Isabella and Ingrid in the Dog House

Isabella and Ingrid followed their tour guide through
the Dog House facility. The two had booked a week to
relax after exams. Isabella’s friend Madeleine had
arranged the contact. How she knew about the place,
neither girl would ever know. Maddy hadn’t mentioned
anything beyond saying cryptically she went for a true
vacation every so often.

The pair now found themselves in a secret location
walking naked through their modern open space lobby led
by a nearly naked concierge. Her only article of
clothing was a white choker style dog collar around her
neck. As they walked she gave them an introduction to
what they had to offer.

“The Dog House is a hotel to several species. We host a
vast number of animals here. Some are celebrities, such
as the horses that played Seabiscuit. Many of the others
are pets of wealthy and elite people. The majority of
those are dogs. Outside of our animal clientele we have
women who enjoy the lifestyle.”

The trio arrived at the elevators where there was a map
of the hotel. There were several floors, each with one
or two themes.

“The first few floors are devoted to dogs. There are
several themed rooms such as the Dog Park, Dog Sledding
and Unleashed Beach. Below that are the Stables, the
Ranch and the Wild West, devoted to horses. The next
floor is The Farm, The Carnival and The Zoo. Each has a
mix of animals.

The basement floor has our most advanced room, the
Holodeck. Using holograms we can create any fantasy
environment for you. You can experience any fantasy
creature you want. If you want to bring in a real animal
we can create a holographic skin for them. It’s kind of
like having the best of both worlds. We can create skins
for you as well so you can be fully immersed in your
world. All environments are open to everyone so you will
see sex out in the open and you will be seen by everyone
else. The only exception is the Holodeck. Everyone’s
fantasy is separated from everyone else’s. Enjoy.”

With that their guide pressed the button for the
elevator, ushered them in and gave them a cheerful wave
as the doors closed.

“Was it just me or did she look kind of like that
actress who was in that cheerleader movie. The one with
brown hair.” Isabella asked.

“I think so. Was it Eliza Dushku?” Ingrid replied,
sounding not as sure herself.

“Maybe.” Isabella said, pressing the button for the dog

The elevator opened to the lobby area of that floor. It
was full of plush couches and chairs with tables between
them. Along one wall was a bar with a bartender waiting
for orders. They could only see her breasts but Ingrid
bet she was fully nude behind there.

A couple of the tables were occupied with women in their
twenties enjoying drinks with disheveled hair and
wearing only satisfied smiles.

The girls could see there were more rooms than the
concierge mentioned. The floor also held a Dog Pound and
Vet Office.

The girls chose the Dog Park and stepped inside. Through
the doors was a refreshing sight. It held a sprawling
park with real grass beneath their feet and what they
assumed were real trees. The sky was a picturesque sunny
day with only fluffy white clouds drifting against a
clear blue sky. There were rolling hills and a couple
ponds there as well with dogs and women splashing about.
Here and there were dogs and women fucking. Every so
often they would hear a woman in the throes of passion.

The girls started walking aimlessly, not really knowing
what to expect. They passed several couples intertwined
with each other. Most women were on all fours with a dog
mounting them from behind and thrusting hard into them.
They could see the dog’s muscles as it drove his cock
deep into her.

Others had mounted the dog and were fucking slowly as
they would a man. Other women were having sex with each
other with a curious dog looking to see where they would
fit in. Still others were having sex with multiple dogs.
“Oh my god, I recognize them!” Ingrid gasped, pointing
to two women in the distance who had a small pack
between them. One had black hair and the other was
blonde. The black haired girl was giving a Black Lab a
blowjob while she as mounted from behind by a
Rottweiller. The blonde was sitting back with her legs
spread. A Golden Retriever was straddling her upper body
and face-fucking her while a Dalmatian was licking her

“That’s Jamie Chung and Hayden Pannetiere!” Ingrid

The two watched the group, amazed that such well known
actresses would enjoy bestiality.

Suddenly Isabella let out a shocked scream, followed
closely by Ingrid as they each felt a tongue lick up
their butt crack.

While the two had been staring at the celebrities, they
failed to notice the two dogs coming towards them from
the side. They had managed to circle behind the girls
and were now trying to get between their legs.

Isabella submitted willingly and got on all fours. The
dog, a Mastiff, mounted her without a second beat. She
moaned as she felt him penetrate her and shook with his
thrusts as the large dog pounded her.

Ingrid stayed standing, spreading her legs a bit and let
the Husky rim her anal entrance. She attracted another
dog, a German Shepherd, which came up and licked her

Ingrid let out a moan and her legs collapsed under her.
The German Shepherd continued licking her pussy while
the Husky was left hanging Ingrid lay down on her back,
letting the dog lick her until she came. Once her head
was clear she got onto all fours. Both dogs mounted her;
one from behind and one from the front. The German
Shepherd thrust into her right away. The Husky’s
followed suit, thrusting his cock into her mouth.

Ingrid’s eyes bulged wide in surprise. She had never had
sex with a dog that knew what to do from the front
before. Clearly the dogs in this place were much better
trained and more used to having sex with women. She
relaxed and let the dogs have their way with her.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened with Isabella . The
dogs were soon banging away while the girls moaned
beneath them.

The dogs fucked the girls hard and fast. The ones
mounted from behind finished first, knotting their
bitches and filling them up. They each dismounted and
faced away from the girls, still tied for the moment.

The Husky finished soon after, flooding Ingrid’s mouth
with his cum. She swallowed eagerly, not wanting to
spill a drop of his seed where it would be wasted.

The Husky squirted his last into her and dismounted.
Isabella and Ingrid rested their heads on their arms,
panting from the orgasms their vigorous new lovers gave
them. They were so isolated in their own world that they
weren’t aware of the actresses they were previously
ogling walking up to them.

“Hello.” Hayden said, shocking the two girls out of
their post sex revelry.

The two looked up at them.

“We just wanted to welcome you. We work here taking care
of any dogs that need assistance. ”

“Do you take care of the women that need assistance
too?” Isabella asked.

Jamie and Hayden shared a look and smiled.

“If you ask, we’ll be glad to help.” Jamie said “Well, ”
Isabella replied with a mischievous grin. “I wanted to
taste that Rottweiller’s cum but he seems to have run
off. You wouldn’t happen to know where I can get some of
that vintage?”

Jamie sat down in front of Isabella and spread her legs.
Isabella dove right in, licking and sucking whatever the
dog had left in her.

“Would you like any ‘assistance’?” Hayden asked Ingrid.

Ingrid thought for a bit. “This big boy has put too much
cream on my pie. Would you mind taking some of it off?”

