I was going to get something that I had been wanting for a long time

I was awakened by my computer playing a wave sound file I
had made from an old 78 recording. “Wake up, Wake up you
sleepy head. Get up, get up, get out of bed.” I rubbed my
eyes to clear the blurriness and focused on the numbers
on the monitor screen.

It was December 24, 1997. It was the day before
Christmas. It was also my eighteenth birthday. I had
always felt cheated on my birthday since it was so close
to Christmas that no one really made much fuss over it.
But I had decided that this one was going to be
different. I was going to get something that I had been
wanting for a long time.

My older brother Buck who was home from college on
Christmas vacation stirred a bit in the bunk above.

“Turn that friggin thing off he demanded. I’ve got a
fucking headache.”

He had been out drinking with some of his old high school
buddies till 2 am. He deserved to have a head ache, but I
decided not to torture him by letting it play a second
chorus and reached over to the infrared keyboard I had
left on the night stand and smacked the enter key.

The wake up screen dissolved and was replaced by a
Vueprint slide show I had scanned of Miss January. It
didn’t interest me much but I had thought that Buck would
think it was “Cool.”

I tucked two pillows against the headboard and sat up
leaning against them. I stretched and yawned a bit. I
wished I had a cigarette but Dad, a soccer coach and all
out health nut, would have killed me if he knew I was
smoking at all, let alone in my own house. I rubbed my
hands over the spare blond hairs that were just beginning
to grow on my chest. I stretched my arm out to both sides
and slowly bent my spine first to the right and then to
the left to get the circulation going.

My muscles felt good. Two years on the high school swim
team were paying off. I really would have to quit the
cigarettes anyway before they started to have an effect
on my swimming performance. I slid my hands under the
covers and scratched my balls, then cupped one hand
around the head of my morning hard on. I lay back feeling
the fullness and warmth of my erect dick. Not bad. Not a
giant by any means, but nothing to complain about.

Buck moved again in the bunk above me. I loved the name
Buck. It rimes with fuck, suck, luck, puck, duck. I
looked over at the dresser mirror that I had angled and
tilted just right so that I had a great view of the lower
half of the upper bunk. Buck had rolled the covers off
and was stark naked. I could see all of him from the
shoulders down, but not his neck and head so I knew he
couldn’t see me looking. He was on his stomach.

Since he attended college in Southern California he had a
great tan which made the whiteness of his butt stand out.
And what a butt it was. Hard, round and muscular but with
just enough baby fat left to make me want to pinch it. My
already hard cock stirred a bit at the sight of that
tight end. It occurred to me that I wouldn’t mind
slamming some dick into big bro’s ass one of these days
if I ever got the chance.

As I watched, Buck rolled over onto his back, rewarding
me with a full view of his morning erection. Maybe the
slide show on the computer had helped. I couldn’t be sure
if he had been watching it.

“Hey Jan, throw me up my bathrobe. I got to take a wicked

Not wanting to get out of bed, what with a hard on from
watching the show, I answered,” Get it yourself you lazy

“C’mon man,” he responded, “toss it up.”

“Come down and get it,” I quipped.” I want to see how
much my big brother had grown since he went away to

Resigning himself to his fate, Buck sat up in bed and
began climbing down the maple wood ladder at the end of
the bunk bed. His woody bobbing up and down and briefly
resting on each rung as he descended. It was apparent he
had grown very well, thank you. He had a full nine inches
of beautiful meat between his muscular thighs.

“Like what you see kid,” he joked as he reached the
floor. Still holding on to the ladder, he leaned his body
forward so his hard-on poked between the rungs.

“Not really,” I lied, “just curious.”

“I’ll bet you are,” he said, as he ducked down so I could
see the friendly grin on his handsome stubbled face. “Is
that why you put that porno stuff on the ‘puter. To get
your big brother hard?”

My mouth was a bit dry from the reaction this little show
was having on me, so I let that remark pass without an
answer. Suddenly becoming aware that my dick was poking a
tent in the covers, I pulled my knees up to my chest and
leaned on them nonchalantly to disguise my enthusiasm.

Buck, still smiling, reached down and cupped his balls
with his right hand. He gave them a squeeze and a little
shake which caused his stiff dick to shake back and forth
with them. His left hand brushed over the thick black
bush of his chest then slid down to his equally thick
black pubes which he gave a leisurely scratching.

I turned my face, which may have been blushing just a
bit, toward the monitor to see Miss January in a hot tub
dissolve and be replaced by Miss January on a bail of

“What do you mean porn stuff, this is just an old Playboy
I scanned. Nothing compared to the real porn you can find
on the Internet there days.”

