I love my Daddy

I imagine that you will be surprised to be hearing
from a man; everything I have read lately about
incestuous relations between fathers and daughters has
been written by women, for whom the experience was
traumatic. No doubt their fathers did not find what they
were doing traumatic, or they would not have done it,
but you won’t be getting any letters from them! But, let
me introduce myself:

I am forty years old, an attorney – who should (and
does) know what he is doing is against the law.

An avid tennis player, I am physically very fit. I
have also been called handsome but however, my wife of
eighteen years apparently didn’t find me handsome
enough, because she left me a little over a year ago,
running off with my partner, Richard, and most of the
negotiables, leaving me with our fifteen-year-old
daughter, Roberta.

Needless to say, `Bobbie,’ as everyone calls her, and
I were devastated by my wife’s abandonment of her
family, and even moreso by the discovery that before
leaving town, she had `slept around’ with, I must
assume, her `favourite’ corespondent.

For the first few months after my wife’s departure,
I’m afraid I wasn’t a very good father to our daughter –
as though if am now! At any rate, I did not take the
interest a parent should in the life of a teenage girl.
In other words, my supervision of her was quite cursory.
Of course, I knew she was dating, but so long as her
dates were from `our set’, I didn’t object.

Then, late one Sunday afternoon, Bobbie came home from
a supervised swimming party at a boy’s house and went
straight to her room. She was wearing a long, floppy
sweat-shirt which came down barely far enough to cover
her bottom. There was something I wanted to ask her, so
I rose from where I had been watching TV and followed

Although I always knocked before entering her room,
since it had hardly been more than five seconds since
she had entered it, that day I opened her door without
knocking and walked in a step or so.

Bobbie is sixteen years old, about five foot three and
a hundred and five pounds. With medium-length dark-
blonde hair and hazel eyes, her breasts are about the
size of oranges, her waist is slim, and her bottom is
like two halves of a small, round water-melon. As I
entered, she was standing by her bed, half-facing in my
direction and in the process of removing it, had pulled
her floppy top up so that her head was engulfed in it.
Below, she was wearing the bottom of her two-piece
swimsuit but her breasts were completely bare. I
couldn’t keep myself from audibly gasping at the sight.

When she heard my intake of breath, Bobbie pulled her
top down so she could see over its folds, but the
jutting of her breasts prevented it from coming down far
enough to hide them completely. Naturally, since I
did always knock before entering, her eyes showed some
surprise and she yelled, “Daddy!?”

I tried – God, how I tried! – to divert my gaze from
her half-nude body, but for a long moment I could only
stare at her. Then I said, “I’m sorry, baby,” and I
turned toward the door.

Before I could go through it though, she said,
“Daddy,” again, and I turned back toward her. Not
very diligently, I’m afraid, Bobbie was now trying to
pull her top down farther, but her bare breasts were
still nearly completely visible to me. Keeping my eyes
away from those luscious mounds exposed before me, I
tried hard to look into her eyes; she was blushing pro-
fusely. “The catch on the bra of my swimsuit broke,”
she explained. “That’s why I don’t have it on under my

“I see,” I said, and then saw her eyes flick
downwards. At the sight of those lovely young breasts.
I could feel my penis rapidly growing hard and realizing
there was no way I could hide my condition from her
gaze, I turned again to the door.

“Daddy,” Bobbie said again, and I turned back to her.
She had abandoned her top, leaving her breasts in full
view. “Do you think my breasts are pretty?” she asked,
and pulled her shoulders back to enhance their appear-
ance. Not knowing what to say, I gulped deeply. “You
haven’t seen them since they developed. I mean, un-
covered,” she went on. “Well,” she insisted, “do you?”

“Do I what?” I asked, my mind in a complete dither.

“Think my breasts are pretty, silly,” she said,
smiling at me.

“They’re — beautiful, Sweetheart,” Glancing at them
again in spite of myself, to my dismay, I noticed their
nipples were now erect.

“Daddy,” said Bobbie in her gentlest voice, “Am I
giving you a problem?”

“Why, no,” I lied, but saw her eyes were fastened on
the unmistakable bulge profiled in my shorts. Her eyes
rose to meet mine as she said,

“Are you sure?”

After the break-up of my marriage I had not engaged in
sex with anyone, getting a job with a large law firm
where the only women were either elderly secretaries or
the masculine-looking, hard-as-nails type with about as
much sex appeal as a book of statutes. Fear of AIDS
prevented me from even thinking of seeking relief from
anyone else I came into contact with and the sight of
the half-nude body of my sixteen-year-old daughter was
reminding me just how deprived I had been. “Well, of
course you are!” I almost shouted at her. “I am human,
you know, even if I am your father!”

My daughter smiled at me in apparent sympathetic
understanding. In hardly more than a whisper, she asked
“Have you had sex with anybody since Mom left?”

I shook my head. “The AIDS thing has . . .”

