Female submits to multiple doggy fuckings

The drive home from picking you up at the airport to our
secluded 150 acres of paradise didn’t take long as it
was only 1pm and traffic out of the city was minimal,
still it seemed to take forever for you. You had been
away visiting your parents for the last two weeks and
missing me, home and probably most of our two purebred
stud Labs, we have a chocolate one Franky and a golden

We have other animals as well that I’m sure you missed
too but knowing you wouldn’t have the slightest
opportunity of getting any doggy lovin’ at your parents
house for the last 2 weeks, I knew you only had 2 things
on your mind by this stage and those 2 things were
hanging very proudly under Franky n Ralf. I mention I
have been busy and made a few changes around the place
while you were away so be prepared for a surprise or
two, now I can really sense your excitement growing with
every passing kilometre.

Eventually we drive through the automatic security gates
and down our driveway which winds its way through the
dense rainforest for half a klm or so to our home
nestled in a grassy clearing amongst the beautiful
rainforest overlooking a crystal clear creek. As we pull
in to park the Labs are at your door tails wagging madly
very excited, I tell you I’ll take the bags in, while
you get reacquainted with you boys.

As I’m getting your suitcases out of the boot I have to
yell to you over all the excitement to take them to your
special spot down by the creek, I’ll put the bags in and
meet you down there. There is a nice little patch of
lawn on the creek bank that we keep manicured, it’s only
accessible along a little path, we designed it to be
very secluded for obvious reasons, family n friends
think it’s the picnic area, if only they knew.

I quickly drop the suitcases and run out the back to
stop you before I’m too late, as I do I see you and the
boys running like 3 youngsters who have just been given
the keys to every ride at the royal show, how you
managed it is beyond me mid stride your panties come off
and go flying off into the air. It’s a shame but I have
to stop you now in or it could ruin your surprise for

I yell for you to stop and wait, as I catch up I
apologise but remind you of the surprise’s, and that now
you need to trust me for a bit even if it doesn’t make
sense, as I do I grab hold of your hand and lead you in
the direction of the shed.

Standing at the shed door I tell you too close your eyes
for a bit while I open up and turn on the lights, when I
say to you open your eyes and walk in to the shed, the
first thing you notice is that the end section where we
are standing has been sealed off into a smaller room
about the size of a decent master bedroom, the next
thing you notice is that right in the middle of the room
there is a padded breeding bench, with soft leather
cuffs where your ankles and wrists will be.

Instantly your face lights up and you can’t thank me
enough, I tell you to stop and go have a closer look,
I’ll get all the thanks I need later, ‘much later’ I
think and have a little chuckle to myself. You walk over
to the bench shaking your head with a grin you say now
you understand why insisted on measuring your arms n
legs before you left for your parents, yep, so you
should fit into it perfectly baby.

I give you a good firm slap on the arse and say what are
you waiting for, the boys are dying to get into that
tight little pussy of yours, let’s christen it, but
before I can finish my sentence you clothes are off and
you’re climbing on to your new toy.

You confirm I got all the measurements right by saying
it feels very comfortable and you’re body position is
perfect for presenting to the studs as a bitch ready to
be bred with your arse up in the air and pussy perfectly
exposed. I put a lot of time and thought into getting it
so your body position is perfect and having your pussy
exposed as much as possible because now you won’t be
able to reach around and guide the boys cock’s into you
like you usually do.

I was a bit worried but now that you in position I can
see they just can’t miss and damn you look so fucking
inviting like that, I’m sure if a gay bishop walked past
and saw you he would forget it all and fuck the shit out
of you like a porn star.

Anyhow, while I’m admiring my handy work at the business
end, you notice there is a hole for your face like a
massage table has, through the hole there is 2 small
flat screens TV built into the base. The boys are
getting excited I can hear them whining at the door so I
quickly explain to you that there are two camera’s
linked to the TV’s one will show all the action from
underneath, penetration, pullout’s etc (don’t stress
it’s waterproof) and the other will show you the side on
view, I thought it would help pass some time while
you’re knotted.

