How My Friend Stole My Wife And Daughter

My name is Rob and I am 40 year old typical average
man, I have my own house, married to a beautiful wife
and have an equally beautiful teenage daughter. This is
a story about what happened one fateful night to both
of them and how it nearly destroyed my life.

It was Friday night and I was having my monthly poker
game tonight with several of my buddies. We were all
typical middle married guys all except for Frank. Frank
was almost 50 years old and a friend from work, he
never married and preferred to just live the bachelor
life. We had a well known reputation with the ladies
and equally interesting stories to go along with them.
My other friends however were just happy to get away
from their wives for the night.

That’s where I differed as well, my wife was gorgeous
sexy women who at 35 years old still had an amazing
body and more importantly still had her youthful look
compared to some of my buddies wives who had already
started to let themselves go. I always enjoyed her
company so there was no need for me to escape her for
the night.

The night started off like any other, we were sitting
around my poker table in the basement playing, drinking
and watching some NHL hockey that was on the TV. My
wife would come down every once in a while and bring us
some beers. I could tell all my friends were looking
her up and down and “eye humping” her, she was after
all wearing a tank top with no bra on so you could
clearly make out her perky nipples from her large C cup

My wife was also drinking except not beer, she usually
only drinks rum and cokes and was already on to her
third or forth drink. I could tell she was getting
friendlier with my buddies flirty chit-chat where as
before she just kind of ignored it. Frank was trying to
flirt with her the most commenting on her breasts, ass
and figure. My wife just kind of laughed it off, I was
getting a little pissed off at him but didn’t say

It was starting to get late, we were all drunk by this
point and our poker game was slowing down. My 14 year
old daughter Julie came downstairs at one point and
gave me a kiss good night. I could see Frank eyeing her
up and down, looking at her still growing petite tits,
what a perv I thought. Frank then commented to my
daughter how cute she looks saying she was turning into
a little hottie. Julie just laughed and called him a
dirty old man.

My daughter and wife then said they were going to head
to sleep and my wife winked at me and told me not to
keep her waiting too long.

Before we called it a night however the guys still
wanted to play a few more hands and we all had another
two beers. Almost another hour had passed before we all
finally decided to call it a night. Most of my friends
left and just walked home since they all lived within a
few blocks from my house. Frank lived further away and
had driven here, he asked if he could sleep on the
couch or something.

I told him he could sleep off his drunkenness in our
spare bedroom upstairs this was across from my
daughter�s room. He said thanks and asked where the
bathroom was, he had to take a wicked piss. I told
Frank to use the washroom upstairs beside my bedroom
because it looks like some one puked all over the
downstairs one. He stumbled and staggered upstairs.

I on the other hand had to stay behind and clean up
some of this mess we made down here all night long. I
had to clean up the washroom here otherwise the entire
basement is going to smell nasty in the morning, I also
cleaned up all the beer bottles and chips and food left
around. I was fairly drunk myself at this point so it
took me about 15-20 minutes.

Unknown to me at the time, Frank had made his way
upstairs and found the bathroom with ease. He walked
in, relived himself and then proceed to look for the
guestroom however something caught his eye. The glow
from the bathroom light allowed him to see faintly into
what he assumed was his friend’s bedroom. He could see
my wife’s naked form in the soft light.

Frank was too drunk and too curious to turn down an
invitation like this, all he saw was a naked women
laying there with her legs spread open in an inviting
way. In the back of his mind he knew it was my wife but
being a ladies man he was too much in the habit of
going to bed with a women at the end of a night of
drinking, he was so drunk that this seemed no different
then any other night to him. In his head he just
thought as usual that this woman was waiting naked for

He walked in slowly and stripped down naked, he was
already getting hard just looking at her. He sat down
in the bed with her and started to feel up her body and
fondle her ample breasts. My wife was breathing heavily
in a deep sleep already, she had too much alcohol
earlier and had fallen asleep waiting for her husband
to come to bed. Frank wasting no time started fingering
her, she was already a little bit moist down there so
in no time after a little bit of fingering she was
getting extremely wet.

When he believed she was ready he climbed up between
her and lined up his large hard cock at her warm
entrance. He toyed with the tip of his cock on her clit
for a minute and my wife started to moan yet she was
still asleep or passed out from her drinking.