Bobbie cut off my stumbling words. Stating the
obvious, she observed, “Then you must be feeling awfully
horny,” I wondered where she had learned that word.

Somewhat defensively, I said, “Well, of course I miss
sex. I’m just not cut out for celibacy.”

A very serious look came over Bobbie’s lovely face.
“Do you want to do it with me?” she asked.

Interpreting her question to mean she was astounded,
even horrified, that I was obviously sexually aroused at
the sight of my own daughter’s body, I said, “Darling,
I’m sorry. Whether he wanted it to or not, the sight
of a beautiful young nearly-naked body like yours would
stimulate any man.”

Understanding my disavowal, Bobbie shook her head. “I
wasn’t condemning you Daddy,” she said. “I was inviting

Unable to believe my ears, I stared at her, speech-

Her voice soft, Bobbie went one. “Did you know, before
she went away, Mom got me a prescription for the pill?”
and surprised, I shook my head. “Uh-huh,” she said,
nodding her head. “When I started dating and having my
periods. Mom said they would help my complexion.” She
laughed. “But I knew she thought I’d probably do it
with somebody before long. I guess she thought I might
have inherited her `hot pants’ and she didn’t want me to
get pregnant.

“So, I don’t see why I can’t help you sometimes. It
isn’t as though you’re going to knock me up and have to
pay for an abortion.”

I was aghast at her suggestion. “But you’re my

As though that were hardly worth considering, Bobbie
shrugged her shoulders. Pointedly looking again toward
my crotch, she said, “And a daughter ought to be a
comfort to her father. Not a problem!

Bobbie looked at me very seriously. “I know you’ve
had a pretty rough time of it since Mother ran off. I
know men needed sex every so often, so wouldn’t it be
better for you to do it with me than take the chance
of catching `some horrible disease’ from someone else?”

When I didn’t respond, Bobbie was insistent. “Well,
wouldn’t it? You mentioned the AIDS thing, yourself.”

Vehemently shaking my head, I said, “I’m not going to
take your virginity.”

Staring at me for a moment as though I were someone
from an earlier century, Bobbie threw her head back and
laughed lightly. “That’s already been taken care of!”
she said.

My jaw dropped open. I had not wanted to think my
beautiful young daughter might have already lost her
virginity, but with a face and body like hers, I
shouldn’t have been surprised. And I certainly didn’t
want to think she might have inherited her mother’s `hot

Frowning at my stunned look, Bobbie said, “Well, I’m
not a tramp! I’ve only done it three times, and with the
same boy. And if you’re wondering,” she went on, “I’m
the first and only girl he’s done it with. So you don’t
have to worry about me having caught some disease from

My mind in a turmoil, I was still speechless and stood
staring at her. After a moment or two, Bobbie reached up
and, finished pulling her top off over her head, she
slipped the skimpy bottom of her suit over her
beautifully-rounded bottom, letting it drop to the
floor. Stepping out of it, she turned to face me. At the
top of her slit, the tuft of hair was the same dark
blonde as the hair on her head, but there was so little
of it I could see her genital lips disappearing between
her thighs. I groaned! She smiled sympathetically at my
discomfort – what an inadequate word! – and sat down on
the edge of her bed. Holding her arms out toward me, she
said, “Daddy, I love you. Let me help you.”

Now, Dr. VB, if there is a man alive who can walk away
from an invitation like that from such a delectable
example of female youth, I will eat his hat, his coat,
and his trousers! Yes, I succumbed, and daughter or not,
I defy any man to say he wouldn’t have done likewise! I
walked – no, staggered – to Bobbie and kneeling down
before her, put my arms around her waist and my head on
those luscious, soft young breasts. Putting her arms
around my neck and pressing my cheek to her bosom, as
though I were a baby in her arms, she rocked back and
forth. Then putting her hands on my biceps, she urged me
to rise.

Standing me before her, Bobbie unfastened my shorts,
pulling them down so they dropped around my ankles.
Causing my erection to spring upright not over a foot
from her face, grasping the waistband of my jockey
shorts, she pulled them down too.

Smiling grimly at her look of surprise, I thought,
`Not the half-grown cock of some pimply-faced teenager,
is it, my sweet?’

Gingerly, Bobby took my penis in her hand and
examining it closely, moved it this way and that. “So
that’s where I came from,” she said. And then she looked
up at me and said, “Daddy?”

Thinking my cock being larger than she’d expected, she
was having second thoughts – and, if she did, I didn’t
know if I could prevent myself from raping her!, I asked

“I really am doing this just to help you,” she said.
Bobbie lay back on the bed, her thighs spread slightly,
and smiled up at me.

“I know, Honey,” I said. Climbing in between her
legs, which she opened wider to receive me, I removed my
shirt and laid myself between them.

“What I mean is, when you are feeling really horny,
you can come to me,” Bobbie said. “But I don’t want to
do it, like every night, just for your pleasure.”