At this point you a little bit gobsmacked and before you
even realize I have the cuffs around your ankles and
wrists , the TV’s are turned on and you hear say from
behind you that this is not even half of what I have in
store for you today baby, then you hear the door open
and me calling Franky, the younger and least patient one
of the boys, but little do you know, Franky and Ralf
have now got some serious competition.

Chapter 2: Franky loves Mummy

As I’m getting Franky, the anticipation of what’s about
to happen sends a deep wave of excitement mixed with
pure animalistic lust through your whole body, your head
feels dizzy like you’re about to faint as you burry your
face into the padded hole and try to focus on the two
TV’s directly below you.

Your focus comes back and you can’t help but admire how
incredible you look from the side view completely
exposed and totally helpless like that, just so purely,
ready to be fucked, in the perfect position to be
presented for breeding with your sexy arse all up in the
air begging to be used, abused and bred. You then shift
your gaze across to the screen showing your exposed
vagina and before you even get the chance to admire your
perfectly shaven, pouting pussy, Franky’s big hairy
chocolate snout appears and soon your pussy is lost in a
mess of his slobber and frantic licking.

Once again you go all fuzzy and the familiar tingling of
pure animal lust washes through you sexy naked body, but
this time it’s way beyond anything you have ever
experienced before as you realise the gravity of your

I come around and quickly check the monitors to make
sure I got the positioning of the camera’s right, then
kiss you on the head and ask ‘sure you’re ready for this
baby’? A muffled but very clear ‘oh my god YES’ is the
reply, followed by ‘just get him on me’!! Immediately I
pat your hot little arse and encourage Franky to hop up,
he usually never needs any encouragement whenever you
present too him outside, naked or not he’s usually on
you like shot, but this time he just tilts his head
sideways, looks at me with a look of confusion and
desperation that says ‘for fuck sake, help me Dad!’

Ahh then I realise you are slightly too high for him, I
tell you to spread you’re legs a bit and as you do the
back of the bench where your soaking wet and waiting
cunt is, lowers slightly, the further you spread them
the more it lowers and vice versa when you close your
legs. I designed it like this for a couple reasons,
firstly because this way when your tied to one of the
dogs for long periods you will still be able to have
some control and movement at the ever so important point
of union, but the second reason you won’t understand
until later, let’s just say, different dogs are
different heights.

The second Franky sees this he’s up and on you, by now
you couldn’t give a fuck about the camera’s, it’s been 2
long weeks and you just desperately need to feel that
big hot dog cock inside you, and Franky obliges in
spades, he finds your hungry little cunt immediately and
drives his hot dog cock into you about halfway, then
back out and then in again this time driving himself
home, as deep as he can possibly get, you moan deeply
and I can tell how relieved you must feel to finally
have a nice hot doggy cock buried deep inside your tummy

I encourage Franky as he continues pistoning in and out
like a jackhammer ‘Good boy Franky, fuck Mummy good n
hard buddy, she needs it’ and he doesn’t disappoint, I
can hear you’re muffled voice moaning and saying, ‘I’m
cumminnnng! I’m cumming!’ over and over, the volume
comes n goes to the rhythm of Franky’s thrusting as his
power compresses your chest against the bench.

Now Franky is a couple years younger than Ralf, and
probably has similar fucking style to a 20 year old
human male, mountains of energy and power but somewhat
frantic thrusting that doesn’t usually last that long.
He has still a long way to go before he learns to knot
you and tie like the older Ralf does so well.

This is why I let him at you first; I figured you would
probably need a good hard pounding first off after being
away for 2 weeks. This time he seems faster with much
more energy, the incredible speed of his thrusting is
amazing to watch. Your sexy little butt ripples like
jelly every time he drives himself deep into you, the
whole room is filled with the sound of your moans and
the loud slapping sound of Franky’s balls against your
tummy, every time also slapping your clitty as they do.