Hayden knelt down behind her and broke the German
Shepherd’s knot. Ingrid shifted positions and got onto
her back with her legs spread for the blonde actress.
Hayden leaned in and ate her out slowly. Ingrid grabbed
her hair and held her in place, appreciating her soft
touch after taking the dog’s hard cock earlier.

Isabella and Hayden were very good at cunnilingus and
soon had both Asian girls moaning and writhing in the
grass. They both came and the actresses walked off to
continue their duties, leaving two very satisfied girls.

The girls laid back in the grass and enjoyed the sun.
Though it was artificial every ray it gave off felt like
the real thing.

“How about we split up and meet back at the entrance in
about an hour?” Isabella suggested.

“Sounds good.” Ingrid agreed.

“See you then.” Isabella stood up and walked off in
search of more dogs or celebrities to fuck.

Ingrid took a minute to tidy her hair and then walked
off in the opposite direction.

Everywhere she went she saw women indulging their
freedom to have sex with animals that they to previously
hide. Now they could do whatever they wanted in as
public a place as they wanted.

Ingrid passed a log that had been placed as decoration.
In a facility like this it didn’t seem likely that
things were allowed to rot and decay. Women had taken to
using it as a sex aid. There was a line of five young
women on all fours on one side with their arms on top of
the log to support themselves. Behind each one was a dog
happily thrusting away. A dark skinned, dark haired
Brazilian girl got on all fours at the end. Soon an
Alastian bounded up and mounted her offered ass.

Ingrid took her place beside the Brazilian. She barely
got her arms onto the log when a dog mounted her from
behind. The force made lose her purchase with her arms,
slamming her stomach into the log. She got her arms back
up and tried to ignore the dull throb in her stomach as
the dog plowed her pussy.

The dogs elicited moans up and down the log and Ingrid’s
soon joined theirs. Her mystery lover had a nice thick
cock that spread her pussy apart just enough. His knot
was a nice treat as it hit her clit every so often.

A girl somewhere to her left screamed her orgasm like a
wild animal. The Brazilian beside her came in a more
sensual way, moaning deeply and cried out with an ‘Ahh!”
as the dog knotted her.

Ingrid felt the dog speed up, a sign he was about to
cum. She felt his knot hitting her clit with each stroke
now; his entire member making her pant and moan as her
orgasm built.

She felt the dog grip her tightly around her waist and
fuck her even harder than before. She felt her pussy
begin to open wider as he tried to fuck his knot into
her. A few more thrusts and the entire thing slipped
into her.

“Ahhh! Fuck, yes!” she moaned as she came and felt the
dog fill her up.

She leaned limply on the log, resting off her orgasm.
The dog dismounted and twisted away from her, his cock
still tying them together.

A few minutes later and all the girls were knotted. All
that could be heard was hard panting and the occasional
moan as the girl felt the dog’s cock move inside her
when he twisted around.

About five minutes later an employee from the Dog House
came by to assist the girls unknot from their dog. When
she came down to Ingrid she knelt down in front of her
face and asked her the customary question, “Would you
like some help getting up Ingrid looked up into the face
of Emma Stone and nodded after a momentary shock. Emma
smiled and walked around behind her to break the knot.

Ingrid felt the dog’s dick slide of her and a flood of
blocked dog cum spilled out of her onto the grass. She
turned around and sat down on the grass with her back
against the log.

“Thank you,” she said, looking up at the red haired

The girl beamed a winning smile in return and walked
off, looking for more girls in need. “And thank you.”
Ingrid said, patting the head of the amiable Great Dane
that had been her lover.

The Brazilian stepped into Ingrid’s line of sight. “I
just wanted to say I admire you.”

Ingrid looked up questioningly. “I could see the both of
you as he fucked you. Given the difference in size
between the two of you, well, you looked amazing.”

“Thank you.” Ingrid said, smiling.

The Brazilian smiled and walked away, like the other
girls, off to find more satisfaction in another species.
The dogs went off too, satisfied for the moment.

Ingrid stood up and continued on her way. She walked up
a small hill that gave a view of the area. She saw a
small pond a short distance away and decided to make her
way there.

She passed by three dogs resting underneath a willow
tree; a black Lab, a Rottweiler and a Husky cross with
dark fur. When she approached they stood up and regarded
her almost expectedly. Her suspicions were confirmed
when she saw their red cocks emerge from their sheathes
with nothing further from her than a glance.

“Alright boys, let’s go.” She walked up to the trio, who
were only too happy to see her She knelt down in the
middle of the group and grabbed the Lab’s and
Rottweiler’s cocks. She stroked them gently, sizing them
up. She did the same for the Husky before getting the
Lab to roll over on his back. She sucked his dick a few
times to ensure his full hardness before straddling him,
sliding his entire length into her pussy.

She leaned forward on top of him, exposing her ass. The
other dogs needed no further encouragement and leapt
forward, each trying to push other away. The Rottweiler
won out and mounted her from behind. Ingrid felt him
slide over her butt crack a few times and reached behind
her to guide him into her ass.

“You’re a lucky dog, you know that?” she said as she
felt him slide into her tighter entrance. “You’re the
first to have my ass today.”

The Husky mounted her from the front, placing his fore
paws on her upper back. He shuffled forward and Ingrid
grabbed his cock to guide her to her mouth.

The Husky joined the Rottweiler in fucking their newest
bitch between them. The Rottweiler couldn’t wait any
longer and had began thrusting away once he felt his
cock enveloped by Ingrid’s tight asshole.

The two of them pushed and pulled against Ingrid,
pushing her back and forth and sometimes thrusting into
her at the same time. Ingrid tried to get into the
action herself, grinding her hips against the Lab
beneath her.

Ingrid moaned around the cock in her mouth as her orgasm
built. The twin shafts inside her ass and pussy felt
wonderful. She could tell these dogs had been expertly
trained in pleasuring women. They fucked slower than an
average dog but still faster than a man.

The dogs pumped their red rods in and out of Ingrid as
Ingrid thrust her pussy up and down the Lab’s shaft.
Behind her, the Rottweiler sped up as he prepared to cum
in her. Ingrid had been fondling the Husky’s knot every
so often, nearly salivating at the thought that the
Rottweiler was going to shove his inside her The Husky
began thrusting faster as well, with an added side
effect of thrusting deeper into Ingrid’s mouth. Ingrid
felt the tip of the dog’s cock nearly touch the back of
her throat and tried to relax as much as possible while
keeping up the suction.

The Rottweiler pounded her ass like she was his
favourite bitch. He gripped his forepaws tight around
her waist and thrust hard and fast with his muscular
hind legs and fucked his knot into her. He ended up
pushing her forward onto the Husky as he was thrusting
in. The combined force f****d the Husky’s cock into her
up to the knot and cause Ingrid to gag.

