Female encounter with aliens

The summer vacation had started a week ago and me
and couple other girls had agreed on this trip, out of
the city. One-way trip to there would take most of the
day by car, and the closest phone to the place is also
quite far away. We wanted to make sure that we’d be as
far from the civilization’s grasp for a while as

I waited for the girls to pick me up and watched TV.
There was some news about abnormally high solar flares
or some such thing, and that the weather forecast would
be a bit shaky since several satellites were malfunc-

Anyway, I soon heard a car-horn from outside, and
grabbed my backpack, said quick goodbyes to my parents
and promised to get to a phone or something if something
happens, etc. Once outside I threw the backpack into the
car trunk and jumped into the back seat. And so our
little trip out of the thrills of civilization started.

Nothing really interesting happened on the trip
there. When we arrived, we turned the radio off and
agreed not to listen to it again for at least couple
days. Two of us built the tent and started to search for
firewood since it was already quite late as the third
one visited the beach.

We knew the owner of a farm nearby. The farm wasn’t
used anymore, and the owner lived there only on his
vacations. He had a couple of boats and had promised to
lend us one.

As darkness fell we lit the campfire and started
cooking, making some tea and preparing sausages. We had
more interesting foodstuffs with us but several hours
in a car can wear one down quite efficiently. So we
listened to the deep humming of the forest and watched
the stars, eating our quickly prepared night snack.

Suddenly we heard a deep huge voice that seemed to
come from everywhere at once, and all the stars faded
from near-invisibility to almost blinding light and

Since it was over in about two seconds, we didn’t
think about it much – and I calmed my pals by telling
them about the solar flares on TV. It wasn’t much of an
explanation but it was an explanation still, and we went
into our tent and slept.

On the second day, we made some breakfast and talked
about what we should do first. We had to go and borrow
the boat, since it wasn’t on the shore – the farm owner
had said that he’d bring it if he found the time. The
boat was tied to the pier by the barn, and it was a good
hours walk there through the forest.

I can’t remember what it was about, but we started
to argue about something irrelevant, and we finally got
to the point where we started calling each other names.
I’d had enough and walked away, to calm my nerves. I
knew that they wouldn’t come after me, since we all knew
how to find the camp but it was still easy to get lost
in the woods, and there is no point to go search for
someone who knows how to get back just to get lost

I figured that since I was walking in that direction
anyway, I could fetch the boat. The farm was further
away that I remembered. I probably walked in circles for
awhile, but finally I saw it in the distance. A quick
glance at the clouds told me that it was going to rain
soon. I started to run to the farm, its closest building
being the old barn. I knew that there was some old hay
inside, so in the worst case I could spend my night

It was becoming dark at an alarming rate, and the
rain started to pour. I ran as fast as I could, and soon
I was under the roof of the barn, although I wasn’t
inside it yet. The bushes I had run through were wet,
though, and my skirt was damp. Oh well.

So, I calmed down, knowing that I wasn’t going to
get completely wet at least. I walked around the barn
to the doors, staying clearly under its eves as the rain
poured. I knew that I had to be the one to go back to
the camp tomorrow, since I had been the one to walk away
in anger. So, I had lost the fight.

I came to the big, sliding barn door and pushed it
open slightly. I looked inside and waited awhile for my
eyes to adjust to the darkness. Just then there was a
flash of lightning, and in a glimpse I saw that I had
been right about the hay. So I entered the barn. It was
relatively dry, although the air was certainly humid. I
took my damp clothes off and hung them on a nail on the
wall, when I finally started to see in the dark. My
blouse was miraculously dry so I left it on, so I at
least I had some protection against the sharp ends of
the dry hay.

Since it was dark already, and I was a bit exhaust-
ed due to the long day, fight and all, I decided to lay
down and try to get some sleep. I took off my sneakers
and socks, making a mental note to change my socks as
soon as I got back to the camp. The barn was already
pitch dark as I laid down on the hay, listening to the
rain hammering the roof.

I drifted to sleep, laying on my back, and half-
asleep I felt something cautiously touch my panties. It
felt warm, soft and wet. I drowsily bent my knees and
tried to pull them together, and they hit the something.
It felt slick, like a tentacle, but it was warm. But I
was drowsy and the touch on my panties felt kind of

Suddenly I started to think about what was happen-
ing. My heart jumped to my throat and I was horrified,
but still I couldn’t make myself scream. I was afraid,
and still, I felt really strange. The tentacle continued
to caress my panties, sending shocks of electricity
up inside me. I simply knew that if I got up and ran, I
could easily get away, but the strange feeling kept
me there for the moment, and fear kept me paralyzed.
There was something else – was I
curious? Perhaps.

