded her of Pardner as the animal lapped her cunt up to climax. Brad was an animal, the kind of animal that took what it wanted, no matter what the consequences. Barbara twisted in his grip, feeling his fingers bruising her flesh. The rush of excitement she had felt with Lightning was still there, still making her heart pound.


‘I don’t like my women normal. Too fuckin’ boring. I like somebody like you, somebody with some kinks to ’em,’ Brad said, snorting out a laugh.

‘I don’t know what you mean,’ Barbara said breathlessly.

She had her fingers pressed up against his chest, pushing him away. He was crazy, insane to think she was going to do anything with him.

‘Sure you do. Man, you’re hot, you know that?’ he whispered, bending down toward her.

Barbara squealed, jumping back, twisting her face from his.

‘Don’t play hard to get with me, baby,’ he said gruffly. ‘I don’t know exactly what you were plannin’ to get away with in there with Lightning, but I sure as hell know it wasn’t normal. Now, you don’t cooperate with me and I’m gonna set this whole country buzzin’ with stories about you.’

‘They’ll never believe you,’ she gasped, stopping in her struggle.

‘I’ll take the chance,’ Brad said, his grin coming back.

‘Horrible! Horrible!’

Again Barbara tried twisting away. This time Brad meant business, shaking her by the shoulders so hard she thought her head would snap off.

‘Help! Help me, somebody, help me… uhhhhghhhhhhh!’

A sharp, backhanded blow turned her cry into a smothered moan. Barbara staggered back, the stinging pain from his slap bringing hot tears to her eyes.

‘Oh, you… I could tell Christina and you’d be out of a job,’ she threatened, regretting the words the moment she saw his face darkening.

‘You try somethin’ like that and you’re gonna be the sorriest woman in the valley!’ he said, staring at her menacingly.

‘I’m… sorry. Just lemme go and I promise I won’t say a thing,’ Barbara said, immediately quieter after her mistake.

‘You’ll go, alright. But not till I’ve finished fuckin’ you.’


Her back was pressed against the wall, her head still spinning and buzzing from the blow. She looked at him, watching his forehead wrinkle and the skin around his dark eyes tightening. Two tiny fires flared at the center of his irises. He hadn’t shaved for a day or so, the sweat making the stubble stand out.

‘You ain’t got no choice. You relax and it’s gonna be good for you,’ Brad said, unbuckling his belt.


Barbara screamed again, her eyes darting toward the door. He had closed it. But she was certain it wasn’t locked. Rushing from the wall, she sidestepped Brad for the moment, stumbling over the slick stubble, hearing Lightning snorting and whinnying in his stall.

‘Stupid bitch!’

Brad was on her in a second, his strong hands gripping her by the wrists and spinning her around.

‘You ain’t gonna be runnin’ out, ‘specially before I’ve fucked you, baby.’

‘Stop it!’ she cried, her eyes rounding while her heart contracted once more.

‘Too late.’

He held her by the shoulders once more, then shoved her back with such force her head struck the floor. Light slivers sparkled in front of her eyes as she sucked in a deep breath, afraid of the man towering over her. No, she wasn’t going to shout for help again. He’d just step on her, kick her to death with those heavy black boots of his.

‘You shut up and I ain’t gonna hurt you — much.’ Brad unbuckled his belt fully, opening the top snap of his Levi’s. ‘Sit up!’

Barbara hesitated, not knowing that with Brad that was the worst thing she could have done. Growling, he reached down and grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair, jerking her head hard against his legs. She tasted his dirty Levi’s, her lips pressing against the material. He was saying something to her, calling her some kind of slut and whore. Words didn’t mean that much to her now. Sheer terror was knifing through her, making her gasp.

‘We’re gonna have us a good time here. Ain’t my idea of the best place. But you’re kinda partial to barns, ain’tcha?’ he sneered.


Barbara was about to defend herself when she saw him raise one hand over his head, pause, and then bring it down in a broad arc. As she trembled, he smiled. Once again that hand slapped her, knocking the wind from her as her body rolled over to one side. The sound of the slap and her quivering scream were muffled by the close-set thickness of the barn around them. Again Lightning whinnied in his stall, moving around frantically, his body bumping against the rotting wood.

‘Now we start, baby.’

