Grandma’s Favorite

By the time I arrived at the home of my grandmother in
Chicago, I had convinced myself that this would be the
most boring and wasted weekend I had ever spent.

My parents had moved away from the city years before,
when I was in junior high. We visited my grandparents
regularly in the years since, and my parents continued
to do so after I left for college. Grandpa died a few
years ago and left my grandmother, whose health is
excellent and whose mind is still competent, in charge
of their large house and several businesses.

Grandma was in want of nothing materially. She had
fallen, however, into a state of depression that no
degree of physical comfort could seem to assuage. After
Grandpa died, Grandma lost that zest for living that
her husband and the rest of her family had always loved
in her. In short, she had lost her connection to life

Grandma had always considered me one of her favorite
grandchildren. At least, that’s what my mother told me.
I admit that I always felt as if Grandma gave me more
attention than my brother and sister and my cousins.
“Come on, Gerald,” she would say. “I have a special
treat for you in the cupboard.” It would be a slice of
her famous apple pie, or a batch of her homemade
chocolate chip cookies served up with a cup of her
strong sweet milky coffee.

I was the only one of the grandkids who drank her
coffee, and she marveled each time she saw me down a
cup. My ears rang and palpitations rose up in my chest,
but I drank it anyway because it tasted good and it
made Grandma laugh. I was self-conscious about the way
Grandma treated me, especially when she did so in front
of my siblings and cousins. I endured many dirty looks
and much revenge for Grandma’s behavior.

I drove into her driveway on Friday evening at 8:00
after a three-hour drive. I thought, during the entire
trip, about the parties I would miss back at school.
Steve, my roommate, had made special plans for us with
a couple of girls he met a few weeks before at Ohio
State. I was really geared up for that little set,
until Mom called and begged me to do something special
with Grandma to help bring her out of the blue funk she
had fallen into. I refused, at first, saying that my
plans had already been made and there was no way I
could get out of them.

“I can’t believe you’re saying this,” Mom said. “After
all the things your grandmother has done for you,
including contributing to your college tuition, and you
can’t even take a day or so to help save her life? What
in the world is wrong with you? Why are you so self-

Yes, Grandma did many things for me. No, I didn’t know
that I was in a position to save Grandma’s life until
Mom told me. And why am I self-centered? I heard once
or twice that most college students have that

Mom always knows just what to say to shame me into
submission. So I called Grandma.

“Hi, Grandma. This is Gerald.”

“Gerald? My grandson Gerald?”

“Yes, Grandma.”

“Gerald, where are you? What are you doing? What’s

“Oh, nothing is wrong, Grandma. I just wondered if it
would be OK for me to visit you this weekend.”

“Visit me? This weekend? Are you driving through here
on your way somewhere?”

“No, I just thought since I haven’t seen you for a
while I could spend some time with you.”

“Some time? How much of the weekend will you be here?”

“Well, that will be up to you,” I said. “I could drive
over Friday evening, and come back on Sunday.”

“Well, that’s quite a visit then, isn’t it?”

Grandma didn’t sound enthusiastic, but I attributed
that to her depression. I told her I’d see her at about
8 pm Friday, and said goodbye.

Mom and Dad were very pleased when I told them what I
was going to do.

“Gerald, I’ve been so worried about Grandma. I jus know
that her spirits will improve 100% after your visit.
She is so lonely since Grandpa passed away. She just
doesn’t have anyone close by to keep her mind off the
old days and better times. She loves you and misses you
so much! Your visit will be like medicine for her.”

I drove into Grandma’s driveway at about 9 pm Friday,
about an hour later than I expected. I must admit that
I would not have been disappointed if Grandma was
already in bed when I arrived. I dreaded seeing her in
person and having to deal with… who knows? Maybe she
would cry, maybe she would only sigh. In either case,
she would be in poor spirits and I was expected to
perform a miracle and make her all better.

I sighed a good long sigh as I pulled the key out of
the ignition. I made sure my shirt was tucked into my
pants when I got out of the car, and looked into the
side mirror to comb my hair. I wanted to please Grandma
with my appearance.

