Horror on Honeymoon

My brand new husband and I met on the Internet about
six months ago. My name is Linda and I am a Chinese-
Canadian, and until yesterday, lived in London, Ont.
His name is Richard and is from the southern part of
the USA. I am 32, 5″ 1,” and only weigh a hundred
pounds. It is a firmly packed, well put together
hundred pounds, though. I have short black hair, and
big brown eyes. I have been told many times that I am
very beautiful. This is my first marriage, but I did
have a Chinese boyfriend that took my virginity about 6
years ago. We had planned on being married, but his job
kept him in China, and I was transferred to Canada. I
later quit the Chinese job and applied for Canadian

Richard is 45, 5″ 10,” and a solid looking 170 pounds.
He is very good looking, and seems like a very kind
person. His personality and sense of humor is what made
me fall in love with him. He likes to be called Rich or
Ricky. I like calling him Rich.

He picked me up early Monday morning in London. Since,
Toledo, Ohio was on our way, we stopped and got a
quickie marriage. We filled out the required forms, got
our marriage license, and was married right in the
courthouse. Monday night, we stopped and stayed at his
daughters home in Dayton, Ohio. Her house is very
small, and offered no privacy. Except for a little
hugging and kissing, our marriage has not been
consumated, yet. We felt of each other, and played
around for awhile. but it went no farther than that. I
was always told that American men had a penis a foot
long and big around as a ball bat. Whoever told me that
had not seen Richard. His was about 5 inches and my
fingers would go around it. I have small hands, so you
get the idea. I love him dearly, but I am sort of
disappointed that he isn’t bigger in the sex
department. It will be okay though, my boyfriend wasn’t
very big, either.

We left Dayton early Tuesday and drove down to Pigeon
Forge, Tenn. Rich wanted to spend a few days in the
Smokies, as a honeymoon. Arriving in Pigeon Forge, we
saw a big sign that said, “Honeymoon Cabins, free
jacuuzi, complimentary bottle of wine, free breakfast,
stay a day or a week.”

It was a very nice looking place, and the cabins were
situated on the side of a hill. Each cabin was
separated by hedge and trees. This afforded each to
appear as if there was only your cabin. You could not
see the cabins on either side of you. When we entered
the office, there was a very nice looking man behind
the desk. He was very dark skinned, and had the
features of an Asian. He was probably thirty, and
looked as if he had spent most of his life outdoors.

I would say he had a very rugged, handsome look. He
looked up from his computer screen, and as soon as his
eyes landed on me, he never looked anywhere else. It
was as if he was trying to see inside me, to my soul.
Cold shivers went down my spine, and I got a tingly,
funny feeling between my legs.

“Hello, my name is Johnny Tsai, and I am running this
place for the Summer. Can I be of assistance? We have
the finest honeymoon cottages in the Smokies. Not only
does each room have a king sized bed, but, there is a
large hot tub at the foot of the bed. The rooms are
large and spacious. The shower is large enough for two
people. You have complete privacy. All cottages are
completely sound proofed. We also give you a bottle of
the best wine, made right here in the Smokies, complete
with a large tray of hors d’oeuvres. There’s enough
food, so you never have to leave your room, unless you
want to. Is there anything you want to ask? Have I
forgotten something?”

All this was said as he was looking at me. He only
glanced at Richard one time. Rich didn’t seem to care,
or maybe he wasn’t paying attention.

“The cabins are one hundred dollars a night. Since this
is Tuesday, and we are slow this week, I will let you
have two nights for a hundred seventy-five.”

“Two nights would be great,” Richard replied. “We can
go to Dollywood tomorrow.”

“That’s great,” Johnny said, smiling. “How long have
you been married?”

“This is our second day, but this will be our wedding
night. We spent last night at my daughters.”

