George And Lisa Discover ‘The Plan’

George was huffing back home on his bicycle after an
exciting and confusing afternoon with his girlfriend
Lisa. As usual, George had spent a few hours at Lisa’s
house after school. This had become a routine for them
in the past several months. They would talk of the
day’s events; who was doing what around the
neighborhood or at school. Sometimes they would sit on
the sofa, watching a movie or program on TV.

Today was different. Today there was something else in
the air. George could sense it when he arrived. No one
else was home, Lisa and her mother lived alone and her
mother was usually at work. Lisa is a beautiful girl, a
real knockout. She is 5’9″ tall, intelligent, blond,
athletic, very nice firm body. But today there was an
extra special glow about her.

After the usual comfortable session of TV watching,
Lisa began to caress George as they were sitting on the
sofa. George turned to her and the caress became a
consuming hug and a passionate kiss. George was
startled at first but quickly decided this was a good
thing and began getting into the mood, kissing back.
They had made out many times before, kissing and
petting. But this was a notch up in intensity.

Lisa’s body seemed very warm. Her usually firm body was
soft and smooth to the touch. George was getting very
excited and it began to show in his crotch. He was
getting the hard-on of all hard-ons and it was
beginning to hurt, all cramped up in his jeans.

After about a half hour of kissing and caressing, Lisa
pulls George to her and wraps her arms tightly around
his neck, George hugs back feeling Lisa’s firm breasts
press into his chest. An exciting, warm feeling is
growing in each of them as they press their bodies

Then Lisa pulls George to the floor. She lands on her
back with George kneeling on the floor next to her. She
takes George’s hand and presses it tightly to her right
breast and squeezes. George, not a total dummy, gets
the idea and begins massaging Lisa’s breast through her
blouse. She is bra-less and he can feel her erect
nipples straining through the material.

George is beginning to get worried. What is Lisa trying
to get started here? Lisa parts her legs a bit, takes
George’s other hand and places it on her jeans over her
pussy. It is damp and warm, even through the jeans. He
begins palming and massaging her pussy and tits.

George is stunned. Here is a gorgeous girl in front of
him, all hot and seemingly ready for the taking,
writhing with passion, her head rolling lightly back
and forth with George’s caresses. George gets a little
scared. As far as he knows, both of them have yet to
experience full sex. He is finding it difficult to
resist the temptation to pounce on his beautiful

George gets a further shock when Lisa puts her hand
over his penis and starts grabbing it through his
jeans. “Oh God!” George thinks to himself and he almost
comes right there in his pants. It takes all his
concentration to keep from creaming his jeans. Finally
under control, George tells Lisa that as much as he’d
like to continue, he has to meet his dad at home in
fifteen minutes. It’s a lie but George needs to get
away and think about what is happening here.

George and Lisa compose themselves and stand up. There
is love in Lisa’s eyes and George sees it. He feels a
huge warmth inside him he’s never felt before, it’s a
bit scary but wonderful at the same time. He’s got to
go before something happens he may regret. He and Lisa
hug, and with a final kiss, George and his hard-on make
their way out of the house where he painfully mounts
his bicycle and heads home, an excited and confused
young man.

Lisa had met George eight months earlier when her
mother and George’s father met and started dating, both
being widowed nearly ten years earlier. Lisa had been
in a private girl’s school since she was 12. Now both
George and Lisa were 18, seniors in High School and
about to graduate as virgins, which was ok with them.

Lisa likes George a lot. He is good looking, just like
his father. He’s tall, smart and considerate. He is not
like any boy she had ever known. He had become a
genuine close friend in these last several months. Lisa
was worried today’s encounter might scare him away.
Although he seemed delighted with the events, she
detected hesitancy in his reactions plus that lame
excuse to leave to meet his dad. She knew it was a lie
but let it slide.

Lisa wasn’t sure why she felt so excited and tingly
when George came into the house for their daily ritual
of conversation and TV watching. She had felt a sudden
passionate love for George as they were sitting on the
sofa. An irresistible urge to kiss him came over her
and she wanted him to caress her, kiss her, and fondle
her. Her tits were extremely sensitive, her nipples
were getting hard, and her pussy wet. George’s
caressing sent sparks through her body that ended up as
wonderful sensations between her legs.

Lisa wondered why her libido was so high. Perhaps she
is ovulating, she thought. She does a quick calculation
from her last period. Yep, it’s the perfect time for
her. She decides her hormones are making her horny and
smiles to herself. She’d felt lust for boys before but
never anything like this. She liked the feeling, a lot.
A sensuous sigh escapes her lips as she realizes she
could have willingly ended up naked on the floor with
George inside her, pumping her full of his seed, her
hormones blinding her to the consequences.

Lisa is not on the pill and knows how dangerous it
would have been to let George cum in her. She shakes
her head to clear her mind. “Whew, what a rush! That
was a close one!” she thought to herself. It was
probably a good thing George left when he did,
otherwise she’d likely be pregnant with his baby right
now. Lisa silently thanks George for being such a
gentleman. Being close to him on the sofa today must
have caused her reaction, she thinks. Maybe he was
emitting pheromones or something. Lisa realizes she is
falling in love with George and decides to play it
cooler in the future and see what develops.