“I know Jan. Just kidding bro. Man I gotta go. Too many
brooskies last night.

Turning suddenly he snatched up the white terry robe from
the desk chair and pulled it on. Not bothering to tie it
closed, he headed out the door toward the bathroom down
the hall. Just Dad and us in the house anyway. Mom had
left to take a great job in New York, and Sis and Junior
were visiting her for the Holidays. It was going to be an
all male Christmas at the Victor house.

I heard the bathroom door shut and a minute later the
toilet flush. Then the shower came on. He didn’t have
time to jack off on the toilet, I thought. Must be
planning on beating his meat in the shower.

I was surprised to see him back in just two more minutes.
The terry robe still open, his hair still dripping from
the shower, his dick back to a normal size. Buck pulled
off the robe and began drying his hair on one of the
sleeves. I got a whiff of Irish Spring with overtones of
Scope as he did this.

“Damnit, no clean towels in the bathroom and the water
was cold. Nothing like a cold shower to wake you up in
the morning. This place has gone to hell since I went to
school and Mom left to take that dammed job. You really
should help Dad out a little more than you do instead of
spending all your free time on that computer, Jan. The
poor guy can’t handle everything himself you know.”

“Oh, I think he handles it okay Buck,” a tone of double
entendre creeping into my voice.

“Come on guy, you know what I mean,” Buck said as he
eased his beautiful white butt onto the edge of my bed. I
edged away to the other side of the bed, and Buck,
perhaps not knowing how to take this movement, decided to
take it as an invitation. and lay back out in the freshly
vacated space next to me. The Irish Spring was really
heavy now.

“So come on, Dude, show me what else you have on that

“Well, I got Doom, and Quake, and…”

“No, stupid, I mean the porn stuff from the Internet.”

“Oh, that,” I said.

I jumped on the invitation so give my big brother a show
of the tech stuff I had been playing with. Hopping out of
bed I walked over to the computer desk and selected a CD
ROM I had made of some of the hottest pictures I had
downloaded from AOL newsgroups. I slide it into the CD
drive, hit a couple of keys and let the slide show run on
random. Getting back into bed I didn’t bother to pull up
the covers.

There I was lying next to my beautiful naked brother,
naked myself with a half hard on watching a porno
slideshow. Wow!

The first file was a pretty teen blond girl wearing just
the bottom half of a cheerleader’s outfit.

“Not bad,” Buck quipped, “great set of knockers.”

Then came a threesome with a red head getting it in the
mouth and ass from two black dudes. “Oh man, that is
really hot, he offered.

His cock began to spring to attention again. The cold
shower was wearing off. I was full hard now. I reached
down and began playing with my dick.

Next came a shower scene. A brunette with very big tits
was kissing a muscled quy while another guy was giving
the muscle stud a blowjob.

Hey, Jan, can you hold that one a second, said Buck.
Sure, I said, as I reached over him to the keyboard on
the nightstand and hit the pause key. My chest rested
briefly over his face and much to my surprise I felt his
teeth on my right nipple. A shiver of pleasure shot
through my body as that happened. I rolled back onto the
pillow and caught my breath.

“That is really hot,” he said. “Man that dude getting his
cock sucked looks like he is really enjoying it.

With that said, Buck rolled over toward me so that his
hard dick rested against my leg.

“I sure wouldn’t mind getting a blow job like that, would

“Sounds good to me, man,” I managed to get out in a voice
so breathless it would have made a Maryland Monroe
impersonator proud.

Buck’s big quarterback hand caught my right leg just
above the knee giving it a playful squeeze that sent a
hot rush of blood and teenage hormones through my veins.
I quickly redirected my gaze from the monitor to Bucks
face which was now only a few inches from mine. His face
held the same expression it had back when he was 16 and I
was 14, and he had dared me to race him down Mount Diablo
on our mountain bikes. I hoped this race would not be as
treacherous, but I was still powerless to turn it down.

Just then there came a loud thud and my bedroom door
flung open. Buck released his hold on my thigh and
quickly swung his feet to the floor. I groped in vain for
the covers, but had to settle for Buck’s wet robe to
pulled over me. Leaning over to the nightstand, I pressed
and held the page up button of the keyboard.

The monitor zoomed in on the threesome until the image
was just an abstract painting a few brightly colored
pictures across. In an instant I found myself engulfed in
a storm of paws, tails, and wet adoring tongues. It was
Bounder and Chase, our two big yellow labs. They always
stayed in Mom and Dad’s room at night, so that meant Dad
had just gotten up and let them out.

