Filled in every hole by four black strangers

My girlfriend Jennifer and I were out of town for the
weekend, and wanted to see some sights. I get very
horny when we go out and she dresses like a naughty
little cock teaser: a mini skirt, thin white blouse
with no bra so her pert nipples stick out, fishnets
with a garter, spike heels and no panties, so afterward
when she’s hot and wet from teasing guys rock hard with
her perfect little body. Of course I have easy access
to her pussy without the hassle of panties.

We stopped at one club that seemed to be mostly empty.
It looked kind of dirty from the outside but I was sure
that was because the neighborhood was rundown and that
the inside would look better. We parked the car and
made our way to the club.

The guys hanging around outside the club whistled and
made rude, explicit comments about Jennifer as we
walked by, making me think that maybe this wasn’t such
a good idea after all. Not to judge the people hanging
around outside, but we hoped the people inside were a
little more like us, college students out to relieve a
little pressure from studying.

The bouncers at the door looked dirty and greasy and
kind of rough but seemed nice enough. As we walked in
looking for a table, all eyes were on Jenny swinging
that hot ass of hers. We sat down at a table close to
the dance floor. We had a few drinks and Jenny started
to loosen up and flirt with guys at the table next to

The four black guys wasted no time moving in on my
girlfriend as I went to take a leak. When I came back
to the table they were laughing and downing new drinks
they must have brought. The largest of the four guys
was standing next to Jennifer, huge bulge filling the
front of his pants no more than a foot from her face.
Even in the dim light I could see her looking at the
bulge. He grabbed her by the wrist and said lets dance,
and dragged her to the dance floor with one of the
other guys following. She looked at me as if to say,
“What do I do?”

A bump and grind song starting playing and the three of
them started moving almost as one. They sandwiched
Jennifer between them, one rubbing his crotch on her
little white ass like he was fucking her from behind,
the other rubbing himself on her front side. He was so
tall his waist was up to her chest, so the big bulge
that was in his pants at the table was now only inches
from Jennifer’s eyes.

I got to admit it kind of turned me on, watching these
guys rubbing their cocks on my girl with her enjoying
it. She hadn’t looked back at me since she went out on
the floor, instead she watched this muscular black mans
bulge moving back and forth in front of her, like she
was hypnotized.

I could clearly see her nipples from the table. They
moved across the floor and around the corner out of
sight, both guys holding an arm like they were forcing
her to move with them. I got up and went quickly over
to where I’d seen them last. There was nothing there
but a door. As I went through the door the other guys
from our table followed me. Now I was getting worried.

I ran up the stairs and opened the door just as the
guys following me caught hold of my arms and pressed a
9mm into my ribs and whispered in my ear, “We’re going
to have a little fun with your woman, sit down over
there and enjoy the show.”

I looked around the room and saw Jennifer being bent
over a filthy, stained and torn couch. As she was
pulled forward her mini skirt rode up and my “friends”
and I could see her milky white thighs, garters, and
just a hint of her sweet, tight, shaved pussy. Damn she
looked hot! The tallest guy held her arms as his friend
pulled her top off exposing her beautiful titties I’ve
fucked and came on so many times. The guys holding my
arms said, “You move and we’ll throw her out the

I sat back. Jennifer looked at me and whimpered, “Do
something Mark!” Not wanting to see her get splattered
on the sidewalk, I sat still as they surrounded
Jennifer and started groping her sweet body and pulling
their pants off and tearing off her mini.

I’ve got a good-sized cock but three of these guys were
huge, the other was massive! The tall guy with the
horse cock (at least 13″) held it to Jennifer’s lips
and rubbed it all over her face. One guy, hard as a
rock and at least 9″ sat next to her and leered, “Sit
on my lap sweet thing.”

Jennifer looked at me briefly while climbing on to her
first black cock, grimaced and slowly slid her tight
pussy over the first invader. “Owwww!!” she complained
and that turned into low groaning as she slowly moved
up and down his now very wet, shiny, black pole. The
other two cocks rubbing her face were now taking turns
fucking the back of her throat while they held her
head, trying to force her to swallow something too big
for her throat.

The last guy walked up behind my proper girlfriend who
was now loudly moaning and writhing. She had turned
into a cock hungry slut! He smiled stuck his finger up
her virgin ass before sticking his black cock up her
poop chute. I’ve never seen her shake, moan and quiver
like that. Two cocks fucking her face, with her now
holding them tight, sucking for all she’s worth, riding
a big cock and now one hammering her formerly tight

Damn she liked it! Damn I liked it!

I started jacking off right there, just as her ass
fucker shot his load and backed off. I thought I’d fuck
her ass next! Wrong! Mr. Horse Cock walked around to
her ass bouncing up and down at hyper-speed grabbed her
thighs just as the others came in her pussy and mouth.
He picked her up and set her down in front of me and
she immediately gobbled down my cock without even
looking at me.

As Horse Cock slid into her pussy her eyes rolled back
into her head and she shook, tittles bouncing back and
forth as he jack hammered her pussy until we both
filled her with cum in about a minute.

Our “friends” wiped their spent slippery cocks on
Jennifer’s shirt dressed and walked out without saying
a word. So did we.

We went back to our hotel and crashed. I didn’t get any
laid for a few days after, she was to sore. We haven’t
mentioned the event since. I wonder if she’d go back to
that club with me again?