Frank was now ready himself and started to slide his
long hard cock into my wife’s pussy. It slipped in slow
at first but as he thrust harder the full length of his
shaft sunk down into as deep as possible hitting her
cervix. Frank then began to slowly thrust in and out of
my wife while grabbing and squeezing her tits. My wife
was now starting to moan fairly loud, she always was a
loud one during sex, not fake loud but was actually
authentically loud during our love making.

It was around this point that I had finished cleaning
up downstairs and had made my way upstairs. I first
checked the guestroom to see if Frank made it but he
was no where to be seen. I then checked on my daughter
and she was fast asleep in her room. Then finally as I
got closer to my bedroom I heard loud moaning, my
wife�s loud moaning. I got butterflies in my stomach as
I inched closer to the doorway. What I saw shocked me,
I could see my friend Frank naked on my marital bed
fucking away at my wife.

I was in shock and frozen unable to move or do
anything. As my eyes adjusted better to the low light I
could see my wife was asleep or passed out but was
reacting instinctively to Frank’s assault on her body.
Frank was plowing into her fairly hard but still at a
good pace, my wife was moaning loud and the bed was
shaking and making a lot of noise.

I could now tell that Frank was getting close to
cumming, yet I was still in shock just standing still
at the doorway like an idiot. I should have just ran
over there and pulled him off because unknown to Frank
she wasn’t on any birth control, normally we just
relied on using condoms. I couldn’t budge though, I
continued to be amazed and shocked at the sight before
me, I couldn’t believe my friend Frank was fucking my
beautiful wife.

Frank had almost reached his point of no return, he
threw my wife�s legs over his shoulders and started
pounding into her as hard as he could. From this angle
I could see his large cock pistoning in and out of her
extremely fast. His cock was way larger then mine, I
have somewhat of an average size, not small but not
large either. Frank’s cock on the other hand was
definitely filling my wife both length and width wise
like never before. I could now hear Frank start to
groan loudly and freeze in her with his cock fully
implanted in her cunt. I knew then that he was
ejaculating his sperm into my fertile wife.

After Frank was finished he collapsed on to her for a
minute or two before rolling over on to his stomach
beside her. It was then I could see all of Frank’s cum
oozing out of her pussy. I started to come back to my
senses and walked over finally. I threw some of the bed
covers over my wife and started to tap Frank who had
already dozed off to sleep. He was startled and
confused a little, I played stupid like I didn’t know
what just happened and told him he went to sleep in the
wrong bedroom and to go to the guest bedroom down the

Frank had thought he was caught he knew he was naked in
his friends bed with his naked wife, he sort of
expected his ass to be kicked but it seemed like his
friend didn’t know he just fucked her so he played
stupid as well and said “oh sorry man, guess I was too
drunk and not paying attention”. He got up picked up
his clothes and walked out naked breathing a sigh of

After I heard him walk down the hall, I closed the
bedroom door and pulled the covers off my wife to
inspect what he did to her. I could see cum still
following out of her pussy, her pussy was also
stretched open a lot. All that rough hard fucking with
a long wide dick had really stretched her pussy a lot.
I decided not to clean her up, there was simply no
point, Frank had already dumped a huge amount of cum
into her and she could already be pregnant.

Strangely watching Frank fuck my wife I realized I had
become very hard and was still maintaining that hard
on. I was hesitant to have sex with my wife now though,
I have never had sloppy seconds in my life but here I
was thinking about it. I decided I was too horney and
would fuck her anyways despite Frank just cumming in
her a few minutes ago.

My wife was still passed out or sleeping and seemed
oblivious to anything going on. I left her on her back
and lined up my cock to her freshly fucked pussy. I
pushed in and it was easy going since she was so wet
with Frank’s cum. Immediately I noticed how loose she
felt, I could hardly get any feeling from her, Frank
had stretch her pussy so much that my now averaged
sized dick wasn’t enough for her cunt. I tried to
continue fucking her but it was too sloppy and I wasn’t
getting enough feeling. Instead I just pulled out of
her and jacked off and cummed on her pussy lips. I
cummed a fair amount on her but it just didn’t seem to
compare to the amount of cum Frank had deposited in

Feeling defeated, embarrassed and sad I retreated to
the bathroom for a drink of water and to clean up my
dick a little from my wife�s mess. I was about to head
back to bed and call it a lousy night but I noticed
down the hall Frank’s clothes were piled on the ground
at the base of my daughter�s bedroom door. I started to
get a sickening feeling again, what the fuck was going
on? I saw the way he looked at her earlier, he couldn’t
have the fucking nerve to mess around with my 14 year
old daughter though especially after getting away with
fucking my wife could he?

