Gangs All Here

With the coming of the festive season there were plenty
out of town souls about enjoying some time at what they
had been building up to, in some cases for a year.
Cradock is a small river town of 2000 people about four
hours from the next town of any size at all. The only
connections with the outside are a single road, which
gets cut off by the snows and the river which freezes.
Because of the inaccessible nature of the surrounding
territory Cradock has become quite a cosmopolitan place
which provides an unusually wide range of services to
cope with the isolation which can last for months. The
miners, prospectors, trappers and small hold farmers use
it as centre for supplies and entertainment. Their kids
go to school there, their wives shop and they get their
entertainment. The locals all know each other and the
law, such as it are, is provided by good old boys from
deputy to magistrate.

Gaye was new to the town, just passing through she had
to stay until she could get enough together to fund the
next stage of her trip. She had been back-packing around
the country taking what odd jobs she could to pay her
way to the next town and ended up in Cradock more by
accident than intention. The semi had been going that
way and she hadn’t felt like walking any further so
she’d got in. The driver, Fat Mat was a slob who kept
leering at her and made repeated sly comments about
‘payment’ for the lift while scratching his crotch
beneath the overhang of his gut but she’d ignored him
and was just glad to get out when they’d pulled into the
truck stop at the edge of town. She’d been given
directions to the backpackers and after the unpleasant
ride the walk in the cold clear air had refreshed her.

The backpackers was of course almost empty at that time
of year but the large woman, Gloria who met her seemed
happy enough even if she did seem particularly
interested with her ‘lovely fit body’ and whether Gaye
had any friends with her or anyone who knew where she
was. There weren’t any and no one knew where she was
until she called them. The telephone was on the blink
just now but Gloria assured her it’d be back on in the
morning. She could get a feed just down the road at the
Cheeky Monkey, a dingy looking pub but one which Gloria
said served a good meal at reasonable prices and if you
could ignore the roughnecks it wasn’t a bad place at

Gaye, dressed in her only pair of jeans, by now after 6
months on the road, faded, thin and very tight, a
checked shirt, jacket and boots didn’t look too much out
of place in the Cheeky Monkey but she wasn’t a local and
she was the only woman present other than the barmaid
Christine. As she sat down to a plate of quite good
chili and a beer she could see, sense and hear the
comments from the half a dozen or so patrons who propped
up the bar yarning and listening to the C & W music
coming from the jukebox in the corner while waiting
their turn on the obligatory pool table.

Gaye carried her empty plate and glass to the bar
receiving the ‘pleasantries’ from the men as she did.
Christine told them to can it and show some form of
manners, they shut up but that hadn’t changed the
thoughts which their looks portrayed. She had another
couple of beers, one on Christine as they chatted about
her travels and the locals. It seemed a job could be had
at a few places at this time of year, mostly low paid
stuff but Gaye wasn’t looking for a career just the
readies to get to the next town. It seemed that each of
the locals in turn tried to hit on Gaye but Christine
deftly handled them. Her severe dark looks seemed to
quell them more effectively then Gaye would have thought
possible for a woman to do with country boys like those

Gaye thanked Christine for her help before walking back
to the Backpackers a block or so away. It was getting
dark and the cold hurried Gaye on, the beer had created
some urgency for her as her bladder suddenly reached
capacity. I’m going to pee myself she thought as she
made her way along the shadowed and almost deserted
street past closed shops and dark alleyways. Desperate
Gaye ducked into the next alleyway and behind a skip.
She quickly slipped her jeans down and squatted to pee.
The relief spread through her as her warm piss, steam
rising from it struck the concrete between her feet. She
was just finishing when two of the men from the Cheeky
Monkey stepped around the skip.

Gaye squealed and jumped up trying to pull her jeans up
but only managed to get them wet and stuck half way up
her thighs. The two locals laughed mocking her
predicament and further embarrassing her.

“We don’t like cheap trash coming here from the city and
pissing in our streets do we Rory?” said the taller of
the two.

“No we don’t Stevie. Don’t like that sort of thing at
all.” Replied Rory with an evil grin just being visible
in the low street lighting now becoming noticeable as
night encroached.

