I did something bad tonight

I did something bad tonight. I mean really wrong. I want
to make something very clear though: this is not my
fault. I was scouring the net minding my own business,
checking out nice, decent, respectable erotic story sites
like Literotica, Mr. Double, Kristen, etc. I’m not
talking about the sicko perv sites. Wham out of nowhere I
ran across some stories by this guy named Jaz, and they
freaked me out. He has over 30 hardcore, nasty
R**e/Incest stories. No way he should be allowed on a
normal site. I mean shame on them for allowing him to
post his stories.

Yeah, yeah free speech, blah, de blah, I know I’m over
21… yadda, yadda. Disclaimers up the ying yang — I
don’t care, it does not matter. I take no responsibility
for what happened to my mother. I never would have done
it if not for being entrapped by Jaz and his fucking
stories. See once I read one, I could not help it, I kept
searching for more.

I know it sounds weird but I got to know this guy and
some of what he said started to make sense to me. I mean,
was it wrong…sure. But not a-l-l of it was wrong. Thing
is, as sick as his stories were I could have probably
wanked off, and moved on. No harm, no fuck. The problem
was he gives his e-mail address at the end of every
story, and I decided to contact him. If you think his
stories are bad, try talking to him… brrr!

A part of me wishes to god I never did.

I guess it shook me up pretty bad, cuz I’m going to try
and write about what happened. This story is 100% true. I
think somebody needs to arrest this fucker for what he
made me do.

Jaz has these “Series”. It’s hard to explain. He makes up
a set of rules. Then he applies it to every story in the
series. That’s it, that’s the only connection. His most
famous of these is the R**e/Betrayal Series. He is up to
Chapter 8 in it. I read the whole thing in one night.

Here are the rules.
1. It must be a pure r**e. No reluctant at first I hate
it but now I love it Crap.

2. There must be a real Betrayal by someone you have the
right to expect loyalty from, someone you should be able
to completely trust.

3. There has to be a moment of truth where the victim
looks her loved one in the eye and realizes she has been
betrayed, and must DEAL with it. No drugs, no masks, at
the end she has to KNOW.

I read the whole series in one night, and I noticed
something. He does not have a Mommy/Son story yet.

I guess I need to mention that I kind of have a crush on
my mom. Not in a weird, sick way. I don’t lick her dirty
thongs, or cum on her toothbrush, or any freaky shit like
that. I have been out on dates, and fucked sluts. I never
had a real girlfriend. Usually it’s like hookups at
parties. We both get trashed, one drink leads to another
we fuck, then go our separate ways.

It’s just that, well in the back of my mind, I kind of
have a mommy itch. I never planned to scratch it, but I
KNOW she would be the best. Nice ripe tits, a
mouthwatering ass, and the sweetest kindest face in the
world. She can still wear a bikini at age 42. She’s not a
super model, she looks like a mom. A hot sexy mom, who
bakes cookies and fucks her man.

I love her ass, it is full and thick, and meaty. The kind
you could grab and pull on, and spread open. I just want
to bury my face inside her and lick and sniff for a
while. Best of all it would be love. My mom loves me, and
I think that would make it awesome. I heard my dad
fucking her a few times. The way she whimpers, and moans
and cums for him… I… Want… That…

So the fact that Jaz did not have a Mommy betrayal seemed
odd to me. I was horny, and I asked him about it, to
explain why. Here is the thing. I never expected him to

I signed on to my webtv account when I got home from work
and I had several messages waiting. Apparently I may
already be a millionaire, COOL! Also there was some
amazing home business opportunities this guy from Hong
Kong was just cumming in his shorts to share with me.
Then I saw it. I still have “the e-mail”. I’m going to
type it word for word.

Howdy John, thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed my
R**e/Betrayal Series. Hmm… not sure why I have not done
a mommy story yet. Tell you what, why don’t you r**e your
mom, and tell me all about it. Sounds like that’s what
you want to do, right? Just wait till you dad is gone,
and she is asleep. Then strip the slut and fuck her
silly. Take a few pics, what’s she gonna do? Report her
only son, let the whole world know her darling boy fucked
her sweet ass? Scan a few pics to me, and add some juicy
details. I’ll make you the star of R**e/Betrayal #8.