Johnny processed our credit card and gave us the key.
He said he would bring the wine and food in about half
an hour. At last, I was going to make love to my
husband! I could hardly wait to get inside our cabin.
The hot tub, then a shower, and Rich was all mine

Johnny stood looking at the couple as they entered
cabin number eight. He had an evil, lecherous grin on
his face. She was going to have her wedding consummated
all right, but not by Richard. She would be the fourth
bride this month, to receive him on their wedding
night, instead of their husbands. He had no complaints,
so far. Of course, they never remembered the next
morning that their husband hadn’t performed his
husbandly duties.

He was laughing, as he went back into the office to
prepare their wine and hors d’oeuvres. Especially, the
wine. Oh yes, the wine. Best in the Smokies. He was
still laughing. White man has date r**e d**g, but
Indian has drugs white man has never heard of. Taking a
clear jelly looking substance from a bottle, he rubbed
an amount around the wine glasses. He put more on the
one he planned to give to the dumb white man. He wanted
him to be completely out. On hers, the amount was less.

He wanted her groggy, but still aware of what was going
on. Neither would remember tomorrow, anyway. She would
be sore, but would only think her husband was a tiger
in bed. What a joke on her! They should be about ready,
by now. They have had time to look around the room and
unpack. I don’t want them to have time to make use of
that king sized bed. That’s my territory! Johnny took
the tray and bottle of the Smokies finest wine, and
headed toward what was going to be a very rewarding

Richard and Linda were looking around the room,
checking the oversize shower, a hot tub that was big
enough for six people, a bed that was made for sex.
Linda wanted to know why the Indian was so dark
skinned. As Richard was reaching for her, he told her
that many years ago, blacks came to the mountains for
safety from the white man.

The Indians took them in, and they married Indian
women. Many Indians looked black because they had black
ancestors. Enough talking, Richard wanted to make use
of the bed right then, but Linda wanted to wait till
they relaxed in the tub, took a shower together, and
then went to bed for the night. Richard was playfully
trying to wrestle her onto the bed, when there was a
knock on the door.

Johnny called out, “Room service!”

When Richard answered the door, there stood Johnny with
a bucket of ice, surrounding a bottle of wine, and in
his other hand was a large tray of food. Two wine
glasses were sticking out of the ice.

Johnny said, “Let me put the tray on the table. May I
have the honor of opening the wine and pouring the
newlyweds a glass of wine?”

Richard did not really want any wine, but still, it did
come with the room, so he said, “sure, go ahead and
open it up.”

While Johnny was pouring, he was swishing the wine
around in the glasses. “This brings the wine alive.”
Also, gets all the d**g into the wine, he was thinking.
He handed them their glasses and said, “Okay now, it is
a custom that the first glass is drunk straight down.
After that you are supposed to sip, not drink.”

Richard and Linda dutifully drank it straight down.
Neither, was wine drinkers, and knew nothing about
customs, but they didn’t want to show their ignorance.

“If you need anything, don’t be afraid to call. I’m in
the office till midnight.”

As soon as the door closed, clothes started flying
around the room, and two naked lovers jumped into the
water. They were sitting in the water, relaxing and
playing footsie with each other. Richard kept trying to
put his toes between Linda’s legs. Richard’s actions
started to slow down. Linda was feeling kind of dizzy.

Linda said, “I think the excitement, the trip, and this
hot water is making me dizzy. I’m going to take a
shower and get into that big bed.”

Richard’s speech was beginning to slur, when he
replied, “I think I’ll lie on the bed till you are
finished. I must be more tired than I thought. I don’t
believe I could stand up long enough to shower right
now. Don’t take too long, and then I’ll take the
fastest shower you ever saw.”

Linda was finished in less than ten minutes, and when
she entered the room, she was ready for sex. She was
still dizzy, but not any worse than before. “Okay Rich.
It’s your turn, and don’t take all night! Rich!
Richard! Are you asleep? Wake up! Wake up! You can’t do
this! Wake up, Damn YOU!”

