I used my wife’s sister

My wife, Sherry, is generally quiet and proper. But even so, she
absolutely loves sex with me, though in a sweet, affectionate way.
She actually can’t seem to get enough. But there have been a few
times that she has *really* surprised me. The first time was before
we were married. We had been living together a few weeks and were
really getting along well. One night after we had just turned in, she
grabbed my head and kissed me. That may not seem like much, but
Sherry was usually more passive about sex. This night, though, she
let go and went after me and once we were at it, she amazed me
with her attitude: she gets excited and often moans when we have
sex, but this night, she talked to me more, saying things like “Oh,
yes! Real hard! Harder! Please!” She also grabbed my body and
pulled me into her. Believe me, I had no complaints!

After we both came, we lay there in each other’s arms, and soon she
was nibbling on me and giving me a sly giggle. I couldn’t believe it!
She wanted more! I couldn’t figure out what had gotten in to her, but
I was sure to oblige.

Except that I heard a noise in the house–a suspicious noise. I got up
to investigate. I whispered to Sherry that I was going to investigate
a noise and she grabbed my hand and asked me to stay. But that
noise had bothered me too much so I wasn’t going to be stopped.
Then Sherry got up and got in her robe and came along. She said she
wasn’t going to sit there all alone.

I checked around, and when I got to the guest bedroom, I got one of
the surprises of my life! There was a nude woman in there, tied up,
blindfolded, and gagged! Sherry and I looked at each other, and then
she started talking, nervously and rapidly. She said it was her
sister Sheila! The woman was trying to say something and was
obviously trying to escape. She was lying face down on the bed and
had gotten her knees to the floor, but her feet were tied together too
well for her to get any further. Sherry reminded me of how she had a
twin sister and how she had warned me that Sheila couldn’t be
trusted. She said that Sheila had come to visit…actually, to make
her sister miserable and that Sheila would do anything to steal me
from Sherry. She said she finally had to do this to protect her own

My jaw dropped. I had never suspected that Sherry would do such a
thing. I told her I was going to untie Sheila, but Sherry was
adamant–she insisted that if that woman were untied, she would do
absolutely everything she could to get me away. She said Sherry and
Sheila knew each other well and I shouldn’t worry about this. I don’t
know how, but somehow she convinced me to leave the woman tied.

Then Sherry really surprised me. She said I should give Sheila what
she was looking for–to do her ass right there! I realized I didn’t
know Sherry as well as I thought I did. But family relationships can
be very revealing.

Sherry continued to insist that I do Sheila’s ass. Sheila had started
trying to say something again and was squirming a lot. I told Sherry
it would be r**e. I was still mystified by the way Sherry was acting
that night. Sherry said it wasn’t r**e because Sheila definitely
wanted my cock. In the ass. It didn’t look right to me and I told
Sherry so–Sheila was still struggling and saying something. Sherry
said I should massage Sheila’s cunt, and only take her ass after she
got excited. She said if Sheila started getting excited and wiggling
her ass in an inviting way, I would know she wanted it.

Well, I told her I wouldn’t do it unless it was obvious Sheila wanted
it. But I started caressing Sheila’s cunt with my fingers. Sherry
told me to make sure they were wet and to make sure I fingered
Sheila’s clit. She kept on giving me very explicit instructions.
Sheila had stopped wiggling and seemed to be resigned to the
caresses. Soon I felt her wetness. Sherry actually put a finger on
Sheila’s cunt to check the wetness herself! Sherry told me to frig
her faster. Soon I heard Sheila’s breathing grow heavy. Sherry gave
me a tube of K.Y. and told me to get Sheila’s ass ready with my
fingers. It was happening! Sheila was wriggling her rear and
pushing it towards me! She looked like she was out of control!

I slipped lubrication into her rear hole with my finger. She pushed
back on it! Sherry was watching closely and seemed amused! It still
strikes me as so weird that Sherry would be so interested in such
kinky stuff, and that she would ever think about me having sex with
any other woman, much less her sister.