Several other cars were parked in the driveway, and I
hadn’t really paid much attention to them until I
walked past them on my way to the house. One was a dark
blue Mazda MX-5 and the other was a yellow vintage MG,
perhaps a ’69 or ’70. Nice car. It looked as if it was
just driven off a showroom floor.

I assumed that the car’s drivers were visiting a
neighbor and had borrowed Grandma’s driveway. I
remembered that this used to happen often when I was a
k*d. Grandma’s driveway was the longest and widest in
the neighborhood and it was local tradition that the
neighbors could use it when needed.

I approached the door and paused for a few seconds. I
heard music. In fact, I heard a hard rock beat coming
from inside the house. I stopped and looked at the
door, looked back at the cars in the driveway, checked
the address above the door, and wondered for an instant
whether I could possibly have stopped at the wrong
house. No, it was the right house. No one had told me
that Grandma moved. She still lived in this house as
far as I knew. I was unsettling to see flashy sports
cars in the driveway and to hear strange (for Grandma)
music in her house.

I rang the doorbell, wondering if Grandma could
possibly hear it above the loud music. What a suddenly
strange feeling I had, standing outside the door,
wondering what was going on inside. I was alarmed, and
started to fabricate a scene where Grandma had been
attacked upon by d**g crazed criminals and was being
held hostage in her own home, perhaps undergoing
t*****e or even worse. My heart started to pound, and I
rang the doorbell again, and again, and again. No

I knocked, then knocked harder. I knocked very hard
this time, causing my knuckles to hurt very much. Not
one to walk in anywhere unannounced, I hesitated for
five seconds after putting my hand on the doorknob,
then turned it, pushed the door open, and walked
inside. Everything looked normal. The house was in
order. A few lights were on.

“Grandma!” I yelled, trying to make myself heard over
the loud music. The current selection was “Strange Kind
of Woman” by Deep Purple. I closed the door behind m
and walked through the foyer toward the living room,
where the music seemed to be originating. Though I was
ready to be attacked by thugs, I wondered if Grandma
had planned this as a welcome greeting to me. She
always came up with unique and interesting diversions
and novel gifts for birthdays.

I entered the living room, not knowing what to expect.
My muscles were tense, my hands clenched in fists. I
was ready for action.

Two girls were sitting on the sofa. They were reading
magazines and listening to the music, and apparently
neither had heard me. I looked for signs of Grandma and
saw none.

“EXCUSE ME!” I said, loud and strong. The girls looked
up from their magazines in unison and saw me. Neither
seemed surprised by my presence. One, dark-skinned and
serious, seemed detached and self-absorbed. She stared
blankly at me. The other, very white and very blond,
smiled and winked at me and even offered a military
style salute.

I stood there for a few seconds, wondering what they
were doing there and trying to work out the reason on
my own. I could not.

“Hello,” I said finally.

“Hi,” said the friendly one, and she waved. The other
one nodded.

“I’m here to visit my grandmother,” I said.

“Hi,” said the friendly one again. “You must be Jerry.”

I suddenly felt much better. If she knew my name, she
must be OK.

“Yes, I am,” I said. “And who are you?”

“I’m Teddi, and this is Alika.” Teddi gestured toward
her companion as if she were introducing royalty. She
waved her hand toward Alika, then toward me, then bowed
every so slightly. Alika nodded to acknowledge the
introduction but still said nothing. She was African-
American, very dark of skin and very beautiful.

Teddi was, in complexion, the exact opposite. Her skin
reminded me of that of Nicole Kidman – very smooth,
very pale. Teddi and Alika complemented each other to
perfection, both in appearance and in personality.
Teddi was cute, Alika beautiful. Teddi friendly and
forthright, Alika introverted and reticent. Teddi

“Dorothy, your grandmother, invited us to come here.
She had a dinner engagement and just wanted to be sure
someone was here when you arrived.

“Oh,” I said. “Well, that makes me feel a little
better. I thought you guys commandeered Grandma’s house
and had her tied up in the attic.” Teddi giggle, Alika
put her book on the end table. I walked to the sofa and
sat down between Alika and Teddi. “So how long have you
two known Dorothy?”

