I Love Mr. P.

My name is Craig Peluchette. My students, though, call me Mr. P. I believe that everyone has a calling. There is something that every person is meant to do, the reason they were put on this Earth. Everything in your life pushes you toward this goal. For me, I believe this goal was teaching. It was all I ever wanted to do, and if I do say so myself, Im pretty good at it. There were really two reasons I always wanted to teach. he first reason ad to do with my love of history. When I was in middle school
I had great teachers that taught me to love history. If not for their passion of the subject, I would never have learned to love it myself. So that is what I wanted to do. To be able to teach kids to love history as much as I did. The other reason I wanted to be a teacher is far simpler. In fact I can sum it up in one word. Girls.
What can I say? You can call me whatever you want, perv, sicko. It’s probably all true. But just like we were all put here on this Earth to do something special, we can not change who we are. I know, I’ve tried. But I just can’t help myself. So I wanted an opportunity to get my fill of these young, innocent creatures without doing anything that could land my ass in jail. So I became a teacher.
Four years after graduating college, however, I was still just a substitute. Apparently I was not the only one who wanted to be a history teacher. Subbing barely paid the bills though. So when I heard of a position at a school down state, I took the job. It was eighth grade, state history. It meant moving to a place and a school I had never been to before, but I was up to the challenge.
I got to the school a few days before students were scheduled to arrive. I was given a tour of the building by a fellow teacher, Miss Schafer. She taught math in the room right next to mine. She was attractive and youthful. I learned that she was only one year out of college. Math positions are much easier to come by apparently. I let her lead me all around the large school, often times catching myself staring too long at her back side as she walked in front of me. As attractive as she was, though, she was a bit old for my tastes. I reminded myself about all the girls I would get to see in a few days, but decided Miss Schafer was a welcome distraction in the mean time.
The day before school was to start I got my room ready. I had already gotten my lessons mapped out and was ready for teaching, my room however was not. The janitor came in early the day before school and said that I was going to get all new desks. I helped him carry the tables that had been in the room out and when he asked how I wanted the new desks set up I was not sure at first. I decided to just set them up in rows to start with and move them later it I wanted. So we set them up in five rows of six desks. I was also given a podium and placed this in front of the room. From this vantage point I would have a great view of all the students in my class.
I was more than a bit nervous though on that first day of school. That first bell rang and students started filing in. I tried my best to be friendly and personable with all the students. My nature has always been to be as friendly as possible with the students. Some would say I am too nice, and that I should do more to distinguish the line between teacher and student, but my thoughts were always that if the students liked you they wouldn’t goof off and misbehave as much. Although these students had never met me before, by the end of the first class I could already tell that most of them liked me. I did notice there were several very attractive young ladies in this class. When the bell rang to end the first period, I started thinking that I was really going to enjoy this school.
As the day went and more periods came and went I was really getting to like my job. I had already met several girls who were not only very sexy, but also seemed to have little middle school crushes on me. I loved it when girls like this flirted with me in school. I got so turned on thinking about how naughty it was to be thinking the things I thought about them.
I had one period to go before lunch. The kids filed in as usual and I started taking role. There were a few cute girls in this class, but no one too special. Early in the role though I found a problem. There seemed to be a girl missing. It seemed odd to me that someone would be missing on the first day of school, but I did not think too much of it and continued on. I had already passed out the class syllabus and text books and was going over the class rules when the door opened. I turned to see who it was coming in my class and standing in the doorway, looking out of breath and disheveled was one of the cutest girls I had seen all that day. She was short, I’d say maybe a few inches under 5 foot. She was thin, but fit and muscular. She had short brown hair that had a few streaks of lighter red in a few spots. She had small pink lips and large round brown eyes. Her skin looked soft and nicely tanned. As I looked down her body, she wore a tight t-shirt that showed off a set of lovely breasts. They were round and very shapely, but not too big for her body. She also wore a short denim skirt. Her legs were long and muscular. She wore sandals on her feet and her toes were painted bright pink to match her shirt. Then she smiled at me.
“Is this room 213” she asked?
“Yes it is” I replied.
“Oh then you must be Mr. Pela… Mr. Pelu…”
“Mr. P. works” I said “and I’m guessing you are Alexis Ashby.”
“Yes, Mr. P. You can call me Lexi. I just moved to the school, I’m still learning my way around” she said as I indicated where she was to sit. Due to her last name and alphabetical seating she was sitting in the front row, right in front of me.
“I’m new here too,” I said. “We can learn our way together”
She smiled at me again and for a second I felt a little spark between us. Maybe I was just imagining things, but it felt amazing. Then the bell rang and the students filed out again. I asked Lexi to hang around for a second to get a syllabus and text book.
