How a brother’s lifelong love affair with his younger sister began

My affair with my sister began when we were teens. Even
today, as she nestles in my arms after a long afternoon
of lovemaking, I still marvel at her rich chestnut hair,
her high, firm breasts, her slender, tapered legs. Over
the years we have clung together, drifted apart, found
one another again, and refreshed our love anew.

We kiss. I reach for her even as her slender fingers
travel down my body to grasp my cock, stroke it stiff
again, and then she glides underneath me, and once more
I revel in the moist, musky velvet of her grasping
pussy. She thrusts her hips at me, and I drive down into
her, thrusting and pushing for ten, twelve minutes, and
I am afraid I will lose control, but Carla’s lovely
white body betrays her, and the first ripple of orgasm
runs along her spine all the way down to my diving dick.

Carla’s arms tighten around me, and our lips meld as my
cock continues to lunge. Only when she has a second
orgasm do I allow myself release, pumping what seems
like a pint of sperm deep into my sexy sister’s loving
channel. Our kiss breaks slowly as we disengage once
more, and my mind drifts far back to the past.

I was 18 that summer, Carla 17. I enjoyed
exercise, and had just discovered weightlifting. I had
also discovered girls, and found myself in a near
constant state of erection, as most boys that age do. I
worked out in the cool family basement, and usually wore
only a T-shirt and sweat pants.

I was nursing an infatuation for one of the girls in the
neighborhood, Noreen. She was a sweet blonde thing,
eighteen, and unattainable for a freshman, but how I
thought of trying, and the lovely things we would do
together once I worked my teenage charms. It is fair to
say I had quite a crowbar in my sweats when I spotted a
shapely pair of legs descending the basement stairs,
only to feel a pang of disappointment to see it was my
k*d sister. I put my weights down and sat on an old sofa
by the washing machine.

“Have you seen the bike pump?” Carla asked.

“Over by the freezer,” I said, standing up. “”But if you
want some help with it, you’ll have to wait. I’m taking
a shower first.”

Carla was staring at something. I turned around,
expecting to see a rat or some other critter. But that’s
not what Carla was staring at.

“What’s wrong with your pants?” she asked.

I blushed: my hard-on was poking forward like a street-
side flagpole. I didn’t know what to say.

“Does it hurt?” she asked.

I shook my head.

“It’s my…” What did girls her age call a cock?
“…boner,” I finally said.

Carla’s large brown eyes went wide.

“Let me see,” she said.

I blushed with embarrassment, but I lowered my sweats,
freeing my long, red dick.

“Wow,” she said, surprised. “He’s a little person, isn’t

“He sometimes has a mind of his own, yes.”

We stood there, not moving, when I heard the door open
and my mother come down the stairs with a load of
laundry. I quickly snapped my sweats up and stepped past
my flustered sister. I gestured to her not to say

“Mom, can it wait for my shower?” I asked as I made my
way up the stairs.

“I suppose,” she muttered.

Once in the bathroom, I stripped quickly, grabbed some
hand lotion, and went to work on my aching rod. But all
thought of Noreen was now long gone. Carla’s sweet young
face danced on my closed eyelids, her lips parting, her
head sinking down on my distended dick.

“Sweet Jesus! Carla!” I hissed when my young dick
exploded, almost giving myself a sperm facial. Only when
the warm water of the shower rinsed all evidence away
did I finally feel safe.

Days went by, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The
look of sheer amazement on Carla’s face when she saw my
erection, the way my stomach tightened whenever she came
near, looking lovelier, sweeter, more beautiful, with
each passing day. I longed to take her in my arms, kiss
her, indulge my every fantasy involving her. I was
lovesick for my sister, and it never occurred to me I
shouldn’t be.

For her part, it took a few days to get back to normal,
even though she often gave me a shy and knowing smile
when she thought no one was looking. I wondered what she
was thinking, but for some reason I was never able to
get her alone, whether due to bad luck or wariness on
her part. I wondered if she knew somehow I was
masturbating to fantastic dreams of her every day.

At last, the critical moment finally arrived, the one
which changed our lives forever. Carla knew my workout
routine, of course, and she picked a day when Mom went
to do the week’s shopping before joining me in the

I stopped when I heard her coming down the stairs, my
heart racing from remembering the last time. My heart
pounding, my dick, long, hot and throbbing.

“Carla? What is it?”

“I want to see it again.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. I doffed my sweats and
stood up, my proud prick pushing forward, as if seeking
her out.