“Do you really call her Dorothy?” Teddi asked.

“No, not really. I just want to make sure you know who
I’m talking about.”

“You just don’t want us to hear you say ‘Grandma,'”
Alika said. Alika was very perceptive. She spoke
deliberately and carefully, and with a sophistication
that I was not used to hearing. I couldn’t argue with
her because she was right. I looked into her eyes and
acknowledged the correctness of her observation with my
failure to respond. Our mutual gaze broke only when
Teddi spoke.

“Well, Jerry, what do you want to do while we’re
waiting for Dorothy? That is, if you want us to hang
out with you until she gets here.”

“Sure I do. Did she say when she’ll be back?”

Teddi and Alika glanced at each other.

“Well,” Teddi said, “she said she might be gone for
quite a while, maybe even overnight.”

I wasn’t sure what to make of this. My grandmother,
staying out overnight?

“Wow,” I said. “No kidding? Where did she go?”

“She went to dinner with a friend,” Teddi said, “to a
restaurant in Indiana somewhere. She’s not sure when
they’ll finish with dinner, so thought she might just
stay overnight with her friend before coming back.”

I might be young and lacking experience, but I’m not
entirely stupid.

“OK,” I said, “so Grandma has an all-night date!”

Alika burst out in laughter. Teddi giggled. I grinned,
sheepishly. I was suddenly cast into strange and
untested waters. How could my own grandmother do this
to me? Should I stay or just get back in my car and go
back to school? Parties would still be going strong by
the time I got back. There would be so many girls, so
many opportunities.

“What’s the matter, Jerry?” Alika said. “You look sad.
Do you miss your Granny?” She gave me a mock sad look,
kind of pouty and frowny with her lower lip, full and
sexy, sticking out seductively.

“Well,” I said, “I suppose I should. But I don’t. She
should do what she likes to do whether I’m here or not.
I was just thinking about all the parties on campus

“You go to parties?” Teddi said.


“What kind of parties to you like?” Alika asked.
“They’re not the bad kind, are they?” She smiled

“Bad?” I said. “You mean bad in a bad way or bad in a
good way?”

“I just mean bad, as in any way you want to take it.”
Alika leaned back on the sofa, her arm draped across
the top. She was composed and so, well, womanly and
classy. I still wasn’t sure what Alika meant by her
question, but I tried to answer anyway.

“The parties I go to usually consist of a certain
number of invited people, a greater number of friends
of invited people, and an even greater number of
acquaintances of the invited and their friends, and an
unknown number of people who just show up to see if
they can get free beer.”

“So the parties are just gatherings of lots of people
drinking beer?” Teddi said.

“Yes, that’s true. That’s what an observer from outside
might say. But if you zoom in, you see a whole lot

“Like what?” Alika said.

“Oh, like people talking about school, about their
classes and professors, about politics, about religion
and philosophy, about sociology, mathematics, physics,
astronomy, law, and epistemology. And then, when we’ve
covered all that stuff, we try to find someone to have
sex with.”

Teddi giggled. Alika just looked at me and shook her

“How often does that happen,” she said.

“I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my case, not
very often.”

“Oh, why is that?” Teddi asked compassionately.

“Maybe he talks too much epistemology,” Alika offered.
“He makes the horny girls go off with the guys with
brains in their dicks.”

“Alika!” Teddi said. “You’re gonna make Jerry think
we’re not nice girls.”

“Are you saying we are nice?”

Teddi had moved closer to me on the sofa. She spoke to
Alika across me, and I could feel the warmth of her
body and the soft moisture of her breath against my
cheek. I wanted so much to face Teddi, but our faces
would have been so close that it would have looked like
I was trying to make a move on her.

“I think I’m a nice girl,” Teddi said. “What do you
think, Jerry?”

Now Teddi was right up against me. Her breast pushed
into my arm. She was so close to me that I had to turn
my head and acknowledge her. I did so, and found my
lips only a couple of inches from hers. She was so damn
cute. She reminded me of Meg Ryan – the way she looked
in “When Harry Met Sally.” For an instant, as we sat
there almost nose to nose, Teddi became Sally. I was
drawn to her, uncontrollably, and my face drifted even
closer to hers.

