Home alone with mom

I pulled into the driveway about 10:30 in the morning,
all ready working on what excuse I could give my Mom. I
had told her I would be home last night, but spent the
night in a motel room, alone, after totally washing out
with a very lovely waitress. Summer was almost over, and
I did feel guilty, I have spent most of it cruising
around the country, having as much fun as possible,
trying to laid as much as possible, and now I would be
heading back to classes in two weeks, and had hardly
seen my parents all summer.

Dad had gone to Europe last week, Mom was home alone and
I was really looking forward to spend the last of my
vacation with her. The gardeners truck was parked in the
drive, but with plenty of room for me to get around it.
I got out of my car, grabbed my duffle bag and walked
into the house. I shouted out, “MOM, I’m home!”, tossed
the bag to the side of the stairs and went into the
living room. And froze in my tracks.

Sometimes, you realize just how stupid you have been, a
split second AFTER it’s too late to do anything about
it. Like now. Mom was in her bikini, she must have been
out by the pool. Now, she was tied up and sitting in the
middle of the room, in a straight back chair. She had
been tied so that the ropes made her all ready large and
firm breasts swell even larger.

That was the moment I realized. The gardener would NEVER
park in the front drive, he would have parked around
back, or left his truck out on the street. And the
gardener would never tie up my Mom while him and his
partner searched the place. Nor would they jump me,
before I even had the chance to recover. My arms were
tied behind my back before I really realized the full

The smaller of the two, really mean looking, stood in
front of me and confronted me. “I know you rich bastard
American gringos, where is your house safe?”

Mom all but shouted at him. “I TOLD you, there IS NO
house safe!”

He spun around and pointed his VERY large knife at her.
“I toll you, bitch, shut up. Or I’ll cut your tongue off
and shut you up for good.’ He looked at her and slowly
smiled. “No, bitch, maybe there is something ELSE I can
cut off, and make you talk.” Then he turned back to me,
and with the tip of his knife drew the outline of my
cock around my swim trunks. Those and my sneakers were
all I was wearing.

Mom saw what he was doing, and cried out. “No, please,
don’t hurt him! There’s no safe, really, I swear.”

“You swear! That’s all you motherfucking gringos do is
swear, mostly at us poor working laborers. You are rich,
you can afford all this.” He waved the knife around,
indicating the house, the pool outside. “You got a safe,
rich white bitch, and I want to know where it is. You
can lose some money or jewels………..” he grabbed the
front of my trunks, pulled them way out and with the
knife, slit the down to the crotch, then cut the sides.
In seconds, I was naked. He gently put the point of the
knife against my balls. “Or your son can lose his
jewels!” Both him and his partner laughed at the joke
about the “family jewels.”

The house was air conditioned, I was naked, except for
my sneakers, but I was sweating.

“There IS NO safe. Hurting us will not change that.”

The wetback looked at her, annoyed. “You better be
lying, whore, I’m going to be plenty pissed if we wasted
all this time, and no fucking safe.”

“She’s telling the truth,” I said, “we don’t have a

“No jewels.” The wetback said. “So we get nothing for
our trouble.” For the first time since I walked in, his
partner spoke. I wish he hadn’t, because he was staring
hard at my Moms body when he did talk. “Maybe we can get
something for our trouble, something really hot.”

Moms swim suit, though two piece, was pretty
conservative. But just then, the way she was tied, it
looked awful provocative. As insane as it was, me naked,
mom tied up, two men with knives robbing us, I started
to get an erection! The two Mexicans looked at me and
broke out laughing!

“What’s wrong, Gringo, you think maybe you get something
really hot too?”

They grabbed mom and roughly yanked her to her feet. She
was tied, but not tied to the chair. A quick flick of
that damn knife, and Moms top fell to the floor. I’m not
going to pretend Mom could have passed for a Playboy
model. She’s over 40 and had a baby, the years showed.
But she also worked out regularly, and her body was
still firm, including her tits. Sure, they sagged a bit,
but I’d seen internet pics of far worse. But the thing
was, they were my MOMS tits!

The two wetbacks began to fondle and grope her, but kept
their knives in very plain sight. My cock got even
harder and stood up, and out, even more. They were
watching my cock as they played with my Moms body, and
laughed again as my cock twitched.

