Grandpa and his goodgirl

My world was turned upside down. Grandma and Grandpa were here
for the week, and I had to stay at home to spend quality time with
them. It’s tough when your teen to take time out from your busy and
important teenage duties.

My parents decided to take a couple of days off just for them and
head to the beach. Grandma and Grandpa were left in charge.

I had noticed something different about Grandpa when he was down
to visit when I was young. We had been playing a game of cards at the
card table and from time to time he would rub my knee under the
table. Then, one of those times his hand slid up my inner thigh and
came so very close to my cunny.

I felt an uncomfortable tingling.

On this visit I got home after they had already arrived. I walked
into my bedroom as he was coming out of my bathroom. He said for me
to give my grandpa a big hug. He was taller and much bigger than me,
so I had to reach up to put my arms around him. He stood up a little
and kept my body pushed in to his. As he did this, he rubbed my
bottom and squeezed it. Was this a normal greeting? Still, this was
my grandpa, of course there was nothing strange going on.

The Friday night my parents were gone changed my perspective
forever. I had come home late to find that there were no cars in the
driveway. Finally some time to myself! I went to my bedroom and
shut the door and tuned out to the radio. 15 minutes later I heard a
knock at my door. I turned down the radio and said come in. Who was
still here, I wondered? The door slowly opened to reveal Grandpa.
Oh great! He and I alone in the house. He told me that Grandma had
taken the younger kids out for pizza and a movie. Since I did not
get home in time he said he would wait here for me. Hmm, How very
responsible of him . . . or maybe there was something else to it.

He sat down on a big chair I had in my room and asked me about the
teenage life, friends and school and stuff. Then, he said that while
we were speaking of school, the school had called and said they were
concerned that I may have been skipping one day last week.

Oh, man! I didn’t think I’d get busted for that. Well, at least
they called Grandpa. I should be able to weasel my way out of it.
Right then he said he would not tell my folks but he wanted to know
honestly if I was guilty or not. Not fearing retaliation, I admitted
my folly. He said he would stick to his promise not to tell, but
that he would have to take care of this himself. My stomach began to
stir. Wait a minute! What is that supposed to mean?!

He told me to wait there. I waited in nervous anticipation.

When he came back in the room he was holding a large ping-pong

“No, no”, was all that I could say. He repeated to me that he
would take care of it and no one else needed to know about it. I
knew even a paddling from him would be better than the prison camp
state that would await me if he told. I lowered my eyes and hung my
head communicating to him my compliance. He told me to come and
stand before him facing away. I did so. he was sitting in the easy
chair and I was standing with my bottom facing him. He told me to
lower my jeans to the floor and step out of them. As I did what he
requested, all I could think was that this can’t really be
happening. After I became pantless, he told me to bend over, reach
out and place my hands on the desk that was quite a stretch in front
of me. I strained to do so.

“I bet all the boys tell you what a nice ass you have.” Within an
instant his hands were all over my ass, massaging and rubbing my
young cheeks. I could hear his labored breathing.

Then, SWACK!

Ooh, it hurt! SWACK! SWACK!

“Oh, baby! I like how your sweet ass bounces and jiggles!” He
rubbed my ass more, grabbing up handfuls in lustful delight. He
sounded like he was about to pass out.

He pulled away from me again and SWACK! SWACK! SWACK!

Is he going to spank me until they come home? That could be
hours. It was then I thought, I might as well have a little fun
myself. I’m driving this old man crazy!

“Grandpa, please, please let me have a break,” I begged. He
allowed it and I stood up rubbing my bruised bottom. It hurt more
than I thought it would.

“It’s so hot in here!” I turned around and stood right in front
of him in my T-shirt and lacy panties. I watched his eyes go
straight to my crotch. I stood there acting like I didn’t notice.
As his eyes soaked me in, I reached up and snatched off my T-shirt in
an instant! I wasn’t wearing a bra and my young, bountiful tits
leaped out into the thin air and lightly bounced there in front of
his shocked vision.

“Honey, they are beautiful! Walk over here for Grandpa.” I
slowly approached him until his groping hands met my tantalizing,
swollen tits. I have never been and probably never will be felt up
like that again! He exhibited such a thoroughness with zeal and
passion. My nipples perked up and stood at his beaconing attention!
I didn’t know my nipples could get so hard and maintain their
constant erection! My panties were being soaked as I stood there
taking in his elderly worship of my youthful, engorged melons. When
I couldn’t take it anymore, I reminded Grandpa of my spanking and how
it must be finished. I assumed the position – bent over with my ass
facing him, legs straight, and arms outstretched in front of me just
gripping the desk.

“Wait! Don’t start yet!” I said. I reached back and pulled down
my wet panties, taking them completely off with one swift movement.

There I was bent over in front of him completely naked. I knew it
was his wet dream come to life. As I thought about him staring at my
beautiful, young, erotic body my juices started to flow more
swiftly. Staying in position, I spread my stance so that he could
take in even more of my pouty sex.