“Do you know where you are going now?” I asked
“Lunch” she answered. “I know I have lunch, and I think I know where the cafeteria is.”
Not ready to let this girl go just yet I replied “I’ll walk down with you so you don’t get lost again. How’s that sound?”
“Sounds great!” She said excitedly.
So I walked with her to the cafeteria. As we walked through a few doors, I held them open for her to walk through. As she passed me I couldn’t help myself. I looked down at her rear end. It looked amazing. Round, but it also looked nice and firm. How I wanted to touch it, but I knew I couldn’t. Before I knew it we were at the cafeteria. She gave me quick thanks and went along her way to get lunch. I noticed as I walked away that she sat by herself at a table. I remember hoping she finds some friends soon. I was also thinking something much more deviant. This girl was just my type. She had the perfect body and seemed to like me a lot. On top of that she was wearing a skirt. There was always something about the way girls looked in skirts that drove me crazy. Maybe it was the idea of seeing up them, which I was able to do on a few occasions. With Lexi’s position in the class, I walked away hoping she dressed like she was today all the time, and that I could possibly have a chance of seeing what treasures were up her skirt as well.


My hopes for the school year were mostly coming true. Things were going great in class. I was making friends with the other teachers and I seemed to really be having an impact on the students. And my hopes for Lexi were also going well. She did in fact wear skirts to school on most days. I had not, up to this point, been able to actually get a peek up under her skirt, but I had gotten very close on several occasions. She seemed to always sit slouched down in her desk, with her legs slightly spread. It was almost like she was teasing me, almost letting me see, but then not quite. It was very frustrating, but also very exciting. Lexi and I also started getting closer. Often times, after class, she would hang out in my classroom for a few minutes before going off to lunch. We would talk and chit-chat. I loved these little moments. We did not talk like teacher and student, but more like two friends. On one day, Lexi seemed to be hanging out a little longer than usual. Now I didn’t mind, she could stay all day for all I cared, but I still thought maybe she should get lunch. So I mentioned this to her.
“Shouldn’t you get to lunch?” I said.
“Oh umm no, it’s ok” She answered.
“Not hungry? Won’t your friends miss you?”
“No, I’m ok. And my best friend is right here” she said.
“Oh Lexi,” I said. “I’m sure you have found some other friends by now, and if not you will. But you need to go to lunch before you get in trouble.”
Reluctantly she got up and left the room. “Bye Mr. P.” she said. “Thanks” she added, and then gave me a little hug. It felt so good to be that close to her, to be able to touch her. She smelled unbelievably sexy. She let go and went off to lunch leaving me there with just my fantasies.

The hug between Lexi and I took place on a Friday, meaning I had all weekend to think about these events. My mind raced all weekend. Did she feel the same way I did about that hug? Was she as infatuated with me as I was with her? Was I crazy t be thinking these things?
Finally it was Monday. It started like any other Monday, long and tiring. Then came Lexi’s class. The students came in to the room and had seats, just like any other day, then came Lexi. She came in and sat as usual, but there was something different today. I do not know what it was, maybe her skirt was just a little shorter today than usual, maybe she was slouching more than usual, maybe her legs were a little wider than usual. What ever the reason was I didn’t really care because as I started teaching I looked over at Lexi as I always did and sure enough I could see right up between her tan thighs and could see her crotch.
I was shocked silent for a moment, but finally regained my composure and continued teaching. As the class went on though, I found it harder and harder to look anywhere but up Lexi’s skirt. She was wearing a pair of dark blue satin panties over her mound. The material pulled tight over her slit. There were adorable lighter blue swirls and white clouds all over them. I remember thinking it was the greatest sight I had ever seen. I had to spend most of the period behind my podium because I had grown extremely hard in my pants from this sight.
Unfortunately class did eventually end. Lexi was, as usual, the last to rise from her seat. When she did finally get up and I couldn’t see the beautiful sight under her skirt anymore, she said to me “Did you have a good class Mr. P.?”
“Yes I did Lexi” I responded.
“Me too” she said and left to go to lunch. I watched her butt as she walked away. I could imagine the way it would look covered by her blue satin panties. I sat at my desk over my lunch period, stroking myself through my pants, thinking about the wonderful day I had had, and wondering what tomorrow would bring.


Tomorrow brought me another wonderful day. It started much the same as the day before. Kids come in, there was Lexi, and she sat and spread her legs. Today I was treated to a pair of cotton panties. These ones had vertical lines of rainbow colors all over them. The bands around the leg wholes were a light blue color. They were also small on Lexi and pulled tight to her young body They were very sexy. Much like the day before I found it hard to keep from staring directly up Lexi’s skirt the entire period. I also found it hard to hide my erection. But I was able to control myself until my lunch period where I could stroke myself unnoticed.