Gaye backed up, her wet, tangled jeans restricting her
movements as they closed in. “I’m sorry. Really, I was
just busting and had to piss before I wet myself.” She

“To bad by the look of the mess you’re in girl.”
Commented Stevie as he stepped closer blocking any
escape. “You can’t just piss on us and then walk off.
There has to be some payment. A fine if you like.”

“Yeah. A fine, fine little girl.” Crowed Rory as he
began to unzip.

“Please don’t.” Gaye begged.

“Now don’t you worry little girl. Ol’ Rory and me will
just give you an ‘on the spot’ fine and no one will need
to know what a filthy bitch you really are. Otherwise
I’m afraid it’ll have to be a citizens’ arrest and a
trip down to the lockup and you’ve heard about country
lockups.” Sneered Stevie.

Gaye tried to dodge around them but Stevie grabbed her
by the hair and threw her back into the corner between
skip and wall. She collapsed into the puddle of her own
piss causing them to laugh. She thought of screaming but
realised the futility of it in a hick town like this.
She was semi naked and lying in her own piss, who’d
believe her story set against that of her assailants,
locals. She gave up and accepted what was about to
happen. If she didn’t resist maybe all that would happen
is that she’d get fucked, maybe if she was lucky she’d
only have to suck them off.

Rory stepped forward, his erection sticking out of his
jeans. He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her knees.
“Suck it slut.” He commanded as he f****d her head into
his crotch. Gaye opened her mouth and closed her mind as
the hard cock pushed past her lips. She felt it slide
across her tongue and then force its way straight down
her throat. The beer thank God had anaesthetized her
somewhat and she only gagged and choked slightly as he
began to face fuck her. Normally she enjoyed sucking her
men off, she liked the feeling of control she had when
she engulfed their stiff cocks but this was different.
She wasn’t in any type of control and he was just using

“Come on Rory get her out of that corner. You’re not the
only one with a load you know.” Stevie impatiently
called from behind Rory.

Rory stepped back pulling Gaye forward as he clamped her
to his waist and causing her to scrabble forward through
her piss on her knees. Rory continued to push and pull
her head against his crotch, wanking himself with her
throat. Gaye vaguely noticed Stevie step behind her and
then felt him grab her hips and haul her to her feet.
His fingers roughly penetrated her lips and pushed into
her piss-wet cunt. She tried to scream at the rough
handling but she only gurgled around Rory’s cock causing
him to hump harder.

“Oh yeah. Fuck the bitch. Make her suck my balls all the
way down her slut throat.” He groaned.

“Here it comes city girl. A nice big bit of country
meat.” Stevie announced just before Gaye felt a hot cock
push into her hole. ‘Thank god for the piss’ she thought
as he rammed in dragging her flesh along with his cock.

The two men began fucking towards each other in
practiced rhythm and were soon clearly reaching their
orgasms. They pounded into her without care and she felt
like a piece of cheap abused meat as they almost
simultaneously groaned and she felt their semen shoot
down her throat in a thick, salty stream and fill her
now open cunt.

They stayed firmly and fully planted in her until they
had finished emptying their balls into her. She was
beginning to panic, thinking Rory would stifle her when
they suddenly pulled out and away causing her to fall to
her hands and knees before them.

Both laughed as they zipped up. “You’re pretty good for
a cheap city slut.” Commented Stevie as they moved away
leaving their victim drooling and dripping cum into the
piss puddle she was kneeling in.

Gaye vomited, semen, beer and chili erupting from her
lips as her stomach regurgitated in shock and revulsion.
‘You filthy bastards.’ She thought and then spewed

Gaye got to her feet and pulled her jeans up wiped her
mouth and staggered back to the backpackers thankful she
met no one along the way.

Gloria saw her come in but said nothing. She just
watched as she talked on the telephone.

Clean Up

Gaye stripped off as soon as she got into her room.
Being a quiet time she’d been able to get a room to
herself which would normally have had four in it. She
wrapped herself in a spare sheet from another bed and
quickly made her way to the showers at the end of the
hall toilet bag in hand.

The bathroom was surprisingly bright and clean with
white tiles with a blue motif, a lovely deep and large
bath and four shower stalls, all without doors, very
European. She dropped the sheet and stepped into the
first stall. The water came through freezing and seemed
to pierce her skin with a myriad of tiny spears but she
didn’t care she just wanted to be rid her the filth
she’d been f****d to kneel and in and had sprayed around
her insides.

