Home help for Granny part 1.

It had been the local residents’ idea, “helping the elderly” the note
said “tick here and leave on your door for pick up if you need help” so I
did and what a lovely surprise I got.

My doorbell rang one morning and a young boy holding my signed note
stood there “I’ve come round to help” he said and I let him in. What a
handsome young boy he was although pretty might have been a better
expression but boys don’t care for that do they? His name was Robin and he
was 12.

“What would you like me to do” he asked “I can stay for 4 hours and I
have been told to do anything you want.”

“Well dear” I said “I have a few clothes that need washing and some that
need sorting from the drier and that need ironing so shall we start there
love?” and he indicated his agreement.

The washing didn’t need much attention, it was just a matter of putting
the powder in and then turning on the machine and then I took the clothes
out of the drier and put them in a basket and told him to carry the basket
over to the kitchen table.

“Lets have a nice drink shall we and then we can sort everything out” I
said and he eagerly agreed.

I made us some nice hot cocoa and put out some chocolate biscuits (boys
like chocolate biscuits) and then after we had a little drink and a bite I
pulled out the clothes and put them on the table.

“Now then” I said bringing my chair closer to his “we need to sort out
my frillies from the other clothes alright love” and as I pulled out a few
pairs of my knickers and bras I noticed him blush.

“You’re not embarrassed dear are you?” I asked him.

“Not really” he said still blushing.

“Well do you like looking at ladies knickers then, its alright if you
do, granny understands these things and all boys get a bit excited when
they see ladies frillies don’t they love” I said stroking his head.

“Do they really?” he said.

“Oh yes love, its quite normal for a young boy of your age” I said
handling a pair of my more lacey items as I spoke “in fact if you didn’t
feel a little bit excited and really very excited I would say there might
be a little problem and you know you should be experiencing erections at
your age, does that happen yet dear?” I said.

“Yes” he said “I get that a lot.”

“Well then” I said “then everything is just as it should be dear and
what about now at this time, anything happening down there?”

“Well it is yes” He said.

“Well why don’t we just pop it out then and have a look” I said reaching
out and starting to unzip him.

His little hands shot down and he took over but seemed to be taking
quite a while getting it out.

“Now then don’t be silly love” I said “I know it might not be fully
erect yet.”

“No, it isn’t that, I have to take something out first” he said looking
very embarrassed and I said “now don’t be silly” and I pressed my hand
inside his pants.

“Oh dear me” I said “there’s no need for this” and I pulled out a rolled
up pair of socks “silly boy” I said throwing the socks away “now explain
yourself to granny.”

He looked rather sheepish and said “well the other boys said I’ve got a
tiddler and my friend told me to put something inside to make it look

“Did he tell you that the girls would laugh at you if they saw your
little tiddler?” I asked.

“Yes they did” he said.

I reached back in and pulling his tiny little penis out which was now
semi erect I started to massage him and it soon reached its full extension
of about 2 inches.

“Now you stand up and drop your pants” I told him and he did “now your
top” I said and we soon had him stripped off. “Well everything looks quite
healthy and normal to me” I said as I sat back and admired his little pee
pee and tight little bag, all hairless too and I did like that. I reached
forward again and cupped him “very normal” I repeated as I felt around and
found two tiny peanuts; “now doesn’t that feel nice?” I asked him.

“Oh yes it does thank you” he said, such a polite boy.

“I tell you what, why not slip a pair of these on and see if that makes
you feel nice” I said holding up a pair of my frilly knickers for him. He
took them and I noticed he took them quite quickly and put them on.

“How pretty, I mean handsome you look in those and with that big boy
erection pressing firmly through” I said and I must say it really was
rather exciting for me, I felt quite wet. “Does it really feel nice?”

“Yes” he said grinning “it is nice. Can I tell you something?”

“Of course you can dear” I said.

“Mmm, I’ve done this before and I like to do wanking when I wear girls
panties.” He said.

“Girls Knickers” I said correcting him “we’re not Americans here are we

“Sorry” he said “I’ve done this before and I like to do wanking when I
wear girls Knickers.”

“Yes well many boys of your age do that but I bet you don’t know how
many boys get to do this” I said and I gently got down on my knees in front
of him and taking his little penis out of his knickers I took it in my
mouth and sucked him whilst at the same time massaging his little anus
until he ejaculated.

“What a very good boy you are” I said sitting back “shall we do some
more jobs for granny?”
“Yes please” he said.