He wouldn’t even budge. He was snoring, for Christ’s
sake! At that moment, Linda was even more dizzy than
before. She was still angry and disgusted, but also
needed to lie down. Rich was lying on top of the
covers, so she covered him with her part of the
comforter, and she got beneath the sheet. She was
asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Johnny had been impatiently waiting for over half an
hour. A few more minutes, he thought. You’re an Indian,
be patient. He knew that he needed forty-five minutes
for the d**g to really work. Then, he had at least two
hours, to do whatever he wanted. It had worked many
times before, so patience is the name of the game. He
was in a hurry to claim the little Chinese bride.

There had never been an Asian in his clutches before.
He was anxious to get his big dick between her legs,
and in her mouth. Should he make her suck him first, or
should he fuck her first? Decisions! Decisions! Time to
stop thinking and start doing.

Johnny could see in his minds eye what he wanted the
Chinese bride to do for him. But, first, he was going
to eat her and then fuck her until she couldn’t walk
without limping. Johnny walked up to the cabin, and
used his passkey to enter. There was no hesitation on
his part. He knew the man was sound asleep, and his
wife would either be asleep, or too groggy to resist.
Either way, she was going to get the fucking of her
life! It was dark inside, until his eyes adjusted to
the dim light coming through the drapes. It wouldn’t be
full dark for another hour.

Walking over to the bed, he removed the sheet covering
Linda. Beautiful! Her skin was so soft and smooth
looking. Not a hair anywhere, except for a small area
above her sweet looking pussy. That was the one thing,
he didn’t like about white women, they were so hairy.
After removing his shoes, pants and shirt, he lay down
beside the lovely bride. He pressed the full length of
his body against hers. Placing his lips against hers,
he gave her a long, lingering kiss. At first there was
no response, but then she opened her mouth, and let his
tongue explore her mouth.

Linda was asleep, but started to awake, when Richard
started kissing her. She could feel his whole body, and
that included his manhood! She was thinking that it
felt bigger, than when she put her fingers around it.
Maybe American men grew when they were ready for sex.
She opened her mouth to accept his tongue. Aaah! Rich
felt so good! This is how it should be on any girls
wedding night. A loving, horny husband, with a big
dick! What else could make a woman so happy? Rich had
been playing, and tweaking her breasts, now his fingers
found her womanhood.

She was already getting wet down there. Rich lowered
his head and began sucking her small, but firm breasts.
So Good! Oh, it feels heavenly! First one, then the
other, not neglecting either! Then, Rich slowly kissed
his way down to her pussy mound. What was he going to

No man had ever put his mouth down there! She had heard
that men did that, but never believed that it would
happen to her. She started to try and move his head,
but just then, his tongue touched her clitoris. “Oh God
Rich, what did you do? Do it again! That felt
wonderful!” She had come full awake now, or as full
awake, as she was going to get. She was aware, and her
feelings were certainly working, but her brain was not
accepting the fact that a man other than her husband
was making love to her.

Johnny was thinking, don’t worry about me doing it
again. You’ll be begging me to stop, before I’m
finished. He would lick and suck her clit for awhile,
then stick his long tongue inside her. His tongue was
longer and thicker than many cocks he had seen. She
seemed to enjoy him sucking her clit, more than
anything else.

Linda was squirming around on the bed, trying to get
away from the invading tongue, and at the same time,
trying to get more. MY God, It felt so good! Never in
my life has anything felt this good. “Keep sucking my
clit. I’m going to cum! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! OH God,
Oh God! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh Richard, I love
you! I love you!

Your darling Richard can never satisfy you like this,
Johnny was thinking. Now, for some hard, deep fucking
of the Chinese bride. Johnny took Linda’s legs and put
them above her head. She was wide open for his giant
cock, and she was going to get every inch. That little
white worm, her husband called a dick, would never
satisfy her after tonight. In nine months, there might
be another little Indian running around the South.

