It was a happy homecoming party. Steve had returned
home after four years of traveling the less explored
parts of the world. As a talented writer and
photographer, he’d paid expenses by doing articles
for magazines and other publications. He’d become a
bit of a local celebrity. Plus, it was his twenty
fifth birthday. He was tanned, buff, and even better
looking than when he had left.

After the buffet some music was started in his
parent’s back yard and the dancing began. As the
plentiful drinks flowed, quite a few of the young
women from the neighborhood and his high school
class, both single and not, began offering intimate
pleasures later that night. He politely took rain
checks but filed them away in his excellent memory.
He asked women of all ages to dance so the next door
neighbor lady, Polly Spencer, wasn’t surprised to
find herself in his arms.’

What did surprise her was his straightforward request
to share her bed that night. She had lost her husband
six months earlier so there was no impediment other
than the twenty year age difference. She had, of
course, fantasized briefly about this hunk who had
been her son’s best friend for many years, but
figured it was just an old lady’s wishful thinking.
She couldn’t answer right away… it was a bit of a
shock. Finally she stuttered, “Rrrrrealy?”

Steve gave her a quick discreet squeeze and said,
“I’ve wanted you for a very long time. I’ll come
through the back gate an hour after the party wraps
up.” She nodded and sat down when the dance finished,
sweating with excitement.

She was sitting on the back patio in a robe and
nursing a glass of bourbon when she heard the gate
open and a figure approached her. He sat on the
loveseat next to her and put an arm around her. She
said quietly, “Can I get you a drink?”

“The only thing I need is you,” Steve said as he
leaned over and gave her a first kiss. An electric
shock ran through the woman, ending in her crotch.
She arose, took his hand and led him to her bedroom.
Several candles were lit, providing a soft glow.

Polly turned to face her young admirer and opened her
robe, revealing a beautiful pair of D cup breasts
which sagged only slightly. The voluptuous orbs were
capped with engorged nipples. “You’ve tried to see
these ever since girls became interesting…here they

Steve moved closer. Each hand cupped the bottom of a
breast as his mouth sought out and enclosed the
nipples alternately, making the woman gasp and moan.
He finally paused and removed his clothes then they
lay beside each other on the bed.

Holding and admiring his erection, Polly said, “When
I babysat for you I washed this and wondered how it
would grow up. It’s beautiful. I want to taste it but
later…it’s been too long since I had one of these
inside me.” She straddled him and they both groaned
as his thick seven inches filled her wet pussy. She
rode with skill, varying the pace and action of her
hips as his hands and mouth kept her tits well
stimulated. She had climaxed once early on and now
felt his rising finish. She wailed softly as the baby
batter spurted out inside her clutching cunnie,
triggering her climax again.

They slept and fucked until 6am, hungry for each
other. After a quick shower together, Steve slipped
out the back to go home. Polly slept until nearly

Steve had decided to spend at least a month at home,
resting and recharging. He needed some time away from
the exciting but stressful mode he had been in for
years. Then he would decide what to do next.

He spent the day wandering around the small town,
refreshing memories and visiting with people who
recognized him. One of those was Becky who he had
dated for six fuck-filled months before he headed out
on his journey. She was working in a store and called
to him. As they chatted he noticed the rings and she
said that happened about a year after they broke up.

She invited him to dinner with the clear promise of
“catching up on old times” since her husband was out
of town for a week. He brought wine and flowers.

Becky declined the wine since she was two months
pregnant but gave him a wet kiss for the flowers.
Dinner was ripe with promises of pleasures to come,
like the scene in “Tom Jones”. The table was left un-
cleared as they tumbled into bed. Becky moaned as
Steve plundered the pussy he hadn’t visited for four
years. She kept exclaiming how he was better than she
remembered and her husband had never been as good as
that. She begged for his wigglers in her.

Steve smiled at that request. First because she was
already pregnant but mostly because he’d had a
hopefully reversible vasectomy before setting off on
his travels. One set of complications that was

There had been plenty of opportunities to impregnate
women with a wide range of ages, starting with the
rather young third wife of an African tribal chief
who assigned her to his hospitality. Steve had been
apprehensive but her precociousness and eagerness
made it a good experience.

She got far less of her husband’s limited virility
than she wanted so Steve got all the young black
pussy he could handle. Then there was the 75 year old
South American matriarch who loved young cock. She
assigned two of her daughters to assist him in his
field work, figuring that they’d chaperone each
other. Instead he had a pussy at each end during work
and lunch breaks.

