Heather and her son Chris find some unexpected partners in their love-play

Heather made her way home through the afternoon rush
hour traffic. As usual, her thoughts turned to her son,
Chris, and their plans for the evening. As a single
mother she’d had these thoughts countless times on a
countless number of drives home through the years. Did
Chris have ball practice, and was it her turn to drive?
What would they have for dinner? Had he finished his
homework, and did he have clean clothes for school

Of course, Chris was in high school now and many of
those concerns had changed. Until a few months ago
though, she had never in her wildest dreams, thought
that she would be concerned with scheduling sex with
her son into her plans.

Heather shook her head with a smile and corrected
herself. It wasn’t whether or not they would have sex,
but when and how many times.

Chris was not only handsome with a terrific body; he
was also hung like no other man Heather had ever seen.
In addition, he was darn near insatiable. There had
been many times when Chris had absolutely worn out his
older girlfriend, Cindy, and then after dinner and a
shower he’d hopped into Heather’s bed.

She felt a deliciously naughty thrill charge through
her pussy. She knew that part of her arousal was due to
doing something so forbidden. But the other part was
that son or not, Chris could fill her pussy and make
her cum and cum.

She took a long shuddering breath. She couldn’t afford
to get so turned on right now; she had things to do
before she could play. The traffic thinned as she
neared home and shortly she pulled into her garage.

“Chris?” she called out as she entered the house.

“In the den,” his deep voice answered.

Heather dropped her purse and keys on the kitchen
counter and walked down a short hallway into the den.
Chris was seated in a large stuffed leather business
chair at the family computer with his back turned to
the door. As Heather walked into the room Chris
swiveled the chair about. He was wearing nothing but a
pair of bikini briefs, and his erect cock stuck out of
his underwear with its head resting on his washboard

“Hi Mom,” he said as he stroked his cock, and grinned
like a little boy who had been caught doing something
naughty but cute.

Heather laughed and shook her head, “What’s the matter?
Linda still hasn’t given in to your charms?” Linda was
Chris’ partner in a project for their history class. So
far they’d done all of the project’s work at her home
and Linda had made it clear that the project was the
only thing that they were going to work on. In fact,
Chris had spent an hour with Linda after school that

Chris gave his cock a squeeze and a drop of clear
precum flowed out of the slit in his cock head. “She’s
so hot I stay hard the whole time I’m over there. And
no…we haven’t even kissed.” He held out his hand,
inviting his mother to come closer.

“Oh no you don’t. I’m going to eat a quick dinner and
then go over to the school.” Heather was going to
attend a meet and greet for parents and teachers, and
she knew that if Chris got his hands on her body she’d
never get there on time.

“Oh Mother,” Chris complained. “My grades are OK.”

“Yes, and I intend to keep them that way. If you’re so
horny, why don’t you call Cindy; she can come over
while I’m at your school.” Cindy was his steady
girlfriend and Heather didn’t mind sharing Chris with
her. Heather knew that she couldn’t satisfy her son’s
sexual appetite by herself.

Chris dropped his arm to his side and spun his chair
back to the computer. “No, she’s all pissed with me
because I have to spend time with Linda.”

Heather stepped up behind her son and rubbed the top of
his head through his thick blonde hair. “Oh dear, my
poor little boy can’t get enough pussy,” she said in
mock sympathy.

Chris threw up his hand and said, “That’s OK, I’ll just
find some nasty porn on the Internet and whack off.” He
turned his hand to the keyboard and signed on with
their service provider. He used the screen name

“OK honey,” said Heather matter-of-factly and left the
room. As she walked to her bedroom Heather thought, how
can I tell my son not to sate his lust with porn on the
net when we’re having sex nearly every day? Of course,
she continued to herself, if we committed even more
incest then maybe he wouldn’t need to look at the porn.
Now how ironic was that?

“Hey Mom,” Chris shouted from the den. “Sure you don’t
want to do the deed? Dad’n Daughter are on line.

Heather felt a fresh surge of hot b***d that flooded
into her pussy and weakened her resolve. Last week,
during the few minutes it took him to recharge between
orgasms, Chris had logged onto the net and entered into
a chat room called Dad-does-Daughter. Before Heather
could stop him, Chris had struck up a conversation with
someone who was using the screen name Dad’n Daughter.
Heather had settled onto Chris’ lap and stroked him
back to hardness while Dad typed up a storm about how
his daughter was sucking him off.