I slowly walked down the hall careful not to make much
noise. When I got to her bedroom door I could hear
whispering, my daughter and Frank talking. I was also
able to peak in because the door was slightly open,
just barely enough for me to see. What I did see deeply
concerned me. Here was naked 50 year old Frank in my
daughter�s bed with the covers loosely over both of
them. It looked like to me Frank was showing my
daughter his monster cock and she was curious and
mesmerized by its size.

Frank was instructing her to touch it and hold it. I
watched as my young daughter started to slowly jack him
off. I was somewhat relieved that she still had her
clothes on however things quickly changed when I heard
frank whispering to her “don’t forget what you promised
now baby, I’ve shown you mine but you have to show me
yours now”.

Again I was in shock at what was happening, here was my
50 year old friend naked with my daughter fooling
around together. I told myself any normal father would
have ripped this pervert off their daughter and
probably killed him by now but for some reason I still
couldn’t react to what I was seeing. I just continued
to stand their watching, frozen and unable to move.

My daughter just giggled and said “here they are, not
very big yet but they are growing fairly quickly, I
have to keep buying new bras” and with that she removed
her night shirt and was naked from the waist up. I
could now see my daughter�s breasts, I estimated them
to be a small B cup in size. Frank began to feel and
fondle her young breasts and she offered no resistance.
I could tell my daughter was enjoying this, my wife had
suspected she was sexually active already at 14 but I
personally didn’t want to believe it at the time.

Frank continued playing with my daughter, sucking on
her nipples and began lowering his hand down her legs
and holding it right on her panty covered pussy. My
daughter Julie didn’t object she was just moaning
softly, I could tell now he was rubbing her pussy. He
then whispered to her, “how about you remove these?”.
Julie was hesitant to do it but Frank was persuasive
and kept massaging her pussy and telling her it would
feel a lot nicer if she removed them for him.

Julie eventually gave in to his advances and reached
down and removed her panties for him. My 14 year old
daughter was now totally naked with a man that was
older then her own father. He began to finger her
slowly and started to work up speed, she was now
starting to moan fairly loud just like her mother. At
the same time Julie continued to slowly give Frank a
hand job.

After a few minutes, he whispered something into Julies
hear which I couldn’t hear. She seemed unsure of
whatever he said but he started to direct her. I
watched as my daughter climb over top of Frank and got
into the 69 position. I could tell my daughter had
never done this position before but as she started to
lower her head and suck on his large cock I knew she
had given head before. She started sucking him like a
pro with no hesitation.

Frank was licking away and sucking her young teenage
cunt as she continued to suck his monster tool of a
dick. They stayed in this position for about 15 minutes
until my daughter started to orgasm. At this point
Frank immediately rolled her over and lined up his cock
at her tight wet entrance. Julie started to object
saying she wasn’t sure about this that she had only had
sex a couple times with her boyfriend and she thought
his dick was too big for her.

Frank ignored her concerns and rubbed his large fat
cockhead up and down her slit. He bent down and open
mouthed kissed her as he started to push into her, I
suspected he did this so she couldn’t object further. I
could see his cock trying to make its way in but it was
so wide for her tight inexperienced pussy that it was
slow going. Eventually her pussy started to adjust as
he stretched her to allow his old man’s monster cock
into her.

Inch by inch now started to disappear into my daughter,
Frank was taking it slow to make sure he didn’t hurt
her. After a couple minutes of slowly sinking into her
tight hole he bottomed out finally I could see his cock
fully impaled into her with his hairy balls resting at
her ass. My daughter had somehow managed to take in his
entire cock. He smiled to her and whispered, “oh baby
your definitely the tightest pussy I have had in years,
probably decades, your still virgin tight”. Julie
remained silent and was just moaning softly. As her
pussy began to stretch more and adjust to Frank’s large
size he began to slowly thrust in and out of her.

