Gary’s harem

“You’re shitting me! Gary Franks actually came over to talk
to you?” Trish scribbled another shorthand notation on
her pad to help her remember the story.

“He did better than that. He was accompanied by the most
beautiful blonde that I’d ever seen in my life. As they
joined us at our table, he introduced me to the most
beautiful example of Scandinavian womanhood in the
world. Tashia sat down beside me and I couldn’t listen to
Gary’s words for staring at her beautifully exposed
cleavage. I admit I was in instant lust for this new
beautiful woman. I would’ve done anything that she
requested of me at that moment, even cut my dick off if
she’d asked me. Her dazzling white teeth, her beaming
smile, her flawless complexion, her gleaming blue eyes, her
full lips, her beautiful mane of thick blonde hair, and her
luscious perfectly-curved body was too much woman for
this man. Her seductive perfume’s delightful fragrance
filled my nostrils with dreams of desire as I stared into her
delightful eyes. She was too much woman for one man to
handle. And she was sitting immediately beside me,
making me feel as if I was the most virile man in the world.
She laughed at my silly jokes as if I was brilliant, she
smiled at my obvious stares as if there was hope of a
romance for me; and most importantly, she fueled my
sexual ego. I was the Champion Stud of the World at that
moment with Tashia and Marcie at my table.”

“How did Priscilla stack up against the competition?”

“I regret to admit it but she blended into the background
after a couple of seconds, except for an occasional attempt
to keep us aware of her presence. The two women were
listening to Gary as he told a dirty joke. I’d heard it before
but those two women’s giggling and laughing caused me to
laugh so hard that I almost fell out of my chair. Then Gary
did something unexpected – he asked Priscilla and me to
join him at this table. Well, it only took one little finger of
Tashia’s hand wrapped around my little finger, to lead me
back to his table. Tashia sat me down beside her and
Monique while Marcie guided Priscilla to her side of the
table. For an hour, I was regaled and wined by the most
beautiful dozen women in the world.”

“I could see you leaving me for someone as beautiful as
one of Frank’s women, but I’m still amazed at you falling
in love with Priscilla.”

“Quit being so catty and listen to my story. As soon as we
left our new good friends, Priscilla said `There’s something
wrong. Marcie was ugly, overweight and a declared
horseman.’ I’d never heard of horseman used in that
context and asked her to explain. She said that the
college-day Marcie was an avowed feminist who was also a
masculine lesbian – thus the British expression of
horseman. That previous college-days version of Marcie
kept suggesting to Priscilla that they take the Wall Street
Journal, a jug of wine and go on a picnic. Apparently
Marcie wanted Priscilla as a lover but that type of sex
didn’t appeal to Priscilla – she was very opinioned about
sex and women didn’t turn her on. Any way, Priscilla said
that there were more than just the physical changes that
we had seen in this new Marcie, that her complete attitude
had changed. This new Marcie appeared to be a quite
dedicated sexy vixen who lived only to serve her man –
Gary Franks. Priscilla told me that she checked out
Marcie’s new appearance quite well while I was busy with
Tashia and saw some slight physical resemblance to the
college-day Marcie. But as she adamantly declared later
`that the bitch has had a hell of a lot of modification to her

The slight slurp sound of Trish sipping on her coffee broke
Bryan’s train of thought. As he paused to regroup, Trish
asked “There are usually obvious signs of surgery and I’ll
admit that it’s easier to find someone who’s been surgically
improved than to find someone that’s completely real and
natural. But from what I’ve heard about these women,
they all look so natural and perfect, that there’s rumors
that methods other than surgery have been used.”