He dragged her away from the door, away from Lightning to another stall. He was going to fuck her there, take her like some animal. Well, that’s what she was, a rutting, bitching animal. She had let a dog lick her off, and God only knows what she was planning to do in there with the stallion. She had moved her hands down to his balls, had actually touched those leathery sacks, gathered them up in her fingers and moved them around and around. And now this man who had watched her was going to r**e her right here in the barn!

‘No, don’t…’

He stood above her, unzipping his fly. Pulling the sweaty, dirty red flannel shirt from his trousers, Brad shrugged it off his shoulders. She stared at the rounded, developed pecs, the aroused nipples, the muscled, washboard stomach covered with a thick coat of body fur. Then his dirty faded Levi’s halved completely, his cock springing out.


Big, fat, long! It was what she had been thinking about, almost dreaming about. Something to take care of that horrible hot itch between her legs!

‘Like it, huh? Almost as big as that fuckin’ stallion’s,’ Brad said, jerking his head in the direction of Lightning. ‘You want a horse cock? Baby, you’re gonna get one shoved up your cunt — and this one belongs to Brad Edmunds!’


‘Stop… oh please!’

But there was no conviction in her voice. It was just like the night Joey had first fucked her. Barbara had begged him not to touch her when every fiber of her body ached for him. She knew Brad would be the same way. She watched with growing excitement as his cock grew harder and stiffer. It was so big — at least nine, maybe ten inches long and possibly two inches across. The sides were roped with pulsing blue veins while the spongy head was growing purple.

‘Ohhhh, nice hot cunt! Yeah, it’s gonna feel real nice against my prick.’

Barbara sobbed, turning her head away and closing her eyes. How she hated herself! She should be crying out even now, even under the threat of another beating. But instead she lay there, panting like a bitch in rut, her crotch filled with a wild throbbing. She wanted to touch that cock, to feel it, to smell it!

‘No!’ She sobbed, scooting back, her spine pressed against the stall wall. Clenching her fists, she pressed them to her sides, shaking her head from left to right. Christina was only a short distance away, working on her books.

Everything was quite normal outside, while here in the barn the world was turning upside down. Dizzy with fright, Barbara once more begged him not to hurt her.

Brad only laughed, pushing his Levi’s down to the tops of his boots. The hot, sour smell of his crotch washed over her. It was exciting, the most potent perfume possible for her. A draft tightened her damp scalp as Brad moved closer to her, his fat cock waving, striking his jutting hipbone. Oh, how muscular his thighs were, almost as muscular and strong as Lightning’s!

Barbara’s tits swelled, the nipples taut, straining against her bra. A spasm shot through her body, making her pussy pucker, her clit tingle with electricity. It was then she realized her body was alive again, quivering with anticipation.


He was on top of her in an instant, his hands pawing her shirt, tearing it from her Levi’s and opening the buttons.

‘No, stop!’

She closed her eyes, her mouth a tight scar as she struggle futilely under the big man. His knees were pressing into her thighs painfully while his fingers ripped open her shirt. Next she felt her bra strap being undone, the cups sliding from her big tits.

‘Ohhhhh yeahhhhh…’

Brad stopped for a moment, his eyes wide with delight as he stared at the resilient mounds resting on her chest. She felt his breath against her nipples, then soon felt his lips cupping one, sucking hard while his teeth nibbled the rubbery flesh.

Arching her back, Barbara sobbed, her tits jiggling like pudding from her violent moves. He sucked hard, first one tit then the other, his hands kneading the soft flesh painfully while his tongue scraped over the tips of her nipples.

‘No, don’t… ohhhh, you beast… You animal!’ she sobbed.

He slapped her again, this time more softly than before while his knees spread her legs farther apart.

‘Gonna get me some cuntmeat now. And man, I’m real hungry for it,’ he muttered.

Barbara felt him draw back, felt his fingers fumbling with her Levi’s. She beat at him with her clenched fists, shoved her ass down hard against the floor. But it was useless. Brad only laughed at her attempts of escape. Opening her jeans, tugging them off her flailing legs, then hooking his fingers around the elastic waist-band of her panties and pulling them down, he finally stripped the thrashing woman naked.


Brad was on her once more, pinning her down with his body, dry fucking her by rubbing his prick back and forth over her simmering pussy slit.

‘No, no!’