They stepped away from Mom, one stepped behind her, and
shoved her towards me. We were both tied, and had to
pretty much just bump into each other to keep from
falling over. For a moment, her fear stiffened breasts
were shoved against my chest. They were big, and soft,
but fear had stiffened her nipples. They dug into my
chest. Despite my fear, despite the danger both Mom and
I were in, I could not help it, I started to get an
erection. In seconds, my cock was poking against Moms
pussy. The two wetback were having a great laugh about

One of them grabbed her hair and pulled her head back,
which made her breasts push outward, and harder against
me. It also made her groin move forward, slipping around
my cock shaft, I tried twisting, to prevent myself from
actually slipping inside her.

He held her hair with one hand, and with the other slid
between us and began groping her tits again, none to
gently. Every part of me screamed out to fight back,
and protect her, but I couldn’t. Tied up, outnumbered,
and worried about what they might do to Mom if I tried
to fight, I had to go along meekly.

He pulled mom back a bit, putting a bit of room between
her tits and my chest.

“You like these, Gringo boy?” he asked. “I bet you liked
them when you were a baby.” “Let’s see if you still
like them now. Start sucking on them.”

The 2nd one pushed my head down towards Moms breasts. I
was too scared, not to mention too turned on, to resist.
I began to run my tongue around one nipple, it stiffened
for me even more than it had been. I opened my mouth and
took her tip in, then began suckling. My cock got harder
than it had ever been in my life. If only the situation
were different, if Mom had offered herself willingly,
and we were not being f****d. But then, that would
probably never happen, ever.

Then it happened, I actually got milk from her tits! I
never expected that. I was so shocked, I nearly bit her
nipple. It didn’t taste like milk, not the “milk”
everyone is familiar with, but of course, it wouldn’t.

Some of it leaked out the side of my mouth and down my
chin, and down moms boob. The two wetbacks started

One of them pulled me back away from her, and his
partner took my place, suckling Moms tits, drinking her
milk. When had his jollies, he stepped back, flashed his
knife again at Mom and I, as if we needed reminding, and
let his partner take his place. This one, while he was
nursing at her breasts, was also groping her ass.

Mom could not help responding, despite the fear and
danger. I could see the color of her face change from
terrified white to a deep ruddy color. The thug
suddenly let go of Mom and stepped back, looking at her
naked body with evil in his eyes.

He reached down and grabbed my cock. “Ok, whore! Your
son sucked you, now, it’s time you sucked him.”

NOOOO! I did NOT want this to happen! Like every guy, I
had been dying to know what a blow job was like, had
tried to get my cock in a lot of girl friends mouths,
with no luck. But I didn’t want my first to be in my
mother’s mouth!

I expected the Mexican to put his knife against Moms
throat. Instead, he put the knife against my balls. “Use
them or lose them, whore Mom.”

With tears in her eyes, Mom got down on her knees and
slowly reached out, putting her hand around my cock. I
couldn’t help it, my erection grew even harder. With a
look of pain and humiliation in her eyes, she lowered my
cock, and leaned forward, opening her mouth to take it
in. Then she clamped her lips around my cock, and I was
in heaven!

This was everything I imagined, everything I wanted to
feel, all those damn horny nights I jerked off imagining
my first blow job. One of the wet backs stood behind
mom, slightly leaned forward and playing with her tits
while she sucked me off. The other stood behind ME and
began playing with my ass! They were not joining in the
sex, Moms goon had his knife out and ready to slice her
throat any second. My butt friend had the tip of his
knife ever so lightly pressed against my back.

I didn’t want to make this any worse for Mom, any more
humiliating, but I couldn’t help it. I put my hands on
the sides of her head and began to guide her sucking. I
had seen it done hundreds of times in pornos, but
thought it was just another movie gimmick. In fact, it
was a perfectly natural thing to do, almost instinct.
Mom seemed to accept it, though, she wasn’t in much of a
situation to refuse.

I wanted to get it over with quick, for Moms sake. I
wanted it to last forever, for my sake. The issue was
pretty much settled by the guy playing with my ass. I
have never had anyone play with my ass before, it felt
too weird, too exciting! He kept running his finger up
and down my ass crack, teasing around, but not putting
his finger in, my asshole.

The one playing with Moms tits squeezed her nipples
hard, making her gasp and winch, and nipping my cock,
making me jump, and the knife point jab me, which made
me lurch forward just a bit, shoving my cock harder into
her mouth.