She mentally calmed herself as the Husky continued to
fuck her face in blissful ignorance. Soon he shot his
seed into her mouth. Ingrid swallowed every few spurts,
letting the dog fill her mouth enough to have a taste
before getting more.

The Rottweiler and Husky dismounted, leaving the Lab
beneath her. Stuck as she was she couldn’t fuck the Lab
in this position. She shuffled backwards on all fours,
forcing the Rottweiler forward. His red hot hardness
slid out of her pussy, over her clit, up her stomach,
between her breasts and popped up at her lips. She went
down between his legs, sucking his cock into her mouth.

She gave him the best blowjob she could to make up for
teasing him with her pussy. She slowly went all the way
down to his knot, feeling his cock fill her mouth and a
bit of her throat. Then she went quickly up and down,
sucking and slurping his slick prick. It only took a few
minutes for the dog to blow his load from Ingrid’s
magnificent oral skills. Ingrid held his cock in her
mouth until she felt the spurts subside and his cock
stopped pulsing. She slid her lips off his shaft slowly
while keeping a seal around him in order to keep every
drop of his cum in her mouth. She swallowed slowly,
savouring his taste.

Now that she was done satisfying all the dogs she stayed
on all fours waiting for a Dog House employee to help
her out or for the Rotweiller to pull out on his own.

Meanwhile Isabella had wandered to one of the ponds in
the park. She could see it was a popular place with many
girls around the water’s edge with a dog mounting them.
Others were using strategically placed boulders to
either fuck larger dogs or lay on them and be fucked

She ran a hand over one of the large stones and realized
it was actually a firm foam material. She sat on it
experimentally and found I gave a little under her like
a firm couch.

She felt something brush against her calf and looked up
to see the largest dog she had ever laid eyes on. It was
an Irish Wolfhound. Its body was nearly as tall as she
was standing and its head reached a head higher. It
looked down at her and mounted the boulder. Isabella was
f****d to lay flat on her back. The dog’s fore paws were
a foot above her head.

Looking down her body she saw his cock come out of his
sheathe. She was fascinated by its size. Its girth was
already larger than any dog she had taken and its length
kept growing. She estimated it was nearly six inches now
and it didn’t seem to be done. She felt it rest on top
of her, just below her belly button. She could feel its
slickness and heat. It pulsed with the quick heartbeat
of a dog. As it grew she felt it move up her body. It
went past her belly button, up her chest and stopped
just below her breasts.

She stared at the literal foot-long this dog was
packing. She didn’t think she had it in her to handle
this much dog. She slid her body down, inching off the
boulder until the tip of his penis reached her neck.
Then she pressed her breasts together and enveloped his
hot rod between them.

The dog acted on instinct when he felt something around
his cock and thrust forward. His dick slid between
Isabella’s soft breasts, along side her neck, past her
chin and touched her face just beside her lips. The dog
kept thrusting, keeping a rhythmic pace. Isabella just
kept her breasts pressed together and occasionally stuck
her tongue out to taste the dog.

Despite the odd sexual circumstances the dog didn’t last
long. He shot his load on an instroke, sending a spurt
up Isabella’s face and into her hair. It took nearly
twenty spurts until the dog emptied his balls, leaving
Isabella with a mess on her face and damp hair.

The dog dismounted, leaving Isabella to clean herself
off. ‘Next time,’ she vowed, ‘I’ll keep Ingrid with me
for these kinds of situations. Maybe we’ll be able to
take it on together. Who knows, maybe after we’ll do a

Isabella looked over at the neighboring boulder. There
was a blonde girl lying on it. The boulder was wide
enough to support her body but her head and legs hung
off the edges. There were two lines of dogs waiting to
fuck her offered holes. Apparently Isabella’s tits
weren’t enough to satisfy the Wolfhound. He f****d aside
the next dog to mount the blonde girl’s pussy and
mounted her in his place. There was a muffled scream as
the huge dog penetrated her and then moans as the dog
thrust in and out of her.

Isabella was amazed that such a girl could handle such a
beast. She hardly looked bigger than herself.

“Hello.” Isabella said, hoping she wasn’t interrupting
too much.

The blonde girl looked up. “Hello.”

“I saw you from over there.” Isabella said, pointing to
her foam rock. “I couldn’t take on that Wolfhound. I was
wondering, if we ever saw him again, perhaps you could
help me?”

The blonde girl smiled and got off her rock to greet
her. “Portia.” She said, extending her hand.

“Isabella.” Isabella replied, accepting the handshake.

“Well, Isabella, what brings you to the Dog House?”

“A friend of mine got a mutual friend and I a week’s
pass as thanks for a favour.”

Portia raised an eyebrow. “Must have been some favour.
Passes can only be earned by employees here.”

“Really?” Isabella said, astonished.

Portia caught her look. “Perhaps I’ve said too much. I’m
sure she didn’t tell you for a reason. Although since
you’re here, I can’t imagine what that may be.”

Isabella took a leap of intuition. “Are you a long time
customer here?”

“Yes, and part time employee.” Portia replied.

“Perhaps you know my friend. Her name is Madeleine.”

Portia’s face brightened. “Yes! She and I have had a
couple assignments together.” She looked Isabella over
with new eyes. “It’s good to know she has friends that
are kindred spirits.” She leaned closer to Isabella.
“You know, if you want to work here, even part time, you
can ask Madeleine, or even me to recommend you. I’m sure
you’ll be great at it.”

Isabella beamed at the compliment and was intrigued by
the offer.

“Who am I kidding?” Portia said, catching herself.
“You’re a natural! By the way, if you don’t mind me
asking, what ethnicity are you? Russian?”

“Half Japanese, half British.” Isabella replied.

“All ethnicities are welcome here but Asian seems to
draw a bigger crowd. I have to finish my shift here and
in the Wild West later this week. After those I’m free.
Do introduce me to your friend.”

The two shook hands again and Portia walked off. A few
paces out, she turned her head quickly back towards
Isabella, catching her staring at her ass as she left.
Isabella met her eyes and grinned. Portia knew she was
going to like this girl.

Isabella took a short dip in the pond to relax. The cool
water soothed her worn muscles somewhat. She made a note
to visit the sauna afterwards.

She got out and made her way to where she promised to
meet Ingrid. The simulated sun was a wonder. Its heat
dried the water from her skin quickly leaving nearly no
time for her to feel a chill. Coming up to the meeting
place she spied a small dark haired girl lying on her
side with her back to her. She had her head between the
legs of a Malamute and was busy fellating him while he
ate her out.

Isabella sat down watched as the two sixty-nined. She
plunged two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her clit
with her thumb while she squeezed her left breast and
rubbed her nipple. She watched the girl’s head bob up
and down and fingered herself in time. The two went
faster and faster; each chasing their orgasm.

