Homebodies part 2.

Days went by and we both became more and more
comfortable around each other. Katie seemed cheery,
bouncy, happy, playful, different in many ways from her
former self. She was still incredibly sweet like
before, but it was like she’d blossomed emotionally and
was much more open to me, more affectionate and more at

She even started dressing a little different. Instead
of wearing thick, long sleeved shirts or baggy, over-
sized pants, she started wearing thinner, short-sleeved
shirt, tanktops and smaller-sized pants. She seemed
more at ease around me and it showed.

It was a Thursday afternoon and, like always, I was
lazing about the house in slacker-mode. I sat down on
the couch in the living room and had switched on the TV
when Katie walked in. She smiled at me as she walked
in, sat down next to me and laid her head on my

“Hey,” I greeted.

“Hi,” she replied.

“You hungry?” I asked.

“Yeah. Want me to make you something?”

“No, I was thinking maybe we could go out to eat?” I

She sat up and looked at me, a bit surprised.

“Go out? Like, to a restaurant?”

I smiled. “Sure. Of course!”

Her eyes darted back and forth in contemplation, then
found mine again.

“Should I get dressed up? Where are we going?”

I thought for a second.

“How about that Chinese restaurant downtown?” I finally

Her eyes lit up a bit.

“Oh, ok!” she said happily. “I guess I’ll dress up a
little, but not too much?” her face scrunched up,
hoping for a suggestion.

“I think so. Maybe just a blouse and some nice pants?”
I suggested.

“Ok.” She agreed.

I went and showered and threw on a nice looking t-
shirt, red sweater and some jeans and started looking
for my wallet and keys. I finally tracked them down
when Katie pushed my bedroom door open a little and
crept in. I looked up at her and was floored. She
couldn’t have taken longer to get ready than I did but
she looked incredible. I’d never seen her looking like
this before and for a split second I forgot she was my

She had teased her short dark hair a little to where it
was spiky in places, in a cute way. She was wearing a
dark purple, short-sleeved and low-cut top that showed
off more of her chest than I’d ever seen. Along with
the top she was wearing a pair of jeans that hugged
contours on her lower body I never knew she’d had. I
was ogling for a second too long and had to snap myself
out of it.

Her head was down a little, looking for me to say
something. I stuttered for a moment before speaking.

“Wow, you look incredible! What lucky guy gets to go
out with you tonight?” I said with an awkward chuckle.

She had this incredibly cute but shy and untamable
smile on her face and could barely keep eye contact
with me.

“Kevin, don’t be silly…” she giggled. “So are we
going or what?”

I was still taken aback by how incredible and different
she looked. As she turned around and walked into the
hallway, I couldn’t help but check out her butt, which
looked so perfectly round and inviting. I realized that
in all the years we’d lived together, I’d never
actually seen her in clothes that showed off that part
of her body in any revealing capacity.

Unfortunately, while I reveled in the beautifully
voluptuous view, lost in my wandering thoughts, I
failed to realize how long I’d been staring. When I
finally broke from my spellbound state, my eyes trailed
up her back and to her eyes, which were already locked
on mine. She had this sly smirk on her face.

“Hey, I’m up here.” She said with a smile.

I chuckled nervously and tried desperately to cover my

“Uh, I didn’t know you had that brand of jeans. I was
trying to read the label. Are those�”

“Yeah, I’ve had these for awhile, but this is only,
like, the third time I’ve worn them.” She giggled.

We finally got out of the house and had a pleasant
drive to the restaurant. I had this bizarre sensation
as we drove to the restaurant, the same type of
dwelling nervousness in my gut that was reserved for
when I’d go on a date with a girl, which wasn’t often,
so the feeling was quickly identified. A conflict
welled up within me. “How could I be nervous? This is
Katie. My sister!”

But the guy in me could only see the unbearably cute
girl sitting next to me, decked out like she was just
trying to t*****e me.

We got to the restaurant, which was pretty nice. We
were seated after only a few minutes of waiting, which
was a surprise.

After a few minutes of sitting at the table, we both
realized how awkward the situation was and were both
short on words. We exchanged a few nervous glances,
like 14 year olds on a first date, until Katie broke
the ice.

“This is a nice place, isn’t it? Fancy.” She whispered.

“I know.” I whispered back.

We whispered to each other as if we were afraid someone
would hear us. Having broken the ice, though, we both
smiled at each other, almost laughing at the absurdity
of the awkwardness of just a few minutes ago.

“You know, this is so weird. I feel like I’m on a
date.” She said coyly, her head down, but eyes looking
up me.

“I know. It’s weird, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but a good weird.” She retorted.

We both smiled.

“I’m sorry for staring earlier, when we were at the
house. I’ve just never seen you like this. Dressed up,
you know? You look so… different.”

“Different, as in good different?”

I nervously exhaled and smiled. “Yeah, really good
different. I just… You’re really cute when you want
to be. It just caught me off-guard is all. I mean,
you’re always cute, you’re just cute in a different way
when you’re dressed up.”

“Thanks. I’d say the same to you but you actually dress
up from time to time, unlike me, and you’re always
cute.” She chuckled.

Another awkward silence, until she broke the ice again.

“I just haven’t had much reason to dress up before, you
know?” she said.

I replied. “Well, if you’re enjoying being out with me,
maybe we can do this more often and you can dress up

She smiled. “Yeah, I’d definitely like to do this more
if it’s ok with you. Well, only if you don’t stare at
my butt so much next time…”

I almost swallowed my tongue. I did, however, c***e on
my ice water a little. She giggled at my stammering.

Dinner was great. It was basically a date with Katie
and me. I felt so conflicted. So many times during the
night I had to look across the table and the most
beautiful girl, inside and out, that I’d ever known and
had to remind myself who she was and that any feelings
I had that were beyond innocent, brotherly ones were
out of place and clearly misread. They had to be. How
could I actually foster romantic feelings for Katie?

But then the other half of me couldn’t help but look at
Katie, and see the beauty in those eyes and what lie
behind those eyes and feel something. She was basically
my perfect woman. Physically, God couldn’t have built a
woman more complementary to what I found attractive:
those beautifully dark eyes, the shape of them, her
button nose, her lips, the style of her hair, her
perfectly curvaceous body.

And personality-wise, we were also perfectly matched.
If I was just a guy off the street who got to know
Katie as a person and not my sister, I’d be sure she
had no flaws.

We got home at around 9pm. As I unlocked the front
door, Katie stood next to me, turned towards me.

“I really�I really had a good time tonight.” She said.

“Me too.”

We both settled down on the couch, kicking off our
shoes and turning the TV on. Katie sat next to me, as
she had done a lot of lately. I looked down, built up
some courage and then turned to her.

“Umm, hey. Look, uh, I just wanted to say I’m sorry
for�for ogling your butt earlier. I don’t know what got
into me. Pretty pathetic, huh?” I said.

She looked at me and giggled, resting her head on my
right shoulder. “No, it’s not pathetic at all. I do the
same thing sometimes. You just don’t catch me.”

I looked down at her, but her eyes were fixed on the
TV. She couldn’t hide her sly smile though.

“You do? With me?” I asked.

She nodded, her mouth trying to contain her smile.

“When?” I asked.

“When you’re not looking.” She said as a smile covered
her face, her attempts at masking it having failed.

I was so pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to
feel so guilty about having essentially ‘checked out’
Katie earlier.

“Wow, so then I don’t have to feel bad if I ever feel
compelled to look at you?” I said.

“You can look all you want. I trust you. And you’re my
brother and I love you. I don’t care if you look.”

With that I raised up my right arm and wrapped it
around her. She instinctively snuggled up against me.
We were watching TV but really weren’t watching TV. She
nuzzled her head into the space between my chest and
shoulder, her body now turned towards me, her breasts
pressing up against my side and her right arm wrapped
around my mid-section.

“You know what?” she said. “This is really nice.”

“Yeah. Who needs girlfriends and boyfriends?” I

She smiled, leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.
I turned and looked down at her upturned face.

“Hey, what was that for?” I asked.

“For tonight, and for the last couple of nights, and
pretty much for all the time I’ve known you. For being
so sweet.”

I was so surprised at the frankness of her confession.

“Uh, Katie. I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything.”

We went to bed shortly after. The next few days were
even better than the previous ones. Katie was so
cheerful and playful around me, so at ease. In the
daytime, she’d prance around the house like she was
walking on air. It was quite a sight to behold. I
didn’t know how much livelier or bold she’d get, but I
had to admit that I was looking forward to it. She had
seemed to loosen up in more ways than one.

Not only was she more open emotionally, imparting any
decidedly important thought or emotion to me, whereas
before she was emotionally withdrawn, timid and
seemingly intimidated by me, but she was now candid,
overt, and intimately communicative as well as marked
by a noticeably outward change in her appearance…

It was a hazy Saturday morning, getting close to noon,
when I awoke to a soft, inviting voice. I could hear
her voice, but my faculties were still not sharp enough
to respond coherently.

“Wake up, sleepyhead…” Katie said, almost in a
whisper, a whisper that was so soft and loving that it
was nearly suggestive. “I made breakfast if you’re

By the time I sat up I could only catch Katie’s shadow
as she left my room and made her way down the hall.

I got myself up, put myself into the shower and cleaned
up. About a half hour later I finally made it into the
dining room wearing a new pair of pajamas. Katie was
looking cute as always, showing slightly more skin
today as compared to yesterday, which, if doing some
simple calculations based on the current rate of skin
exposure, I figured she’d be parading around the house
nude within a week or two.

I knew that wasn’t going to happen and I was initially
disappointed in that truth, then disappointed in myself
for being disappointed about that. I knew I should’ve
felt bad about even doing that calculation in my head,
but my male defenses were under constant bombardment. I
maintained my strength whenever possible.

We shared chatty small talk during breakfast. I spent
most of it with a huge grin across my face with bits of
breakfast in my teeth. Several times during breakfast
we made each other laugh to the point that breakfast
projectiles were being fired from our mouths.

We tried to maintain dignity in the face of the other,
secretly trying to impress with every minute mannerism
but it was getting tough since we were so at ease with
each other, we easily de-evolved into c******n within
minutes of talking, grabassing and other assorted
immature derring-do.

It was another regular meal for Katie and me. Much
silliness was had, with the undercurrent of attraction
buried neatly underneath the dining room table’s
tablecloth. After breakfast we collected our plates and
dumped them into the sink to be worried about later.

The day breezed by in a flash, as had everyday since
Katie and I really bonded, day became night and I
prepared for us to settle into whatever nightly
activities we’d be engaged in. Of course, the devil on
my shoulder whispered a naughty suggestion in my ear
that I responded by mechanically shooing him off. Our
friendship was deeper than that, I thought, even though
my male instincts blurred the validity of my logic at

I was walking to my room when I passed Katie in the
hallway, greeted by her beautiful smile. “Hey, I was
going to set up a movie for us to watch. Is that cool?”
I asked.

“Of course, just pick something. Ooh! Something scary!”
she suggested excitedly, eyes bright and wide. “I need
a shower.” She added.

I scrunched my face with mock disgust. “Yeah, you

She gasped theatrically and punched my shoulder, her
face quickly returning to normalcy. “Wanna join me?”
she asked, a reckless, mischievous grin on her face.

I was taken aback by her growing audaciousness. “No,
I’d better not. Sounds like too much fun for me to
handle… I had one earlier anyways.”

She didn’t seem disappointed by my answer as her
proposal was probably made in good fun. “Ok, I’ll be
out in a few…”

I turned away and got the movie set up. I chose to pick
a random horror movie for a few reasons; one, I love
horror movies and can’t get enough of them and
secondly, on a slightly ulterior level, hoped that the
scares might get me a few frightened embraces from

After a few minutes of choosing a movie, I settled into
bed, lying comfortably on top of the sheets. When Katie
made it back, we’d have a pretty graphic vampire movie
to enjoy.

I heard footsteps move past the hallway outside my
bedroom and heard Katie call out as she walked towards
the kitchen. “I’m gonna wash the dishes really quick,

I thought to myself then called out to her as I stood
up. “I’ll come and help!”

I made my way out of my room and towards the kitchen. I
could hear the sound of running sink water. She’d
already started doing the dishes. The sight revealed to
me as I entered the kitchen literally made me stagger.
There was Katie, her back to me and doing the dishes
and dressed scantily in only her panties and a small
tank top. I stopped in my tracks at the threshold to
the kitchen linoleum, my jaw uncontrollably hanging and
my eyes dazed and unresponsive.

Katie looked over her shoulder at me, her arms covered
in soap suds, a beaming smile on her face. My jaw
instinctively snapped shut, my eyes flashing back to
normalcy as I dressed my face in a mask of normalcy,
hoping she hadn’t noticed my stupefied state. I
attempted to snap back to my witty, sarcastic self.

“Are you wearing invisible pants? ‘Cause they’re
working great.” I said.

She laughed. “Actually, I always sleep in my panties
but that first night you told me I could sleep in your
bed I didn’t want to strip down and give you the wrong
idea. When we were growing up you saw me in my panties
tons of times, so it’s not a problem if I sleep like
this, is it?”

I was astounded at how carefree and bold she had
become. Here was this sweet young girl who used to hole
herself up in her room and when she did talk to me, it
was always in hushed tones where she hardly made eye
contact, was always dressed from head to toe and rarely
showed any discernible emotional changes and now I was
staring at this seductive Lolita washing dishes in her
panties giving me a hell of a smile. AND she was asking
permission to sleep next to me, decked out like that. I
was in heaven.