“What makes it do that?” she wanted to know. “Is it me?
Am I doing this to you?”

“Yes,” I croaked. “I love you.”

We stared at each other for a moment, and then I took
her young, tender hand in mine. I kissed it gently.

“Do you love me, Carla?”

“Y– y– yes.”

Pulling her closer, I took her in my arms and kissed
her, clumsily at first. I held her tight, caressed her
soft hair, made her feel the power in my tight balls,
waiting to be unleashed. I led her to the old sofa and
kissed her again.

“I feel dizzy,” she said.

By now I was burning with lust, but I was no rapist.
Yes, I could have gotten between her legs, but somehow I
knew she wasn’t ready for that. Instead, I wrapped her
tiny fingers around my giant, pulsating shaft.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned.

“Do you know what to do?” I asked. “Just be nice to it.
Stroke it, Carla. Up and down. Good girl, sweet little

Her touch, so light, so sensitive, her hand moving
tentatively at first, then faster, ever faster. I leaned
back on the sofa and closed my eyes, lost in the
sensation of my sister’s hand manipulating my stiff
flesh. Needless to say, I didn’t last long. A final
surge of stiffness ran up my prong.

“Carla! Don’t stop! Don’t… UHHH!”

I convulsed on the couch, jet after jet of fiery sperm
flying everywhere, on my chest, Carla’s cheeks, her hair
and yellow sundress. But, as if hypnotized, she kept
going and coaxed another round out of me, this one less
fierce than the first. Only then did she run her hand up
my cock one last time.

“Is that come?” she asked.

Panting, I could only nod.

“Thank you,” I wheezed. “Thank you, sweet baby sis. That
felt wonderful! I love you.”

“Johnny,” she said. “I feel all funny down there.”

She licked some come off her face.

“Salty,” she said.

I grabbed a towel and cleaned up as best I could, and
then held my sister close. I lifted her dress and slid
my hand into her underwear. Wet and musky.

“You’re feeling what girls feel when they get horny,” I
said. “Let me kiss you while I take care of it.”

I pressed her lips apart with my tongue, and felt around
her smooth and hairless pussy. It wasn’t long before she
started writhing in my arms, and the kiss broke.

“Oh! God!” she barked. “Keep doing that!”

So I was doing something right. I kept moving my hand
and pressing every button I could find, when my little
sis, age ten, had her very first orgasm. Her first
three, in fact. She gasped, and cried, and humped my
hand, and we must have kept it going a good five minutes
before she finally slowed down.

“We just had sex, didn’t we?” Carla said at last.

“Just one form of it,” I said. “The real thing comes
much later, when you’re ready for it.”

I would love to report that things went wonderfully
from there, but that’s not what happened. When I
approached her the next week, she said, “I don’t want
to. It felt so weird and icky later. Please don’t make

I kissed her forehead and smiled, though I was

“Of course, Carla,” I said, disappointed. “You shouldn’t
be f****d to do things you don’t want to.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“No. I love you, remember?”

She gave me a memorable kiss, a kiss with just a hint of
possibility, but it was not to be. Not yet.

Though we maintained a close relationship, what had
happened between us was never far from the surface, even
though two years or so would pass before anything

Things started to boil not long after Carla turned
twelve, and started developing tits. Really developed
tits. Curves followed, and by the following year, she
had developed from a cute little girl into a nubile
young woman. Needless to say, having her so near and out
of reach drove me crazy.

My workout routine never varied in all that time,
though, and I developed as well. Girls started to notice
me, but I was as awkward as any other teenager and
struck out constantly. Besides, the only girl I really
wanted slept a few feet away from me in the room down
the hall. Needless to say, I relived our previous
encounter over and over again and Carla always shined at
the heart of my fantasy sex life.

Not that she didn’t have one of her own. I heard her
moaning in the dark sometimes, pleasing herself, and
wondering if she was using the same fond memories as was
I. Soon, I found out.

Our parents had decided to visit some boring and
unpleasant relatives on the other side of the state, and
we blatantly lied our way out of it, leaving my sister
and I alone in the house on a sunny Saturday. I spent
much of the day hanging out with my friends, while Carla
went to the beach with hers.

I went down in the basement late in the afternoon and
went through my workout routine. As I emerged from the
basement, Carla came in through the back door, clad only
in a large T-shirt over her bikini. The damp shirt clung
to her curves, emphasized her large, firm teenage
breasts. Her legs, tapered, shapely, seemed to be
modeling just for me.

I began stiffening right away.

“Hi,” she said.