“Take your fingers, and spread your pussy lips. This is
going to be a tight fit and you may feel some pain at
first.” Johnny whispered. He didn’t want her bleeding,
and that dick of her husbands would never be big enough
for that. If there was b***d on the sheets in the
morning, they might become suspicious.

“Linda did as she was told, but she was wondering why
Rich would ask such a thing. She had seen his dick, and
there was no way it was going to hurt. Another thing
was Rich’s voice. I know it’s him but why is he
whispering? He sounds funny, maybe the wine, or just
waking up.

Then she felt a pressure at the opening of her
womanhood. A Big Pressure!!! “What are you doing? What
are you trying to put into me?” she screamed! “That’s
not your dick! Dicks aren’t made that big! What are you
trying to stick inside me? Richard, please. Tell me
what you are doing! Why are you hurting me?”

“That’s my big cock. Take it in your hands. Feel of it.
Guide it into your pussy. My cock is bigger than you
thought. It’s grown to it’s full size, now. It will
only hurt, till the head passes the entrance of your
tight little cunt.”

“Richard, you talk different. What has happened to you?
Why are you talking this way?” Linda asked. She had her
hands down there, spreading the lips apart, so it was
just a matter of raising her hands, to feel the dick
pushing against her opening. “OH MY GOD!, Oh My God!
How did you get so big? That won’t go inside me! Please
Richard, don’t put that monster inside me! You’ll k**l
me! Let me suck you, or masturbate you, anything but
this.” Linda was crying.

Suddenly, there was ‘pop’, and he was inside. “NO! NO!
NO! Take it out! It Hurts! It Hurts! Please don’t hurt
me anymore! I love you, but please don’t hurt me,” She
was groaning.

Then with a grunt, his hips sharply pounded down. I
screamed in pain as the thick head jammed itself
between the folds, forcing them apart.

My back arched and my buttocks lifted off the bed as my
body tried to take the immense knob. He reared back and
rammed himself back down, forcing his huge cock into my
tight pussy. I howled in pain and pleasure as the
thick, rigid cock stabbed into my inflamed flesh,
tearing and stretching my pussy, making it larger,
making it take in its great size. Then I felt my pussy
lips closing around his thick shaft and realized that
he was inside me. My legs kicked themselves around him,
my calves against his buttocks, pulling him down to me,
trying to drive the brutish spike deeper into me.

It drilled in deeper and the fullness I felt within me
was incredible! I didn’t think he could get any more
into me. Suddenly my body shuddered in spasms as I
came, the most violent orgasm I’d ever had. My hips
rocked up and my fluid squirted out of me onto our
thighs. He grunted as again he pounded down into my
spasming pussy. My bottom rose off the bed to meet his
thrust and the massive shaft buried itself deeper into
me. My cries became inaudible as my breath was taken
away by the unbelievable fullness crammed into my
stretched and quivering pussy. With my throat
constricted in response to the pain, I screamed
soundlessly each time he gored into me.

My thrusting hips met each sharp piercing, making each
fierce thrust drive his great cock deeper into my
aching pussy. I lifted my head and stared down between
us at the thick flesh that was penetrating deeper with
each violent stab. I couldn’t believe I was taking so
much of him into me! And there was still more to go! My
head snapped back against the mattress and I began to
shudder madly as I came even more intensely that
before. With his next mighty thrust, I felt his pubic
bone collide into mine and his balls pound against my

He was finally completely inside me, but not for long.
He pulled his complete length out of me and I gasped as
I felt my pussy tightly contracting as his enormous
cock receded. Then he jabbed back down. My buttocks
instinctively rose to meet the violent thrust and my
narrow pussy walls were again cruelly stretched open,
taking him in to the hilt. I felt a sharp stab deep
inside and I knew the head of his huge cock had hit the
back of my pussy and was pressed against the opening to
my womb.

The pain just increased the waves of pleasure that
continued to roar through me. He quickly pulled back
out and my bottom ground into the mattress as he
withdrew, increasing the friction of his flesh
stimulating my pulsing pussy walls.