“That’s what Priscilla thought also. That night as we laid
curled up naked in bed, she talked about Marcie, then
about our project, then about Tashia, then about us, then
about Diana – a stunning redhead who sat next to me at
the table, then about my old job. I didn’t realize it but she
was evaluating me. Everytime that she mentioned one of
the women, I got an erection, but quickly lost it when she
changed the subject to my life with her. I discovered too
late how she was testing me and when she angrily jumped
up out of bed, it was too late. As she ran into the bathroom
and locked the door to keep me out, she screamed that my
physical reaction to those women hurt her. I tried to talk
to her but she sat on the other side of the door crying and
sobbing about how she thought that we had something
special then I threw it all away because a beautiful woman
smiled at me. I told her that I hadn’t done anything but
talk to her friends and that she was there watching me
behave myself. She answered by sobbing something about
how my hands behaved but my `eyes didn’t behave’. She
said that the way that I stared at those women all evening
made her feel like an ugly fool. I tried to talk some sense
into her but wound up spending the night on the couch.”

“Do you have an erection while you’re talking to me?”
asked Trish in a teasing, sultry voice.

There was no change to Bryan’s voice as he ignored her
question “That was the beginning of the end for us. The
next day, she went out and when she came back, she told
me that she’d taken a part time job working for Gary. That
upset me because I needed her but she told me that she
was way ahead of me on doing research and that we could
use the money. I knew that she was right about the
money, so I agreed to her job. As if I had any say in the
matter. That evening, she did something unusual. You
joke about her – shall I say – personal-grooming habits,
but there were several things that she detested. And one of
them was shaving her legs. Normally she would shave her
legs every Friday night. By Wednesday, her legs were like a
piece of sandpaper with her heavy leg growth. Well, it was
Tuesday and she shaved her legs. She came out of that
bathtub, smelling all good and clean – so good that I took
advantage of her shaved legs. Then the next day, she again
went to Gary’s place to work. When she came home, she
was wearing lipstick, which was something unusual for
her. She told me one time that smearing waxy colored
substances on one’s face was a throwback to the pagan
rituals that we hadn’t outgrown as a society. As soon as
she came in the door, she attacked me with her kisses and
led me back to our bedroom. After we made love, she
slipped into the bathroom to clean up and shaved her legs
again – which was twice in one week. She came out of that
bathroom all shaved and her lips gleaming so pretty that
we messed up the bedsheets again.”

“Sounds like the typical `so that’s what it takes to turn on
my man’ scenario. She saw you fawning over the attractive
women and saw how Marcie had been able to overcome
her previous ugly appearance. Sounds like she decided to
see if she could improve upon herself.”

“Yeah, and that’s what she did. Everyday, it was some little
thing that was different about her. By the end of the first
week, she had long red fingernails. They were fake but
certainly an improvement over her lifelong gnawed-to-the-
quick fingernails. And she was wearing makeup from the
time that she got up, to when we went to bed. She would
walk out the door in the morning and come back, looking
like she’d spent the day in the beauty parlor. Everyday,
there was some improvement to her when she came home.
And she always came home horny. By the end of the
second week, she had long red fingernails, a new curly
hairstyle, some new clothes in her wardrobe and had lost
ten pounds. She said that she needed the clothes because
of the weight loss, but these were clothes that she wouldn’t
have wore before – clothes very similar to the clothes that
Marcie and those other girls wore. But the most amazing
change in her was her vocabulary and choice of reading
material. Her technical magazines were thrown in the
trash and she was reading Cosmopolitan and all those
women’s magazines. At night, instead of lying in my arms
and talking about deep subjects such as `why mankind
must adapt to social change’, she’d talk about how great it
was to have sex with me. She stroked my sexual ego
instead of stirring me intellectually. I accused her of
becoming a bimbo once and my wild statement actually
pleased her. I’ve never seen anyone change the way that
she did.”

“Sounds like you reacted to her changes and you probably
fueled further changes.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But she was losing
weight, firming up her body, improving her complexion,
and beginning to look mighty damn attractive. By the end
of the month, she didn’t look like the same woman. Oh,
don’t get me wrong – she wasn’t as beautiful as one of
Frank’s women, but she was a hell of a lot more attractive
than when I first met her. By that time, I had just about
used up all the research that she had previously collected
and suggested that she return back to her work. She
declined, suggesting that we use a research service. I blew
my top and raised hell. That’s when she did the most
unbelievable thing. She gave me her first blowjob.”