Meanwhile, George pedals himself home in record time.
His hard-on has finally gone down, leaving a dull ache
in his balls. The clouds in his mind start to clear and
he comes to the conclusion that Lisa wanted to have sex
with him today. She was horny and wanted him! He knows
Lisa is not on birth control and that she knew it was
unlikely he was carrying any condoms but still, she was
hot for him today! The warm feeling he felt earlier at
Lisa’s returns. George believes he is in love with Lisa
and she with he. He saw it in her eyes this afternoon.
The swelling in his chest gets bigger and he takes a
deep breath. George resolves that the next time a
situation like that presents itself to him, he is going
to take Lisa up on her offer, even if he knocks her up.
He also resolves to eventually make Lisa his wife. He
figures he’d better distract himself from these
thoughts and start to prepare for dinner with his

That evening when George goes to bed he can’t get the
vision of Lisa out of his mind. He imagines her
beautiful, young body next to his. Although he has
never actually seen her naked, he can imagine her firm
tits, smooth pussy and shapely hips. The warm swelling
in his chest comes back as does his hard-on. His balls
are aching again; they are overfilled with sperm.
George usually sleeps in the nude. He throws off the
covers exposing himself in his room, grabs his cock and
jacks himself to a crushing orgasm, sending cum all
over his stomach and bed. It takes several minutes of
gasping and panting to recover, his cock still firm.

Lying in bed, Lisa is dreamily thinking about making
love to George. Although never experiencing it herself,
she imagines what it would be like to have passionate
sex with George. An intense warm feeling is growing
between her thighs that has her hand sliding down her
trim tummy and hips to seek her hot pussy where she
discovers she is very wet. The nub of her clit seems
about twice as big as normal and is exquisitely
sensitive. Lisa scoops some of the wetness from her
cunt and rubs herself to the best cum of her young
life. “Wow! My hormones are really raging!” she
thought. “Can just thinking about George cause this
delicious feeling? I think I need to be careful around
him. I might let him make me pregnant if I’m not
careful.” She sighs and smiles at the thought.

The next day, George returns to Lisa’s house as usual.
She answers the door with a big smile and a perceptible
glow. The warm swelling returns to George’s chest.
After some refreshments and casual conversation, they
begin making out on the sofa. There is a lot of
caressing and stroking. The sensation of their hands
stroking each others skin, even through the clothing,
sends thrills through both of them. The TV is never
turned on again.

George sees Lisa nearly every day. They become devoted
to each other. The opportunity George had resolved to
take advantage of does not materialize. Although
somewhat frustrated and with blue balls, he is happy to
be in love with this beautiful creature. Nighttime
finds him dreaming of Lisa and stroking himself to

Lisa is surprised at her self-control over the past
weeks. She too is deeply in love. She wants George
forever. Her clit is getting a good workout just about
every day, sometimes more than once a day. She imagines
what George’s cock would feel like up her cunt instead
of her fingers.

George’s dad, Mike and Lisa’s mom, Mary have been
dating steadily since they met eight months ago.
Usually when they went on a date, they’d leave Lisa and
George alone together at one or the others house. They
figured the teenagers were old enough to take care of
themselves without supervision. Sometimes Mike and Mary
would take George and Lisa on a “double date,” usually
to a movie, or dinner or outdoor activities like hikes
in the mountains. When they went overnight though, Mike
and George paired up in one hotel room and Mary and
Lisa in another. They all seemed to enjoy each other’s
company and genuinely had a good time. Mike and Mary
could sense that Lisa and George were becoming more
than just fond of each other. And when George started
coming to see Lisa nearly every day, they were sure. A
plan begins to hatch in Mike and Mary’s mind.

After a nice combined dinner date, Mike announced that
a month-long vacation at the “cottage” for all of them
would start a week after school gets out for the
summer. Mike and Mary have arranged to get a whole
month of vacation from work and they decided to spend
it together at the cottage with the kids.

The ‘cottage’ is a small home Mike and George inherited
from Mike’s parents. It is located on a fairly large
lake, surrounded by forest. It has a sandy beach, boat
and boat dock, two small and one large master bedroom,
and a combo room that connects the kitchen, dining and
living rooms and one small bathroom. It has a great
picture window that overlooks the lake.

Mike, George’s mother Kathy and George used to spend a
lot of time there. Since Kathy died ten years ago, they
have not been there much. The fond remembrances of
Kathy made the trips a bit sullen. But now, with Mary
and Lisa coming, new life will be there to light up the
cottage with fun and laughter. Mary and Lisa have heard
about the cottage. Lots of fresh air, water skiing,
swimming, slow pace. Everybody is looking forward to
this vacation getaway. George takes Lisa’s hand in his
and squeezes. They look at each other lovingly. This
maneuver does not go unnoticed by their parents. They
respond by squeezing each other’s hands and giving each
other a soft kiss.

“Thanks, dad” George says. “This is going to be a great
vacation, maybe the best ever.”

“I’m sure it will be, son. The very best ever.” Mike
says with a wink.

“Thanks Mike, we’re going to love it.” Mary and Lisa
say simultaneously.

Mike’s wink set George to thinking “What’s he up to? Oh
well, this is gonna be great!”

The travel day to the cottage arrives and Mike and
George pull up in their SUV to pick up the women for
the trip. They get to the cottage rather late, unpack
and settle in. George and Lisa each take one of the
small bedrooms and Mike and Mary move into the Master
Bedroom. After dinner, everyone is sleepy and retires
for the evening.

As was the custom at the cottage, the bedroom doors are
left open to allow the cool night air to circulate
through the house. The cottage becomes quiet. Only the
night birds can be heard and the only light is that of
the moon streaming in through the picture window. It is
so quiet George can hear his b***d pulsing in his ears.

Something awakens George out of his sleep. He hears a
thump followed by a rhythmic swishing sound then
another thump coming from the direction of the Master
Bedroom. George decides to check it out. Maybe it is a
tree branch scratching against the house, or maybe an
owl on the roof. Or maybe it is his dad and Mary making
love! His curiosity aroused, he creeps out into the
common room wearing only his gym shorts where he finds
Lisa already out there dressed in a wrap-around robe.
When she sees George in the moonlight she slinks over
to him.

“George, I heard something about five minutes ago and
came out to see what it was. I thought it was outside
but now I think the noise is our parents going at it. I
think they’re having sex!” she says softly with a wide
grin and enthusiasm in her voice.