Heather had said, “Oh Chris, that’s just some horny old
man playing with himself. I doubt that he even has a

Chris had promptly typed in what Heather had said.

Dad had retorted that he and his daughter were for real
and he could prove it. Did they have a microphone
connected to their computer? When Chris answered in the
affirmative, Dad directed him to a site where they
could connect by audio. In a few minutes the voices of
Dad ‘n Daughter were coming through the computer
speakers in Heather’s den.

Heather came back to the present. “Are they doing it?”
she called out to Chris.

“Hot and fucking,” he called back in a teasing voice.

Heather rolled her eyes; she didn’t have time for this.

Chris continued to stroke his cock as he listened to
Dad ‘n Daughter’s love play. His cock had been rock
hard for a solid hour now. He was so horny he was
nearly drunk with desire. The front of his shorts was
soaked with precum.

“He’s running his tongue around and around my nipple,”
said Daughter. “And now…ohhh…he’s scraping my
nipple between his tongue and his teeth….mmm…that’s
sending little sparks through my pussy,” she moaned.

Chris’ hand trembled a bit as he moved the computer’s
microphone closer. “I’m going to have to whack off now;
I can’t take it any more.”

“Yeah I know what you mean,” said Dad. “I’m about going
to sink my pecker in Daughter’s tight pussy.”

Chris heard bumping and shuffling sounds as the couple
rearranged themselves, and then Dad’s voice came back,
“Where’s Mom? I thought you said she was home.”

“She has to go somewhere; I don’t think she’s going
to…whoa, hold on,” said Chris as his mother made an
appearance at the door. She had stopped in the doorway,
one hand above her head, elbow resting on the
doorframe, and her other hand was on her hip. She was
wearing nothing but a smile and black lacy demi-bra
that made her generous breasts stand out spectacularly.

Heather walked over to her son and made a palm up
rising gesture with her hand. Chris jumped out of the
office chair and in one smooth motion he swept off his
shorts, freeing his huge cock to sway about seductively
in the air. Heather took her son’s place in the leather
chair. It was warm and slick from his perspiration, but
she didn’t mind. She loved his scent. It was a heady
mixture of sweat and tangy shower soap and the sweet,
musky aroma of the precum that was dripping from his

Heather scooted her butt to the edge of the seat and
Chris took the hint immediately by dropping to his
knees and firmly planting his lips on is mother’s pussy
lips. Heather picked up the microphone and held it
close to her lips. “Hi there,” she spoke in a low
sultry voice. Chris had teased her about that. The low,
soft and sexy voice that she used was nothing like her
normal speaking voice.

“Hi,” said Dad, “glad you could join us.” His voice
sounded too youthful to be an adult, and for a while
Heather had wondered if Dad ‘n Daughter weren’t a
Brother ‘n Sister in reality. Eventually though, she
had decided that Dad’s mode of speech and syntax made
him at least as old as she was.

“Yeah, I’m a little behind everybody, I guess,” said
Heather as she pulled Chris’ head firmly against her

“Mmmmm…let me help,” said Dad. “I’ve got my dick
buried in Daughter’s tight, hot cunt. You love it too
don’t you honey?”

“Yes, yes,” came the girl’s voice over the speakers.
“He’s fucking me slow and steady now.”

Heather rolled her hips, hunching her pussy into her
son’s face. His tongue tickled her pussy lips while his
upper lip massaged her swollen clit. She could feel her
sexual tension building and building as she listened to
Daughter moan and groan.

“Oh fuck,” cried Daughter. Faster Daddy, faster, I want
to cum. Please…”

“Now honey, we want to be polite and wait on Mom,” Dad
said in a teasing tone.

But Daughter didn’t wait; she made it perfectly clear
that an orgasm was coming. “Uh huh, uh huh,
yeah…yeah…uh huh,” she chanted and then a high-
pitched squeal signaled the peak of her climax.

“Oh yeah, do her again Dad,” said Heather.

