Hung black guy and a pregnant white girl

I was sitting at home dressed only in my robe because it felt better not to have on tight clothing on, seeing that I was six months pregnant. My husband was off at work. His job kept him at work usually 70 or 80 hours a week. It kept me lonely but I knew that he was doing it so that we could have a better family life in the future. We have been married almost two years and I love my husband very much. We did have sex a few times before we were married but he was the only guy that I ever gave my body to.

When he did come home he was usually so tired that we seldom went out or did anything, so I almost never got out of the house. I just cooked and cleaned and waited for my husband to come home from work. Our sex life also suffered. When we were first married we had sex almost every day, sometimes more than once a day, even when I was having my periods. Now if I get a quickie once or twice a week before he falls asleep, I am doing well. I had always heard that a pregnant woman got hornier and now I know it is true. I wanted more and he gave me less. I started spending a lot of time masturbating. I sent away and got a vibrating dildo and some lube. It was about the same size as Larry’s cock and it helped when I fucked myself with it.

Soon I got an urge and sent away for a bigger one and then an even bigger one. My newest one is nine inches long and I cannot reach all the way around it. I fuck myself with it at least three times a day and I usually do it while watching a porn video or while reading pornographic stories. I really like rubbing it against my clit when I have it set at the strongest vibrate setting. It is easy to give myself a satisfying orgasm. In addition to shoving it rapidly in and out of my dripping wet pussy, I have learned to suck it and even deepthroat it. I sucked Larry’s cock the other night but I don’t know if he even fully woke up but I did enjoy having his load of cum fill my mouth. I held it in my mouth for a long time and swirled it around with my tongue before finally swallowing it.

I was on line reading dirty stories and rubbing myself. This one story read more like a text than a story. It talked about the problems pregnant women have sexually. It talked about how some men stop having sex with their wives as soon as they find out about the pregnancy because they are afraid that they might hurt the baby. They talked about some men losing interest when their wife’s body changes and she often sees him looking at other women. They talked about how some women wind up having an affair to get the sexual attention that they need. They talked about women who have interracial affairs because they know if they try it, they cannot get pregnant and have to worry about having a baby of another race. That one stuck in my head because although I never expected to do anything about it, I sometimes thought about what it would be like to have sex with a black man. After all, in the videos and stories they always have huge equipment and fill the woman overflowing with his cum.

All the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about that article. I went back and read it again. Then I searched the term ‘big black cock’ and found thousands of links. I spent all day watching videos of black guys with big cocks fucking black, white and Asian women. Everyone I watched made it look like the article was right. Most of them were of white women cheating on their husbands and having the sexual time of their lives. I forgot to eat supper and had to quickly shut the computer off when my husband came home at 9:30. I quickly microwaved some leftovers for supper and told him that I had waited so I could eat with him. Then I sat next to him on the couch hoping that he would get the hint and would be in a mood for sex that night. Within a half hour he excused himself and went to bed.

I stayed up till midnight watching fuck videos of hung black guys and masturbating with my biggest dildo which just happened to be black. I decided right then that I really needed a good fucking and that I would satisfy my curiosity about being with a hung black guy. I could do it just once so I would know what it had been like and I would not have to worry about getting pregnant with a black baby. I went to the computer and opened an account with one of the largest adult hook-up sites. I stayed up till after two in the morning looking at ads and trying to get up my nerve to answer one or more of them.

The next morning my husband was up and six and off to work by seven. I stayed in bed till nine. When I got up I stood in front of my mirror and looked at myself. Twenty –two years old, five foot one inch and natural strawberry blond hair that I kept cut to right about my chin. My tits were now a cup size bigger than they were before I got pregnant. They were now 32-C’s and my nipples had swollen and started producing a little bit of pre-milk. My waist had always been tiny but now I felt like I looked as if I had swallowed a basketball. I refused to get on a scale to know what had happened to my 98 pound weight. I let my doctor weigh me but did not have him tell me. He just said I was just right for my condition.

I stared at my growing body in the mirror, put my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and rolled them around. It felt good. Then I moved one hand around my belly and to my crotch. I closed my eyes and rubbed myself. I was right on the edge of an orgasm when I made up my mind. I was going to do it.