I didn’t know what had changed with Lexi, but something had, and I liked it, because Wednesday brought more of the same. Today’s treat were lacy pink panties. Tight like the days before, these particular underwear had frills around the leg holes and designs in the fabric all over Lexi’s crotch. By this point I had the beginnings of inklings that maybe Lexi knew what she was doing to me, but I didn’t much care. I was intoxicated by looking at this little girls crotch, and I wasn’t about to stop, even if she knew I was looking. That was until I saw Thursday’s panties.


As Thursday’s class started I took my new usual position behind the podium to hide my erection as I taught the class while staring at my favorite student’s panties. Lexi made her way into class and sat down as usual. At first I thought today’s panties were some sort of cow or zebra print. White cotton with black spots or stripes. But as class went on and I looked harder, I noticed something that both excited and terrified me. They were in fact white cotton panties, but the black was no animal print. They were letters. In bold print Lexi had written a message on her crotch. It read I <3 Mr. P! in the style of the I love N. Y. t-shirts one can buy in New York city. So I had my answer, yes Lexi was obviously showing me up her skirt everyday, and today she was letting me know it. The thought of this beautiful young creature, who I had fantasized about numerous times, was blatantly showing me her private areas made me more excited than I had ever been. But I was also very nervous. What if another teacher should happen to see them? I would be castrated if a student was seen with my name written on her crotch. As much as I enjoyed these shows, I knew that in order to protect my career and life I had to put a stop to this. After class, as Lexi stayed as usual, I told her I needed to speak with her about something. Now, how was I going to say this? "Lexi, I apologize, but I happened to see up your skirt today during class" I said "You did?" She said, playing dumb. "Yes and um... I noticed something troubling. I believe you have my name written on your underpants." I added "Yeah they say that I love you" Lexi responded. "Well Lexi, what if someone else should see that? I could get into a lot of trouble. You don't want that, do you?" "But its ok Mr. P. You are the only one I show them to." Lexi said. I was shocked by what she had said. "You really show them to me?" I said. "Well yeah, I’ve been doing it all week. Don't tell me you haven't noticed" was Lexi's response. Not knowing how to handle this, I really didn't know what to say. "Just do me a favor and don't wear those, just in case someone does see. Now get to lunch" I finally said. I sat at my desk, not knowing what to think. So she has been knowingly showing herself to me all week. What do I do? Its not hurting anyone for me to look is it? I decided to wait and see how Lexi handled things the next day. *** If Thursday was confusing and somewhat frustrating, Friday was insanity. After 24 hours of thinking and wondering, I was dying to know what Lexi would do this day. At first I was disappointed. For what may have been the first time that year Lexi sat and crossed her legs. I part expected for her to not show me today, but I was still a bit let down that I wasn't getting my daily panty shot. About half way through my lesson however, Lexi uncrossed and spread her legs. I was actually walking around the room today, because I had nothing to hide behind the podium. When I noticed Lexi change positions though I walked to the front of the room and got behind the podium and looked to see what panties she was wearing today. However, I did not see what panties she wore today. I did not see what panties Lexi wore, not because of how she sat, but because she was not wearing any! As I looked up Lexi's skirt past her silky thighs, between her long legs, all I could see was a thin slit in her flesh and a tiny patch of hair at the top. The hair was light brown like that on her head. The slit looked delicious. It looked tight, but was opened slightly. To say I was shocked by this sight would have been a vast understatement. I was also extremely delighted. I had never seen a young girl’s pussy before, at least not in real life, and it was truly a sight to behold. I had an extremely hard time looking anywhere besides between Lexi's legs. I just wanted to crotch down in front of her and get lost in her sweet slit. The bell rang, snapping me back to reality. Most of the class left the room, leaving only Lexi and me behind. "Is that better Mr. P.?" Lexi asked, not getting up from her seat, still revealing herself to me. "Is what better?" I asked "Lexi, you aren't wearing any underwear!" "You told me not to" was her response. Thinking to what I had said the day before, I realized what she meant. "No Lexi, I meant not to wear the ones that say you love me, not for you to not wear any at all." "Ohhh ok, Mr. P. So I should wear panties?" Lexi asked. I couldn't tell if she was playing me or was serious. "Yes Lexi, you should wear panties" I said sternly "But don't you prefer looking at me without them?" Lexi asked I was speechless again. She WAS playing me, and I was going right along with it, although I really didn't mind being played with at all. Suddenly though another teacher walked by my classroom and I snapped back to reality. I realized where I was and what was going on. I knew I needed to put an end to this before I got caught. "Alexis," I said, using her real name. "I am not going to talk about this sort of thing with