“No, I don’t mind. And to think I was wearing my pajama
pants instead of my boxers like I usually do. Hell, if
you wear your underwear to bed, I am too!” I laughed as
she turned back to the dishes, still smiling. “So, let
me help here…”

I moved up behind her to get near the sink but it was a
narrow space, not big enough to allow two people to
wash dishes, but not wanting to leave, I made the best
of an interesting situation. I stood behind her,
playfully reaching around her and over her, in a mock
attempt to get to the dishes. She started giggling,
crowding the sink and hovering over it, to keep me from

As my advances became more aggressive, so did her
giggles and her attempts to keep me from the dishes.
She stuck her rear-end out at me to push me away, but
all she managed to do was lodge her delectable ass into
my crotch. I knew she was being innocent and playful,
but that act immediately got my b***d flowing

Keeping with the playfulness of the moment, Katie took
a handful of sink water and flung it back at me
blindly, some of it splashing on my shoulder and chest.

“Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be?” I barked.

With my threatening announcement, Katie’s giggles
became a uncontrollable fit of desperate laughter, her
hands working quickly to fling more water at me. I
reached past her and got a handful of water and flipped
it up at her. Strategically, I managed to douse her
chest, mostly, as well as her face. She yelped and
continued her barrage of sink water, as did I.

Realizing she’d been overpowered, she turned towards
me, still laughing madly and reached for the sink’s
detachable faucet sprayer. Using it like a water gun,
she blasted me with it. I grabbed at her, pulling the
sprayer away before she could shower me with it, and
turned it on her. I managed to hose her down for a
second or two, drenching her chest and face. She
squealed and pushed past me, running for the sanctity
of my bedroom. I made chase after her.

Both of us were squealing like four-year-olds. She blew
past my bedroom door, shoving it open as she tore for
my bed, jumping on it and hastily trying to cover
herself with some loose sheets and a pillow. I ran in
after her, laughing as I leapt on the bed, pouncing on
her and tearing off her poorly laid defenses, tossing
the blanket and pillow aside. She turned onto her back,
covering her face with her hands, trying to muffle the
riotous laughter, but barely managed to do that.

“Thought you were being slick, huh?” I asked as I
hovered over her, tickling at her sides, playfully
grabbing at her wrists, trying to pry them away from
her face as she laughed.

I finally managed to pry her hands off and pinned them
to the bed. I had completely straddled her, my legs
forming a bridge over hers which were pinned together.
I looked down at her, our laughs slowly ceasing and
giving way to heaving, fatigued breaths.

“You messed with the wrong guy, little girl!” I
declared, bouncing up and down on her, causing us to
flop around. She beamed up at me, her tank top
drenched, beads of sink water cascaded across her face
and tummy.

After a moment, my smile went away when I realized how
beautiful she was. She was still smiling though. “You
jerk! You’re gonna dry me off now.”

I let her go and rolled off of her. “Okay, okay…” I
conceded as I reached over and picked up a clean bath
towel that was lying next to the bed. She sat up and I
crawled over to her on my knees and started toweling
her off as she grinned up at me. “Well, that was
fun…” I said, then started to chuckle, as did she.

“Yeah, but I just took a shower and you drenched me,
jerk. Look at my tank top!” she cried.

She didn’t have any idea how that otherwise harmless
suggestion affected me. Seeing her voluptuous breasts
packed into that wet top was not easy for me, not to
mention that the only thing separating me from her bare
pussy was the thin layer of cotton she was wearing.
“Yeah, you’d better change. You don’t want to be wet
all night…” I said, then instantly realized the
indirect innuendo that could’ve been misconstrued from
that. I shut my eyes in embarrassment but Katie had
already caught on, that devilish smile rose up on her
face again.

“Being wet all night wouldn’t be all that bad, but I
know what you mean. Let me go dry off real quick and
change my top.” She trailed off, her face straightening
up as much as she could manage as she left the room.

I tried to wrangle in what remained of my self-respect,
wishing my brain would’ve been quicker than my mouth
when I made that remark. Luckily, Katie’s response
actually made my Freudian slip a positive.

I dried myself off with the towel I’d used on Katie,
changed my t-shirt and stripped off my big pajama
pants, keeping my promise that if Katie was going to
wear her underwear to bed, so was I. I laid back and
got comfortable, starting up the movie.

After a few minutes, Katie came back, this time wearing
a cute pink tank top, that familiar smile still
irrevocably plastered on her face, surely having
remembered some of the convenient innuendos we’d just
slung at each other. She sat down on the bed next to
me. “So, what are we watching?”

“You’ll like it…” I hinted. “It’s scaaaaary.”

“Ooh!! Cool! Is it a vampire movie?”


“Oh, I’ve seen this one…” she said excitedly. “…I
love this movie!”

The movie started and considering the fact that we were
lying on top of the blanket, I was hoping that she
wouldn’t do anything to get me aroused as I was only
wearing my boxers now and hiding an erection would be
almost impossible. To make matter worse, about fifteen
minutes in, Katie started to get spooked by the movie
and scooted back, pressing her body against me. The
position we were in wasn’t favorable for me to be able
to maintain my composure.

She was grinding her rear-end into my crotch and we
were in the spoon position. “I’m cold.” She said,
blindly reaching back with her right arm and taking my
right arm and wrapping it around her tummy.

“Do you want to get under the covers?” I asked, trying
very hard to think about baseball, waterfalls, driving
a car, anything to keep me from realizing that I was
draped around a precious jewel of a girl, and how
firmly and relentlessly she was rubbing her rear into
my crotch.

“Hmmm, sure.” She agreed, but reminded me with a smile.
“You’re not getting out of holding me, though.”

We tossed back the blanket and climbed back into bed. I
got into the position I was in earlier and she resumed
hers, wrapping my right arm around her. “Mmmm, so
warm.” She noted with satisfaction.

I really didn’t pay attention to the movie. My mind was
just reeling, bombarded with so many emotions. I had to
keep total concentration to control myself so I
wouldn’t get erect, since Katie’s panty-covered rear
was pressed tightly against me, she’d notice if I
became only slightly erect.

About forty-five minutes in, I was going insane. My
body was stressed, wanting to respond to the
stimulation given to it, but my mind wasn’t letting it.
It was an internal battle of wills and my mind was
losing. My mind began to betray me as quick snapshots
of Katie enraptured in some torrid gyrations began to
flash into my mind’s eye. I had to say something, but
what? If I admitted any kind of risk of stimulation to
Katie, I didn’t know what she’d say or think, but I
couldn’t rightly just lie here with Katie’s round,
firm, delicious ass pressed into my crotch.

I figured I’d feign something about being
uncomfortable. Something she couldn’t disprove and that
I didn’t have to prove.

“Ouch.” I blurted out.

Katie turned to me, looking on me with concern. “You

I feigned discomfort in my face. “Yeah, my left arm is
a little numb.”

It took her a second to understand, her eyes trailing
off. “Is my head hurting your arm?”

“Umm, just a little. I can move i�” I said, before she
interrupted me.

“Here, put your left arm under me, under my armpit.
That way, you can still hold me and keep me warm, but
your arm won’t go numb.”

She sat up and took my left hand and wrapped it around
her midsection and laid back down, taking my right hand
and placing it back where it was. She then pulled on my
arms which pulled my body closer to hers, and more
importantly and unfortunately, my crotch back into her
rear-end. This tightened the seal between us. Only
worse now, since my arms were crossed across her tummy,
my hands were dangerously close to her breasts, my
right thumb brushing up underneath her left breast
whenever I moved it even slightly.

I’m back where I started, I thought. My plan backfired.
I was up against a wall, I had little to stop me from
getting completely hard right then and there and then
she’d probably get freaked out. She was a virgin, after
all. At least she said she was. I believe her, and if
her first true sexual encounter is having her brother’s
hard-on pressed up against her ass, I might lose her

Part of me said, ‘to hell with it, if you get hard, you
get hard. She might like it and maybe she’ll take your
load.’ I had to instantly stamp out that train of
thought. Then I had images of trains plowing through
tunnels dancing through my head, which was just all I

I didn’t even know what movie we were watching anymore.
The ‘pain’ was almost excruciating, the pain of keeping
myself soft. Then, to make matters worse, Katie started
squirming in her place, grinding her ass even more
firmly into my crotch and at the same time hugging my
arms tighter to her body, my right hand inadvertently
moved with her, my palm accidentally brushing against
the better part of her left breast that was covered by
only a thin layer of her tank top.

The combination of her pulling my hand into her breast
and wriggling her little ass into my crotch was too
much. I felt the tingle begin to grow in my boxers, a
torrent of b***d rushing to my penis, making it grow.
As I realized what was happening, the thought of it
made my cock kick as it grew. I knew Katie had to have
felt that. It had pulsed a few times and was now
partially erect and pressed right against her sweet
behind. I had to act… fast.

I slowly pulled my arms free, firmly, but also
delicately and gently, so as to not arouse suspicion.
“I’m gotta go pee really quick. I’ll be right back.” I
said, as I pulled my crotch away from her ass, hoping
that she was so na�ve that she didn’t know what had

“Okay.” Was her only reply, and it was one conveyed
with innocence, as if she detected nothing. I said
nothing more and went to the bathroom.

I feverishly stroked my erection, which was now rock
hard. Now free of Katie’s bonds, from the warmth and
softness of her body, I used the memory of the
sensation, the memory of her scent and her voice to
fuel my masturbatory frenzy. I was beating off with a
fervor I hadn’t ever beaten off to. The insatiable urge
to spurt my load was unbearable, I had to cum badly, to
get it out of my system, but I so badly wanted to have
this erection buried deep inside Katie, instead of it
being tended to by my hand.

A grimace of pleasurable pain on my face, my fist was
pumping at blinding speed, anxious to get the cum out
of me, and with every stroke I imagined Katie
underneath, impaled on my solid girth, cumming on cock
as I buried it in her until I finally unleashed a
tsunami of my love in torrents and gushes, flooding her
tight canals with my seed. I felt a need that I’d never
felt before. The desire for her was painful. Painful.
And it scared me.

I didn’t realize it but I was grunting with every
stroke, possessed with a lustful madness, the beast
within me wanting to explode outward with pulsing jets
of desire, desire for Katie and only Katie. At this
point I didn’t really care if she heard me, part of me
hoped she did and that further fueled my lust.

With a final, urgent, laboring groan I unleashed a gush
of a warm, viscous mess. It came in surges, pulsing out
of me in thick, urgent jets, spraying the toilet bowl.
The velocity of the spurts was so intense that it made
a wet, splattering sound as it hit the porcelain. I
hadn’t cum this hard in my life. Ever.

Finally, my cock slowed its lovingly violent outpour to
a dribble, the ooze of cum that was intended for
Katie’s insides was now pooling in the toilet. I felt
disappointment that my seed had not found its rightful
home. I felt, strangely enough, that I’d let it down.
It wanted to be inside Katie, but I’d wasted it inside
the toilet. I was heaving like I’d run a mile and
sweating like I just wrestled a wild pig.

I was scared by the extent of my desire, how strong a
hold it had taken over me. I had scared myself,
realizing how, in those passionate moments, I would’ve
done anything, anything, to have had Katie on the end
of my penis. It was the ‘anything’ that bothered me. I
would’ve taken her, even against her will, in those few
dreamy, foggy, lust-filled moments.

I took in several deep breaths and exhaled deeply,
composing myself. I looked in the mirror and wiped the
beads of sweat from my brow with a towel. Surprisingly,
considering who had been the focus of my most recent
masturbatory adventure, I didn’t feel guilty as I
looked at myself in the mirror. More than anything, I
felt worrisome for myself. How was I going to let this
continue? Was I going to allow myself to be tortured
like this? Was I going to allow her to keep seducing me
night in and night out before I do something I’ll
probably regret?

She was just a sweet, virginal angel. My angel, my
Katie. She didn’t know how badly she was affecting me.
It wasn’t her fault. I looked myself once more in the
mirror, a lasting stare, slowed my heart rate,
normalized my breathing, tried my best to remove the
wildness in my eyes after the intense emotional and
sexual ride I’d just put myself through and prepared to
throw myself back into the storm and into Katie’s
waiting embrace.

If I was lucky, she wouldn’t insist on spooning again,
jamming that perfectly delectable ass into my crotch
again. If so, though, I figured I’d probably spent at
least a night’s worth of cum and wouldn’t have the
juice to get hard again. But this was Katie, she could
get me hard with one look and a snap of her fingers. I
had to hope my body wouldn’t betray me a second time. I
exhaled deeply once more, prepared myself and opened
the bathroom door.

Walking back into the bedroom, my mind and body clear
of the burgeoning lust that had just minutes ago
consumed me and was then exorcised from me, I saw Katie
clearly and without motive. She was lying there under
the blanket, face still glued towards the TV, eyes
wide, mouth hanging slightly agape. She was 14 again,
my sweet little sister. She looked so innocent. I wiped
the bad thoughts I’d had in the bathroom about my
possibly taking Katie in a moment of lust-induced
weakness, even against her will, out of my mind and
enjoyed the view set before me. My sweet Katie.

I crawled back under the blanket and moved next to her,
from behind her, not as close as before, mind you, but
still comfortably close. She reached behind her blindly
and found my right hand and placed it on her tummy.
With that, figuring my body was incapable of
incriminating me, I moved up behind her again. I didn’t
jam my crotch into her rear-end and she didn’t jut her
ass into my crotch. It was safe. I felt safe, safer.

“What did I miss?” I asked, a sense of relief in my

She answered without prying her eyes off the TV, her
voice slightly distracted by the action flashing on the
screen. “Like, everything. What were you doing in
there? I heard noises but didn’t know what it was. You

“Oh, yeah. I just had trouble with the toilet. It
wasn’t flushing.” I answered, steering any suspicions
of hers safely away.

“It sounded like you were wrestling a wild pig or
something in there.” She giggled.

Oh, if only you knew, I thought. And then a wave of
horror swept over me. Had she felt my erection pressed
against her ass earlier? Had she heard me in the
bathroom beating off? Or worse, did she peek in the
crack of the door while I beat off, catching me in the

Did she know and was just torturing me with what she
knew, without coming right out and saying it? The
t*****e was in not knowing if she knew. Best I could do
was assume she didn’t, that even as my erection had
been pulsing against her ass, that she suspected
nothing, because she was just a na�ve little angel. I
assumed this because it put me at ease.

