Jane was tending to the Bonobo chimps in the zoo

Jane has been in charge of the Bonobo enclosure for a
couple of month, and she was enchanted with them.

She has come here from ** where she had been in the
staff of the local zoo, working with the Chimpanzees.
She liked these lively and curious apes but their
irascibility and mischief making especially of the
hot tempered males- was a pain in the ass. You had
always had to be on your guard never turn your back to
them or else. She had heard of course, like everybody
else, about the love apes Bonobos and when she has
received this offer she grabbed it.

There were quite a bunch of them – three adult females
Sara, Lea which was suckling a cub, and Pam, two
young ones- Sahara and Lolita and two adult males –
Bono, Omar and the young Bob.

It was indeed unbelievable how amicable and warm
natured they were. After only a couple of weeks they
have started to hug her, to pet her, especially the
females. They were indeed always hugging and petting
each other, and, true to their reputation, they were
having sex at all possible combinations: female /female
was the most common but also male/female, male /male
and even group sex.

She recalled also the words of Tracy, whom she
replaced: “It will probably make you uneasy at first
and horny, but there is a compensation, I had had the
best sex experience of my life since I’ve started
working with them.”

“It had also knocked you up,” mused Jane, looking on
the big pregnant belly that Tracy had been carrying.

Well, they were up to their reputation, she thought,
but it didn’t make her hornier then ever. At least not
until the last couple of days.

It was probably her being in estrus, but their having
their sexual sprees when she brought them their food
made her tingle in her crotch. You se, her doctor had
stopped her pills for a couple of months, in order to
replace them. She and Tom had to use rubbers, and that
was O.K. but now she was feeling rather hornier then
usually. Not that this was bad she actually has
enjoyed the sex very much- but it was a bit
uncomfortable with all this sex going around her.

That day it was even worse. When she entered their
enclosure with the fruit wheelbarrow the apes started
jumping around her and from sheer excitement opened a
grand orgy: Bono was masturbating while Sara and Lea
were rubbing their vulvas one the other. Omar was
trying to shove his dick into Pam and even young Bob
was showing to all and sundry his puny erection.

Jane felt a distinct tingling in her vagina and a
familiar wetness. Lolita’s behavior made it even worse:
she jumped on Jane, hugged her and started actually to
handle and squeeze her tits- Jane had always felt that
Lolita was fascinated by them. They were indeed two
beautiful globes, but Lolita had no business fondling

Jane decided that she’ll disregard the sexual feelings
and regard Lolita’s behavior as a regular good natured
hugging. Easier said then done! Lolita took advantage
on Jane’s hugging and shoved her hand under the sweater
fondling her now bare nipple, twigging it between her
fingers while licking Jane’s neck.

Short of breath Jane felt the flutter of butterflies in
her loins. Her legs buckled under her and she leaned
back against the bars of the cage, her chest heaving
deeply. That urchin Lolita used well the open way,
shoving Jane’s sweater up and exposing her heaving
breasts. She went on sucking on one teat while fondling
and twisting the other nipple and Jane felt she was
going to scream with pleasure. “OH GOD!” She thought.
“I… I shouldn’t be doing it!”

But that goddamn ape used her preoccupation and shoved
her leg in between Jane’s thighs, fingering her wet
loins! “One would think that she wants to fuck me!”
thought Jane, her legs giving way and opening to the
exploring digits. “Luckily I’m with my jeans on!” She

But even through the coarse cloth Jane felt the
exploring fingers turning her will into jell. Jane
responded the only way she could, by an attack of her
own. She sent her fingers into Lolita’s open and wet
vagina and soon had her screaming and flapping her arms
and legs in what had to be a grand orgasm.

Suddenly Jane felt a strong tug on her pants. She
looked down and found Pam sniffing her crotch, tugging
at her pants trying to pull them down. Now Jane did
something that she couldn’t explain to herself later:
Although she knew it was depraved and immoral, she slid
down hesitantly her hand and opened the button of her

The trousers now yielded to Pam’s tugging and slowly
slid down from Jane’s hips and fell to the ground
leaving her just with her thin flimsy panties on. Pam
wasn’t slow to take advantage of the new conditions.
Her long fingers slid inside Jane’s wet pussy,
exploring, caressing and pinching. She drove Jane
nearly insane with lust. Jane shuddered, moaned and her
legs sled under her, spreading wide open.