I continued watching as they began fucking at a good
tempo, my daughter was enthusiastically humping back at
him and had locked her legs behind his hairy ass. My
daughter�s bed started rocking and creaking and her
moaning became much louder as Frank began to fuck Julie
at a faster and harder pace. I also shamefully found
myself getting hard watching my old friend fuck my

As Frank started hard short strokes Julie sensed he was
about to cum soon and suddenly remember she wasn’t on
the pill, she was too young and afraid to ask for the
pill and had just used a condom before with her
boyfriend. She spoke up to him, “Frank you need to pull
out, I’m not protected, let me suck you off”.

Frank did not stop, he ignored her and continued
pounding away he was too close to stop now. “Frank!
come on I’m serious, please pull out before its too
late” Julie said frantically. Frank finally replied to
her “Sorry babe but I’m too close, I can’t pull out
now”. Just then before she could object further
another orgasm shook her body, the second of the night,
that was now too much for Frank the moment he felt her
pussy contracting on his cock that pushed him over the
edge and he groaned again out loud as he started
ejaculate his second load of sperm of the night into my
fertile daughter.

Julie realized he was cumming in her but was too far
lost in her own orgasm to care, her body had betrayed
her and she accepted his load of potent sperm. Frank
had emptied another huge batch of cum into my daughter,
even after fucking my wife he still had plenty left to
completely fill my daughter. When he rolled off her to
catch his breath I could see a river of cum flowing out
of her and her pussy looked equally as stretched as my

I had seen enough, I had just cummed in my boxers after
watching my young daughter being fucked by my older
friend. Again shamefully I did nothing to stop it, I
just watched as Frank had used both my wife and
daughter for his own personal pleasures. I had now
failed as a protector of my wife and daughter.

I went back to my bedroom and fell asleep again beside
my wife. Sometime again in the early hours of the
morning I woke up again and headed to the bathroom.
Again just like before I noticed that Frank’s clothes
were still at base of my daughter�s bedroom door. I tip
toed over again quietly to see if Frank was still in
there, as I got closer I could clearly hear the sound
of love making.

I got back into the same position I was in before, they
were definitely fucking again only this time my
daughter Julie was on top bouncing around riding his
long fat cock. She had her hands on his hairy chest and
was bouncing on him hard, I could clearly see his cock
moving in and out of my young daughter. What was worse
was that she was clearly enjoying fucking this 50 year
old man.

I had seen enough and retreated downstairs to the
basement, I could no longer bare to be near my wife or
daughter after what just happened tonight. I felt like
a defeated loser for allowing to happen what Frank did
to both of them.


In the morning my wife woke up with a hang over an
empty bed and a sticky mess between her legs. She
realized she had sex but her pussy was gaping open, she
felt sore down there and couldn’t understand how her
pussy was so stretched and worse why her pussy was such
a mess.

She got up naked and went directly into the bathroom
not even bothering to close the door. She didn’t even
know Frank was still here. She was so distracted
inspecting herself that she didn’t even notice a naked
Frank walk into the bathroom with her until he was
hovering over her.

She got freaked and tried to cover her breasts saying

Frank what the hell is going on? What are you doing
here naked?”. Frank simply said, “Isn’t it obvious? We
had a little fun last night after your husband passed
out”. She didn’t want to believe it that she had sex
with Frank last night but drunken memories from last
night started to flood back into her memory. She
remembered having sex last night but at the time she
wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not, all that she
could remember was she was being fucked with someone
with an enormous dick so she just assumed it was a

Frank told her she was a mess down there and should
take a shower with him to clean up. She refused but
Frank said that there was nothing to worry about, they
had already fucked once and her husband was downstairs
passed out still so there was nothing to worry about.
Her mind was going a mile a minute trying to figure out
what happened and what was going on that she didn’t
even notice that Frank had started the shower already
and was pulling her in with him.

