Groped, Molested and Enjoyed in Prague

Hi, my name is Vera and I’m 28 years old. I live in
Prague and have a daughter and I am happily married.
That is, I have been happily married for five years, but
lately some embarrassing things have happened and that’s
what I want to tell you about now.

I have recently given birth to my sweet baby, Zdenka.
I’m breast feeding her, and I have a copious quantities
of milk. Zdenka eats only about a quarter of it, and it
would be a shame to waste it, so I milk it into bottles
and I deliver it to a mother-milk bank every two days.
One trouble is, well, was, that giving milk makes me

At first I was horrified; how can I get horny by my
suckling sweet angel. She is such an innocent darling,
but then I’ve found (in Google, what else?) that the
same hormones are involved in both lactating and
fucking, and the poor brain just gets confused. And I
was horny to begin with.

After the birth, the obstetrician in the hospital told
us, my husband Zdenek and I, to refrain from sex for
three months. Three months! I was horny even then, not
having had sex for almost all the last month of
pregnancy! But Zdenek, my husband, he always said that
it was for my good, to prevent contamination, like the
doctor had said. He is such a straight laced engineer!

Anyway, a month after the birth I was feeling that I was
going to explode. To be closed at home with nothing to
do, and to get titillated every two hours, without means
to get off. Screw that damned obstetrician! Let herself
go three months without sex, the horny bitch!

Anyway, luckily my mom was there to help me out with
Zdenka, so after about a month of staying jailed at
home, I declared to my hubby that from that day on I
would go and delver the milk myself. It would get me a
two hours’ respite going there and back on the Metro.
And so I did. On Monday I took the full bottles of milk
to the milk-bank, on the other side of the city.

On the way back it was a rush hour and the train was
congested. Suddenly I felt some man pressing against me,
against my ass. I tried to move forward ‘but the bastard
moved with me. You can understand my state of mind, that
I haven’t turned around and slapped him, but on the
contrary, I thought, “What the fuck, let me enjoy at
least! Nothing can happen in this crowd, anyway…” I
may have even wiggled my ass a little… and then I felt
something big and hard poking into my behind!

“It can’t be a penis, ” I thought, “it’s too big and
hard!” I tried to turn back and see, but the train was
too congested. So I reached back and grab-hold: WOW! It
was the biggest cock that I had ever met, and it was now
throbbing, hot and hard, in my hand!

It went through me like a bolt. I got hot, flushed, my
knees wobbled and I moaned. The bastard, whoever he was
understood my predicament and raised the hem of my
skirt. Yes, I wore a skirt. During pregnancy I gained a
lot weight and my previous pants wouldn’t fit me, and
the pregnancy pants are fit for clowns, not for wearing
by a hot chick.

Well, that’s what I liked to think of myself. Before the
pregnancy I was 1. 67 m high and 60 kg and I had a quite
nice pair of boobs. Now they were enormous, swollen and
puffed by all that milk and my ass grew also enormous,
but it would all come off, wouldn’t it?

So it being summer, I was wearing a blue skirt with
white big polka dots, and a light blue blouse. Well
while Im at that I may add that though I’m not
extraordinarily pretty, but I’m definitely not ugly and
many men turn to look after me when I pass them on the

So the bastard was lifting the hem of my skirt, exposing
my ass, and instead of being shocked, scream or
something like that, it made me rather horny-as if a I
haven’t been before! I began to get wet. Then I found
another thing about lactating: it worked both ways. I
mean, not only that I got horny when nursing, when I got
horny I started to leak milk.

So I was now leaking from both my ends, my heart went
thumping wildly, my knees turned into jell-and the huge
cock went and placed itself between my thighs! I skipped
a few heartbeats, my breath turned rugged and noisy and.
. I would have let him fuck me there and then, in
public, but then we arrived at my station. I was saved.
I let the stream of the crowd carry me away and I walked
as in a dream.

And then I felt a hand on the small of my back pressing
against me. My legs stopped obeying me and have gone
under the control of that hand, which directed them to
the men’s public toilets. Even now I can smell the
stench of the place, the look of the amazed crowd of
men, the row of men’s back at the wall- only now that
I’m reliving the situation I’ve realized the they were
peeing! The owner of the mighty cock, for it was he who
led me there, pushed me into an empty cubicle.

Right away he slammed me into the wall, raised my skirt
and pulled off my pants, and before I could even
register it, he was inside me. Oh the feeling! I had
yearned so long for a cock in my cunt and now I had a
King Kong inside! God it was awesome!

I began rocking on the monstrous cock, moaning and
squealing and then the rocking turned into hard heaves
and I stopped breathing-at least it felt like that, I
was so short of breath and I went off, spraying come
juices from my vagina and milk spray from my breast. My
conqueror has come too, sending loads and loads of hot
wet spunk into my open womb, roaring and yelling. Oh,
that was awesome!