A loud cackle echoed off the newspaper’s walls, as Trish
laughed so hard that she almost dropped the phone. When
she recovered to where she could talk again, she asked “All
this time of living with her and she wouldn’t blow you until
then. I used to do that just to get you aroused.”

“I know. And it was a sensitive subject between us. She felt
that taking a man’s penis into her mouth demeaned her
and was another throwback to those old pagan ritual days
– or she used to feel that way. Anyhow when she was the
old Priscilla, she was very old fashioned in her lovemaking
– very exuberant and long-lasting, but old fashioned as to
what she would do and the positions. But this new
Priscilla was like a just-awakened nypho who had to catch
up. She was so great and satisfying that I couldn’t
complain. After all, I wasn’t about to turn down good
pussy, which just kept getting better. I was getting so
much pussy that I thought that my life was just about
perfect. And I quickly learned to shut up inquiring about
social change in America and learned to enjoy a woman
who would suck me dry where ever and whenever I wanted
it. We were like two adolescence teenagers whose parents
went away for the weekend. We did it all as often as we
could. I didn’t care that she wasn’t doing any research
anymore or that her vocabulary had dropped down to
using words with only two or three syllables. I did care
about the medicine that I discovered her taking one day.
She had some pills that she admitted that she now took
every day and various creams that she rubbed on her
body. I’ll admit that she looked better and that her breasts
filled out firmer, but I didn’t like her taking any unknown

“Did you get the names of the pills or creams?”

“No, they were all private labeled. The next day, when she
went to Gary’s place, I searched the apartment and found
all of her pills and creams. I hid them and she didn’t say a
word when she discovered that they were missing. I asked
her not to take any more unknown chemicals and she
purred something about “but those pills help me find the
inner me”. I tried to make her mad so that she would tell
me the truth but she wouldn’t get mad. I knew that she
continued taking those pills when she was at Gary’s place.
And that’s about the time that she did something else that
really amazed me. All along, I’d occasionally seen Marcie
when she brought Priscilla home but one evening I was
stunned when I heard Priscilla’s key in the door and it was
Marcie by herself that walked through the door. Marcie
had Priscilla’s key and a small overnight bag. She told me
that Priscilla wouldn’t be home that night and Marcie was
there to make sure that I wouldn’t be lonesome. I was
pissed at the way that Priscilla felt that she could
manipulate me. So mad, that I fucked Marcie the first time
in the living room. Yeah, I knew that I was being
manipulated but I didn’t care. Marcie did turn me on and
she wasn’t the sort of woman that you would kick out of
your bed. By the next morning, I was so worn out from our
vigorous all-night lovemaking session that I didn’t care if
Priscilla never returned home. That woman could show a
football team a thing or two about endurance. Marcie
stayed with me all day – I didn’t get a bit of work done. She
changed clothes two or three times but it was to model her
lingerie for me. Whenever I asked what was happening
with Priscilla, she’d shove one of her fantastic boobs into
my mouth and convince me to forget about her. Two very
wonderful nights and two days of making love to Marcie
and I was beginning to wonder what was going on. Then
Tashia showed up and replaced Marcie in my bed. I was in
heaven. I’ve never tasted pussy as sweet or sucked on
breasts as nice as her.”

“Well, excuse me. I think I’ll go somewhere and just let my
sour pussy and sagging pancake breasts die.”

