Fireman’s Sexcarnival

“Mark! I’m over here!” I waved my hands wildly,
trying to get my husband’s attention. It was useless
though; he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the crowd
and he hadn’t noticed our booth when he walked past.

“Hey, lady. Can we get some pies here or not?” A
sweaty, overweight man stood beside three sweaty,
underweight kids. Each c***d clutched a dollar bill
in their dirty little fists.

I took a last look at Mark’s back, disappearing
behind the Ferris Wheel. Oh, well, he’d keep looking
until he found me. I’d get his attention the next time
I saw him. I turned back to my customers.

“Certainly, sir,” I smiled. “How can I help you?”

“What do we have to do, anyway?” the man asked as
the c******n started playing in the dirt.

“It’s very simple,” I replied. See that man’s head
in the middle of the bullseye?” Brian Wallace’s balding
pate was the only part of his body you could see. The
rest was completely hidden inside the tent behind him.
A drawstring kept him from pulling his head back in-
side. “You can buy whipped cream ‘pies’ for a dollar
apiece. You have to throw from behind the counter. If
you hit him directly, you win one of the big teddy
prizes. If your pie lands in one of the other rings,
you win that prize. All the money goes to benefit the
local animal shelter. Have some fun for a worthy

“Ok, gimmee three pies. Hey! You guys were crying
to do somethin’. Do you want to do this or not?” he
cuffed one of the c******n in the back of the head.

I bent over to pull three pies from under the
counter and heard him chuckle. “Maybe I should wait
until it’s your turn,” he hooted. “I’d get two bulls-
eyes instead of one. Damn big ones, too.” He laughed
loudly at his own joke.

I blushed. I knew what he was referring to. I’d
worn this top because Mark liked seeing me in it,
forgetting I’d be bending over all day. Every time I
did, the scoop neck fell open and people could see all
the way to my bra. I’m not small on top so that made
for a pretty vulgar display. Guys had been staring at
my tits all day and occasionally making remarks but
this was the first pig to say something in front of
his kids.

I handed him his pies and moved to the side so he
could throw. It didn’t matter; I loved the animal
shelter but we needed money to operate and the fire-
man’s carnival was one of our biggest fundraisers. If
it meant letting a few jerks ogle my body, who cared?
I could put up with it for a few hours.

I talked with Betty Johnson, the woman in charge
of our booth, while trying to keep an eye out for Mark.
Finally I saw him walking on the other side of the

“Betty, I need to go talk to Mark. I’ll be right
back,” I thrust my money apron into her hands and
dashed around the end of the counter.

Betty laughed. “You’ve been married five years and
you’re still running after him? You need to get him

Mark gave me a big hug when I caught up to him.
“Hi, Kathy, where’ve you been? I’ve walked the whole
place three times!”

“Well, I tried to get your attention but you didn’t
see me. What’s going on?”

“Nothing much. How long do you have to work?” Mark
looked bored. “I have a softball game later.”

“I’m working at the counter until one, then I have
to be the target for an hour,” I replied. “Then I’m
done. Will that be in time for your game?”

“Sure. I’m going over to the beer tent with Jerry.
This is kind of lame.” He grinned. “Maybe I’ll come
visit you when you’re in the bullseye.”

“Don’t you dare,” I warned him. “If you hit me with
a pie, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Maybe I’ll be aiming for another bullseye,” he
said slyly, as I felt his hand knead one of my cheeks,
squeezing it firmly.

“Mark!” I squealed. “People can see!” I looked
around but the carnival was so crowded that nobody
paid much attention to us, hugging each other off on
one side.

“Bye, babe. I told Jerry I’d be right over. I’ll
swing by every once in a while,” Mark gave me a big
kiss, squeezed my rear one more time and drifted off
into the crowd.

The next couple of hours passed quickly. My best
friend Holly came on and we had a lot of fun. Holly
is a shameless flirt, although she’s happily married.
She loves to flash her boobs and rear end in men’s
faces and being around her helps me loosen up a little
too. I’m not as relaxed as she is but I quit worrying
about showing a little boob when I bent over or whether
my skirt lifted a little in the breeze. I even flirted
back a little after I saw how much money Holly got the
guys to fork over. It made the time fly and we raised
a lot of money for the shelter. I saw Mark a couple of
times and once he even bought a couple of pies and
tossed them at Betty when she was the target.

Soon it was time for me to be the target. Believe
it or not, I was looking forward to it. The tent is
set back far enough so you hardly ever get hit, you
don’t have any real responsibility except to smile and
occasionally taunt people throwing pies, and you can
get off your feet and rest. Inside the tent is a padded
bench. You get on all fours but the bench supports your
weight and it’s actually very comfortable.

