Follow a sub through her first day of slave training, after being collared by her Mistress

The collaring ceremony and reception had been a great
success. It was a small affair but all had a good time.
There were only 10 people in attendance, but were very
close friends to the Mistress and her newly collared
sub. The actually ceremony had been short and sweet, it
had been just a mere formality as the two had been
together for 2 years now.

They signed the formal agreement, which they had drawn
up together. It contained limits, expectations, and
rules regarding their union. Next the Mistress
presented the sub with her collar. The gold collar came
in a beautifully hand crafted leather case, inside with
the collar was a gold necklace which was to be worn in
place of the collar, while the sub was at work.

The sub presented the Mistress with a gold necklace
that had a gold heart locket that was trimmed with
diamond chips. It was a symbol of the heart she was
giving to her Mistress, There was a dinner party held
after the ceremony, held at a lovely intimate
restaurant. The dinner party turned out to be one of
those occasions that everybody had such a great time
but you knew it could never be reproduced no matter how
much you planned or tried to imitate it again. After
dinner the mistress and her sub returned to their home.

As they entered, the sub looked anxiously at the
basement door then back to her Mistress. The Mistress
smiled at her sub and told her “there will be time for
that latter, we will start your training in the
morning.” The sub felt great disappointment, as for the
past month she hadn’t been allowed to her Mistress’s

The Mistress was having remodeling done to the dungeon
to celebrate their new life together, and wanted it to
be a surprise. The sub’s spirits were lifted as her
Mistress said, “tonight we will make love.” They went
upstairs together and shared a long night of

The sub woke up just before the alarm went off. Her
Mistress had told her to set it for 9:00 so they could
sleep in after such a busy day. She rolled over to put
her arm around her Mistress and smell her beautiful red
hair, only to discover Mistress was not there. She
looked around the room, seeing a note taped to the

The note read, “Good morning my love, your training is
about to begin. Put your robe on, but only your robe,
and go down and make yourself breakfast. There is some
fresh cut melon in the refrigerator, grab yourself a
small bowl and enjoy it. When you are through wash your
dish, and then hang your robe on the hook in the
basement door. Go ahead downstairs and be waiting for
me, wait as I have shown you how to wait. You may look
around at our new room, I do hope you enjoy it, I think
it has come out rather well.”

The sub grabbed the robe her Mistress had bought for
her. It was a short black silk robe that barely covered
her bottom. After eating she started down the stairs
with great anticipation. She had been down there
numerous times over the past 2 years but the last month
she had missed it.

Mistress always seemed to fill her role with much
greater spirits while down there. It had a post and
ropes from the ceiling and various tools of discipline
down there, but it still had always looked like a
basement. Exposed block walls, furnace, water heater,
and such things. As she neared the bottom of the stairs
she realized this had all been changed.

The walls were lined with a black velvet material.
Covering the velvet were beautiful pleated curtain
swags with velvet sashes. The curtains were a very
striking shade of Maroon. The floor had divided into
thirds. To the left there was carpet; to the right a
platform had been built it was only about a foot off
the ground. The center was still concrete but had been
painted black with a maroon circle painted in the
middle of the floor. The sub was sure that that was the
spot where she was to wait.

Looking back to the left, she noticed a large black
leather recliner underneath a bookshelf. On the shelf
were several leather bound books both new and old; she
knew what the books were, as she had been reading them
off and on for the past 2 years. They consisted of
Victorian lesbian erotica, bondage novels,
instructional books, and a few journals on case studies
of the submissive view.

She realized that this little corner library had been
built for her. Also on the carpeted area was a small
table for 2. It was covered with a maroon tablecloth
matching the curtains. On the table was a rose in a
silver vase next to a candle in a beautiful silver

In the center of the room in the middle of the painted
circle was the post. Although, it was no longer the old
wooden post it had been padded and wrapped in black
leather. From the ceiling there were no longer the old
white ropes hanging, they had been replaced with black
nylon rope. Also in that area of the floor there was
something new.

It was a pummel horse. It was padded and wrapped in
leather. In the middle a threaded bolt stuck out about
an inch. The sub could only imagine what kind of
attachments Mistress had to put on the bolt. There was
also a large chest of drawers as well as a trunk; the
sub knew they would be filled with various implements
of discipline.