“Yeah, I heard something too.” George whispers. More
satisfying sounds are coming from the Master Bedroom.
“I think you’re right. Yeah, they’re really screwing!”
says George, trying to keep his voice low.

“They must be in love. I think it’s cool. I’m happy for
them.” Lisa whispers.

“Yeah, me too,” replies George. After a pause he
whispers, “Let’s watch! I’ve never seen anybody
actually doing it, have you? The moon is shining
enough, we should be able to see what they’re doing
from the open doorway.”

“Are you kidding? What if we get caught?” asks Lisa.

“We won’t get caught. Besides, they’re too busy to
notice us anyhow. Ready?” George asks.

“Oh, ok. Let’s be careful.” Lisa agrees.

George takes Lisa’s hand and guides her slowly and
silently around the furniture and up to the Master
Bedroom door. The glow of a nightlight from the bedroom
helps them see as they approach the door. All the
while, delicious sexy sounds are coming from the
bedroom. The thought of real sex going on just a few
feet from them has George’s cock at full attention.
Lisa senses it too, getting a warm spot in the pit of
her stomach that seems to have moved to her pussy.
Finally they are in position. With George on his hands
and knees and Lisa leaning in on his shoulders both
kids lean forward and peer into the bedroom.

Lighted by the bedroom nightlight, the kids can see
some up and down movement in the mirror. As they move
further into the doorway and look directly at the bed,
they inhale a small gasp. The bed covers have been
pushed to the floor. Mary is on her back with her knees
up and spread, her feet on the bed and Mike between her
legs, his cock slowly fucking her wet pussy with
deliberate deep strokes, his large balls swinging with
each thrust. They can see Mike’s big glistening cock
repeatedly appear and disappear into Mary’s very wet
pussy. Her firm breasts are jerking in time with the
fucking and she is pushing her pussy up to meet Mike’s
thrusting, issuing soft, satisfied whimpers with each

The kids pull back from the door. “Wow!” Lisa whispers.
“I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, and
it’s my own mother too!” she says softly, grinning,
trying not to giggle.

“Yeah, and now you know how she became your mother!”
teases George. Lisa smirks and pokes him in the ribs
with her elbow. “My dad’s got his cock in your mom all
the way all right! I wonder if he is going to cum
inside of her or pull out. I didn’t spot a condom, did
you?” George asks.

“No, I didn’t see anything on him. I know my mom is not
on any kind of birth control, me neither for that
matter.” Lisa adds.

More urgent sounds emanate from the bedroom, getting
the teen’s attention. The bed thumps against the wall
more than once in the obvious rhythm of sex progressing
to climax. George takes Lisa’s hand, and resumes his
hands and knees position in the doorway. Lisa leans in
on him so she can get a good look.

Mary’s knees are pulled up and her feet are off the
bed, swinging in time with Mike’s thrusts. He is
driving deep into Mary and his movements are gaining
speed and power. Mary has her hands on his waist,
occasionally moving them to his butt to pull him deeper
into her. She begins to moan and thrust her hips harder
into Mike’s thrusts. She tilts her head back, arches
her back, straining and shouts, “Oh, Mike. I’m coming.
I’m coming. Ohhh yesss. I’m coming. Keep fucking me.
Fuck meeeee!” After about 10 seconds of strained,
stifled moans, Mary slumps back onto the bed with a
gasp; her knees now pulled way up to her chest. Mike
fucks Mary through her orgasm; his breathing becoming
more and more labored until he finally pushes his cock
deep inside Mary’s juicy pussy and holds. His balls are
pulled up tight and his ass cheeks clench. In the glow
of the nightlight, Lisa and George can see the area
between Mike’s balls and asshole pulsing. Even though
they can’t see his cock anymore they know Mike is
pumping his sperm deep inside Lisa’s mom. “Oh, yes! Cum
in me, darling! Give it to me! Give me everything
you’ve got!” Mary moans, no longer trying to keep
herself quiet. Mike pulls out a little then rams his
cock back into that lovely cunt, grunts, clenches his
ass again and pumps more cum into Mary’s already filled
pussy. “Oh Mary, I love you,” he gasps, collapsing onto
her. Mary’s knees drop back so her feet are again on
the bed. After about half a minute of panting, Mike
again starts a slow fucking motion in and out of Mary’s
cunt. George can see his dad’s balls relax and drop
down to cover Mary’s cunt, his ball sack loose, his
large balls clearly visible. The kids can see cum
oozing out of Mary’s pussy from around Mike’s still
hard cock, her sopping cunt making squishing sounds
with each stroke. Mary relaxes further and her legs
settle to Mike’s sides. She slowly humps back at his
still hard cock that is sliding effortlessly through
her pussy, both of them moaning softly, satisfied.

All breathing has stopped with Lisa and George. They
stare in disbelief at the erotic scene before them,
their mouths agape. Finally, Lisa rolls off George and
both of them stand up, and silently look at each other
with wide-open eyes. George motions Lisa to follow and
they make their way back to the middle of the common

“That was awesome. That was so hot!” “Did you see all
that cum oozing out? He really gave it to your mom all
right.” “And your mom, she was terrific!” whispers
George, smiling broadly, his cock hard as nails.

“Do you understand what’s going on in there?” Lisa

“Well, duh…” mocks George.

“No, no, not just that. They are trying to get my mom
pregnant. They are really trying! I’m just a week into
my cycle but my mom, well, she’s in the most dangerous
time of hers and she knows it!” exclaims Lisa in a hard

George pauses, thinks and says, “If you’re right, we
may have just seen your mom getting knocked up with our
brother or sister!”

“Yeah…” Lisa pauses to absorb all she has seen and
heard. “George, I’m feeling kind of weird. I’ve got
this odd feeling in my stomach, like butterflies, and
it’s spreading all over. Hold me, George!” says Lisa,
falling into George’s arms.