Relieved, my balls empty of seed and the threat, for
the moment, minimized, my mind and body was at ease. I
nuzzled up behind Katie, pulling her towards me for the
first time that night, instead of fighting her embrace
or pulling away from her. I held her and kissed the
back of her head. This brought her attention away from
the movie.

She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. “What
was that for?”

“Nothin’.” I smiled.

We went to bed after the movie ended, tragedy and
embarrassment averted. I closed my eyes and couldn’t
have been happier that the night ended up the way it
did. I emptied my load and fell asleep next to my dream
girl. It doesn’t get any better than that.


The following days were like a perpetual, waking dream.
Katie would wake up in the morning and roll over to
where I was, me still asleep, and she’d straddle me and
bounce up and down on me, trying to get me to wake up.
We’d usually wrestle a little bit before getting up,
going downstairs and making breakfast.

I felt like I was living in my own place with my
girlfriend, rather than being at home with Katie. It
was an exceedingly bizarre sensation, but a welcome

Later that evening, after dinner, we settled in. I was
up in my room, lying down on my bed, flipping through
some magazine when Katie knocked on my door, a smile
stretched across her cute little face.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

“Duh, we sleep in the same bed and you’re asking to
come in?” I joked.

She laughed too and crawled onto the bed with me. She
was looking tempting as ever, and the flimsy tank top
and shorts she was wearing didn’t help to quell the
growing feeling of attraction that had been building
for the last few weeks within me. She straddled my side
forcing me to turn onto my back and away from the

“Hey!” I chuckled, the force of her weight on my mid-
section causing me to grunt through my laughs.

“Wanna wrestle?” she asked as she started bouncing up
and down on my stomach.

“Katie…” I pleaded through grunts f****d out of my
mouth by the pounding weight of her body on my stomach.
“…please don’t do that.”

“Why?” she asked. “Am I too fat? Am I crushing you?”

“No…” I reminded. “…you have to remember that I
haven’t been with a girl in a long time and you jumping
up and down on me doesn’t exactly make it easier to
control myself. I am a guy, remember?” I chuckled as I
tossed her onto the bed next to me. She settled down,
smiling and resting her head on the pillow next to
mine. Her smile became sincere and then serious.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Promise you won’t be mad?” she asked.

Oh no, I thought. What could she possibly be springing
on me here? My mind surged with possibilities. Was she
going to make some confession about loving me? Perhaps
she was uncomfortable about our recent closeness and
wanted to end it? No, that couldn’t be it. She was just
practically riding me a second ago. The few seconds in
between her asking me not to be mad and her next words
was excruciating until she finally spoke.

“I think I’m pregnant.” She said.

My jaw dropped, eyes froze, face solidified into a mask
of surprise. It took me a few seconds to reply.

“Pregnant?” I asked. “How? You haven’t been out? Except
with me. I don’t�I don’t understand…”

Her serious face contorted into a grimace and she
started laughing. “I’m kidding, silly!”

My entire being let out an internal sigh of relief. I
don’t know what I was relieved about more; the fact
that she hadn’t slept with a guy who had gotten her
pregnant, or the fact that if she got pregnant when I
was supposed to be watching her, that mom and dad
would’ve been so disappointed. They’d have thought what
a shitty guardian I was for letting my baby sister get
knocked up on my watch.

Her smile was so relieving. “The only way I could
possibly be pregnant is by divine conception or by
you.” She joked.

I laughed nervously. “So you don’t actually have a big
confession to make?”

“Well, there is something, but it’s so gross, you’ll
probably hate me for telling you.”

I put my hand on her left shoulder and looked at her
with sincerity. “Come on, Katie, don’t be like that.
You can tell me anything.”

Her eyes rolled around for a moment or two of internal
process. She was clearly a little uneasy about letting
on this information. Whatever it was, it was making her
feel a little uncomfortable. “I think I need to go see
a doctor or something because I’ve been feeling itchy
in my, you know, girl area?”

I was perplexed for a moment. I definitely wasn’t the
leading expert on female anatomy and physiology.
“Itchy? Have you been fucking that football team

She scoffed at that, her jaw dropping playfully. “I
don’t fuck football teams, you jerk. I don’t fuck
anyone!” She said, then punching my shoulder. “You know
that! I’m a perfect, virginal angel.” She looked away,

I laughed. “You mean, it’s itchiness on the skin?”

She was squirming in her skin and clearly hadn’t let on
everything about her predicament. “No, dummy, not on
the skin. It’s not like crabs or something. It’s like,
inside. I don’t know. I think it’s a hormone thing
because I’ve just been really, you know, lately.”

I was pretty sure what she meant but I wanted her to
suffer, so I played dumb. “I know? No, I don’t know?
What is it?”

She sighed and rolled her eyes with a pleasant smile,
knowing that I was savoring her unpleasantness. “I’ve
been feeling, like, you know, excited, more often,
lately. When I get like that, it feels like I have this
itch, down there, and inside, that wants to be itched.
Oh gosh, I’m not talking to you about this. You’re such
a c***d!” she laughed.

We both laughed and I embraced her with my right arm,
pulling her a few inches towards me. I wanted to
reassure her but still couldn’t keep a straight face
and neither could she. “Ok, ok, I’m sorry. Let’s be
serious.” I said, through cracks of laughter. “You mean
you get horny?”

She laughed, but when I said the word ‘horny’ I could
see her eyes widen for just that moment. She tried to
not laugh but couldn’t, even as she answered. “Yes,
dumbass, I get horny. Geez.”

I thought it was so cute and sexy that my little sister
was admitting to me that she had been getting horny
lately and didn’t know why. It was so revealing and
honest and a bit disturbing that she’d tell me. It was
endearing that she’d share that with me and I wanted
her to feel glad about doing so. But I was still going
to tease her about it. “Aww, so baby sister’s puss has
been getting hungry lately?” I laughed.

She knew there was no hiding from my jabs so she just
lowered her eyes, swallowed her pride and accepted the
verbal jabs. “Yes, ok, yes. My pussy’s been hungry

We were both still chuckling uncontrollably. “So…” I
added. “…have you been feeding it?”

We both finally stopped laughing but were still smiling
at the humor of it all. Katie had to think about my
question and make sure her answer still allowed her to
maintain some dignity, seeing as that she’d bared her
sexual soul to me just moments earlier. “Well, kinda, a
few times.” She answered hesitantly.

“Like, with your fingers?” I asked.

“Yeah…” she trailed off, still a little shy about

It was strange, but I wasn’t really turned on talking
about this obviously sexual topic. I think it was
because I respected Katie so much that I was genuinely
listening to her plight. I cared and wasn’t just
listening so I could hear more juicy details that I
could use to fuel a ferocious masturbation session
later on.

“Well, hey…” I said. “We all get that way sometimes.
If you want, maybe I can get you something to help
things, like a dildo or something. I don’t know.”

She looked up at me and had a genuine look of
gratefulness on her face.

“You mean, like a rubber thingie?” she asked in a cute
and na�ve way.

I looked at her and her naivety spawned a question in
my mind. I wondered if she was still a virgin or not.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Sure.” She replied.

“Are you still… well, have you ever done it? I mean,
with a guy.”

“It?” she inquired. “As in, ‘sex’?

“Yeah.” I answered, almost petrified at the prospect of
an answer. If she’d confirmed my worst fears and said
‘yes’, the thought of some douche bag grunting and
sweating over my perfect angel of a sister would be

She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, her eyes
trying to find a way to answer without seeming to sound
either not too na�ve or not slutty, depending on the
answer. “Well, I’ve kissed a few guys and a few of them
felt me up, but I didn’t do anything beyond that.”

“Are you serious?” I asked . “Because sometimes girls
say stuff like that because they feel ashamed if
they’re not virgins.”

Her eyes resigned to their fate. “Well, I did go down
on a guy once.”

“Oh, you gave him a blowjob?” I asked.


“But he didn’t fuck you?” I asked again, with firm

She shook her head. I believed her and was relieved. I
loosened up.

“Did you like it?” I asked. “Giving a blowjob.”

She shrugged. “It was ok. He tried to cum in my mouth
but I pulled him out of my mouth and he kind of came on
my cheek and shoulder. I wasn’t very good at it. I
think he was irritated because as he came I didn’t know
what to do and he kinda yelled at me to jerk him off
while he was cumming. I kind of stank at it, I guess.
We didn’t really hang out after that. That was, like, a
year ago.”

I had to admit that hearing my little angel, Katie,
talk about giving head and getting cummed on definitely
got me hard and it was not only confusing for me, but
also uncomfortable. If Katie had leaned forward a few
inches, she’d feel my hard-on against her tummy. I
tried to sort of arch my back and pull my crotch away
from her without it seeming too obvious.

I couldn’t help it. She looked so incredibly cute. So
shy and cuddled up less than a foot away from me. She
was irresistible. The fact that she could barely
maintain eye contact with me while she told me about
giving head was so adorable. I just wanted to lean
forward, pull her towards me and embrace her, but my
current physical state made that impossible.

“So, what about you?” she finally asked, looking up at
me, with an innocent longing in her eyes.

“What about me?” I asked. The mood in the room was now
far from silly and light-hearted. After Katie bared her
soul to me not only about having urges as of late and
about giving her first blowjob, the room just felt a
bit warmer. My hard-on was definitely not helping

“Yeah…” she added. “Are you still a virgin?”

I felt horrible about having to tell those beautiful
dark eyes that I had been with other girls. Not many,
mind you, but one was just as bad as a hundred, I
imagined. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she
wanted me to say ‘yes’ as badly as I wished I could say
it. So the best thing I felt I could do is just tell
the truth. “I’ve been with a few girls, yeah.”

Like I expected, I could almost see her heart sink
through the look in her eyes. But she came back
strongly. “How many? A lot?” she asked, her voice was
being spoken in hush, very intimate tones. Considering
we were less than a foot apart, her voice was still
barely audible.

We were both very comfortable at this point. We were
both baring our souls to each other and it was
strangely intimate. Our barriers were completely down
and I knew I could tell her anything and I can only
assume she felt the same. I had to almost reminisce
about a time when Katie was just ‘my sister’. When I
looked into her eyes now, what I saw was a beautiful
young treasure that I felt grateful for just knowing.

We were both sort of lost in the love game and we
seemed anchored to each other because we knew that even
if we failed at finding love in the outside world, we’d
still have each other and our friendship was more
powerful than even a love we could ever find with other
people. Our bond was closer.

I remembered her question. “Not a lot. Seven, I think.”

Her eyes widened and she seemed to not fancy the
answer. “Seven? Wow. That’s… a lot.”

I smiled and tried to play it off. “Not really. I mean,
I’m 4 years older than you so I’ve just had more time.
I haven’t been with a girl in almost a year.” My answer
didn’t help much. Katie’s expression was still one of

“So, do any of those girls still call you?” she asked.

“Oh, no. Not in awhile. I doubt I’ll hear from any of
them ever again. Some of them moved away. It’s not
really a big deal.”

“Mm-hmm.” She muttered, obviously not as cheerful or
receptive as before. It was as if her cheery demeanor
got up and walked out, leaving the rest of Katie there
for me. I was losing her, I could tell by the look in
her face, as her eyes wandered down. I had to think

I touched her left shoulder and smiled. “Come on,
Katie. What’s wrong? So I slept with a few girls a few
years ago. Does that make me a horrible person?”

She slowly shrugged up her shoulder to get me to remove
my hand, which I did, along with my smile. She looked
down with complete apathy. “I guess I just expected
more from you. I don’t know. So, would you just sleep
with these girls on the first date, or what? As quick
as you could get them into bed?”

I stared at her for a second, speechless.

“Katie, listen, I’m a guy, ok? A single guy. I would
hang out with a girl I was interested in and, after
awhile, if I found out she was interested in me, things
would just happen. But every girl I slept with, I
always hoped it would be something more. I don’t sleep
with anyone unless I care about them. Obviously,
though, they didn’t care enough about me to want to
keep hanging out with me. Is that my fault?”

She thought for a second and then answered with a
painfully calm demeanor. “I… I think I’m going to
sleep in my bed tonight.”

Without making eye contact again, she slowly slid
backwards off the bed and stood up. I quickly stood up
and made for the door, closing it before she could
leave. She stopped, not protesting to my having closed
the door. She just stood there, arms crossed, as if she
was holding herself, eyes fixed to the floor.

“Katie, wait. Look at me.” I said. But she refused to
do what I asked.

I put my forefinger under her chin and lifted her face
to mine. She finally made eye contact with me.

“What is wrong? I don’t understand. Everything was so
nice. It’s been so great for weeks and then I mention
about a few girls I was with years ago and you
instantly get cold with me.” I said, desperate to know
what I’d done, but she just looked at me like she was
afraid of me. “I’ve been with a few girls, yes, but I
don’t go out every weekend looking for girls to just
have sex with. You know me. You should know me better
than that.”

Her eyes started to well up with tears. I couldn’t
understand it. I caressed her cheek.

After a few moments, she spoke. “I’m sorry.”

It was so deeply sincere and heartfelt. I felt like
apologizing to her for her having apologized to me. I
turned to her and caressed her right cheek with my left
hand, looking into her eyes. “I didn’t know why you had
gotten so mad at me.” I said. “I mean, you’re the only
girl in my life, and that’s how I want it to stay.
You’re my best friend, Katie. I love you. You’re the
best sister any guy could ask for. I don’t want to lose

Tears were almost welling up in her eyes as she looked
up at me. “I don’t want us to fight like that again.”
She pleaded.

“Come on, Katie. You know how I feel about you. You’re
everything I want in a girl. Smart, funny, sweet, kind,
extremely cute. But most of all you’re my best friend.”

She looked down, understanding what I’d meant and
apparently feeling the same as I did. “I know. I feel
the same way.”

We were both still smiling, but now we were looking at
each other with such a pure fondness. Strangely, the
silence had become unbearable. The look she was giving
me was the kind of look that led to babies. I could
feel a stir in my boxers and had to break the ice.

