Handicap Gloryhole

Being in a wheelchair and having to use the restroom at
the local mall, I never paid attention to the holes in
the sides of the handicap stall. Until all of a sudden a
big black cock appeared in one of them.

Being 26 years old and in a wheelchair for the last 8
years of my life, one public restroom is just like the
other. I used to believe this was true. Until one day at
the local mall me and my wife were cruising the shops
when I just had to go. I told her to give me a little
while because she knows how long it takes for me to go
to the restroom. She said she’d meet me in the food
court in about 20 minutes or so. After that my life

I’ve used several public handicap restroom stalls before
so I never paid attention to this one that I was in. As
I was setting there doing… you know the deal… Out of
the corner of my eye I noticed a hole in the stall. I
noticed this when I heard someone enter the stall and I
looked through the hole and saw someone moving around.

My first thought was, how can anyone go to the restroom
with a hole in the wall to where they can be seen. A
second look at the wall brought something to my
attention that I didn’t know how to handle at first.

Now we all know how the handicap stalls are built in
public restrooms. They are wide and have pretty long
walls. Well with my second look at the wall I noticed
that there was not just one hole in the wall but four.
Now at the time me being 23 years old I didn’t know what
in the hell the holes where for, until I saw a big black
cock slide through one of the holes.

At first I didn’t understand why someone would shove
their dick into a hole when there was someone on the
other side. All of a sudden another black cock came into
my stall through the far hole. This makes two black
cocks that are looking me right in the eyes.

I gathered myself and went for the stall door, only to
find that someone was leaning against it holding it
closed. Then a voice entered my stall from the hole
between the two black cocks. “Hey roller boy your not
getting out of there until you make all 4 of us happy.”
With that being said the 3rd black cock, this one bigger
than the last one that came through the wall entered.
Then last but not least the 4th hole was filled with a
very large white cock.

All of a sudden I realized what he meant. At first I
didn’t know what to do until the thought of my wife
setting out in the food court waiting on me, myself
being lock in a small cube with 4 cocks looking straight
at me and thinking of how much she likes to suck cock
and how she would be so jealous of this I had to do it.
Rolled up against the wall and took the first black cock
in my hand.

I slowly started to stroke it up and down felling it get
hard right in my hand. Then I slowly opened my mouth and
let my tongue lick the tip. WOW! This thing taste great.
I shoved the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking
like crazy. I could hear the man of whose cock I was
sucking telling the other men that it felt good and that
he was going to just let me go and try not to hint of
when he was going to cum.

I knew then that he was planning on just letting me suck
he cock until he came in my mouth. I sucked his cock for
what seemed to be forever, but I guess being my first
cock sucking it was supposed to feel that way, until he
start thrusting at the wall. I knew he was getting near
boiling point. So I stop moving my head and just kept it
in one place.

It was no more than 2 minutes after I did this I felt
his cock swell in my mouth and all of a sudden BLAST!
Cum shot out of his cock right into my mouth. I was so
turned on at the thought of a strange black cock cumming
in my mouth that I never even tried to pull away. He
must have came I know for at least a minute straight.

I waited until I felt no more cumming shooting into my
mouth before I pulled away. When I did I had a mouth
full of cum and didn’t know what to do with it. Then I
remembered how much my wife loved the taste of cum so…
what the hell I swallowed. The man pulled his cock out
of the hole and I heard him say ok guys your turn.

At this time I thought how in the hell can I do this. So
I leaned up to the empty hole and told the remaining 3
men that I was going to suck off the middle guy and jack
off the ones on each side. This way I could try to make
them cum all at one time.

When I moved to the middle cock I noticed that it was
the biggest of the 4 that I was facing. This cock looked
like it should be hanged between the legs of a
horse(Which is another story I’ll have to write about
before I was put in a wheelchair).This thing had to have
been at least 10 to 11 inches long. I stalled for a sec
then said what the hell lets see how fast I can make
them all three cum.

I reached up on both sides and took a cock in my hand.
Then leaned forward and took this big black human horse
cock in my mouth. I started slowly jacking off each cock
I had in my hands and sucking the holy fuck out of the
one that was fucking the back ok my skull. Time seemed
to go by real fast because I couldn’t have been more
than 10 minutes into my face fucking when I heard the
white man say hey lets cum one at a time so he has to
drink us all. I heard him tap on the wall and say, “Hey
cum bucket get your mouth over here.”

So I did I didn’t even get up to him when he began to
cum. The first shot hit me right in the face and then I
hurried up and closed my mouth around his cock. He came
shot after shot into my mouth. It was warm and very
tasty. As soon as I was getting ready to swallow this
load I heard the Human Horse cock owner tap. So I moved
to him as fast as I could. I opened my mouth and he
shoved he cock down my throat. I had yet been allowed to
swallow “white boy’s” cum when this man blasted the
biggest load yet into my mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could making sure not t lose
the white cocks cum and this black massive cum load. He
cam so hard I thought I was going to have to pull away,
but I hung in there.

When I finished with him I had to jack off the last
black cock for about three minutes before he gave me a
nice layer of cum toothpaste to. When the men had
finished using my mouth as a jack off center they pulled
their cocks back through the holes and started walking
away. When the last man walked out of the next stall I
heard the door click and I knew I was free. I went to
the sink cleaned my face up a little and went off to
meet up with my wife.

Upon finding her I learned that I had been gone for
almost an hour. When see asked me where I had been I
simply told her that my zipper got stuck. She just
laughed not knowing what had happened. I can say this
however. She is enjoying our weekly trips to the mall
now and the money she gets to spend. I’m enjoy all the
cocks I get to suck.

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