I had three male horses and when I began to have trouble with them

I heard a knock at the door and found my friend Tommy
on my doorstep.

“Hey Tom what’s up?” I queried about his unexpected

“Nuthin, I was driving by and thought I would stop for
a minute. See what you were getting into.” he

“Cool, There’s sodas in the fridge if you want.” I said
as I sat on the couch.

I was shocked when he came out of the kitchen sniffing
at a glass of what looked like thick chocolate milk.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“Uhhh, I-it’s a protein shake,” I stammered.

“Is it any good?” he asked.

“I like them. I drink them all the time.” I replied
with a smile. “I just got that and put it in the
fridge. It might still be warm. Do you want some Ice?”

“No, this will be fine,” he said.

I rolled a joint and we sat and smoked and talked. He
asked about the shakes. I told him that I just added
chocolate to that batch to see how it would taste. I
told him I was drinking the white cream shake. I then
popped the top of my 22 ounce travel mug to show him.
It was filled about 3/4 to the top with the white cream
shake. We smoked, talked and drank our shakes.

I asked Tommy if the chocolate was any good. He said it
wasn’t bad. I tasted his and he tasted mine. We both
agreed, the chocolate was better. We finished the
joint, Tommy finished his shake and took off. I took
another big mouthful of my shake. Swished it around in
my mouth and swallowed.

I got up, grabbed Tommy’s glass and giggled as I went
to put it in the sink. I put it in the sink and laughed
out loud. I couldn’t believe what just happened. One
thing was for sure, I was NEVER going to tell him. The
truth was… Tommy just had a glass of horse cum! It
went straight from the horses cock, to the pitcher, to
my refrigerator. It was as fresh as it gets. It
couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes old.


I have 3 male horses and when I began to have trouble
with them, I called the vet. He came out, checked out
the horses, I asked what was wrong. He then told me the
strangest thing. I’ll never forget it. He told me they
were coming of age and were sexually frustrated. I
asked about it and he told me they need to get laid. If
you can find a mare, let them get laid a few times and
they’ll calm right down. I thanked him and he went back
to town.

“Huh, they need to get laid? Where am I gonna find a
mare for 3 males?” I thought about it all afternoon and
all that night with no answer. In the morning I was
getting ready for my shower and began to jack off like
I often did. When the Idea hit me. “What if I just jerk
them off? Maybe I wouldn’t need a mare.”

In the shower I pondered the question. “How would a
person go about jerking off a horse? I don’t want to be
stepped on trampled or kicked.” I then thought about a
milking stall. It was a closed in stall with an opening
on the side to allow access as well and keep the cow
from moving. I decided that might be best. I went to
the barn and picked a stall by itself in the corner. I
remodeled it to suit my purposes and brought in one of
the horses.

I was nervous as I put him into the stall, closed the
gate and hitched him up. I grabbed a short stool and
sat in front the hole in the side of the stall. I had
no idea how to start. His cock was right there, just
like I planned. I eyed his cock and balls and couldn’t
help but to admire it. I had seen horse cock often, but
this was the first time I was looking at one closely. I
reached out and caressed his balls. He jumped and
whinnied nervously.

They were huge! Each one was bigger than my fist! They
were heavy too! His ball sack hardly had any hair on it
either. It was just smooth soft skin. It felt so wild
to have in my hand. I smiled as his cock began to grow.
I grabbed his growing shaft and began to stroke it. It
was so smooth and so soft in my hand. It was throbbing
hard and growing fast. I could see thick veins bulging
out and it had a fat head with a flat end. The end had
bumps and bulges on it with a pee hole that looked big
enough to put my pinky finger into.

I grabbed the head with the other hand and squeezed it
a bit. It was soft and spongy, the edges of it folded
over flat while the face of it rubbed against my palm.
I could feel the b***d rushing through the shaft as I
continued to stoke it and squeeze the head. Before too
long, there was a spurt against my palm and felt a
gooey slippery fluid lubricate the space between the
face of his cock and my palm.

I was shocked and jumped, but smiled when I looked and
saw white drops fall to the floor. I kept rubbing the
face of his cock with one hand and stroking his cock
with the other. His cock was fully extended now and it
was as thick as my wrist and at least 16 or 18 inches
long. Then came another small spurt of cum. It sprayed
out from around my hand and dripped down my arm. “Holy
Shit that was cool” I thought.

