First time with dog ends up being knotty

At the age of 18 I was as horny as the next. I had been
into internet porn for years. Beside cum-shots, big
tits, dp’s the usual stuff; there were a couple of
things that interested me. Here and there on websites
I’d see a picture or a story relating to dog-sex. I
don’t know what it was but it turned me on. Nothing got
me to cum faster than a big red dog cock violating

I finally decided to try it. I had a large golden
retriever that had a good sex drive, you know with
constant leg humping and excited dog to say the least.
I went out to the garage and began to jack off, to some
porn I had. My dog, Fido was jumping around about with
excitement due to the activity. He eventually sniffed
in and licked a bit. I loved it. Being a virgin it was
the most feeling I’d had. I let him do it, each rough
lick driving me closer. I came as hard as I ever had
and immediately felt guilty.

A week or so past and I didn’t do it again until I was
drunk, but it was as good as before. It began to become
a thing for me to get him off the dog run after school,
and jack off. I would have trouble containing my hard-
on on the bus on the way home. Each bump down our dirt
road making me harder and harder until it hurt. It
didn’t help that the same bumps had all the girls’ firm
tits bounce just a touch.

After a few months of regular masturbation I began to
feel a new kind of guilt. I had noticed the dogs pink
cock poke out several times. I couldn’t help thinking
about it during the times after I came along with other
reasons it felt wrong.

But it being wrong was half the reason I came so hard.
The feeling was almost more intense sneaking out to the
garage, or going there after school before the jacking.
It was like a sick not in my stomach. So horny it
hurts, and so scared and ashamed to get caught that the
nerves just wrecked your guts.

The whole bit was getting to me. The smell of the
garage would send chills down the spine. I decided one
day as he was licking that I would pay him back. So I
reached down, no there was no petting or caressing, I
just reached down and grabbed his cock. He starts
humping furiously, and kinda mounts my arm. He came
shortly after I started. I hard a raging hard on form
this and easily jacked off after he was done. He was
mounting me after that and trying to get me to do it
again but I got mine so I left.

The next day I thought all day in school about him
trying to mount me. I had tried jacking off with anal
stimulation before and it was pretty good. I was
thinking about how that big hot dog cock would feel
pounding my virgin asshole. But I’m straight save the
dog jacking/licking. I couldn’t believe it. That just
added to the taboo and the knots in my stomach. That’d
be a pun later…

I got off the bus, and ran up to the house. I checked
for my sisters and no one was home. I waited for my mom
to call and my parents wouldn’t be home for 3 hours or
so. It was early in the school year so fall was just
starting, the smell of fall was thick and I quivered
with anticipation walking to the dog run behind the
house. I got him off his chain and lead him to the
garage, he was jumping and his cock was exposed
already. I closed the garage and began to jack. He
starting licking. I then decided to turn around and let
him eat my ass. I enjoyed a good eating as I was
jacking off and I came very hard.

After a few electric licks from him I decided it was
time to give him something back. After these weeks of
good cumming for me I had given him little more than a
hand job. So I decided to let him fuck me. I jerked him
a little and he immediately mounted me. I guided his
pink prick into my well licked asshole and he gave one
sharp jab. With that jab I lost my anal virginity, and
nearly squealed.

After the first jab inward he repositioned his feet and
started to fuck me with hard rhythmic thrusts. He was
fucking me so hard his feet were coming off the ground.
It was only painful for the first jab and after that it
was wonderful. His cock throbbed inside me and he made
me his bitch. He fucked my hole wide open, harder and

I didn’t know what to do or think I had never
experienced anything like it before, so I just shrank
lower and gave him better access to my anus, because it
felt good.

I felt pressure at the rim of my ass, and I didn’t know
what it was, until I remembered the lump in his cock I
felt when jacking him. I figured it wouldn’t be small
enough to get into my tight virgin ass, but as he
fucked me it slammed harder and harder into me. I saw
stars as he fucked the knob deep inside of my anus.
Pre-cum oozed out of my already drained cock and his
thrusts continued only shorter and harder. After a few
thrusts he stopped and I felt my anus fill with liquid

His cock unloaded more and more into me, and after a
bit of struggle it plopped out. He cleaned my well
fucked slightly torn ex-virgin ass, and then fucked it

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