Pam squeezed herself between the spread thighs, leaning
on Jane’s naked body, caressing and patting her, while
all the time her digits were busy exploring the girl’s
vagina and cunt, squeezing her clit, probing into her
vagina’s opening . Just when Jane felt that she was
hovering on the verge of an orgasm her legs gave way
and she landed with her bum on the floor. Pam’s fingers
left her cunny, but that didn’t stop her sexual
attempts. Pam squeezed her fat, puffy vulva to Jane’s
wet pussy, starting to rub against her.

Jane giggled it reminded her of her lesbian experience
in college. She humped back, holding the hairy body
against her smooth skin, pulling the rough buttocks of
the ape into her. This was different to anything she
new-but the soft fury feeling was rather comforting.
Evidently Pam was satisfied with this state of business
and started kissing Jane’s sensitive nipples.

After a while Pam left Jane’s wide spread thighs and
she turned her full attention to her breast, and the
heat in Jane’s pussy subsided a little. Suddenly Jane
felt a warm, wet tongue in her cunt! Sara joined the
party. She stuck her snout between Jane’s thighs
sniffing the now exposed wet, dripping cunt and
experimentally licked a long lick with her pink tongue.

The female ape tore the flimsy material of the panties
and stuck her lips into the crack of Jane’s cunt,
licking deeply inside. Jane felt the electric jolt when
the probing tongue hit her clit. Oblivious to all
decorum she spread wide her legs, mewing in delight
heaving against the probing tongue.

“YESS!” she screamed. “OOHH PLEASE DONT STOP!” Her
hips started heaving on their own against the exploring
tongue. Somehow she saw in front of her face a big,
swollen, red cunt waiting for her. She hugged hungrily
the hairy hips and planted her lips on the swollen red
lips of Pam’s cunt, licking inside, sucking on the
flowing juices while her own were being sucked by Sara.

Jane’s orgasmic scream choked in her throat, her hips
were thrashing, rotating in the expectation of an
orgasmic blast- but that didn’t come. Yes, like in her
college days, Jane was reminded why she didn’t take to
lesbian sex- she was desperate for a COCK! YES A COCK

Jane calmed down a little still hugging Pam and Sara
and being hugged by them. She regained her senses
enough to understand the enormity of her doings. She
turned herself now from their keeper to one of the
herd! How could she! But still she felt so good with it

Why, who said that human were superior to these lovable
creatures? These cousins of ours, who had only one
thought how to make one another happy? How to make
Jane happy. Here now one of them was exploring again
her burning cunt sending fluttering signals in her
tummy. She spread wide her thighs ready to accept the
cunt rubbing, when she felt what?! A cock! Although
much smaller then her boyfriend’s it was A COCK! She
opened her eyes to se Bono placing himself between he
legs and felt his strong palms on her buttocks, lifting
her, pulling her onto his cock.

“YES! YEES Oh, MY! Thats what she wanted! That was
what she desperately needed-a stiff cock in her!!! She
heaved against his thrusting, all happy and, now when
she was on the verge of a climax she felt a strong hot
stream filling her! She never had felt such a stream of
jism before! It filled her vagina, filled her uterus,
filling her to capacity and spilling out too.

Bono, having fulfilled himself, left her and she
thought, “How like a man. They all think only of
themselves!” but before she had much time to muse upon
this Omar took his place between her legs pulling her
on his erect cock. He heaved against her, his pelvis
and cock hitting her clit sending waves of pure lust
through her. “I’m turning into a regular apes’ whore,”
thought Jane, “But to hell with it… I LIKE it!”

“OHHH!! MORE! YES, FUCK MEEE!” she wailed, and fuck her
he did-even if he did not understand her words. She
clutched to his fur, wrapped her legs around him
pulling him into her, gasping chocking she felt that
NOW, Now she was coming- and his hot stream filled her,
washed her inside. She was now drenched with apes’
semen, overflowing with it, and now of course the
bastard dismounted her just when she was on the verge
of her own bliss!!