“She’ll cum as long as I can keep it up,” said Dad

Suddenly, Heather knew it was time. Her pussy had
become wet and slick enough for her son’s huge penis.
“OK Chris,” she said breathlessly. “Let’s do it.”

Chris jumped up and stepped back. He put his hands on
his hips and as Heather watched his cock twitched and a
glob of precum washed over the oversized head. Heather
smiled at her son as she stood and braced herself on
the edge of the desk.

“He’s going to fuck me from behind now,” said Heather.

“Tell me about it,” said Dad.

“He’s got the head against my pussy lips. Now he’s
pushing it in. God, that head feels like a big, slick,
wet ball being pushed in.”

“Fuck yeah,” moaned Dad.

Heather continued, “Now his shaft is going in…and
in…and in…and in…and now the base is stretching
my pussy even wider…and…and now he’s all the way
in. He’s kissing my neck and cupping my breasts.

“Oh shit, yeah,” said Dad, and beyond him Daughter was
doing her little orgasm chant, she was cumming again.

Chris straightened and grabbed his mother’s lush hips.
He began to move his hips slowly at first and then
faster and faster, banging hard into his mom’s ass.

Heather loved it when Chris fucked her like this. As
his groin slammed into her ass, a shock wave traveled
through her body to tickle her clit, and of course his
wide cock stretched her pussy so that every nerve
ending was stimulated. She even imagined that her g-
spot was getting a workout. Or maybe it was just the
whole depraved moment of a mother and son having cyber
sex with strangers, but Heather found herself cumming
almost immediately. “Uhhhhhhh,” she groaned out. I’m
cumming, Dad….I’m cumming.”

“Oh yeah baby,” cried Dad. “Cut it loose…cut it

A few seconds later Chris and Heather heard a big gasp
and then a long groan that signaled Dad’s orgasm,
followed closely by yet another cum by Daughter.

Then it was Chris’ turn. Heather could feel his cock
swell and then throb in her pussy as it jerked and
jetted streams of cum that set her off again. Her pussy
clenched and urged her son to an even better orgasm. By
the time Heather came back to her senses, the Internet
connection had been broken and Chris was making
lethargic strokes with his cock. Heather knew that if
she didn’t do something in a minute he’d be hard as a
rock and banging her again.


“Yes?” he answered innocently.

“I’m still going to your school.”


Heather’s dinner turned out to be a granola bar that
she gulped down on the way to Chris’ school, and she
was one of the last parents through the door. A student
volunteer gave her a map of the school and a list of
the rooms where she could find Chris’s teachers. In a
few minutes Heather was entering the room to Ms
Johnson’s history class.

Ms Johnson was busy with some other parents, so Heather
took the opportunity to look around. Apparently the
kids were studying World War Two, there were several
projects showing maps and campaigns and models of
various weapons. There was even a mobile of various
planes used during the conflict.

“Pretty impressive, isn’t it?” said a voice behind

She turned to see a man in his forties. He had thinning
sandy hair and he was only an inch or two taller than
Heather, but he had a nice smile and appeared to be in
good shape. “Yes, I’m glad I don’t have to do anything
like this.”

The man chuckled and said, “I know what you mean. Is
one of these your c***d’s?”

“Oh no, Chris hasn’t finished his yet.”

“Chris?” the man asked with raised eyebrows. “Chris is
your son?”


The man stuck out his hand. “Linda, his partner, is my
daughter. My name’s David.”

Heather took his hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Heather.
I’m sorry they’ve done all the work at your house. We
have plenty of room.”

David shook his head. “It’s no problem. They’re using
my computer. I do design work so the monitor’s real big
and I have all sorts of software they can use.”

“That’s nice of you.”

“I do have one problem with Chris,” said David.

Oh no, thought Heather. What’s he done?

“He tends to eat all the snack food in the house,”
David laughed.

“Sorry about that,” said Heather. “He has large
appetites.” For more than food, she added to herself.

David looked thoughtful for a second and then said, “I
have an idea. How about…”


When Heather returned home that night, Chris was in her
bed watching television. He began to stroke his cock to
full hardness as he watched his mother undress.

“I met Linda’s father tonight,” said Heather.

“Good ol’ David?” said Chris. “He’s a pretty good guy.”