Here she was now with her husband’s older friend naked
together in the shower. She had cheated on her husband
last night with out even realizing it and was now again
allowing herself to be taken advantage of by him. Frank
was fondling her breasts and holding her ass close to
him. She then noticed his huge dick beginning to poke
at her, she definitely wasn’t dreaming last night it
was this cock that had fucked her hard stretching her
and making a mess of her yet she had orgasmed last
night. She usually never orgasmed during actual

When Frank’s cock was hard enough he turned Rob’s wife
around and bent her over slightly and started poking up
at her pussy with his huge cock. It took him a few
tries but eventually the tip of his dick hit the right
spot and his dick started to slide into her cunt. She
gasped as he completed filled her, she had never felt
so fully impaled like this before. She realized she was
betraying her husband for this large cock but couldn’t
stop now. She allowed him to fuck her hard from behind
in the steamy hot shower.

Around this time my daughter Julie had woken up and
headed towards the bathroom thinking it was available
since the door was open. It wasn’t until she had
walked in that she realized someone was already in
there, rather two people were in there fucking. The
shower door wasn’t fully closed so she could see
inside. At first she thought she had walked in on her
father and mother fucking in the shower, they had in
the past done this except this time it was different,
the man plowing into her mother wasn’t her dad but was

Julie couldn’t believe it, she had just fucked Frank
several times last night after he had supposively
walked into the wrong bedroom and fell asleep beside
her. Now here he was fucking her mother, where the hell
was her father she thought. She was now too curious and
horney to leave she just stared to the opening and
watched as her mother was fucked from behind.

Frank and her mother were obviously too involved with
each other to even notice her. He as pounding her with
long powerful strokes and she was moaning and screaming
for more of it. Then finally Frank held hips firm and
started to groan loud signaling he was again cumming in
Rob’s wife. He held himself in her allowing every last
squirt of cum to empty into her before withdrawing.

Julie was too horny and decided to do something bold,
she was going to get into the shower with them. She
pulled off her cum soaked panties and pulled off her t-
shirt and stepped into the shower with them. Her mother
freaked out at first yelling “Oh my god!” and almost
slipping and falling before Frank caught her. Frank was
more then happy to see Julie however.

Once her mother calmed down Julie explained she knows
she just had sex with him obviously and she announced
that she also had sex with Frank last night and that as
long as she kept her secret she would also keep her
mothers secret. Her mother agreed but she just couldn’t
understand or believe how things were happening so
fast. One minute she is cheating fucking her husband’s
friend in the shower and the next minute her daughter
is naked in the shower with them. She watched as her 14
year old daughter got down on her knees in the shower
and started to jack and suck on Frank’s softening cock.

Julie in no time had Frank hard again with her expect
cock sucking. Her mother couldn’t believe her young
girl was sucking this old mans dick like this, it was
bad enough she had cheated on her husband with this man
but to know and see that her daughter had been intimate
with him as well extremely bothered her yet here she
was in the shower with them observing this sight before

Frank instructed Julie up and picked her up with his
arms. He was going to try and fuck her standing up
while she held around his neck, he needed balance
though and told her mother to hold on to her daughter�s
ass while holding on to the side. Frank was having a
difficult time trying to find the right spot, it wasn’t
easy considering her was holding her up in the air
while trying to keep his balance. He instructed Rob’s
wife to line up his cock with her daughters pussy.

She couldn’t believe what she as being asked, it was
bad enough what was happening but here was Frank asking
her to purposely help him fuck her daughter right in
front of her. On the other hand she felt herself
surrendering herself to the situation and allowing what
he wanted, she grabbed on to his large hard dick and
lined it up with her daughter’s pussy and even helped
him nudge that fat cockhead into her, within seconds it
sank into her until it reached the hilt.

Julie and Frank now began fucking in this position, her
legs around his ass locking and her arms around his
neck hanging on to him while they fucked standing up in
the shower. Her mother was holding on to her ass and
keeping their balance. Her mother could see Frank’s
large dick splitting her young pussy, she wondered how
such a large dick could fit into a young girl like
this. It didn’t take long this time for Frank, he was
tapped out from all the sex he had just had over the
last 12 hours and couldn’t last too long this time. He
started cumming into Julie just as Julie was coming off
her own orgasm. Her mother could see the cum oozing out
of her daughter and dropping to the shower floor.