Barbara thought someone had set fire to her cunt! It ran with juice, the hot fluid seeping down into the hot crack between her asscheeks. She felt his prick rubbing new life into her clit while his balls dragged over her crotch.

Her cries of help soon turned to cries of greed. Instead of pushing him away Barbara found herself holding onto him, feeling the itchy stubble around her working its way into her sweaty asscrack.

‘Yeah, knew you’d be wantin’ it. Shit, you was wantin’ it before when I talked to you. Now you can’t keep still, can you? Want that hot cock?’

‘Oh, oh, oh!’

The dog, the horse, everything had conspired against her. Now she was held captive under his body, feeling his cock bumping up against her pussy. And then he was completely on top of her, his cock gouging slickly down her cuntal cleft, the domed head pressing against the fuzzy crack.

She felt her cuntlips peeling back, stretching to make room for his prick. Oh, it was going in, going in, rubbing against the quivering, pulsing folds of her cunt! Barbara snapped her head from side to side, her fingers tightening around Brad’s neck while her ass pranced for more cock meat. He was fucking her, fucking her hard and deep.

‘Oh no, don’t… don’t…’

‘Jesus Christ, you fuckin’ bitch! Don’t lie to me,’ Brad grunted, working his hips from side to side.

Barbara stiffened, arching her back as she felt his cock slipping and stirring around in her pussy. ‘You’re… you’re going to k**l meeeee with that thing!’ she gasped.

Brad only laughed, tightened his ass muscles and shoved forward again. Looking up, Barbara saw his face slacken, then tighten up once more as inch after cock-throbbing inch slurped into her furry cunt.


The woman shuddered with the sexy sensation of her cunt being filled with a cock. It was really being stuffed, stretched. She moved her hips, changing the angle her cunt made contact with Brad’s fat prick. He was now halfway inside when she felt a mini spasm pass through her pussy. Both of them gasped, their bodies grinding against one another while her cuntlips sucked and gummed on the big ranch hand’s cock.

‘Fuck! Jesus, ain’t never had a woman who could do somethin’ like that!’ he groaned.

‘Can’t… can’t help it,’ Barbara cried, closing her eyes in shame.

‘Fuck, man, you can do that all the time. I don’t give a damn!’

Barbara breathed deeply, her lungs burning and hurting as the oxygen flowed through her flaring nostrils. Slowly, gradually, she felt her cuntal muscles relaxing, letting more of Brad’s cock slip into her pussy. She felt the juices seeping out around his entrenching dick, bubbling out and frothing around her cuntal hairs while her ass moved sexily back and forth over the hay stubble in the stall. Again she heard the horse whinnying in the back stall, her cries obviously upsetting him. Just thinking about that beautiful white stallion brought another shiver of delight racing through her tight pussy.

‘Uhhhh… fuck it out, baby!’

Barbara twisted around, feeling her insides stretching out around the huge cock shaft. Again the woman tensed, waiting for the bulging cockhead to reach down farther in her pussy. She thought there would be a moment when she would have to scream for him to stop. And would he?

‘Ohhhhh baby, baby, you’re too fuckin’ much! Bet I could fuck you all night and you’d still be ready for more cock!’

‘No, no, not true,’ she panted, unable to form sentences any more.

‘Yeah, right,’ he gasped, throwing two more inches of his prick into her.

‘No more… can’t take much more,’ the woman panted.

‘You’re real tight, baby, but you’re stretchin’ out just fine,’ Brad moaned, bending over and sucking on her throat.

‘No, no, it’s so… oh God! Please, please, don’t…’

Barbara felt Brad tucking his ass under. She gasped as his hot, low-hanging balls swung up and slapped against her asscheeks. She hadn’t ever thought she would have something this big in her body. Even Joey wasn’t this hung!

‘Uhhhh… Oooohhhhhh!’

Crazy! Insane! Brad was pulling back, drawing his cock out! It felt as if her insides were being tugged out with it.

‘Like that? Somethin’ different for your fuckin’ pussy to feel?’

‘Ohhhhhhh God!’

Barbara snapped her head back, rolling it over the stubble while snapping her legs up and rubbing the insides against his body. She felt one heavy ball nestle against one cheek of her ass. It was then she realized he was all the way inside her. He had to be!

‘Man, you’re hot and tight… and real fine, baby. And you wanted to waste it all on the fuckin’ horse. Man, that’s real warped.’