The girl’s head suddenly stopped and Isabella knew she
was chugging down a freshly made protein shake. Isabella
pulled her wet fingers out of her pussy and licked them
clean. The girl in front of her finished swallowing the
dog’s load and leaned back to enjoy being eaten out. She
saw now that it was indeed Ingrid and got up to join
her. It was all too short for her and she needed to get

Ingrid smiled when she saw her. Isabella returned it and
straddled the Asian girl, placing her pussy in front of
her face. Ingrid pulled her down and happily licked
around her clit while grabbing Isabella’s toned ass with
both hands.

The two soon attracted others and a Mastiff took over at
Ingrid’s pussy where the Malamute left off. He slurped
her from the bottom of her labia to the top of her clit
with his big tongue, making her moan into Isabella’s
pussy. A Collie and a Hound took up position at both of
Isabella’s breasts, each licking one of her fleshy
globes and teasing her nipples.

Isabella panted as all the various tongues stimulated
her erogenous zones. She could feel her orgasm building.
She thrust her hips at Ingrid’s wonderful tongue. The
Asian girl responded by exploring the inside of her

Isabella felt her tongue touch something inside her and
she saw fireworks.

“Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhh!” she moaned loudly as she came.

Ingrid held her ass tighter and pressed on, flicking her
tongue quickly over the same spot. Isabella came again,
just as loud. When she was done she looked past the dogs
at Ingrid with a wide smile.

She turned herself around and straddled Ingrid in a
sixty-nine, displacing the dogs at her breasts. She
placed a hand on Ingrid’s bare pussy, blocking it from
the Mastiff’s tongue.

“This is mine now, boy.” She leaned in and licked
Ingrid’s pink folds, determined to give her as good an
orgasm as she gave her. Ingrid bent her legs at the
knees and moaned when she felt Isabella’s touch.

The Mastiff was more than a little put out now that his
pussy was taken. No matter though. He walked to the
other end of the couple and mounted Isabella’s raised
ass. It took a few tries, but he successfully drove his
dick home straight into her ass.

“Ah!” Isabella cried out as her ass was unexpectedly
filled with a large, thick dog cock. She was pushed
forward a little every time the dog fucked her. She hung
onto Ingrid’s thighs and flicked her tongue rapidly back
and forth across her pussy entrance.

Ingrid laid back and relaxed. This was one time she
didn’t have to do anything in the sex equation and she
was going to enjoy it. She squeezed her breasts gently,
rubbing and pinching her nipples while Isabella worked
magic with her tongue.

Isabella plunged two fingers into Ingrid’s pussy and
finger fucked her while she teased her clit with the tip
of her tongue.

All members of the threesome were panting and moaning
from each other’s touch. Above her Isabella felt the
Mastiff tighten his grip and fuck her faster. She fucked
and licked Ingrid faster in turn, wanting to get her off
before she was lost to the orgasm the dog was about to
give her.

Soon after she felt the dog unload into her ass,
shooting spurt after spurt of doggy cum inside her.

The Mastiff dismounted, having been unable to knot in
Isabella’s tight ass. Isabella eased herself down onto
Ingrid’s body. Both girls were panting from their
orgasms. Isabella rolled off Ingrid and onto the grass,
lying on her back.

“How about we head out now?” Isabella suggested.

“Yeah.” Ingrid replied. “Let’s get out of here.”

The girls sat up and nearly passed out from shock. Their
fucking had attracted a huge pack of dogs. They
currently had them surrounded. The ones in the first row
were sitting on their haunches, displaying their large,
log, red penises lewdly at the girls. Those behind them
were either standing still or were lying down.

Isabella was surprised at how restrained and obedient
they were.

“Well.” Isabella said, “It seems we’ve drawn quite the

“I did fuck a few of them before you got here. Maybe
they spread the word?” Ingrid replied.

“Excuse me, are you saying they’re more attracted to you
than me?” Isabella asked in an incredulous tone, half
jokingly .

“Well, I do have a pretty hot ass.” Ingrid replied

“Well, then, let’s settle it.” Isabella said, kneeling
up and putting her hands on her hips. “Anything you can
do, I can do better.”

“Fine!” Ingrid responded, also kneeling up and putting
her hands on her hips.

The circle of dogs stared at them curiously.

“I bet that you will cum before me.” Ingrid said. She
beckoned to a German Shepherd directly in front of her,
who trotted over obediently. She sat down and spread her
legs. The dog immediately dove between her thighs and
licked her pussy.

Isabella sat down and pointed at a Greyhound and then
pointed between her spread legs. The dog dove straight
in as well, eating her out with quick licks.

The dogs soon had the girls panting and moaning while
the rest of the pack looked on.

Isabella could feel an orgasm building and started
thinking unsexy thoughts to keep it at bay. She was so
close it was hard enough not to touch herself and bring
herself off. Beside her she could hear Ingrid’s mewling

The Greyhound moved up from between her folds and licked
her clit, bringing her over the edge.

“Ahhhhh!” she moaned as she came. A second later she
heard Ingrid’s cry of orgasm join her own.

‘One damn second.’ Isabella thought as she lay panting
in the grass.

“See?” Ingrid said between pants. “I told you.”

“Double or nothing!” Isabella challenged. She pointed at
two more dogs, a Dalmatian and a Golden Retriever. She
switched the dog between her legs, putting the Dalmatian
there while the Golden Retriever and the Greyhound got
her breasts. All three began licking her sensitive
places, making her moan and pant quicker than before.

Ingrid was no slouch and got a Rottweiller and a St.
Bernard to join her German Shepherd. The new dogs got
her breasts while the Shepherd got to taste more of her
delicious pussy.

Both girls were panting hard and had flushed faces.
Either one could cum at any moment but neither was about
to admit defeat. Isabella gritted her teeth and ground
her fingers into the soil, hoping to hold off her orgasm
but the dogs were just too much. She let go of
everything she had been holding back and came. Beside
her, Ingrid orgasmed just as loudly.

The dogs backed away as the girls writhed in the grass.

“Double or nothing.” Isabella said with a wide smile.

“That was a tie.” Ingrid retorted.

“Well then,” Isabella said, scrambling for ideas. “I bet
I can make my dog cum before you can.”

She got on her knees and got the Dalmatian on his back.
It was her turn to dive between his legs now. She
grasped his hard, slick shaft and sucked it into her
mouth. She slurped up and down his pole noisily. Beside
her Ingrid quickly did the same with her German

The girls bobbed their heads up and down, racing each
other to their dog’s orgasm. Ingrid started slow and
increased her speed until she found something her dog
was comfortable with. Isabella settled on a medium pace
but moaned here and there, using the vibrations to
stimulate the dog. Both girls fondled their dog’s balls,
coaxing them gently.

