I was a teenager, one of being fucked by a large dog and enjoying the sensations immensely

My friend Mandy wanted to go on a week’s holiday and
asked me if I would consider looking after her Doberman
called Max. He’s a great dog, just a big softy and I
said yes of course, he would be company for me in the
long winter evenings.

I had always had this fantasy about being fucked by a
big dog ever since my early teenage years, I have come
to realise that it is not an uncommon fantasy for young
women to have, although most would not admit to it.

This particular evening I was sitting in the big
armchair in front of the log fire composing another
story, it always made me horny writing these stories
and tonight was no exception.

Looking over the back of my chair, I watched as Max lay
in the corner, happily dosing. My body was tingling all
over, desperate for some relief, and still I sat there
debating whether I felt brave enough play with my clit
in front of a dog. Thinking back to the number of
nights that I had sat on this very chair and worked
myself to orgasm, I realised that the only difference
was, I had a sleeping dog behind me and anyway, he
couldn’t see a thing.

I stood up and took off my tracksuit bottoms; I finally
sat back down then gently started to run the fingers of
my right hand up and down the smooth cotton of my
panties. Of course it didn’t take long for my pussy to
start to respond to the gentle stroking of my fingers.

Teasing the left side of my panties to the side as I
finally decided to throw caution to the wind, I slipped
down the chair a bit and then started to work my
fingers up and down my swollen lips, I was desperate
for relief and I knew it. Lying there on the chair, it
didn’t take long for my finger to push gently through
my moist folds and finally find my swollen clit.

“Oh yes,” I whispered lustfully as my eyes closed,
enjoying the gentle teasing of my finger as I worked my
wet clit.

For a good minute, I lay there enjoying the slow build
up to an orgasm as I pictured myself devouring the huge
hard cock of a guy I had been talking to the night
before. Yet all too soon my world seemed to crash
around me as I felt a gentle brush against my tingling
pussy, then another, then another. Opening my eyes
just in time, Max was standing with his head between my
spread legs and immediately thrust out his willing
tongue and caught me on my pussy before dragging his
rough tongue through my moist folds as he final caught
my finger and clit simultaneously.

Letting out a shocked gasp, I realised that the gasp
was for two things, first a dog had just licked me
intimately, and secondly his rough tongue sent a
delicious shock right through my clit.

“Max go and lie down!” I gasped removing my finger from
my clit, giving Max’s head a feeble push.

“Oh hell…Max don’t do that!” I gasped feeling his
tongue repeat the same feat this time catching my clit
fully as a wave of pleasure coursed through my hot

Another stroke of his warm course tongue and I couldn’t
believe I was starting to consider, letting him
continue. I loved oral sex, and as far as participants
went, Max had the most amazing tongue I had ever felt,
but even in the heat of the moment, I still had enough
sense to realise that Max wasn’t like any other guy, he
was a dog.

“Max, please stop!” I groaned half heartedly feeling
his tongue force my labia open as he lapped firmly at
my pussy, finally tugging at my burning clit again,
sending another wave of pleasure coursing through my

“Oh good boy,” I whispered, closing my eyes, finally
admitting defeat as he continued to lap at my pussy,
then quickly came to a stop about 30 seconds later.

Opening my eyes, I wondered what had made him stop; I
looked down at Max as he tried to jump up onto the
chair with his front two paws catching my left leg with
his long claws.

“Max, get down!” I gasped, and then looked down at the
huge, erect cock that swung beneath him. All I could do
was stair in shock, as Max finally climbed down giving
me a side on view of the nine inches of hard cock, the
sight seemed to take my breath away. Sitting there
watching the damn thing swinging gently beneath him, I
couldn’t believe that I actually wanted a closer look
at this amazing appendage.

Dropping my feet down then running my hand along Max’s
coat, I slipped down onto my knees on the floor then
tilted slightly staring in wonder at his hard purplish
red shaft as it hung invitingly.

Was I really going to do what I was thinking, before I
had the chance to debate the rights and wrongs of the
situation, I watched my hand glide down Max’s back then
down his back leg, before making its way to his hard
warm shaft. Running my hand over his furry balls as Max
stood over me, I wetted my hand with my saliva and
stared in awe as my hand quickly folded around his cock
and started to tease him gentle. Max immediately
responded by trying to push himself against my willing

Feeling Max’s wet cock thrusting inside my hand, I
couldn’t believe what I was actually thinking or doing.
He had just given me oral sex, the least I could do was
maybe give him one little kiss. After all a cock was a
cock, pre cum was pre cum, surely it shouldn’t taste
that bad. Pushing Max back slightly, I quickly
positioned myself on my stomach as Max continued to
thrust against my hand.

Sliding along the floor slightly, I had to do it, I
needed to know. Resting my head on my hand then guiding
Max’s warm cock slightly downward, I closed my eyes
then let my head fall forward as my mouth opened
feeling Max’s cock slide along my tongue.