Barbara wasn’t listening. She moved her hips frantically from left to right now, wanting to feel as much of his cock inside her as possible. Her ass bounced over the stall floor, her fingers tightening around his neck. Brad let out another groan, then dropped his face to hers. She felt his lips pressing her mouth in a moment, felt his tongue searching for hers between her lips. In a second they were fencing, their tongues flicking against one another, spittle frothing from the corners of her mouth and dribbling down her chin while all the time Brad’s cock was slowly working in and out, in and out of her stretched cunthole. Barbara could hear it working, could hear it making sounds like a pile driver slipping in and out of a mudhole. It sent shivers through her.

‘Uhhhhh…’ the woman moaned into Brad’s mouth.

‘Man, you’re bitchin’, baby, real bitchin’,’ he moaned back.

‘Oh fuck, fuck me, please…’

‘Yeah, knew you’d be gettin’ around to goin’ nuts with my cock. Most cunts do. Here, try somethin’ different.’

‘Wh… what?’

Barbara felt his hands moving around her thighs, felt his legs moving under her. She let out a cry of confusion as the room began to move around her. In a second, she felt the relief of being able to breathe again as she rolled on top of the big man.

‘Ain’t no r**e now, baby. You’re likin’ it, likin’ it the way I thought you would,’ Brad said, smirking up at the big-titted blonde. ‘You dig it, dig gettin’ a man’s cock in you.’

His words burned her pride. But his cock was burning her cunt, setting it on fire with flames she never thought existed.

‘Come on, baby, fuck your cunt on my prick. Come on, it’s real easy.’

It was so different being on top. But Brad was helping her along, his hands holding her tightly, guiding her thighs back and forth, up and down. After a moment or two she could see how to rock her body forward so his cock would pull from her cuntal tube. The noise, the slick, sucking noise of it made her shudder again with hot delight. She could feel the foamy froth of her juices as Brad’s cockhead pulled streams of it back. It was running down her asscheeks. Oh, how wet she was!

‘You… you’re making me feel so… so strange!’

Brad laughed at her, his hands slapping her asscheeks again, his legs moving under her ass while Barbara began bouncing up and down. Her tits jiggled, slapping together while she let her head fall back. Oh, oh, it was so deliciously wicked, so evilly abandoned to be like this, her legs splayed so widely apart.

Brad was very still, his mouth set hard. Oh God, God, things had changed so. She had to feel his cock, had to feel his prick scraping along the itchy, tingling insides of her pussy. It was so good. And the thought that soon his white, hot spunk would be splattering out of that bulbous cockhead drove her mad. No more was she the reluctant woman, the woman fighting for her honor, her reputation. Barbara was rutting high now, bouncing her body up and down like a puppet, feeling his prick gouging her cunt with its maddening stiffness and length.

She looked down. There was sweat on his forehead. His black hair was plastered against his forehead as she kept bouncing up and down on his prick.

‘Man, move that ass, baby. Come on, move that ass!’ Brad said, slapping her asscheeks when she started to slow down.

‘I don’t know… I think I’m close to… to cumming.’

The admission made her blush with shame. But it was true. She felt herself rocketing higher and higher, the odd hot/cold rush of chills taking over her pussy. Her clit was constantly rubbing against Brad’s hot prick now, sputtering and sparking like a newly lit bomb while that odd tightness in her body was growing.

‘Uhhhh, baby, go for it, go for it!’ he said in a tight voice.


It was as if firecrackers were being set off in her cunt! Barbara closed her eyes, her hips grinding crazily. She raised her body, rocking forward until just the prickhead was inside the powerful ring of muscles. Careful not to bear down too hard Barbara felt her muscles tightening. She was milking his cockrod again, letting her muscles gum along the length of his prick. Brad was moaning loudly, arching his back up from the ground. Barbara gasped, feeling her chest tighten, her mouth growing even drier. She was thrilled watching this reaction, watching this thick-muscled male body writhing and thrashing under her while her cunt was doing all the work.

Then her pussy exploded once more, sending stars of incredible brilliance exploding through her confused head. She couldn’t hold back, couldn’t stop now if the barn had caught fire! She plunged her teasing ass down, down over the hard prick jutting from his crotch. Barbara cried out again, her head lolling from side to side as she felt him r**e through the muscled opening, penetrating deep into her cunt. She felt the hot firmness of his balls as her pussy pressed against them. Oh, she was being torn in half, split, divided, fucked!