After they were done they finally actually did clean
themselves up and exited the shower. Frank got dressed
and said he had to get going but he would come back
again maybe during the week and we could all play some
pool on their pool table downstairs.

After Frank left both mother and daughter looked at
each other for a long time without saying a word. They
were both now shared a secret and they knew it, both of
them had unprotected sex with Frank and both had
submitted fairly easily to him. They also both saw a
side of each other that neither of them had seen
before. On the one hand they were both ashamed at what
happened but on the other hand both of them just had
some of the best sex of their lives so they were
conflicted needless to say.

My wife came to check on me shortly after, I was still
asleep on the couch downstairs. She told me to wake up
and come upstairs for breakfast. When I came up both my
wife and daughter were wearing their robes and seemed
pleasant enough. They started talking about what they
had planned for the day and never made any mention
about anything last night.


After that day my friend Frank never said anything
about that night to me. He also kept wanting to come
over to my house after work, he always used the pool
table as an excuse. So quite often Frank would come
home with me, sometimes with other friends to play pool
at my place but only Frank would get drunk enough that
he had to stay the night with us.

On those nights he would usually liquor me up, daring
me to do shots and generally encourage me to drink more
then I normally would. As a result I would end up too
drunk pass out and he would go upstairs and have some
fun with my wife and daughter. Quite often I would wake
up at some point and sneak upstairs only to see Frank
fucking my wife or daughter. I quickly realized that my
wife was awake for these times and more then a willing
participant, maybe I was wrong and she was awake that
first night the whole time.

Frank was over at my house so often now that half of
his clothes were always around the house. I would find
his clothes piled on the ground in our bedroom half the
time or in my daughters bedroom. I also noticed that
both my bed and my daughter�s bed became sticky wet
mess over time they were having sex so frequently with
Frank that they stopped bothering to change the sheets
because they messed them up too often so as a result I
often ended up sleeping on a damp bed that reeked of
Frank’s sperm and adding insult to injury I had to go
to sleep knowing my wife on my side was fully loaded
with his cum in her.

Obviously at this point they stopped trying to hide
what they were doing. If I was going to say something I
would have done so long ago and they realized that so
they stopped cleaning up things and covering up what
they were doing and were being more open about it.
Several times I would wake up in the morning to find
Frank fucking my wife or daughter in the shower before
we would both go to work.

Yet still none of them ever mentioned anything to me
about what was happening. My wife also stopped letting
me have sex with her around this time. She was too far
stretched for me anyways now. I couldn’t pleasure like
I used to, she just started making up excuses to not
have sex and I stopped asking for it.

Eventually one day I was tired of waiting for them to
finish fucking before I came back into the bedroom so
instead as Frank was fucking my daughter first I simply
went to bed with my wife. I could tell she was upset
and annoyed that I was there because she figured that
Frank would not fuck her now but a few minutes later
Frank walked into our bedroom naked.

They whispered into each others ears for a few seconds
and then Frank got into the bed anyways, spread her
legs and started eating her out while I was still in
the bed. I wasn’t even asleep and she knew it, I just
listened as Frank was performing oral sex on my wife
right beside me. She began to moan loud as usual
except this time I noticed she was softly moaning
Frank’s name as well.

I couldn’t believe that they would do this right in
front of me while I was still awake on the bed. After
Frank had licked her up to a powerful orgasm he pulled
around and started to fuck her doggy style. She kept on
moaning Frank’s name after every thrust he gave her, I
turned my head a little and looked over finally. I
could see my wife looking at me as he fucked her but
she still kept moaning his name as our eyes locked.

I could see her tits bouncing back and forth below her
and Frank continued to smack her ass. Then he collapsed
on top of her and continued to fuck her from behind.
Here was my naked hairy friend right exactly beside my
pummeling my wife. Both of them knew I was awake but
they didn’t care. Frank announced to her, “Here it
comes baby, take my cum you slut, you whore” and with
that he came hard and emptied himself deep into her.

I expected him to leave after he fucked her but instead
this time he stayed got into bed and laid on his back.
My wife cuddled up to him and rested her breasts over
his hairy chest. He put his arm over back claiming her
as his own. After that night it was clear that Frank
was going to be sleeping with my wife every night after
that marking his territory, they were trying to
passively force me out of sleeping in that bed.

