Her eyes were bleary, she was so pissed

I saw her for the second time at a party. I knew who
she was because she’d gone out for a while with a
friend of mine; she didn’t know me. She didn’t know
anybody at the party, actually – she was so smashed she
could hardly stand up. Her eyes were bleary, she was so

She was looking pretty good, though. It was a costume
party, and I guess she’d come as some sort of 1920s
flapper. But those 20s chicks used to be pretty flat-
chested – Sue was a complete failure there. She had a
massive pair and there was nothing she could wear to
disguise it. I liked the tits, and I liked the silvery
glitter-stockings she was wearing, too. There was a
blue boa over her shoulders, and a band around her
head, just wide enough to cover the forehead. It was
the band, actually, that got me thinking — it reminded
me of a blindfold.

That and the fact that I saw her making for the front
door. God, I thought, nobody in her condition should be
driving home. It was altruism that drove me, I guess. I
followed her out the door. It was kind of dark in the
hallway and no one saw me leaving just behind her.

I followed her down the steps and out to the darkened
street. I watched her stagger to a parked car. I made
my move after she’d taken her keys out. “Whoa” I said,
“you’re in no shape to drive!” I plucked the keys from
her hand and unlocked the passenger door. She looked at
me uncomprehendingly. I opened the door. “Who…”, she
said, and then, “what do you think…”

I looked to the right and left. No one there on the
darkened street. I reached up and punched her hard
right in the nose. She fell into the front seat,
bumping her head on the roof on the way down. She lay
there with her legs sticking out. I picked them up and
swung them into the car, then shut the door.
Once in the driver’s seat I went through her purse. I
found the driver’s license and the address. If she had
a roommate, I was just a Good Samaritan driving her
home. And if she didn’t…

We were at her house in ten minutes. I got out and
opened the door for her; she was completely out of it,
with a little trickle of b***d running from her nose. I
wiped it off with a handkerchief. It was a lot of work,
but I finally got her out of the car and standing with
her arm over my shoulders. I staggered along with her
to the front door of the house. It was an older three-
story home that had been divided up into apartments;
her name was over the bell for apartment 3. Okay, top
floor, I thought, here we go. I unlocked the door and
dragged her in with me.

My plan was in the toilet if we saw anyone on the way
up. I had to come and go completely unrecognized. I
began the long, slow climb up the steps.
In a few minutes we were standing outside of what I
hoped was her apartment. I tried a couple different
keys before I found one that worked. Suddenly, the door
swung open and we were inside. It was an awful chance
I’d taken, but I’d made it!

I secured the door, turned on the lights and made my
way to her bedroom. I let her collapse face down on the
bed. She began to snore right away! I made my way
through the rest of the apartment. No roommate, no sign
of a second person. I thought she lived alone, but now
I was sure.

I went back into the bedroom, took off her coat and
removed the blue boa from her shoulders. I yanked the
cloth band around her forehead down over her eyes. I
opened the top drawer of her dresser and found a couple
of pairs of pantyhose. I flipped her over onto her back
and held both of her wrists together, then wrapped the
pantyhose tightly around them. I used a second pair to
secure her bound wrists to the headboard.

I went foraging through the apartment looking for some
rope or tape. I found a roll of duct tape in a kitchen
junk drawer and brought it back to her bedroom. I
lifted her head up off the bed and held it there with a
fistful of her hair. I jammed a pair of dirty panties I
had found next to the bed into her mouth, then I began
to wrap the duct tape all the way around her head to
tightly secure the panties in her mouth. She was
starting to come around during this, probably from the
discomfort. She was moaning now, softly under the tape.

I lifted her legs up off the bed and pushed them all
the way back to the headboard; her dress slid all the
way up to her waist. I could see her pantyhosed ass,
the gusset at her crotch, and underneath a pair of
black sheer panties. I slid two pillows underneath her
ass and then let her legs sink back to the bed. I took
two remaining pairs of hose and tied each ankle to a
leg at the bottom of the bed. I pulled very tight on
the hose and her legs were widely spread.

She was now completely secured, arched over the
pillows, spread-eagled with her crotch angled for cock.
I knelt between her legs and used a kitchen knife to
tear her dress all the way up the front. I tore the
remaining strips of it off her shoulders. Her tits were
barely restrained by a black sheer bra; I could clearly
see the dark patches of her nipples. I ripped it off
with the knife.

I read the tag on the back of the bra: 36DD. And very
nice, very firm even now with her on her back. They
only sagged slightly to each side. I twisted her
nipples and listened to her cry under the gag. They
began to stiffen and I twisted them harder. She moaned,
so I twisted them again. This was really turning me on.