George embraces Lisa and holds her tight; her face is
pressed against his bare chest. He can feel her panting
breath on his skin, her tits pressed against his body.
She is breathing hard and feels very warm. Lisa pulls
George even closer in a strong embrace, looks up and
plants a passionate kiss on his lips. George kisses
back and they are soon kissing fiercely and hugging
each other.

They pause and separate a little. Lisa’s robe falls
open and George can see she is naked underneath, her
robe draping to her sides. He draws in a little air.
“She’s naked right here in front of me! God, I’m so
hard! She’s so beautiful. I’m so lucky.” George thinks.
He reaches around the inside of Lisa’s robe with both
hands, stroking her nude warm smooth body. Lisa lightly
gasps and shudders as George explores the curves of her
body with his hands, brushing the sides of her breasts,
down her waist, onto her perfect hips and around to her
tight ass. As George pulls her hips to him, Lisa can
feel his hard cock press through his gym shorts against
her stomach. Lisa raises her arms, hugging George
around the neck, making her naked breasts more
accessible to his touch. He pulls Lisa to him and feels
her bare breasts and hardening nipples press into his
chest. They hug each other even tighter, just swaying
back and forth in the glow of increasing passion.

George relaxes his grip on Lisa’s ass and moves one
hand to her tits. They are perfectly shaped, firm and
smooth with pert nipples that are getting very hard.
George massages her tits lightly, stroking her nipples
on each pass. “Mmmmm, that feels real good,” she moans
softly, her eyes closed. George’s stroking is sending
shocks of excitement from her nipples directly to her
pussy. Lisa can feel herself getting wet and a ball of
warmth is forming in her crotch. George moves his hands
slowly to Lisa’s hips and then around to her smooth
butt. He presses his palms into her ass cheeks again,
pushing her crotch to his. The feel of her body pressed
into his is getting George super stimulated. He moves
his hands back to her hips, just enjoying the feel of
her skin. Lisa reaches down and places her hand over
his cock. She can feel his amazing hardness through the
shorts, then moves lower to caress his balls. George
flinches reflexively. “I’ve never felt a man’s balls
before,” she whispers is a sultry tone.

“You’ve still not felt them, try going inside my
shorts,” suggests George.

Lisa is excited by the suggestion and moves her hand
up, then under his waistband, sliding her hand down the
front of his tight stomach. George is panting in
anticipation; his beautiful girlfriend is about to
lovingly fondle his manhood. Lisa encounters his cock,
sliding her hand across the straining member, placing
her hand lightly around it and gently squeezes.
George’s brain is fighting for control, his body
tensing, his balls aching. Lisa’s touch is driving him
wild. She releases his cock and moves further down and
cups his balls in her hand, gently massaging them,
exploring them. George sighs at her wonderful touch.
“There, I found them. They feel so warm and firm. They
feel big and heavy and your cock feels wonderful,” she
says dreamily. George moves one hand from Lisa’s hip
around to her pussy, all the while in contact with her
skin. Lisa trembles as she feels George’s warm fingers
slide down her flat tummy to her pussy and along her
slit. Her pussy is nearly hairless with a patch of soft
blond hair above. George concentrates on mapping every
feature of her pussy with his fingers. His hand gently
explores and massages her pussy. Lisa opens her legs a
bit and George slips his middle finger up her cunt
lips, occasionally brushing her clit. Lisa’s head snaps
back at the touch. “Oh, George,” Lisa sighs. “That
feels wonderful, keep doing that.”

Lisa’s hand is still in George’s shorts gently
massaging his balls while George fingers her cunt, each
getting more aroused. They don’t want the moment to
end; it feels so nice, so warm, and so right. The smell
of each other’s arousal is assaulting their noses,
driving their passion further.

More sounds come from the Master Bedroom. There is some
rustling, low talking, strong kissing noises and
giggling going on in there. Lisa removes her hand from
George’s shorts and George pulls his hand from her
twat. Lisa’s arms are once again around George’s neck
and his hands are resting on her hips. They look toward
their parents’ bedroom, look at each other and get a
big smile on their faces.

Lisa whispers to George, “Let’s go to my bedroom and do
what we just saw our parents doing. I love you George.
I’m ready for you to make love to me. This ache in my
belly is moving lower and I want to make love to you.”

“Oh Lisa, I love you too,” George says, his chest
swelling with love. “I’ve wanted to make love to you
for weeks,” he says. With that, George pulls her
closer, enveloping her completely in his arms. Lisa’s
bare breasts are crushed against George’s bare chest,
her nipples rubbing and pressing into him sending small
shocks to her crotch, a pleasant warm ache is building
in her pussy. The feeling is electric for both of them.
George’s gym shorts covered cock is pressing against
Lisa’s exposed flat stomach; a wet spot is forming on
his shorts. Slowly, they grind their crotches together,
feeling the physical and emotional warmth that love
brings, their passion rising with each movement. George
releases his hug and whispers, “let’s go, my love.”

As they move silently hand in hand to Lisa’s bedroom
they can hear familiar sounds coming from the Master
Bedroom. George looks at Lisa and whispers with a grin,
“I think they’re doing it again.” Lisa gets a big smile
on her face. “Yeah, it’s beautiful,” she says as she
imagines the baby-making going on in the other room.
She thinks about what it will feel like with George
deep inside her. Her pussy is aching to find out.

Once in the bedroom, Lisa drops her robe to the floor.
She turns to see George has already shucked his shorts.
Even in the subdued moonlight, she can see his broad
shoulders and trim hips. His cock is standing proud and
erect in front of him and pointing straight at her
pussy, his big balls visible, hanging low under his
cock. He looks to be at least as big as his dad. She
gulps, wondering if it will fit inside her. She takes a
deep breath when she sees a bead of cum forming on the
tip of his cock. She knows he will be cumming inside
her soon and hopes she will be able to feel it when it
happens. “You’re beautiful,” she says to George.