Fucktheslut John.



That’s how it started, that’s what the sick, twisted
fucker sent me. I must have read and re-read that e-mail
a dozen times that night. I mean was he serious? Was he
really ordering me to r**e my mom?

Believe me, I ever planned to contact Jaz again. But it
did get me to thinking, fantasizing a little. I mean how
would I do it? Could I really get away with it? I batted
it around for a few days and then asked Jaz to explain

“Hey John nice to hear from you again. How to r**e you
mom? Well I guess there are 3 parts to it.

First you need the opportunity. Get her alone, preferably
for a weekend. Attack when she is vulnerable. Maybe a
little drunk, d*****d, asleep. Handcuff her quick, gag

Then fuck her good. R**e every hole she has at least 3
times. Humiliate her, break her bad. You want her shaken
up, disoriented, in a state of shock. Take your time,
enjoy yourself, do her nice and slow, and nasty.

Finally, make her want to keep your secret. Videotape,
Polaroids, Blackmail and Coercion. Once you’ve got the
r**e on film, she will do anything to keep it a secret.

Now here is the critical part. That’s when you tell her
to make love to you for the camera, to smile and suck,
and fuck you with abandon. Tell her it’s the only way to
keep anyone from seeing her humiliation. Tell her that
your face is not in the picture. It will just look like
she is a cheap bitch caught on tape. If she will make
“love to you it is a secret that only the two of you will
ever know about.

That’s your security tape. That’s reasonable doubt. The
earlier rapes mean nothing (although they are fun to
watch). Show that final willing love-slut tape and the
jury believes you. Show that tape and her husband hates
her, she loses her job, and her reputation is destroyed.

Believe me, the initial rapes will be amazing. But it’s
the lovemaking at the end that you will really enjoy.
When she spreads her legs and gives her pussy to you with
a smile on her face… mmm, mmmmDAMN!

Having your very own mommy-slut is a rare and precious
thing. Take a look at my R**e Confessional Series for
more pointers. Enjoy her dude, Jaz”

I realized then that this was not merely theoretical. It
would work. I could r**e my mom and make her my sweet
little cum-slut. It was up to me. I had the power.

The only question was, would I use it?

Talking to a guy like Jaz is kind of intense. He makes
you think about shit, makes it seem so normal…you can’t
help it. I mean think about it. How many of you have ever
had a serious conversation about r**e? How many of you
have had some encourage you to humiliate another human
being, had someone willing to teach you how to do it and
get away with it?

I’m sorry but you just can’t judge me, until you have.
You can’t say how you would have reacted until you’re
faced with it. After talking to Jaz a few times I knew I
wanted to try r**e…but I guess the thing that seemed
wrong was raping my mother. I figured maybe I would get
some little Frat-brat, sorority-slut stoned or drunk. I’d
get her alone. Then I’d hold her down and r**e her ass
good. It made me hard just thinking about it. Until I
talked to my mentor.

“Dude, no way should you r**e a stranger. Big mistake,
it’s much more dangerous. It just is not smart. First you
gotta get her drunk, then you gotta get her alone. I
promise you someone is going to see you hitting on her,
or see her leaving with you. Here is the worst part. A
stranger is going to feel less shame, and more anger at
your violation. She is less likely to keep it a secret.
Raping your mom or your sister is so much easier. You can
get them alone anytime you want. You can slip something
in their drink or food no problem. Best of all they will
feel shame that you raped them. They will not want
everyone knowing that their Son/Brother has fucked them.
It will ruin the family name. A sister may confide in her
mom, but a mother… You can fuck her safely, she ain’t
telling nobody. Especially if you have a blackmail tape.”

When he explained it to me that way I knew he was right.
Besides, I had the hots for mother anyway.