“I understand, Sweetheart,” I said, and a smile on her
lips, Bobbie lay back and waited for my penetration.
Arms up, hands beside her head on the pillow, her body
totally relaxed, it was almost as if she were simply a
little girl again, waiting for Daddy to read her a

Approaching her gingerly and placing the head of my
penis into her slit, to my surprise, it encountered
dampness. Bobbie’s juices were flowing, and with the
lubricant seeping from the end of my cock, I was sure
entry would be no problem. Pushing forward, my penis
slid in to about half its length and Oh, God! she was so
tight! Retreating an inch and pushed again, it was
all the way in her. Probably because my penis was
larger than the other one she had experienced, there was
a flickering of her eyelids and a quick intake of
breath, but then she smiled again.

Positioning myself over her, I began the in-and-out
movements. Looking down her flat tummy and watching my
cock, shiny with our juices, disappear into her and then
reappear was the most fascinating sight of my life!

No matter how urgent my need for relief, I make sure
my partner enjoys her own orgasm, and even though it
had been a `long time between drinks’, I didn’t intend
for this time to be an exception. Making long, slow
insertions and withdrawals, moving a little from side-
to-side to stimulate the nerve-endings in the walls of
her vagina, I made my pubic bone massage Bobbie’s
clitoris when I was completely within her. Realizing
later I was taking substantially longer than any self-
serving teenage boy was likely to, I did this for a
considerable time and then the expression on her face
began to change. A very thoughtful look appearing, and
clutching at the pillow slip on either side of her head,
Bobbie didn’t seem to know what to do with her hands.
Until now, she had been lying perfectly still, but her
bottom began making small, jerky moves against my
middle. Looking at me with half-closed eyes, she
suddenly said, “Daddy?”

“What, Sweetheart?” I said, not slowing my pace.

In a high, quavering voice, she said, “Can girls c-c-

Surprised, I stopped all movement and said, “Of course
they can.” I looked down into her face, and asked, “You
haven’t had an orgasm when you’ve done this before?”

Closing her eyes, Bobbie shook her head. “I don’t
know,” she said.

“Oh darling, when you have one, you’ll know it!”
Resuming my in-and-out motions, in a still-quavering
voice and almost as if she hadn’t even heard my comment,
Bobbie continued, “But I’m feeling funnier and funnier
down there.

“Oh, boy! Oh-h-h, bo-o-y!” Bobbie’s arms suddenly
went around my neck, and she pushed her buttocks upward
in short, sharp jabs. “Oh, Daddeee!” she cried and as I
felt the muscles of her tight little pussy clamp around
my turgid cock, I hit the high-spot. Cum exploding
through my shaft like bullets from a machine-gun barrel,
Bobbie clutched me to her breasts, her body shaking so
hard I was afraid for her.

And then she fell back, and I collapsed on top of her.

After a few moments’ rest, I rolled over and pulled
her head onto my shoulder. I kissed her cheek, and my
lips tasted a salty tear. Truly concerned, I asked,
“I didn’t hurt you, did I, Precious?”

Bobbie shook her head and peeped at me out of the
corner of her wet eyes. “No, Daddy. It was – beautiful!
I didn’t know it could be like that.” Her breasts
rubbing against my ribs, she snuggled up to me, and
after a moment, put her lips to my ear.

“You know what I said?” she asked, in a voice
surprisingly husky for her age, “I mean, about you
coming to me just when you were really horny?” I nodded,
yes. “Well, you can forget that,” she said. Then Bobbie
chuckled, almost to herself. “You can do that to me any
time you want!”

Figuring they were just showing their ignorance, she
later told me she’d heard girls talk about `coming’.
How could a girl come, she’d wondered, if she doesn’t
ejaculate semen? Knowing it felt pretty good to do
it, Bobbie said, “But I hadn’t expected anything like

Having experienced her first orgasm, she has not been
shy about seeking repetitions. The `anytime you want to’
has become anytime she wants to, and that is –

What her former boy-friend thinks, I don’t know since
she tells me that she has `cut him off’ entirely. And I
don’t know what is going to happen in the future. I
suppose she’ll get married one of these days, and I
probably will, too. But, for now, I just have to admit
that I’m not strong enough to resist Bobbie’s youth and
beauty. And enthusiasm!

Sincerely yours,


P.S. So you won’t think I have made all this up, or
that my daughter might have a different story to tell,
I’m going to show this letter to Bobbie and tell her she
can add her own comments if she wants to, so –

Dear Dr. VB: I love my Daddy, and I am so glad that he
gave me my very first orgasm because I might not have
ever had one if he hadn’t. Well, I guess I probably
would have, sooner or later. Anyhow, I love doing it
with him! And I really love it when he brings me off
with his tongue in my pussy! (I see he didn’t tell you
about that, though! Ha, ha!) Yours truly, Bobbie

P.P.S. I promised her that I wouldn’t change anything
she wanted to add to the letter, so I won’t. But I
notice that she didn’t tell you how she can suck my very
soul out of me through my penis with her sweet, young
mouth. (So there, my love!)

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