Finally, Sheila was so hot, I thought she was going to go crazy.
Sherry told me to go to it. I was hard, but Sherry helped me along
with her hand anyway. I couldn’t believe this was happening! I put
the head of my cock right on Sheila’s rear hole. Sherry got down next
to her and whispered in her ear. I pushed. It was so tight and felt
so delicious! I gradually pushed it further, and soon had it pushed all
the way in. And Sheila was pushing back against me as if she
wanted more! She started pulling away but stopped and pushed
again. She wanted me to fuck! I started slowly and then gradually
worked up ’til I was fucking it with abandon! Sherry was giving me
encouragement, like “Fuck that little slut! Give it to her good! Give
her what she deserves! She wants it, the little slut! She needs it!”
It was so different from the way Sherry usually acted.

Finally I was coming, and it was obvious that Sheila was too. Sherry
was frigging herself under her nightgown and came too, so we all
came just about together! Afterwards, Sherry dragged me back to
bed and she was still horny! I was worn out though, and we played
with each other and kissed, but I wasn’t hard enough to get it in her.

The next morning, Sheila was gone by the time I got up! Sherry was
already up and told me Sheila had left. She seemed exhausted, and I
noticed that she seemed even quieter and more reticent than usual
for the next few days. I figured that alcohol had loosened her
inhibitions for one night and now she was embarrassed by the whole

But I sure thought about Sheila. It was weird that the only time I
had “met” her was under such circumstances. The next time I met
her was even weirder than that first time, if anything. I was off to
a trade show for a week, but ended up coming home after just two
days because it didn’t turn out to be as useful as I had hoped. When I
drove back to my house, there were a couple of cars there that I
didn’t recognize. Well, when I walked in, Sherry met me at the door
and insisted that we immediately go out for dinner. Though I was a
little tired from my trip, I was willing to relax at some place casual
and that’s what we did. At the end of dinner, she told me that Sheila
was back. I was amazed and noticed that Sherry seemed to be
watching me closely. We went home immediately. I noticed that one
of the cars I had seen before was gone. Sherry told me the other one
was Sheila’s. We went in and Sherry took me to the guest bedroom.
Along the way she told me not to say a word. Sheila was nude and
blindfolded again. But she wasn’t tied up–she was kneeling–
sitting on her heels on the floor. And she wasn’t gagged either.
Obviously she could get up and remove the blindfold whenever she
wanted to.

Sherry put her finger up to her mouth, making the sign to keep quiet.
She told me to go stand in front of Sheila. She insisted that I get
right up to her. Sheila immediately got up on her knees in front of
me, felt around for my zipper and unzipped it. She pulled out my
cock and started licking and sucking it. Sherry egged her on. Though
we had had a couple of beers, I was still amazed–it seemed that
Sheila brought out something weird in Sherry. Sheila kept sucking,
and Sherry had a leather belt she had picked up from somewhere.
She started whipping Sheila’s rear, which made her whole body jerk.
But she kept sucking–harder in fact.

Sheila was good at sucking cock. I couldn’t believe how enthusiastic
she was, and she was getting more of it in her throat than I ever
would have thought possible. While she was doing it, Sherry pulled
off her blindfold. She looked up at me, and I saw her eyes for the
first time.

I was amazed at how much she looked like Sherry–they certainly
are identical twins–in appearance anyway. She looked shocked and
stopped her action. Sherry knelt down and whispered something in
her ear. Then she went back to work, with avengence, and soon I was
coming. She took it all in her throat and swallowed every bit.

After that, Sherry had her stay nude–in fact, she stayed nude the
rest of the week, acting as a housemaid. Sherry had her suck me off
all the time. She also whipped Sheila whenever she felt like it.
Once she had Sheila come in bed with us and suck me off while we
were kissing. Then she made Sheila stand facing the corner of the
room while we made love. Amazingly, Sheila never complained–in
fact she said very little, only speaking when spoken to–mostly
when Sherry was telling her to do something.

Finally, that weekend, Sheila left. Sherry had helped her get dressed
before leaving, and then seemed subdued, for days. In fact, that
night she wanted me to hold her all night, and wouldn’t let me let go.
It seemed she wanted affection even more than sex. After the wild
way she was acting when Sheila was around, it was quite a change.