You can feel his knot growing quickly and really
enjoying feeling these precious moments where it’s still
small enough to go in and out but still big enough to
stretch your entrance slightly with every frantic in and
out thrust.

You haven’t stopped moaning and mumbling that your
cumming since he started breeding you, but after about 5
minutes , as usual he swells too big on the outside and
stops the pounding with his big swollen knot pressed
firmly against your cum covered entrance.

‘Fuck me! You look amazing, so fucking hot baby!’ I tell
you as I pull Franky’s furry brown leg aside so I can
see his swollen, red veiny dog cock in that amazing,
beautiful little human cunt of yours.

I get down for a closer look and can see a mixture of
Franky’s doggy juice and your delicious girl cream
running down both your inner thighs as you feel him
unload more of that hot puppy seed into your deprived

I had been hard all over myself just from the
anticipation of all this but now seeing you in action
being used like that has got me about ready to explode,
I probably should let you enjoy the view on the monitors
at this point but I know there will be plenty of time
for that later. Right now I desperately need to unload a
huge load of my cum into you, so I quickly drop my
pants, as my rock hard 8 and a bit inch cock springs out
like a diving platform.

I walk around to where your head is and say ‘baby,
QUICK, I need to cum so bad’ you lift your head from the
padded hole and turn to the side and there it is right
in front of your eyes, begging for your lips. It’s no
coincidence that when I’m standing there my cock is the
perfect height for you to suck; it’s not ALL about you.

You take me deep immediately as you feel Franky spasm
and pump more hot puppy seed into you, it doesn’t take
long before I reach down and cup my balls (only because
you can’t) and explode violently into your mouth with 2
weeks’ worth of built up frustration and cum.

There’s more than you can swallow with your head tilted
like that but you do a great job and lick the spillage
from your lips and the bench like it’s your last meal on
earth. You look up at me and our eyes meet for the first
time since this session started and I see pure love and
contentment, it’s at this point that I am again reminded
that I am the luckiest man on the planet.

Our loving gaze is broken as Franky decides he has
completely emptied his balls and done what he needed to
do, so he hops down and runs around to say hello, happy
as a pig in shit with his tail wagging out of control. I
let you have a little post mating moment and walk to the
small door which is in front of you, open it and say ok
Franky, time to go buddy at which point he runs over to
me and through the door.

I close it and now walk to the door which is behind you
as I do I tell you to get comfortable again, I guess
because we were all to tied up in what was happening
with Franky we didn’t notice , but now we can really
hear poor Ralf whining and pawing desperately at the
back door. You bury your face into the padded bench
again and here the click as I open the door.

Chapter 3: Ralf Loves Mummy!!

One again the anticipation in your tummy is building as
you hear Ralf’s footsteps running toward you from behind
and you realise you are about to be used again and even
though Franky fucked a lot of that pent up frustration
out of you, you are still as hungry for more dog cock.
Not only that, this time it will be the old stud, your
first ever doggy lover who has been making you happy for
the last 5 years, he knows exactly what he’s doing and
he’s not all about wham bam thank you ma’am like he’s
younger mate.

Ralf’s all about actually breeding, when he’s fucking
you he’s purpose is to knot you for as long as possible,
inseminate you with as much of he’s puppy seed as
possible and as far as he’s concerned, knock you up with
a belly full of he’s puppies. If Franky’s a Ferrari then
Ralf’s a Rolls Royce, not as aggressive but smooth,
powerful and slightly bigger. I love seeing either of
the boys breeding you but you and Ralf just seem to look
so much more natural together.

As he nears you I say to you to try and focus on the
screens this time, but you already are and you can’t
believe that the whole time Franky was fucking you, you
didn’t manage to see a thing. Ralf takes one little
sniff of your exposed pussy still dripping with Franky’s
sperm, smells the competition and it’s like a switch is
flicked in his head.

I don’t know if its jealousy, more instinct telling him
that he must breed this bitch right fucking now and make
sure he inseminates her with more of his puppy seed than
the last dog so it’s his puppies that she will be
having. With that he’s on you and you can see the pink
tip of his cock spaying a little pre cum over your
already cum soaked and swollen pussy, you also see for
the first time how amazing it looks as he drives his dog
cock into your sweet tight human pussy.