I took an Ace bandage I’d found under the bathroom sink
and began to wrap it tightly around one of her tits.
Soon it was bound into a tight and rigid cylinder that
began to purple almost immediately. I bound the other
one as well.

Now in addition to pinching and twisting her nipples I
began to slap them around, getting in some good swipes
and watching them rebound from the blows and joggle
back and forth on her chest. All this fun was making my
dick really hard.

My goodness, I regretted not having a camera! It was so
sexy seeing this bitch — who had dropped my friend
without a second thought — totally in my power. A
rather stupid woman, an incipient alcoholic, but
equipped with magnificent breasts, a tight sopping
cunt, and a skilled mouth under the right circumstances
(or so the rumor had it.) She was securely tape-and-
panty gagged, blindfolded, her massive tits rigidly
bound and purple with the nipples stiff, her arms and
legs tightly secured with her pantyhose to her
headboard and bedposts. In the middle, arched over the
strategic pile of pillows and glittering in the light
like a Christmas present, was the silvery pantyhose-
covered cunt that was going to be mine in just a few
more moments.

I used the knife to cut a hole in the pantyhose right
at her crotch. Once I had a hole I stuck my fingers in
and pulled hard, widening it. I cut the panties off and
pulled them out through the hole. Now her hairy cunt
was right in front of my face. I leaned down and gave
it a sniff, then buried my tongue in her cunt. After
about fifteen minutes, in spite of herself, she was
considerably moistened.

During all this her moans and her wriggling round on
the bed had kept me stiff; in fact, I was as hard as
I’d ever been, harder even than the time I’d raped that
high school English teacher. (God, how she had moaned
while I rammed it up her asshole!)

I unzipped my jeans and let my hard cock pop out. I
leaned over the tied bitch and ran the tip of it up and
down her snatch. She was well lubed, no matter how she
felt about the present situation. I lowered my mouth
down next to her ear.

“You know what comes next, don’t you cunt? My cock is
so hard. I can’t wait to shoot my cum up inside of you.
You’ll love it, won’t you? You filthy, filthy bitch.”
Then I bit one of her distended nipples, hard. She
writhed around as best she could, but she couldn’t move
much. I leaned down again to her ear. “It was the
stockings, bitch. The stockings you wore. You were
asking for it, now you’re going to get it.”

I knelt upright and put one hand around my cock. I
positioned it between the protruding lips of her cunt.
I moved forward until just the tip was inside. Then I
got down on my arms again, and with one quick shove I
was buried up to my balls in Sue’s cunt. She was as
tight as my friend had told me. I began to fuck her
steadily. I had already cum that day while looking at a
video I had made of a my last assault – an 18 year-old
lifeguard who had stayed a little too late after work.
(Too bad I’d forgotten to bring the camera tonight!) In
any case I was rock hard but in no hurry to shoot, even
though the whole scene was very stimulating. I kept
fucking her with long hard steady strokes.

After about fifteen minutes and lots of variation in
speed – sometimes I’d just stop altogether, and then
suddenly ram it in ten or twenty times as quick as I
could — I decided it was time to cum. I employed a
little trick I learned back in high school. I leaned
over and closed her nostrils with my fingers. She was
now completely blocked for air. Her body began to
react, and in a few seconds fucking her was like trying
to ride a rodeo bronco! Of course, this was very
stimulating and resulted in the deepest and roughest
penetration yet!

I then began to cum in Sue’s cunt, shooting big gobs of
it up there. I was pleased that I had so much spunk
left. In fact, it turned out there was enough to cum up
her asshole as well, two hours later, after I had
walked back to the party to put in an alibi appearance
and get my car.

It even turned out there was enough spunk to cum again
in her mouth just before dawn. I give her all the
credit; she was so sexy as she pleaded with me to stop
after I’d taken the tape off her mouth. Just looking at
her there, kneeling on the floor in front of me, still
in her stockings, rigid tied tits sticking out, hands
tightly bound behind her back — I just couldn’t stop
myself from stiffening again.

In fact she was so good I kept her tied up there for a
week, fucking her again and again whenever I had a
moment to stop by. The last time was the best, giving
it to her up the ass while she was tied to each corner
of the bed. I felt the cum rising up in my balls, so I
tightened a nylon stocking around her neck while she
convulsed in a desperate struggle for breath. Her
buttocks kept contracting in a really stimulating way
as I shot a last big load up Sue’s ass.

I’d love to show you the video sometime. It’s very