“Hey, you wanna watch a movie in my room?” I asked.

“Sure.” She said.

We went up to my room and as I was setting up the TV
with a DVD, Katie sat down at my computer desk and
started randomly clicking on stuff on the screen.
“Hey.” She said. “What kind of movies do you have saved
on your computer?”

“Nothing much.” I said. “Mostly some cartoons.”

“And a lot of porn, huh?” she said with a devilish

I stood up and walked over to the computer, turning off
the screen. “Yes.” I said smiling.

She switched the monitor back on. “Come on, I want to
see too.” She said. “Show me some.”

I thought for a second, looking at her judgmentally,
still smiling.

“Please?” she asked, with a grin I couldn’t turn down.

“Ok. Here…” I said as I opened a video program on the
computer. I opened the file folder and started slowly
skimming through them. It showed thumb-nailed images of
the first frame of each video. Katie was sitting
forward, looking intently at each thumb-nailed image.

“Ooh! How about this one?” she said as she pointed at
one image.

“Ok.” I said as I clicked on it, opening the file, upon
which the video started playing.

“So, what happens in this one?” she asked without
taking her eyes from the screen.

“Umm, well, the guy cums inside the girl by the end of
it.” I said.

She looked at me. “Inside?” she said, scrunching her

“Yeah.” I replied.

“But wouldn’t she get pregnant?” she asked, now more

“Mmm, I think they give the girl some kind of
spermicide stuff that she puts inside before they do
it. Either that or she takes one of those morning-after
pills. That or both.” I said.

“So that kind of thing works? Makes it so you can’t get
pregnant?” she asked, deeply inquisitive.

“Sure. Well, like 99% effective, I think.” I said, and
then had a thought. “Hey, this better not be giving you
any ideas. I don’t want you banging guys right and left
without protection because of something I said.” I said
with a laugh.

“No…” she said, chortling. “I was just wondering is

I was sly to her curiosity. “Yeah, wondering is what
gets a lot of cute girls like you in trouble.”

“Oh, stop it…” she said, gently pushing on my leg
with her hand.

I smiled and walked away, lying down on my bed and
turning the DVD on. I sat and watched my movie while
Katie was glued to my computer screen. She was now
leaning forward, her head propped up by her right hand,
her arm resting on the computer desk.

“You can use my headphones to hear it if you want.” I

“Oh, ok!” she said, reaching for the headphones and
putting them on.

I went back to watching my movie. The porno she was
watching lasted about 15 minutes. As I glanced over at
her over the course of the duration of the porno, I
noticed her legs would squirm slowly and she’d rub her
knees together. Very gently and very slowly, but she
was definitely squirming in my chair as she watched it.

I wondered “Was she somehow masturbating?” I tried not
to survey her too long in case she turned around.

After the clip was over, I noticed her close the
program. She spun around in my computer chair.

“Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”
She said as she got up and walked out of the bedroom.

“Ahh…” I thought. She was probably doing the pee
dance when here I thought she was rubbing her thighs
together to masturbate. I felt a bit ashamed, but only
for a split second.

I sat and watched TV for awhile until I realized that
Katie had been in the bathroom for over ten minutes.
Just as I pondered that, Katie came in, seemingly light
as a feather. She exhaled deeply, then smiled, and
jumped onto the bed next to me. She was lying on her
tummy, propping her upper body up on her elbows. She
looked down on the magazine I was flipping through.

“So…” I said. “Did you like that porno?”

She looked perplexed for a moment. “Yeah, but I kind of
wondered why he came inside her. You couldn’t see him
cum or anything.” She said.

“I know. But you saw it drip out at the end, right?” I

“Yeah, but they didn’t show him actually shoot it out.”
She said.

She thought for a second. “Is that the sort of thing
you’re into? Seeing the guy cum inside the girl?” She
seemed genuinely concerned, but in a sexually
inquisitive way.

“Umm, yeah. Kinda.” I answered.

“Why?” she asked boldly and bluntly as she laid on her
side, facing me. We were only inches apart on the bed

I didn’t have an answer that wouldn’t have come off as
strange. For some reason, I like watching videos like
that because of the potential risk of the girl getting
knocked up. It’s some weird fascination with me, don’t
ask why. I figure a lot of guys probably have it, which
is why there are all these babies crawling around. It’s
probably something programmed in the male psyche, to
help proliferate the species or some primal
evolutionary programming thing. I tried to answer her
as best I can.

“I don’t know, I just do. Maybe it’s because of seeing
the guy and the girl risk doing that and that the girl
might get pregnant. I don’t know. It’s like people who
like NASCAR, that thrill that there might be an
accident.” I said, in hopes that would quell her

“So you like the idea of possibly getting a girl
pregnant when you have sex with her?” she asked again,
still curious.

I was treaded dangerous waters again. I didn’t want to
say something to have her disgusted in me and storm out
like before. I took a deep breath before I answered and
when I did I did so with a soft, restrained tone.

“Katie, I don’t want you to get mad and think I’m a
pervert and storm out because of something I say…” I
said before she put her right hand on my left hand,
assuring me.

“Kevin, I’m past that. I’m not going to freak out. I’m
just curious about you, that’s all.”

Hmph, I thought. Well, that makes this easier. I felt
like I could just speak my mind, so I did.

“Well, to answer you question…” I said. “…yeah, it
is kind of a turn on to think that that would happen. A
pregnancy. I think it’s an issue of closeness. To me,
it’s like, if a girl let’s you get her pregnant, she
must have an extreme amount of love and trust in you,
so I think that’s what the turn-on is. The idea that
maybe a girl would love me so much that when the time
came for me to, you know, that she wouldn’t tell me to
pull out. I don’t know, I’m probably just a pervert.” I
laughed. Katie laughed with me.

“No, you’re not a pervert. I think it’s a cute and
sweet reason. So, to you, a girl letting you cum inside
her is like an admission of true love for you?” she

“Yeah, I think it’s because I don’t have a lot of trust
in girls and a girl can tell you anything and be lying,
but if she entrusts her body with you that much to just
completely give herself to you and allow you to get
inside her defenses and give her a c***d, it’s like her
saying ‘I trust you and have faith in you, do what you
want with me.’ It’s special and not the kind of emotion
that can be faked because a baby is something that is
life-changing and the baby represents the joining of
the guy and the girl and kind of a symbol of love, or
something.” I said.

She was looking into me so deeply.

“Does it sound like I’ve been thinking a lot about
this?” I joked. She smiled back.

“Can I ask you something?” she asked.

“Sure.” I said.

“Do you trust me?” she asked, her words deep and true.

“I sure hope so. I’m admitting all this perverted stuff
to you.” I said with a laugh.

“It’s not perverted. It’s sweet. So I guess I can
assume you do trust me?” she asked.

“Yes, I do trust you.”

She smiled again.

“Can I ask something again?” she asked, her face
scrunched up like it had been before, as if she thought
she was annoying me, which she wasn’t.

“Of course.”

“Well, if you could have your girlfriend dress up, what
would you have her dress up as? What would be your
fantasy?” she asked.

“Oh wow…” I said, wondering if I really wanted to
reveal anymore of the inner workings of my mind,
knowing how I, at times, felt ashamed at what I found
sexually exciting. Even though, I’m sure my tastes were
somewhat banal and common, I still felt naturally
ashamed about them.

Katie goaded me on with a keen smile. “Come on, you can
tell me. I’ll answer whatever question you want to ask
me afterwards, then, to make it fair.”

I sighed with a smile and tried to make my answer and
my delivery as straight-forward and uneventful as
possible. “Well, I don’t know. A girl in a Catholic
school uniform is never a bad thing.” I chuckled.

She smiled. “You mean, the one with the plaid skirt and
high socks?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

“That’s a cute uniform! I like the socks they wear.”

“Yeah.” I said. Even though the topic we were
discussing could have been very uncomfortable, the mood
in the room was very calm and friendly, intimate. Three
words that basically summed up the last several weeks
between Katie and I.

“I think dressing up for my boyfriend would turn me on
if it turned him on.” She said.

“Wow, that’s actually a really generous way to look at
it. Whatever guy gets you is definitely going to be
lucky and happy in the bedroom.” I laughed.

She giggled. “Well, does that make you lucky and happy,
too, since we’re in your bedroom?”

I did genuinely feel lucky and beyond happy. Here I was
lying in bed with my dream girl and everything was
perfect and deep down in my heart, I knew that I
couldn’t follow it. I couldn’t do what my heart was
telling me to do which was lean forward, take her face
in my hands and give her the most gentle, passionate
kiss I’d ever given any girl in my life. I so wanted to
do that, so much that the willpower it took not to do
it made my body ache. I had to fight against myself and
my urges to keep from doing it.

The longer I looked in her beautiful, angelic, dark
eyes, I wasn’t sure how much longer my better judgment
would be in control of my baser instincts, my urges. It
was like a violent, needy body of water building and
forcing itself against a dam, the dam being logic and
sense, the surging waters being desire and passion. All
I could do was smile.

“Yes, I do feel very lucky and very happy. You make me
very happy.” I gently brushed a few strands of hair
from her face. I wanted to kiss her so badly.

As I touched her face, she inched towards me even
closer, we were now mere inches from each other.

“You know, if and when I ever get a boyfriend, I hope
he’s like you.” She whispered.

“Gimme a hug.” I boldly demanded, and gave her a big,
strong hug and as I did, I whispered into her ear. “Did
you go finger yourself after watching that porno

Katie burst out laughing as we broke the hug just
enough for me to see her face. “Did you go peek in the
bathroom door or something?”

I chuckled. “I didn’t have to. I noticed your legs
rubbing together when you were watching it, then you
conveniently went to the bathroom after so I figured
you either had to pee badly or you were getting ‘itchy’
while watching that porno and had to go relieve

She had this devilish grin smeared across her face.
“So, everyone does it. With all those pornos you have,
I’m sure you do too, right?”

I laughed. “Yeah, I was just messing with you. But,
from now on, anytime you want something to help get you
in the mood to finger yourself, you can watch my
pornos, ok?”

“Gee, thanks, Kevin.” She stated sarcastically.

“Just don’t start fingering yourself while I’m in the
room…” I said, laughing still.

“Oh, shut up, you’d probably like it.” She joked.

“I probably would…” I joked back.

There was an uncomfortable silence. It seemed like
Katie was building up courage to say something. There
was hesitancy in her mannerisms, in her eyes.

“Is that what got you so hard the other night?” she
blurted out innocently.

I look at her dumbfounded, my jaw agape.

“Did the thought of me playing with myself get you like
that?” she added, curiously, still soft and unassuming.

I stuttered. My brain raced to cook up a phony excuse
but Katie was hypnotizing me with her eyes and my mind
was rendered incapable of complex thought. I tried to
muster up some form of explanation.

“Katie… I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional. I�you felt
that?” I asked.

She looked down coyly, tucking her hair behind her ear.
“Uhh, yeah. I could feel you get hard against my, you
know, my… butt.” She giggled childishly.

I looked down, swollen with disgust for myself. “Katie,
I’m so sorry…”

She saved me from destroying what little was left of my
dignity. Placing a caring hand on my hand, she looked
into my eyes with those deep dark pools of hers.
“Kevin, it’s ok. It’s not like you’re the only one that
gets turned on.”

“Yeah, but it’s easy to notice if I get turned on,
especially if your butt is pressed up against my
crotch.” I laughed.

She giggled bashfully. “Can I ask you something?”

“Uh-oh, I don’t know…” I chuckled nervously.

“When you got out of bed the other day and you went
into the bathroom and I asked you if you were ok, did
you… you know?”

I smiled, trying to goad her onto say something
naughty. “No, I don’t know. What?”

She smiled, rolling her eyes and sighing. “You know…
did you… beat off?”

She looked so incredibly cute as she struggled through
that question. I figured I’d let her off the hook.
“Well, what do you think?”

She feigned offense, tightening her face in a cutesy
grimace. “I don’t know… you tell me.”

I laughed. “Yeah, I didn’t do a real good job of
keeping quiet, did I?”

“No, I knew you were probably doing something.” She

“I hope it didn’t gross you out too much.”

“No… not at all.” She said candidly. “Actually, I
kinda got turned on by it and I… oh gosh…”

I was drowning in anticipation, waiting for her to

“My hands kinda started to roam before you walked in
and when you did, I stopped.”

“Wow, really?” I asked, stunned.


“See, you got it easy though, if you get turned on, I’d
never know. I get turned on and I have to walk funny
and cover my crotch.” I laughed.

“That’s sooo not true. It’s not easy for me either.
Whenever I get wet, you’re usually around since we hang
out so much and I have to just sit there or lie there,
afraid that it might show on the outside of my shorts
or panties or something… It sucks.” She chuckled.

That got me very curious. “Really? Like, how often are
you wet? I know you mentioned before about having that
‘itchy’ problem but do you get like that a lot?”

“What? Wet?” she asked.


Her eyes scanned down and away. She didn’t want to come
out and confess anything and I could tell. I kind of
wished I could’ve taken back that personal question,
but we had been so close I didn’t think she would take
offense to it.

“Yeah, kind of a lot. I don’t know, maybe it’s because
I’m not used to being around guys and you’re a guy and
we’ve been so affectionate lately and I’m not used to
that either. It’s no big deal. I don’t want to bug you
with that kind of stupid stuff.”

“Like I want to get hard while we’re spooning? That’s
humiliating, Katie!” I jested.

She didn’t laugh, but instead was solemn. “You
shouldn’t feel humiliated, Kevin. I actually…” she
paused, wondering if she should continue. “I actually
thought it was sweet. The thought that maybe I had
somehow got you turned on.”

I joined her solemnity. “Well, what else could’ve
turned me on? Unless I’m one of those sickos who gets
turned on watching horror movies…” I laughed.

She smiled but the conversation was too serious for her
to break her solemnity.

“So, was it me that turned you on that night?” she
finally asked, her eyes beaming into mine.