“Jerry,” Teddi said.


“Do you think I’m a nice girl?”

“Oh, I do. Yes, yes, I sure do.”

I moved to kiss Teddi. She neither backed away nor came
to me, but just held her ground. Our lips brushed
lightly, then brushed again, then I covered her lips
with mine and set to work. Teddi responded, kissing me
back and moving as if she wanted more. She smelled like
vanilla and tiny red roses. The inside of her lips were
smooth and moist and tasted of apple and cinnamon red
hots. Before I could catch my breath, Teddi slid her
tongue between my teeth.

Teddi finished our kiss with a playful tour of my mouth
with her tongue, then gave me one quick, soft touch lip
to lip, and pulled away. My eyes were closed by this
time, and I was content to remain there, with my eyes
shut, savoring the after effects of the very best kiss
I had ever had.

I had almost forgotten about Alika. She was still
there, on my other side, and was being ignored most
rudely. She had been very quiet during my close
encounter with Teddi.

“Alika,” Teddi said, “this guy is a really good

“I never would have guessed. I figured he’d be more of
a talker than a kisser. More like one of those college
professors who talk their asses off and never do
anything. You know, like Dr Robert Filligrew at Tech.
He talked a good game but never did a damn thing.”

“Yeah, Filligrew was the shit at parties, but he was
all talk. This Jerry’s got some moves though.”

“You really got some stuff, Jerry?” Alika said.

I turned to her
“If Teddi says so, it must be true.”

“Well, show me some of that stuff.”

I blushed.

“Come on, Jerry. Haven’t you ever kissed a black girl?”
Alika taunted me.

“No,” I admitted. “I have never kissed a black girl.”

Alika put her hand on my shoulder and slid across the
sofa toward me. She came close to me and brushed her
cheek against mine. I was spellbound, as if I had been
captured by a witch and given a potion. Alika was
beautiful and so strong. I felt as if I were a c***d in
her presence.

“You are cute,” she said. “I think you should kiss me.”

I kissed her, quickly, just for a taste. Her lips were
warm, full, ripe, and skilled. I had never tasted a
black woman before but had always wondered if I ever
would. I wondered if they tasted different than white
girls. I ran the tip of my tongue along her lips,
tracing their outline. Alika tasted good, like ginger
and apples, and her smell made me think of something
that happened many years before but which I couldn’t
quite recall.

I put my tongue between her lips. Our tongues met and
parried for a few moments, then Alika bit my tongue,
suddenly but gently. I pulled back quickly and she
chuckled, our lips still pressed together. She put her
arm around me and pulled me closer.

“Do you think you could ever do more than just kiss a
black girl?” Alika looked at me as if my answer held
great import. She was stern and intent, and seemed to
be looking at a point deep within my soul. I must have
mumbled my answer. I was so overwhelmed with self-
consciousness and lust.

“I believe I could do much more than just kiss a black
girl,” I said. “So much more.”

Alika, not smiling, moved her left hand to my mouth and
put her middle finger between my lips. I tasted her
finger and her long, manicured nail. I closed my eyes
and concentrated on the finger inside me, my tongue
working up and down and touching, tasting every minute
and unique aspect of it. As I did so, Alika put her
hand on my groin and moved it slowly up to my crotch.
She massaged my penis through my pants. This caused me
to suck harder on her finger. My dick was so hard it
started to hurt.

I was enraptured with Alika, but soon felt as if I were
ignoring Teddi. No sooner had this thought entered my
mind when Teddi, behind me, put her hand on my
shoulder. That’s all she did or had to do. She was
telling me that she wanted some too. Alika slipped her
finger out of my mouth and I turned toward Teddi. My
heart raced and I was dizzy with an explosive mix of
desire and hormonal overload. My dick was stiff and
pushed hard against my pants.

Mercifully, Teddi unzipped my fly and pulled open my
briefs. My dick popped out and greeted my new
girlfriends with a rousing “Here I am!” The girls both
reached for it and tenderly touched it, their nails
teasing it as they cooed and ahhhed. I thought I might
ejaculate right then and there.