With the anticipation and being able to see him enter
you like this you are sent over the edge and you feel
another huge orgasm building inside you, trying to focus
on watching his very rapidly growing dog cock invade
your human body as he begins his powerful, deep
thrusting becomes too hard as another incredible full
body orgasm takes control of your helpless body. Ralf is
also a bit bigger than Franky, in all areas, the extra
strength and size feels amazing and stretches you’re
pussy walls just that little bit more and goes just that
little bit deeper than Franky could reach.

Even Ralf now is fucking you like a frantic teenager,
must be punishing you for leaving him outside while
Franky had his way first. You haven’t stopped cumming
the whole time and then you feel that wonderful familiar
feeling of his knot starting to grow, and after Franky
your dying to be totally knotted but you know Ralf knows
what he’s doing and won’t let you down. ‘Oh my god,
that’s it Ralfy, make mummy your bitch! Knot me good n
tight,’ I hear you yell.

With that, he has one last power full thrust and you
feel him drive his now swollen knot home. It’s such a
relief to know he can still knot you while you are
cuffed to the bench like that, as usually when you’s
fuck outside you help him by pushing back on to his cock
to make sure it all in.

Well, he certainly didn’t need any assistance this time,
he’s got it in you and it’s not coming out for quite a
while, you can now focus and you look down at the screen
and can see his swollen knot making your mound bulge and
dog cum dripping from his furry balls and oozing out of
your pussy around his cock.

I ask you how it looks to you and you reply, ‘His doggy
cock looks so fucking amazing inside me.’ To which I
respond, ‘Oh I know it does babe, now you know why I
love watching you’s mate. You are suck a good bitch
baby, you look fucking amazing all knotted up like
that.’ These words send you into another moment of
orgasmic bliss and you realize he just won’t stop
cumming either.

I can tell how much he is because it’s running down your
legs and I can see his arse clench with every time he
sprays more doggy seed into you.

Usually Ralf likes to turn around and be butt to butt
with you but this time it could be a little hard due to
your position and height so I hold him on your back and
let him finish there which he eventually does after
about 40 minutes and gallons of sperm later. He slowly
slides out of your well used pussy and it’s at this
point that I’m glad I thought to make the bottom camera
waterproof because an amazing amount of cum gushes out
after his cock does.

He then quickly has a bit of a sniff and cleans you up
with his big tongue, then runs around the front to thank
say thank you with a big lick on the face. Now your face
is covered in a mixture of the two dogs come and your
girl cream and judging by the smile on your sexy face
you don’t mind at all.

‘C’mon Ralfy boy’ I say as I walk to the door at the
front of you, ‘time to go buddy’. He runs through the
door like a good boy and I close it, then instead of
coming over to undo the cuffs like you were expecting me
to, I walk straight past you to the back door and open
it, then you hear me yell out, ‘Rex, c’mon boy’, ‘c’mon
mate it’s your turn now boy…’

Chapter 4: Meet Rex

What the fuck?? Who’s Rex?? You yell to me, as you hear
his footsteps trotting up behind you, however this time
the footsteps seem louder, obviously being made by a
considerably heaver dog. This is correct, I start
explaining to you that while you were away I finally got
the work finished on the Boarding Kennel that I’d been
working on for months and Rex is one of our first
Boarders, ‘Baby meet Rex the Rhodesian Ridgeback, he’s
going to be here for a month.’

You don’t know whether to be happy or really scared, but
this situation is really starting to excite you more
than you already were. A strange dog, a BIG strange dog,
we had often talked about the size and power of
Ridgebacks and you always wanted to meet one day, well
now you have and hopefully he’s going to fuck the shit
out of you and make you his bitch too. You think to
yourself, ‘Fuck I’m a total dirty little dog whore, 3 in
a row, if he fucks me too, hope he does.’