Next to the platform where the large metal kennel used
to sit, was a slightly larger cage made of wrought iron
and painted black. Inside the cage was a large black
pillow that had the name sue stitched on it. Up on the
platform, running along the wall, was a padded bench
covered in black leather. The sub realized that she
wouldn’t be spending much time on that bench, but more
likely bound at her Mistress’s feet, as she rested on
the bench.

Looking over to her right the utilities were no longer
visible but had been divided by a wall covered to match
the outer walls. You had to really look to notice the
black doorknob sticking out of the wall.

Protruding from the new acoustic ceiling were various
can lights accentuating the various areas of the room.
Highlighting the post were 2 spotlights hanging from
the ceiling.

The sub went to the circle and stood straight with her
arms behind her back and head down to wait for her
Mistress. It seemed like hours but about 20 minutes
later she heard her Mistress coming down the stairs.
She could feel Mistress’s presence behind her, but
didn’t move, feeling goose bumps starting to pop out
all over her body. Mistress just stood there looking at
her for along time. Then she felt her fingernail
tracing a line down her spine, causing her to shiver.
Mistress walked in front of her but the sub didn’t look

“You may look up, dear, said the Mistress.” Looking up
the sub couldn’t believe how beautiful her Mistress
was. She wore a beautiful leather bustier that brought
out the highlights of her long red hair. She also wore
thigh high leather boots with heels to die for.

Mistress smiled at her, “I hope you like the room I
have made for us dear.” The sub started to speak only
to be hushed. “You can tell me latter hun, it is time
we start. Head down again and let me look at you.”

Mistress walked around inspecting her sub carrying a
long handled leather crop, which touched the ground
when her arm was down. She traced all over the subs
skin. Mistress went back in front of the sub, telling
her to look up. “From now on when I am in front of you,
look up at me, unless you are bound and prevented from
doing so. I want you to always look me in the eyes, so
you will see the love in them that I have for you.
Stick out your tongue.”

The sub did as she was instructed. The Mistress put the
crop just in front of her tongue. The sub started to
lick it. The Mistress pulled it away, screaming NO!!!
The sub looked at her startled, as the Mistress
explained, “I know you were just trying to anticipate
what I wanted but you need to wait for me to tell you
to do it. It is very important that you do only what I
ask of you. You must never assume. I will always let
you know what to do. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” answered the sub.

A quick slap on the breast with the crop caused her to
scream out. “When I want you to answer me I will say
your name at the end of the question. It may be luv,
hun, sweet one, slut, bitch, pet, or whatever else I
want to call you. I will only call you these things
when we are in role because I know it excites you. When
we aren’t in role I would never call you these names my
love. Understand, now slut?”

“Yes Mistress I understand,” which was followed by a
crop to each breast.

“When I want an explanation I will ask for it, unless
told otherwise, Yes Mistress and No Mistress will be
all that is necessary. Again it is a matter of waiting
to be told what to do, don’t assume.” The Mistress
rubbed the subs reddened breast.

“I know we have done things before this, but things are
different now, you must learn, as I know you will. I
know you are eager to please me, and I love that about
you, but you have to learn to wait and do only what you
are told. Does that make since to you little bitch.”

“Yes Mistress”.

The Mistress smiled, caressing the subs cheek, “Very
good dear. I can’t stress to you, how much I love you.
I will never strike you in anger. I only do these
things because I know you desire them. I am so blessed
to be receiving your gift of submission and my gift to
you will be to give you all that you desire.

“Down here you are my sub as well as my love. When we
are elsewhere you are my love and soul mate, I will
never hurt or belittle you. I want you to be yourself,
because it is you that I have fallen in love with. Down
here or when we are in roll elsewhere, we do these
things to show our love for one another.”

The Mistress went over to the chest and brought out a
smaller crop with a thicker leather end. Mistress had
explained to the sub sometime ago that she preferred
thick leather because it was less likely to bruise.
Whereas she liked to see her subs red, black and blue
did not appeal to her. According to her, bondage and
discipline involved some pain at times it didn’t need
to be severe to serve its purpose.