“We want to see you swallow all your little boys cum,
bitch,” he growled. “If you spill any cum, we spill

Mom had her eyes closed, her face was a deep crimson,
from the shame of what she was being f****d to do. Then,
I was cumming. Surge after surge of my cum was shooting
into my mother’s mouth. I could feel her mouth working
to swallow it all, her lips were sealed tight around my
cock not to let any escape. But the extra tightness and
the working of her swallowing only made me cum harder.

My cock gave the last few, weak spurts, then began to
soften. Mom kept me in her mouth, kept her lips tight
around my shrinking meat, kept sucking, until I was
totally soft again. I thought her debasement was over,
but I was wrong. The one behind me, my butt buddy, was
suddenly no longer such a good friend. He shoved me
aside, and took his place in front of Mom, his cock all
ready out and hardening quickly. The knife remained
touching my side, between my ribs.

I could see the tears roll down Moms face as she
submitted to the oral r**e. She was doing it to protect
me, to protect both of us, but the shame must have been
terrible for her. No words were spoken, none were
needed. The only sounds were Moms sobs and the giggles
and small laughs from the two Mexicans. It was weird, I
had watched lots of pornos, seen lots of on screen blow
jobs, but never imagined watching my own Mother being
f****d to suck cock.

Having to hold the knife on me, he only had one hand to
guide Moms head while she sucked his cock. He took a
hand full of hair to control her. He was doing most of
the work, really ramming his dick into her mouth and
back out. I was a bit proud to see at least his cock was
not much bigger than mine. What a weird thing to be
thinking about under the circumstances!

He came in her mouth, much faster than I did. I saw Moms
cheeks swell outward as his load filled her mouth. Mom
started to pull back, to let his cock out, but the
wetback shoved back deeper into her mouth. “Keep
sucking, gringo whore, till my balls are dry.” Mom did
as she was told, she had no other choice. When the
Mexican was totally drained, he ordered her to suck his

For Mom, it was awkward, getting her mouth open enough
to get his balls in and suck them. She finally settled
on getting her lips around one ball at a time.

It must have felt really good, because the creep was
squirming and moving his hips. I have to admit, getting
my balls sucked had never occurred to me before. All my
thoughts were just getting my cock sucked. “Pedro” took
his hand off Moms head and began stroking his cock, now
erect again. He was jerking off while Mom sucked and
licked his balls. Then he pulled her head back, aimed
his cock and shot his second load over her face. I had
seen that move so many times in my pornos, I never
really felt there was anything sexy about it, and now,
with cum dripping down my Moms face, I still didn’t.

“Pedro” quickly switched places with “Juan”, he all
ready had his cock out and ready. Mom did not need to be
told, she knew her fate. She opened her mouth and began
sucking her third cock of the day. It may look
thrilling on a screen, but watching someone get a blow
job in real life gets boring quickly, especially when
it’s f****d. Even more when it’s your Mom being f****d.

But I couldn’t look away either. It was so dirty, so
wrong, so depraved, I had to watch.

Mom sucked him dry, and again, after his cock slipped
out of her mouth, she sucked his balls till he was hard
again. Then she got a second load of cum over her face.
She looked like the cheapest whore on the planet!

Then they pushed me back into place, and told Mom to
suck my balls. I had had a bit of time to rest, and the
excitement of watching two live sex shows. And getting
my nuts sucked and licked was amazing! So it didn’t take
me long to get a hard on again. I expected them to order
me to cum on my Moms face too, but they had other plans.

They yanked Mom to her feet, then shoved us tight
together. They told me to put my cock in her. I was
supposed to fuck her, standing up. I am just a bit
taller than Mom, so, with an extra pair of hands guiding
my dick, (which felt REALLY strange) I was inside my
Moms cunt. It felt good, REALLY good.

Before I started humping her, they told me to hold
still. From somewhere, I hadn’t even seen it, but then,
my attention was distracted, they came up with a roll of
shrink wrap plastic. They started at our feet, wrapping
the plastic around us, and wrapping us together. Our
ankles and calves were wrapped, then they left our mid
thighs open to the air. They went around middles,
wrapping our asses and drawing me really tight into her.
Our stomach and lower backs were left free, but our
chests were wrapped, so her tits were mashed to my
chest. Our bodies could still breath, but we were going
to be sweating, it was going to be uncomfortable.