My eyes widen, surprised by the question, having been
caught off-guard. That was a major question that, if
answered, would be of major consequence. I answered as
best I could: honestly. “Well… yeah, I can’t lie to
you. Yeah, you turned me on.”

Her face didn’t move, still focused with steely
resolve, her eyes still searching mine for further
details within my brief answer. She didn’t seem
appalled by my answer, or disappointed, she seemed
genuinely fascinated by it. I knew my answer wasn’t
enough. She wanted more, and part of me wanted to tell
her more.

“What can I say? I guess it was tough lying there with
you in that position, considering we were both in our
underwear and that I hadn’t been with a girl in ages. I
forgot what it was like to be so intimate with a
girl…” I admitted.

There was a slight revelation in her eyes. “Ohhh, I
see. So it’s just because you haven’t been with a girl
in a long time. Okay.” The deepness in her eyes was
ebbing away. I had to reassure her.

“Katie, no, no, that’s not it at all. Should I feel bad
because you get wet around me and assume that the only
reason you do is because I’m just a guy and you’d get
wet around anyone?” I proposed.

That got Katie thinking. The look in her face confessed
to me that she felt wrong for the recent accusation.
She looked back up at me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t get wet around you just because…
I do because you’re you.”

“And that’s why I get turned on around you, because
you’re you, okay?”

She nods, conceding to my theory.

“Goodness, Katie…” I joked. “…what are we going to
do with each other? I’d better move out before we do
something we’ll regret.” I said, letting out a hearty

Katie giggled at my comment, but straightened up quick,
grabbing at my hands. “You’d better not ever move out
or I swear I’ll hunt you down and beat the heck out of

She got more aggressive and start assailing me,
tickling my chest and arms. I fended her off. “What?
You’d beat me off?” I teased.

She feigned being shocked and attacked me even fiercer.
“Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

I still couldn’t refrain from laughing under the
barrage of her clawed hands. I was shuffling around,
giggling like a kindergartener. “If we didn’t know each
other, of course! And I wouldn’t even yell at you or
cum on your shoulder.”

Still smiling, she slowed her tickling to a stop.
“Well, where would you then?”

“Where would I what?”

“Cum. Where would you cum?”

“Where would I cum? Like, in what situation? You
beating me off? Us having sex?”

“Making love.” She corrected.

“What?” I asked, confused..

“We’d never ‘have sex’, if we did it, it’d be making

“Oh… ok. Well, if we were making love?” I asked.

“Yeah. If you didn’t know me and we were making love
and you had your choice of where to cum, where would

“You mean like face, mouth, tits, ass…?” I asked.


I pondered the most endearing and painfully beautiful
question I’d ever been asked. I put my finger to my
lips as my eyes wandered off, I sarcastically played as
if I had been asked the great Question of the Universe.
“Where would I cum if we were making love?…”

Katie’s eyes were wide and set firmly on me, waiting
for an answer.

“Well…” I said. “I’d probably wait until you were
extremely lost in our lovemaking and, without warning
you, I’d just squirt it in you.” I burst out laughing.
Again, she feigned shock and started poking and shoving
at me.

“You jerk! I can’t believe you’d do that! If you ever
did that, you better either be prepared to drive me to
the doctor’s office for one of those ‘morning after’
pills or get ready to be a daddy.” She smiled, dropping
the masquerade and showing how much fun she was having.

“Or an even smarter thing to do would be to get the
pills before so, just in case of a slip up, you’ve got
a backup plan.”

“Wow… so you must’ve plotted something like this
before, huh, since you love the idea of cumming inside

“Oh, stop, Katie…” I laughed. “That weird, sick thing
I’m fascinated with only works when the girl gives me
permission. I’m not some scumbag who knocks up girls
and runs for the hills…”

“I know, I was just playing with you…” she said,
touching my chest.

“You’re playing with me?” I joked sarcastically.

“Ugh!” she grunted with fake outrage, punching me

We were having too much fun, so much so there should’ve
been a law. Technically, there were laws against the
sort of stuff I’m sure we wanted to do to each other.

“Kinda sucks to think that if one of us had only had a
different set of parents we could be having an awful
lot of fun right now…” she imagined, a playful scowl
on her face.

“Yeah, but if we didn’t have the same parents it’s
doubtful we’d know each other or that we’d be here
right now. And if we had different parents and were
both here right now and had our fun, within a year or
two from now we’d be juggling a nursery of kids.” I

“So you’d have me barefoot and pregnant constantly?”

“Probably…” I chuckled.

“I think if we had kids you’d make a great daddy.”

“You think so?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She said as she crawled towards me, wrapping
her arms around me tightly. I returned her embrace as
we lay there cuddling.

Overcome with elation, wrapped in our warm embrace, we
glanced over at the TV. There was a baby food
commercial, a cherubic infant cooing and giggling.
Katie held me closer.

“Awwww…” she cooed. “…how cute.” Then she frowned
in a cutesy way. “I want a baby.”

I felt a tinge in my crotch. She said that in such a
seductive way, I was spellbound. Her delivery sent a
shiver down my spine and made my penis thump and swell,
bringing me back to a few days ago with the infamous
spooning incident. We weren’t quite so close together
to engender panic in me, but I had to try and tame the
wild beast fighting to grow in my boxers. Katie looked
up at me with those big, doe eyes which didn’t help.

“Kevin, aren’t babies cute?” her eyes still on mine.

“Of course. But before you start wanting a baby, you’d
better find a good man and be in a long-term
relationship. I don’t want you letting some scraggly
creep knock you up and then him running.” I smiled.

“Kevin, you know me. Besides, the way I’m going, by the
time I meet a decent guy and have been in a long-term
relationship, my eggs will have dried up.” She laughed.

“Nah, you’ll find a guy long before then. If you went
out and just started hanging out with people, a guy
would snatch you up in no time.”

“To be honest with you, I don’t really want to find
someone. I’m happy the way things are.” She confessed
her eyes warm and loving. “I’m happier with you than
some guy that I’m not sure if he’ll hurt me or not. I
know you’d never hurt me.” Her eyes looked up at me
with a longing.

Another uncomfortable silence before Katie spoke up
again, this time a bit uneasy, trying to find strength
as she spoke each word.

“Kevin, I was thinking something, and if I sound crazy,
just tell me and I’ll shut up and never mention it
again, ok?”

“Okay.” I said, my curiosity having been peaked.

She spoke as if she was walking on eggshells. Very
delicately. “Well, I was thinking that if, after
awhile, like say, five years, if I don’t at least have
a boyfriend that maybe you could… donate… some
stuff so I could have a baby. Before I get old and
can’t have any, that is.”

“Donate?” I asked, not quite sure of what she meant
initially. Then, my brain kicked in and the thought was
almost too unbelievable that I had to make sure she was
thinking what I thought she was. “As in…”

“You know…” she said, her eyes hopeful and innocent.

It still took a moment to sink in. “Donate? Like…

Katie seemed overcome with regret, shaking her head
childishly. “It sounds so stupid. I’m sorry, just
forget I said it. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Without letting her drag the conversation down, I
interrupted. “So, would I go to a lab and give them a
sample or would I be ‘donating’ the old fashioned way?”

She stopped her downward spiral of regret, my words
pulling her back into her initial mindset, her eyes met
mine again.

“What’s ‘the old fashioned way’? she asked with such
na�ve cuteness.

“Duh. What do you think?” I laughed.

She cracked a reflexive smile. “Okay, okay, now I know.
I was actually thinking that, especially since I know
now that you probably would get some enjoyment out of
it, we’d actually be helping each other in a way, you
know? You’d get to create a life with someone who loves
you and you’d be giving me a baby.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Katie basically
confessed, in a way, that she wanted to have my baby.
Well, as a last resort, but even still. She wanted to
make my fantasy come true, but based on the rules of
the proposition it might not ever happen. I knew that
someone would realize Katie was a jewel and would
snatch her up, but I was flattered nonetheless.

“Katie, of course I’d be willing to help you, but I
don’t want you asking me to do this for you when I’m
sure tons of guys would want to be with you.” I

“Unless a guy comes along who is exactly like you, I
wouldn’t want to have a baby with anyone.” She said.

“So, would you want me to help you with the baby?”

“You wouldn’t have to help me raise the baby, but it’d
be nice if you’d want to see it from time to time.”

“Of course I would!” I said with a joyous chuckle. “I
want kids someday and I’d rather it be with someone I
love rather than a mistake with someone I’d regret
having slept with afterwards.”

She smiled and looked away. “I was hoping you’d say

“Although I doubt that’ll ever happen because in no
time some guy is going to stumble onto you and realize
what a find you are and is going to scoop you up for
himself.” I exclaimed.

“Not if I don’t go outside.” She joked with a mock

“Oh, you’ll go outside eventually. I’ll make you.” I

“So what, you want some other guy to take me away from

I could tell she was serious that time. The look in her
eyes was deep and fierce.

“Katie…” I said. “Of course not, I love having you
around. I think you’d make a great mother. But I want
you to be happy, that’s all. I just want you to make
sure you test the waters before settling on me.”

“Kevin, I’ve had boyfriends. I’ve known lots of guys
and none of them compare to you. I’m a big girl and
know what I want.”

“And you want me?” I asked with a stone-cold, unmovable

She looked at me for a second or two and then with the
softest, gentlest voice, she spoke. “Yes.”

I raised my hand to her face and caressed it. “Ok then.
I guess it’d be a waste of time to wait if you’ve
already made your decision.”

“So then, we don’t have to wait five years?”

“Not if you don’t want to, but we should wait for
awhile to at least save up some money, plan where we’re
going to move because we can’t live here if we’re going
to be making babies.” I chuckled.

“Ok…” she said, her voice trembling, almost brought
to tears.

I held her close. “I love you, Katie.”

Her eyes closed, head buried into my chest, she
whispered back. “I love you, too.”

Out of nowhere Katie leaned forward and gave me a quick
peck on the lips. It was painfully soft and wet. She
couldn’t look at me after that, she didn’t have the
courage. Still facing me, her eyes looked away, not
knowing what to say. Hell, I didn’t know what to say,
but I knew what I wanted to do.

I just looked at her with an adoration I’d never felt
up to this point. I felt the dam of will power breaking
within me. I reached up and caressed her cheek and then
I leaned forward boldly, traveling those few inches
that felt like miles. My lips were hungry for hers.

I whispered, “Katie…” and then I gave her a gentle
kiss. We both closed our eyes and enjoyed the moment,
savored it.

At first my mouth was closed, but with the next kiss I
opened my mouth slightly and as our lips met again, I
heard that beautiful sound of our lips meshing. I never
wanted to stop hearing that sound, but the sensation,
the feeling was impossibly even better than the sound.

Katie was a little more than limp at first, but as we
kissed, her passion gained fervor. I felt heaven as she
kissed me back. Her lips were so soft but her mouth was
so excruciatingly wet and hot and inviting. My lips
would brush against the insides of her lips as we
kissed and I tasted that nectar, the warmth and heat in
her mouth.

The more we kissed, the more passionate it became, even
though it was still slow, soft and gentle, the desire
behind each kiss gained in intensity, our mouths
opening more each time. The first kiss was a peck but
now we were passionately entwined. Our arms came up as
we held each other close, wrapping ourselves into one.

I could feel the gentle and pure craving in her
embrace. By now, I had a full erection, rock hard and
hungry and pressing against Katie’s tummy. Now I didn’t
care if she noticed it or not. In fact, I gently pushed
forward, pressing my hard-on into her belly, making
sure she felt it.

She pulled away from our kiss and then looked down
between us at the rigid, throbbing meat growing in my
boxers and nuzzling up against her tummy. She looks
awestruck, her mouth slightly agape, her eyes focused
on it. Then she looked up at me. “Kevin, you’re hard?”

I only nodded as no words were needed. We were both
writhing against each other, stroking, caressing and
rubbing. She returned the motion, pushing back on my
erection with her tummy.

Curiously and precociously, she reached forward and
rested her left hand atop the apex of the tent that my
erection had built out of my boxers. I could feel the
pressure of her little hand on the tip of my cock and
let out a low groan. It felt incredible.

“Can I touch it?” she asked with such inquisitive

“Uh huh.” I blurted out.

I knew she’d seen a cock before, even had one in her
mouth, but the naivety in her voice and her delicate,
carefully measured gestures as she hovered over mine,
asking to explore it were so mesmerizing, so
seductively overpowering that I didn’t dare imagine
what the next hour or so would entail or I’d risk
blowing my load right then and there before any fun
could begin.

With my permission given, Katie began to free my hard-
on from its confines, undoing the buttons on my boxers
one by one until they were all undone. And with a look
of exquisite anticipation on her face, she delicately
wormed her hand into my boxers. I felt her wrap her
lithe, warm fingers around my pulsing girth and attempt
to pull it from the restraining fabric. With a bit of
gentle pressure, my cock popped out. I heard her utter
a faint gasp as she saw it.

She playfully admired it; slowly running her fist up
and down its length, studying it’s every nuance. I
shifted in place, my body involuntarily reacting to
every minute sensation that her tiny hand on my cock
presented. It was so sensitive that with every inch she
explored, she’d brush a nerve that’d send electricity
down my spine, causing my body to twitch. I could feel
the contours of her fingers on my cock and it was

She looked at me with those big, beautiful eyes, her
lip hanging so innocently. I could’ve blown my load all
over her tank top right there. She was begging for
instruction as her eyes explored mine. She wanted to
please me, to give me release, to reward me for every
nice thing I’d ever done for her. She wanted to repay
me for being the guy that every other guy wasn’t. She
wanted me to teach her how to be a woman, the type of
woman who knows how to please the man she loves.

She had drawn me into her naivety and my mind was
clouded with thoughts of her. I’d forgotten every other
sexual act I’d ever shared with a woman, every act,
every orgasm. I was a virgin again, with her, and we
were going to lose our virginity to each other. When
the time came that I penetrated her, I would claim her
virginity, but she would also claim virginity from me,
my first time for being truly in love in a way I never
imagined was possible.