When he spun me around, the yet unknown man had first
noticed my dripping breast. He cried out loudly. “Jesus,
what a beauty!” and he buried his face in them, opening
my shirt and pulling up my nursing bra down. It made me
horny once again and I started moaning and heaving, and
had he continued with it, I would have come once again,
but after about a minute of suckling and munching my
nipples he stopped, pushed me on the seat and said that
we should get done, shoving his huge, now only half
erect cock into my face.

I tell you, I’ve never seen such a cock, except perhaps
in porn videos. What a monster! All pink, with a dark
red huge mushroom of a head, It makes me wet even
recalling it. I couldn’t get it into my mouth, so big it
was. The man must have misinterpreted my hesitation,
because he said, “Don’t worry, I’m healthy as an horse!”

I quipped back, “And you’re certainly hung like one. ” I
started to lick that royal cock from the soft, burning
red mushroom to the hairy base, with its two round
companions. OH it was delicious! I love to suck cock,
and Zdenek even used to say that he wasn’t sure what he
preferred, fucking me or having me sucking him. Anyway,
he tasted of my juices, and I love the taste, and a
tinge of salty men’s spunk with a special tasty tinge.

I licked him dry, getting so horny, that I would have
liked a second round, but he said, “You should arrange
yourself a little. Your shirt is quite a mess. Would you
like mine? Oh and by the way my name is Vlad. ”

“Mine is Vera, ” I replied. “It is very gentlemanly of
you to suggest it, but it’ll be much easier to explain a
dirty blouse to my husband than a strange men’s shirt. ”
After rearranging myself we left the cubicle. All the
men’s eyes were on me, drilling into my tits and ass.
But Vlad was very gentlemanly and escorted me out of the
station. We parted on the street.

Zdenek wasn’t at home when I returned but mom was. Even
before she saw the messed up blouse she said that I was
a tramp and a slut and where I was messing around living
my little baby hungry, and don’t ask what she added when
she saw the state of my clothes. But I didn’t heed her
and went straight to suckle my sweetheart. OOH, she ate
so much and was so happy, my little darling! And I had
ample amount of milk, my lately escapades not
withstanding! Yes her suckling did make me horny and I
went from her straight into the bathroom and rubbed
myself to an orgasm, fantasizing on Vlad’s cock.

The next day I couldn’t hold still. At noon, about the
time I had met Vlada, I left the house, after preparing
and adorning myself. I wore a red, short skirt and a
matching blouse, half see-through one. I perfumed
myself, especially down there, in my crotch-thinking
that perhaps I would be lucky, and yes, I wore no
panties. Mom grumbled when she saw that I was leaving
house again, but I retorted that if it was too hard on
her, I could hire another babysitter, and that shut her
up. She adored little Zdenka, almost as much that I did.

It took me two round trips in time metro, up and down
across the city, until I felt Vlad’s hand on my ass
again. And Vlad’s cock. I twirled my ass and again
almost fainted. It sent bolts of fire down into my
crotch, heat waves up to my face and fluttering in my
heart and my belly. OH GOD, what a feeling-one needs to
be a poet to do it justice…

When we dismounted the car and let the crowd carry us
again, Vlad’s hand directed me again to the men’s
toilet-only this time, at the last minute I took control
and turned to the door opposite-the ladies room. There
was the inevitable line in front of the cubicles, but we
crushed the line and entered the one that opened that
moment, disregarding the angry screams and curses. Vlad
tried to bend me over the sink, but I pushed him away,
straight on the seat, straddled him and rode that
magical staff. Oh, how can I describe it? I was in
heaven, riding on cloud nine! How big it was, and how
well it filled my aching cunt…

I started moving up and down, slowly at first delighting
in the fullness and the feeling of being stretched to
the maximum. Quickly the pace increased, when the fuck
sensations overtook me and I started to fuck in earnest
screaming and yelling, and I came in a crash. And all
that time Vlad’s face was buried in my chest, munching
my big, swollen tits and spraying milk like a fountain.

This time it was his shirt and jacket that got messy, my
blouse, being half see-through didn’t. I giggled, that
is after I gained my breath again, and said that I would
suggest him my blouse but that I was afraid that this
would caused more commotion that his stained shirt. He
just laughed, and shoved his dripping cock into my face,
and I delightfully licked it clean.

I was ready for another round but then I begun to
register the banging on the door and the angry shouts
from outside. Hastily arranging ourselves opened the
door to face an angry, shouting crowd of women. They
called me “slut!” and “whore!” and “shame on you,” and
whatnot. But then Vlad did something unbelievable: he
pulled out his huge cock and waved it threateningly on
the crowd. You should see the response! Some cried out
and covered their eyes, some screamed, some licked their
lips, but all of them made way and we walked out of the
toilet through a suddenly quiet crowd. On the street we
parted with along and fervent kiss, and I walked back
home as if in a dream.