Isabella was pleased when she felt her dog shoot into
her mouth. She relaxed her cheeks and let him fill her
completely. Then she took her mouth off his dick
carefully, keeping a seal with her lips. She turned to
see how Ingrid was doing and was happy to see she was
still working her pole.

Ingrid bobbed up and down a handful more times before
sliding her lips off her dog’s red meat. She turned to
see how Isabella was doing and was surprised to see her
already done.

Isabella caught the look on her face and smiled. Then
she opened her mouth and let the dog’s load drip out of
her mouth onto the grass.

When Ingrid saw that she simply swallowed her saved load
in resigned defeat.

“What next?” Isabella asked, with a grin.

Ingrid wasn’t about to let her get away with that.

“A sixty-nine. You have to outlast your dog.”

Isabella raised an eyebrow. She was confident in her
oral skills, but Ingrid seemed to be able to control her

“You’re on.” She replied, getting the Greyhound from her
earlier foursome on his back. She straddled him, placing
her pussy near his snout and went between his legs to
suck his cock. Ingrid did the same with her Rottweiler.

The couples licked and sucked each other. This time
Ingrid took a lesson from Isabella and moaned as she
sucked as well, though it took no extra effort. Her
Rottweiler seemed to know how to use his tongue. He
licked all over her labia, paid special attention to her
clit and even licked her asshole.

Isabella noticed she didn’t have to try as hard for her
blowjob either. Her Greyhound licked her with long,
quick licks along the length of her pussy, going from
her clit until nearly touching her asshole.

Both girls moaned freely as they bobbed their heads up
and down. Ingrid and Isabella could feel their orgasms
building. Ingrid unconsciously started thrusting her
hips against the Rottweiler, and without meaning to,
Isabella reached both of her hands down to her pussy and
spread herself open for the dog.

Soon both girls moaned loud as they came, dripping their
juices all over their dog’s tongues. When they came down
from their orgasms, each snuck a glance at the other.
They gave each other a knowing look and resumed sucking
their dog’s cocks. A few minutes later and the dogs shot
their load in their bitches.

“Well, I guess we both learned something.” Isabella said
as she rolled off the Greyhound. Him and the other
satisfied dogs went back into the pack. The dogs in
front moved aside so they could leave.

“Yeah. What is it, one-one?” Ingrid asked as the German
Shepherd left.

“Yup.” Isabella replied. “You’re pretty confident with
your pussy, but I don’t think you know how to use it.”

Ingrid shot her a look that told her she shouldn’t dare

Isabella skirted the edge of danger and proposed her
challenge. “Let’s actually fuck a dog now. Reverse
cowgirl. Whoever makes their dog cum first wins.”

The girls got the last dog from their earlier foursome
on their backs. Isabella got on top of the Golden
Retriever while Ingrid did the same with the St.Bernard.
As one they grabbed their dog’s shafts, placed them at
their pussy entrances, gave each other a look and slid
down their red, hard, poles.

Both girls moaned softly as they penetrated themselves
on some thick, hard cock. After all the tongue action it
felt good to have something hard inside them.
Paradoxically, they had spent the last hour or so
offering their pussies to any dog that would have them,
but it still felt so good.

The girls slid down until they kissed their dog’s knots
with their pussy lips. Then they got
started and began thrusting their hips, sliding their
pussies up and down their dog’s shaft.

“Oh, fuuuuck.” Ingrid moaned softly.

Isabella panted beside her, enjoying her cock, but still
not wanting to lose. She thrust faster and was soon
rewarded when she felt the dog’s cock pulse inside her
and felt hot streams of cum shoot inside her.

“Ohhhhhh, yeessss.” She gasped and leaned back to relax
against the dog. Beside her, Ingrid hadn’t noticed that
she lost. She was still fucking her dog.

Isabella carefully slid off her dog, keeping her body
horizontal and cupped her hand on her pussy to keep his
cum inside her. The Golden Retriever left and Isabella
laid on the grass, waiting for Ingrid to finish.

It took Ingrid nearly five minutes before she stopped
thrusting. She laid back on the St.Bernard to catch her
breath. Turning to look at Isabella she was surprised to
find her dog gone.

“No way.” Ingrid said, disbelievingly.

Isabella smiled and carefully got on all fours and
pointed her ass at Ingrid while keeping her hand in
place. She removed her hand and a torrent of dog cum
leaked out of her pussy onto the grass.

Ingrid couldn’t dispute the evidence. “You win this
round.” She conceded. “Let’s do it again, but this time
I choose the position.”

“Very well. ” Isabella replied. “How shall we fuck


They each chose a new dog from the pack, which had been
waiting patiently and obediently. They all knew they
would get a chance at these horny bitches.

Ingrid got a Pit Bull while Isabella got a Boxer mix.
They each got them on their backs and straddled them.
They guided their dogs to their pussies and slid down
the red pole again.

They started thrusting quickly, each wanting to beat the
other. Isabella glanced at Ingrid and noted she looked
like she enjoyed being a cowgirl more than her

Ingrid was fully riding the dog. She had her hands on
the dog’s body, supporting herself on an upstroke. When
she thrust her hips against him she pressed her clit
against him. Using her legs she pushed herself up his
pole and rubbed her clit against his fur, giving herself
orgasmic chills before sliding back down his cock.

Isabella was no slouch either but she loved being
penetrated more. She leaned forward onto the dog’s body
and thrust her hips quickly up and down.

The dogs couldn’t last long with the girls’ treatment.
The Pit Bull came first. Ingrid remained still while the
dog filled her with his puppy makers. Then she carefully
slid off the dog with her hand between her legs. She
backed herself towards Isabella and took her hand away,
revealing her gushing pussy to her.

Isabella rolled her eyes slightly. She supposed she
deserved that. She finished fucking her dog and
dismounted in defeat.

“I guess we both have our strong positions.” Isabella
conceded. But she knew she would win the next round.

“My turn. Anal. In Reverse Cowgirl.”

Ingrid frowned slightly at that. Isabella’s strategy was
clear. She would have to counter accordingly.

They both chose new dogs. Isabella chose a Husky and
Ingrid got a Lab mix over to her. They got them on their
backs, got on top and slid their cocks up their narrow
anal alley.

Ingrid had never done anal in this position before while
Isabella clearly had. Isabella used her legs to raise
her hips up, nearly to the tip of the dog’s cock before
coming back down and penetrating herself fully on his
fleshy spike. Ingrid quickly worked out the logistics
issues and caught up with Isabella.

The girls panted and moaned as they fucked themselves.
The dogs followed suit as they had their dicks milked by
their bitch’s tight holes.

Ingrid’s right hand strayed between her legs and rubbed
her clit while Isabella fingered herself with her left
and squeezed her breast with her right.