My dad and his friends are huge Penn State fans. They
tailgate every home game weekend. They pile in a van
Friday night and make the 5 hour trek to State College.
Then they party hard all day Saturday, enjoy the game,
get shit-faced, and come home hung over Sunday afternoon.
Mom used to go but she got tired of hanging around a
bunch of drunks, who kept hitting on her while burping
and farting.

She enjoyed the quiet time alone.

Sometimes I went with dad, but not always. To be honest
I’m not very close to him. No one was surprised when I
said I had a hot date and passed on the trip.

Mom was upstairs taking a bath. Yup just like clockwork
she took a small carafe of wine with her. Only tonight I
had added 6 Valium to the mix while it was in the fridge
chilling. It was not enough to hurt her, but it would
make her woozy, easy prey.

I was busy downstairs collecting and then hiding all the
cordless and cell phones. I then locked the doors, and
put the chain and door brace on. Even if someone with a
key came home they could not get in.

Then I went in my parent’s room and set up the
camcorders. We have an old one and a brand new hand held.
I set the timer for 20 minutes and aimed them at the bed
from opposite angles. The new Viewcam was programmed to
zoom in, hold for one minute, and then pull out every 2
minutes. The old Sony was just set to close-up, The
Polaroid and digitals cameras were laying on the table
for later.

It was time. I could hear my heart pounding. I was
tingling all over. I was really going to r**e and then
control my mother. She would be my cum-slut. She HAD to.
I went and stood outside my mom’s bathroom door. I could
hear the water running for a long time. I wondered if she
was playing with her pussy. I kept imagining Susan
playing with her cunt, rubbing herself off in the hot
water, her nipples peeking through the bubbles. On the
other side of that door was my hot, horny naked, wet
mother–whom I planned to r**e over and over again this

Finally I heard her get out of the tub.

“Oh darn, I knocked my glash ober,” she said in a d*****d
mumble. About 30 seconds later mom came to the door.
Clearly she was out of it. She had not toweled off well,
and bubbles still clung to her face and neck, She had not
tied her robe and her tits looked delicious. We’d see.

“Hey mom, how you doing?” I asked casually as she opened
the door. She seemed surprised to see me. A few seconds
later she realized she was flashing her son and tried to
pull her robe together. “I’m fine John…um I did not
know you were standing here. Sorry about that.” she
blushed a little.

I decided to turn up the heat.

“Mmmm I could not see much Susan, but you certainly don’t
have anything to be sorry about. Damn mom, you have one
hot little body. C’mere, let me get a good look,” I said
as I roughly pulled her to me and opened her robe,
staring at the fine forbidden flesh before me. She lost
her balance and I had to hold her up. At first she was
shocked, and let me look. I softly cupped a breast in
each hand and looked her in the eye. Then her mind caught
up her mouth and she jerked away from me sputtering.

“What did you do! I can’t believe you just did that. What
is wrong with you?!” she shrieked.

I grabbed her by the arm and walked her to her room
before responding. Then I turned her around and wrapped
Susan in my arms.

“Mom, calm down. Don’t be upset. I was just paying you a
compliment. I can’t help noticing how sexy you are, I’m
only human! God you feel wonderful in my arms, but you
are way too tense. I think you need a massage.”

I pushed my mother on the bed and f****d her to lay down.
Then I got on top of her and began to rub her body
through the robe. She struggled at first, but quickly
tired herself out. Here’s where the drugs helped. She was
d*****d, a little dunk, exhausted from fighting me… and
now was receiving a strong, slow, deep massage. Slowly
she accepted it and let me have her body.

I quickly stripped her robe off and undressed myself. I
then straddled her thighs and began a more intimate

“Nooo, no stop. What are you doing? John no! Giddoff me!
Slowly I slid a finger into my mom’s pussy and began to
tickle her cunt. One finger, two fingers… damn she was
tight. I was an only c***d, and a C-Section birth. My dad
had a small dick, and mom had never been stretched out
properly. That was about to change.

