Indian girls and a huge black Doberman

Roshni and I are both 20-year-old young ladies who are
in the same class at school and are long time friends.
I am 5’7″ and she an inch shorter. We both are quite
athletic and play a lot of sports like basketball,
tennis and badminton. We both also have slim, well-
boned bodies; the kind most guys lust after. Although
we spend a lot of time together and our friendship is
very strong, we are both quite conventional and
definitely have no lesbian tendencies.

This incident occurred one day when we were driving
along a little-traveled highway a few miles from our
homes. We had brought along a picnic lunch and planned
to spend a quiet day just relaxing after a hard year at

Around noon we decided to stop at a rest area and have
our picnic. We were eating and talking when we saw a
car drive up and park a short distance away. This
surprised us a little since this rest area was usually
a very secluded spot.

A man got out of the car with a huge black Doberman on
a leash. Taking the dog to a nearby tree, the man tied
the dog to it, then walked back toward his car. Seeing
this, the dog began to bark and pull excitedly at the
leash. We asked the man what he was doing to the poor
dog. He explained that he and his family were moving
out of the country and they couldn’t take the dog with
them. Since none of their friends could take the dog,
he was going to leave it here in hopes that someone
would give it a home.

After the car left, Roshni and I tried to resume our
conversation but the dog was making such a fuss it was
just too distracting. I suggested we leave but Roshni
said she felt sorry for the dog and was concerned that
it was hungry or thirsty.

Saying this, she took a couple of our sandwiches and a
bowl of water to the poor animal. Roshni has always had
a way with dogs and, even though she was a stranger to
him, he allowed her to pet him and didn’t appear at all
aggressive towards her. She put the food and water in
front of him but he continued whining and barking.

“Come on Roshni, let’s leave. We’ve done all we can for
him,” I said

“I don’t feel right about leaving this dog all alone,
tied to the tree,” she replied.

” We can notify the authorities in the next town and
they’ll see that he is taken care of,” I suggested.

“I don’t know if they would do that or not. Let’s just
stay with him awhile. Maybe that will calm him down,”
Roshni said.

I shrugged my shoulders and changed the subject. All
the while we had been discussing the dog’s plight, she
was petting him, moving her hands slowly over his body.
I noticed that her hands were now rubbing his tummy,
causing him to roll over onto his back. As she
continued to message the dog’s stomach, her hand
accidentally touched his genital area. The dog suddenly
stopped barking and began wagging his tail, whining
plaintively. Roshni laughed and said, “He,s typical
male, isn’t he? Touch his crotch and he’ll forget
everything else.”

I just smiled at her. I thought she would let it go,
but then she rubbed her hand along his penis sheath. I
was shocked when his large red dick started to emerge
from its hiding place. He again started making a noise,
but it was very different than the fearful noises he
had made a few moments before. He didn’t sound at all
angry or frightened as he had a few moments ago.

“Our neighbors have a Poodle,” Roshni said. “They
mentioned mating him with a bitch. I wonder if it’s
mating season?”

“Oh, I don’t know anything about dogs, you know that,”
I grumbled.

During this conversation, Roshni had continued rubbing
the dog’s sheath and his dick was huge now. It was
bright red; almost 8 inches long, with a shinny pointed

“Poor guy”, I said sympathetically. “I hope there is a
bitch around here somewhere.”

“This is the first dick you have ever seen isn’t it,
Prachi?” she laughed.

It’s true; I was still a virgin. I had allowed a few of
my dates to go as far as some heavy petting but here in
India most girls are still virgins until they are at
least 21. Roshni however had lost her virginity on a
trip to America two years ago and now she kept teasing
me about being just a c***d.

I just smiled as she crouched down near the dog that
had by now regained his feet and was looking at Roshni
expectantly. Suddenly it sprang at her and attempted to
mount her. She immediately backed off and said, “Wow,
he’s really horny.” Then, getting a strange look in her
eyes, she added, “And so am I”.

At first I thought she was just kidding around but then
remembered the time we logged-on to some Internet
bestiality sites and how she had talked about how hot
it made her feel to see a woman being screwed by a dog.
Surely, I thought, she couldn’t possibly be thinking
what I feared she was.

“You’re reading my mind aren’t you Prachi?” she said. I
really didn’t know what to say as she smiled at me and
started unbuttoning her jeans. “No, don’t do it, it’s
too dangerous” I cautioned her. She gave me one of her
“go-to-hell-it’s-none-of-your-business” looks and
quickly slipped was out of her jeans and panties.

Roshni stood there wearing only her T-shirt, completely
naked from waist down. It was obvious that she was
highly aroused; her inner thighs glistened with the
moisture oozing from her aroused pussy. The dog must
have smelled her excitement because he again started
barking, this time in anticipation.

I mutely watched as she approached the dog, turned her
ass toward him and went down onto her knees. The dog
instantaneously attempted to mount her. She started
giggling; even I started laughing as the poor confused
dog tried in vain to penetrate her. “Come on, help
him!” Roshni pleaded.

I thought about it for a moment and then walked over to
her. The dog was whimpering and humping, his dick
jabbing all over her ass but not finding the right
place. I bent down and took his dick in my hand. Wow,
it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I just
froze for a few seconds, amazed at the wonderful
feeling of holding a dick in my hand. “Hurry up,”
Roshni almost whimpered.

