Girlfriend’s Mother

Mrs. Riley listened to the rain as she sat in her
living room reading another of the trashy romance
novels she had been addicted to since she was a
girl. The house was empty, unusual for a
Saturday night, and she was looking forward to a
night of peace and quiet. The sudden ring of the
doorbell caused her to glance up at the clock.
Ten to eight, she wasn’t expecting anyone. With a
small sigh she put the book aside and left poor
Rachel alone for the first time with her secret
love – her father’s stableboy.

A quick glance out the peephole identified the
caller and she quickly undid the deadbolts on the
door and opened it wide. Standing before her was
a teenage boy, drenched by the rain.

“Good Evening, Mrs. Riley,” the boy said as he
dripped onto the foyer carpet.

“Michael Steven Cassidy, what are you doing out
in weather like this, you’ll catch your death in
this downpour.” She said as she ushered him

“I just wanted to drop off Becky’s report for
school,” he said as he produced a small binder
wrapped in plastic from under his soaked jacket.

“I promised her I’d proof read it and get it back
to her by tonight.”

“Proof read, is it now.” Katie Riley said with
skepticism, “Are you sure you didn’t
just write it for her.”

The guilty look on his face told her he had.

“Well we’ll discuss this later,” she said as she
tossed the report on a nearby table. “First order
of business is to get you out of those wet
clothes. March yourself into the laundry room
and toss all of those things into the dryer.
You’ll find some of Matt’s old things in the
basket that you can put on.”

With a shrug, Michael headed for the laundry

Putting on a pot of tea while she waited for
Michael to change, Katie worked up a few good
angry thoughts for her youngest daughter, Becky
Ann. Becky had been dating Michael for three
months now, a fact which had surprise her from
the onset. Michael was nothing like the boys she
had usually gone out with. First off, he was
very intelligent and well mannered, – a straight
A student. Secondly, although he was very cute,
Becky usually preferred a more rugged looking
boy. It had been a futile hope that maybe she
was finally growing up, but now Katie could see
that Becky was only using the boy.

“This was all I could find that would fit.” Mike
said as he walked into the kitchen, holding onto
the tie-string of the gym shorts that were too
big for him.

Katie bit her lower lip to prevent a laugh. Her
middle son’s pants were at least 2 sizes too big,
but at least the T-shirt had shrunk enough to fit.
If he were to let go of the pants, she was sure
they would drop to the ground. She quickly dis-
missed the image, not wanting to make fun of the

“Sit and have a cup of tea, it’ll warm you up.”
She said putting a large mug in front of him as
he sat down.

“Thank you.” he said quietly.

Silently they drank their tea. He was cute,
Katie thought to herself, sandy brown hair, blue
eyes and a swimmer’s form. And that was at 16,
give him another year or two and he’d really
break hearts. All he lacked was self-confidence,
without it he was just another boy Becky had
wrapped around her little finger.

Aware that Mrs. Riley was looking at him, Michael
felt very uncomfortable. At 42, Katie Riley was
still an very attractive woman, like her daughter
Becky. Although she tended to be on the heavy
side, her weight was evenly distributed as to
give her a full bodied figure.

The most striking feature of which was a set of
38D breasts. Breasts Michael was all to
conscious of as he tried not to stare at them
though the thin house-dress Katie wore.

“How long have you been doing Becky’s schoolwork?
Katie asked as she put down her mug.

“About 3 months,” Mike answered.

“I though so,” Katie said. “Doesn’t it bother
you that all you are to her is someone to do her

“No, we really go out…” Michael said
excitedly. “She showed me that she really likes

“Oh really now?” Mrs. Riley asked “And how does
she do that?”

Michael sat there speechless, he knew he’d said
too much.

“You can tell me, Michael, I’m not going to get
mad. I know all about the things boys and girls
do together.”

“Well…we kiss and sometimes she lets me touch
her,” Michael said, red with embarrassment. He
found he couldn’t escape the older woman’s
inquiries. “And sometimes she touches me…”

“She jerks you off?”

“Ye……Yes….a few times.” Michael stammered,
amazed at the question.

“Has she ever sucked you off?”