Of course I gave up, I couldn’t stand listening to them
have sex repeatedly while I was trying to sleep in the
same bed. I retreated to the guest room, not
surprisingly Frank had never slept in this room. I took
refugee in here from now on. I quickly noticed that my
daughter also started sleeping with Frank and my wife
in my former bedroom. They both would sleep and fuck
there every night. I peaked in a few times and sure
enough both mother and daughter were having a threesome
with Frank.

My humiliation continued still for some time, the
monthly poker game was coming up and Frank insisted
that we do it as usual, we even invited one of his own
friends this time. We were all playing cards, it
started off a typical card night however that quickly
changed when Frank had my wife and daughter bring down
beers for us in only their underwear, bra and thong.
The guys were already drunk so they were excited to see
my wife and my daughter half naked bringing them beer.

I could see they were a little confused why I was
allowing them to be dressed like this in front of them
but I didn’t say anything. So as a result all my
friends were flirting with them, Frank even encouraged
them to smack their asses as they walked by. At one
point Frank pulled my wife on to his lap, I could tell
he was claiming her as his trophy showing her off as
his by keeping her planted on him.

Meanwhile Frank’s friend was a rough looking guy, maybe
slightly older then Frank, bald, slightly fat had
pulled my daughter on to his lap at the table as we
continued to play cards. I could tell he was fingering
her under the table, so could my other friends but I
just ignored it and pretended I didn’t notice.

Once the card game was winding up, two of my friends
quietly mentioned to me if I needed to talk about
anything to just let them know, they would help me out.
Obviously they knew something wasn’t right going on
here tonight but they didn’t want to exactly want to
interfere so they left it open for me.

Later that night I watched in shame as Frank and his
friend fucked both my wife and my daughter in the same
bed. Frank was fucking my wife and his dirty old bald
headed fat friend was fucking my young daughter. I
watched both of them fuck in numerous positions, both
mother and daughter moaning loudly together like total

A few days later my wife came to me alone to talk, this
had been the first real time that we had actually had a
chat in weeks. She still never offered any explanation
for what has been happening over the past month but she
did have an announcement for me. Both my wife and my
daughter were pregnant with Frank’s c***d, this was not
surprising for me because I had already come to expect
this. Although not offering an explanation of why she
betrayed me she further went on to finally admit what
happened that fateful night and the following morning.

What was surprising however is the offer she presented
me. My wife told me that Frank has not had any
c******n so far and would like to carry on his family
name and his legacy. She was blunt and explained she
wanted a divorce so that she could quickly marry Frank
so they could have the same last name and the c***d
would be born under the new last name. She further went
on to say that I would have to give up full custody to
my daughter Julie because she was still underage and
she wanted to change her last name too.

In return for all this she would not fight me for her
share of the house and she would give up all of our
retirement money we had shared together plus give up
any right to processions within the house. She said she
had talked this over with Frank and they both felt bad
for me so they wanted to offer me this to keep the
peace and allow them to marry. She even offered
allowing me to continue watching them fuck if I felt
like it, gee thanks….

I thought about what she was offering me, all three of
them had already destroyed me emotionally, destroyed my
self-esteem, pride, etc. however the only thing I had
left was my financial self-worth and she was offering
me a good deal to at least keep that. The downside was
that I was basically officially giving away my wife and
daughter and worse as part of the agreement they would
be allowed to stay in the house for at least the near

After much thought I agreed to her offer, I may have
lost my love of my life, my lovely daughter and all
self-respect to Frank but I wasn’t going to ruin my
financials over all this. We finalized the divorce in
record time and not even a week later Frank married my
now ex-wife. Both my wife and daughter changed their
last name to Frank’s. My daughter might as well have
been his second wife if that were not illegal, they all
slept together in my formal marital bed.

After they married I tried to busy myself with my work
but with Frank working there as well it was a constant
distraction and he only continued to add to my
humiliation. He proudly showed off pictures of his new
wife, my now ex-wife. Many people at the office were
confused and lots of rumors were going around about
what was happening. I often caught many talking behind
my back laughing at me and joking about it.