George is taking in the beautiful sight before him. The
beautiful Lisa is standing totally naked before him.
Even in this dim light her perfect shape, her large
round tits, shapely hips and inviting pussy has him
panting, he feels a warm pressure in his chest.
Watching his dad fuck Mary has stoked his desire to a
fever pitch. His balls are aching. His cock is aching.
He can feel pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock.
“Lisa, you’re absolutely gorgeous!” he says

After a few moments of gazing at each other, they
embrace and kiss, crushing each other and delighting in
the sensations of naked body contact, hands exploring
every inch of each other. They fall onto Lisa’s bed,
still in their embrace, and roll over until George is
on top of Lisa with her legs apart and he between them.
George pushes up on his arms, sits back between Lisa’s
legs and gazes. He reaches forward to her cunt and rubs
his hand through her bare and wet pussy lips, lightly
brushing her engorged clit. Lisa feels her pleasure
building and pulls her arms up next to her head, fully
exposing her wonderful tits. She lovingly looks back at
George, beckoning him with her eyes. George reaches up
to her tits and massages them, kneading them. Lisa
closes her eyes and moans in response. He leans over
her again, lowers his mouth to one of her nipples and
sucks, hard. Lisa jerks up and explodes in orgasm. “Oh,
God. Ohhhhhhh,” she wails, her body writhing. George’s
attention to her clit and nipples has thrown her over
the edge. A wonderful rush that started in her pussy is
now all over her young body. Her pussy is pulsing like
mad, sending a stream of creamy juices flowing from her
cunt. George’s fingers keep working her cunt and clit,
his hand getting wet in her juices, his lips and tongue
continue lightly caressing her nipples. Lisa squirms
under his attentions and moans. Her clit is very
sensitive after her orgasm and even light touches send
thrills through her body. “Oh, George. Thank you, that
was great! I’ve never felt anything like that in my
life! I’m still having mini orgasms. My pussy won’t
stop fluttering. I feel wonderful,” Lisa says sweetly.
George is enjoying giving her pleasure and maintains
his work on her nipples. He releases her pussy and
brings his girl-cum coated hand up to her breasts where
he is still sucking her nipples. He licks her cum off
his fingers. He likes her juices’ sweet musky smell and
tart taste. He is leaking cum faster than ever. When
Lisa calms a bit, he moves up to her face, kissing her
passionately on her luscious lips. “It’s time, my
love,” he says.

“Yes, I know. I’m ready. I’m very ready. I’m more than
ready. Take me, George. Fuck me!” says Lisa

George moves further up Lisa’s body until his cock is
just in contact with her pussy lips. She flinches and
starts slowly hunching her hips toward him. George
grabs his cock, sliding it up and down Lisa’s slit
until he finds her slippery hole and starts a slow,
even push into Lisa’s virgin tunnel. Her pussy has
expanded in anticipation of her first full sex and her
brain is set to accept her lover into her innermost
spaces. Her juices have been flowing for about a half
hour and she is well lubed but she is still incredibly
tight, causing George to press hard but carefully,
feeling her slick tunnel spasm around his cock. In one
continuous push, George slowly slides his rampant cock
into his girlfriend, past the remains of her hymen, all
the way into her depths until his balls come to rest on
her ass. As he invades her deepest recesses, Lisa
instinctively pulls her knees up, opening herself to
George’s advance. George is all the way in Lisa and
holds himself still, he knows he is pouring dangerous
pre-cum into her cunt and is frozen, straining not to
blow his nuts into her yet. Lisa’s cunt is continuously
rippling in mini orgasms, driving him further toward
climax. Her first cock-induced orgasm is building with
just George’s stationary cock in her cunt. He does not
even have to move to increase her building orgasm; her
flexing hips are fucking them both. She never imagined
anything feeling this good in her life. An intense
orgasm is building and dancing around through her cunt.
Her pussy walls are rippling. George is gritting his
teeth to hold off when Lisa wails “OHHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHH
MY GOD! I’m coming again! Oh God, I’m coming on your
cock! OOOOOO,” she says with a moan. It’s too late to
worry about trying to be quiet now.

Straining his muscles, George can’t hold back any
longer. His cock swells and blasts a huge spurt of
potent cum deep into Lisa’s cunt. “AHHHH, OOOOO, Oh
fuck!” cries George. He holds in deep, straining, when
a second and third spurt of hot cum pumps into her. She
can sense his cock swell and feels the pressure and
heat of his first blast against her cervix, her eyes
fly open wide and she yells, “I can feel you cumming in
me! It can feel it deep inside! It’s so hot!
OHHHHHHHAHHHHHIEEEEEE!” as she is overtaken by an even
stronger orgasm. George’s ass is clenched. He can’t
seem to move; his muscles are locked. His cock is
jammed into Lisa and he can’t move. It’s like he’s in
sensory overload and is paralyzed, grunting and pumping
stream after stream of his sperm into young Lisa.
Finally, his spurts subside, his thighs and ass are
cramping as he relaxes. Although he has just pumped a
huge load into Lisa, he remains hard and, after a short
rest, begins the slow fucking motion he knows he will
be enjoying the rest of his life.