“God, you are tight baby, so fucking tight. Tell me how
you want it. Pussy or ass mom. In your tight little
pussy, or your plump little ass?” Mom was wiggling
desperately underneath me as I stroked my fingers up
inside of her. I could smell her juicing up. I used both
hands then and peeled her ass apart, to let the air rush
inside of her.

“John, you are hurting me, you’re raping me! My god I
don’t want to be raped, I don’t deserve this! Your penis
in my ass?!! John I’m in the fertile part of my cycle.
Your dad and I have been trying to get pregnant…I’m not
on the pill. You can’t have sex with me. Please, don’t
make me have YOUR baby.”

I had not planned n this. I almost stopped then. I would
have, except Jaz had me so worked up I could not. I had
committed to following his plan to the letter. I wanted a

“I’m going to fuck you baby. I’m going to fuck you so
good in a few seconds. If you want to pick the hole, do
it now. Do it right now Susan, right fucking NOW!!” I

“Fine, my ass, my ass, do it in my asshole,” she sobbed.

“Ok little baby, I’ll r**e your ass. Just to show I mean
well do you want me to lube you up, or do you prefer
dry…ok mom, just kidding. I love you, I’ll lube you.
Here mom suck my finger, get it good and wet.”
I chuckled as I spread her ass open and began to finger
fuck her.

I made her slobber on each of my digits and then stuck it
in her ass ten times. Trust me she was good and wet by
the time I was done. I flipped her on her back, and made
her put her legs on my shoulders. I wanted to see her
face as I split her open with my fat 9 inch cock.” Are
you ready mom…oh damn you have a perfect ass. Thank you
baby. Mmmm, uh, uh, uh, it’s going in. Oh shit you bitch,
your clamping me, keep it up mom, keep it the fuck up. ”

“OWWWW, please take it out, John it’s too big, you’re too
big. You’re ripping me, it’s gonna tear! SHIIIIIT! I feel
the b***d. You ripped me, you son of a bitch! Are you
happy now you ripped your mother. Uhuhuhuh, you’re
fucking me? You’re fucking me anyway? You don’t care, do
you. It hurts, ow, ow, ow, huhhuhhuh,” she wailed and
moaned pitifully, sexily.

As I always suspected fucking my mom was a perfect
experience. Watching her face as I gave her pleasure and
pain was incredible. Knowing that she was helpless, that
I was in complete control, that I had it on tape! It was
too much. I wanted to r**e her longer but it was only
about 7 minutes (damn not even a minute per inch!).

“Take it slut, fuck you mom! Oh damn mom, you’re making
me cum. You dirty little slut you want me to cum in your
bloody ass don’t you? Well fine, take this cock and like
it bitch. Uh, uh, uh, ARRRRRRGH! “I screamed as I pounded
my mom’s bleeding ass, coating her with a fresh load of

I needed a few minutes so I laid there with my cock still
inside of Susan and began sucking her tits hard. Flicking
and nibbling on her nipples. Soon my cock began to stir.

Mom, I need to ask you a favor. I’m going to take my cock
out of you in a sec. I want you to suck me off. I need
you to clean up every drop of b***d, and cum. Lick your
b***d off of me baby, show me that you love me. ” I said
as I pulled my bloody, cum covered cock out of her ass
with a wet plop.

Jaz said to scare her, shake her up. I figured this would
do the trick. I just needed one more little white lie to
break her. “Mom if you do this I won’t cum in your pussy.
Otherwise, you are having my brother/son.”

“You are sick, you need help. Why…? John why would you
do this? I still can’t believe it, my son just rammed
asshole. Now you want me to suck your dick?!”

“Mom, I love you, I want you to be mine. Don’t cry baby,
just obey me. Do what I tell you to, and it will be ok.
Trust me mom, I love you.”

I learned something that day. My mom has a submissive
streak. Oh, she’s no sex slave, or any fantasy crap like
that. But when backed in a corner, and a dominant male
orders her to do something, she tends to do what he says.