Sitting like this, with a girl on either side of me and
my prick standing at full attention, I suddenly
wondered where Grandma might be and whether it was
possible that she would walk in on us while we were
thus posed. Teddi took my cock, however, and gently
massaged it, thereby removing all thoughts of Grandma
and reinforcing my belief that I would, in due time,
spend my lust in a most satisfying fashion. Thoughts of
Grandma waned as my hunger for Teddi and Alika waxed.

“C’mon, white boy,” Alika said, “you have to get out of
those clothes right now before you hurt yourself.”

Teddi let my cock go and Alika took it, tenderly at
first, and then masterfully as she stroked it softly
but firmly. I kissed her. Her lips, as before, were a
feast for me. So full, so tender, so voluptuous. I
loved kissing Alika. She tasted so good I wanted more,
and wanted it for as long as I could have it.

“OK, Jerry,” Teddi said, “you really have to get out of
those clothes!”

“But,” I said, “what if someone comes?” I glanced
toward the door.

“I think someone’s gonna come, Jerry!” Teddi laughed.

“You mean what if Granny shows up all of a sudden?”
Alika said. “Now wouldn’t that be special!” Alika was
having a good time with my apprehension. She made me

“Well, don’t you think it’s possible she’ll come home?”
I said. My hard on was dwindling quickly during this

“Jerry,” Teddi said, “don’t worry. Dorothy told me that
if she comes home at all it wouldn’t be till after 1
a.m. There’s a jazz trio at the nightclub they’re going
to, and they’re playing till midnight. It’s her
favorite group.”

I wondered whether I was in the right place after all.
My grandmother, going to a nightclub, listening to
jazz? And having friends like these two ladies on the
sofa? What alternate universe had I entered?

“Maybe we should move to another room.” I said.

“You wanna fuck on Granny’s bed?” Alika said.

“Uh, are you serious?” I said.

“No way!” Teddi said. “We can stay right here. Let’s
just get on the floor.” She jumped off the sofa and
took her clothes off. It took her just a few seconds.
She peeled off her sweater, bra, jeans, socks, and,
finally, her red panties. Her clothes were on the floor
in a pile and she stood next to them. Seeing Teddi’s
cute perky breasts, gorgeous ass, and blonde muff, my
dick reactivated.

“C’mon, Jerry, get naked,” Teddi said. “Alika, what’s

I didn’t wait for Alika. I stripped faster than Teddi
had, and threw my clothes on top of hers. I made for
Teddi and put my hand on her pussy. I touched the lips
of her vagina and found her warm and very wet. Teddi
opened her legs and, placing her hand on the back of my
neck, pulled me to her. We kissed, and, as we kissed,
Alika’s fingers gently scraped across my back. I’m not
good at multitasking, so had to pull my tongue out of
Teddi’s mouth to turn and speak to Alika. She stood
behind me, fully clothed.

“So are you going to stand there with your clothes on
while Teddi and I have all the fun?”

“I don’t know,” Alika said. “Maybe I’ll just watch you
two and try to learn some new tricks.”

“You can observe by watching,” I said, “but you learn
by doing.”

“Wow,” Alika said with a hint of sarcasm. “Did you
learn that in college too?”

“Well, yes I did. Dr. Ivan Stetler, Archaeology 101.”

“OK, then. Here’s to Dr. Stetler.”

Alika kicked off her shoes, pulled off her shirt,
unzipped her jeans and pulled them off. She stood by
the sofa in bra and very small, very sexy, and very
pale blue panties. I reached toward her to touch her
but she stepped back out of reach.

“White boy, do you really think I’m gonna let you play
with my stuff?”

I was disappointed by Alika’s continued playing of the
race card, but in a way it made my desire for her even
more urgent. My disappointment must have shown.

“Now Jerry,” Alika said. “Don’t be sad. Alika likes you
well enough. Here, see if this helps.” She unsnapped
her bra. Off it came and fell to the floor. Her
breasts, I swear, were perfect. Describing them would
be futile. I shuddered as I feasted on them visually:
perfect orbs rising whimsically to the nipples, daring
me to place my mouth on their sensitive peaks.