Heather, now naked, crawled into bed beside Chris.
“He’s invited us to dinner on Saturday night.”

“Oh Mom,” Chris squirmed. “I don’t want to do that,
it’s…it’s so geeky.”

“Why not? You and Linda can work on your project after
we eat. It’ll be nice.”

Chris rolled on his side as he rubbed precum over the
head of his cock, making it slick for his mother’s
pussy. He was about to move between her thighs when
Heather crossed her legs at the ankles and locked her
arms firmly across her breasts.

Heather looked at her son expectantly. “We are going to
eat with David and Linda, aren’t we?”

Chris saw his mother’s posture and sighed. “I suppose
so,” he said.

“That’s nice honey,” said Heather as she opened her
legs and wrapped her arms around Chris’ neck.

Chris rolled his eyes, “I can’t believe it,” he said. ”
I’m being pussy whipped by my mother.”


On Saturday night, Dave met Chris and Heather at the
door. “Come on in,” he said, ushering them inside. They
stepped into living room that was obviously the center
of the home. There was a small fireplace with gas logs
in one corner; one entire wall was covered by a
bookcase and entertainment center, and in another
corner was a huge desk containing a computer and all
the odds and ends of a home office. Besides an office
chair for the desk, there were a couple of overstuffed
chairs and a comfortable looking couch that made up the
room’s furniture.

A young woman entered the room from an interior door.
Dave said, “Heather, this is my daughter Linda.”

“So nice to meet you, finally,” said Heather taking the
girls hand. She could see why Chris got aroused every
time he was around this girl; she was lovely. She was
tall and slim with sun streaked brown hair and large
brown eyes. Her breasts weren’t as big as Heather’s but
she was wearing a pair of tight shorts that showed off
a pair of fantastic legs.

Dave got everyone drinks, beer for the adults and sodas
for the teens. Linda brought in chips and dip. They all
sat around and talked until Linda said, “Dad, if you
don’t get busy with those steaks we’re never going to

“Have you got everything else ready?” he asked.

“It’ll be ready by the time you get the steaks done.”

“Oh yeah? Sounds like a challenge to me,” said Dave,
grinning as he arose and headed for the kitchen.

Linda hurried right behind him. “Chris, show your
mother our project,” she said over her shoulder as she
left the room.

Chris laughed as the father and daughter left the room.
“They’re like that all the time,” he said to Heather.

He went over to the computer and turned it on. “This is
the first time I’ve ever seen this thing not running.”
In a minute the operating system finished loading and
Chris was looking over the program icons. “Hey look,”
he said to his mother. “They’ve got the same Internet
provider that we have.”

Chris started the Internet program. “I wonder what
screen names they use?”

“Chris, that’s none of our business,” said Heather, but
Chris had already clicked on the button that would show
the multiple choice of screen names.

“Holy shit!” cried Chris in a strangled whisper.

“Chris, your language,” admonished his mother.

“No, no look at this,” said Chris, motioning his mother
over with excited gestures.

Heather didn’t move, but her curiosity got the better
of her. “What is it?”

“They,” he said in a stage whisper, frantically
pointing in the direction of the kitchen, “are Dad ‘n
Daughter,” he finished, tapping the monitor screen.

“Noooo…”said Heather. You didn’t meet people like Dad
‘n Daughter. They were just playmates, out
there…somewhere. “It’s just a coincidence. They just
happen to be using the same name.”

“Nobody can have the same name on our server, Mom. It
would screw up the e-mail.”

“Well then, it’s…it’s spelled differently.”

Chris gave her a sexy grin, “No, I’m sure. They’re

Heather’s mind seemed to go blank. She took long gulps
of her beer as she watched Chris get rid of the
Internet program and bring up the much-worked on
project. He gave a thorough explanation of the various
graphs and pictures that showed on the screen, but
Heather couldn’t follow any of it. Her mind was filled
with images of Dave and Linda screwing their brains out
right where Chris was sitting. Before she knew it,
Linda was calling them into the dining room.

Three glasses of wine helped Heather loosen up during
dinner. David was charming, and Linda could certainly
hold up her end of the conversation. Chris didn’t say
much, but he kept giving his mother little winks and
grins which she tried to ignore.