It wasn’t the best thing I had tasted in my life, yet
it wasn’t the worst either, sealing my lips around his
shaft, Max took over and thrust his hips, pushing his
warm cock against my throat. Just the thought of what I
was doing had my heart pumping. I knew I wouldn’t get
caught, and it wasn’t as if Max could tell anyone, yet
there was a strange sense of fear that mixed with the
overwhelming sense of pleasure that I was getting as I
quickly found a steady pace and started to suck
willingly on Max’s hard cock, my other hand starting to
fingering my sopping wet pussy.

I must have lay there for about a minute before finally
feeling my neck burn with pain, my position wasn’t
perfect and I knew it. Sliding out from underneath him,
I quickly stripped off my top and panties and watched
as Max quickly turned then darted behind me. “What the
hell?” I wondered then watched as he reared up and
placed his paws on my shoulders as I sat squatting on
the floor, all too soon I knew exactly what he wanted.

“Come on Max,” I said patting the floor beside me as
his full body weight seemed to push me to the floor,
trying to pat the floor again, Max pushed as I lurched
forward then quickly thrust my hands out to stop my
face slamming into the floor. I was now on my hands and

“Max!” I said firmly then suddenly felt something catch
my still burning clit as it sent another shock wave
through my body, a groan sneaked from my mouth. Another
nudge on my clit, then another, and I was passed caring
about his claws as they dug into my sides.

“Oh my god, yes!” I gasped as he nudged my clit again
then finally shifted his paws.

I gasped in shock as I suddenly felt his hard cock
press again at my moist labia, then start to slide my
wet throbbing pussy. The second Max finally penetrated
me, I realised that I had let this go far too far,
feeling him start to pound himself against me rapidly,
but fear was quickly replaced with lust as his long
hard cock slammed into me sending wave after wave of
intense pleasure through my body.

Gasping for breath feeling him continuing to stretch
and probe me like no guy had ever done before.
Squealing with a mixture of shock and lust Max was now
my master, I was his bitch as I lay beneath him
allowing him to subject me to the most amazing sex of
my life.

He was fucking me so hard and fast, orgasm after orgasm
ripped through me.

“Oh God!” I gasped feeling something slam against my
pussy sending a spasm of pain through my body, even
then the pain wasn’t enough to enough to stop another
impeding orgasm as I knelt trying to push back on Max,
then quickly felt my body finally submit and send the
most amazing orgasm through my body.

“Oh hell!” I wheezed, then immediately felt Max slam
into me again, this time it did hurt, it hurt like

“Max no!” I shouted then suddenly felt something
stretch me violently as the searing pain stabbed
between my legs. Trying to pull away, something was
inside me and had locked me and him together, the more
I tried to pull, the more the pain seemed to intensify.
Resigned to the fact that if I struggled it would only
hurt more, I lurched forward onto my elbows as Max’s
hard cock seemed to thrust deep inside me, almost
ripping at my womb in the process.

I moaned, unable to believe that I was actually
starting to enjoy his rapid thrusting. Waves of intense
feelings surged through me, becoming me on and on into
a world of pure lust, I moaned and screamed and found
myself meeting his thrusts with my own.

Then suddenly I felt him start to thrust harder and
faster, his huge cock impaling me, feeling his warm
saliva dripping onto my back. I felt the first spurt of
his hot cum as his cock twitched and throbbed deep into
my aching pussy. Even I wasn’t stupid enough not to
realise that Max had just impregnated his bitch.

I had just let a dog cum inside me, wriggling slightly
as Max’s knot held me in place; I finally resigned
myself to the full horror and the ecstasy of what I had
just done. I would never live it down, if anyone ever
found out what I had just let a dog do to me. For a
while I rested on my elbows as I tried to make sense of
it all. Then suddenly Max started to tug again, a quick
spasm of intense pain and finally I was free.

Max’s warm cum and mine gushed out of my pussy and
pooled around me, as I lay there in our cum unable to
believe how much of the damned stuff there was, I just
lay there on the floor what seemed like a long time, I
finally dragged myself to my feet, Max just headed into
his corner then lay licking his deflating cock as I
finally went for a shower.

Standing in the shower, I relived the experience over
and over again, I had never felt anything like it, on
one hand Max had given me the most intense orgasm I had
ever felt; also I had never felt as much lust as I did
allowing myself to suck on his huge cock.

The down side was, the pain in my aching pussy was all
too real and so were the cum stains on my carpet.

Directing the warm jet of water up into my aching
pussy, I stood enjoying the relief as the water seemed
to dull the pain. Yet like it or loathe it, I guess I
knew that before Mandy returned, I would end up
submitting myself to him again, I guess I didn’t
realise how soon I would return for another helping.

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