She was so frustrated! Even turning into apes’ whore
didn’t make her come! Then she thought, “Why, it wasn’t
the first time a male went short on her, and the remedy
was making him horny again by sucking his dick!”
Experimentally she kneeled in front of Bono, taking his
now flaccid cock in her mouth, and started caressing
Bono’s balls.

From his lack of response she realized that a chimp
needed stronger measures. She massaged the big ball
sucking them, tweaking them, biting them experimentally
even. Bono responded immediately. His cock was growing
and hardening to even bigger proportions then before-or
was it only her lustful feeling? Anyhow it grew fast
and in a moment Bono started humping her mouth.

Yes she thought blissfully, now. But Bono now thrust
two or three times, strong heaves that nearly broke the
poor girl’s neck, and in no time she felt the stream of
his hot jism in her throat, filling her mouth, spilling
on her tits and chest, drenching her with sticky fluid.

Jane was furious. Here she was, a handsome human
female, begging this damned ape to fuck her, and all
she got was a stinking mouthful of jism! But she won’t
give up so easily! There was Omar he will save her!
She grabbed hold of Omar and sucked him massaging his
enormous balls, taking care not to make him come too

Yes, her efforts did succeed indeed, and here he was
hard and stiff as ever! Now she let his dick out of her
mouth, turned her behind towards him and raised her
ass, waiting for him to mount her. When it didn’t
happen she spread her ass cheeks with her hands shoving
her face into the floor, and nothing!! She raised her
head, only to see Omar sticking his stiff cock into
Pam’s swollen vagina!

Jane nearly wept with frustration! SHE NEEDED A COCK
NOW!!! But Bono was munching a banana, totally
disinterested, and Omar was still entwined with Pam!

Yet there he was, little Bob with his puny erection!
“Better a puny cock then none,” thought Jane and said
aloud. “And I don’t mind if you call me a pedophilic
baby snatcher! I am depraved anyhow. COME!” She yelled
at the young ape, and in three long jumps she was on

She grabbed the frightened Bob and seeing that he
didn’t know what to do, she mounted his erect cock,
holding his small body against her. “Yes!” She shouted.
“You’ll get a fucking grand lesson in fucking! OOHH!!”

She heaved and fucked, feeling the stiff cock rubbing
her clit on its way out and the hard pelvic bone
hitting it on her heaves in.

“YES!” She squealed, nearing her orgasm when she was
drenched once again in ape’s semen.

She didn’t stop this time. Clutching the young ape
strongly with her fists buried in his fur, she laid him
on his back and mounted him. Grasping his buttocks, she
pulled him in, humping and riding him on, and on, and
on. The young virile ape responded willingly. His cock
rising again he heaved against her, meeting her thrusts
with heaves of his own. Vaguely Jane noticed all the
apes forming a a circle around them. She didnt mind.
“Let them have a lesson how a real woman fucks!”

Jane threw her head back, her teeth gnashing, her eyes
rolling back in her head, her mouth opened in a long
scream in her long awaited orgasm. Her hips danced on
the young ape’s cock, feeling his blasts of semen in
her burning vagina, his orgasmic scream joining hers.
All went black before her eyes and she slumped gasping
on the small body of the young ape…

After a while she regained her senses.

Shaking, she rose on all her fours, but her shaking
legs refused her attempt to rise. No wonder, a glance
on her watch told her that she had had sex for three
hours now! Crawling on her hands and knees, Jane
collected her discarded garments on her way out. With
the support of the wall she rose on trembling legs, and
looked around. All the female apes were milling around
young Bob, caressing him, patting and kissing him. The
two males were munching fruit, feigning disinterest and
no one was paying any attention to her at all.

On wobbling feet she left the enclosure, locking the
door after her and hobbled to the bathrooms feeling
trickles of semen streaming down her thighs. Even under
the steaming hot water, semen kept seeping out of her
burning vagina.

Jane couldn’t keep from her mind the words of her
predecessor Tracy. Was this the amazing experience she
was hinting about? And her pregnancy?

No! That was impossible!! After all, 98% similarity in
the DNA wasn’t sufficient for interbreeding! Or was it?

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