When dinner was over everyone returned to the living
room. Linda and Dave sat on the sofa close to one
another. In fact, they were touching at shoulder, hip
and thigh. Chris plopped into one of the overstuffed
chairs and then patted the tops of his thighs as he
grinned and looked up expectantly at his mother.

Heather had had just enough wine and beer to accept his
invitation. She snuggled into Chris’ lap and placed an
arm around his neck as he possessively wrapped his arms
about her waist. She smiled at Linda and Dave and said,
“I’m stuffed, you two make a good team in the kitchen.”

“Thanks,” said Dave. “I taught her everything I know
about cooking.”

Linda snorted and said, “Yeah, that took about five

Dave playfully poked his daughter in the ribs and when
she tried to retaliate he grabbed her hand. They
tussled until Dave had a hold of both her hands, then
as they were looking into each other’s eyes Dave began
to share kisses with his daughter. Their first kiss was
a father-daughter peck on the lips, but the ones that
followed certainly weren’t.

Heather could see tongues thrashing around and their
kiss seemed to go on forever. She swore she could feel
Chris’ cock begin to pulse and distend under her butt.
His hand moved from her waist to cup her breast, and
then he began to nuzzle her neck. When Dave finally
broke off the kiss with his daughter Heather surprised
herself by blurting out, “Then you two really are Dad
‘n Daughter.”

Dave nodded, “And Chris is Superstud.”

Heather shook her head in confusion. “But how did you

Dave shrugged, “Well, Chris has been around here quite
a bit, and Superstud sort of sounded like him, although
when he’s on the computer he tends to lower that sexy
voice, like his mom.” As he spoke Dave deepened his
voice until it was just a barely audible rumble.

Heather and Chris laughed.

“Besides,” he continued, “your description of his cock
pretty well matched the swelling I saw in his pants
whenever he was around Linda. Either that, or he was
carrying around a fire hose in his pocket.”

Heather said, “But you two don’t sound anything like
you do on the computer.”

Dave shrugged, “I do electronic design. I thought it
might be a good idea to tie in a circuit that would
disguise our voices.”

Everyone was silent for several long seconds as Chris
continued to fondle his mother’s breasts and kiss her
neck. Linda, on the other hand, had suddenly turned
shy. She looked as if she was trying to crawl behind
her father’s shoulder.

“Well,” said Dave, clearing his throat loudly and
nodding at Chris. “I see at least one of us isn’t
embarrassed by all these revelations.”

Heather could feel Chris’ hands grow bolder. In a few
seconds she knew that he would be sliding his fingers
up the legs of her shorts and into her pussy. She
turned her head and whispered in his ear, “You’re ready
to cum aren’t you?”

“Uh huh,” he murmured.

“And you’d like for me to jack you off, or suck you
off, or surround that cock of yours with hot, wet

“Ohhhh yeah, Mom,” he moaned, squirming his crotch
against her butt.

“And you don’t want to wait until we get home, do you?”

“Huh uh.”

“Then why don’t you get up and do a little strip for
Linda and Dave, just to really get them into it.”

Chris scooted forward in the chair and then stood up
with his mother in his arms as easily as if she were a
c***d. Heather squealed as Chris spun around once and
then set her lightly on her feet. She stepped back;
Chris had done a strip routine for her more than once.

Chris bent from the waist and placed his hands together
on the floor. Then he swung his legs forward until his
weight rested on his hands while he hovered inches
above the floor in a sitting position. He eased himself
to the floor and then kicked off his shoes and socks.
Reversing his movements, Chris was quickly back on his
feet, gyrating his body to an inner beat. He slowly
pulled his shirt from his shorts and began to raise it
over his head.

Heather never tired of looking at her son’s body. He
had broad shoulders and bulging pec’s that lead to
washboard ab’s and a narrow waist. As he threw his
shirt aside, Heather could see that Linda had her eyes
locked on Chris.

Chris ground his hips seductively as he strutted over
to the couch. When he was within inches of Linda’s
legs, he hooked his thumbs into his shorts and then, in
one smooth move, he was naked. Linda’s eyes followed
his huge cock as it twitched and bobbed inches from her
face. She was raising her hand as if to touch it when
her father grabbed her arm.