“You boys up yet?” came Dad’s voice from the hallway.

“Yah, Dad, we’ve been up for quite a while,” answered
Buck, rolling his eyes back as he realized the unintended
humor of his answer, and grinning with relief that Dad
was still down the hall and would be undoubtedly using
the bathroom for at least the next few minutes.

“Can one of you guys let the dogs out into the back yard,

“Sure Dad, no problem,” offered Buck just a bit to

Buck was pulling on a pair of butter soft faded Levies
501’s which caressed the contours of his perfect butt.
Man, at that moment I envied those jeans. Then came a
white and red football Jersey which had seen better day.
Bounder and Chase had hopped off the bed and were dancing
in circles around him now. “I’ll see you latter, nerd,
Buck chuckled as he and the dogs headed out the door.

I got up and started rummaging through the pile of clean
clothes on the dresser that I hadn’t put away yet. Mom
would have done that for me if she were still here, I
though. Then I notice one of Bucks jock straps hanging
out of his suitcase. I picked it up and raised it to my
nose. It smelled used and funky. I decided to put it on.
Buck wouldn’t mind. It reassuringly cupped my dick and
balls. I pulled on a pair of Levies just as worn as
Bucks, and a blue Berkeley sweatshirt.

I was checking myself out in the mirror, and thinking
about how hot things had been going with big brother
Buck, and wondering where our little session would have
gone, when Dad spoke from the doorway.

“Happy birthday, Son.”

Looking back over my own shoulder in the mirror I caught
sight of Dad standing there in his boxers. Not bad for
forty something, I thought to myself. What a born jock.
Mom has to be nuts, letting this stud muffin out of her
sight. I would have to keep an eye on him for her.

“Thanks, Dad, I replied, ” my tone a bit surprised that
he had actually remembered.

“Doing anything special today to celebrate?”

“Not really. I thought I’d spend some quality time with
Buck before he goes back to school. Maybe hang out down
town a while. What have you got planned for yourself,
Dad?” I questioned as I absent-mindedly studied the
pattern of his thick dark body hair, so similar to Bucks.

“Mel is coming over to watch some football on cable with
me. He doesn’t know it but he is also coming over to fix
the hot water heater.”

Mel teaches shop at Congress high school where Dad
coaches. He’s really good with tools and can fix just
about anything. He and Dad have been best buddies for
years now. Mel loves to take things apart and put them
back together, so fixing the hot water heater would be a
welcome challenge for him.

We assembled around the kitchen table. Dad had whipped up
one of his power shakes in the blender with bananas, skim
milk, and some sort of powdered supplement from the
health food store. This passed as breakfast. It didn’t
taste too bad and it would keep you going all day.

Buck suggested that he and I go for a run along the
canal, and I accepted the invitation. We headed out
through the back yard past the now rusted jungle Gym that
Mel had put together for us back when we were kids and
through the redwood gate which opened directly onto the
narrow tarmac trail that followed the drainage canal for
miles. The morning air was cold and crisp. The sun had
not yet melted the frost from the grass. Brightly colored
ducks where floating on the surface of the canal. Mount
Diablo loomed up in the distance, it’s peak covered in
rare snow.

Buck and I set off toward town. Puffs of white steam
forming in the air as our breaths escaped. I let Buck set
the pace, a comfortable jog. Once I dropped back a bit so
I could enjoy the sight of Bucks perfect buttocks. I
noticed the sweat clinging to his shirt and making the
small of his back.

In about twenty minutes we were in sight of Congress High

“Hey Buck,” I suggested, “why don’t we stop and cool off
in the pool. I could really use a shower, too.”

“The school is closed for Christmas break,” he offered.

“Don’t worry, I have a key,” I responded.

“There’s no life guard,” He protested.

“Sure there is,” I panted. “And you’re looking at him.
I’m a certified lifeguard, and since I am 18 today I am
now legal. I made a copy of Dad’s master key, so I can
get in to anything in the school.”

“Okay, sounds cool to me.”

We cut off along the path that led from the canal to the
campus. At the side door of the gymnasium I tried my key,
which worked just fine. Once in the gym we headed for the
guys locker room.

“How about a hot shower, and then a few laps in the
pool,” I suggested.

“Sure, let’s go for it,” he answered.

We found my locker and started to strip.

“Hey, Dude, that’s my jock you’re wearing.”

“Yah, Buck, you don’t mind, do you?”