My throat finally opened and I gasped as I felt my
insides being yanked out as he savagely speared back
into me and my hips thrust up to accept him. His
massive staff cruelly split apart my pussy lips and
tore through my narrow channel, pounding into my
cervix, stretching me wider and deeper to accommodate
his girth and length.

“God, No!” I shrieked as his cock began to thrust
fiercely in and out of me, each sharp piercing
enlarging my pussy to match his size. I felt myself
opening, the pain growing less intense and his
thrusting becoming more and more pleasurable. My hips
found his rhythm and my pussy pushed up again and again
into his pistoning cock, trying to get it as deep and
tight into me as I could. It went on forever. Over and
over, he hammered his hips down and I returned each
fierce thrust with one of my own.

My cries of anguish became cries of passion as I
spasmed again and again under him as wave after wave of
pleasure flashed through me. Then I felt his buttocks
begin to tighten. His savage thrusts became even more
intense. He grabbed my legs and threw them over his
shoulders, pulling my buttocks high off the bed. My
pussy was vertical with my womb directly below it and
he hammered his spike straight down, violently stabbing
in deeper and deeper again and again.

His head snapped back and his back arched as he
brutally jammed his immense cock down, driving it deep
into me, the head pressed tight against the entrance to
my womb. I felt the sharp jerk of his cock and the dull
pressure of his cum jetting deeper into me, sucking it
through my cervix and into my womb. He growled in
pleasure as my rippling pussy pulled and nursed at his
spurting cock. I cried out in rapture at the power of
the orgasm that ravaged my being.

Each time his thick flesh grew in preparation for
another blast, the tightening in my pussy drove me into
another wave of orgasmic spasming, making it clamp down
on the pumping flesh, drawing his surging sperm up to
my fertile womb. My hand reached down to cup his balls.
His scrotum was still full, heavy with the potent seed
that his rigid cock would plant in me.

I rolled the thick balls in my palm, kneading and
caressing the velvety skin. My enraptured body
heedlessly drank in spurt after spurt of his virile
semen. The throbbing within me began to ebb as the last
of his cum drained out of him into me. I shuddered as
his tight fullness began to lessen and his cum seeped
out of me, rolling slowly down into the crevice between
my buttocks. He rested his full weight upon me,
crushing me into the mattress. My legs tightened on his
thighs and I wrapped my arms around him. I held his
groaning body tightly against mine, my pussy still
rutting gently into his still-enlarged cock.

“Oh, God, I’m so full of your cum. Richard, I never
dreamed anything could feel so good.”

He began to rotate his hips and his cock, semi-erect
and buried in my twitching pussy, slipped up and down
in my cum-soaked sheath, the base of his slick shaft
grinding against my clit. My insatiable body responded
by intensifying my pussy’s thrusts and clutching him
tighter to my rocking breasts, my nipples grinding into
his chest.

“P-please, no,” I moaned, I can’t cum again. It would
k**l me.”

He pressed his lips against my neck and sucked hard at
my skin. His hands mauled my breasts, his fingers
digging into the soft flesh.

“No,” I groaned, “Don’t! Stop!”

The delicious heat of his mouth on my skin was electric
and my nipples grew tighter against his palms. My back
arched, pushing my body up into his brutal embrace. I
felt my pussy tightening as he again grew rigid inside
me. His hips began to slowly thrust his great cock in
and out He groaned, “you’re good!”