Dave pulled her off the couch and loudly cleared his
throat. “Why don’t we take this into the bedroom,” he

A minute later they were all on the king-sized bed in
Dave’s room. Everyone was naked except that Dave was
still wearing his shorts. His mouth was locked on his
daughter’s shaved pussy. Heather had crawled on top of
Chris with her knees on either side of his waist. His
mouth played with her nipples while his cock pumped her

Heather looked over to Linda. The girl had one hand on
her father’s head as she hunched her pussy against his
lips. She sucked on a finger as she watched Chris’ cock
drive in and out of Heather’s pussy.

Linda was mesmerized. Her father had told her that his
cock was average size, but Linda could see that the
amount of Chris’s flesh that never even made it into
Heather’s pussy was longer and thicker than her
father’s entire penis. She dreamed about all that cock-
meat filling her pussy and she came with a squeal.

Heather saw Linda cum and when the girl’s eyes focused
again Heather gestured toward Chris’ cock and then
raised her eyebrows in question. Linda emphatically
nodded yes, but then she pointed to her father as if to
say, ‘What about him?’

Heather winked and pulled herself off Chris and jumped
off the bed.

“Mom!” Chris whined. He had been about two seconds from
shooting his stuff. He grabbed his cock and began to
pump it furiously. In just a few strokes a dozen full
streams of cum erupted from the swollen head and fell
back onto Chris’ hand and torso.

Heather walked around the bed and gently pulled Dave
away from his daughter. Dave stood up reluctantly and
then watched as Chris scooted across the bed and took
Linda in his arms. In a second the two kids were
shearing a furious kiss as their hands explored one
another’s bodies.

“But, but…” protested Dave as he watched his daughter
in Chris’ clutches.

“They’ll be all right,” said Heather as she led him
back to the other side of the big bed. “You know, you
look very overdressed in those shorts.”

Dave looked sheepish as he slowly pulled off his
underwear. “Your son is pretty intimidating.”

Heather looked down. Dave’s cock was full but certainly
not ridged as it was drooping to one side. She pushed
him onto the bed and then crawled in over him. “You
have nothing to be ashamed of,” Heather said just
before she licked the precum from the head of his cock
and then took the whole length of him into her mouth.

Heather drew her lips around Dave’s cock and sucked him
to full hardness. She couldn’t do this with Chris; she
had to strain to get just the head of his huge erection
in her mouth. When he was stiff, Heather took her mouth
off Dave and then she stroked him with her hand as she
moved up his body. Just as she had with Chris, she
fitted Dave’s cock in her pussy and the laid her
breasts on his chest and rested her head on his
shoulder. This felt nice. Chris was all hard muscle and
bony angles, whereas Dave, although he was trim, had a
comfortable softness about him.

The two adults turned their heads in time to see Chris
grab his cock and rub lubricating precum all over
Linda’s pussy lips. Then he pushed those lips aside and
carefully eased his cock into Linda’s pussy. Linda
gasped but it was in surprise and pleasure, not pain.
She lifted her legs and wrapped them around Chris’
waist. In seconds the two teens were humping hard
enough to make the whole bed shake.

“Oh yes, yes, uh huh, yeah, uh huh…” Linda chanted,
and then she came. And then she came again and again.

Heather sat up, her heart was pounding and her face and
tits were burning. The kids were mindlessly driving
each other to higher and higher passion. Heather had
never seen anything so hot, and she couldn’t remember
ever being this turned on. She planted her hands on
Dave’s hairy chest and began to furiously bang her
pussy up and down on his cock. Dave rubbed and played
with her nipples and she came twice before he shuddered
and groaned out his own cum.

A second later Chris’ buttocks clenched and he shot his
second big load of the evening into Linda. Heather
could see streams of his cum wash back over his cock
and drip onto the bed.

Heather rolled off Dave and lay next to him. “You throw
a nice dinner party,” she murmured in his ear.

Dave moved to kiss Heather on the lips and then he
began to leave little kisses across her breasts and
then down toward her pussy. “It isn’t over with yet,”
he said with a grin.

Heather looked over at Chris. He was on his back and
Linda was using both hands to bring his only slightly
wilted cock back to a full erection.

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