Colors were also interesting. He was surprised by the
number of propositions he got from husbands who
wanted to see their wives take on a white pecker. The
contrast with yellow, brown, and black pussy and ass
was enjoyable and a few of the husbands wanted to
touch and suck the white meat as part of the

After satisfying Becky and promising some repeat
performances, Steve went home, stripped to his robe
and went next door at the arranged time. When Polly
sucked her favorite lollipop she stopped and said,
“Tastes like pussy! What have you been up to…or
should I say into?”

Steve laughed and told her about Becky. “You can see
that I’m still interested in you, right?”

“Well, at least wash it off, you horn dog. Guess I’ll
have to go hunting cock to keep up with you.”

Steve said, “Actually that is a good idea. I think
you will be surprised at the increased interest guys
will have in you now that you are sexually active.
It’s a subconscious male competition thing. I used to
wonder why I’d be more interested in some married
women than single ones. Turned out they were the ones
getting laid more.”

Polly asked, “So you wouldn’t mind? And you’d still
make it with me?”

“Hey, it’s your pussy so you make the decisions. I’d
really like it if you’d tell me about any adventures
you have…it will only make you sexier as far as I’m
concerned. And fair is fair. There a few other women
here in town I’d like to lay.”

Sure enough, that Sunday after church, Polly got
asked out by two men. One was her age and one quite a
bit older. She accepted both for subsequent nights.
She was especially excited all three nights as she
coupled with Steve. Sunday because she’d been asked
out; Monday because it was her first real date even
though she didn’t really connect with the guy her age
and declined another; and Tuesday because the older
guy turned her on and she resisted only because it
was the first date. He got to squeeze some tit over
her clothes and she felt a good sized lump in his
trousers. They set another date for Friday.

She invited him for dinner at her house. He brought
champagne and they finished the bottle before she
took him to the bedroom. He fucked her damn well,
better than she expected for a 65 year old. His thick
rod stretched her nicely and her bouncing tits kept
him well stimulated. He later admitted to using pills
but she didn’t care; whatever worked. She texted
Steve who had been out on a date too.

She just stayed in bed and before he slipped his
shaft into her sheath, Polly warned him it would be
pretty sloppy. Her date had cum in her twice. Steve
laughed and said he liked it slippery. He’d been laid
earlier too so they could just take their time and
enjoy. They did and Polly was glowing with
satisfaction. She’d never fucked two men on the same
day before and loved it.

Becky’s husband returned to a horny wife. She let him
think it was all because she’d missed him but had to
arrange some afternoon delights with Steve a couple
of times a week. It reminded her of her single days
when she’d get some variety in her twat. Steve hadn’t
minded when she’d fuck an old boyfriend once in a
while just for fun. He liked sloppies.

Her husband was just too possessive to share her
easily. Perhaps she could get her older sister to
seduce him so he’d have no grounds to complain. Sis
owed her from the time she’d serviced her brother-in-
law while Sis recovered from c***d birth. Actually
she wouldn’t mind fucking BIL again anyway.

Becky was being happily pounded in Steve’s bed when
Sandy, Steve’s twenty year old single sister walked
in on them. She said, “Don’t stop on my account” and
sat down to watch, reaching down between her legs for
her clit. She came when they did. When Becky left
Sandy stripped and slid into bed with her big
brother. She bent down and sucked the juices off his
half hard tool.

She was between boyfriends and pretty horny,
especially after the live sex show. “I need what
you’ve got, big brother. I’m on the pill so I want
all your seed.” No one could resist an offer like
that so Steve rolled her on her back and plunged in
to the hilt. His balls slapped her ass as he banged
the daylights out of the k*d sister he’d lusted after
for years. This was the beginning of a new chapter
for each of them…one that would be reread many
times during their lives.

A couple of days later Steve returned from screwing
Polly to find Sandy in his bed. She stated, “I know
where you’ve been. I saw her boyfriend leave and then
you go through the back yard. You sure are a horny
bastard and I wouldn’t have guessed she was such a
slut. Do you have anything left for me?”

“Not for a while. I’m afraid. Let me get you off
though.” He ate her expertly to a climax and they lay
side by side and talked. When Sandy asked how he
liked older women, Steve explained that all ages were
fun, and shared his adventures with her. She kept
playing with his tool and all the storytelling
memories got him hard enough to fill her box for
their mutual satisfaction.