I reached out with both hands and surrounded her left
breast with my fingers. I leaned forward and put my
lips on her nipple, taking it into my mouth and
caressing it with my lips. I stroked it with my tongue,
tasting and feeling is every feature, its very essence.
Alika shivered and placed her hands on the back of my
head, pulling me closer to her and forcing me to
tighten my lips on her nipple. She pulled me even
harder, and, sensing she wanted a stronger treatment of
her breast, I took the nipple between my teeth and bit
gently but firmly. Alika moaned softly.

Teddi’s hands were suddenly on my ass. When Alika
became passionate, Teddi put her finger in my rectum
and tickled me. I flinched at first, wondering what
kind of devilry this was. I had never experienced anal
penetration. Soon enough it became enjoyable, and my
dick got so hard I thought it would burst. Teddi found
my gland and pushed and probed it expertly.

“Oh, Teddi,” I said. “You keep that up and I’ll be
finished off before you know it.”

“Teddi!” Alika said. “Be careful! We want tomake this
last for a while. We’re just starting to have fun. And
I don’t know how much this scholar can take before he
shoots his load and loses some IQ.”

“OK, OK,” Teddi said. “I’ll ease up on him.” She
continued stroking my gland but slowed down a bit. She
was breathing deeply after working so hard on my

“Alika,” she said, “this guy’s ass is so cute I can’t
keep my finger out of it. You should see the way he
tightens up every time I flip that thing with my
finger. Mmmmm. Can I kiss him now?”

Alika said yes, and Teddi took me and kissed me. I
touched her breasts as we kissed and stroked them till
our kiss ended, then I kissed her nipples while I
traced over her breasts with my fingertips. Teddi
shuddered continually while I did this. Alika touched
my dick and stroked it gently with her nails. It was
now huge and was once again to the point of bursting. I
imagined the skin on my dick splitting open from the
pressure and b***d dripping off. I could withstand no

I knew I must act and act quickly. I must also make a
decision before acting. I had to decide whose pussy I
should put my dick into. I don’t remember ever having
previously made such a difficult decision. I gave up
after several seconds of deep thought and let instinct
take over. I disengaged my mouth from Teddi’s breast
and moved toward Alika, pushing her down onto the
floor. Looking into her deep, dark eyes, I placed my
hands on the insides of her legs and pushed them apart,
then moved into position over her.

“You won’t fuck me, white boy. Not with a white girl
here. You can’t fuck a black girl,” Alika said, daring
me to fuck her.

“Oh yeah?” I said. “We’ll see about that. We’ll see if
this white boy can fuck a real black girl.” And so I
fucked Alika. Her pussy was so warm when I pushed
inside her, but I noticed that she wasn’t as wet as
Teddi was. Once inside, I slowly moved in and out, and
after a few strokes Alika lubed up nicely. Her hands
found my ass and helped me push in and out. I kissed
her hard, then stopped, the kissed her again. I knew I
couldn’t last long at this rate.

“Alika, you’re going to make me come,” I said. She said
nothing, but locked eyes with me and continued pushing
and pulling my ass. Knowing it would be over soon, I
started thrusting in and out with ferocity. I moaned
with each push and sighed with each withdrawal.

“Come on, baby,” Alika said dreamily. “Come on, now.”
Alika’s eyes closed and she moaned deep inside her
throat, a murmur so low it was almost inaudible. I felt
as if I were in a trance, dancing to music I couldn’t
hear, waiting for a conclusion I couldn’t stop. Then I
felt Teddi’s fingers on my balls, gently kneading them.
Then one of her fingers entered my rectum.

I leaned forward over Alika and kissed her, our tongues
stroking each other and us both humming in harmony.
Teddi’s finger found my gland, her favorite toy, and,
finally giving up and letting go, I came inside Alika.
I came so hard and so forceful that Alika squealed,
“Wooooo, Jerry, you come so nice. I feel it, honey.
Your come is so warm! Ahhhh!” Alika shivered and her
pussy squeezed my dick. She came.

“He made me come, Teddi,” Alika said dreamily. “Yes,
this man made me come.”