The Husky came suddenly, just as Isabella thrust herself
down. The feeling of being filled with hot dog cum
pushed her over the edge and she came with her dog.

Ingrid rubbed herself faster as she approached her
orgasm. Her dog was nearly an afterthought. The girl
panted loudly as she was about to cum, and then let out
a scream as her orgasm took her. Beneath her the Lab
felt his dick being squeezed tighter as Ingrid convulsed
above him. He began shooting into her tight passage,
making Ingrid cum again.

The girls rested off their orgasm and lazily slid off
the dogs, letting them leave. They looked at each other,
with Isabella smiling.

“I’ll win the next one.” Ingrid promised. “We’re doing a
double penetration. Reverse Cowgirl.”

Isabella was surprised at her suggestion. The girls
chose two dogs each. Ingrid got a Black Lab and a
Doberman while Isabella chose Poodle and a Malamute.

Ingrid got the Lab on its back and slid his cock into
her asshole. The lean, muscular Doberman mounted his
Asian bitch, sliding his cock into her pussy. Ingrid
moaned as the dog split her open. This one was thicker
than the others. She used her hands to spread her legs
wider and nearly raising them above her head. The dog
used the extra room to lean in further when he fucked
her, hitting her pussy with his knot on each instroke.

Isabella got the Malamute beneath her and slid his cock
up her ass. The Poodle quickly mounted her, driving his
slick shaft into her pussy. It was now that Isabella saw
Ingrid’s strategy. She was betting on the Doberman to
finish first in her pussy, leaving her more time to get
the Lab off. Whether Ingrid’s pussy gave her an
advantage or not was lost on the dogs. They fucked both
girls just as happily.

The two girls lay sandwiched between their dogs with
both of their holes stuffed. The dogs above them were
happily fucking away at their pussies. The Doberman
gripped Ingrid firmly at her waist, pulling her towards
him a little as he thrust forward with his powerful hind
legs. She was panting and moaning while he fucked her
and let out a yelp whenever he fucked her particularly

Isabella was moaning as well and had her legs wrapped
around the dog. The Poodle’s fur was cut in
stereotypical fashion and she felt skin instead of fur.
It was a most curious sensation when she had a dog dick
inside her.

The Doberman fucked Ingrid harder, trying to knot his
bitch. With a cock stuffing her asshole that had a knot
just as large, however, he couldn’t find the space to
get past it. The Poodle had the same problem, but it
didn’t stop them from trying.

“Mmmm! Yes, fuck me! Yeeessss!” Ingrid screamed as the
Doberman made her cum. She gripped him tightly with her
legs and held him as he filled her. Without his knot
plugging her up, his large load started leaking out of
her pussy and dripping down to her asshole.

The Poodle wasn’t far behind. He plunged his cock into
Isabella’s pussy one last time and gripped her tightly
as he filled her up. Isabella let out a slow, low moan.
She shuddered and her toes curled as she came.

The Doberman pulled out first. A flood of cum
immediately followed when the tip of his penis exited
Ingrid’s vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhh.” Ingrid moaned and shivered when she felt
the torrent of hot liquid touch her asshole.

The Poodle pulled out as well, leaving Isabella’s
reluctant clutches to rejoin the pack.

The girls panted and rested themselves on top of their
dogs. They looked at each other with wide smiles before
Ingrid remembered their competition. She narrowed her
eyes and mockingly glared daggers at Isabella. She began
raising her hips up and down, fucking herself on the
Lab’s cock.

Isabella took her look in a friendly manner and began
fucking her Malamute the same way.

“Ohhhhh.” The girls moaned as their puckered holes
gripped their dog shafts. Having been inside their
bitches with no way of release, the dogs came rather
quickly. Ingrid’s few seconds head start made all the
difference as the Lab flooded her ass with his cum,
followed by the Malamute a second later in Isabella’s

“Yes!” Ingrid exclaimed, raising her arms in a
celebratory pose. She rolled off the Lab, letting him
leave. Isabella did the same with the Malamute, only not
as triumphantly.

“We’re doing this again, only this time it will be doggy
style.” Isabella declared. She immediately called over a
Collie and a Boxer. She got the Boxer beneath her and
straddled him, sliding his cock up her pussy. She laid
on top of him, pressing her breasts against his fur and
presenting her asshole to the Collie. The dog mounted
her with no hesitation, thrusting his slick cock up her
equally slick back door.

Seeing no way to challenge her decision, Ingrid called
over a Husky and a Dalmatian. She straddled the Husky
and the Dalmatian mounted her from behind.

Once again the girls were sandwiched between two dogs.
If they noticed the dogs were fucking them more
frantically, they were not wrong. They had made their
way through over half of the pack and the remaining dogs
were more than eager for some release.

The girls lay still between the dogs as they were fucked
in the ass. Though not overly large, both dogs set their
hind legs as close to their bitches as possible so they
could fuck them as hard as they could.

Ingrid moaned as the Dalmatian pounded her ass. He
pushed her forward with his cock and pulled her back
with his forepaws. Initially Ingrid found it a bit
rough, but now she was enjoying it. The Dalmatian’s
motions rubbed her back and forth on the Husky’s fur,
rubbing her clit against the shorter fur between his
legs and her breasts against his softer chest hair.

Isabella was receiving the same treatment. Every time
the Collie thrust into her she felt his knot at her anal
entrance threatening to tie them together. Luckily the
Boxer’s knot was in the way or she would lose her own

Isabella was enjoying having her entire body stimulated.
The Boxer’s short fur was a bit rough on her nipples but
felt wonderful on her clit. Through the haze of multiple
orgasms Isabella had a flash of inspiration. She thrust
her hips forward whenever the Collie fucked her, using
the Collie’s motions to help her fuck the Boxer.

“Mmmmm.” Isabella moaned. She could feel both cocks
moving inside her. The best was when she and the Collie
thrust at the same time. She could feel both dogs fill
her up completely. They always shifted slightly when
their knots knocked against each other, and in random
directions, adding a sense of mystery to their love-

Isabella and Ingrid hugged their dogs tight as they were
fucked between them. The Boxer licked Isabella’s face
occasionally. Isabella didn’t know what made her do it,
but she licked him back. On the lips at first, but then
on his tongue as well when it flicked out. Then she full
on kissed him, pressing her lips against his.

The Dalmatian barked and howled as he came in Ingrid’s
ass. Ingrid’s eyes opened wide when she felt his hot cum
fill her. She moaned with him as she came, louder than
the dog.

“Ohhhh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck me like a fucking bitch!” she
screamed. Her back arched and she threw her head back,
hitting the Dalmation in the snout. Her body spasmed,
and she thrust her hips against the Husky beneath her,
penetrating herself on him up to the knot. “Unnnnngh,
yes!” she moaned.