Lisa can feel every bump and vein on his cock in her
hypersensitive pussy as he slowly saws in and out. She
reaches down to his ass, pulls her knees up further and
rides his magnificent cock. Their copious combined
juices are running out of Lisa’s cunt and down the
crack of her ass to the bed. There is plenty left
inside her to keep them slicked up. George’s cock
begins to stiffen again and he starts driving into Lisa
faster and harder until she begins gasping, reaching
for another orgasm and getting it. “Uh, uh, uh, uh,”
she grunts with each stroke. “AAAHHHH! I’m coming
again! OHHHHH!” she moans. George fucks Lisa through
her orgasm and feels his own building deep in his
balls. “Oh God, Lisa. I’m gonna cum again!” he grunts.
He pushes deep into Lisa, her knees up, her hands
pulling on his ass, her hips rocking against his virile
rod, working to get him to blast his cum yet again into
her cunt. His cock sends a steaming jet of dangerous
sperm-laden cum deep into Lisa’s teen pussy, then
another and still another, into his lover. His spurts
slow their ferocity and he can feel his cock begin to
soften as they collapse into each other’s arms and
begin to relax.

Lisa is totally spent, reveling in the post-orgasmic
glow of her first fuck. The warm ball that started
earlier in her stomach has been quenched, replaced by a
hot, wet, sticky, wonderful feeling in her cunt. She
feels warm and loved. Her lover is atop her, his cock
deeply planted in her cum-filled pussy. When George
starts to pull his shrinking cock out of her sopping
pussy, she can feel the gush of their cum running out.
“Biology sure is a messy business,” she muses to
herself with a huge smile unconsciously spreading
across her face.

George looks down upon Lisa and says softly; “I never
imagined a feeling like that in my wildest dreams. I’m
glad I could make you come. It was wonderful. You’re
wonderful,” as he rolls off Lisa to her side, facing
her, his softening member lying across her leg.

“I’ve never had such strong orgasms. I didn’t know I
could have so many at one time! I never wanted it to
stop. I could feel it when your cock pulsed in me. I
had a huge orgasm when I felt your hot cum inside me. I
loved every moment. No wonder sex is such a popular
thing to do. I like it. I like it a lot! I’m glad I
waited to have my first time with you,” she says gazing
lovingly at George.

“I’m glad too, it was fantastic,” he replies, smiling,
kissing her forehead. Lisa cups her hand to her pussy
and feels his thick cum flowing from deep within her

They caress and kiss each other for a while and decide
they’d better take a shower and change the bed. They
sneak into the shower and quietly clean each other’s
bodies. Standing together in the warm water, soaping
and stroking each other’s young body, they explore each
other in detail, paying particular attention to tits,
pussies, cocks and balls. After they shower and rebuild
Lisa’s bed, they prepare to go to their separate beds.

” I won’t have any problem getting to sleep tonight.
How about you?” George asks, smiling.

“I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight,” Lisa says
with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

“Good night my love, sleep well,” they say to each
other with a kiss.

It may have been easy for George to get to sleep but he
does not stay that way. His brain is re-living the
events of the day in his dreams. About four in the
morning, George is replaying the part where he blows
his nuts into Lisa. He wakes up with a start and a
massive erection and can’t get back to sleep. He keeps
stroking himself while thinking about his beautiful
girlfriend’s pussy and her sexy body just ten feet away
in her bedroom. He decides he needs some relief.

George slips into Lisa’s room and sneaks into her bed.
Lisa, lying on her side, wakes up from her own dream of
lovemaking, smiles and reaches out to George. He
engages her embrace and rolls her onto her back,
spreading her legs as he positions himself between her
knees, laying down on her and pressing her into the
bed. George has his arms strongly around Lisa,
delighting her by passionately kissing her face and
neck. She feels warm, safe and happy, enjoying his
loving attention. George lifts up off Lisa and looks
lovingly into her eyes. She can see the lust in his
gaze and happily realizes she’s about to get fucked
again, hard. Lisa slowly draws her knees up in
anticipation, making her pussy more available to him,
inviting him to take her. George mounts her quickly,
plunging his rock-hard cock balls deep into her creamy
pussy on the first stroke and begins to frantically
pound her willing cunt. He is driven by the primal urge
to fill her with his sperm again; nothing else matters.
After hammering her slick hole for a good five minutes,
George feels the exquisite pressure of his pending cum
rising in his balls and thrusts as deep into Lisa as he
can, unleashing a huge torrent of cum into her pussy.
George’s frantic fucking drives Lisa to one orgasmic
spasm after another. When his cock swells and pumps his
hot cum inside her, she feels it splashing against her
womb, triggering an intense orgasm. She screams her
release, pulling him to her, “AHHHHHIIIIEEEE!” Two more
jets of hot come flood her insides then he pulls back,
pounds back in her again and drives two more thick
spurts of live sperm into her welcoming cunt. Lisa is
overwhelmed by the ferocity and intensity of George’s
ardor. She likes it. George slowly pulls out of her
sopping cunt and slips out of bed, gently pulling the
covers over his lover, kissing her tenderly on the
lips, and then returns to his room, never saying a
word. Lisa is left lying in bed, exhausted with her
legs splayed open. She has a satisfied loving feeling
in her chest and a fresh load of cum leaking from her


Ten AM finds a group of very “rested” vacationers
emerging from their bedrooms, going through their
morning routine of showers and preening, and starting
to prepare for breakfast. Mike and Mary look great
together as they work on breakfast. There is no mention
of the previous night’s activities from anyone. The
conversation is small-talk, like: “Are we going water
skiing today?” or ” Let’s go to the little cafe in town
later for lunch.” or “How about a walk on the beach
this afternoon?” It was apparent everyone was getting
into the vacation spirit.

After breakfast, Mary and Lisa decide to go shopping in
town and bring back some groceries for the week. They
skip off on their errand. On their way out, Lisa gives
a peck of a kiss to George and Mary plants a big,
luscious kiss on Mike. George and Lisa notice.

When they leave, Mike approaches George with a very
serious look on his face and says “George, I want to
talk to you about last night.” George’s heart sinks.
“Oh no,” he thinks, “They heard us fucking. Now I’m
really going to get it, good.” “Son,” Mike continues,
“if we are going to knock up these women, we need to be
fucking them as often as we can.”