I went back to the computer. I had written down the member numbers of six guys that had caught my attention. I again read the ad from the one that I had put a star next to, my first choice. His ad said that he was thirty years old, six-two, 185 pounds and was packing a very hard eight inches. He said that he loved younger women of all races, could go at it for a long time and that he was a little bit on the dominate side. In his picture he was wearing short cut-off jeans shorts and out of the bottom of the left leg you could see just the tip of his manhood. His body was amazing. Except for the short curly black hair on his head and his ebony skin, his body reminded me of Mr. Clean from the TV commercials. His smile showed his glossy white teeth. He lived in a town near our city, about fifteen miles away. He was the one. I was going to try him first and see if he would be interested in spending an afternoon with me.

My fingers shook as I typed my response to his ad. I told him about me and how I wanted to see what it was like to be with a black guy. I took and included picture of my naked pregnant body in the mirror. The camera intentionally blocked part of my face. I pushed send.

Then I went to another site and started reading interracial sex stories about black men with white girls. There were hundreds of them to choose from. I was half way thru my second story and my pussy was making a wet spot on the chair when the computer dinged telling me that I had an incoming message. I quickly switched over to my e-mail. Was it from a friend or my husband or was it an ad. I was shocked to see that it was already a reply from my black Mr. Clean.

“Hello Debbie, My name is Jason. I’m glad that you answered my ad. I think you are really cute. I’m really turned on by your baby bump. I think we could have a lot of fun together but you will need to do just what I say. Get back to me and we will talk about my big black cock pleasuring that tight little white pussy of yours. You’re in for one hell of a ride.” He included one photo. It was of him, fully naked. A white woman was kneeling in front of him. He had a handful of her hair and half of his hard black cock in her mouth. I almost orgasmed just from reading his e-mail and looking at the picture.

That night I insisted that my husband fuck me but as he did I was thinking about Jason and his big black fuck stick. Larry had agreed to have sex but he also said that he thought that it should be the last time till the baby was born. That made me more excited about being with Jason.

The next morning I wrote back to Jason. We exchanged sever e-mails. I told him that my pussy got wet just thinking about being with him. He told me that he would want me to wear bright red lipstick that was not smear proof while he fucked my face with his big black cock. He told me that he could fuck for thirty minutes before he unleashed what he called a quart of cum. I knew it wasn’t really that much and guessed that he couldn’t really last that long.

In his third e-mail he asked me if I liked being fucked in my ass. I told him that I had never done it. He said that I was about to be and that I would love it. I had told him about my three dildos and he told me to start with the smallest one, lube myself good and get used to having something going into my butt because he was going to give all three of my holes a good fucking. I almost backed out but my horniness won out. That afternoon for the first time I had something stuck up my ass. It hurt a little the first time I pushed it in but I got used to it and before the afternoon was over I had my largest one in me. It was a funny feeling. At first I thought it felt like I had to shit out the world’s biggest turd but after a while it actually started to feel sexy. I took a picture with it sticking out of my ass and sent it to Jason. His reply was two words. “Good girl.”

Then I got the e-mail that made me take a deep breath. He told me to meet him at two in the afternoon the next day at a certain motel about half way between our two towns. He said he would text me the room number just before I got there and that the room would be unlocked and that I should just let myself in.

The next morning I picked out my clothes. My skirt had to be a maternity skirt but I had one that came only half way between my crotch and my knees. I put it on with no panties. I picked one of my pre-pregnancy bras. Because it was now too small, it pushed my tits together and made for a nice cleavage when I put on a blouse with a deep neckline.

We only had one car so I asked a girlfriend to borrow hers and she agreed. I had to stop on the way and get the kind of lipstick that Jason had told me to wear. I nervously drove to the address I had been given.

Room 215. I stood in front of the door trying to get myself to enter the room. My hand reached out and turned the knob. I pushed the door open. There, on the bed was Jason. He was naked. His hand was around his erect black shaft just above his balls. Several inches of shaft and cockhead still stuck out beyond his hand. He had not sent me a fake picture. That was Jason. “Come in my pretty little slut. Come in and shut the door.” I entered the room and closed the door behind me.