“Does this feel nice?” she asked, hoping for

My eyes were finding it hard to stay open. I was in
ecstasy and could barely speak coherently. I could only
whisper a ‘yes.’

She looked back down on my cock, still very slowing
exploring its length. In fact, she didn’t even have a
firm grip on it, her fingers only very lightly made
contact with my cock as she went through the motions.
It was intoxicating. I could feel my eyes rolling back
in rapture.

“Am I doing it right?” she asked, so sweet.

I caressed her face. “Yes, sweetie.”

“I love you.” She responded.

“I love you too.”

She leaned forward and I took note, leaning forward and
gently kissing her. Our mouths began to merge, our eyes
closed and we were melded together in bliss. We began
to kiss more passionately as Katie’s strokes became
more firm, her hand wrapping more tightly around my
cock. She began stroking with increasing vigor and

My tongue made its way into her mouth and met hers as
they tangled. Our exchange was wet, hot, sloppy and
passionate. It was heavenly. Her taste was so
addictive, so soft, pure, and sweet and the attention
she was giving my cock was intimately aggressive. She
was willing to be taken, to completely lower her
defenses in hopes that I’d lower mine as well so we
could share ourselves willingly and completely.

She was still the perfectly angelic girl I’d known and
loved my whole life but the dynamic to which our
relationship was based had blossomed, transformed into
something wholly different and beautiful.

There we were, in love, engaged in a lovingly familiar
embrace, our mouths entangled, and her hand feverishly
stroking my rock hard cock.

Her stroke slowed as she pulled away from our kiss. “I
want to get something so I can stroke you off better,
ok? Be right back.”

She leaned in and stole a quick kiss before getting up
and leaving the room. I heard her rifling around in the
bathroom before coming back less than a minute later.
She had a bottle of baby oil in her hand. I welcomed
her with open arms as she lay back down in front of me
and we instantly began kissing again.

Her hand went right back to my cock, stroking it again.

“You like stroking my cock?” I remarked.

“Yeah, it’s so hard and big. When we make love, do you
think it’ll fit in me?”

“Oh yeah, I’m sure of it.” I groaned.

We went back to kissing as she kept stroking. After a
minute or so she pulled away to look down as she
dribbled a trickle of baby oil on the length of my
cock. I began to kiss her neck as she lovingly applied
the oil, spreading it over my length with her free
hand. She then put the bottle aside and went back to
kissing me. I felt her wrap her left hand around my
oil-covered cock and shuddered at the intense pleasure
of it as she began to stroke me again, still slowly but
this time with a much firmer grip.

As her fist beat my cock in a pumping motion, I could
tell she hadn’t done it a lot, but she was at least
eager to satisfy me, that much was sure. And that was
just as good as having a more experienced girl do it,
more so even.

Our tongues explored our mouths with growing passion. I
wanted nothing more, now, than to spurt a full load of
hot cum all over her chest. Strangely, I never even
considered laying her down and penetrating her fully, I
was just enjoying the feel of my mouth wrapped around
hers and feel the moist heat flooding into mine from
hers. I was also addicted without apology to the
feeling of her little, girlish fingers fondling and
stroking my rigid member, urging it to spurt loving
ropes of joy for her.

It had been forever since I’d been in such an intimate
exchange with a girl and all past rendezvous paled in
comparison to the fire I felt with Katie. It was then
that I realized how deeply in love with her I was. She
had only been jerking me for several minutes when I
felt the tickling, swelling urge grow from inside my
stomach and flow from my crotch and into the narrow
canal of my cock.

The only time we spoke was to whisper ‘I love you’s in
between kisses. We were so tightly bound, it was if we
were in a cocoon. You couldn’t tell where one ended and
the other began.

The love that had began in my stomach and funneled into
my cock was building and was anxious to make an
explosive exit. I could feel it and wouldn’t be able to
hold back much longer.

“Sweetie, I’m getting ready. I’m gonna cum soon, ok?”

She looked at me with urgency, almost panicking. “Do
you want me to keep stroking as you cum?”

“Yeah. I’ll tell you when to stop, ok?”

“Ok.” She said, wanting desperately to do it right.

I felt the deluge of cum building within me; I couldn’t
hold it back any longer. A dribble of cum trickled out
of the tip of my cock, running down the shaft,
lubricating it and Katie’s hand.

“Katie, I’m gonna cum.” I urged.

Finally, I erupted, launching thick, warm ropes of jism
that splattered on Katie’s tanktop. She jerked in
response, flinching as spurt after thick spurt gushed
onto her. She kept pumping my cock goading on each
explosive jet of semen. The feeling was so intense that
I stopped breathing as I watched my baby sister fisting
my cock, my hot cum splashing on her tank top, ruining

She just looked on in awe as squirt after squirt came
out. After six or seven powerful blasts, the cumming
slowed to a dribble, trickling down the shaft of my
cock. Her hand was coated in cum.

“It’s ok, sweetie, you can stop now…” I offered,
which she did.

She was like a student being taught by a mentor,
eagerly obeying my every command. She looked down at my
only partially erect cock.

“Wow, you came a lot. Did I do ok?” she asked.

I leaned in and kissed her deeply. “Yes, sweetie. You
did great.”

She looked at the cum on her hand. “Can I taste it?”

“Do you want to?” I wondered.


“Sure, go ahead.” I said.

She stuck her tongue out and dipped it into a glob of
semen on her hand. Her eyes scanned about as her tongue
tasted the cum.

“It’s kind of salty…” she said.

“It is? Is it ok?”

“Yeah, it’s ok.” She said, then licking her hand again,
licking up another glob of cum and studying the taste
with her eyes.

“Is it okay enough that you’d swallow it if I came in
your mouth?” I dared.

“I’d try.” She said without pause.

I was starting to get hard again. Her tank top was
drenched in cum.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie. Look what I did to your top?”

She looked down at it. “It’s ok, I’ll wash it later…”

I noticed her nipples were fully erect through her wet
tank top. I put my finger under her chin and raised her
head to where our eyes met. I kissed her deeply again,
my tongue probing her mouth. Her tongue instantly met

As we kissed I rested my right hand on her tummy. After
a few moments I felt her hand take mine and guide it
onto her breast. With permission given I began to knead
and squeeze her tit through her top. She moaned with
approval into my mouth as we kissed.

As I gently massaged her left tit, I could feel her
nipple, erect under the attention of my hand. For
several minutes we laid there kissing, my hand gently
and softly caressing her breast, her hands rubbing my
chest lovingly. At this point I was rock hard again.

“Can I take this off?” I asked, referring to her

“Mm-hmm.” She purred.

She helped me pull her top up and off, tossing it
aside. She covered her breasts at first, still a bit

“Katie, it’s ok.” I reassured, caressing her face.

“Okay.” She said as she lowered her hands, revealing
her bare breasts to me.

They were beautiful, silky smooth, milky white like
porcelain, plump handfuls of flawless flesh. I had seen
her one of her bras in the wash recently and knew she
was a 32c. They were perfect.

She looked up at me with a look so innocently seductive
that I wanted to beat off right there.

“Are they big enough for you?” she asked.

“Of course. They’re so beautiful, so perfect.”

“Do you think they’re big enough to feed our babies?”

That was the most endearing question I’d ever been
asked. I kissed her. “Of course.”

We started making out again; my hand now caressing the
bare flesh of her breast. I rubbed her nipple between
my thumb and forefinger in between cupping her tit. I
could tell it was taking effect on her, as her kissing
became more passionate, her tongue lashing out against
mine, begging me not to stop.

“Are you wet?” I asked in between quick, excited

“Yeah…” she exhaled, her eyes shut, enraptured.

Her hips were writhing, her thighs grinding together as
she said this, the same way she was rubbing her thighs
together that night she was watching my pornos. I moved
my hand from her breast, down her leg and reached
around to her ass, squeezing it. She groaned in

I ran my hand up and down her ass, resting my thumb on
the elastic band to her panties.

“Baby, can I take these off?” I asked with bated

Her eyes still closed, she nodded. I glanced up at her
as I began to pull down on her panties and noticed her
lick her lips. She wriggled her hips to allow me to
pull her panties past her ass and thighs. When they got
to her ankles, she kicked them off.

I leaned in and we began kissing again, my hand going
straight for her ass again, squeezing it. She moaned as
I ran my hand up and down her ass. After giving her ass
some attention for several minutes, I snaked my hand
down on the inside of her left knee, gently lifting it.
She got the message and raised her knee, exposing her
pussy to me. It was shaved clean.

“Baby, you shaved it?” I inquired.

“Is that ok?”

“Yeah… it’s great.”

I licked my fingers as my lips returned to hers. My
brought my wet fingers down to between her thighs
caressing her leg starting at her raised knee, then
down to the back of her thighs then down finally to in
between her legs. I ran my fingers down the crack of
her ass as they led to her virginal sex. As my fingers
touched her labia, Katie gasped, breaking our kiss.

As we began to kiss again, I ran my middle finger up
and down her slit. The slight pressure caused several
drops of moisture to pool around my finger. As I ran my
middle finger up and down her crevice I could feel the
wetness within. I sank my middle finger into her pussy
about a half an inch before discovering that she was
sopping wet. She gasped.

“Baby, you’re so wet.” I said.

“I know. You make me wet.”

“Baby, I don’t want to risk making love right now
because I know I’ll get you pregnant tonight.”


“But I can still make you cum…”

Katie closed her eyes and bit her lip as I sank my
middle finger deep into her wet pussy. I started
pumping my finger in and out as she squirmed beside me.
Her pussy emitted the natural wet squishy sounds as I
fingered her.

I maintained a steady finger-fucking rhythm, listening
to the pace of her breath to know when she was going to
cum. After several minutes I could feeling her
breathing become more rapid. At this point, her pussy
was gushing juices and she was clawing my shoulder,
deeply entrenched in the sensation of having my finger
buried deep in her my sensitive and delicate of places.

Her face twisted into a mask of ecstasy as she inhaled
deeply, thrust her crotch into my finger, tightened the
grip on my shoulder and froze in place. I kept pumping
my finger and then felt her pussy tighten and start
convulsing as if it was milking my finger. Katie let
out a shuddering exhale, her body shook as she lowered
her ass back onto the bed and she began to violently
tremble, her lips quivering as she had her orgasm.

I accommodated her, slowing the motion of my finger
within her, decreasing the speed as she orgasm lessened
in intensity. After a minute or so of her body gyrating
around my finger, she finally loosened up, her body
lowering onto the bed. Her breathing, while labored,
became less erratic. Katie was sweating heavily and she
had a look on her face like she’d run a marathon.
Pained, fatigued, her body racked with pleasure and
exhaustion, traumatized by the mental and physical
experience of it all.

I slipped my finger out of her pussy, it being covered
in coats of her viscous juices, juices made by the
passion of our love.

Deeply emotional after what we’d shared, Katie, still a
pained look on her face, leaned over to me and kissed
me deeply, plunging her tongue into my mouth.

“I love you…” she purred as she wrapped her arms
around my neck.

As she embraced me, she felt my erection poke at her

“Oh, baby, you’re hard again…” she said.

She reached down and wrapped her left hand around it,
tugging gently on it. The feeling was fantastic.

Just like that Katie slid down and hovered over my hard
cock, positioning her face over it, admiring it. I knew
what she was going to do and braced myself for the
incredible sensation, knowing what pleasure I was in
store for.

Like a kitten, I felt Katie lick the tip of my cock,
lapping at it like it was a bowl of milk. Her tongue
panned across the head, enveloping it. I could only see
the top of her head as she serviced me, but that made
it even more intense, to be able to only see her head
as her tongue worked its magic.

She clearly wasn’t a pro at it but that too made the
sensation that much more enjoyable, knowing that this
sweet virgin didn’t know what she was doing but was
willing to forego her pride to give me pleasure. I
wanted to pay her back by burying my face in her snatch
it felt so good.

After a few minutes of her lapping, I finally felt the
sensation that almost put me over the edge. I felt the
intense warmth as she wrapped her mouth around the head
of my cock, her tongue twirling around it as she
suckled it. Slowly but surely she lowered her head
taking a little bit more of it in as she bobbed her
head. She was going extremely slow, taking her time
partially to please me I assumed but also out of

With each downward motion she’d take a little bit more
of me in, making sure to suck hard on her way up,
making a loud suction sound as she reached the tip. I
placed a hand lightly around the back of her head,
rubbing it as she kept bobbing up and down on my cock.

Her tongue was coating it with saliva which was now
running down the shaft and pooling on my crotch. After
a minute or so she was now sucking me off in earnest.
She could only take a few inches into her mouth but I
wasn’t complaining. It was easily the best blowjob I’d
ever received and not because it was the best but
because it was from Katie, the woman I loved.

Her head bobbed up and down at a frenetic pace, the
loud slurping sounds coming in such a consistent
frequency that it was like a symphony. It was music to
my ears. All I could do was lie there, looking down in
awe at my sweet sister as she gobbled at my cock. With
her right hand she held my cock at the base while she
rubbed my thigh with her left hand.

It had only been a few minutes but I felt the hot
reserve of cum building within my cock, stirring, ready
to erupt. Katie was sucking me hard and at this point
I’d be hard pressed to tell if she knew what she was
doing or not. If she didn’t, she surely played the part
well. I could feel it coming. I was going to cum and

“Sweetie, I’m gonna cum…” I blurted out.

Katie didn’t respond at all, she just kept plunging her
head up and down on my cock, sucking without
reservation. I had to warn her again that if she kept
it up she was going to get a mouthful of cum.

“Sweetie, I’m gonna cum. Baby…” I blurted out again,
more urgently now.

No response. No moans, no groans, no signal that she
was going to pull off of me, she just kept pumping and
sucking away. I felt the reservoir of cum rush up my
cock like lightning and knew I wouldn’t be able to
contain it.

“Baby…” I uttered, gritting my teeth as my cock
exploded inside Katie’s mouth.