The water warmed, steam billowed and she began to grow
pinker. She scrubbed her teeth furiously trying to
remove the taste of Rory. She used the soap, water and
scrubbing brush to purge herself of the events of the
evening, tearing away the filth and a***e with vigour
not often seen in a shower. Gaye used the soap to lather
herself concentrating on her pubic area turning her
short brown pubes into a mass of foam. She even thrust
the whole bar of soap inside herself repeatedly,
ignoring the burning of the soap on her torn tissues as
she pumped herself clean. She cleansed herself for
almost an hour until she felt sufficiently rid of the
filth to be able to sleep. She stepped from the shower
and towelled off amidst the steam.

With the events of the evening still echoing in her head
she was oblivious to real events about her and did not
take notice of someone entering the bathroom.

Suddenly there was a voice from the ether, “Are you

Gaye started and spun to see Gloria standing not a meter
from her.

“My God you startled me. I didn’t hear you come in,” she

“Oh I’ve been here for some time my dear. You really
gave yourself a scrub, especially where it gets sweaty
eh.” Gloria said with an evil grin spreading across her

Gaye felt her stomach turn.

“You, you’ve been there a while?”

“Quite a while. I’m surprised there’s any of that soap
left. You almost lost it didn’t you?” Gloria said with a

Gaye blushed furiously; it was evident even though she
was flushed from the heat and steam. “Umm, I umm,

Gloria moved towards Gaye who realised the other woman
had only a towel around her substantial body. “It’s okay
honey. We all need a good ‘scrub’ sometimes, especially
when we’ve been without IT for some time. You don’t need
to be embarrassed around Gloria. You wouldn’t believe
what I’ve seen in this place. A right Sodom and Gomorrah
at times it is.” She said with the soft, secure tone of
a dominant mother figure. It left no doubt in Gaye’s
mind. Gloria had designs upon her.

Gaye tried to find her voice but it was impossible, she
was stunned. ‘It couldn’t happen twice in one night
surely, especially with a woman could it?’

Gaye’s head only just came up to Gloria’s shoulder and
she was, at most only half the weight of the huge woman.
Her own 36C breasts seemed tiny compared to those
pressing against her with a gradually growing
insistence. Gloria placed her arm around the young
woman’s naked body as her towel fell to the ground
revealing her strong almost masculine body with its
decidedly feminine soft breasts and thick thatch of
black pubic hair.

She gently but firmly pulled Gaye to her stroking her
hair from her face and staring into her pale blue eyes
with her own black iris’ almost searing into the
smaller, vulnerable woman.

“I uh, I um I, I,..” she mumbled but was silenced by
Gloria’s lips kissing her with a soft passion.

‘It’s not happening.’ She thought. ‘It can’t be.’ She
dropped her guard; you don’t need a guard if it’s a

Gloria’s tongue found the inside of Gaye’s mouth and
explored with a growing urgency. Gaye could feel the
passion rising in this giant of a woman and knew she was
to be had, her first real lesbian experience seemed just
like some dreams she’d had in the past.

Gloria pressed against the smaller, younger woman
forcing her back against the vanity bench, which caught
her in the back of the thighs arching her back and
presenting her body in a provocative and vulnerable
position. The tongue seemed to be extra long and oh so
talented reaching everywhere and Gaye began to be
aroused. Even though she’d been through so much this
dream seemed so nice by comparison and she didn’t want
to wake up.

The feel of large hardened nipples pressing into her own
breasts excited her in new ways and the touch of the
other woman’s one hand sliding down her body across the
pink flesh towards her now super sensitive genitals made
her quiver with anticipation and an almost magical
passion. Her breathing accelerated and her heart began
racing, Gloria could feel it as well and the positive
reaction drove her on. She knew what it was like not to
have IT for quite a while and this young one was going
to get it and give it to her but good!

Gloria pushed Gaye onto the bench and pushed between her
thighs as she perched on the edge. Her fingers traced
their way through the short pubes and between the puffy
labia causing Gaye to gasp and thrust her hips forward.
Juices were beginning to flow and Gloria enjoyed the
feeling of excitement and reward as she explored new
territory. Her fingers, used the slippery juices to
slide inside the pliable opening and elicit a trembling
groan from Gaye who flopped back against the mirror in
submission to both her own disorganised passion and the
demands of the impassioned woman now inside her.

