She opened the bedroom door and entered. Without a
word she lifted the plain cotton nightie over her head
revealing a nicely shaped mid-twenties body to the
somewhat older man lying expectantly on the bed. She
approached him and pulled the sheet off the tenting
erection. With practiced ease the young woman
straddled him and took the bare cock inside of her.

She smiled as he fondled her breasts while she rode
him. Her beauty and talented cunt ensured that he
soon thrust into her groin and grunted the release of
his hot seed. After giving him a moment to savor the
pleasure she dismounted and cleaned her pussy with the
damp washcloth and towel she had brought. Putting on
her nightie she gave her sated partner a quick kiss
and went to the next room.

The heavy set older man was seated wearing only boxer
shorts. She again removed her nightie but got on all
fours crossways on his bed. This man’s cock was fat
like the rest of him so she could take him only when
her cunt was already loosened and wet. He stood in the
floor and entered her slowly, taking several strokes
for full penetration.

Her young body felt tight to him and the unusual
fullness was pleasurable to her. They rutted for about
five minutes until this man also spurted semen inside
her. She repeated her cleanup, redressing, and
goodnight kiss.

The third bedroom had twin beds, each occupied by a
teen age boy. This time she lay back in the older
boy’s bed as offered her pussy to them. As the first
boy mounted her she drew the other one to her mouth
and enjoyed their young hardness at both ends. Four
hands caressed her body as they penetrated her.

After the boy on top blasted his hot juice on her
cervix he withdrew and the brothers switched places.
The second boy soon added his cum to her pussy and
then she cleaned up. Their goodnight kisses were
accompanied by a squeeze to their still hard cocks.

On the way back to her own room she stopped to pee and
tried to keep the cum in her cunt. As she expected,
this next man was also hard in anticipation. She lay
on her back next to him and he rubbed the copious cum
into her pussy, bringing her the climaxes that the
hurried earlier couplings had not produced.

She stroked and sucked his hard cock until she felt
his release getting close then pulled him between her
thighs. He placed only the head of his cock into her
vagina and her fingers kept stroking until his cum
joined the four deposits already there.

As he rolled off and cuddled with the young woman he
finally spoke, “Thank you for providing such wonderful
hospitality to my uncles and nephews, dear wife.”

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