With my hand still on the back of her head, I felt
Katie gag slightly, pulling back but still keeping her
lips clamped tightly around my cock, guzzling my seed
as I poured it in pulsing spurts down her throat.
Savoring the feeling as I ejaculated, my lower body
went numb. I could feel my balls empty themselves throb
after throb into Katie’s eager mouth. My legs felt like
all the b***d was draining from them. I tried to let
out a groan it felt so good, but all that came out was

After several powerful jets, my cock slowed its salvo
to a dribble. Katie pulled my cock out of her mouth
with a loud slurp, leaving little evidence of my orgasm
behind. She’d swallowed most of it like a trooper.
There were a few drops on her lip that she licked up.

I could only react to the aftermath letting out a deep
groan, that being the earliest moment that my body
would allow me to make a sound.

She smiled up at me with those beautiful eyes. “Was
that good?”

I pulled her up to me and took her in my arms, kissing
her. “That was the most incredible blowjob and orgasm
I’ve ever had.”

She looked happily amazed. “Really?”

“Yeah!” I exclaimed.

We kissed deeply.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry for suggesting that we not make
love tonight. I just don’t have any protection and I
was afraid we’d get carried away… Plus I knew that
even if I had a condom I wouldn’t want to wear one with

She looked down disappointed but understood. “I know.
But maybe we can get some of those ‘morning-after’
pills you had mentioned before. Then we don’t have to

“Definitely. We should make an appointment to see a

“Okay!” she said, eyes wide.

“I love you.” I said.

“I love you too.”

Katie and I hopped in the shower, made out for fifteen
minutes before getting turned on again. She sucked me
off for ten minutes before I blew my load all over her
face. Good thing we were already in the shower.

A thought struck me as we stepped out of the shower.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Why did you want to know what kind of costumes I’d
want my girlfriend to dress up in?”

She looked at me. “I don’t know. I guess I just wanted
to know what you like…in girls. What makes you happy.
You told me about the schoolgirl thing, remember? I
said I liked the socks they wear.”

“Yeah.” I said, thinking.

“Do you think I’d look cute in one of those uniforms?”
she asked.

The mental picture of Katie prowling around the house
in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform was enough to get me
almost fully erect within five seconds. I didn’t know
what was behind these questions but the deeply perverse
nature of my mind compiled myriads of colorful
scenarios almost instantly.

“You’d look incredible.”

Katie coyly looked away, she probably didn’t know what
she meant by what she’d said since she wasn’t very
sexually experienced, which was good, but I was still
extremely aroused and curious.

The most prevalent image that came into my mind was
Katie decked out in a cute Catholic schoolgirl uniform,
her hair done up, make-up conservatively applied to her
face, on her knees on the floor in front of me gently
and passionately servicing my full erection as she
glared up at me with those perfectly virginal eyes.

I thought I was going to cum right there and had to get
that vision out of my head.


Katie got a call from her friend, Tricia, the next day,
asking Katie to help her shop for a baby shower gift
for one of Tricia’s aunts that were expecting. Before
leaving, Katie gave me a big hug and a kiss on the
cheek and promised to be back in a few hours.

It was 11:30 in the morning so I had the house to
myself. I tidied up my room a bit, putting things in
order, cleaned up the living room, did some dishes and
took a hot shower after cleaning up.

It was around 3pm when Katie finally arrived home. She
walked in bagless, but wearing a huge smile on her
face. She ran over and jumped into my arms, wrapping
her legs around my waist as she peppered my neck and
face with kisses.

“I missed you…” she said.

I smiled. “I missed you too. You come up empty-handed?”

“Umm, kinda. I just watched Tricia shop mostly.”

“Oh, ok! Well, do you want something to eat?”

“Sure!” she replied.

After dinner, we settled in to the living room,
cuddling on the couch.

“Kevin…” Katie said. “…was it good? Last night?”

I looked at her. “Of course…”

“Did you want to make love last night?” she asked.

“Of course, but I didn’t want to risk it since we
didn’t have condoms. Shit! I should’ve went out and
bought some. I can go out and get some if you want…”

Katie leaned in seductively, resting her hand on my
crotch. “No, you don’t have to.”

She drove her tongue into my mouth and we began making
out on the couch, her hand was intently rubbing my
crotch luring my cock to full rigidity in no time.

I took her face in my hands as we kissed and she
stroked my cock through my shorts. I badly wanted to
get my shorts off so she helped me as I tugged them and
my boxers off, kicking them away. Her hand instantly
went back to my cock, her hand running up and down its
length. I moved my hands down and started kneading her
tits through her shirt as she stroked me. After a few
minutes of making out, Katie pulled away, still
stroking me.

“Let’s go to your room.” She said.


I was beyond excited. I jumped up and took her in my
arms. We embraced tightly, kissing as we made our way
clumsily towards my bedroom. Upon reaching the bedroom,
we collapsed on the bed, me on top of her. As I landed
on her, my hard cock flopped onto her tummy. She
wrapped her legs around me and my hard cock
instinctively went for her pussy, which was
unfortunately covered by her shorts. The sensation of
dry humping her was immense and we both groaned
passionately. Katie closed her eyes and laid her head
back as I pressed my cock against her shorts-covered

“Wait…” Katie said as she gently pushed me off of
her. “I’ll be right back, okay?”

She kissed me then scampered out of the room. I laid
there in the middle of the bed, my cock throbbing,
aching, eager to bury itself deep into her, condom or
not, and Katie had run out of the room, leaving me
hard. I wondered if she’d gotten scared. No, she kissed
me before she ran out. What was she doing?

“Katie, you okay?” I called out.

“Yes, I’m fine! I’ll be out in a few minutes, okay? I
love you!” she yelled, her voice muffled by the walls.
She sounded like she was coming from the bathroom.

“I love you too!” I called back, a bit confused.

After several minutes I became worried but I could hear
her in the bathroom moving around so I went back to the
bedroom, laid down and switched on the TV.

About fifteen minutes later I heard the bathroom door
open and could hear Katie walking towards the room. I
sat up, anxious to see her, and switched off the TV. I
saw her shadow loom up near the door until finally she
poked her head into the room just enough to where I
could see her eyes. I noticed she was wearing dark eye-
shadow and that peaked my interest.

“Kevin?” she asked.

“Yeah, sweetie. Are you ok?” I asked, smiling?

“Yeah… I went out and bought something for you so I
hope you like it…”

“I’m sure I’ll like it, sweetie. Come here…”

Nervous and timid, Katie stepped slowly into the
doorway. My jaw dropped as I saw what she was wearing;
a full catholic schoolgirl uniform complete with shiny
black dress shoes and knee-high socks. She had put
makeup on and brushed her hair. She was the living
embodiment of every fantasy I’d ever had. I couldn’t
speak. She just stood there bashfully, shuffling her
feet, her hands behind her back as she presented
herself to me.

“Do I look ok?” she asked timidly.

I had to force out the words. “Katie… you’re so

She smiled and slowly walked over to me, my erection
having been fully restored. She glanced at it as she
stood before me. I stared up at her, a completely
dumbfounded look on my face and like that, she got on
her knees and put her hands on my thighs, my cock only
inches from her face. She looked at it and smiled,
tucking a tuft of hair behind her ear and took my cock
with her right hand and took the head in her mouth.

She was wearing glossy red lipstick and the image of
her glossy red lips wrapping around the head of my cock
as she maintained eye contact with me was almost enough
to put me over the edge.

She lovingly and slowly ran her tongue up and down the
shaft, never looking away. When she reached the head of
my cock she’d take it into her mouth and lean forward,
taking a few inches of my cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes of slowly working my throbbing
hard-on she pulled her mouth away from it and in the
softest, most seductive voice, she spoke.

“Kevin, when I was out today I went to the doctors and
I got a prescription for morning after pills…” she

My eyes bulged, my jaw hanging.

“…so when we make love right now and you get ready to
cum, I don’t want you to pull out. I want you to cum
inside me, ok?”

I nodded. With that she crawled up on me like a wild
cat preparing to attack its prey and pushed me onto my
back onto the bed. She shimmied up to my chest as we
began making out. My hands roamed down her back to find
her delectable ass tucked underneath her skirt. When I
firmly squeezed her ass I felt her moan into my mouth.

I rolled over and we switched places, she was now on
her back and I was on top of her. I started kissing her
neck as she wrapped her legs around my back and I could
smell the perfume she’d put on and it was intoxicating.
Feeling the petite little angel underneath me, her legs
wrapped around my back leaving her pussy exposed, I
pushed my pelvis forward, pushing the tip of my cock
against the thin fabric of her panty-covered pussy.

Katie clawed at my shoulder as I did so, moaning and
shutting her eyes. I’d passed the point of no return
and wanted more than anything to bury my aching cock
into the soft, virginal canal of her pussy. Knowing
that I didn’t have to worry about pulling out, all my
inhibitions were gone. I was going to make love to
Katie and give her all my love. She’d fulfilled so many
of my fantasies already and was now going to fulfill

After a minute or so of lying on top of her, our body
clenched together, writhing, licking, nibbling,
kissing, my cock pressing against her crotch, being
denied entry by the thin fabric of her underwear, I
started to slide down her chest. Reaching her tits, I
buried my face between them, unbuttoning the uniform
dress shirt she was wearing. She wasn’t wearing a bra
so I pulled her shirt open and her 32cs popped out and
my mouth went straight for her nipples.

As I licked and sucked her nipples, alternating from
one to the other I let my right hand wander down to her
hips, hiking up her skirt. My hand snaked between her
thighs, rubbing her bald gash. Through her panties I
could feel her hot dampness, she was sopping wet.

She looked up at me with large, frightened eyes. She
had thrust herself confidently into this situation but
was still a virgin, and a scared one. “Katie, we don’t
have to do this…” I said.

She reached up at me and ran her fingers across my
lips, her eyes still scared and inexperienced. “No, I
want to. I want you.” She said.

I nodded. “Ok.” And I started to rub her little gash
again, very slowly at first. The sensation of my
fingers running gently up and down her panty-covered
pussy made Katie squirm, clutching her tits with her
hands. She reached up and took my face in her hands and
pulled me towards her. She kissed me fiercely and with
her right hand she reached down and began and feel for
my cock. She found it hard and pulsing through my

“Take these off.” She commanded, which I did within a
few seconds, kicking them off.

The feeling of my hard-on exposed to the warm air, mere
inches from the home it wanted to be nestled deeply
into was excruciating. Katie, sensing my urgency,
reached down and wrapped her thumbs around the elastic
bands of her underwear and tugged them down past her
hips. I scrambled for them, helping her pull them down
past her thighs. My eyes shut and our lips sealed
together, I flung her panties across the room with my
left hand.

As I lay on her body, which was now naked from the
waist down, I felt the indescribable feeling of being
invited in between her cold, soft thighs. She wrapped
her legs around me again and I could feel her bare
thighs pressed against my lower torso. They were milky
smooth, untouched, unexplored by anyone else, and more
importantly, I could feel the barren, warm dampness in
between them. My cock was lodged between us. It was
warm and throbbing, wanting inside.

The feeling of being naked and being on top on Katie,
who was naked from the waist down, was addicting. She
was grinding her hips up at me as we kissed, as if her
pussy was hungry and needing to be fed.

“Baby, are you wet?” I asked.

She could only nod. I ran my hand up her shaven crotch,
cupping her pussy with my right hand. She was drenched.

“You’re so wet, baby.” I remarked.

“I know.”

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She whispered, her head turned, eyes shut,
ready to accept me into her.

With her permission given I took my cock in my hand and
nestled the head up against Katie’s labia, groaning as
it made contact.

Katie started to bite her lip, a faint moan coming out
of her as I started rubbing the head up and down her
dewy slit. I leaned forward, slowly forcing my cock
into her. Her pussy was so incredibly wet but so tight
it was almost impenetrable. I grimaced at the pressure
of her tightness refusing to give way to my cock. I
could only imagine Katie was grimacing in the same kind
of painful ecstasy as me, but I was so caught up in the
moment, I was unable to open my eyes to check.

I maintained pressure, just keeping my cock there,
allowing her pussy to envelope my girth and swallow it.
Just as I hoped, I felt her tight wetness slowly budge
and loosen just enough for my cockhead to sink into
her. We both gasped at the sudden and almost orgasm-
inducing sensation of penetration. Her virgin pussy was
slurping at my cock, trying to devour it one inch at a

“Sweetie, you ok?” I asked, opening my eyes to peek at
her. She was grimacing, her arms up over her head,
clutching the bed sheets in pain.

‘Yeah.’ Was all she could mutter to me. Assuming she
was willing and able to take more, I very slowly eased
myself into her, inch by inch. I was so emotional and
my cock so sensitive that I knew that I could blow any
moment if I wasn’t careful. Then, surprisingly, her
tight love canal loosened and I sank in completely.

We both groaned loudly as I collapsed on top of her,
her legs instantly wrapping around me. Katie whimpered,
throwing her arms around me and pulling me close to
her, my face nuzzling into her neck. I felt my cock
puncture her maidenhead and she was no longer a virgin.

We laid there for a few seconds and I could feel her
pussy adjust to the cock that was buried deep within
it. It was a beautiful feeling, the sensation of her
soaking flesh stretching millimeter by millimeter to
accommodate me.

After about a minute I slowly began to withdraw until I
was almost all the way out of her, then I slowly
plunged back into her until our pubic bones were
pressed hard together. I could feel Katie’s body
writhing under me, her entire being begging for me to
continue. She was so incredibly cute, her eyes shut and
head turned to the side, enjoying the almost
excruciating pleasure that was emanating from between
her thighs.

After a few slow, deep strokes I began to pick up the
rhythm. My dream girl was underneath me, dressed as the
ultimate Lolita, her thigh-high socks rubbing against
my sides as I pumped her deep, hard and increasingly
fast. I was licking and kissing her neck as she moaned
and groaned, bucking under the force of my powerful

The only words we spoke was to whisper ‘I love you’ to
each other in between kisses, nibbles, grunts and
groans. She was so wet, hot and tight that I had to be
careful not to blow my load too soon, but I knew that
regardless of my willpower I wouldn’t be able to hold
back for long, considering Katie had given me
permission to cum inside of her.