“No…….” he yelled. “She wouldn’t ever do
something like that!”

Katie smiled in amusement, the boy was in love
with Becky. She was the first girl he’d ever had
any sexual contact with and it had blinded him to
the fact that she was using him.

“You’d be surprised what Becky does…..” Katie
continued, it wasn’t fair that she had to burst
his illusion, but it was for his own good. “Did
you know she’s not even a virgin, she’s been on
the pill for almost a year.”

“No, she told me that she was saving herself.
That’s why we couldn’t do it” Michael said in
Becky’s defense.

“Oh she told you that…” Katie replied. “And
where did she say she was going tonight?”

“Becky said she was going to spend the night in
Bakerville with her cousin Suzie.” Mike said,
wavering in his answer. “Helping her
get ready for her prom.”

Katie shook her head, thinking of a few more
choice things she wanted to say to her daughter.

“Oh she went to Bakerville all right, but she
went as Timmy Clancy’s prom date.”

“No…..” Mike said “She wouldn’t do that….”

But deep down he knew that she would and did.
Realization came over him and tears began to well

“I’m sorry Michael,” Katie said as she took him
into her arms and held him. “Let it all out, it’s

Katie held the boy as he cried, rocking him
gently and brushing his hair. It was a hard
thing to loose young illusions. After a few
minutes of holding his head against her ample
breasts, Katie realized the boy had a hard-on.

As soon as Katie looked at the bulge in his
shorts, Michael jumped back and began to quickly

“I’m sorry…..I didn’t mean to do

“That’s OK, I know it was just a natural
reaction….” Katie said in a soothing voice.
“In fact if anything I should be complimented.”

Looking again at the bulge, Katie wondered just
how big it was if she could notice it though the
too large shorts.

“I guess I’d better get going…” Michael said.

“Nonsense, ” Katie said. “It’s still pouring out
and your clothes are still in the dryer.”

Michael looked around the kitchen, trying to look
at anything but Mrs. Riley’s huge breasts.

“Just out of curiosity……what did Becky
promise you for doing the report?”

Michael shifted in his seat, the question didn’t
do anything to make him loose his hard-on. He
still couldn’t stop answering Katie’s questions.

“She said she would rub my cock for me…” he
answered, his face growing redder and his cock
growing harder.

Katie glanced down again at the boy’s growing
cock and smiled. “It’s a shame you did all that
work and then miss out on your reward.”

Michael then almost passed out as Mrs. Riley
reached out and slid her hand into the gym shorts
and pulled out his hard cock.

“Impressive…” Katie said with a smile as she
rubbed the length of the 7″ boy-cock. “Becky
doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it.”

All Mike could do was sigh as Mrs. Riley
continued to stroke his erection. Standing him up,
she reached down and cupped his balls, playing
with them as well.

“Do you want me to stop?” She asked, knowing
full well the boy would never say yes.

“No, it feels so good.”

Michael quickly lost himself in the pleasure
Katie’s finger’s brought him. Her experienced
touch was quickly evident as she brought him to
the verge of orgasm.

“I think I’m going to come…” He said as he
closed his eyes.

A sudden warm wetness engulfed his cock, causing
Michael’s eyes to spring open. To his
astonishment, Mrs. Riley had taken his cock into
her mouth and was now sucking it with vigor.

Michael felt the sensation of her sucking down to
his toes. He was so close it hurt. Katie
clamped her fingers around the base of his cock,
preventing him from ejaculating. Every lick of
her tongue, every time she mouthed him whole,
caused Michael to feel like he was going to
explode. But it was such a wonderful feeling.

Finally, Katie released her hold on his ball sac
and felt the rush of hot cum erupt from them – a
second before it began to shoot into her mouth
and throat. She deep throated his cock, massaging
his penis with her gulping throat wall, swallowing
every spurt of salty boy-cum. Savoring both the
taste and the knowledge that this was the first
blow job he’d ever had.

After what seemed like an endless supply of
boy-juice, his cock began to soften and Katie let
it slip from her mouth. She wiped her lips with
her tongue, catching the few drops with had
escaped her.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked.

