Interesting encounter with the neighbor’s dog

Niki was staying at her dad’s house for the weekend
and she was looking forward to spending some time
laying out in the back yard, working on her tan.

The back yard, while not completely private, offered
enough cover from the neighbors that Niki felt
comfortable going topless, as anyone that could see
the backyard would have been a fair distance away,
and could not have seen much, thought it probably
wouldn’t have bothered her if anyone could.

Niki walked towards the lounge chair, her towel
draped over her shoulder, carrying her drink and a
small bag with her tanning supplies. She spread her
towel on the chair, and placed the bag and drink on
the small table next to the lounge chair. Then she
reached behind her neck and with a gentle tug of the
small string, the top of her bikini fell down.

Another tug at the string behind her back and the
white top fell to the ground at her feet.

She sat down on chair and reached into her bag. She
retrieved a bottle of spray on tanning lotion and
began spraying herself all over, stopping only to rub
the lotion all over her creamy skin. After
thoroughly covering her arms and legs, she began
spraying the lotion on her taut stomach and her firm
breasts. Once satisfied with the coverage, she
reclined in the lounge chair, and began to enjoy the
warming rays on her skin.

She turned her iPod on and was soon relaxing as the
music began to play. It didn’t take before her mind
began to wonder and soon she was daydreaming about
some of her past sexual escapades, and fantasizing
about those that have yet to happen. Soon a damp
spot began to appear on the small triangle of fabric
that barely concealed the wet folds between her legs.

Niki, knowing how her tanning sessions typically
ended, had come prepared, and soon she was leaning
over and pulling a vibrator from her bag. She turned
the device on and slid it beneath the damp fabric and
began to tease herself with the buzzing toy. Though
she couldn’t hear it over the sound of Britney
singing in her ear, the hoop in her pierced clit was
rattling away, under the pressure of the toy.

She started by gently rubbing the vibe over her
already engorged clit. Each time they met, a shock
ran through her body, and her juices began to flow
even faster. It wasn’t long before her juices were
dripping onto the chair. She would occasionally
plunge the toy deep into her folds, only to
immediately retract it and apply it to her aching
clit again.

A moan escaped her lips.

She was nearing an orgasm and she was doing her best
to delay it, in order to heighten her arousal. She
would occasionally break stride with the toy, and
bring it to her lips. She plunged it into her eager
mouth, relishing the taste of her creamy juices,
while the smell of her sex filled the air.

She couldn’t hold off any longer and soon wave after
wave hit her as her first orgasm rocked her body.
She pulled the damp fabric aside and thrust the big
toy deep into her spasming hole. She began to moan
loader and louder as another orgasm began to start.

Her juices were flowing freely now and she was
completely lost in the moment.

After catching her breath, she pulled the toy from
her still quivering pussy and, and placed it on the
table next to her. She began to relax and drift off
to sleep, enjoying the combined warmth of the sun and
her orgasm.

What Niki didn’t realize was that while the fence
partially sheltered her from the view of the
neighbors, it didn’t prevent her musky scent from
wafting over to the very sensitive nose of her
neighbor’s Husky, Enzo.

Enzo’s ears perked up the moment he detected the
delightful odor. He hopped to his feat, and eagerly
trotted off his porch, hoping to find the source of
the intoxicating odor. His nose was as keen as ever,
and had him pointed in the direction of his
neighbor’s patio, and he soon discovered the nearly
naked coed, with her legs spread on the chair in
front of him.

He approached the girl and was soon drawn to the
table where the vibrator was resting. He started
licking the creamy juices still remaining on the toy,
and in doing so, knocked over the drink that Niki
had brought out with her. The noise startled the
girl and she sat up to see what the disturbance was.
She recognized Enzo from next door, so she wasn’t
alarmed, but she didn’t want him chewing on her
favorite vibrator so she tried to push him away.

Enzo responded by licking Niki’s face. He liked the
coconut scented lotion and began licking her neck and
chest too. His warm tongue felt good and she was in
no shape to resist the dogs advances.

After a few moments Enzo picked up the odor of
Niki’s sopping pussy and worked his way around the
chair and pushed his snout up against the wet
triangle of fabric between her legs. He was
determined and Niki couldn’t have stopped him is
she wanted to, Fortunately she hadn’t had the
pleasure of mating with a dog in quite a while, so
she had no intention of trying to stop him.

Niki tugged on the strings that held her bikini in
place and pulled the garment away, allowing the huge
beast unblocked access to her creamy pussy. She
rubbed her clit and pulled on her clit ring as Enzo
explored her inner depths with his enormous tongue.
She was starting to cum again already and he’d barely

She began moaning out loud as her thighs began to
quiver again. She looked down and saw the animal’s
huge cock begin to extend below his legs. She
started moaning even louder as another orgasm began
washing over her sweaty body. She couldn’t wait any
longer. She flipped over on the cushioned lounge
chair and got on all fours. She coaxed Enzo up onto
the chair, and mounted her from behind and wrapped
his powerful front legs around her waist. He thrust
his haunches forward and his huge cock pressed
against Nikis clit causing her to scream out in
pleasure. He pulled back, then thrust forward again,
this time hitting his mark and burying his scalding
hot cock deep in her hungry pussy.

Once his dick was impaling Niki, he began thrusting
in and out of her dripping pussy. She could feel the
huge mass of muscle at the base of his dick pushing
at the entrance of her pussy. She had seen his knot
before he mounted her and guessed it was the size of
a softball, and it was now stretching her pussy.

Enzo continued to push his cock deeper and deeper into
Niki’s cunt. Soon the entire not was buried inside
and they were locked together. He was still
thrusting and she could feel the pointed tip of his
cock pushing at the entrance to her cervix. His hot
precum was squirting inside her, stretching her pussy
even more.

Enzo continued to thrust into the beautiful girl
underneath him. Her moans encouraged him as he
neared his own orgasm. Niki was on the brink of
yet another orgasm herself, and as she began to
quiver yet again, she clamped down on his huge cock.

The sensation was too much for Enzo and he began to
unload all of his creamy hot seed into Niki’s
accommodating womb. Rope after rope of the dog’s cum
was squirting past her cervix.

Niki had never been so full. Enzo had never felt so
good. But he was a restless beast and no sooner had
the last shivers run through Niki’s body, Enzo
withdrew his cock and jumped off the chair. Niki
was still on her knees, chest against the chair, her
pussy gaping open lewdly. A mixture of their cum was
running down her thighs. Enzo made an attempt to lick
some of it up, but only got a portion of it before he
galloped off to his own house.

Niki was too exhausted to move. She stayed there
with her ass up in the air and cum running down her
legs for several minutes before she had the strength
to collect herself. By the time she did a large
puddle of their juices had collected on the chair
cushion. She was still in a daze though and didn’t
take notice. Instead, she gathered her suit and
towel and other tanning items and went inside to take
a shower. But she already knew that’s she’d be sure
to find time to come out and tan again tomorrow.

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