Sandy said she’d try an older guy, something she’d
never really considered. A guy twice her age at
school had been asking her out so she’d take him up
on it. A week later he was in her pants and she came
bouncing home looking for Steve.

“I did it! He’s not as good as you, of course, but
lots better than the young guys I’ve been screwing.
Thanks for the tip. Would you like ‘seconds’ for a
thank you?” Of course he wouldn’t miss the
opportunity to feel another guy’s cum in his little
sister. And she served it as often as she could.

Becky’s plan had worked well. She “caught” her
husband balls deep in her sister and stormed out. Sis
took the husband back to her house where Becky was
“discovered” riding Sis’ husband for “revenge”. Sis
put the shocked husband on the bed next to the other
couple and worked on finishing what they had been
interrupted doing. She told him, “Guess this is the
way it is now.” He accepted his “fate” with a roaring
ejaculation as he watched his own wife being

Although Steve was enjoying all the pussy and
companionship of home, he began to feel like his
“rolling stone” was gathering moss. It was summer and
he wanted to go north, way north, like the Arctic
Circle. He started researching possible locales and
plans took shape. He would go into a rarely explored
part of the Canadian wilderness.

There was a provincial park in the Northwest
Territories that was getting ready to do a wildlife
count and he got himself invited along to document
what they were doing which would help their
application for funding. The team would consist of
two women rangers, one man, and himself.

He remembered a ranger who he had strung along saying
that it wasn’t possible to have sex on horseback. She
finally demonstrated that it was and they had a fun
two weeks together.
Polly was sad to know he was leaving but every change
is an opportunity. She’d been getting very close to
this older man she was dating and wanted him to move
in. Banging Steve every night the way they had been
doing would be difficult though. They had a tearful
sayonara night together with the promise of a
welcoming pussy whenever he visited.

Becky was loosening up her husband. With further
reassurances that he was the only one in her heart,
she sat him down and gave him a “facts of sex life”
lecture. He was astounded as he learned just how busy
her body had been before she met him, while they were
dating, and even recently. He could not honestly say
that her pussy was damaged by any of it. By the end
she was riding his rock hard rod.

When she told him she wanted to have him watch her
goodbye fuck with Steve, he had an ejaculation that
was almost painful. The three of them spent the night
together and Becky’s husband learned how to suck cock
to get it hard for her again.

Sandy was the most upset by his decision. She’d been
getting it on with her older boyfriend and, when she
was especially horny, with his roommate too. But it
was just sex. Her intimacy with her brother had such
a strong love component. There would be a big hole in
her heart.

Steve’s usual work pattern was to spend four weeks in
the field gathering material and one to two weeks
back in civilization pulling it into an article or
video, then on to the next project.

Sandy was sobbing in his arms when he told her his
plans. As he was trying to console her, inspiration
struck. “Hey, little sister, can you save up some
money and split the airfare to come stay with me. You
can help with my project to earn your keep.”

She smacked him lightly, “You mean my prime pussy
isn’t payment enough? Really, what a great idea. I’ve
got some savings and I’ll take the time off of work.”

So, six weeks later they met up in Saskatoon. They
went straight to the hotel from the airport and got
naked. Steve’s remark that her pussy was in fine
shape was countered by the comment that her older
boyfriends took very good care of it. And did he have
to fuck moose out in the wilderness? If so they
hadn’t hurt his pecker.

Steve laughed and said that Canadian women in general
loved sex so the rangers had brought double bedrolls
and they traded partners every night except when at
base camps where there were cabins and they could do
a foursome in a bed. What had been cool was that the
male ranger was married to one of the female ones but
that didn’t slow anyone down. The Way Of The North?

The project got done and shipped even a little early.
Perhaps it was the fuck breaks at lunch that kept
everyone able to focus better on work. They had time
to do a little sightseeing.

Becky went shopping one day near the end of her
planned stay. At dinner she presented Steve with a
plain gold wedding band. She had one to match. She
said very seriously, “I’m not going back just yet. We
have the same last names and no one knows us so I
want to be your ‘wife’ since I am in many ways
already. I want to travel with you and be the kind of
helper I’ve become here. And we can have an ‘open
marriage’ because I’d enjoy some ‘strange’ too. Maybe
it would be easy to swap.”

Steve was impressed with his sister’s initiative and
resourcefulness. “Well, if we are just ‘married’ then
we need a honeymoon.”

They spent the last night in town in a luxury suite
getting used to calling each other “Honey” and
“Sweetie” and such.

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