a student in school. Now go to lunch, and put some underwear on." "Oh ok Mr. P. I got it. Wear panties and not talk about it in school. Gottcha" Lexi said, and went off to lunch. After she left I thought to myself about what he hell I was going to do with this girl, and what had I gotten myself into. Only time would tell exactly what I was in store for. *** That night I pulled my car into the drive way of my house. i sat in my car for a moment to recollect my thoughts. I thought I noticed something and looked in my rear-view mirror. I knew I had to get a grip on myself, because I was starting to see Lexi everywhere. I swore that was her walking behind my car. I opened my door and stepped out, and realized I wasn't day dreaming. Standing there in my driveway was the object of my continuing desire. "HI MR. P.!" She exclaimed. "Lexi? What are you doing here" I asked. "Oh I live right down the street there" she said, pointing down the block. "Sorry to show up like this." "How do you know where I live?' I asked. "I looked it up online" she answered. "Um ok" I said, not knowing how to respond. I started walking up to my front door. Lexi started following me. "Where are you going?" i asked. "In with you," she responded. "You said we couldn't talk in school, so I figured that meant we should talk in your house, right?" I now had an idea where this may have been going. "You are just trying to get me in trouble right?" I asked. "No, Mr. P. I'm not trying to get you in trouble, but don't you think you would get in more trouble talking to me here on the street than if we were inside where no one can see us?" I have no idea with which head I was thinking, but this actually made sence to me. I shrugged and led the way into my house. I grabbed the mail out of my mail box, loosened my tie and went into the kitchen. Lexi set the bag she was carrying down on my coffee table and sat on my sofa. "So, Mr. P., we aren't in school. Answer my question" Lexi said. "What question?" I asked, call in from the kitchen. I knew full well what she meant, but trying to buy myself time to think of what to say."Do you like seeing me without panties on" Lexi responded. I walked back into the living room. "Look, Lexi, I can't see you like that," I said. "It's illegal." "Oh right," Lexi said. "That's why you said I need to wear panties" she said as she started spreading her legs. "Like these" with that her legs were spread. She was once again showing me her panties. She was wearing the “I <3 Mr. P” panties. She spread her legs a great deal farther than she had before. I was treated to a fantastic view. I couldn't help myself. I didn't even try to look away. She wanted me to look, she was showing me, and we were alone in my house, why shouldn't I enjoy the show? "Why would you write that on there?" I asked. "Because it's true, and I wanted you to know it" she said, then added "and even if you don't love me... yet, at least admit you like them." What the hell, I thought. What the worst that could happen. "Yes Lexi, I do like them" I said. "I knew you would!" Lexi said excitedly as she got up and came over to me. She gave me a hug, it felt more magical than the one we shared a week ago. "So do you like these ones because of what’s on them? Or do you like all of them?" She asked. I replied, "Well no, I like them all" But then I added "Lexi this is completely inappropriate." "So?" she asked. "Who's going to know? I won't tell anyone. And you won't get in trouble because I'm showing you, you aren't doing anything. So which did you like the best?" Lexi continued. I sighed heavily and went back to the kitchen. "Do you want something to drink?" I asked. "Soda if you have it, and an answer to my question" Lexi said. I opened the fridge door. The cool air felt good. I noticed that I was sweating and my b***d was pumping rapidly. Ok Mr. P. I thought. What's it going to be? I figured i had gone this far. I had done enough that if she was going to tell she would have already. I may as well have fun. I called back into the living room "I liked the blue ones from Monday." I walked back into the living room with two sodas, unable to believe I had just said that. I set my soda can down on the coffee table and noticed the “I <3 Mr. P” panties Lexi had just been wearing sitting on the table. I looked to Lexi, who was sitting back on the sofa. "These ones?" She asked. She spread her legs and lifted her skirt to reveal the blue satin panties she was wearing Monday. I was lost. "Umm yes, those. How, what?' I asked. Lexi opened the bag she had brought with her, inside where several pairs of panties, some I had seen and some I had not. "Is there anything else you would like to see?" Lexi asked, smiling at me. At this point I was so turned on I couldn't help myself. I sat back in a chair across from the sofa. "Show me something new" I said. Lexi dumped her bag out on the table. She looked through them for a few seconds then selected a pair of white satin panties. She stood up, lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties off. She then stepped into the white pair and pulled them up. These particular ones where, probably, the tightest I had seen her in. I could see the material ride up between her lips, creating a sexy bump in the front. She turned around, bent over a little, and lifted the back of the skirt, showing me her panty covered butt. "What do you think?" Lexi asked, looking at me back over her shoulder. "That looks incredible" I said. "What else do you have?" I asked. Lexi then changed into a pink pair of cotton panties. Then bent over and showed me her butt again. This process continued for several more pairs of various colors. I do not know when I started, but at some point I started stroking myself through my pants at this show. Lexi, however, realized before I did. "Wouldn't that be better if you took your pants off too?" She asked. Suddenly I realized what I had been doing. I couldn’t believe I was going to do this, but I did it anyway. I stood up. “Yes, It would be better that way” I said. I kicked my shoes off. I undid my belt and unzipped my pants. I pulled them down and took them off. I tossed them across the room. I then sat back down, wearing my boxer shorts. My hard penis popped out of the leg hole of my boxers. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and slowly started stroking up and down. I looked up into Lexi’s eyes; she was starring at my cock. Then she looked into my eyes. She said “I love you Mr. P.” and then she sat back on the couch across from me. She pulled her panties to the side, and started rubbing her pussy. “I love you too, Lexi” I said. I stood up, took my shirt off and sat next to Lexi on the couch. I brushed her hair from her face, and tucked it behind her ear. I touched her check. I then pulled her toward me and kissed her lips. She kissed me back. We both opened our mouths and started flicking our tongues over each others. Her tongue tasted delicious. I broke our kiss and took her shirt off her, then her bra. I started rubbing her chest. I squeezed her round tits. I leaned down and kissed her nipple. I sucked it into my mouth. Lexi put her hands on the back of my head, pulling me into her. I kept sucking, sucking as much of her shapely breast into my mouth as I could. Lexi started moaning. I sounded amazing. I finally stopped sucking her tits and kissed my way down her body. Her panties were still pulled to the side. I dove in and kissed her pussy lips. I licked up and down her slit. Then I stuck it inside her. She let out a little gasp as my tongue entered her body. I licked all around inside her, sliding my tongue in and out. I then flicked her little clit with my tongue. I kept going back and forth between fucking Lexi with my tongue and licking her clit. She still held the back of my head, still pulling me into her, still moaning, but much louder now. Finally I stopped and lied her down on the couch. I spread her legs and got in between them. I placed the head of my cock on the lips of her pussy. I looked into her eyes as I pushed into her. I was surprised that I slid all the way in, she had already lost her hymen. We kissed passionately as I slid in and out of her wet pussy. Lexi wrapped her arms around me, pulling me toward her. Her moaning was getting louder and louder until it suddenly reached its climax. I knew she was cumming. I couldn’t control myself. The feeling of her gripping my body, pulling me toward her, and cumming on my cock sent me over the edge. I pushed into her and shot my load. Her eyes got wide as she felt my cream filling her little body. *** A few minutes later I was still holding her naked in my arms on the couch. I kept running through my mind what had just happened. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I didn’t regret it at all. I had very strong feelings for Lexi. As I watched her lie there, almost asleep, completely peaceful, I knew I had never felt the way I felt about her about anyone else. Was I in love with her? Maybe I was. But suddenly I was brought back to reality. I heard a ringing from Lexi’s bag. She woke from her semi-slumber and answered her cell phone. After some small talk she hung up and looked at me. “My mom wants me home for dinner” she said. In that moment I realized who this girl was. She was 13 years old, my student in 8th grade. I had just had sex with her, but maybe all that was ok. I thought I loved her. I knew no one besides her and I would understand, but that was good enough for me. Lexi got off the couch and started putting her clothes on. I watched her get dressed, and then start stuffing all her panties back into her bag. One pair fell to the floor from the table. I picked them up and started to hand them to her just as she was zipping her bag. “Oops, forgot a pair didn’t I?” she asked. “I guess I’ll have to come back for those tomorrow.” “You better” I said. I got up and hugged her again. I knew this hug was different from any of our other hugs, because we were now lovers, but it felt surprisingly familiar. It was almost like that first hug, before any of this had happened, felt the same way. This hug, however, was followed by a deep passionate kiss. Lexi then had to leave. *** I sat naked on the couch for a long while after she left, thinking about what just happened. I knew I should feel bad, I should regret doing it, but I didn’t. Every time I started thinking about what just happened, I started getting turned on. Before too long I was rock hard. That’s when I noticed the panties Lexi had left behind. I picked them up and really looked at them for the first time. They were the blue satin ones Lexi wore on Monday; the same ones I told her were my favorite. Was them falling off the table and leaving them there really an accident? I wrapped them around my shaft. I used them to jack off with, remembering how she looked in them, and how good it felt inside her. I came again, soaking the panties with my semen. I decided to turn in early that night. It had been a long, interesting, and ultimately very good day. I knew the next day could be even better though. I fell asleep with visions of Lexi dancing in my head. *** I woke up early the next day to the sounds of birds chirping outside. It was a nice, warm, sunny day outside. After I made myself a quick breakfast, I decided to sit on my front porch. As I sat out there though I saw two police cars drive by in front of my house. Although I did not regret anything that happened that day before, and I knew I wanted to do it again, I was scared to death that Lexi had told someone and I was going to get arrested. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I went back into my house and turned on the T.V. I was watching some bad movie on cable, when there was a knock at my door. I about jumped out of my skin. I assumed it was the police coming to arrest me. Whoever it was knocked again. I finally opened the door, and my heart stopped. It wasn’t the police. It was Lexi. There she was, standing on my porch, a huge smile on her face. “HI Mr. P.!” she said. “Good morning Lexi” I said. “Can I come in?” she asked. I stepped to the side and let her in. “Of coarse you can” I said. She walked past me into my house. She was wearing very short cutoff jean shorts, a yellow mid drift tank top that showed her flat belly, and sandals. She looked incredibly sexy. Lexi then went and sat on my couch, exactly where she sat the day before. “What are you up to today?” she asked. “I’m enjoying my day off. Freaking out that the cops are going to bust down my door and drag me to jail” I answered. “They won’t” Lexi said, laughing. “They can’t unless I told someone, which I didn’t, and I won’t tell anyone. If I told, and you got arrested, we couldn’t do it anymore.” “And you want to do it again” I asked. “Hell yes I do” she said as she crawled toward me across the sofa. She kissed me, and as we kissed her hands found my cock through the gym shorts I wore. Her hand went up the leg of my shorts and started stroking my hardening penis. She started trying to pull my shorts down. I lifted my self off the couch so she could do it. She also took my shirt off. By now I was rock hard. She leaned down and kissed the head of my penis. She started to suck, taking almost all of it into her mouth. She was very good at giving head. “How did you get so good at that?” I asked. “Lots of practice” Lexi answered. Practice? I thought. There has got to be a lot more to this girl then meets the eye. I knew I wanted to ask her all about it, but there would be plenty of time for that over this weekend. For right now, there were more important things to do. As much as I was enjoying getting a blowjob from this sexy little girl, I wanted to do more. I had her stop sucking. I took her tank top off of her. She was not wearing a bra. I told her how much I loved her round little tits. She seemed to blush a bit. I leaned in and sucked on them much like I did the day before. I didn’t do this for too long however. I stopped and unbuttoned and zipped her shorts. As I pulled them down, I noticed something. Lexi wasn’t wearing any panties. Joking with my new little lover I said “What did I tell you about wearing panties?” “Sorry Mr. P.” Lexi said, pretending to be upset. “Maybe you’ll have to punish me. Do I deserve a spanking?” She asked. I liked this idea. “Yes Lexi, I think you do.” I pulled her over my lap. I lightly slapped her left butt check. “Oooooh” Lexi moaned. I did it a little harder, and Lexi moaned a little louder. Apparently Lexi enjoyed being spanked. I was dying to know her story, what or more importantly who had she done before? I continued to spank her, sometimes doing it rather hard. I could tell Lexi was really enjoying herself. Her butt was starting to turn red. I stopped spanking and started rubbing her butt. I moved my hands between her checks and rubbed her little hole. I moved my hand down between her legs and around to her pussy. She was extremely wet. Lexi must have had other things in mind. She turned herself around and straddled me, sliding my hard cock into her. She started riding me up and down. She looked amazing moving up and down on top of me, her tits bouncing. I reached up and grabbed them with my hands, squeezing them as she rode. She came quickly. I wasn’t far behind though. I shot my load inside her again. For a long time after Lexi and I had both climaxed, she didn't move. She just sat there with my cock inside her, kissing me passionately. After several minutes of this, she reluctantly got off of me. She put on the panties she had left the day before and her tank top. I put on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. For a long while we just sat and talked. It was nothing sexual, just chit-chat. We talked not like teacher and student, but more like boyfriend and girlfriend. After a while we got hungry and ordered a pizza. It was over the third slice that i decided to ask the question that had been on my mind for a while. "How is it you have 'so much practice' as you said?" I asked. "How many guys have you been with?" "Other than you, only one," she responded, "but I don’t really want to talk about it." Jokingly I replied, "Oh come on, I'm your friend, you can tell me anything." "Oh, okay" Lexi said. "So who was this one other guy? An old boyfriend?" I asked. "No, it was my Dad" she said. "Your father?" I replied, shocked. "Yes" Lexi look embarrassed. "Wow" I said. "That’s... um... neat" I wish I could have thought of a better word to say than 'neat'. Lexi replied, "You don't think it's creepy?" She had a look of hope on her face as she looked up at me. "No, I do not" I said. "I mean I just had sex with my 8th grade student. Most people would think that’s just as creepy, so I think it's fine." Lexi jumped