The tentacle kept on caressing, pressing on the
fabric of my panties into my pussy, and then I noticed
that there was another tentacle, a smaller one, that
had started tracing the outlines of my panties.

I let my legs part more as the tentacles continued
their caressing, and I found myself strangely relaxing,
getting more and more turned on.

The tentacles started pulling my panties away and I
found myself lifting my bottom so that they would slip
away, and they did. The soft, warm touch of the tentacle
felt strangely good on my bare pussy, but it didn’t even
try to push itself inside me, it just kept caressing my
outer lips. I held my breath. The other tentacle started
opening the buttons of my blouse, one by one. I lifted
my hand and touched it, and it felt slick, just as it
had felt on my legs, but it felt – really good. After
the buttons were open, the tentacle tugged me, and I
turned around, onto my stomach, lifting myself on my
knees so that I was on all fours.

The bigger tentacle returned to caress my already
wet pussy as I was actually hoping it would. This time
I reached back with my hand and touched it, and it
didn’t feel only wet, but slightly slimy. I kept my hand
on it as it traced my outer lips, found the hole and
pushed itself all so carefully inside me, going very
slowly and caressing me inside all the time. I felt the
warm slime dripping down my iner thighs, but I didn’t
care. It felt so nastily good inside me that I couldn’t
think of anything else.

The smaller tentacle reached under me and tugged on
my bra. I felt some small, cold hands reaching down to
my back and easily cutting away my blouse and opening
my bra clasp. The smaller tentacle pulled away the
remains of my blouse and pulled off my now open bra.
The bigger tentacle started to rhythmically move in my
pussy, as I felt pressure growing inside me.

I found myself moaning actively as the smaller
tentacle started to caress my tits, and it felt like it
would, at the same time, be sucking and licking them.
Both tentacles felt slimy, warm and soft, but I didn’t
even feel horrified at this point.

After a short while of this I had a teriffic orgasm.
Still trashing in my orgasm I felt myself being picked
up. I saw, in the very faint light inside the barn, that
I was lifted up and moved close to the place where the
tentacles started.

I felt weak after my powerful orgasm, and I couldn’t
think of anything. I was wet from both my own sweat and
from the slime of the tentacles. Small, cold, dry hands
kept me hanging on in the air, and as I glanced down, a
much bigger tentacle started to rise from the body of
the huge alien that I could bearly see in the darkness
of the barn, and I was lowered at the same time. Another
pair of those cold hands came from behind me and took
hold of my breasts. As I was slowly lowered down a
couple more hands gripped my legs and pulled them wide.

It didn’t feel the same as the soft tentacles. This
one wasn’t only warm, it was hot. It was also definitely
slimy. It wasn’t as careful as the earlier ones. It
f****d itself inside me and then started to fuck me. I
soon became delirious, and when I started cumming again,
I came for what at seemed like a very long time. Finally
the alien spurted something that felt almost like liquid
fire inside me, making me feel more full than anything
I had felt before. Then it seemed to become content and
let me down, and I instantenously fell asleep, exhaust-

In the morning I woke up nude, and gathered whatever
was left of my clothes. There was no sign of the alien
in the barn, but I was sure that it hadn’t been a dream,
since I felt sore at several places. I visited the main
house of the farm and borrowed something to wear, went
out, took the boat and started rowing back to our camp.

As I arrived, making my already prepared apology and
the fight we had had was soon forgotten. I explained
that my blouse had been torn apart in one of the thorn-
bushes near the lake. I actually forgot to change my
socks, since one of my pals was feeling ill and we
decided to drive back, only the day after we arrived.
I was relieved when we got out of the woods, but I’m
pretty sure that I’d have gone back to check the barn
the following night if we’d stayed there for another

Although I was afraid I could become pregnant, I
didn’t. I don’t know what would have happened if I
wouldn’t have been on the pill. Probably nothing, but
who knows when it comes to aliens? I haven’t heard
about the alien in any news or anything, so I suppose
it went back to wherever it came from. I don’t know
if I should be sad or happy about it.

On TV, the scientists had perfect explanation to
the abnormality on the solar activity. But then again,
humans always find perfect explanations to everything.

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