He slammed his cock deep into me and I shrieked as I
came, my body shuddering against his invading spike. I
felt my pussy again clenching and pulling at him. The
spasms sucked into my womb, the cum left in my pussy
from his last ejaculation, and made my body thirsty for
more. My beating hips drove my pussy up to him,
matching him blow for blow. He increased his tempo,
thrusting faster and deeper, heightening the orgasmic
flames that licked at my insides This made him pound
his immense shaft harder and deeper into my quaking,
grasping pussy. My body drove up to take each deep

Our bodies met again and again, his flesh burying
itself deep into mine as I cried out over and over in
endless rapturous orgasm. His grunting grew loud and
sharp as his thrusts became even more intense. He
grabbed my hips and pulled me up off the bed, stabbing
himself down into my upturned pussy again and again,
driving deeper and deeper each time, pounding harder
and harder into my cervix as if trying to push right
into my womb.

Then his back began to tense and his buttocks grew
tight as his body prepared to shoot his cum into me. I
felt his cock grow tighter inside me as it swelled,
getting ready to cum again. He let out a long low groan
as his back arched and he rammed his cock in deep,
painfully ramming the tip hard into the bottom of my
battered pussy. Then came the violent wrench of his
cock and the subtle impact of his cum spurting into me.

I shrieked as I erupted in violent orgasm. My pussy
clamped down hard on his contracting cock, pulling the
thick cream swiftly through my cervix into my womb. My
spasming channel released the great mass just as it
again expanded, only to squeeze even tighter upon it as
it pumped another rich gush of his virile sperm into
me. My pussy sucked greedily at his gushing flesh,
eagerly swallowing spurt after spurt.

I passionately welcomed each sweet, savage spurt,
digging my heels into his buttocks to force his massive
prick deeper and tighter into me. I urgently milked his
cock, pulling sharply at it again and again, drawing
every drop of his seed into my insatiable womb. His
climax seemed to go on forever. His pumping cock
swelled and throbbed inside me over and over, shooting
more and more of his cum into me, flooding my womb,
filling it to overflowing.

My body shuddered under him in delight as I came again
and again, rhythmically grabbing and pulling at his
grunting, sweating body even after the violent jerking
inside me became a dull pulse and he fell gasping onto
my rutting body. The last of the incredible waves
crested and he rolled off my body. I was so drained and
completely satisfied, that I immediately fell into a
deep sleep.

Now, for the part I don’t like, thought Johnny. He
walked around the king sized bed to the other side, and
threw the covers off her husband. He was still sound
asleep. His puny white dick, was lying between his
legs. Johnny reached for the little cock and started
playing with it.

Even in his sleep, Richard began to get hard. Johnny
was able to stroke it, now. Johnny stroked faster and
faster, and after only a few minutes, Richard squirted
his cum onto his own stomach. It was a pitiful amount,
compared to what Johnny had just done, but better than
nothing. Johnny covered him back up and left the cabin.

The sun shining through the drapes, finally woke
Richard and Linda up. The first thing Richard thought
was, “Oh My God, I went to sleep on our wedding night.
How could I do such a stupid thing?”

Then Linda rolled over next to him and started
whispering what a great lover he was. Telling him what
a tiger he was, and how wonderful she felt. He had no
idea what she was talking about, but was not about to
open his mouth and admit it. She got out of bed, and
cum was running from her pussy and down her thighs.
Richard looked at her, and then felt himself. He had
cum on his stomach and his dick was crusted with dried
jism. He had consummated his wedding night, and didn’t
remember it!! Richard figured the best thing for him to
do, was keep his mouth shut.

After the two of them showered, they left to go
sightseeing, and then to take in the Dollywood
amusement park. It was very hot in the park, but still,
they enjoyed themselves. It was late afternoon, when
they returned to their cabin. They were hot and tired.
Both wanted to take a cool shower and relax.