“Shit no, fits ya good, stud.”

“Feels good too” as I cupped my balls with my right hand.

“Leave it on.” he said.

“Let’s hit the shower’s, Sport.”

The shower room was dark.

“Lets get some light in here.” I said reaching for the

“Hell no,” said Buck. “Why waste electricity?”

We picked two shower spigots next to each other and as
far from the door as possible. As hot water began to
geyser from them, the unheated shower room began to fill
up with a dense fog of steam. Buck lathered his chest and
abs with the hospital smelling antibacterial soap the
school supplied. Working the soapsuds down he began on
his pubes and balls.

“Let me get your back,” I heard him say. I felt his
strong hands soaping my shoulders. Kneading the muscles
at the back of my neck. Sliding down over my back. Then
around to tweak my nipples into hardness. He leaned into
my back and I felt the unshaven stubble of his chin
against my neck as his tongue found my ear. My cock began
to swell in his jock.

His thumbs found the leg straps and followed them around
to the pouch. His hands slide in and grabbed hold of the

“We were going somewhere this morning, weren’t we?”

“Yeah.” I answered, leaning my weight back against his
furry chest.

“You never answered my question. About the blowjob?”

“What about it?”

“Would you like one?”

“Sure, why not!”

“Happy birthday!” I heard him say as he sank to his
knees. He pulled the jock down and my hard dick sprang
out, eager for its first blowjob, it’s rite of passage.

“Pay attention now, there is going to be a test later,”
he joked.

He went straight to work on my virgin dick, taking the
full length of the shaft with his first head thrust, then
slowly retreating while his tongue massaged its way back
up to my swollen dickhead. I nearly shit, it felt so
good. He repeated this maneuver several times in
succession, sucking harder each time until he had pumped
my cock up to maximum pressure.

“Damn, the kid is good,” I thought to myself. “He’s had
some practice. No virgin here!”

Releasing his lip lock on my boner, Buck tossed back his
beautiful head. The full spray of the steaming shower hit
him square in the face and he took a swimmers gulp of air
as his hands slide up and down my smooth legs and
buttocks looking for the best place to hold on to for his
next assault. Adjusting his balance and deciding on one
hand on my calf and the other on my butt, he took just my
cut head in his mouth and applied his pearly whites to my
glans. His tongue found my slit and pried it open.

The sensation was almost painful and I squirmed a bit. He
slid his mouth back down the shaft and began a rhythmic
humping of my boner with his head. His hands cupped both
my buns and echoed the beat. I instinctively picked up
the rhythm. I was fucking my brother’s face and loving
it. From the contented moan he was making, I was sure he
was loving it too. I stepped up the pace of my fucking. I
was really giving it to him good. Buck let loose of my
butt and slide both hands up to my hard little nipples
and gave them a pinch which sent me over the top. I
grabbed his head with both hands and popped my teen load
into his hungry throat.

Buck made no effort to pull away, taking all five shots
like a man. When I had finished shuddering Buck stood up
and embraced me with his strong hairy arms and put his
lips to mine. I can still remember the taste of my load
as he shared it with me. His hard dick was pressed
urgently against my stomach. I was about to show him just
how much I had learned, when a locker door slammed shut
outside in the changing room.

“Shit, bro, sounds like we got company. We’ll have to
finish this later,” he whispered, motioning toward his
stiff poker. We quickly split up and started to clean up
the mess of cum from our bodies. I suddenly realized how
ridiculous I would look if someone came in and saw me
with the jock strap still down around my ankles, so I
kicked it off and tossed it to Buck. At first Buck didn’t
quite know what to do with it, but then decided to wad it
up like a washcloth. Turning to face the wall he rubbed
the jock over his arms and chest.

When it became apparent nobody was about to enter the
shower right away he wrapped the soapy jock around his
hard dick and gave it a couple quick pumps. That was all
it took. His penned up spunk hit the tile wall, as he
breathed a sigh of relief.

“Sorry, Kid, this Bud was supposed to have been for you.”
he whispered.

“I’ll take a rain check,” I answered. “It’s about time
you got off.”

Having regained our composure, and feeling super relaxed
from our ball draining session, we both toweled down and
ventured out into the locker room. To my surprise and
relief there was nobody there. Our clothes were still
where we had hastily left them on the bench in front of
my open locker. I detected a faint smell of cologne in
the air. I couldn’t quite place it, but there was
something woodsy and familiar about it.

Thank God nobody had seen what Buck and I were up to in
the shower, or had they? I wondered.

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