I caught my sister in law getting it from our pet dog

My sister in law came to stay with us for a week or so, and I hated it! She kept me from my getting pleasured by our male dog pepper! I had trained him very well in the art of pleasuring me, and he sure provided plenty of that at least 2 or 3 times a week.

But she came and stayed with us for a bit as my brother was working on their place in a nearby town. She already knew I was getting it reguraly by Pepper when she came over one day uninvited and I hadn’t locked the damn front door! And Pepper and I were locked together like two criminals in a cell! And in she came and caught us!! So I swore her to secretcy about it all, telling her he had raped me and not tell a soul about it(a total complete lie of course)! When she saw him pull out she was wide eyed with seeing his cock, and I could tell by how she was acting a damn bit excited about it to.

The bitch called me every damn day for weeks after that wanting to talk about our “SECRET” and kept asking this and that about it and how it felt, what it was like, and such things as that. Oh I laid the sugar on about it, and told her to just come over here and see for herself what it was like, and that Pepper would be glad to have a new bitch to take care of.

That seemed to quieten her from calling me about it.

Then this all came up some months later. And the first couple days she was here damn if she didn’t wear loose legged shorts around our house all the damn time. And Pepper being a male dog and trained as he was would poke his nose up into them and try to get at her spot.

She would let him get right there and if I came into the living room, kitchen etc. she’d push him away. But hell I know Pepper to damn well to know it was more than just a polite “sniff” given especially since she didn’t wear panties hardly at all!

I saw her dark blonde hairy bush more times than one in those loose legged shorts! And told her as we were alone I didn’t mind that one bit, But around my husband when he was home oh hell no!!!!!

But a few days later after my husband had gone to work and I had set about cleaning the house, doing laundry, and such things that I noticed Pepper was not right there with me as he usually was. I really paid no further mind to it especially when I began to vacuum throughout the house because he hated that thing and would run to our bedroom and crawl under the bed.

I was doing the hallway and had just gotten gotten it all done and shut the vac off and putting it away.

That’s when I heard it all!!! At first it was just some groans and moans, but then I heard her really cry out; “Oh no, Oh please no!” and it instantly hit me that she was in the guest room and had to be somehow getting either eaten out by Pepper or outright fucked by him one.

As I got to that rooms door there was no damn doubt he was fucking the hell out of her and opened the door and there she was laying on the side of the bed her ass nearly off it and no shorts on and Pepper up between her wide spread and feet planted on the matress and he was atop her and fucking her fast and furious! She was swinging her long dirty blonde hair about everywhere as her head was swinging about in complete pleasure of his cocks deliveries to her pussy and beating at that ass of hers with his huge sack of balls and she swung her head up and saw me standing right there and then really screamed out something huge was forcing itself into her!!

I have never been a woman that has ever been actually right beside another woman getting pleasured. But I was here!! I went over to that bed where she was laid out on and leaned up on it and said; “You’ll have to let him totally finish now!”

Because she was trying to get me to make him stop! Screaming out he had something inside her that was tearing her apart and swelling way to hell out!! But she was coming the whole damn time she was screaming all this to me because I heard how damn sloppy wet it was between them.

Now Pepper will stay tied inside me at least 15 to 20 minutes sometimes longer and she was really jumping and jerking about now as I knew all to well he was shooting that hot come of his way up inside her!!

She was trying everything she could to get him off and out of her! But he swells out about the size of a large orange and there’s no way that’s coming out unless you want your pussy wrecked and torn out. So I had to console her and keep her calm as he lay atop her now up to her breast panting and tongue out and breathing heavy as he pumped that hot come inside her as she was loudly grunting and jerking every time he did this. I caught myself telling her his cums hot isn’t it?

All she did was half nod her head yes and continued grunting and jerking and finally said; “Yes Oh Yes” “It’s filling me up and hot!!!”

I so wanted to tell the bitch that’s what you get for running around here with those damn loose shorts on all the time!!

This all lasted a good 30 minutes until at last Pepper arose off her and pulled his spent cock out.

She was a complete mess. Her belly swelled out. Juices pouring out from her now widely gaped open pussy. Her hair a wreck. She was damn sure a wreck. And undoubtedly fucked as never before.

I got ahold of Peppers leash and d**g him out of there and shut the door. Because believe me if I hadn’t about long enough to get his dog cock fully hard again he’d be right back up on her fucking her some more and more and more!!!

Pepper pranced over to his laying spot on his pet pillow licking all the juices of the two of them all over his sheath, his balls, and his underbelly. Looking at me like “Oh yeah I got her really good and look what all she gave me up under here!”

Sometime passed and she finally managed to come out of the room no shorts on only a tshirt on that half covered her soaking wet bush, and their juices running down her damn legs holding her belly, walking bow legged, and grunting painfull groans as she tried to halfway walk and headed straight to the bathroom, her large round ass cheeks soaking wet, and jiggling as she went to it.

Neither of us saw each other at all for hours and hours after that and she had fallen asleep and woke up mid afternoon finally came into the living room and upon seeing Pepper jump right up to go to her, She put her hand up and said leave me alone don’t touch me ever again.

But she damn sure didn’t have those loose ass shorts on anymore. And dressed like fort knox around where she got poked by him lol, and we finally talked, and she spilled the beans about how she had her shorts off and was changing and he started licking her pussy and she couldn’t stop him and fell over onto the bed in such a state of the pleasure and opened herself up to him and he gave her a licking alright!!

And as she was coming down from all that he jumped up on her and proceeded to fuck her as she said and I had just walked in then! I asked her well did he give it to you really good? She then told me he got inside her so far she felt something he was hitting way up in her give way and he went in further then and that damn ball whatever it was went in to and that’s when all hell broke loose inside her.

Oh she never ever wanted anymore of what Pepper had to give her I can sure vouch for that. Me on the other hand I still get it myself my regular 2 or 3 times a week from him.

After she got back home every once in a while she would call and talk about our “SECRET” and after many months I could tell by her voice and how she talked to me. That she wanted more!!!

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