The next time I saw Sheila was when Sherry and I got married–
Sheila was the maid of honor. That time I didn’t see Sheila’s wanton
side–we were with people and she acted normal except that I
seemed to catch her staring at me a lot.

Sherry, on the other hand, did surprise me, just like she had the
other times when Sheila was around. During the wedding, she
managed to whisper to me that she was looking forward to our
wedding night and that she wanted it rough. I was so distracted by
that uncharacteristic comment that I was lucky I didn’t embarrass
myself during the rest of the ceremony. When we did get to our room
that night, I was in for a real shock. Sherry convinced me to let her
tie me spread-eagle to the bed–she had some handkerchiefs for the
purpose. Then she sat on my face and ordered me to eat her. After
she had come once, that way, she straddled me, and rode up and down
on my cock. After we both came, she lay down next to me and
snuggled with me–with me still tied spread-eagle–all night, in
fact. In the morning, I woke up still tied, but she was sucking my
cock. She brought me to the edge, and stopped with a wicked look on
her face. Then she untied me and told me to take her from behind–
hard! She got up on the bed on her knees, and believe me, I never
experienced anything like it. Aside from the kinky things Sherry had
made me do with Sheila, the rest of our sex had always been
completely vanilla–straight intercourse with me on top. Marriage
seemed to be making Sherry drop some of her inhibitions.

That day, we flew to St. Thomas. She continued to surprise me that
week with more ideas about sex. For example, she absolutely
insisted that we have sex on the beach late one night. Then later in
the week, she insisted we find a place where we could do it in broad
daylight! Well, I didn’t complain.

One of the strangest things that happened was one afternoon when
we were just sitting by the beach, drinking. Sherry pointed out a
woman to me. The woman was absolutely gorgeous and wearing a
tiny string bikini that showed off her whole ass. Sherry made the
comment “I’ll bet you’d like to fuck that ass”.

I froze. This was the last thing I expected to hear from Sherry,
honeymoon or no. Was I being tested? I looked at her. She was still
looking around the beach at people. Soon she was pointing out
another woman to me. For the whole afternoon, in fact, she pointed
out women and suggested things I might like to do with them. Soon I
loosened up and got into the spirit of things. It was like talking to a
fraternity brother during college. And the things she was
suggesting–besides every kind of sex a woman might have with me,
she was suggesting paddlings and whippings, and suggesting how she
would like this or that woman to lick her pussy! And things we
would both do to them! In a way, I was more comfortable with her
that afternoon than I have ever been with a woman. She’s never
talked to me like that since, and I’ve been very careful not to
instigate such conversation myself–maybe it was the drinks–and
definitely the mood she was in during that week.

There was one more really unusual event. One evening we went down
to the hotel bar, and when we got there, Sherry pointed out a woman
sitting at the bar alone. The woman was older, maybe in her 30s and
looked like she had been drinking for a while. Sherry told me to go
talk to her and try to get her up to our hotel room! She insisted I do
it and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Finally, to humor her, I did it.
I sat next to the woman and talked to her and found out her name
was Alice. I could feel her latching on to me–it seemed like I was
her universe after just five minutes of conversation. When I
suggested going to my hotel room, she was more than amenable. We
got there and the room was empty. I looked around a little confused.
Alice clearly wanted to kiss me, coming close and looking up at me.
After a moment, I obliged. While we were kissing, the door opened
and in came Sherry. Alice was a sight: first she looked smugly at
Sherry, then she seemed to be angry, then as Sherry seemed to come
into the room with confidence, and without my complaints, she
looked frightened. She immediately grabbed her purse, ready to
leave. Sherry tried to talk her out of leaving, but she wouldn’t stay
and soon she was gone. After she was gone, Sherry laughed out loud.
Then we immediately went to bed and had the wildest straight sex

Sherry seemed very much subdued again after the honeymoon and
wouldn’t talk about it at all. I haven’t seen Sheila since then except
that Sherry insisted that we stop at Sheila’s house on the way home
from our honeymoon–even though it meant driving 75 miles out of
the way. Life with Sherry really is nice even if she is seldom in
those wild moods. I’m still astounded and sometimes a little uneasy
at the difference between Sherry on most days and Sherry during
those wild times.