‘Come on, baby, come on and work it on out. You’re gonna make it, make it with a real stud. Come on, Barbara, fuck it out!’

‘No, no, no!’

She was moving around, jerking her ass around as if it were a wild animal. She felt his fat, throbbing prick jerking hard against the slick lining of her pussy. The circle of her cuntal muscles was convulsing now, rhythmically milking Brad’s prick. Her body needed that cock, needed to have that fat thing rushing through her pussy. And then… And then it was happening. She heard Brad cry out something and the next thing she knew Barbara was feeling gushes of hot cum splattering against her cuntal walls!


The woman was dazed with lust and passion. Brad was twisting around and swearing and bucking, his hands hurting her, pinching her thighs while all the time he fucked hard and deep into her body. In a moment they rolled around, halfway down to where they were on their sides. He fucked her again and again, his prick seeming to reach all the way into her belly.

‘Uuhghhhhh… ohhhhhhh God, I’m… I’m… cummmmmiiinnnggg!’

It was as if the world had blown apart. Nothing existed for the moment except her pussy and that wonderful, hot, thick prick splitting her wide open. More and more of his jizz firehosed into her pussy. Now she could feel it mixing with her juices, seeping out, wetting down her thighs and asscheeks as she pranced her ass hungrily in the air begging for more.

After having thrashed and grunted and danced her shivering asscheeks around, the woman collapsed, exhausted, breathing hard through her opened mouth.

‘Oh God, God, what have I done?’ she whispered out loud.

Brad chuckled, reaching up and stroking her stiff nipples.

‘Nice fuck, baby. We’re gonna have ourselves a nice time around the old farm. Ain’t gonna be nobody around to bother us. Nobody.’

Barbara closed her eyes, thinking about Pardner, thinking about Lightning and wondering.


Two days had gone by since Brad had fucked Barbara. She and Christina had been busy going over the books, trying to make some sense of her uncle’s bookkeeping. And this was a perfect excuse for the blonde to stay away from the handsome, muscled ranch hand. Barbara was unsure about what had happened. At times she could think of nothing but the stud, still feeling his hands roaming around her tits and ass, his body pressing against hers while his prick trenched out her tight, juicy, convulsing cunthole.

There were times at night when she couldn’t sleep, when she tossed and turned, the sheets wrinkling up under her. Then she lay on her ass, breathing hard, her eyes wide and glazed while her fingers drifted down to the swollen hot, rubbery lips of her pussy. How she trembled, how she bucked and thrashed, her knees jerking up while her fingers slipped and clicked over her sputtering clit. Brad should have been doing that, should have been teasing her with his fingers before finally driving that prick deep into her waiting, wet cunt.

‘Oh God!’

Again and again the woman thought about throwing a robe over her shoulders and tiptoeing down the hall to look for Brad. Surely he had to be around the ranch somewhere, probably in the bunkhouse. Christina had said something about him living here most of the time. That’s why she had liked keeping him on. He was there for any kind of emergency. Well, wasn’t her hot cunt, her desire to have a man on top of her, touching her, fucking her, an emergency?

Still, there was something keeping her back, something that kept her in her bed where she fingered herself into ecstasy. Oh yes, yes, it was good when her fingers dipped in her convulsing, clutching pussy. For a few wild seconds she could even imagine it was Brad’s cock fucking her.

But then there was the awful realization soon after that she was alone. Brad wasn’t there. It had been her fingers that had touched off her explosion, not a man’s prick. Feeling empty, frustrated, Barbara drifted off to troubled sleep, wondering if and when she would ever let Brad touch her again.

It was the evening of the third day when the hot tightness of her cunt was driving her mad. Barbara sat at the desk, tapping one end of the pencil lightly against the padded desktop. Christina had gone in the kitchen to brew more coffee. Above her the large clock ticked maddeningly, making her want to scream. But no, she had to keep her composure. What would Christina think if she knew what her cousin was thinking? Oh God! What would Christina think if she were to know what had already happened? That awful session with the dog, her embrace of the stallion, and then that wild barn fuck with Brad!

Barbara closed her eyes, rubbing her fingertips against her burning forehead. And what was worse was that she wanted more. Yes, she was still unsatisfied.

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