After 9 months both my now ex-wife and daughter when on
to give birth to Frank’s c******n, both healthy boys
that looked like him and both born with his last name.
My humiliation continued and got worse, they wanted me
to move out of the guest room so that they could make a
baby room so I was f****d to sleep in my daughters
former bed.

Over the next 2 years things pretty much continued, my
nightmare was never ending, Frank impregnated my ex-
wife and daughter two more times and as a result there
was now 6 kids crying constantly in the house. I again
was f****d out of my daughters room and was relegated
to the couch downstairs.

Then one morning everything changed for the better, I
woke up laying on the floor, I must have fallen off the
couch drunk in the night. I awoke with my old dog
licking my face and laying beside me, I had an epiphany
then. I realized this was rock bottom for me. I decided
then and there to get my life back in order and for the
first time in over 2 years I had sudden confidence

I talked with Frank and my ex-wife and told them I
wanted them out of the house ASAP, I wasn’t going to
put up with this crap any more and I wanted them out of
my lives. They were obviously pissed off but likewise
for the first time in over 2 years they could tell I
was dead serious. We eventually agreed they would move
out in 2 months, Frank in the mean time managed to find
and buy a new house for them and then suddenly they
were gone.

After they left I started the healing process, I called
up my old friends who I haven’t talked to for about 2
years now. They were surprised to hear from me after
all this time and I confessed everything what happened
they were shocked to hear it all but they were my true
friends and managed to set me up with some professional
help and support in order to get my life back in order.

That is where I later met Amy who would become my
second wife. We met in a support group, she had a
similar situation just not quite as bad. Her husband
was cheating on her and she knew it but did nothing to
stop it and quite often watched as he cheated on her
fucking some other girl right in front of her. Amy was
just as cute as my ex-wife and was younger even at only
32 years old. We later fell in love, married and both
of us started our lives over again. We went on to have
two c******n, one boy and one girl.

As for my ex-wife and daughter, things went bad for
them in a hurry. My new wife Amy had encouraged me to
stand up for what happened during this period and not
let them get away with it. She came up with the idea to
write an anonymous letter to the police how Frank had
impregnated a young girl three times before she turned
18. Personally I never thought anything would come of
it however I was wrong. Apparently any reported act of
c***d a***e is taken very serious by the police’s
investigating detectives. They immediately investigated
and when they found that the father was listed as
unknown for my daughter they became very suspicious of

While investigating they found evidence that my
daughter was in fact living as a second wife to Frank
and through a search warrant were able to get his DNA
to compare to her c******n. Sure enough it matched and
Frank was immediately charged with 3 counts of C***d
R**e and also charged with Bigamy. There was a trial of
course and I was asked to testify, I didn’t want to but
my new wife convinced me to do it to help come to terms
with what happened.

Frank was convicted easily and sentenced to 50 years
with no parole for 20 years, he would likely die in
prison before ever having a chance to get out. He
didn’t seem to care too much however, he was just happy
he was able to pass on his name and legacy.
Unfortunately for him C***d Services took away all his
kids from my ex-wife and daughter and placed them with
foster homes and new adoptive families where their last
names ended up changing anyways. Both my ex-wife and
daughter ended up on welfare. Both of them tried to
come back to my house one day asking for forgiveness
and for another chance but my new wife freaked out on
them and scared them away.

That was the last time I ever really saw them, I had
heard that my daughter resorted to stripping and
occasionally prostituting herself to get by and my wife
was also prostituting herself in some disgusting slum
neighborhood. I didn’t care though, I had already
detached my emotions from them. Although I am partly to
blame for the whole situation they still deserved it
for what they put me through afterwards. Over time my
memory of them started to fade until they were only a
distant memory.

Frank also wrote to me one day from jail about all that
happened, he apologized to me for everything saying he
never intended for it to turn out that way, he must
have heard I had remarried so he wished us the best of

There is no real lesson to this story, if anything all
these events helped me realized I had underlying self-
esteem and confidence issues that I have since then
dealt with. Looking back on it all now it seems almost
unbelievable what transpired, more sadly what I allowed
to take place but through therapy and the support of my
new wife I worked through it and became a better man
with a better family. Karma eventually came through for
me in the end.