I used my girlfirend mom as a toilet

I had finished work and had gone over to my girlfriend’s parents house to wait for her as I had an hour and a half to k**l. When I got there her mother, Eileen was there. I get on well with Eileen and truth be known I would fuck her given half a chance. She is in her forties with Marilyn Monroe hair and is pretty open minded when coming to issues of sex. Anyway I needed a wee and went up to the bathroom upstairs. I like to use this one because I can normally find a pair of Eileen’s dirty knickers in the wash basket. I had my wee and still with cock out I opened the basket and found a pair of her knickers. They were a day old and had a nice piss stain and quite a large shit stain. My cock was hard and needed wanking off. I put the piss stained crotch to my nose and as I sniffed I wanked off. Suddenly the door opened and there was Eileen standing there with a surprised look on her face. My cock was still in my hand and her knickers to my face.
She stood there for a second before saying “ come with me”. She turned and I was half expecting a telling off but she walked in to her bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.

“You dirty bastard,” she said “so you like sniffing my dirty pants?”

Before I could respond she started to pull down her dark blue tracksuit bottoms. She sat there in her white knickers. “Take my pants off” she ordered. I took hold of the side of her knickers and eased them down. Soon I had them in my hands standing in front of her.

“ You might as well sniff a fresh pair” she said “Inspect them and then smell them”.
They were very damp round the crotch and these too had a small shit stain. I put them to my nose and as I did she took hold of my cock and wanked it hard. Just as I thought that I was going to come, she stopped.
“Smell my pussy” Eileen had now stretched her legs wide and I moved my head down to the light brown pubes and her shiny cunt lips. Her cunt smelled good and I started to lick it. Soon I was licking her out quite hard and she was definatly enjoying it.
“ What do you like about my dirty knickers” Eileen gasped. I looked up and told her that I liked the pussy smell and especially the piss and shit stains she left. “good, keep licking me you’re in for a treat”
As I licked her out she started to piss. It went into my mouth and over my face. I moved my head back a little and then she let out a little fart.
“I want you to catch it” . As she said that Eileen lifted her legs up a bit higher so I could see her arsehole.
With a push the arsehole started to open and her shit eased it’s way out. It was about an inch and a half thick and was very sticky. She was straining a little to push it out gasping a couple times. I let all nine inches of the first log run through the palm of my hand and onto the floor. After that one had finished a smaller five inch turd fell out of her arsehole. My hand was smeared with Eileen’s shit and her arsehole and inside cheeks were covered in shit as well.
“ I did need the loo you know, how was that?” she quirked. “ Now I want you to fuck me”
She opened her legs and I parted her piss socked pubes and lips and pushed the end of my throbing cock into her cunt. I leaned forward as I pushed all the way in and rubbed my shity palm over her face. Then I fucked her. It didn’t take long for her to come and as she did she let out a grunt. “Now pull out big cock” she said. As I did she turned over and got on all fours. “ I bet you love to see my shitty arsehole? Fuck me from behind”. I once again pushed my cock inside her and as I started to fuck her I pulled her arsehole wide open and stared at all the shit round it.
“ Can you smell my shit?” she yelled, “bet you want to come in me”.
“yeah” I said but she retorted “don’t come in me I’ve got other plans”

I felt her come again and again I pulled out. “I’ve finished my shit, now you can finish what you started”. She pick up her knickers and gave to me. “What do you want me to do with them?” I asked.
“smell them and wank off” she replied.
So I put the wet crotch area to my nose, stood up and started to wank hard. Eileen started to stroke my arse and then running her finger through my arsecrack started to push her finger into my arse hole.
“I’ll take over from here” she said. Eileen then took over wanking my cock and put her lips around the head. “I’m going to come” I gasped as I could feel her hot breath on the tip. I shot three or four hot wads of come into her mouth and she swallowed most of it only letting a couple drips run down from her mouth. She took her finger out of my arse hole, sniffed it and got up and went off to have a shower.