up, came over to me, and hugged me. "That’s awesome Mr. P, I love you" "So tell me about it" I said. Lexi began relating her story to me. Her father had begun molesting her at a very young age. As she got older, it changed from just touching to having sex and as she called it 'making love'. Apparently she enjoyed and loved every moment of it. Then her mother found out. Her father got sent to jail and they moved to a new town. Lexi was extremely upset that she had lost her lover. She knew she had to find a new one, but thought it would be very hard. Then she stumbled into my classroom that first day of school and I had been so nice to her, that she knew exactly who she wanted her new lover to be. So she started teasing me. Showing her body and her panties off to me. She said that the way I acted the first day she showed me her panties, she knew I was hers. I was blown away. I had always pictured Lexi as an innocent young girl that i was taking advantage of. In actuality, she was a sex crazed young woman who meant to do everything she had done to get me to fall for her, and it had worked. She ended her story by saying "So I won’t tell anyone because I don't want to have to move again and start all over with another guy." I felt so much better about what we had done after hearing her story. I wanted her again. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I lied her down on my bed, took her clothes off, and made love to her slowly and deeply. *** As had become our usual habit, Lexi and I lied together for a long while after we made love, but it was starting to get late. "You should call your mother," I said "and tell her you're staying the night at a friend’s house." "You should call and pretend you're my friends dad. That'll be better." So I made the call, pretending to be Lexi's friend's father. Her mother gave her the ok to stay the night. Lexi and I were very excited. As we lied in bed, I asked her "Tell me more about you and your dad. You really seemed to like being spanked; did he use to do that to you?" "Yes," Lexi said "at first it was punishment when I was bad, but then he realized how much it turned me on, so he started doing it as part of our sex afterwards." "Do you do anything else kinky?" I asked "Yeah, a few things" Lexi answered, but before I could ask what, she was already asking me "Are you into young girls?" I wasn't totally sure how to answer at first, but i figured I was already in enough trouble, so why not be honest? "Yes" I said, "I am attracted to young girls. I always have been. It's the main reason I became a teacher." I couldn't believe I was telling Lexi my darkest secret. I couldn't believe even more that I felt so comfortable telling her. "Am I the first girl you've been with?" Lexi asked. "Yes, you are Lexi" I answered. "I've had lots of girls that flirted with me, and I flirted with them, back when I was subbing. I never did anything with them, though. None of them were as sexy as you are though." "Aawww, I love you Mr. P!" Lexi said and gave me a hug and a kiss on my lips. We kissed for several seconds. When our kiss ended, I said to my little lover "You can call me Craig when we're not in school if you want." "I like calling you Mr. P." She said. "It sounds and feels, I don't know, naughtier" Lexi answered. I liked this idea, too. I did like the way it felt knowing I was with a student, and her calling me mister added to that feeling. "You like being naughty, don't you?" I asked. "Yes" Lexi answered, then asked me a question. "Will you do something for me?" "Anything" I said. Lexi said "You don't have to if you think it's weird. It's just something Dad and I did and it's pretty weird, but it's lot's of fun and.." I could tell she was nervous about asking me, and rambling. I was dying to know what she wanted. "Just ask me" I said. "Will you pee on me?" Lexi asked. I was shocked. I would have never dreamed that was what she wanted. I had never even thought about urination as part of sex. "Your Dad would pee on you?" I asked Lexi "Yes" Lexi answered sounding like she was getting excited "and he would have me go on him too. It's a lot of fun, but we don't have to if you don't want too. And you can forget I ever asked. But you could just close your eyes and pretend like you're just going in the toilet and not even know I'm there" I could tell she really wanted it, and I really did want to make her happy. It did kinda sound like fun. "Ok, I'll do it" I said. "Yay!" Lexi said and gave me another hug and kiss. *** Lexi and I finally got out of bed and went into my bathroom. We got into the shower and Lexi got down onto her knees. "Where do you want it at?" I asked Lexi. "All over" Lexi answered, rubbing all over her body "and maybe a little in my mouth." "You want to drink it?" I asked. "Yes, please" she said, giving me a sly smile. "Ok, here it goes" I said. I closed my eyes for a second. I didn't know why I was having a hard time going at first, but finally I could feel it coming. The first spray of my yellow liquid hit Lexi's left arm. It was only a short spurt at first. Then it came out steadier. I redirected my spray toward her chest. I covered her tits. I made sure my flow went slow, so it would last longer. I moved my spray down her body to her belly, then her legs. Lexi was following my pee with her hands, rubbing where I had peed on her at. Lexi opened her mouth, and looked up into my eyes. I knew what she wanted. I moved my spray up again and got the last bit of my flow into her mouth. As my flow trickled and stopped, Lexi closed her mouth and swallowed my pee. She rubbed