It explained why she put up with my loser father, She
married him right out of high school. He’s the only man
who ever fucked her, the only man who ever dated her. I
don’t think either of us knew how much he affected her
over the years. I know it surprised her as much as it did
me. If you had asked me yesterday if my mom would EVER,
under ANY circumstances suck my (bloody) cock, after I
had raped her juicy ass…Puhleeeze, no way! But she did

She was crying, and shaking, but when I told her she had
no choice, she just gave in.

“Please, John, don’t make me. It’s not fair, it’s
disgusting, oh god do I really have to? Can’t I wipe it
off first? Sigh…ok, I’ll suck it, I’ll clean it,” she
said as she got on her knees and nibbled my cock. I love
the feel of my mom’s warm, wet mouth and soft tongue
bathing my cock and my balls. I held her face in both of
my hands and pulled her closer. She was looking up at me.
Her face was simply stunning, as her mouth was stuffed
with my eat, and obscene slurps and wet gagging noises
came out of her.

I enjoyed her mouth for a good ten minutes, I had just
cum and it was taking me awhile to reload. I was afraid
if she made me cum now it would be hours before I could

“That’s enough baby. I’m so proud of you, stop sucking.
Rest for a minute mom. Here, let me spoon you baby. I
want to put my cock in your ass and just hold you for a
while. Snuggle up close mom, do it. You have no choice.
Good baby, now open your ass wide. Don’t worry, I’m not
going to fuck you. I’m just gonna slip it in and hug you,
I promise.”

My mom did not say a word. She just obeyed. When I
finally pushed my cock all the way in her ass I asked her
if it felt good.

“No. You are raping me John. I can’t stop you, I have to
do as you say, but NO! It does not feel good to have my
son violate me.”

“Shh baby, I know. Be quiet and let me enjoy you for a
while. Here I’ll play with you clit and your nipples
while I rest. Keep squeezing your ass on my cock mom. Mmm
baby I love it when you do that,” I whispered in her ear
before I started licking it. Tit, ear, clit, ass — my
mom was getting overloaded in spite of herself.

Slowly her ass began to rock back to meet my cock. I was
not moving, only 3/4 hard. She was fucking herself on me!
Then it happened:

“Oh, oh, NO! Grunt, man, groan… uh, uh, uh. ARGHH!” my
mom cried as she came on my cock.

The camera was still rolling, so I decided to get a hot
scene in. I pulled out of Susan’s ass and laid her on her

“Mom, open your legs for me. Do it, wider, wider damn it.
I want to eat you pussy mom. I bet you taste sweet. Hmm,
does dad do this for you? Does he pleasure you? Hell no,
not a selfish bastard like him. Little-dicked prick, and
he won’t even eat your pussy? A pussy like this, trimmed,
and fresh, and tight, and wet?! Damn it mom, it makes me
mad. Well I’M gonna eat you mom. I’m gonna lick you, and
suck you, and tickle and sniff and nibble your vagina
until you cum all over my face. Then I’m going to do it
again. Give me your pussy mom. Your son is about to taste
your pussy… oh god mom are you WET! You’re dripping,
sopping, soaking wet. Mmmm, damn sweetheart, that’s
incredible, slurpppppp! Mmmhmm, yeah, mmmmm, give me all
of that pussy, give me that tight, wet cunt. All night
baby, I own this! Gonna find your g-spot baby. Huh, is
that it? Yeah, told you I’d find it. Now I’m gonna suck
your clit while I rub your hot spot. Do you like that

“Nooo, please don’t make me cum again. It’s too much,
eeek! John stop, I don’t want to cum for you, not again,
not ever! Oh shit, you’re doing it. You’re making me cum
again!” she screamed and shook, and dripped all over my

Taking my cock out of mom’s ass had let me cool off quite
a bit. I was not even half hard now physically. But
mentally I was burning up. I wanted more. Every fantasy,
every Jaz story, every sick, and twisted impulse had, I
wanted to unload, to unleash on my slut-mom — right now!
Susan was reeling, in lust and shock, and I wanted her

“That’s a good girl, such a good girl. Hold your ass open
again mom. I’m cold. C’mon mom none of your bull shit,
hold that fucking ass open. Mmmm thanks baby, we both
need to rest for a few minutes.”