I don’t know if he is experienced or not or if it’s just
animal instinct, but he goes straight for your dripping
pussy and starts have a sniff and lick, also making
whining noises like he’s anxious, ‘Good boy Rex,’ I say
and give him a pat, ‘wana fuck that pussy boy? Like the
other 2 just did? Go on mate, make that sexy little
doggy whore your bitch, she wants it bad.’

I hear you whisper with your eyes slitted in lust, ‘fuck
yesss I do.’

He has another sniff then runs around you all excited
checking you out, he looks like he just can’t believe
his luck, probably thinks ‘fuck is this actually
happening to me’ like all his Christmases have come at
once. He must of thought well I’m not waiting around any
longer in case my luck changes, I can see he has part of
his cock out now.

He trots around to your hot little behind and jumps up,
but he’s a little high so you pull your legs together
and raise up to meet him. Then you feel it, it’s already
huge, a moment of panic rushes through you like a
lightning bolt, but leaves you just as fast as you feel
that huge warm cock easily slide into your well
lubricated pussy.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck YESSSS!’ you look at one of
the monitors and see how big it is and your wet little
pussy lips stretching around it girth, holding it
tightly as it enters you. ‘Fuck! That feels… amazing,
oh FUCK ME REX!!’ I hear you say, as he starts building
up some rhythm and obliges your request with much
enthusiasm, he fucks you hard and fast like Franky, but
so much deeper and with much more power than Ralf.

Now you really do just feel like a total doggy fuck toy,
being totally used and abused by a big powerful animal
that you or I cannot control, at this point you are in
for the ride of your life , like it or not. You have a
look at the other monitor and from the side view you
can’t believe how tiny you look under this big tan
beast, but you also look so hot under him like that.

Your dark skin looks great against his yellow, you sexy
little arse in the air, and you long shiny black hair
all over this strange dogs face as he burry his head
into the back of your neck to get deeper. You feel him
slow down a bit and his knot starting to swell fast, he
is so big he can only just fit it all inside you and
still have the knot in enough to tie.

It does feel a bit awkward at first to you but soon
feels nothing but pure pleasure as your tight little
pussy stretches to accommodate what is by far the
biggest object it has ever had to accommodate before.
After he settles down a little bit he starts trying to
turn around. So I help him and make sure he doesn’t yank
that huge knot out of you as that would be dangerous.
Luckily because of his height he turns around and is
standing there butt to butt with you.

You feel amazing like this, almost just hanging off this
huge cock which is joining you to this beautiful animal
that is sending wave after wave or hot dog sperm into
your tiny little body and womb. You look at the screen
and admire yourself again, looking so natural butt to
butt with a big dog like nature intended. Now I tell you
to move your legs in and out and you can move around and
grind on him a bit, which you do.

‘That’s it… milk that big doggy cock baby! Get all
that puppy juice inside you like a good little bitch,
he’s not going anywhere for quite a while,’ me saying
this, and the feeling of being able to move around on
his cock sends you into orgasmic bliss.

I also see an opportunity as your arse is not exposed, I
rub my finger in some of the messy dog cum around your
pussy, then move the dogs tail a bit and slowly start
fingering your arse, it’s extremely tight in there but I
slowly work my finger in deeper until I can feel past
his knot, ‘Fuck, it’s huge!” I say, as I start really
fingering your tight little arse now.

This just make the big long orgasm you’re having
continue longer and way more intense, you feel like
you’re going to pass out, your continuous moans make me
ask if you’re ok, but you’re unable to answer, I doubt
you could even hear me, it’s like you’re on another
planet, or in a trance.

Eventually after being tied butt to butt for over an
hour the big dog slowly subsides and pulls his huge
member from you bruised and battered sopping wet little
cunt, again gallons of dog cum gushes out, however
because of your position there must still be gallons
from all the dogs still inside you, we both like knowing

I love seeing you completely satisfied like this and I
know how much you love doggy cum inside you. I lead Rex
around so you can see the size of the huge cock that
just fucked you, you can’t believe your eyes, and it’s
not even fully hard anymore, but it would have to be 9
inches so it must have been monstrous inside you. ‘fuck
baby, you’re such a good little bitch’ I say as I lead
Rex to the front door and let him out.