Gloria slid to her knees licking down across Gaye’s
neck, breasts and stomach before she began to gently
pull the labia wide apart and lick the flesh between
which was clean, soft, red and randy. Gaye gasped and
tried to close her legs but Gloria firmly pushed her
thighs apart and f****d her face deeply into the fast
opening hole before her. The scent, heat and memory of
what she thought she’d seen in the shower pushed her
over the edge and Gloria began to devour her victim.

Gaye screamed and came on the face between her legs. It
wasn’t a dream! She came and came and came. She ground
her clitoris into Gloria’s face, fucking the bitch who
was using her even when she’d been so abused. Groaning
and screaming with each orgasm she couldn’t help herself
she just had to get it out. She had to get back at them
and this bitch was going to pay for their behaviour.
Swearing and heaving her hips Gaye spasmodically fucked
herself to oblivious release. She was stretching wider
and wider around the fingers intruding into her and the
oh so long tongue felt like it was almost licking her
tonsils from the inside. Gloria loved it, Gaye didn’t

For weeks Gloria had been frustrated having to wank
regularly, sometimes during the day she’d slip into the
office and have a quickie on her own fingers. The
regular sight of young naked bodies only added to her
frustration and on a few occasions she’d even sneaked
into darkened rooms and stood in corners to wank herself
off as couples had fucked just feet from her. Now she
had a young horny bitch who’d been wanking in the shower
fuck her face and scream her delight for anyone to hear.
She was beside herself with lust and tried to enter
Gaye, head first, pushing her tongue inside and sucking
the others clitoris until it had swollen and was so
sensitive that Gaye came with each touch.

Gloria, her hair now released by the exhausted Gaye sat
back on her heels and smiled as she looked at her handy
work, an exhausted young woman who was now going to pay
for all that pleasure. She wiped her face and licked her
hand clean of the others juices.

“Like that eh?” She rhetorically asked. “Well it’s my
turn now little girl. Enough of this slacking get down
here and eat me.”

Gaye opened her eyes to see Gloria sitting back on her
towel with her legs spread and her genitals beginning to
show through, a red slash between the long black pubes.
She had noticed the command in Gloria’s voice and could
see determination, lust and stern determination on the
flushed face of the other. She roused herself, the
movement causing her impassioned, swollen flesh to
contact the bench and cause her to moan.

“Get it together darling. I need it real bad and I am
going to get from you, aren’t I?” demanded Gloria.

“Oh yes.” Was all Gaye could say as she almost fell
between the parted thighs and for the first time in her
life tasted another woman.

She stuck two fingers from each hand into the clearly
cavernous hole before her and pulled it open, the smell
of aroused female rose to intoxicate her and juices
flowed out in a tiny stream a of thick white cream. She
dove in and drank from Gloria’s gaping hole, lapping up
the leaking juice and nuzzling deeper into the large
fleshy folds. Gloria’s cunt was so large it engulfed her
nose and lower face when she withdrew her four fingers
and f****d her to pull her head away to allow her to
gasp a breath just before Gloria growled and grasping
her head f****d her to suck and lick deeply.

Gaye began to panic, Rory had done this, well almost and
she began to struggle. Gloria, almost climaxing, locked
her thighs about the head between them and rolled onto
her stomach effortlessly taking Gaye with her. She
wriggled onto her knees over Gaye’s face and squashed
own to bury the others face up her now huge hole and
came. Gloria always produced copious amounts of what
could only be called ejaculate when she was with a woman
and Gaye now experienced this. As Gaye tried to breathe
she found she had to swallow. She couldn’t hope to move
the giantess and so she drank the pouring juice and
prayed she be allowed to gasp a breath before she was

Gloria felt her sucking, licking seat struggle and this
added to her pleasure as she came, the power, the
exaltation of release after so long and the promise of
more to come. She collapsed to one side in a heap of
temporarily sated woman clasping her fanny and panting.
Gaye gasped and gulped air, sticky, sweaty and in need
of another shower. They lay together for some time
luxuriating in the release of post coital bliss before
Gloria stirred and took control.