Linda went to the shower first, while Richard unloaded
the car of the souvenirs they had bought, and brochures
Linda wanted to keep. He also wanted to check the oil,
because they were going over the mountain, early in the
morning. By the time he finished, Linda had on her
sundress and was waiting for him to shower. A few
minutes later, and Richard was showered and in his
boxer shorts. They had just lay down on the bed to
relax and play around, when there was a knock on the

It could be nobody, but the manager, Johnny. Richard
opened the door, and, of course, Richard was right.
There stood Johnny with two large glasses of iced

“Hi, said Johnny, I saw you pull up, and thought you
might like a cold drink. This is fresh squeezed
lemonade. On a hot day like this, it will hit the
spot.” Johnny came inside, and they made small talk
while Rich and Linda sipped their cold drink. Johnny
was telling them the many things to do, and places to
see, while they were in the mountains. They had
finished their drinks, and Johnny asked if they wanted
another. Richard didn’t, but Linda said she would like
another one, if it wasn’t too much trouble. Johnny said
he would go get her another, but Linda wouldn’t hear of
him going to that much trouble. She said she would walk
down with him

“I’ll be right back,” she told Rich, as she went out
the door.

Oh, no you won’t, Johnny was thinking. I put enough
d**g in his lemonade, to make him sleep all night. And
you, my little fucking machine, are mine for as long as
I want.

By the time they walked to the office, Linda was
feeling dizzy again. She thought it must be from
walking around in the sun all day. Upon entering the
office, she asked if she could sit down for a few

“Sure, but come into my living quarters, so you will be
more comfortable.” Johnny was saying, as he led her
into his room behind the office.

She collapsed on a large red sofa, and was instantly
between sleep and reality. She knew where she was at,
but her mind kept seeing her husband and not Johnny.
She felt as if there was someplace she should go, but
for the life of her, she couldn’t remember where. Her
eyes didn’t want to open, and she couldn’t seem to move
her limbs.

He arose from the couch and motioned for her to remain
seated, as he stepped in front of her. He placed her
hands at the top of his pants. Not knowing what was
expected, and too embarrassed to withdraw, she let him
use her fingers to manipulate the clasp open. Her eyes
widened as the zipper descended with a tug of from her
hand. On sight of the tented cotton boxers she became
visibly uncomfortable with her lack of control. Her
hands were frozen on the sides of his receding pants.
She shuddered as his engorged penis came into view. Her
cheeks were crimson and her stomach was flustered.

She had never sucked a dick before. She had grown up,
believing they were dirty, and certainly not to be put
into your mouth. Why was Richard doing this to her? Was
all men this way?

As his hand slowly touched her cheek, she realized what
was expected. Her eyes met his and she knew she didn’t
have what it took to refuse, he pulled the foreskin
back until the dark ruby head was fully revealed, while
guiding her hesitant lips to its tip. At first she only
let her lips brush the head momentarily before
receding. Then she began kissing it more attentively.
Finally she let the situation take its course and
tentatively extended her tongue to taste him. With some
small measure of hesitance she resigned herself to
gently slurping, before an authoritative hand pulled
her head closer, forcing her to take him inside her hot

She closed her eyes and tried to think of something
else while the bulbous head disappeared between her
lips. He pressed her on, and she made no attempt to
stop him as her lips distended around his girth. When
he began to withdraw her eyes opened, imagining the act
over, only to realize it was just the beginning as he
slid back inside her hollowed cheeks. His pace grew and
she soon became accustomed to the rhythmic invasion.
When his hand moved down to massage her neck she found
herself maintaining the pace, eager to finish.

Watching her small lips stretch voluntarily each time
his head entered her gave way to the realization of his
power over her body, and moreover her mind. His desire
to further invade her in an exercise of will overcame
him. After another moment she tasted a modicum of hot
fluid in her mouth. The alien taste brought back a
renewed sense of guilt and shame. His voice surprised
her, as the only sounds made thus far were his soft
moans and her steady slurping.

“Don’t take it out of your mouth” He said with that
same paternalistic tone.

Her questioning gaze sent him over the top. He replaced
his hands in their former position on the back of her
head as he held on to the ecstasy of the moment.
Feeling every inch of her half willing mouth, every
accidental brush of her tongue, and the constant look
in her eye. As her mouth descended upon his shaft, he
let go, squeezing the first stream inside her. Her brow
quickly furrowed and her eyes shut tightly as she
continued dutifully. With each successive descent he
spasmed, releasing more ejaculate. After two such
spasms she involuntarily swallowed to prevent her mouth
from overflowing when his penis returned.