“I don’t think enjoy is the word……” Michael
panted. “I feel like I’ve had a religious

“Well now you see what Becky was holding out on
you.” She said with a grin, certain that he
would be getting over her cock-teasing daughter
real fast.

With that the buzzer of the dryer went off –
signaling that his clothes were now dry. “I
guess that’s my cue to head home.” he said

“Well it is still raining….” Katie said. “I
really couldn’t send you back out there to get
soaked again. Let me call your mother and tell
her you’ll be here for a while.”

As Katie talked on the phone with his mother,
Mike took a good hard look at Mrs. Riley. He
was no longer shy about admiring her tits or that
big beautiful ass. He could feel his dick
getting hard again.

“Well, your mother said that it was OK for you to
stay, your brother Billy will pick you up in
about an hour on his way home from work.”

“That’s great.”

“Well, what can we do for an hour? Katie asked
as she struck a pose, highlighting her huge

For a second, Michael though they were going to
pop out of her dress.

“Would you like to see my breasts, Michael?”
Katie asked.

“Oh yes……please.”

“Well… long as you asked so politely.”

Katie reached behind her neck and unzipped her
dress. Then with a flourish she let it drop to
the floor, leaving her standing there in bra and
panties. She reached up between her twin mounds
and undid the clasp. Like a slingshot the bra
burst open and her breasts popped free. Almost
twice the size of Becky’s, Katie had nipples that
stuck up like eraser heads and aureole bigger
than silver dollars. Michael hadn’t even seen
breasts that big in the books he hid under his

“Well are you just going to look or do you want
to touch them?” Katie said as she massaged them
and played with the nipples.

Without further encouragement, Michael shot
forward and took a breast in each hand. He
squeezed the softness of each, contrasted by the
hardness of each nipple. Raising one to his
mouth, he began to suck on it, another thing that
Becky had always denied him. He was rough at
first, but Katie guided him in a soft
understanding voice, teaching him how to use his
tongue. Then how to suck the aureole into his
mouth and use his teeth to give just the right
tough of pleasure/pain.

Moving to the other breast, Michael showed that
he was indeed a quick learner. Katie arched back
and closed her eyes in enjoyment as the boy
continued to suckle at her tits. What she was
doing was so very wrong, but at the moment she
didn’t care. She knew that before he left for
home, Michael’s boy-cock would be buried in her
already wet pussy. It would be good for the
boy, it would give him more self-confidence.

“Come on, ” Katie said as she took the boy by the
hand. “Lets go into the bedroom.”

Once there, she stripped him of what little
clothes he had and stepped back to take a good
look at his young body.

“I was right, Becky definitely doesn’t know a
good thing when she has it in her hand” She
exclaimed as she reached out and ran her fingers
across Michael’s hairless chest. “So smooth…so
sexy..” Katie mused as she played with his

Michael was surprised that it felt so good, he’d
never thought of men having sensitive nipples.
“That feels nice…”

“That’s only the start.” Katie said as she bent
forward and licked the nipple with her tongue.

Then she moved to the other nipple, sucking it
just as she had taught him to do a little while
before. She played with his nipples for a while,
reaching down while she did and gave his young
cock a playful tug.

“I’ll bet you’re already to go again,” she
smiled. “good, I like that.”

Katie moved up from his chest and reached behind
his head, caressing it with her fingernails.
Pulling him toward her, she kissed him for the
first time. Gently at first, then harder. A
second kiss followed, then a third. Finally she
opened her mouth and slid her tongue into his.

Michael quickly reacted to the warm, slippery
tongue in his mouth. It was the first time he
had been kissed that way, but he instinctively
began to reach out with his own tongue. Both
tongues mixed as they flicked each other, ex-
ploring the new tastes.

“Are you ready for more?” Katie asked after a
final kiss.

“Oh yes, Mrs. Riley.”

“Then follow me.” she said as she laid back
across the bed and spread her legs. “What I’m
going to teach you now is the most important
thing a young man can learn about pleasing a

Michael knew what she meant, and knelt in front
of her with slight hesitation. He had never even
seen a woman’s pussy outside of a skin mag, much
less had his mouth this close to one. Still he’d
never had his cock sucked before and look how
wonderful that had felt.