Then there was the fact that my cock was still inside
her, and not room for me to move to pull it out. MAYBE
it would shrink down enough to slip out before I shot a
load in her, but I wasn’t sure at all about that. Then
the two wet backs laid us down on the floor, on our

“Just lay as still as you can, son,” mom whispered, “and
nothing will happen.”

The two Mexicans heard her and started laughing. “What
fun would that be, gringo whore?” One wet back got
behind each of us, and started talking. “They are
awfully still,” Pedro said, “maybe they need some help
moving.” With that, he poked Mom in the ass with the tip
of his knife.

Now, when someone pokes your ass with a knife, you jump
a bit. And Mom did. Then it was my turn, I got jabbed,
and jumped. Little thrusting motions of our hips, and we
were fucking, without trying to or wanting to. It was
maddening! They were jabbing us every few seconds, not
enough to really make it frantic, but enough so my cock
would not soften, but not cum any time soon either.

Pedro and Juan were laughing like crazy as they jabbed
our asses and made us hump each other. Juan kept putting
his hand up inside the plastic and playing with my ass
and balls, just to be sure I didn’t go soft inside Mom.

I could feel the pressure and the load building.
“Mom…” I said, “I can’t help it, I’m going to cum.”

I could see the tears starting to form in her eyes.
“It’s ok, it’s not your fault, what happens now just

Then I was, surging sperm into Moms twat, gush after
gush. This was not some cheap internet sex story, no
shouting “I’M CUMMMINNNNGGGGGG” Just my cock doing what
nature intended, if not where nature intended. I could
feel the cum leaking out of Moms pussy, and down over my

Juan stuck his hand up inside the plastic, worked it
between us, and coated it with my cum, then pulled it
out and wiped his fingers off in Moms hair. Damn, how I
wished I was free, I would have killed him, or died

They left us like that, took a few things, an expensive
camera, some silver, a few bottles of fine wine, and
left, laughing and mocking us. So there we lay, on the
living room floor, nude, sweaty, cum soaked and shrink
wrapped together. Mom told me we would just have to lay
there till Miguel, our real Mexican gardener, showed up
Monday morning. Until then, we were going to be very
uncomfortable, but we were alive. But it was going to be
a very long twenty four hours till Monday. To make it
worse, before they left, Juan went out to the truck, and
came back with a DVD, put it in the player and turned
the large screen TV on, he did something with the remote
control, so the DVD just kept playing over and over,
until it was shut off. Naturally, what he had put in was
a triple x rated porn DVD.

With the fear, tension and strain suddenly gone, not to
mention being sexually spent, we began to get sleepy. I
don’t know how long we had dozed, when suddenly I
snapped awake. “MOM!”

Mom jerked awake, giving my still buried in her cunt
cock a pleasant slide. “What’s wrong?”

“Mom, we’ve got to move! If we lay here all day long, we
are going to be in the sun, and the thermoglass, and the
damn plastic, will magnify the sun’s rays. We’re going
to end up with massive sun burns.”

Mom thought about it, thought how the sun was all ready
making both of us uncomfortable. “Well, we’re just going
to have to…” she gave a slight groan as she realized
what we were going to have to do.

We were going to have to try and rock back and forth,
get our bodies moving in unison enough to roll across
the floor and out of the wide beam of sunlight. But that
meant my still up inside her cunt cock was going to get
hard again, real fast, and probably be shooting even
more cum in her. Helped along by the porn DVD still
showing sucking and fucking at high volume.

We decided which way we were going to try to go,
figuring the movement of the sun, we wanted to roll away
from the rays as they moved across the room. I was
right, the moment we began trying to rock our bodies, I
got hard. Well, it was not unexpected! Her tits were
slippery with our sweat, and rubbed against my chest as
we moved, and my cock in her just felt SO good, and the
porn playing, it had to happen

We did our best to ignore it, getting out of the sun was
much more important. It took some work, but we finally
got enough movement to start rolling. About the third
roll I shot another load of cum in her. Neither of us
mentioned it, we kept concentrating on getting out of
the sun.

It was exhausting, struggling like that. On one hand, I
wanted to get this rolling around inside Mom over with.
On the other hand, it was a real effort, and I was
afraid of how much it would make us thirsty and hungry.
It was going to be a long wait for a drink of water.