I had time, I figured about another hour worth of tape.
If I did this right, I’d break her tonight, and then we
could make love all weekend.

“Just let me play with you mom, I just need a good
snuggle. Nothing serious, it’s just us baby,” whispered
as I lightly fucked my mom’s ass while cupping her
breasts. Her back was on my stomach now, and she was
spread eagle. We stayed that way for about 15 minutes. If
I felt myself starting to soften I’d thrust and grind my
dick into her ass a few times and then hold it. Every few
minutes I’d take a hand off her tit and play with her

I was feeling horny again and wanted to make sure my mom
knew she was my slut.

This is the only part of my story that I find a little,
er, um embarrassing.

“Mom, I need to taste you some more. Straddle my face
baby…no higher. No baby, not your pussy, I want your
ass. I’m gonna eat your ass out, rim you good.”

“Why would you want to do that, that’s disgusting John.
No normal person would want to eat his mother’s ass.”

“Mom, NOTHING about you is disgusting to me. I love you,
I always have. I want to do this because I know it will
make you feel good. Any man who claims to love you should
be willing to make you happy. How can a man love you if
he won’t even suck your ass? Now just relax and let me
lick you baby, surrender it, surrender that fine ass to
my mouth,” I said as I slowly sucked and licked and
munched my mommy’s muff and meat.

The first baby assgasm hit her in just a few seconds.
Soon she was bouncing on my tongue, slamming her ass
down, grinding it into me. If you’ve never felt a woman’s
butt hole clenching your tongue while she cums and shakes
and sweats…you just don’t know what you’re missing.

My mother was exhausted. She had had several orgasms, and
was still fighting the effects of the drugs. Emotionally
she was a wreck, and all she wanted to do was curl up in
a ball and go to bed. She was as weak as she was ever
going to be.


Mom, I need one more thing from you. I’ve proven to you
that I love you. I do mom, I really do. Now I want you to
make love to me. I want your pussy mom. I want to fuck
your pussy with your permission. Give it to me mom. Do it
right now, ” I said in a calm dominant voice. I waited
expectantly for her to open up her pussy and invite me
in. But she didn’t. It seems my mom had a limit. Having
unprotected sex with her son during the fertile part of
her cycle was apparently it.

“No John, enough is enough. This ends here. You have had
your sick fun, but it is over. You do not get to fuck me
John. I’m not having your baby John. I’m your mother, get
the fuck off of me, and leave me alone. SHAME on you John
Ronald Pressman! SHAME!!” she shrieked at me.

I was kind of hurt and a little confused. My dad gets to
fuck her whenever he wants, she was even TRYING to have
another c***d with him. He was half a drunk, treated her
like shit, did not satisfy her sexually–but he gets to
fuck her pussy anytime he wants and I don’t?! Say it with
me people: “Fuhhhuck That Shit!!”

“Mom we’ve been so busy fucking you don’t seem to have
noticed the video cameras. I’ve got your slutty ass on
tape enjoying your son’s cock, and his tongue. Maybe the
folks at church, dad, grandpa, grandma, all our friends,
and your boss would all enjoy a copy. I’ll download some
film to the Internet, and e-mail a few million people. We
can do that mom, or it can be just between us. I want
your pussy and I’m going to have it. Give it to me, obey
me you cheap slut.”

My mom started sobbing she had this trapped desperate
look in her eyes.

You can r**e me, you sick bastard. I can’t stop you. I
know that. But John listen to me. I will never make love
to you. I will never give myself to you. I will hate you
John. If you make me do this I will hate you for the rest
of my life. I wish you were never born. You don’t have a
mother anymore. You murdered her tonight, and you killed
my only c***d. Do this and you are dead to me!” she

I heard her, I really did. A part of me was ashamed for
what I had done, and was about to do. It’s just that I
was so damned horny. I was so worked up about being the
star of my own Jaz story, and I had come so far–I had to
finish it. I had to make Jaz proud of me.