Chapter 5: Daddy love Mummy Also

As I walk back towards you I start unbuckling my belt,
it’s become quite evident to you how turned on I am by
the huge bulge in my jeans, I stop just short of where
your head is and finish unbuttoning my jeans and let
them drop to the floor in front of you along with my
jocks. My cock is now as big as you have ever seen it as
you look up hungrily at me and lick your lips in
anticipation for your next treat.

Without saying a work I place both hands around the back
of your head, tilt it back slightly and step forward
driving my throbbing cock deep into your hungry little
bitch mouth past those beautiful red lips and into your
throat. ‘Mmmm, fuck me that feels good baby. Been
waiting for this for so long!’

Your response is just a muffled gurgle and I begin
thrusting in and out of your mouth, the fact I’m
standing in front of you and you can’t move gives me
plenty of room to use the power in my hips and thrust in
to your throat deep and hard. Your body looks amazing
from here all locked up on the bench with your arse
still high in the air, this gives me a very sexy thought
so I slow down then reach over your body with one hand
and feel your sopping wet pussy.

‘Mmmmm, your so fucking wet baby, you have so much doggy
cum still oozing out of you,’ I say, as I start
fingering your totally used pussy, as I do I hear you
whimper slightly as you feel a bit of pain due to the
continuous pounding your poor tight little cunt has just

The combination of feeling all the doggy cum in your
tight little cunt and the amazing sensation of having my
throbbing cock buried deeply in your mouth has pushed me
to the brink of exploding.

I know you love nothing more than swallowing my loads
even the dogs loads however before you went away we had
both decided we were ready to start trying for a baby
and knowing how much of a build-up of cum I have it
would be a shame to waste such an opportunity. Watching
you with the dogs has had my balls making sperm over
time for a few hours now and I know I am ready to
absolutely explode in a big long orgasm and spray
gallons of fertile cum into you like a fire hose, not
only that, the way your body is positioned on the bench
looks to be the perfect position for you to conceive
with your entrance slightly higher than your womb.

As I step back and pull my cock from your lips I hear
you slurp and gasp at the same time, ‘Yes baby, fuck my
bitch cunt where the doggies have just been’ you say.
Mmmmm YES!! I can’t wait to feel all that warm dog sperm
inside you!!”

I quickly walk around behind you, again your entrance is
the perfect height for me to stand and enter you, so I
do without hesitation and slide into you with ease,
you’re are so wet, so fucking sloppy and it feels so
fucking amazing.

Within second I’m panting like a dog myself and pounding
your wet bitch cunt for all I’m worth, as you feel my
thrusts becoming more frantic I reach forward and grab a
handful of your long dark hair and yank your head back,
this also gives me something to pull against as I drive
myself into you as hard as I can.

‘Yessss, that’s it babe, fuck me hard! Impregnate me!
Empty your balls into my bitch cunt!’ I hear you
encourage me in your sexy accent.

Now I go into a total animalistic trance, almost yelling
at the top of my voice, un aware of any pain I might be
causing you and unable to stop even if I am, I don’t
have control of my own body and I unload spurt after
spurt of my hot juice as deep as I can into you, my
orgasm seems to take forever then slowly subsides and I
hold myself as deep as I can inside you and continue to
spasm for at least another 5 minutes.

‘Mmmm, good baby good work,” you say, as you keep
milking my cock for every last drop.

Eventually I pull myself from your dripping wet pussy,
then on very shaky knees I un cuff you from the bench,
help you up and out of it as you have been in that
position for quite some time and are a bit stiff n sore.

As you stand up we both just drop to the floor in a deep
embrace, kiss and fall asleep with my face buried in
your beautiful big boobs and dream of our next sexy
adventure together in our little piece of paradise.

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