Finally, out of the sun, we just lay there, catching our
breaths and wishing we were not in this insane
situation. We tried to make conversation, now and then,
but there seemed little to say. And the sound track from
that damn porno DVD was embarrassing, constant talking
about fucking, sucking cock, fucking assholes, cumming,
it was difficult to ignore.

And there we lay, for hours. With the maid off till
Monday, the real Gardner not back till Monday, no
friends expected, it was a long and uncomfortable wait.
Occasionally, we had to move, only to reposition our
bodies a bit as we got painfully uncomfortable on the

With the sun no longer warming the house, it got cold
quickly. And with the cold, and all the cum I had shot,
a new problem developed. I tried to ignore it as long as
possible, but the human body does what it needs to,
regardless of our opinions.


“What, Mike?”

Tears started to form in my eyes, tears of shame and
embarrassment. “I have to pee, I’m sorry.” It meant I
was going to be peeing inside her twat, inside my own

Mom took a deep breath. “Mike, we have no control over
this, and because of that, nothing that happens now is
our fault. I know you are ashamed, but there’s not
helping it. You have to do what you have to do.”

Still, I fought it as long as I could. But in a way,
that made it worse, because when I finally could not
hold it any longer, there was a lot more urine to get
out. Then I was doing it, pissing inside Mom. It flowed
into her, and right back out of her, and over my cock,
then puddled on the tile floor. I was so glad when I
finally emptied my bladder, glad it was over. But then,
we were also laying in my piss.

“Mike,” Mom said.

“What Mom?”

“Son, we have to move again. We can’t keep laying in
your piss, we could get a skin infection.”

I groaned. That meant more exhausting rolling over, and
probably, another cum inside Mom. Unless I was just too
tired and drained. For the first time in my life, I was
begging I would not be able to get an erection.

We began the rocking, weaker this time, and slower. It
took us a lot longer, but fortunately, we didn’t need to
go as far. I did cum in her again, but just a short,
weak spurt this time. Not that it mattered much at that
point. I couldn’t get her any more pregnant than she was
by now, IF she was.

After that, it was a long, cold night. The plastic kept
some body heat, but not much, and the exposed parts of
our skin chilled down quickly. Sleep was fitful, more
like short naps, but welcome, because the time passed
away unaware. Still, we were one pitiful sight when the
sun finally rose.

But then the real torment began. Waiting for Carlos, our
real Gardner, to show up, or Maria, our housekeeper. She
came in on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays. We would be
freed, but freed to face the shame and humiliation, and
each other.

Finally, we heard the grating sound of the lawn mower in
the back yard. Carlos had arrived and begun his job! We
shouted until we were horse, but he could not hear us
through the glass doors and the sound of the mower.

“Mike,” Mom said, “if we roll about three more feet in
your direction, he might see us through the patio
doors.” We both knew what it mean, another erection,
another cum in Moms cunt. I have to admit, after the
depravity of the last day, I actually enjoyed the idea.
After all, I would never get the chance to fuck Mom

We had more strength now, after a night of what could be
called rest. So we rolled faster than we had last time.
Faster, but not fast enough to prevent me sending one
last good load of cum into my Mother. Now we were in the
sunlight, and now, it felt fantastic to be warming up
again. Only problem, Carlos was paying attention to his
work, not looking through patio doors. So we lay there
for another two hours as he worked his way out of sight.

Then finally, the front door opened and Maria walked in.
She headed towards the kitchen, as always, but our
shouts stopped her. She came in the family room and
screamed when she saw us laying there. She made the sign
of the cross and started sputtering in Spanish.

We both yelled at her to get a knife and cut us loose,
but she stood immobilized by shock. Finally, I let out
the loudest bellow I could, and a good amount of
profanity. I t broke though.

“Maria, go get Carlos, and do it now.”

She dropped her purse and cleaning bag, and ran out the
front door. Even though the patio doors would have been
much quicker. Well, I guess I can’t blame her for not
thinking straight.

Carlos came running in, and stopped dead in his tracks,
stunned by the sight of us, naked and wrapped together.
The look on his face would have been priceless if the
situation were different.

“Carlos,” I said, as calm and steady as I could manage,
“take your knife and cut us loose, quick, but be

Both of them were yammering to each other in Spanish,
and Maria continued making the sign of the cross over
and over again. But Carlos took out his pocket knife and
carefully cut the plastic away, giving Moms tit a good
squeeze in the process. He tried to apologize and say it
was necessary to be sure he didn’t cut her, but he sure
seemed happy about it.