“Spread your legs mom, put them on my shoulders. I have
not hurt you yet. Don’t make me do it now. I’m dong it
slut, I’m fucking you, because I want to. I want it on
tape, I want you to know that I raped you.”

For some reason she refused to give me her pussy. I had
to pry her legs apart and force my way inside. I think
that made it all the more satisfying. The screams the
kicking, her thrashing beneath me it was amazing!

“I gottcha now, I gottcha mom. Take it slut! Do you like
that huh? You like my cock in your cunt don’t you. Fuck
you are tight mommy. I love your pussy. Do you feel that?
Uh, uh, uh, oh baby, oh baby damn. Are you my slut? Say
it bitch, tell me you’re my slut. I love you mom, oh
shit! You’re making me cum already. You sexy little slut,
uh, yeah, yeah baby, yeh, fuck-cuk-cuk-cuk YES!!!” I
bellowed as came deep down in the bottom of my mom’s
tight cunt.

I laid there for a few minutes, kissing her, playing with
her tits. It felt so good knowing that she wanted me
gone. To pin her beneath me and force myself on her was
intoxicating. Invigorating. I felt John Jr. Begin to stir
inside her pussy again. She felt him too.

“I’m going to keep fucking you until you make love to me.
It’s only Friday night mom. How many times do you think I
can cum in your pussy before Sunday afternoon. 10, 15
times? I promise you mom, 15 loads of my thick spunk-
cream and you are going to be pregnant. I’ll give you a
choice though. 15 loads or only 5. Make love to me mom,
surrender your pussy to me, fuck me like a bitch in heat,
smile, pose, fuck for the camera and you only have to do
it 5 times. I’ll be satisfied. If you are really good
I’ll let you scoop my cum out and eat it–but only if you
cum too. If you don’t enjoy yourself and cum like a good
little slut, my sperm stays inside you. What do you say
mom? 15 fucks or just 5?”

My mom was quiet for a long time. Her shoulders were
shaking and her thick blonde hair hid her face. Slowly
she composed herself. My cock was still inside of her and
was now fully awake. I was about to start fucking her
when she said, “Do you promise to let me scoop it out if
I cum? Maybe if I’m really good you can pull out and cum
on my face, or let me suck you off? You’d like that
wouldn’t you. John please, be reasonable. You don’t want
to be a father at 22 do you?”

Sigh, my mom knows me too well. God she really did want
to keep my cum out of her cunt pretty bad. I love her,
I’d meet her half way.

“Susan, I’m going to cum in your pussy the first 3 times,
period. No doubt about it. The last two are up to you
though. If you are really good, and hot and a total mommy
fuck-slut, I’ll let you decide where I cum for the last
two loads. After this weekend you can go back on the pill
or fuck me earlier in your cycle. Ok… deal! Now shut up
and fuck your man baby.”

Tears were leaking down her face as she plastered on a
smile for me. She still cringed at my touch, still
recoiled and shrank from my cock. But when I kissed her
she kissed me back, she opened her soft wet mouth and let
me suck her tongue. For the first time I heard my mom
begin to moan and grunt for ME. Those special lust grunts
that I had only heard her give my dad before, were now
MINE. Her pussy slowly juiced up, and she was playing
with her clit trying to cum.

That’s not R**E, that’s love.

I could not wait to tell Jaz!


Well that’s what happened. I fucked my mom all weekend
long. No check that, I FUCKED HER on Friday. We made LOVE
all day Saturday and Sunday. I have the tapes, pictures,
and web pages to prove it. I sent Jaz the pics and video
as he requested along with this e-mail and asked him to
make this into a
R**e/Betrayal story.

I really thought he was my friend, that he would like it.
Then he replied back all innocent and wants to pretend he
knew nothing about it, that even though he told me to do
it, it is not his fault. Jaz is not cool. He is an
asshole and a faggot coward, and I hate the motherfucker.

Fuck you Jaz, kiss my ass and fuck YOU!!