Although she had a bit of a sadistic side it rarely
showed and when it did it was never too severe. She
wondered why a person would ever want to hurt the one
she loved, as well as the one who had given her such a
special gift of submission. The Mistress returned with
both crops, tucking the longer one under her arm she
proceeded to swat the sub here and there bringing out a
nice shade of red. The Mistress told the sub how
beautiful she looked in that shade of red. The sub felt
tremendous knowing she was pleasing her Mistress.

“Now we will work on your positions, the first ones we
will go through are basic positions that you will use
here and also use them when we are with groups and
demonstrations. The other positions will only be used
in private for our pleasure. I will not have you
displayed like a piece of meat for public viewing. This
standing position you are in is the standing position.
Your next one will be called kneeling. When I hit the
ground once with my crop you will kneel, I may say the
word kneel but, not always.

The mistress step over to the right of the sub, the sub
lowered her head, as Mistress was no longer in front of
her. The Mistress complimented the sub for her actions
and told her how fast she was learning made her happy.
The sub was glowing with pride. She heard the crop hit
the ground once, bending her back she dropped to her
knees straightening back up hands behind her back and
head bowed. She heard a wish and felt a sharp sting to
her breast.

The Mistress proceeded to rub it. Telling the sub, she
knew it hurt but it was necessary because she had done
it wrong. “You are to lower yourself with your back
straight, it should be one fluid motion, I demand good
posture from you, I will not have other D’s thinking
you are a slob, I want them to admire you as I do. As
you assume this position you will cross your feet and
wrists behind your back, keeping back straight and head

The mistress flicked the crop into the air and said up.
The said straightened up and assumed her standing
waiting position, as the mistress walked in front of
her, the sub looked into her eyes. The Mistress was
smiling telling her good. “One thing I should explain
is that if another D is putting you through positions
at one of our groups you are to keep your head down, my
eyes are the only ones I want you to see.” A crack on
the floor sent the sub down to her kneeling position

The Mistress took the subs chin in her hand and kissed
her fully on the lips. ” The next position is called
down and will be commanded by the word down or 2 cracks
on the floor. All you have to do for down is rest your
ass on your feet while in the kneeling position. Two
cracks were heard and the sub lowered her ass on her
feet. Mistress rubbed her shoulders whispering how good
she was and how lucky she was to have such a good sub.

“The next position was called fours and was commanded
by 3 hits on the floor or the word fours. She was to
rest her hands on the floor keeping her feet crossed
and assume the doggie position. Mistress instructed her
that she should push her ass out as far as she could
and arch her back till it felt like her spine would
snap and hold that position until told otherwise. The
fourth position was called flat. She was to lean
forward arms stretched out in front of her wrists
crossed, forehead to the ground, ass as close to her
feet, which were still crossed, as possible.

This command would be done with four cracks on the
ground or the command flat. The Mistress held her in
the flat position for an excruciating amount of time.
The sub felt muscles tightening she didn’t know she
had. The aches and cramps were setting in. The Mistress
explained that the commands for her to rise would be
up. 1 up meant to go back to the previous position. Or
2 or 3 ups would be given having her go up that many
positions. When rising up more than one position she
was to go through the motions of the previous positions
just not stopping until in the position commanded. It
should be done in fluid motions.

They went through the positions for several hours, up
and down never stopping, receiving the occasional smack
when wrong and praise when good. Sweat was rolling off
the subs body. Finally mistress told her to go kneel by
the table as she went up the stairs. She came back with
a large bowl of melon. Sitting in the chair with the
sub at her side. She kissed her, telling her how good
she had done.

“Far better than I thought you would be, for our first
session. We have more work to do but I know you can do
it. We’re doing this to help you get into your role, I
am not doing this to be cruel. In 3 weeks we’re going
to demonstrate your positions at Jan’s party and I want
everyone to be impressed with you.”

The sub vowed then and there that everyone watching
would have never seen a better display of positions in
their lives.

The Mistress said, “But now you need strength,” and
started feeding her beloved pet the melon.

To be continued?

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