“Trish, you know what I mean. When we were lovers, I
enjoyed being with you but there was just something
about these two women, that was better than normal. Sort
of a move up from Dairy Queen to Haagen-Dazs ice cream
type comparison. Anyhow, Tashia stayed with me for three
long days. Then Priscilla came home – or rather the new
Priscilla. I suspected that she was having surgery – that’s
why the other women were there to distract me and when
she walked through the door, I knew it. But I’d never seen
any surgery before where you heal in only five days. Her
face had tightened and firmed up as well as developed
cheekbones. Her nose was now slender and her lips were
fuller. Her new face with her beautiful wide-eyes made her
look like an innocent angel – that is until you let your eyes
drift from her face to her body. As for her body – it was
quite obvious that her breasts were a full cup size larger.
She’d gone from a sagging C cup to a pert and very plump
D cup in just five days and there were no surgical scars.
She swore up and down that they were the same size as
when she left, but I know the difference between
grapefruits and oranges. She had grapefruits now. Nice
grapefruits with thick nubbins for nipples. And there were
other changes too. She’d lost a lot of the dark hair on her
arms and legs so that her limbs were now covered with a
smooth downy layer of fine hair. Her complexion had
cleared up, her hair was thicker and richer as well as
colored a dark brown with light blonde highlights. Her
droopy ass had firmed up and she had an overall Playboy
type body – not a centerfold like Tashia’s body but she was
getting close. She went from being a frumpy dumpy
overweight housewife to a sex goddess in less than six

“Wheee, that sounds like something that I need for myself.
I need to get rid of these flat pancake tits. Would you like
me better if I had some really big hooters? Do you like
cantaloupes better than grapefruits? How about
watermelons?” asked Trish, dropping her voice to a sultry
sound as she ended her question.

“No one needs what they did to her. I’ll admit that she was
beautiful and had a fantastic body but they did it at the
price of her mind. She wasn’t Priscilla anymore. Just as
she told me about how Marcie had changed mentally, she
changed also. She didn’t care a damn thing about my book
or her former job. She was just there to be my playtoy – to
share my bed and satisfy my sexual needs. I’d give her a
book and ask her a question. If she knew the answer,
she’d tell me but she wouldn’t spent more than a couple of
seconds looking through the book before she would try to
distract me. I thought that six times of having sex in one
day would be my all-time personal best, but that first day
that she came back home, I got my rocks off an record
nine times. She was like a possessed demon who knew
just the right whistles and bells to turn me on and keep
me turned on. But there comes a time when you have to
drag your ass out of bed and go back to work. I was way
behind my schedule because of all the fucking so it was
something that had to be done. But no, she didn’t care
about my book. And it was hard to be mad at her because
of the way that she smiled and serviced me. Two weeks
after she came back home, I only had three pages done –
that’s supposed to be one afternoon’s writing. Then Gary
and his entourage came to see me.”

“Uh-oh, sounds like bad news.”

“Yeah, it was. He came to claim his newest member. I was
trying to work on my book and she was in the bathroom.
When the doorbell rang, it surprised me to find him and
his dozen women in the hallway. I invited him in, not really
knowing, but suddenly understanding why he was there.
When she walked out of the bedroom, wearing her new
skin-tight, dark evening dress and high heels, I knew that
she hadn’t dressed like that for me. He had made himself
at home in my easy chair and she sat down on the chair’s
arm, her exposed firm upper breasts only inches from his
eyes, as sat there beside him looking at me like a sultry cat
who was purring for her master – only I wasn’t the master.
Gary told me that since she’d shaped herself up so much,
he’d invited her to join his little troupe of entertainers and
that she’d accepted. He told me that I was lucky to have
such a fine woman and that he would share some of his
other women for awhile with me – when she was with him.
I lost my temper and told him to get the hell out of my