Regaining my composure, I guided the dog’s dick towards
Roshni’s dripping cunt. As the head of his cock found
her slit, he humped with all his strength, ramming it
fully into her well-lubricated pussy. Roshni let out a
b***d-curdling shriek as the dog humped into her like a
jackhammer! She continued shrieking and I became
frightened, thinking that the frantic dog was hurting
her. I asked her if I should pull the dog out off of
her. “Mind your own damn business!” she screamed.

I stepped back as the Doberman continued fucking my
best friend. I knew I should have been shocked and
disgusted at what was going on but at that moment I
only felt completely turned on. I was short of breath
and I could feel my crotch becoming wet from my own
arousal. The sight of my best friend being thoroughly
fucked by this dog made me horny as hell. He was
humping into her at a furious pace and she was shouting
encouragement to him. ” Yayyyy, fuck me doggy! Come on!
Harder, harder, faster!” Roshni looked so ecstatically
happy. The sight a dog humping his great red cock into
my best friend’s pussy gave me goosebumps.

I couldn’t take it anymore. In a flash I removed my
jeans and panties, and plopped down on the grass,
burying my finger in my virginal cunt.

(Well, I had popped my own cherry while masturbating
with a hairbrush handle several years ago, so I guess I
wasn’t still a virgin, at least technically.)

I moved over to Roshni and covered her mouth with my
hands, stifling her excited cries. She then started
making strange moaning sounds, which turned me on even
more. She began thrashing her head from side to side
and, thinking that she was having trouble breathing, I
removed my hand. She cried out “Oh God, I’m
cominggggg! Aaaaargh, Oh My God”, as she convulsed in
the throes of a body-wracking orgasm.

I was surprised when, after her orgasm subsided, she
quickly pulled away from the dog without allowing him
to climax. I soon found out what she was planning.

The poor dog, being left high and dry, started howling
again, sounding very frustrated. “Now it’s your turn to
be his bitch, Prachi,” she said as she pulled me toward
her. I tried to resist but she quickly f****d me down
into position in front of the dog.

He climbed up on my hips at once and, having learned
from his experience with Roshni, wrapped his front paws
tightly around my stomach and humped his prick straight
toward my virginal cunt opening. He had some trouble
getting it in though, as my fear caused my muscles to
tighten up uncontrollably. It was so painful I
instinctively tried to pull away, but he was having
none of that. His paws yanked me back tightly against
his red-hot prick! Roshni laughed at my efforts to
dislodge him. “Don’t fight it girl,” she said.” “First
time sex can’t get any wilder than this!”

The dog now had most of his dick firmly implanted in my
cunt and started to hump it in and out of my quim. I
thought that the muscles inside my crotch would tear
apart, he was fucking me so hard and fast. However,
pain and fear quickly turned to pleasure and in a
minute or so I felt waves of sexual ecstasy coursing
through my body.

I climaxed the first time almost at once but I didn’t
pull away as Roshni had. The dog was still humping
madly into me and I was screaming encouragement to him.
Suddenly, Roshni went to the tree and untied his leash.
The dog, released from his restraints, lunged forward
and his dick rammed into the deepest reaches of my

“You wanted to have fun with me when I was fucking him?
Well, I’ll show you what fun is!” she said with a
devilish smile. She grabbed both of my wrists and
twisted my arms behind my back so that both hands were
in front of the dog’s nose. Then she took the leash and
bound my hands together. I screamed in protest but to
no avail. Once she had secured my arms, she let go and
my head banged to the grass, hurting my shoulders. The
dog was also disturbed by my change in position and
compensated by driving his prick even deeper into my
cunt. “You are making too much noise for a first time
bitch”, Roshni commented as she removed her T-shirt and
f****d it into my mouth. Then she tied it firmly behind
my head, gagging me with it. I couldn’t believe the
position I found myself in; bound, gagged, with my
virgin cunt being energetically fucked by a large,
horney dog.

Suddenly, I felt him increase his tempo and, as his
dick started to swell inside me, he shot his semen deep
into my cunt. I had had about four orgasms by that

He pumped his semen into me for what seemed like an
eternity, filling up my cunt, the overflow pouring out
onto my ass and down my legs. I felt a huge bulge
expanding in my cunt. I tried to pull away, but the
knot that had formed in his cock locked us in position.

He growled deep in this throat, warning me not to move.
I was afraid of upsetting him, as I didn’t want him to
bite me. (I’d certainly have a hard time explaining to
my parents how a dog just happened to bit me on the
ass!) After a few moments his knot subsided and his
cock slipped easily out of my wet, abused pussy

As I looked around, I realized that Roshni had
disappeared and that the dog, having satisfied his
lust, had run away. The area was completely deserted.
My mind worked furiously trying to figure out where
Roshni had gone, leaving me lying on the ground half-
naked and gagged with my hands bound tightly behind my
back by a leash.

I lay there resting for a few minutes, then began
working on the knotted leash which was still binding my
wrists. Discovering Roshni had used a slipknot; I
worked my fingers around its loose end and pulled. The
knot released easily and, once my hands were free, it
was a simple matter to remove the gag.

Then I wearily got to my feet, replaced my clothing and
ran to where our car had been parked. IT WAS GONE! DAMN
HER! I burst into tears, not knowing what to do next.

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