Then finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we
were free and rolled away from each other. We were both
weak, but managed to get to our feet. Mom looked at
herself, and made a run for the stairs, then up to the
bathroom. I had other things on my mind. We were both
dehydrated, we needed fluids. I ran to the kitchen,
grabbed a bottle of juice and gulped as much down as I
could. My nudity didn’t seem to matter to me at all.
After a moment of rest, sitting on a kitchen chair, I
took the juice and the plastic jug of milk and went
upstairs to Mom.

She was in the shower, trying to wash off the cum, both
the fresh and the dried, her hair all ready thick with
shampoo. I walked in without knocking, pulled back the
shower curtain and held the juice out for her. She took
it and drank, and drank. I admit, I used the time to get
a good look at the nude body I had spend so much time in
contact with. Damn, even after the effects of the
ordeal, she still looked good.

She drained what was left of the juice, then set the
bottle on the sink. “Help me wash,” she said.

I stepped into the shower. The hot water spraying over
me felt so incredible, being washed clean again. Just an
hour ago, I would have said I would never feel clean
again in my life. I helped work the shampoo in her hair,
she rinsed it out, then lathered it up again.

While she was working on her hair, I soaped up her
shoulders, then lathered her back, slowly working my way
down to her ass. Her back straightened as I began
soaping her ass up, running the bar of soap through the
crack, up and down, up and down. Mom bent slightly and
spread her legs, giving me easier access. I ran my
finger around her asshole, making her gasp and shudder.
Then I slid my hand down lower, between her legs and
stroked her cunt. Mom was shaking now.

I pulled my hand back from between her legs and moved
them around her, to her stomach. Slowly soaping up her
cunt hair, working the soap into her cunt crack. My
other hand went to her tits, groping and feeling, but
gently, not like the two wet backs had abused her. The
nipples that had been crushed against my chest for so
long were not like spikes. My other hand could feel the
heat from her pussy.

Then she spun around and faced me. “If I’m going to be
an incestuous whore slut, at least it will be on MY
terms!” She grabbed my hard cock, positioned it, and
pushed herself onto me. We fucked in the shower, fucked,
this time, of our own choice. When I finished, we moved
apart, took the soap and finished washing each other.

Mom got out, grabbed a robe and wrapped it tight around
herself, then went downstairs. She sent Maria and Carlos
home. We both knew, they were not going to be coming
back. She called her doctor, a long time close family
friend, and gave him an edited account of what had
happened. She said she had been abused, but not by whom,
and made an appointment to go in that afternoon for a
heavy dose of “morning after” pills.

I took my time in the shower, letting the hot water wash
everything away but the memory of what had happened.

I stayed home for three more days. They were a roller
coaster of emotions and state of mind for Mom. She went
from trying to pretend nothing at all had ever happened,
to walking around the house in front of me totally nude,
because modesty was pretty much a joke “considering”, to
avoiding me and wearing enough clothes to outfit an
Antarctic cross country hiking team. I left for college,
figuring it would be easier on her if I were not there,
and she had all ready started therapy anyway. I left
really hoping she could work it out and learn to deal
with it.


I was in my dorm room, watching the home made porno,
when my buddies walked in, carrying a six pack of beer.
Pete looked at the screen and laughed. “You will never
get enough of seeing that, will you?”

I blushed. “No, I guess not.” I didn’t bother to turn it
off, they had seen it before. John pulled three cans off
the plastic binder and handed us both one, popping the
pull tab on his. He took a deck of cards out of his
pocket and put them on the table.

“So, who’s next?”

It was amazing, really, Pete was a theater major, and he
had done such an incredible job on the makeup, I would
never have recognized “Pedro” and “Juan”, even though
they were right there in front of me.

Since I lost, (or won, depending on how you looked at
it) the first deal, I cut the cards and put the deck in
the middle of the table. Pete drew a five of Clubs. John
drew an eight of spades. John was next. He went to his
desk and got a rough lay out plan of his moms house,
spreading them on the table. We started planning his
“home invasion.”

Pete stopped and looked at the screen, the part where
they were poking Mom and I in the ass to make us fuck.
He shook his head. “Man, what did it feel like?”

I took a long swig of the beer. “Don’t worry,” I said
with a grin, “you’ll find out.”