Katie reached down and parted her cunt lips with
her fingers, allowing Michael easy access. The
boy reached out with his tongue and touched her
wetness. Surprisingly he found he liked the
taste. So much for all those stories that it
smelled like a dead fish.

Encouraged, he reached out again and drove his
tongue in as deep as it would go, savoring the
new found delicacy. Katie let out a soft moan,
this boy was an absolute treasure. What would he
be like with a little experience.

Michael then ran his tongue up and down the
length of her cunt, stoking the fire building
within Katie. At times it was only a touch,
only a caress, but it was enough to cause the
older woman to shake with abandon.

There was no doubt about it, the boy was a
natural born cunt-eater.

Each thrust of his tongue made him want more. All
he wanted to do was make love to his new teacher
with his tongue. Guided by the now louder moans
and sighs, Michael drove deeper and deeper,
filling his mouth with her wet juices. What
ever doubts he might have had were now gone, here
he was, 16 yrs old, giving head to a 42 yr. old
woman — and she was loving it.

“Oh yes..Mikey….eat me….” Katie yelled as
she grabbed hold of his head and pushed his mouth
deeper between he legs. “Eat my pussy…God….

A steady flow of cunt-juice now coated his tongue
and mouth as he attacked Katie’s womanhood once
more. He wanted it to never end, so he was
momentarily disappointed when Katie pulled him up
from between her thighs.

“I want you inside me..” she said before he
could say a word. “I want you to fuck me!”

Katie quickly took hold of his now rock hard cock
and guided it to her dripping hole. Coated with
pussy-juice it slid deep within her, as her cunt
wrapped around it. For this he needed no
instruction, he’d done in his dreams a thousand
times. Yet never in his most erotic dream could
he ever had fantasized that the first woman he
would fuck would be his girlfriend’s mother.

With boyish energy he repeatedly slammed his
pelvis against hers, slapping his balls against
the outer walls of her pussy. Cunt-juice ran down
her thighs, coming to a rest in the crack of her
ass to pool on the sheets below.

A little while ago, Michael thought having
his cock sucked was the most wonderful feeling he
could ever have…..but this went far beyond that

Katie grabbed his ass-cheeks and added her own
energy to his thrusts. They moved like a well
lubricated machine, each responding to the
other’s body. With each movement, both could
feel the eruption building inside.

Michael’s body tensed up, telling Katie that he
was about to cum. She took firm hold of his ass
and rammed his body into her, just as the first
hot spurts of boy-cum filled her pussy. Her arms
held him so tight he couldn’t breath as her own
body exploded, sending a fresh new wave of
woman-cum to mix with his. They continued to
thrash wildly for several more seconds, until
Katie was sure she had pumped every last drop
from his cock. Then they both laid silent and

After a minute or two, Katie eased the boy off
her and onto his back. His cock was once again
semi-soft, coated with a thick mix of both their
juices. Bringing her mouth down to it, she began
to lick it clean.

Katie held him tightly against her breasts. He
had come to her a scared little boy, he would
leave a confident young man.

“You’d better hop in the shower,” she said as
she released him. “You’re brother will be here

Michael leaned over and kissed her one last time
and walked into the bathroom. As she laid there
and listened to the water running, Katie had to
fight the impulse to join him. All that soap and
water provided a great opportunity to introduce
him to the pleasures of anal sex, but if she
started that they would still be at it when the
sun rose. Or more importantly when her family
came home.

Ten minutes later, a honking horn told them his
brother was outside. After calling out that he
would be right there, she pulled him aside away
from the open door and gave him one last warm

As he ran out and jumped into the car, Katie
spotted the school report that had brought him
there tonight. Carrying it to the trash-can, she
ripped it to pieces. Becky would have a lot of
writing to do when she got home tomorrow. And if
she wanted Michael’s help, Katie was sure it was
going to cost her a lot more than the promise of
a hand job.

Smiling with satisfaction, she sat back down in
her easy chair and picked up the book she had
laid down a few hours before. She read a
paragraph, then closed the book and placed it
back on the table.

“Eat your heart out, Rachel…” she said to herself.

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