I had every conceivable wet dream/jerk off image in my
head at that exact moment and the stunning realization
suddenly hit me as I was dripping with sweat, pounding
away on my sweet and luscious Katie’s tight, once
virginal pussy that not only did I have these vivid
images in my head, I was actually experiencing them.

I smiled a huge smile in my mind at the thought that
I’d achieved my ultimate fantasy and I loved Katie for
loving me enough to allow me it.

By now, Katie’s pussy was flooding with a thick, warm
flow of juices created by her insatiable passion. She
was thrusting up at me as I sunk my cock down into her.
I could tell she’d lost all her inhibitions and wanted
nothing more than to feel my cock pulsing inside her,
releasing a powerful torrent of warm juices and I
wasn’t far from granting her, her wish.

“Katie…” I moaned. “…I’m getting close, baby. I’m
gonna cum soon.”

Katie, for the first time during this first beautiful
act of lovemaking, turned to me, opened her eyes with
the most innocent and inviting look, pursed her lips
and spoke. “Ok, sweetie. I love you.”

I was so relieved that she was enjoying the moment.
“Katie, are you sure you want me to cum inside you?”

“Gawd, yes. Cum inside me.” She begged.

“Ok…” I muttered as I leaned forward and kissed her
deeply, resuming a hard, fast and deep fucking rhythm.
Katie wrapped her thighs tighter around me, pulling me
even deeper into her. I could feel my body preparing to
take nature’s course, a tingle that began in my toes
and surged up my back. I was going to cum and soon.

The feeling began to creep into my crotch and seep down
the narrow vessel of my cock, building like an ocean
rising against a dam. I kept fucking, wanting to
prolong my release for as long as possible. The sound
of my crotch pounding into hers, my balls flapping
against her sopping wet bottom was too sweet to want it
to end.

My cock swelled as it filled with cum, each pounding
stroke inside of her filling it even more. I could feel
it leaking, dripping a few drops of cum in preparation
for the gushing overflow to come. I couldn’t hold back
any longer. My body seemed to become enveloped in this
wave of electricity. I had never felt anything like it
before, the most intensely pleasurable experience

“Katie…” I muttered as I fucked away.

“Kiss me.” She pleaded urgently, knowing I was about to

Feeling like I was going one hundred miles an hour
without moving, I plunged forward and wrapped my lips
around hers, our tongues instinctively lashing out at
each other. Then it happened, at that most perfect
moment as our mouths and crotches were sealed together:
I thrust forward, pushing my cock as deep up into her
pussy as I could, causing Katie to groan into my mouth,
and my cock exploded.

A powerful, copious load of hot cum spurted hard into
her womb, followed by a rapid fire burst of several
equally copious ropes of jism. The cum, seemingly
anxious and urgent to escape, flooded her pussy.

I thrust forward harder, grinding against her pubic
bone, wanting to get every drop into her. Katie, not
only having sex for the first time but getting cummed
in for the first time seemed euphoric. Reacting purely
on animal instinct, her pussy guzzled at my cock,
swallowing each successive squirt as if it hadn’t ever
been fed. All she could do was whimper with each
thrust, with each jet of cum that poured into her, and
take it all

Her nails dug into my back as her tongue flailed inside
my mouth, wanting me to bond with her in everyway.
After several more spurts, I was spent. I laid on her
and we spent the next 20 minutes exploring each other’s
mouths. I licked, nibbled and kissed her lips, chin,
nose and neck as she did the same to me.

My cock, sucked dry and now only partially erect was
still lodged inside of her, the results of our
lovemaking dripping out of her pussy and down her ass
and onto the bedsheets. We laid there lovingly enjoying
the afterglow, gently kissing and exchanging sweet
nothings. I must’ve told her I loved her twenty times
within the time we spent lying there on the bed.

Finally, I sat up and prepared to pull my flaccid girth
from out of her. I looked down between us and saw I’d
done: her pussy was a frothy, gooey mess, drenched in
cum. We both had looks on our faces as if we were about
to yank band-aids off of a particularly hairy place. I
pulled my cock out of her with a slurpy plop. We both
sighed at the release.

My cock was covered in her juices. Looking at it, I
chuckled. She looked up at me and smiled, her hair
beautifully and seductively tussled.

“Look what you did to my pussy!” she exclaimed

I laid down next to her, looking at her pussy with a
smile on my face. She hadn’t closed her legs yet. She
was still splayed out, almost admiring the sticky mess
that had been made between her legs.

“I’m sorry!” I chuckled. “You told me to cum inside

She closed her legs and rolled towards me and I took
her into my arms. I had so many thoughts spiraling
around in my mind.

“Sweetie… you’re not a virgin anymore.” I noted.

She looked up at me, serious and happy. “I know. I
couldn’t be happier.”

We kissed again.

“Were you serious when you said you got those morning
after pills?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She whispered in between kisses.

I ran my hand past her skirt and between her thighs,
running my fingers up into the cum-drenched wetness of
her pussy, her tongue sliding into my mouth as I did
so. “I think we should make love a few more times
before you use that first pill.”

She smiled. “Ok.”

Katie closed her eyes and kissed me passionately as I
started to run my finger up and down the cum-soaked
trench between her legs. I could tell if she was still
wet or if it was the cum I’d so eagerly injected in her
a mere half hour before.

“Ooohh…” she purred.

“You want more cum in your pussy?” I asked.

“Yesss…” she purred again.

Her hand ran down my stomach and to my crotch and she
wrapped her little fingers around my cock to find it
already almost fully erect. She opened her eyes in
surprise and looked down at the rigid shaft pulsing in
her hand. Her eyes darted to mine.

“You’re hard already, baby?” she asked.

“Yeah. See what you do to me?”

She giggled as I mounted her. I rubbed my cock up and
down the juices that had settled at the mouth of her
velvet trap. Once again I felt the indescribable
feeling of slipping my turgid member through that firm
tightness; wholly resistant at first, then at the right
amount of pressure, it swallowing my length to the
hilt, smothering it in that sweet warmth, suffocating
it in that loving embrace.

We both groaned aloud feeling that sweet feeling again
and in no time and I was pumping into that tight slit,
overjoyed and entranced. Slobbering all over each
other, our mouths locked in a sloppy exchange, I pumped
into Katie’s pussy for another thirty minutes before my
body stiffened and I released a gush of semen.

We kissed passionately afterwards for several minutes,
then my cock, which was still lodged deep inside of her
grew erect once more, and without hesitation I began to
move in and out of her. I came in her seven times over
the next several hours, at the end of which, she popped
one of the morning-after pills.

Afterwards, as we laid naked in bed, cuddling, kissing
softly, whispering ‘I love you’s I knew that we were
bonded in a way that I would never be able to define or
explain. Regardless of what happened between us from
then on, the feeling I felt at that moment would be
indelibly branded onto my mind forever. Katie would
always be my first true love.

I wanted her to be my wife, to have my c******n, but I
didn’t dare say it yet.

“I think we should get cleaned up.” She said.

I agreed and rolled out of bed, offering my hand to
help her out of bed. Seeing her get out of bed, her
tussled hair, her disheveled Catholic school uniform,
cum trickling out of her pussy and down her leg, I
almost got another erection.

She slipped out of her plaid skirt and kicked it aside
and took off her blouse and thigh-highs and shoes and
we went to the bathroom. We made out some more in the
shower, bathed each other, giggling as we did so until
we were done.

An hour later we were sitting on the couch in each
others arms. We had just resigned to the fact that we
were madly in love with each other, that we’d found our
life partners and were understandably glowing. We moved
and spoke as if we were in a constant state of
euphoria: softly, calmly and completely at ease. Given
the fact that we’d had sex for almost four hours
straight may have contributed to us ‘walking on air’.

Katie was the world to me now. I had had suspicions
about the weakness of my own heart and how it seemed
Katie was taking control of it, but now there was no
doubt. I was completely entranced by her. Her every
movement, every word, every smile transported me to
another place. Whenever we were together I felt like we
were the only ones on Earth, and I didn’t want it to

Mom and dad called the day after. We exchanged
pleasantries. Mom and Dad said they were getting ready
to hop on a plane to Dublin. We have some family there,
an uncle or aunt, if I remember correctly, and they
were going to be staying in a hotel there while they

Just like Mom and Dad to bustle from beautiful locale
to beautiful locale without a care in the world. I’m
just so glad that they’re able to travel and see the
beauty in the world and are still young enough to enjoy
it. You’d be hard pressed to find a pair that deserved
it more than they did. With all the charity work and
money they’d donated over the years, it seemed to be a
work of cosmic karma at work that they were rewarded as
they were.

Of course, I didn’t dare tell them about Katie and I.
They’d have probably jumped on the first plane back
home had I told them. There was a growing feeling in my
gut that told me we’d eventually have to tell them.
There was no way Katie and I could have a relationship,
a marriage and eventually c******n without just coming
out and laying the truth out on the table for our
parents to take in.

We’d tell them in due time, I’m sure. They’d most
likely be back in a few months and hopefully Katie and
I wouldn’t already be expecting so the truth wouldn’t
be so obvious. It’s tough trying to hide something when
it’s bulging out on what should otherwise be a flat

After I got off the phone with Mom and Dad, Katie came
up behind me and wrapped her arms around my stomach. I
turned to her and we kissed. After a few moments, we
pulled away, still in each other’s arms.

“Kevin, what are we going to tell mom and dad?” she
said, her eyes worried and concerned.

“Eventually, we’ll tell them the truth, ok? And
everything will be fine.”

“You sure?” she asked.

“Yeah. We just have to make sure you’re not pregnant
when they come home. I think that would push them over
the edge.” I laughed.

That broke Katie’s concerns and she smiled. “Aww, no
fun. But we can still practice, right?”

“Everyday. You still have some morning-after pills,
right?” I asked.

“Yeah, a bunch…” she smiled rascally.

“Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s make use of those
pills…” I said as I reached down and squeezed her

She pulled away from me and ran to my bedroom, giggling
and tossing off her shirt as she said so. We were
wrapped in a perpetually writhing embrace for well on
into the night and early morning. I came in her
probably seven or eight more times before she popped
her pill. She wasn’t dressed like a schoolgirl this
time but that didn’t make the lovemaking any less

We lay in bed cuddling afterwards, sweating and coated
in each other’s love juices, just enjoying being in
each other’s arms.

“Katie, do you like the feeling of me cumming in you?”
I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Of course. It’s like a
d**g. I’m addicted to your cum, sweetie.”

“Do you think that if you hadn’t taken the pills, you’d
be pregnant already?”

She thought for a second. “Yeah, I think so. I mean,
you’ve already cum in me so much and so hard. I can’t
imagine I wouldn’t already be. Why?”

“Nothing, just wondering what it’d be like to know
you’re already pregnant.”

“Do you want me not to use the pill next time, because
I won’t.” she said.


“Yeah.” She said boldly.

“No, I don’t think it would be fair for you to get
pregnant so fast. We should wait a little while, to
save money and find our own place to stay, you know?”

She buried her head into my chest. “Okay. You’re

She sat silent for a few moments. “So… I guess
getting married is out of the question, huh?”

I turned to her. “You want to get married?”

“No, I guess not.” But it was plainly evident that this
was a moment of obvious contradiction in her words.

“Katie…” I gently lifted her chin with my finger. “Of
course I want to marry you. I know now there’s no one
else I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Tears started to well up in her eyes. “You sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

“Okay.” She reached up and wrapped her arms around my
neck and began to cry.

“Don’t cry, sweetie.” I said with a playful chuckle.

“How can you laugh?” she said with frustrated bliss.

“Because I’m happy. I’m here with the girl of my
dreams, my future wife and mother of my c******n. What
I see in your eyes is a long and happy life. Why
wouldn’t I be happy?”

She looked at me with those big, swollen, teary eyes
and was trembling, happy beyond containment. “I love
you so much.” She said as she pulled me down and kissed


The next day Katie and I went shopping. To make her
feel a little more safe and secure I drove us out to a
mall about forty miles out of town to assure that no
one who knew us would possibly see us there. After
picking up a few cute outfits for Katie and some
clothes for me, we went to an ice cream parlor and
shared a huge banana split, then we caught a movie and
even stopped at a flower shop where I bought her some

I knew I was probably taking it a bit fast but before
we left I took her to a jewelers and we looked at
engagement rings. At first, Katie was so surprised and
shaken at the fact I’d brought her to the jeweler that
she was too timid and frightened to go inside. She was
so happy and scared and swept up in disbelief that she
couldn’t believe I was actually taking her to choose
her engagement ring.

Her adrenaline was racing and her hands were so shaky I
knew she was terribly nervous. She couldn’t make a
sound decision. She kept insisting that I not spend too
much money on it and to just get something subtle and
inexpensive. She was clinging to my arm the whole time
and as we looked into the glass cases at the rings, she
was nervously cringing like we were looking at some
exotic insects on display or something. It was so cute
that I was smiling the entire time, chuckling at the
fact she seemed to be teetering on the edge of panic.

Sometimes she would apprehensively point with a
trembling finger at a ring and her voice would
stabilize and soften as she would show her interest in
a particular band of gold, but that interest would
subside and shift to another ring. After about thirty
minutes she wasn’t trembling or nearly as scared
looking, but she was still clutching my arm like a
vice. She seemed decidedly more interested in the
prospect of choosing a ring and as she looked up at me
with those dark entrancing eyes, she’d ask for my
opinion in that soft, docile voice.

She finally chose a modest and simple gold band. It
wasn’t expensive but that seemed to be the last of her
concerns. She was so spellbound by it. She couldn’t
take her eyes off of it as we left the jewelers and
didn’t seem to mind that most of the rings she passed
up were far more expensive than the one she’d chosen.
One of the many, many reasons why she’d bewitched me. I
couldn’t have chosen a more perfect girl.