I grabbed the throbbing shaft with both hands and began
to stroke him hard. It was such a rush to squeeze his
cock and feel the b***d rushing through it. I watched
as another small spurt shot out and splashed on the
floor. That small spurt was more cum than I put out on
my best day! Holy Shit! I was really starting to get
into this! “How much cum does he got?” I wondered. I
squeezed his cock and stroked him hard and fast.

Every few seconds his cock would throb and a small
stream of cum would shoot out. It was amazing. Each
spurt was as big around as your finger and about six
inches long. Then He Came!! I had never seen anything
like it! Before or since. A thick white stream of cum
poured out of his cock. It was like he was peeing cum.
It was a continuous stream from his cock to the floor.
Then it stopped for a second and it happened two more
times. As amazing as that was, it was even more amazing
to be hanging onto a horse cock while he was cumming.
It jumped, It jerked, It throbbed, I could feel the cum
squirting through it. It was down right hard to hold
onto. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen or done.
What a rush! I couldn’t wait to do it again. I showed
him out and brought in the next horse.

I eagerly sat at my stool and started to play with his
cock. It grew quickly and I rubbed the flat face of his
cock vigorously. The first small spurt of cum squirted
out and splashed everywhere. It was all over his belly,
my pants, shoes and shirt, but it just covered my hand.
I rubbed even harder while I stroked his big fat cock
even faster. The next time I felt his cock throb, I let
up the pressure and cum squirted hard into my palm. I
smiled as I watched big white gobs of horse cum drip to
the floor.

I grabbed his shaft with both hands and started to give
him the best hand job I could. When he came, it was
just like the first horse. 3 or 4 thick streams all the
way to the floor, then it would dribble out of his
softening cock. I cupped my had under it and collected
a good handful. I had tasted my own cum many times and
wanted to try horse cum. So I brought it to my mouth
and drank it. It was two full mouthfuls, it was gooey,
warm, sticky and quite tasty, I thought.

When I was 13 or 14 and much more flexible, I used to
suck my own dick. I would sit on the toilet, get my
dick hard, bend over and suck it until I came in my own
mouth. I always liked that, I would get both views of a
blowjob at the same time. I knew what it felt like to
get a good BJ. Plus I knew what it was like to suck a
guy’s dick and have him cum in my mouth.

I of course ALWAYS swallowed. I thought it was very
cool. It was quick, clean and quiet. I would even go to
the bathroom, suck myself off and come out and talk to
people like nothing happed. So you know I was thinking
“What’s it like to have a horse cum in my mouth? I
should find out.”

I showed in the next horse knowing I was gonna see if I
could get him to cum in my mouth. I kicked the stool
out of the way, climbed under him and started to play
with his cock. When his cock was thick and hard, I
grabbed just behind the head with one hand and pressed
the flat face against my mouth. I was stroking fast and
hard with the other. I was REALLY taken off guard. You
have no idea what it’s like to put a horse cock to your
lips and look down a cock that size. It was just an
unbelievable experience for me.

When the first spurt came, it splashed against my
tonsils and filled my mouth instantly. I greedily
swallowed it down and thought about how cool that was.
I was really getting into rubbing the face with my
tongue when the second spurt came. It rushed into my
mouth and dripped from the corners. I was getting
turned on now. This was the most exhilarating and
depraved thing I had ever imagined. The third and
fourth spurts were every bit as good as the first two.
I was getting ready for the next small spurt, when cum
poured out of his cock like a pressure hose.

I swallowed as fast as I could, but it was splashing
everywhere. Then it stopped for a second and started
again. I panicked and ducked my head. Cum splashed all
over my forehead and face. By the time he was done I
was covered in horse cum from head to toe. I gulped
down as much as I could from his softening cock and put
him out too.

I walked back up to the house and smiled as I looked in
the mirror. I was covered with horse cum. There were
big white gobs in my hair, on my face and it covered my
now soaking wet shirt. I stripped down and jerked off
in the shower.

That night I went into the barn, stripped nude and
showed in the horses one by one. Their cocks were
already half hard when I showed them into the stall.