“Come here.” Jason removed his hand from his cock and it tipped down till it almost touched his stomach, pointing at his chin. I stepped over next to the bed. “Spread your legs, whore.” I did not like being called degrading names but I didn’t say anything. I spread my legs and Jason slid one hand under my skirt and up to my crotch. “No panties. Nice.” He slid two fingers between my labia and up into my cunt. I moaned. He started pumping his fingers in and out while rubbing my clit with his thumb. “Very wet, I like that.” The sensation was so strong that my knees almost gave way.

“Take your clothes off. Show me that little white pregnant body of yours.” I stripped out of my clothes and still stood there next to the bed but now I was fully on display to him. He rubbed his large black hand over my baby bump. “Now get on the bed and suck my cock.” I still had not said one word to him. I got on the bed between his long legs, bent forward and slipped my lips over the head of his cock. I had to stretch my mouth wide to get him in. Jason put both hands in my hair and roughly pulled me down till half of him was in my mouth and he touched the back of it. He was so thick that I gagged but he held me there. Finally he pulled my head back up and pulling and lifting my head rapidly as he face fucked me. “Keep your fucking lips tight around my cock.” Each time he went too deep I gagged but he never slowed. “You’ll learn how to take all of me right down your throat like a good little white slut.”

He kept me doing this for maybe five minutes. My jaw was starting to hurt. Jason said, “I’m ready to come. Swallow it. Swallow my load of black man’s sperm.” Then I felt his cock swell and his balls tighten. He erupted and blast after blast of his spunk shot into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but could not keep up. Some ran down his shaft and onto his stomach. After he stopped coming, he pulled me off his prick. “Look at the mess you made. Clean it up like a good little cum eater.” I leaned over and licked the spilled sauce from his belly. He lifted my head so I was looking him in the face. “Tell me you liked sucking my cock.” “I did.” “Say it better.” “I liked sucking your cock.” “Sir. Call me sir. Say it again.” “I liked sucking your cock, Sir.” “That was a good start and it will allow me to last longer when I fuck your other white slut holes.”

“Now I’m gonna see how you taste.” Jason got off the bed easily picked me up and turned me over till he was holding me belly to belly against him and my legs were around his head. “Suck me”, he said just before he pressed his face to my cunt and started eating me out. His pecker was still half hard so I reached out and put it back in my mouth. “I love the taste of young white pussy.” It did not take him long to bring me to my first orgasm. It had been so long from when I had last has a hard one and he was doing such a good job eating me that I screamed and jerked and screamed again. I’m sure they could hear me in other rooms if there was anyone checked in at that time of the afternoon.

After I went limp, he put me back down on the bed. It took me a couple minutes to recover. I could see that Jason had recovered a nice erection although he was not the steel rod that he was when I first walked in. He went to the fridge and got two beers and we sat there and drank them. “Well Slut, what do you think of my cock?” “I like it.” “Is that all? You just like it? I’m disappointed.” “I like it a lot. I love your big black cock, Sir. I’m looking forward to having you fuck my cunt hard with it.” “Just your cunt?” I thought for a couple of seconds about what he was wanting and then I said, “And also having it in my ass, Sir.” “Good. Get on the bed on your back and pull your legs up.” I quickly did it.

Jason got between my legs and shoved himself fully into my soaking wet cunt. He was big but not as big as my biggest dildo so I was ready for him. He reached down and squeezed my breast and pinched the nipple bringing a drop of mother’s milk out of it. He bent down and licked it up. Then he pulled his cock out till just the head was still in me. Slamming hard back into me made the headboard bang against the wall. That felt so good. I wanted it and needed it so bad. When he said that he could fuck for a long time he wasn’t kidding. He plowed into me for probably fifteen minutes without stopping. I had three orgasms, each one harder than the one before it.

Jason put his thumb against my anal rosebud and pushed till it popped into my butt. For a couple more minutes he fucked my cunt and finger fucked my ass while pulling it wide to open it up more. Then he stopped, pulled out and put the tip of his big black prick against my anus. He pushed slowly but firmly till his head had passed my anal ring. Then he slammed the rest of the way home. I gasped as I felt his cock roughly enter my ass. I had put my dildos in my ass but never with such force. He established a hard fast deep fucking rhythm. I liked it more than I thought I would. After maybe five minutes I actually orgasmed from being buggered. Once I did, he started alternating between my ass hole and my pussy, fucking one and then the other.

