I met a wonderful and beautiful Brazilian girl, and I went out to her farm to visit

My second year in college (at 21 years old), I met this
20 year old Brazilian exchange student from Sao Paulo in
my Latin class. Her name was Liana, and she was drop
dead gorgeous. She stood about 5’6″ and had Carmel
colored skin. Her features were all extremely profound,
as she had a large (almost oversized) butt, and D size
breasts. She had green eyes, and her face was perfectly
symmetrical, beautifully offset by a little birthmark on
her left cheek. We took an immediate liking to each
other, and sat next to one another every day.

Her Latin accent drove me up the wall! She told me all
about Brazil, which I had always wanted to visit, and
what it was like there. Being very personable people
(Brazilians) she was very open about sexuality. Me being
a very sexual person, I was quick to ask. She told me
about how kids lost their virginity usually by age 13.
It was common, she said, for an older person in the
community to find a young boy/girl and show them the
ways of love making usually before age 15.

Her neighbor, a 30 year old, had taking her virginity
when she was 11. I was thrilled to hear all about the
sexual tendencies of a different culture, and I told her
about my experience with (young) Raina. With a laugh,
she said I would fit in perfectly in Brazil. After
about two months of class we decided to hang out outside
of school. We got some lunch a few times, and went to a
few movies. There was definitely a romantic energy
between us, but we had only kissed and made-out, taking
it slow. Soon, the year came to an end and we promised
to stay in touch over the summer.

A few weeks went by, and there was no communication.
Then, after about a month, she gave me a call. She told
me that she was heading back to Brazil in a week and
that she would love to see me again. Her exchange
parents were going away for the weekend and she was
gonna have the house to herself. I assumed that she
wanted to make love, being that we were gonna be alone
for a few days.

I became hornier and hornier, anticipating just how
wonderful sex with Liana could be. The weekend came and
I found my way out to her house. She lived on a farm on
the outskirts of town, which took me a while to find,
but I eventually did. She welcomed me with a big hug
and a kiss, seductively gazing into my eyes. She was
sooo dreamy! We visited for a while and ate some lunch.
After lunch, she said, “Danny, you’re so beautiful, I
love you and want to touch you all over, do you feel the
same about me?”

Not used to this type of forwardness I was surely
surprised. I responded that I didn’t want anything more
in the world than to make love to such a sweet and
gorgeous girl. Her face lit up and we began kissing,
slowly making our way to her bedroom.

We collapsed onto her bed and I lay partially on top of
her rubbing her thick thighs. Our tongues massaged the
back of each others’ throats, as she was the best kisser
I had ever kissed. We took it nice and slow, removing
articles of clothing every 3 minutes or so, allowing for
a nice buildup. I kissed her breasts and sucked on her
big round nipples. She gave me a prominent hickey on my

Finally, after about 20 minutes we were fully naked and
the foreplay was getting both of us extremely wet. I
slid my body down the bed, bringing my face up to her
genitals. She was soaked with pussy juice and fully
shaved as well. Her pussy juiced coated labia glistened
in the sunlight beaming in through the window. I began
eating her out, it was sour but delightful as she moaned
and pulled my hair, arching her back.

Her Carmel-colored complexion was glowing and her energy
flowed right into my mouth. My penis was super duper
hard, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I lifted my
face up and got on my knees, and Liana rolled over onto
her belly. I grabbed her hips and moved her up to her
knees and toward my dick. She reached back between her
legs and guided my penis into her vagina. I let out a
loud moan upon entry and began thrusting, my balls
swaying back and forth.

She moaned with pleasure and let her face fall into the
pillow. Doggy style was one of my favorite positions and
was surely her favorite. I thrust harder and harder as
she began to shriek with every push. “Ah, Uh, Oh, Uh,
Ow! Hi, Uh!” Up on her hands and knees, she turned her
face back and blew me a kiss. I leaned over and began
licking her upper back and neck. Then, sitting up
straight again, I went harder and faster, banging the
shit out of her pussy. I felt her vagina walls spasming
and expanding/contracting around my cock. “Oh yes, fuck
me, fuck me hard, you bad boy!” she exclaimed. Her
accent drove me crazy!

“Oh no! No, you bad boy! Oh Max! Fuck me Max!”

What?! I thought. Who’s Max? I slowed down to a stop.

“What happen, why you stop?” she cried.

“Who’s Max?” I responded.

“Oh, nobody,” she said. “It means nothing.”

“No way, it’s ok, just tell me who your fantasizing
about, I don’t care.”

Her eyes moved about as she searched for an answer. “Max
was my first boyfriend back home,” she stated.

I knew she was lying, it was too obvious. “You’re
lying!” I pulled my dick out of her and sat on my butt.

“No, no, it’s no lie,” she responded.

“Listen Liana, I don’t care if you’re hooking up with
another guy and fantasizing about him, it’s okay, just
be honest!” I stated.

She fell silent as she searched her mind for the right
words. With a relief, she stated a bunch of things in
Portuguese, as if complaining to her father.

“Ok, listen,” she said, “there’s something that
sometimes goes on in Brazilian culture that I didn’t
tell you.”

“Huh, what?” I said inquisitively, totally puzzled.

“I just didn’t want to tell you because I fear that you
might judge me and not like me, and think I’m
disgusting,” she said.