I crawled under them, jerked them off and used their
cocks to hose my naked body with horse cum. I smeared
it all over my body. I licked it up. I even used it as
lubricant while I jacked off. I was having so much fun
and I was so turned on. Who knew playing with horse
cock could be so much fun?

The next morning I went to the barn, stripped nude
again and showed in the first horse. I crawled under
him, jerked him off and hosed down my face and open
mouth. I drank as much as I could catch. I used the
rest to rub all over me. I stood in the light and
admired the shine that wet horse cum gave my skin. I
bent over and was rubbing it into my lewdly spread ass
cheeks. When I thought, “I could have him hose down my
ass with horse cum!”

I showed in the next contestant, played with his cock
and put it close to my ass as it began to spurt. I used
the head of his cock to spread cum around my ass
cheeks. Once they were properly coated with cum I began
to rub the face his cock down the crack of my ass. I
was pressing hard and rubbing vigorously when he began
to cum. It rushed out and covered my back and ass in no
time. I was running it back through my ass crack when
it sprayed out again. When I passed it over my butt
hole, it sprayed right inside me. I was shocked and
jumped, so I couldn’t get it back in time before he was

I let in the next horse and had a huge hard on as I
pushed his cock right up against my butt hole, hoping
it would shoot inside me again. When the first spurt
came it shot right inside me. “That was just fucking
awesome!” I thought “I’ve got horse cum in my ass!” The
next two spurts, right inside me. “This was so fucking
cool. I had a horse cumming in my ass!” I felt his cock
start to jump and knew he was about to cum.

I stuffed it hard against my butt hole, as I got ready
for the big stream. The horse flexed his hips and drove
his cock into my tight cum slicked ass like it was
nothing. My asshole screamed with pain and clamped down
on his shaft right behind the bloated head. Then a huge
stream of cum shot into my bowels. Then the second and
third erupted inside me.

I could feel the pressure as I was filled to
overflowing. The cock head made an excellent cork. The
pressure built and cum gurgled into my guts. It felt
like gallons of thick warm horse cum was flooding into
me. It was like a warm enema, but better, it was warm
horse cum.

I could feel his cock softening inside me and looked
between my legs. I was shocked! There was cum dripping
from my softening cock too! I had just had an orgasm
from having a horse cock shoved into my ass and taking
a sperm enema.

“Holy Fucking Shit!” I thought. When his cock pulled
out of me a big spurt of horse cum flew out and thick
streams dribbled down my leg. I giggled, I was a sperm
slut and got off on it! I did in fact REALLY enjoy it.

Over the next few weeks, twice a day like clock work. I
did every depraved thing I could think of to do with a
horse cock. I played with it, I sucked on it, and I
stuffed it in my ass. I could only get about four
inches inside me, but the cum is what really turned me
on. One day I used my big travel mug to catch as much
cum as I could. Some splashed out but my 22 ounce cup
was still nearly full. Holy shit!! now that was a cup-
O-sperm. I put the top on and spent the next hour
sipping horse cum from my coffee mug.

I rather enjoyed walking around sipping a cup of fresh
warm horse cum. I was really beginning to like the
taste of horse cum. It dawned on me I should collect it
and drink it around the house. I dug out some long
freezer bags and a rubber band. I put the bag on the
end of his cock and used the rubber band to keep it in
place while I jerked them off. It was perfect!

The bag filled up without losing a drop. I took them
off and tied them and brought them to the house. I bet
I got a pint from each horse each time. Soon I had so
much horse cum sitting around I didn’t know what to do
with it all.

I would give myself sperm enemas and see how long I
could hold it. I put a bunch in the tub and rolled
around in it and jerked off, but mostly I drank it. I
smeared it on toast, I mixed it half and half with my
coffee in the morning, and I poured it over ice cream
and drank it during the day. I would walk around all
day swilling sperm. I thought it was great stuff. Plus
it was my dirty little secret, I love to drink horse

I had just come back from the barn with 3 fresh bags. I
filled my big travel mug, dumped the rest in a small
pitcher, mixed in some chocolate and put it in the
fridge. I gulped down two big mouthfuls of my horses’
warm fresh ball juice and sat in the living room.
That’s when I heard Tommy’s unexpected knock at the

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