He had been fucking me for at least twenty minutes when he said that he was going to come and asked me which hole I wanted it in. I surprised myself when I said I wanted him to come in my ass. He fucked my ass for another minute. I felt his cock swell and then felt it pulse several times as his filled my shit tube with his spunk. Jason pulled out. I could see that he was softening. He moved up next to my head. “Suck it clean, Bitch.” I hesitated and he put his fingers on either side of my jaw and squeezed. When I had to open my mouth he slid his cum covered prick that had just been in my ass into my mouth. “Suck it clean.” I did as he said.

“I’ve got one more treat for you, Slut.” He went into the bathroom and came back out with two towels and a small plastic sheet. He rolled me to the side of the bed, spread them in the middle and rolled me back onto them. Pull your legs up and spread them. He got between my legs. “Reach down and spread your cunt wide open for me. I didn’t question him. Now he was looking at my wide open cunt and ass holes. He took his cock in his hand and aimed it at my pussy. After a couple seconds he started pissing deep into my open fuck hole. The hot water felt interesting. I knew it would not be good if I pulled away. His bladder was very full and he pissed a hard stream in my pussy and then in my open ass and back and forth several times. Then he pushed into my piss filled cunt and pulled out again. He brought it to my face and had me suck it clean. “Next time I’m going to piss in your mouth.”

I had not even considered that there would be a next time but when he told me that he thought he could work me into his schedule and that I should be back here same time next week all I said was that I had borrowed a car and did not think I could borrow it again. He told me about another motel that was on the city bus route that went near my apartment and told me to be there. “Yes Sir, I’ll be there.”

Over the next several weeks my belly grew and I produced more milk or actually colostrum which is pre-milk. I met with Jason every week. He really enjoyed drinking my milk and we fucked and sucked to my hearths content. My husband did not know why but was very happy that things were around the house were happier and that I did not bug him all the time for sex. A few times I sucked his cock till completion which was something that I never used to do. It pleased him very much. My affair with this black man actually helped my home life.

The fourth time I met Jason at the motel, I walked in and promptly opened my blouse to show him how big my tits were getting and how they were leaking milk for him. Then I noticed that there was a second man in the room. I pulled my blouse back closed and said no but Jason threw me on the bed and the two of them stripped me. The other man was also a black man but he was older, shorter and heavier than Jason. He was already naked also and I saw that his erection was about six inches, much like my husband’s. Jason sternly told me to shut up and spread my fucking legs. I was a little afraid but I was also getting horny. Jason brought his cock to my mouth and the stranger climbed between my legs. I had never been with two men.

I quickly adjusted to and accepted the situation and soon I was enjoying being double fucked. They each spend time fucking each of my three holes. The strangest feeling was when Jason was under me with his cock in my cunt and the other guy shoved himself up my ass. The feeling of each of them fucking me that way at the same time was unique and I found that I liked it. They came almost at the same time and I sucked them both clean. When he left I saw him give Jason a fifty dollar bill. As soon as the door shot I ran over and hit Jason on the chest. “You Fucker. You pimped me out. How could you?” Jason just grabbed my wrist and laughed at me. I was so late getting home that day that my husband got home just minutes after I did. I had not even had time to shower and clean up yet but Larry never noticed.

I continued seeing Jason and getting my sexual desires taken care of. About two weeks before my due date I went to my doctor. He asked me if I was still having sex and I said yes but I did not say with whom. He told me that it was probably time to stop. I texted Jason and told him. He said that he understood and that he would see me again after the baby was born. This was a problem. I had not planned to see him again after the baby was born. My husband and I wanted to have three c******n so I could not go on the pill. Having a black baby, which could happen, would ruin my marriage but my body and my mind craved the wonderful sex that I was sharing with Jason. The doctor suggested that I wait about three weeks after giving birth before having sex again. I thought about it for a couple of days and then told Jason that I would meet him at the motel a month from that day.

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