After kneeling over the bench, I thrust my head out
through the hole and Holly pulled the drawstring around
my neck so I couldn’t pop back inside if a pie came too
close. I stuck my tongue out at the first customer as
he laughed and took aim.

In the next fifteen minutes I was only hit twice.
I saw Mark work his way through the crowd and pay for
two pies. People that knew us starting cheering him on.
I started yelling that he better not. He laughed and
handed his pies to two kids, who didn’t even come
close. Mark winked at me and mouthed the word ‘later.’
As I watched, he walked down two booths and went around
the side.

A few minutes later I felt his hand on my ass,
rubbing lightly. Beginning at my rear, he rubbed up my
back, then back down and down over my legs. When he
moved his hand back up, he flipped my skirt up over my
back. I reached back with my hands and pulled it down
but he pushed my hands out of the way and pulled it up

“Mark!” I whispered loudly. “Cut it out!”

“What?” Holly asked. “Did you need something?”

“Uh, no,” I stammered. “I’m fine.”

I felt his hand rubbing my pussy through my pan-
ties. He soon slipped a finger under the band and into
my quickly moistening cunt. I bit my lip and tried not
to moan as one finger found my clit while another dug
deep inside me. My ass started rotating in circles and
I didn’t resist when he grasped my panties and pulled
them down to my knees, then off me.

I tried to maintain a straight face as he began
pushing two fingers into me while rubbing my clit with
his other hand. I reached back with my hands but I
could only feel one pant leg so I started caressing
that. When he turned to face me, I could reach his
crotch. I fumbled with one hand and managed to unzip
him and pull out his cock. It felt great- long, thick
and rock hard. While he pumped my cunt with his
fingers, I stroked his cock until I felt him pull away
and move behind me.

Without much ceremony, his thumbs pried my cunt
open and his cock pressed against me. I was so wet the
first few inches sank in easily and he pulled back and
buried the rest with one long stroke. I tried to keep
quiet but I couldn’t help moaning when I felt his balls
grind into my mound.

Holly came over, concerned. “Are you ok?”

By now he was fucking me with a steady rhythm. “I’m
fine,” I grunted. I did my best not to wiggle around as
his cock stretched my pussy wider with each pass.

“Oh, dear. Your face is all red,” Holly fussed. “I
think you’re getting sunburned.” she went over to her
bag and grabbed some sunscreen. “Let me put some stuff
on you.”

“You don’t have to do that. I’m fine.” I just
wanted Holly to go back to the counter before she
realized what was happening. I was trying not to make
noise but my body was being pushed forward with each
stroke and I was starting to pant as I approached

“Nonsense. What are friends for?” Holly began rub-
bing cream on my face, working it into my skin. I tried
to focus on Holly, thinking I could prevent an orgasm
if I ignored what was happening behind me. It had the
opposite effect. The light touch of her fingers cares-
sing my face sent my already jangled nerves spinning
even further out of control. I struggled not to show
any emotion on my face as she worked on me.

I barely made it until she returned to the counter
before my orgasm burst over me. I managed to keep quiet
and hold my head still but my ass was bucking like a
bronco as I wiggled and pushed back against him. I felt
a shudder, then his cock sank deep into me and hot
liquid poured out into my throbbing cunt. His body
collapsed over my back as he finished squirting his
cum into me.

We lay together like that for several minutes. I
could feel his cock slowly pull out of my pussy as he
straightened up. Instead of pulling my skirt down,
though, he began rubbing my pussy again. I tried to
reach his hands to push them away but I couldn’t stop
him. Within a minute I was horny again despite my fear
that we’d be caught. To my surprise, he was hard too
and I felt his cock reenter me, pushing easily into my
freshly fucked pussy.

This time he was rougher, pounding hard at me as I
held onto the bench and did my best not to cry out. I
thought he would last even longer this time but for-
tunately he didn’t because I he was banging me so hard
I was sure everyone had to know what was going on. I
felt him grasp my hips and plunge deep, then fill me
with a second load of cum. When he stopped cumming, he
immediately pulled out.

My mouth dropped open when I felt his cock, hard
again, rubbing my now swollen outer lips. Mark had
never been able to get hard three times in a row. As I
lifted my head in surprise, I looked out at the counter
and saw my husband, freshly changed into his softball
uniform, waving back at me. My pussy opened up under
the steady pressure as he called to me.

“Hi, honey. Holly says you’re working another
shift. I have to get going so I’ll see you after the
game.” With a wave, he was off. I looked over at Holly
in time to see a greasy looking man hand her twenty
dollars and walk toward the back of the tent.

Holly grinned at me. “Great news, Kathy. We’re
going to raise more money for the shelter than anybody

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