Isabella and her dogs were cumming as well. Isabella’s
little trick worked and both dogs came at the same time.
Her eyes opened as wide as Ingrid’s when she felt twin
jets of hot spunk fill both her holes at the same time.

“Unnnngh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” she moaned unintelligibly as
she came with them. Her legs bent upward, leaving her
supported only by the Boxer beneath her. Her toes curled
in and her eyes rolled up, nearly going inside her head.
When that orgasm subsided, she had another one close on
its heels. It wasn’t as powerful but it caused her to
thrust her hips back and forth, having the unintended
effect of spreading her pussy lips wider around the
Boxer’s knot. She hugged the Boxer even tighter, feeling
the excess cum from the Collie leak out and flow over
her well stuffed pussy.

The Collie and Dalmatian dismounted when they were done
and left satisfied. The girls were left panting on top
of their remaining dog with their assholes gaping and
leaking cum.

Ingrid pushed herself up on weak, post-orgasmic arms and
rode the Husky. She slid up and down his red pole, his
body heat giving her micro orgasms as she fucked herself
on him. As she went on it was clear she was tired. She
began dropping down on him, slamming her pussy onto his
knot. This was a bit of serendipitous pleasure for
Ingrid and she kept at it, only mixing it up by grinding
her clit against his fur.

Isabella relaxed on top of the Boxer, enjoying the
sensation of cum cooling as it leaked out of her ass.
The dog eventually got impatient and got up, rolling
Isabella off him in the process. She flopped onto the
grass on her back, now feeling the cum leak out of her
pussy to join the flow coming out of her ass and pooling
onto the grass.

“Ahhhhh!” Ingrid moaned when she felt the Husky cum in
her. It was the complete opposite of the ones earlier.
Ingrid felt worn out from cumming so often in so little
time. She got off the dog and lay on the grass like
Isabella, feeling the loads the dogs left in her leaking

“I won that one.” Isabella said weakly, but smiling

“Wha? I didn’t even see you fuck the other dog.” Ingrid

Isabella held up two fingers. “Both at once.” She said
triumphantly. Ingrid had no answer for that.

The girls rested and recuperated for a few minutes with
the remainder of the pack waiting and looking on

Ingrid sat up first. “My turn.” She announced.

Isabella was surprised at the energy in her voice since
she was close to falling asleep earlier.

“We’re having a foursome. Reverse Cowgirl.” Ingrid
continued, with the same pep. She called three dogs over
to her, a Rottweiller, a Doberman and a Black Lab.
Isabella wondered if this counted as Black on Asian in
porn lingo.

Ingrid got the Doberman beneath her inserted his cock
into her asshole. The Lab mounted and thrust into her
pussy. She led the Rottweiller around to her head where
he awkwardly straddled her, placing his forepaws to
either side of her body. She grabbed his cock, tilted
her head back and sucked his entire seven inch length
into her mouth.

Isabella had no choice but to follow suit now. She
picked a Chocolate Lab, a Labra-doodle and a Labrador
Retriever. She got the Chocolate Lab on his back and put
his fleshy pink spike up her ass. Once she laid back and
spread her legs the Labra-doodle mounted her
immediately. She had to lead the Labrador Retriever to
her head as well. The dog stood to the side of the
rutting threesome and let Isabella grab his cock and
suck on it.

Despite the marathon sex the girls had been having, they
hardly showed any sign of slowing down. Ingrid had her
legs wrapped around the Lab, who was pumping like a
jackhammer between her legs. The Rottweiller stood still
at first, but was now pumping his cock in and out of
Ingrid’s mouth. Despite not being able to thrust, the
Doberman could feel his dick being rubbed by the Lab’s
through Ingrid’s thin anal membrane.

Isabella was enjoying the Labra-doodle’s enthusiasm very
much. These dogs from the last of the pack were so pent
up they were glad to do most of the work. Not that it
stopped her. She tried her strategy from the last round
and used the Labra-doodle’s motions to help raise her
ass. When the dog pulled out she relaxed her legs and
slid quickly down the Chocolate Lab’s pole, plunging his
nice, thick cock up her narrow anal alley. Every so
often she could time it so she could raise her hips up
so the Labra-doodle could fuck her just right, slamming
his knot into her and hitting her clit.

The Retriever was the only one to start in an odd
position but even learned to move around and get better
use of his bitch. He was standing perpendicular to
Isabella’s head and thrusting. She could control him by
grasping the base of his shaft but he still f****d her
to deep-throat him a couple times.

The girls laid back and let the dogs have their way with
them, except Isabella, who was intent on winning this
challenge. She was trying her best to fuck the Chocolate
Lab beneath her with any semblance of rhythm, but she
was getting interrupted by the multiple orgasms the dogs
were giving her. Ingrid just enjoyed the ride. Only time
would tell which strategy would work.

The dogs started barking and howling as they came. The
ones fucking their pussies came first, flooding them
with their puppy juice. The ones in their mouths came
next, dropping an equally impressive load. The Chocolate
Lab was the last to cum, filling Isabella’s ass once
again with dog cum. Isabella’s strategy was proving to
be a winning one.

Ingrid swallowed quickly, not wanting to spill a drop,
however it was just too much for her to handle. Little
rivulets dripped from the side of her mouth and became
streams when she was f****d to take a breath. The dog
sprayed the last of his load on her face and walked off.

Isabella tried her best as well but her swallowing
skills were not like Ingrid’s. She managed two loads
before pulling her mouth off his prick. The dog kept
spurting, coating her face in his spunk and getting a
few stray squirts into her hair. Once satisfied, he
walked off as well.

Determined to beat Isabella this round, Ingrid began
fucking the Doberman, using her legs to raise her ass up
and down the dog’s cock. She was so absorbed that she
didn’t realize she had already lost. The dog didn’t
mind. He needed release in the worst way.

The Doberman came quickly, filling Ingrid’s ass with his
cum. There was so much of it, it began seeming out,
despite having a thick dog cock plugging her up.

The girls rolled off their dogs to rest in the grass
again. Isabella propped herself up on her right arm to
face Ingrid and simply raised two fingers.

“Want to try again?” Isabella asked. “I think I’m up by
two rounds now.”

Ingrid looked around but only saw four dogs left. “You
win.” She conceded. There weren’t enough dogs to even
guarantee a tie. “Let’s fuck these dogs and go.”

“Alright. What’s your favourite position?” Isabella felt
bad for her. She hoped if Ingrid enjoyed herself in the
last round she wouldn’t stay mad for long.

“The foursome,” Ingrid said, with a silly smile on her
face. “But there’s not enough. Let’s do a spitroast

The girls called the last dogs over; a German Shepherd
and St. Bernard for Isabella and a Rottweiller and
Greyhound for Ingrid. The girls got on all fours.