I could feel his stare invading my most private, tender sanctums.
“Touch me! Touch me! Touch me! ,” I cried to myself.

SMACK! was all I heard. And then the stinging!

“OW! Grandpa, that hurt!”



He rained down his best on my glowing red ass!

“Tell me you like it.” he said.

I was at the verge of tears. “I-i-i-i-i l-i-i-i-ike i-i-i-t,

“That’s a good girl. You are a good girl, aren’t you? Bad girls
are big teases, but I know you are my good girl.”



And then silence, and all I could feel was the warmth of my well
spanked behind.

Then, his hands were on the small on my back as he guided me
toward the desk I was balancing myself on. He kept me bent over and
soon the upper half of my body was lying face down on the desk. My
tits were pressed down into the smooth, cool wood just by the sheer
weight of my chest. He stood over me and massaged my lower back and
tenderly rubbed my ass cheeks and upper thighs.

“How’s my good girl now?”

“Better, grandpa.”

“Are you my good girl or you a bad girl?” He said as his large
rough hands gently pulled my ass cheeks apart.

“I-i -i-i-‘m y-y-our g-g-ood girl.”

Before I could finish speaking, I felt his tongue licking up and
and down my exposed crack. He lightly flitted about my tense anus
with tickling wisps. I could not relax to let him in.

“Oh no. My good girl is so tight.” He dipped his finger down
between my wet pussy lips and soaked his finger, Then he lubricated
my anus with it and slowly pushed his way inside of me. He fingered
me deep and rhythmically. I found myself rocking on the desk,
rubbing my clit against the grain and thrusting back on his finger.

“That’s a good girl!”

I think he could tell that I was ready to explode because he
stopped and withdrew from me.

“Okay, now honey, follow my instructions very carefully. . .
. slowly roll over and scoot back on the desk.”

He stood back and watched me obey. Here I thought I would give
the old man a thrill, and now I am totally obedient to him.

I lay there, naked, feeling the slickness of the desk under me,
now that my juices are everywhere. I look up at him standing over
me. His gaze is covering me from head to toe, I feel so young and
helpless. He is so large standing over my vulnerable state.

He stares at me without touching me until my sex aches and I have
become too uncomfortable. He can tell I am squirming under this
perpetual anticipation.

“Do you want me to touch your body, honey?”

I nod yes.

“Tell me. Tell your grandpa.”

“P-p-p-please t-t-t-t-touch me, grandpa.” I wonder if I’m
sounding like a little c***d.

He bends over me and scoops up my waiting tits. He takes them one
by one as much as he can into his mouth. His tongue flickers at my
nipples erecting them back to their rock hard state.

My body writhes about uncontrollably on the desk.

He does not divert his attention at all from my swelling titties
when he says, “spread your legs, honey, and bring your knees up
toward the ceiling”.

I do so without even thinking about it.

He reaches around and squeezes my still warm pinkish ass. I moan
and wiggle.

He stands up straight and walks over to the end of the desk, so
that he is staring right at my opened pussy. I am spread towards him
and my cunt is visibly dripping its lust lotion.

“You are doing very well, sweetheart.” He delicately pinches each
of my pussy lips and spreads them far apart until I can feel the
ecstatic limits of their stretching.

“What a sweet, pink pussy hole you have. I bet all the little
boys you date want to play with it.” He pushes the first digit of
his thick finger inside of me.

I roll and roll on it without choice.

“Do you want grandpa all the way in?”

“Y-y-y-yes, p-p-p-please, sir.” He slides it in smoothly until
his knuckle disappears inside of me. I rock on him like crazy,
moaning and crying out like a fool. All my dignity went out the
window when he eased it back and forth in my begging chamber.

All of a sudden, he withdrew and I audibly gasped!

He straightened my legs out and spread my thighs apart as far as
was comfortably possible. “Close your eyes, honey.”

I froze there with my eyes tightly shut.

A moment passed and then I felt him there, his tongue licking
between my lips, sliding in and out of me, sucking on my enlarged
clit. The rhythm, up and down – I was moving with him.

He slid a finger up my ass and then another one up my pussy – with
the other hand he began to roughly grope my tits and the whole time
he sucked and flicked at my clit with his hungry tongue.

I couldn’t take it anymore – his fingers thrusting with the same
motion inside of me! His lapping tongue on my clit. I began
screaming wildly – “Oh! oh! oh! oh! o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h!”

He squeezed my nipple hard when I came, and drove his fingers deep
and powerfully inside me.

He just let me lay there pulsing on him, until I calmed down
completely. Then, he got up, walked around to my head and kissed me
lightly on the forward.

“That’s my good girl.”

He walked out of the room.

I did see him until late when everyone got back. He acted as if
nothing had happened, but before they left to go home, he did give me
a pinch on the ass when no one was looking.

I gave him a hug good-bye in front of everyone, and I felt all
anxious inside when he said, “now that’s my good girl!”