my pee into her body a little more, then stood up and kissed me. I could taste my pee on her lips. I found the taste odd, but not altogether bad. She reached over and turned the shower's water on. I washed her body off. I had really enjoyed peeing on her, and was very hard. Lexi and I fucked in the shower as the hot water poured on us. I came deep inside her again. Lexi and I got out of the shower and dried off. It had been a long day so we got into bed and fell asleep in each others arms. *** I woke up early the next morning. Lexi was still asleep, lying next to me in my bed. She was on her back, her head turned away from me. The sheet we had used was covering only part of her body. Her right leg was sticking out and it only came up to her waist. For a long while I just looked at her. Her smooth, bare leg. Her small round breasts and her flat stomach gently rising and falling as she breathed. She looked like a perfect angel. I lightly brushed a strand of hair from her face, and turned her head so she was facing me. I hoped it would not wake her, but she must not have been as fully asleep as I believed. Her eyes slowly blinked, then opened. “Good morning Mr. P.” she said. “Good morning Beautiful” I replied. Lexi got a big smile on her face. “I have to pee,” she said “wanna come?” She bit her bottom lip and a hopeful look appeared in her eyes. “You really do like these pee games, don’t you?” I asked. “Yes I do,” Lexi replied “but if you don’t want to play them, then we don’t have to.” “It’s ok Lexi, I’ll play along. Besides, I have to go too.” I said. We got out of the bed and went into my bathroom. Lexi stepped into the bathtub and got down onto her knees. “You first” she said. “I’m thirsty.” I stepped into the tub myself. Lexi opened her mouth wide, and got close to my cock. I could tell that this morning my little lover wanted to drink my urine. I started to go. My flow went directly into Lexi’s mouth. Soon her mouth was full though, and she closed her lips to swallow. When she did this I stopped my flow. Lexi swallowed my pee, and then opened her mouth again. I let go the rest of my pee. I once again filled her little mouth, but instead of swallowing right away, Lexi left her mouth open and the overflow ran down her chin and over her body. When I was done Lexi then swallowed her mouth full. She stood up and kissed me like she had the day before. I could taste my pee on her mouth again. I could tell why she was into this game so much. “My turn” she said. She lifted her leg and put it on the rim of the bathtub. I bent down to get a closer look as she peed. Lexi began to urinate. It was only a little at first, but soon it built to a full flow. I thought it looked rather sexy. I put my hand into her the flow, and felt the warm liquid run over my hand. I could really get into these kinds of games, I thought. “Taste it, if you want” Lexi encouraged. She reached down and put her own hand into her flow just as it was stopping. She lifted her hand to her mouth, and sucked her fingers. “I think I’m yummy. Not as yummy as you, but still good” she said. I shrugged. “Why not?” I added and licked her urine off my hand. “Well?” Lexi asked. “Not bad,” I said. “I bet it will grow on me. Do you taste yourself a lot?” I asked. “Sometimes,” She said. “When I’m really in the mood to play and couldn’t do it with Daddy right away.” “I think watching you taste your own is very sexy” I said. I stood up to reveal that my cock was rock hard. We stepped out of the tub and went back to my room to have sex again. As much as I hated it, I knew Lexi had to get home. After another long shower together Lexi and I both dressed. She left me with promises to see each other in school the next day. *** It was the longest day ever waiting for Lexi’s period to come, but finally it did. Lexi must have ran to class, because she came into my room early. We shared a look of desire, but we both knew we had to be deceit because there were already other students in the room. Lexi held up an empty water bottle. “Can I go to the bathroom and fill up my bottle?” She asked me. “Sure,” I said. “Take the hall pass.” Lexi went and came back a few minutes later. Class had already started by the time she took her seat. I could not help but stare at her. It was as she looked right into my eyes as she took a drink from her bottle that I noticed the liquid in it had a slightly yellow tint. I was in shock. Lexi had filled her bottle with her own pee, and was drinking it right in front of me. Between watching her drink her pee and looking up her skirt, I had an erection for the rest of the class. The bell rang, and most of the students left, except Lexi that is. Her bottle was empty again. “I’m empty again.” She said. “I can see that,” I said. “Was that what I think it was?” “Yep!” she answered. “Gosh Lexi, that is so sexy” I said. “Will you fill it up for me?” Lexi asked in her hopeful look that I had come to love so much. I took Lexi’s bottle and went into the faculty bathroom. I undid my pants and pulled out my cock. I placed the tip of my penis on the mouth of the bottle and began to pee. I filled the bottle before screwing the cap back on. When I left the bathroom, Lexi was waiting for me in the hall. I handed her the now full bottle. Lexi took the bottle, unscrewed the cap and took a big drink of my urine. “Thanks Mr. P.” she said before skipping off to her next class. As I watched my new lover go toward her next class I could not help but think about how much I was falling for her and how lucky I was. I knew that this was the beginning of some amazing adventures.