The St. Bernard mounted Isabella from behind, thrusting
his cock into her pussy. The German Shepherd was left
with no alternative except the front. Isabella watched
his slimy red rod get closer and closer to her face. She
deliberately avoided it until she could wrap her lips
around it without using a hand to guide it. She sucked
on his tip and the dog shuffled forward, sliding the
rest of his cock into her mouth until her lips kissed
his knot.

Ingrid’s dogs mounted her at the same time, the
Rottweiller from behind and the Greyhound from the
front. The Rottweiller slid into her smoothly while the
Greyhound gently plied his way into her mouth.

The dogs gripped the girls around their waists and
shoulders and pumped away. The girls were completely at
the mercy of the dogs. They pulled them back and forth,
they fucked them hard and fast, and slapped both their
pussies and mouths with their knots.

“Mmmph! Mmmph!” the girls moaned, muffled by the dog
cock in their mouths.

These dogs fucked the girls like the previous group did.
They were fucking them so hard they were all but fucking
their knots into them.

The Rottweiller and St. Bernard howled as they came in
them. The girls came with them, screaming their muffled
moans as loud as they could. They felt the dogs grip
them tight around the waist and push hard.

“This is it.” Isabella thought as she felt her pussy
being stretched wide. Being filled with dog cum gave her
her first orgasm. Being knotted was about to give her

Beside her Ingrid was in the same situation. The
Rottweiller was still shooting into her while he pushed
his large knot past her pussy lips.

“Mmmmph!” both girls screamed as they were both knotted.
The dogs dismounted, passed a leg over their butts and
faced the other way.

The Greyhound and German Shepherd were close to busting
their nuts as well. A few more strokes and Ingrid and
Isabella’s mouths were filled with dog semen. This time
the girls aimed to swallow it all. The only sounds for
the next few minutes were slurps and swallows as the
dog’s large loads went down the girl’s gullets.

Once done, the dogs dismounted, leaving the girls tied
for the time being. Ingrid and Isabella looked at each
other, smiling. They stayed on all fours for a while
until a blonde girl came up to them. They assumed it was
a Dog House celebrity here to help them in their

“Isabella?” the girl asked.

The girls raised their heads in shock. No one aside from
Madeleine knew they were here.

“Portia!” Isabella said, immensely relieved.

“I assume this is the friend you told me about earlier?”

“Yes,” Isabella responded. “Portia, meet Ingrid. Ingrid,
meet Portia. She works with Madeleine.” “Madeleine works
here?” Ingrid asked, incredulously.

“Yes. Speaking of which, do you two need some help?” The
dogs had fortuitous timing and pulled out right there.
“Oh, never mind.” Portia continued.

Ingrid and Isabella got up, brushing dirt off their
knees but could do nothing about the grass stains.

“I saw what you girls did,” Portia said, smiling. “I
believe you’d be excellent new additions to the Dog

Ingrid and Isabella looked at each other, smiling.

“We always get more dogs than we can handle,” Portia
said, selling the position. “If you ever need a quick
spot of cash you can always pop in and do a performance
or screen job.”

“Performance?” Ingrid asked.

“Some theme rooms need people to give additional
realism. The Wild West, for example has a burlesque
show. This is usually a dog a pony show.” Portia

“And screen jobs?” Isabella asked.

“Those are special assignments. Rich customers will pay
a premium to have their pets fuck a beautiful girl.
These pets can be anything. The majority are dogs and
horses but I have seen girls fuck a tiger, lion,
gorilla, zebra, pig, a dolphin even! Others will pay to
have a girl play out their fantasy. These use the
Holodeck. The requests are very open-ended but the girl
gets to choose what she wants. One time I saw a screen
job for a girl who fucks zombie dogs that eat her at the
same time.”

Both girls’ jaws dropped at hearing that.

“Don’t let that scare you.” Portia said, backpedalling.
“Those are the rarest requests. You don’t have to let me
know right away. Tell me any time.”

Portia stepped closer and spoke softer. “On my off days
I’d like to get to know the both of you better.”

With that, the three parted ways. Portia headed off back
into the Dog Park while Ingrid and Isabella exited.

The two stumbled out of the room with the same
disheveled hair and wide smiles they had seen on the
women when they got out of the elevator.

They slouched into some stuffed easy chairs, legs
splayed out and displaying their well fucked pussies.
The bartender set some drinks on the table between them,
which the girls thanked her gratefully for.

Ingrid noted that she was right. The bartender was fully

“So, where now?” asked Isabella after taking a long draw
on her drink.

“Lunch first. I’d like to try the Wild West, Carnival,
maybe the Stables, and then the Holodeck.” Ingrid said,
scanning the floor plan across the room from them at the

Isabella raised her eyebrows when she heard the
schedule. “Sounds good,” Isabella replied
apprehensively. “You want to save something for the rest
of the week?”

Ingrid laughed at herself. “Sorry, I meant one other
room today, the rest we’ll save for the rest of the

“Splendid. Let’s stop at our room for a shower first.”

The girls got up from the table and pressed the button
for the elevator. The doors opened, revealing half a
dozen naked girls in their early twenties. They were
talking animatedly. Two were telling the rest all about
their exploits the previous time they stayed at the Dog

They quieted down when they saw Ingrid and Isabella with
their messed up hair and dried dog cum crusting on their
thighs. In contrast, their neatly styled tresses showed
they had yet to enjoy any of the Dog House’s amenities.

Ingrid and Isabella stood to the side to let them out.
As they filed past Isabella noticed the two girls
sharing their story wore matching necklaces with Greek
letter pendants: IKΘ.

‘Iota Kappa Theta.’ Isabella thought. However in Ancient
Greece they used the alphabet to represent numbers.
Their pendants could mean ’10 20 9′. Or even simpler, ‘I
K 9’.

The two stepped into the elevator. “I think they’re a
sorority of dog fuckers.” Isabella said when the doors

“Seems like I went to the wrong school,” Ingrid replied,

The girls exited at the lobby and made their way to
their room via the residential elevators.

After a relaxing shower the girls went down for lunch.
Neither opted for any clothes.

The two took the elevator down to the lobby and went to
the cafeteria. It was nearly full at this hour. The two
filled their plates from the buffet and sat down to eat.

It seemed a little surreal to Isabella to be doing
something so mundane in a room full of naked or nearly
naked girls who had likely had sex with an animal

Ingrid seemed to be right at home, even though it was
Isabella’s friend who introduced her to bestiality. She
was eating her meal and looking around the room. Every
so often she would point out a celebrity she recognized.
So far she had seen Grace Park, Scarlett Johansson, Mila
Kunis and Jessica Alba.

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