“Liana, you know I love you for you and wouldn’t judge
you! You’re amazing no matter what, you can tell me

She sighed and took a deep breath, “You promise me
Danny? You swear you won’t judge me!?!”

“Of course!” I responded, holding eye contact.

“Okay then,” she continued, “I won’t tell you with
words, but I can show you.”

Huh? I thought, I was confused.

She got up from the bed and moved over to the doorway,
and shouted, “Max! Max! come here boy, come here!” Just
then a medium sized dog came jetting down the hallway
and into the room.

It clicked! Woah!!! I thought.

She stood there in silence, watching the wheels turn in
my head.

“You mean? No fucking way!”

She nodded her head.

“Eeew, gross!” I complained.

She put her head down, “I knew you wouldn’t like it.”

“I didn’t say that!” I replied, “I’m extremely open-
minded, it’s just, I’ve never thought of this before.
I’m actually really curious!”

Her face lit up and she smiled. “You want to know
exactly what it is we do?” she questioned.

“I would love to see,” I replied, as my penis began to
grown again. This is totally weird, I thought, but for
some reason it’s insanely hot! She got down on all
fours, and called for Max, patting her butt.
Ecstatically, the dog ran over wagging his tail. I could
see his pink penis emerging from its little pouch. He
ran behind her, and hopped up onto his hind legs,
mounting her backside. He began humping rapidly. Liana
giggled with delight. She reached back, just like she
had done with me, and guided his penis into her pussy.

Max humped faster and harder, whining with pleasure.
Liana began moaning and soon she was shrieking. “Oooh
Maxi, you bad boy!” she also said some stuff in
Portuguese I couldn’t understand.

I was in shock. What was this?! I was rock hard, and
without realizing it had begun stroking my penis. Liana
commanded that I come over and sit in front of her. I
did as she said and she began sucking away at my cock.
She moaned with delight. My head fell back and my mouth
hung wide open, she was amazingly talented!

All too soon the dog finished and ran off barking with
glee. Both of us humans were still horny, so I took his
place and began screwing the shit out of Liana. I
grabbed her hair and pumped as hard as I ever had. I
could feel the warm, wet semen of Max inside her vagina
and it felt great.

Uncontrollably, I let my load explode inside of her,
prematurely. She complained, unsatisfied, and stated
that I had to suck my sperm out of her for releasing it
too soon. I did as she requested and she giggled with
content. “You’re crazy,” I told her.

With a smile, she said, “It doesn’t end there.” She
grabbed my hand, and led me out of her room, both of us
fully nude. We went out the back door and into the yard.
I had forgot we were on a farm. Ah, it’s all starting to
make sense!! I thought.

She said, “I requested to be on a farm, because I ‘love’
animals” she said with a laugh. We entered a big barn.
It was full of horses. We walked past a bunch of
stables, and entered one with a big, white, beautiful
stallion in it. “His name is David” she told me. She
instructed me to grab a table that was outside of the
stable and slide it in. In a trance of curiosity I did
as told.

She approached the horse and stroked his face. He seemed
to know and trust her as he didn’t bat an eye upon
contact. She slid her hand down his body, under his
belly and clutched his large cock. As she firmly stroked
it, it grew longer and longer until it was about a foot
long. David let out a small cry and shifted his legs.

“Woah there buddy!” she responded in a whisper. She
dropped down to her knees and opened her mouth as wide
as possible. She inserted his penis and began moving her
head back and forth. She pulled it out and licked the
tip of it, pushing her tongue into his hole. “Mmm,” she
moaned with delight, “you must try.”

Not knowing what was happening, my dick had become erect
yet again. I moved over and dropped to my knees. She
handed me the obscenely large cock. I licked the tip and
stuffed the head into my mouth, tickling it with my
tongue. She giggled and watched intently. What have I
gotten into this time!? I thought. His dick was sweet
and surprisingly tasty. I continued for about 2 minutes,
stroking this horse penis with my tongue. With my mouth
getting sore, I stopped and stood up. We both slid the
table over, next to David.

She got on the table and laid on her back. I grabbed the
horse cock and guided it into her pussy. David shifted
with pleasure. Liana screamed at the top of her lugs,
nearly in pain. After about 3 minutes, she couldn’t take
it anymore and I watched as her body shook and spasmed
to orgasm. She let out an ear piercing shriek. The horse
startled and bucked, nearly knocking Liana off the

We both laughed as she got up and we slid the table
away. “I need to satisfy him,” she stated. Dropping back
to her knees, she began licking and rigorously jacking
his cock, until he blew a HUGE load of thick horse semen
which coated her entire face. “Oooooooooooh!” she cried,
turning to me with an ear to ear grin.

“You’re nasty!” I giggled.

She got up and we patted David, saying goodbye. We got
back into the house and she washed off in the bathroom.
We laughed and joked about what had just happened. “So
what did you think, you like how we do it where I’m
from?” I laughed and told her I would love to come to
Brazil sometime to visit her and try new things and

She thanked me for being so open-minded and willing to
experiment. I left that house that day in absolute
disbelief. This was by far the strangest sex I had ever
taken part in. More taboo than the 3some with my two
cousins, wilder than the Andes with Nicolas, and sicker
than banging my neighbor’s little daughter.

I was thrilled and felt fulfilled. Trying something
new, always made me so content. I fantasized about that
day and always hoped I could make it down to Brazil to
visit Liana. Unfortunately, I never saw her again,
though she stayed on my mind for a long time.

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