“Good,” Teddi said. “But I didn’t come! I helped Jerry
come but I didn’t even get a thank you.”

I turned and looked at Teddi. She sure was cute,
especially when she was nude. I withdrew from the magic
pussy of Alika and pushed Teddi down onto the floor. I
spread her legs apart. I kissed her hard, then went
down on her. She was so wet I thought I’d need a towel.
But I just licked up as much of the juice as I could
and swallowed it. It was sweet and fresh. I put my
tongue into her pussy and licked and probed until Teddi
was moaning and humping. She gyrated non-stop until she
turned me on so much that I had to fuck her. My dick
was hard once again. I put it into Teddi’s pussy and
fucked her for a good long while. It was so good.

“Do you like me?” Teddi asked.

“I like you a lot,” I said, still banging away.

“You like my pussy?”

“I love your pussy. It’s so soft and so sweet. It makes
my dick want to come.”

“You got some for me?”

“Oh yeah. Alika didn’t get it all.”

“Good,” Teddi said. “Alika must share with Teddi this
man’s nice juice. His good sex juice. His come juice.”

I watched Teddi’s face as we fucked and saw a
miraculous transformation. She changed from a cute,
adorable girl into a passionate, urgently yearning
woman. She looked at me with eyes aflame, as if she
were intently pursuing something that she must have,
something that her life depended upon. I became more
forceful, pushing deeper inside her and quickening my
strokes. This seemed to make her crave more and more,
and she breathed harder and harder. She dug her nails
into the flesh of my back.

“Come on, fucker!” she screamed. “Fuck me hard, you son
of a bitch! Please, fuck me hard! Jesus Christ! Do it!
Fuck me!”

Teddi was in high heat. She wanted my dick so bad even
though she had it and had more than I had ever given to
anyone else. I felt as if I couldn’t give her any more,
but she kept screaming and moaning for more and more.

Alika moved to Teddi and put her hand on Teddi’s
forehead. Alika stroked her softly and whispered to
her. I kept pounding away, wanting to please Teddi and
wondering who in the world could possibly please an
insatiable wench such as this.

I was so hard I thought my ass would explode. Then
Alika put something hard and big and slippery into my
asshole. Then she turned it on. Oh my god. A machine
was inside me and I had no idea what it was.

“Come on, baby,” Teddi said. “Please… please…
please…” Teddi’s face was flushed. She clutched my
shoulders, then moved her hands to my ass and dug her
nails deep into my skin. “Please… please…”

Then Alika flipped the switch to high and I came,
slowly at first, then hard and fast. The vibrating
thing in my ass shook my whole body, and Teddi
continued coming after I had finished.

“Oh… oh… oh… I’m coming… still coming…” Teddi
shuddered when her coming stopped, and then closed her
eyes. Remarkably, she fell asleep.

Alika turned the machine off and removed it from me.
She massaged my back and I lowered myself gently onto
Teddi, my softening dick still inside her. I was so
warm and so spent. I had never felt so satiated, so
much a part of life, as I did at that moment.

A warm hand gently touched my back, awakening me from a
deep slumber. Slowly I came to sense it. When I
realized where I was and what had just happened, I
wondered whether the hand was Alika’s or Teddi’s. I
rolled over to see which of the maidens I must deal
with next, and looked into the eyes of Grandma.

“Good morning, Gerald,” Grandma said. “How are you?”

“Hi, Grandma. I’m fine. I’m doing very well.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here last night to welcome you.
Hopefully the girls kept you company.”

“Oh, yeah. Yeah, the girls. Well, yes, they were very
entertaining.” I looked around, searching for the
girls. They were gone. They must have thrown a blanket
over me before they left. Thank goodness.

“You know I always have a treat for you when you

“Yeah, Grandma, you always do.”

“Why didn’t you use the guest bedroom?” Grandma asked.

“I guess I just fell asleep out here.”

“Well, that’s OK. Better get dressed and we’ll have
some breakfast. I’ve arranged a foursome with the girls
this afternoon.”

“What? A foursome?”

“Yes, a foursome. You brought your clubs, didn’t you?”

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