“What?” blurts George, totally stunned.

“I said, if we are going to knock up these women, we
need to be fucking them daily, as many times as we can
manage” Mike says dryly.

Mike knew his statement would shock George. “Look
George, Mary and I decided over a month ago to get
married and start another family while we are still
young enough. We could have two or three kids before it
becomes impossible for us. We planned this vacation
with that in mind. Why do you think we chose this week
to come up to the cottage? It was timed around Lisa’s
period. Mary is usually about a week ahead of Lisa.
These next weeks will be the best time to get them
pregnant. We didn’t want you to know of our ultimate
plan until we were completely sure about your and
Lisa’s relationship. Right now, Mary is telling Lisa
the same story I’m about to give you.” Mike explained.

“Mary and I have been screwing for months now, George”
Mike said, pausing. “Don’t look so shocked! You never
suspected? I guess after last night, you should have no
doubt.” “You know how we would bring you and Lisa
together at one or the other houses when we went on
dates? It was for two reasons. Initially, it was to
give you companionship while we were out on our dates.
We wanted you to get to know each other in case we
eventually decided to get married and be a family. You
didn’t know this but if you two did not get along, we
would have ended our relationship. You two are that
important to both of us. Later, when you and Lisa
seemed ok with each other, the arrangement allowed us
access to the other’s house so we could fuck each
others brains out without distraction.” Mike continued.
“When we saw you and Lisa’s relationship developing
more seriously, we began to put together another plan.”

“And about last night. Mary and I intentionally tried
to make enough noise fucking to get you two out of your
bedrooms to investigate. We wanted to stimulate your
interest in each other. It was kind of a test of your
passion. It was also a turn on knowing you two were
there watching. The mirror works both ways, you know.
We left the nightlight on for your benefit.” Mike
explained. “And, from the sound of you two making love,
I’d say you passed the passion test with flying colors.
It sounded like you nailed her at least three times
last night. Mary and I banged each other hard after
listening to you two going at it. How many times did
you do her? You ever do that before? It sounded really
hot. We enjoyed it.”

“Last night was the first time for either of us ever,
with anyone. After we watched you two get it on, we
made out in the living room for a while and got all
excited. When we heard you two going at it again, we
went to Lisa’s room to make love. I’m sure both of us
knew we were going to have our first sex together.”
“Your stimulation plan worked! Lisa must have come four
or five times our first time, maybe more. I came inside
her twice. Sex with Lisa is terrific. We showered and
went to sleep in our own beds. Later, I woke up with a
huge hard-on from dreaming about Lisa. I couldn’t get
back to sleep so I went to her room hoping to fuck her
again. She must have been dreaming the same dream as me
’cause she was really ready for me; you know what I
mean? I managed to get her off again after I came in
her for the third time. I loved giving her pleasure and
making her come. She was wonderful,” explains George.
“I can’t believe we are talking about this!” he adds,
wanting his father to get on with his story.

“Believe it. There’s more to come.” “After we heard you
two going at it, we knew we could tell you of our
ultimate plan.” “George, do you love Lisa?” asks Mike.

“Yes, I love her very much. Lisa is wonderful. She’s
pretty, she’s smart, and we seem to connect all the
time. She’s become my best friend. She’s like no other
girl I’ve ever been with and I’d like to marry her some
day,” George says with enthusiasm.

“Good. It’s even better than good, it’s terrific!” Mike
exclaims. “It must be hereditary because I feel the
same about Mary. I’m very much in love with her and she
with me. I never thought I could love another woman
again after your mother died but I truly do love Mary.”
“Our ‘plan’ is for me to get Mary pregnant during this
vacation. When we get home, we will be getting married.
Our hope is that you and Lisa love each other and will
want to marry as well. We can make it a double
wedding.” “We’ll buy a house big enough for all of us
to live in. Or maybe two houses next door to each
other.” “If Lisa agrees with our plan, we want you to
make her pregnant too. That’s why I was talking about
knocking them up earlier,” Mike explains. “Mary and I
can have our babies, you can have yours, hopefully lots
of them. We can help raise our c******n together. Sound
like a plan? What do you think?” asks Mike.

“Well…” George stammers, not sure if he should feel
embarrassed, honored, tricked, lucky or what?

“George, We’d love to have you both as an intimate part
of our family plan,” adds Mike.

George ponders a bit. “Well I… I… I… I don’t…
well, yes. I would love to have Lisa as my wife and
make a big family with her. I think it’s a great plan.
I still have to finish college and Lisa told me she’d
like to go into nursing. Yeah, it’s a good plan. I like
it. I hope Lisa likes it too.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure she will. You two are made for
each other. I can tell she is madly in love with you.
We can see it whenever you’re near each other. It’s
magic.” Mike says with a wink.

“It shows that much, huh?” asks George with a grin.

When the two women return with the groceries, it is
apparent that Lisa got the full story from Mary. She
has a sheepish smile on her face and approaches George
slowly. She holds out her hands and George takes them
into his, drawing her to him. They stand for a few
moments, gazing into each other’s eyes. Clearing his
throat, George says, “Lisa, I love you very much, will
you marry me?”

“Oh God, yes! I will marry you. After mom told me of
their plan, I hoped against hope you would think it a
good idea. Thank you George, you’ve made me very happy.
We can have as many c******n as you want. Six at least,

“Thank you Lisa. I’ll make you a great husband and give
you as many kids as you want, I promise,” crows George.
He and Lisa embrace in a great hug and kiss deeply.

“So… lets get started on those babies!” says George.
“Mom, dad.” he says. “Will you excuse us? We have a
‘plan’ to work on.” He sweeps Lisa up in his arms and
carries her to his bedroom leaving the door open for
the benefit of Mike and Mary.