“You’re beautiful, Carla,” I said.

“Oh, Johnny…”

My cock had added another inch in the past couple of
years, and all my yearning for my sister filled it. I
was powerless to stop my prick from poking its head
against the grey flannel, as if trying to escape and
find her.

“Please,” I croaked. “I haven’t been able to stop
thinking about it, and I haven’t been able to stop
thinking about you. I know I promised not to ask again,
but… oh, Carla, it hurts so much!”

Carla hesitated, her eyes running between my agonized
face and my insistent crotch.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about that day either,” she
said softly.

I reached for my beautiful baby sister and she did not
resist. I took her in my arms, held her tightly, kissed
first her forehead, then the tip of her nose, and, at
last, a lingering lovers’ kiss. I slowly eased my tongue
against hers, and she came alive like fire in my arms,
pressing my hot cock against her young body, my hands
flying everywhere. Only when I caressed the sides of her
heaving breasts did the kiss break.

We looked into each other’s faces and kissed again. Then
we went upstairs to her bedroom.

I lay her down on the soft blue quilt, and this time we
slowly explored each other’s bodies with our lips, our
fingers. Without prompting, she plunged her hand into my
sweats and grabbed my pulsating prick, rubbing it with

“I love you, Carla,” I panted.

“I love you, too,” she said as I removed her T-shirt,
revealing my sister’s bikini top. With a saucy grin, she
reached behind and snapped the clasp. Now her cantaloupe
breasts with their nipples, as broad and flat as sand
dollars, came into view.

I removed my shirt and gathered those wondrous globes
into my palms, kissing them, squeezing them, nipping an
aureole with my teeth.

“Johnny!” she cried.

Into her bikini pants dove my hand, and I cupped Carla’s
wet mound. First I rubbed the entire area with the palm
of my hand, then I slipped a finger into her virgin
cunt. I found her clit with my thumb, and began to work
the two in sync.

“Johnny! Uh!” she cried. “Don’t stop!”

As if. Even as I frigged Carla’s clit, I kissed and
nibbled her neck, caressed her breast with my free hand.
Her hips began first to rock on the bed, then her ass
began to rise, and my beautiful teenage sister had a
series of real woman’s orgasms, harsh cries of ecstasy
filling the air. After the orgasmic storm passed, I gave
her a minute to catch her breath. I rose and removed the
rest of my clothing.

“My God!” my sister cried. “It’s… HUGE!”

Grinning like a wolf about to make the k**l, I rejoined
Carla on the bed, and we began to kiss again. How I
loved her breasts heaving against my solid chest, her
hand caressing my cock! When the kiss broke, I rose to
my knees, grabbed her bikini pants, and tugged them

“Lift your ass, honey,” I said. “I’ve been dreaming
about this for so long, and I can’t wait another

Carla obediently lifted her ass, and left her thighs
apart, welcoming me as I towered over her, my dick seven
full, red, hard inches of a brother’s love poking
upward. I lowered my body onto hers; Carla guided my
throbbing, love-starved dick between her soaking pussy
lips and I eased my way inside, stopping at her unbroken

“What are you waiting for?” she panted. “I know it’ll
hurt. Just do it!”

So I ripped through the membrane and shoved my cock into
my sister, right to the hilt. I stopped for a moment so
she could adjust, but Carla began thrusting her
impatient hips up at me, and after that I could not be
stopped. Grunting like the animal I am at heart, I
pounded my cock into her tiny pussy without mercy,
savoring its tightness, its musky lube, the thought of
our love juices mingling. I wanted for all the world to
flood her pussy with my sperm, but I held back until her
now familiar cries of joyful orgasm began to pant in my

“URRRHHH!” I cried as the first blast of blessed relief
poured from my long-denied balls. I panted and pushed,
my orgasm sparking at least two more for Carla. We
moaned each other’s names in our ears, we ground
together as one. Only when it seemed I could pump no
more did we kiss once more, tenderly this time, and
separate, panting loving sighs as we lay in each other’s

“I love you,” I said at last. “Thank you. You have no
idea what this means to me.”

“I think I do,” Carla said. “Will it be like this every

“I hope so. I want it to be.”

“I want to do everything with you,” she said.

“We will.”

We kissed, and cleaned up. And did it all again an hour

We’ve been making love as often as we can ever since;
now we can both add adultery to our affair, because
we’re both married to other people, and I believe
Carla’s daughter may be mine. But for all the joy we’ve
shared in each other’s arms, nothing will ever be so
special as that first time.

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