There was a pause then Brian continued “I jumped up
from the couch and as I angrily approached him, Priscilla
stepped between us, pleading with me to calm down. Her
soft arms and warm breasts pushed me back to the couch
and her nimble fingers unzipped my trousers. Right there
in front of him and all those other women, she showed him
how she could control me. And as long as she had my dick
in her mouth, I was doing anything she wanted. She
guided me back down onto the couch and kept her head
buried in my lap as he talked to me. Denise, a stunning
African-American had taken Priscilla’s place on the chair’s
armrest. I vaguely listened to Gary as he said that he
collected beautiful women and that Priscilla had
volunteered to join him. That she was his new concubine
and that she would be spending less and less time with
me. However, because he liked me, he was willing to share
some of his older girls with me until I found someone new
for myself. I think that’s what he said. I was having a
difficult time concentrating because of Priscilla’s warm
mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock and also
because Denise unbuttoned her blouse revealing her
magnificent boobs. As soon as I was about ready to
explode my load into Priscilla’s mouth, she pulled back
and Denise stepped forward to take her place. That woman
had a deep mouth and could suck an apple through a
straw. She sucked me completely dry before swallowing a
drop. I didn’t see Priscilla or the rest of them leave because
Denise and Nelda were keeping me busy. It was the next
morning before I even had a moment to think about what
had happened, then Nelda attacked me again.”

“Sounds like a fair trade. Two cunts for one. What did
Nelda look like?”

“She was like the Irish wholesome-looking sweetheart.
Flaming red hair with an Irish temper to match and
freckles all over her body. I’d never realized before that
freckles could be pretty on the right person. She was five
foot two inches of pure dynamite and Denise was six foot,
three inches of pure legs. She could wrap her long legs
around my neck and make me wish that she would
squeeze me to death. It was about that time that I realized
that although all of the women were stunning, there were
slight differences that made each of the unique. Denise
was long legged and her dark skin brought out the savage
beast in me. Nelda was the freckle-faced girl-next-door
type of ing,nue who could lie in bed beside me and
whisper me into daydreams of trapped on a remote island
with her. Tashia was pure sex and body with large breasts.
The other women had large c-cup sized breasts but Tashia
had a full d-cup. As for Marcie, she was like an executive
secretary – a professional by day but a hell of a woman at

“Was that the last time that you saw Priscilla?”

“No, Gary rotated some of his other women over to keep
me company and one night about two weeks later, I
thought that I was doing a menages with Lucy and
Caroline. I was blindfolded and eating dear sweet Lucy out
while Caroline rode me. Only when I took the blindfold off,
it was Priscilla that I’d been eating. She and Martha had
sneaked into my apartment and swapped out one at a time
with my current paramours. It’d only been two weeks since
I’d seen her last but there was more obvious changes to
her appearance. Her face had become beautiful, somehow
becoming almost as glamorous as Tashia. The main
difference between Tashia and the new Priscilla was that
Tashia was more outdoors looking and Priscilla was more
innocent looking with her wide eyes. Both women had
similarly shaped bodies. Her chin was firmer, her
complexion looked healthier, there was more of a natural
rosy glow to her cheeks, her size D cup breasts had grown
even further so they were now DD cup and her body
looked as tight and fit as if she’d lifted weights all her life.
Her legs were firm and shapely and didn’t need the daily
shaving. Oh yeah, she was now a blonde with shoulder
length hair that had grown about six inches in the two
weeks. Even her pussy hair was a golden honey color and
was very fine instead of her previous course dark pubic
hair. I barely recognized her even as intimately as I knew
her former body.”

“That’s not possible. You can bleach it but you can’t
change the texture of public hair. I know because I tried to
convince someone that I was a natural blonde when I was
in college. I wish that we had known each other back then.
I thought I was a cute perky little blonde.”

He ignored her comment and continued “Somehow she did
it, just as she changed everything else about her body.
And as I told you before, she was now a giggling, silly
bimbo who didn’t care to read the paper or know what was
going on in the world. The woman who used to quote
Socrates now acted like she couldn’t even spell his name.
She only thought about or talked about subjects that were
glamorous or sexual or grooming. She wouldn’t come out
of that bathroom until every hair was in its place and she
looked completely perfect. Anyhow when I discovered who
it was in bed with me that night, I fucked her and then fell
into an exhausted sleep. When I woke up, she was gone –
as were all of the other women who had been sharing my
apartment. There was a note from her, saying that by now
I should be over her and to please forget her. And that
none of the other women would be coming by to see me