Once in the bedroom, they immediately strip. Lisa leaps
onto the bed and rolls onto her back to face George.
She opens her legs exposing her beautiful pussy and
holds out her arms to invite George to her. George
jumps into position between her legs and they embrace.
Lisa has her arms around George and he has his wrapped
around and under her as they hug their bodies together.
They can feel the thrill of her sensitive tits crushing
against his chest and his rock-hard cock pressed
against her groin. They kiss passionately, tongues
exploring their mouths, bodies writhing against each
other, skin to skin contact raising their passion. Lisa
feels happy and tingly all over; an exciting warm glow
is spreading all over her body. Her fianc� of two
minutes ago is about to make passionate love to her.

Ever since she learned of the ‘plan,’ Lisa has been
thinking over and over again about the image of her
mother and Mike trying to make a baby and about George
and she making love. She thought about being pregnant
and the three loads of cum George has already pumped
into her. The more she thought about it, the hotter and
wetter her pussy became. When George proposed, she
actually felt her pussy gush. Now she is horny as hell
and her pussy is aching and wet. Her body is ready and
she wants to be bred by George. She pulls him close and
whispers in his ear, “I love you George. Make me your
wife. Fuck your baby into me. Do it now.”

Lisa pulls her knees up higher, inviting George to
enter her. Lisa’s words have switched George’s brain to
mating mode. His cock is rock-hard and his balls are
aching to be emptied into Lisa. He gets up on his arms
and prepares to mount his fianc�e. He grips his
engorged cock and moves the tip to the entrance of her
pussy. Lisa’s hot wet pussy is spasming in anticipation
of being penetrated. He rubs his cock up and down her
slit, splitting the lips ever so slightly. The response
is immediate. Lisa pushes her hips up at him, causing
the tip of his cock to enter her private channel.
George applies steady pressure and slides smoothly and
deeply into Lisa. She feels him parting her, the walls
of her slippery cunt throbbing against this welcome
invader. Finally he is in all the way, his large aching
balls resting against her ass, his cock buried in the
loving embrace of Lisa’s cunt.

George settles down on Lisa in a lover’s embrace. She
wraps her arms around him, pulling her knees up,
fucking his cock with her hips. She reaches down and
grabs his ass, pulling him into her. George knows what
she wants and begins a slow withdrawal from her cunt,
then pushes back again in a steady motion, sliding
easily into her slippery hole. In and out he goes at a
steadily increasing pace, his balls slapping against
her ass. Lisa pulls George’s face to hers and plants
her lips on his, moaning into his mouth as her orgasm
builds. She rocks her hips in time with George’s
thrusts to allow him deeper penetration into her baby
factory. His chest is rubbing her nipples, sending
wonderful shocks to her cunt. Her orgasm is about to
crash upon her with an intensity previously unknown.

Finally it hits. She breaks their kiss and shouts,
“AAARRRRRGGGGHH! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Cum
in me! Knock me up! Make me pregnant! Give me your
babyyyeee!” as a torrent of orgasmic pleasure washes
over her again. Lisa rotates her hips and feels
George’s cock banging deeply into her cunt as he
continues to fuck her through her orgasm. Her rippling,
throbbing pussy walls massaging George’s cock in a way
designed to drive him to orgasm.

Lisa’s movements and George’s thrusting have brought
him to the brink. The pleasure that is building in his
balls is reaching a peak. He can feel the tip of his
cock kissing her cervix. Each deep penetration probes
her womb, coaxing her cervix to open a little each
time. “Oh God. Lisa, I love you! Here it comes! I’m
gonna knock… you… up… good!” he cries out with
each pounding thrust. Then, “UUGGHH!” as he thrusts
deep into her, the tip of his cock lodging into her
cervix, blasting a thick rope of sperm-rich cum
directly into Lisa’s fertile young womb, followed by
another and another huge jet of cum. Three more huge
offerings are pumped into Lisa followed by two weaker
ones until just a final spurt is pressed home where it
will do the most good, deep in her womb and on it’s way
to her tubes.

George’s explosion triggers another terrific orgasm in
Lisa. She can feel that he is pumping sperm directly
into her baby chamber, the heat of his cum settling
deep in her belly. George feels her vagina throbbing
and rippling on his cock. His cock spits out one last
glob of cum, finally emptying his balls into his lovely

They hold each other, panting, rocking their bodies
together in a soothing, slow motion fuck. Eventually
George pulls his wilting cock out of Lisa’s well-filled
pussy. She feels a terrible emptiness as her cunt
slowly draws shut. George’s cock is coated with the
combined juices of their cum but not much semen is
present on her pussy lips.

George, still between her legs, looks down at the pussy
he’s just filled. It’s beautiful. It’s slightly puffy,
with just a hint of cum leaking out. Most of his sperm
stays up in Lisa’s womb. He lies next to Lisa on the
bed and they kiss passionately. Strong lips, tongues,
caresses, then just laying in each other’s arms,
stroking each other, basking in the afterglow of one
hell of a fuck.

Lisa sighs sensuously. George’s sperm is deeply planted
inside her with a mission to make her pregnant. “I love
you, George. I really, really love you. I want you to
do this to me forever” Lisa whispers to George. “How
soon can we do it again?” George grins in response, a
playful glint in his eye and his cock beginning to

Mike and Mary are awe struck. They just witnessed an
awesome display of intense mating by their c******n.
Not much foreplay, no preliminaries, just a hot couple
ready to mate, make babies and doing it with passion.
Mike and Mary look at each other and without comment;
scurry off to their bedroom to relieve their tension
with a mating session of their own.

After two more weeks of intense mating, all happily
realize that both women are pregnant. Their usually
perfectly predictable periods are late. They decide to
celebrate by fucking some more. The ‘plan’ is off to a
great start.