Gradually the ejaculations subsided and she opened her
eyes. She looked into his eyes as her bobbing head
slowed to a stop. She continued to massage his semi
erect member with her tongue, awaiting the official
end. After savoring the moment for a few more minutes
he withdrew from the confines of her mouth.

It had lost some hardness, but Richard or Johnny (I
couldn’t separate them) said to lick it and to bring it
back to life. I began to lick the head as it rose
between my tits. I then slid my tongue down the
underside of his big dick and my tongue began to play
with his balls. This elicited a moan, and I could see
his huge rod stiffen and rise from his stomach in time
with his heartbeat. I was transfixed.

He grabbed me by my waist and in one smooth, quick
motion, had me on my back. The motion took my breath
away. He reached down and grabbed my ankles,
straightening my legs and holding them out in a vee. I
looked down as he positioned his massive tool at my
entrance and slowly, deftly slid the ebony head into my
tight pink pussy. He slid inch after inch into me,
until he bottomed out against my cervix. My pussy had
never been invaded like this, and I gasped for air. He
began to make slow, rhythmic strokes. Somehow, with his
motion he was able to rub against my clit.

The sensation of being so full, so taken by this man,
and the stimulation of my clit put me over the edge. I
wrapped my legs around his back and dug my heels into
him as I wailed helplessly. He didn’t slow down, but
grabbed my ankles with one hand and held my heels
against his right shoulder and began sawing his cock
into me, while holding my legs together. His cock felt
so big in this position, and I know my pussy must have
felt even tighter to him! I felt my body being
stretched as it had never been stretched before,
triggering all sort of erotic sensations throughout my
body. The intense feeling of my cunt stretching over
his thick cock was making me weak.

As he powerfully thrust, he repeatedly landed all he
had into her narrow passage. Linda screamed in delight
as he pounded her pussy with his thick cock. The
intense feeling of being fucked by a large cock made
Linda have one orgasm after another. He held her waist
as he powerfully thrust his long, thick meat into her
faster and faster.

His muscular body tensed as his testicles exploded.
Johnny shot load after load of his thick warm cum into
her quivering body. He pulled her against him as hard
as he could as his tremendous cock, emptied inside of
her yearning pussy. His hips shuddered as he cum, he
made small thrusts to keep his cock planted within her
depths so that he could spray his seed as deep as he
could into her grasping tightness. He screwed up his
eyes and jerked his hips, short quick jerks as his cock
gushed his cum into her, his semen pulsing from his
thick shaft into the wet creaminess of her vagina.

Linda was sweating and her cunt was dripping as he
helped her back into her clothes. He almost carried her
back to the cabin and her still sleeping husband. He
got her inside, then, undressed her again. Holding her
in the shower, he washed off all evidence of being
fucked. There was no way, he could get all the cum out
of her pussy, but it should be drained out by the time
she woke up in the morning. He helped her dry and then
put her into bed.

As Johnny left the cabin, he was wondering what her
husband was going to say, when he went to fuck his
bride, and she was stretched big enough to put your
fist into. Oh, well, that’s his problem. Johnny was
whistling, as he went to the office.

Luckily, Linda started her period before she got up the
next morning. That covered the evidence of being

As they drove by the office, on their way home, Johnny
was waving, as he stood in the doorway of the office.

Linda smiled and said, “He seemed like a nice young
man, didn’t he? I wonder what he does for excitement in
a town like this.”

Just then, they passed a young couple driving into the

When her period stopped six days later, her pussy had
reverted to its original size, and Rich was never the
wiser. But, for some reason unknown to her, Linda
always felt as if there was something missing. She
didn’t know why, but she kept thinking that Richard was
bigger than he actually was. Strange thought!