That night I woke three times to masturbate. I came to
realize that I was hooked, addicted, and that I was
being unfair to my husband – he should enjoy me, not
some Vlad-type that I didn’t know at all!

Well, riding the metro for three hours, trying to figure
out what said Vlada to no avail possibly helped me get
this insight. Anyway, I decided to put an end to the
affair, but I felt that I had to part from Vlad in a
respectable way.

The day after I reserved a room in an hotel above the
metro station, and went out hunting for Vlad. I pocketed
him on the first ride, and the same well known bolts
went through me when he pressed against me, saying, “I
missed you a lot, yesterday.”

“I did miss you too,” I replied He pulled out his cock
pressing my ass against him. So, pressing, almost
sticking together we went through the crowd in the metro
station. Dont even ask how I felt! All my insides were
turning upside down. I was boiling hot, my knees were
shaking and I scarcely could walk, but I kept to my
plan. Vlad wondered when I went past the toilets, out of
the station, but relaxed when he felt me pulling him to
the elevator.

When we entered our room, we fucked like animals, like
possessed. We were fucking, with his huge cock spearing
my womb even before we hit the bed. After we satisfied
our first hunger, we fucked at a more civilized way-
naaa, what am I babbling! We continued to fuck like
animals in heat. I rode his may-pole to heaven,
squealing and screaming and yelling, and he hammered me
into the bed with such force that I thought he would
nail me onto it.

He rode my tits, spraying huge amounts of milk as
lubricant, and rode my back in the right entrance, he
was too big for ass fucking- with my udders bouncing and
waving, spraying milk all over the bed. -what a mess we
left!- We had sex spooning and he filled my mouth with
sperm, when I succeeded sucking him, in short we did it
in every way we could think of.

I had thought, at first, that our sexcapade would take
an hour or so, actually it took over three hours, and
don’t ask what mom called me when I got home. I can’t
complain, I deserved it. But I made it up to Zdenek, my
husband, that week end. Not that it was an easy job to
persuade him! He was reluctant at first, my husband,
saying that it was dangerous for me. That the
obstetrician had said to refrain from sex for three
months-Three months!- and hardly one month had passed

I prevailed in the end. I had practically to rape him to
get our sex but then he fucked me thoroughly, all the
weekend. But he made me promise that we will go to my
gynecologist that week, to see if any damage was done-
had he known what size I had got in me!- so we went to
see him the next Tuesday.

My gynecologist had his office across the town, in fact
near to the milk bank. Zdenek joined me in the
examination, and the old doctor wasn’t very happy to
hear from him that we already had sex. Then he examined
my vagina and womb with that tube of his. It made me
horny and I had to bite my lip not to squeal. Mind you,
he shoved a long, warm tube in and out of my vagina-like
what that sound to you? !-Exactly!

He looked and probed for quite a time, but in the end he
said to me that he didn’t see anything wrong, but that
he would like to see me the next week too-ostensibly to
make sure that I got no infection, but I bet that he had
quite a good time fucking me with that tube.

Anyway I went to see him the next week, and has told me
that I was fine but that he thought that I was pregnant.
He wasn’t sure, he said, the old lecher, he had to
examine me again the following week. Yes, I was
pregnant, and it was quite a surprise for me. I didn’t
expect to get pregnant so soon after the birth, with all
that lactating and so-but I kept the fetus.

It was on the third or fourth visit yes, fourth I
think, for I had sex with the good doctor that time- as
I was going out of the building of the clinic who do I
see?! Vlad!

It was as if a bolt hit me. It made me all hot and horny
at once, and I think that it was the same for him too,
since he grabbed my hand and pulled me into some cabinet
for brooms, mops etc. Even before he had time to answer
my question, what he was doing there, my legs were
wrapped round his hips and his huge cock was speared
into my cunt. OH! He could hardly answer, since we used
all the breath that we could spare for fucking. It was

We fucked, with my head on some broom and some mop
sticking into my but for stormy ten minutes or so and
then we both came with a gusto. After we regained our
breath it turned out that he had his office on the third
floor, and since we were all messed up, our shirts and
his jacket drenched by my milk and his sweat, we went
there to wash and dry them. It took nearly two hours to
dry my blouse, and being without our shirts, we spent
them well…

Since then we, Vlad and I, had stormy sex every week or
so. What can I say-call it karma, call it fate, it was
probably preordained that we would be sex partners. And
we had the perfect cover-up, which the good old doctor
readily gave us – he got a good lay every now or then,
Yes, I did fuck him. As they say – In for a sheep, in
for a lamb as well – and he did use his cock well, I
must admit!

PS. By the time the story gets sent to Kristen’s, I had
given birth to a sweet baby boy, Vojtech. The
obstetrician – yes the same old bitch has told me that
he has an exceptionally big pecker, but that I needn’t
worry, it meant nothing and would probably mend with

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