Jerry takes his sister Kathy down the path of submission

OOH MY GOD, IT’S WAS SO AWESOME, just like always with
him, it felt ooh so, so good. Yes, just like always, I
was mere moments from crashing head first into another
one of those earth shattering orgasm he always gave me.
Ooh, ooh yes, just like always I could feel this cock
expanding to dimensions beyond belief as I lay there
passive under his spell, on my back, my feet on the
floor as he fucked me into oblivion.

Then once again it happened I felt my toes tingle as
the sensations began there before climbing up my body,
I gritted my teeth, grabbed the bed spread and letting
him have all of me as I hit the wall of pleasure like

As I slowly came down I heard that familiar sound deep
in his belly, then his body became ridged thrusting his
hips forward burying all of his massive cock deep
inside me and letting it explode with his first
powerful squirt of semen. By his third powerful squirt,
as always, I went into my normal multi-orgasmic state
coming with each of his subsequent ejaculatory squirts.

As he ejaculated over and over deep into my womb I
would come with each jet of sperm. Lost somewhere in
oblivion I reached up, hugged is muscular body to my
breasts to as we rode the pleasure waves as one.
Finally He collapsed sated upon my soaked body, his fur
soaking up my perspiration and the saliva he left
behind as he licked my tits while he took me like the
bitch he has made me.

You see my lover is a freak of nature; he has a cock so
gigantic it took me months of fucking him to become
accustomed to its size. How can I explain it except to
be blunt, my lover is a cross between a Black Lab and a
Golden Retriever, I call him Smudge because that was
all he was at birth a mere smudge in my palm, but boy
has he grown. He is definitely a freak of nature
because I have never seen any other Retriever anywhere
as big as him. He weighed in at one hundred fifty-two
pounds on his last Vet visit. Me at five two, Smudge on
all fours stands well above my waist.

Besides I have seen some Big Lab cocks on the net,
trust me his dwarfs them all. But that is secondary;
the real story here is how did I get into the
missionary position with a lover and pet that virtually
fucks my brains out daily. In order to explain, I have
to go back seven years to my eighteenth birthday party.

Chapter I – Virginity in passing

It was a beautiful day and my parents finally relented
and allowed me to have my girlfriends over for a pool
party, I mean it’s a right of passage for a girls
sixteenth birthday. They gave in only with conditions
of course and I was happy to oblige with all their
conditions except one, I hated it, but had to have my
twenty-one year-old brother as a chaperone because they
were going away until the next afternoon.

Needless to say all went fairly well as my brother
Jerry pretty much stayed in the den watching his
favorite baseball team and watching us through the
glass slider.

It was a little after eleven that night the last of my
friends had left around eight-thirty to nine, when I
came down stairs fresh from the shower and ready for
bed. I really wanted to thank Jerry for being so cool
and not bugging us during my party. As I walked toward
the den even over the din of the television I could
hear sounds like someone was sick. I knew that Jerry
had been drinking beer most of the day and figured he
was sick from the beer so, wanting to help I rushed
into the den.

Was I ever wrong, on the sofa my there was brother
stretched out, jeans and boxers at his knees with his
enormous pole of flesh grasped in his hand as he pumped
away. I inadvertently gasped loudly enough to be heard
and he looked up. I expected him to cover up in
embarrassment, but he did no such thing, he just gave
me an evil smile and beckoned me to come closer but I
turned on my heels quickly heading for the safety of my
room. I just pushed my door shut and threw myself face
down on my bed and began to sob. I never heard a thing,
but suddenly I was forcefully rolled onto my back and
being held down and straddled just under my breasts.

When I opened my eyes all I could see was a mass of
pubic hair with his enormous rigid cock only inches
from my face. “Do you know why my cock is so hard, well
I’ll tell you bitch? You and your cock tease
girlfriends have been making me crazy all day.
Strutting around dam near naked with soaking wet almost
see through micro-mini bikinis and it’s all your fault.
So for your punishment you are going to blow me until I
fill your mouth with my come.”

“Jerry you’re crazy and drunk, get off me now. I am not
going to do that or anything else to you so get off me,
besides I don’t even know how.”

Jerry grabbed a handful of my shoulder length hair and
twisted so painfully as I opened my mouth to scream at
him, he moved forward and my mouth became filled with
his rock hard fat cock.

“You bite and I’ll rip every hair on your head out by
the roots, now suck me till I come.

“But I never,” I tried to mumble around this monster
that filled my mouth.

“You’ll learn, beside just do what you girls always
talk about when no one is around?”

How did he know what we talked about anyway?

But I did as he said, suddenly I didn’t even know my
own brother I became deathly afraid of him. So I did
exactly what I heard what my girlfriends said when did
talk about blowjobs. I licked it with my tongue and
sucked on it gently like I was using a giant straw
repeating it over and over. Especially repeating what I
did on purpose or by accident that made Jerry moan.

After a while, I don’t know how but somehow, I had
created a rhythm that was both easy on me and
definitely pleasing to Jerry, I knew I doing it right
because he kept bellowing, “ooh my god, ooh my god,
you’re a natural, yes just like that.”

For some reason I was no longer afraid of him, in fact
I was suddenly excited, I was a grownup and I was
making a man moan aloud. I mean here I was sucking a
grown man’s cock and making him beg for more, how much
more adult could I be?

So I just went with the flow and did my own thing, that
is until Jerry grabbed the back of my head pulled me to
him and then froze in place as I felt his big cock
expand in size if that was possible, throb like a fire
hose filling with water then it acted like one, It
sprayed thick creamy liquid across my tongue filling my

I was making gasping and gurgling sounds as I
simultaneously tried to catch my breath and keep from
chocking on this liquid that I now realized was his
ejaculate, I mean I wasn’t totally ignorant about how
things worked.

“Swallow it Kathy,” Jerry demanded with a harsh voice,
“don’t be a baby, swallow it like a real woman would.”

I certainly was no c***d and no wimp either, I was
going to show him, so I swallowed sucked out more and
swallowed again and again until there was no more.

When his cock finally went half way limp and I had
licked it clean as he demanded, Jerry pull it free of
my mouth, grasped my hair again and pulled me up into a
standing position. Once I was standing he grabbed the
belt of my robe pulled it free and pushed my robe off
my shoulders and down onto the floor behind me.

There I stood, naked except the tiny panties I had put
on after my shower.

“Take them off,” he said with authority as he leaned
into my face almost making our noses touch.

“No, fuck you,” I said feeling it was time to speak up
and defend myself.

It was mere moments later I watched as my tiny blue
panties slid past my knees, past my calves and onto the
top of my feet and I cringed from the double pain of
Jerry twisting my hair to the roots and did the same to
my right nipple.

As I stood before my own brother naked as I day I was
born I felt his eyes on me leering at what no man ever
seen before. He made me turn, take alluring poses,
spread my legs, turn and bend showing him my ass, all
this before be asked me if I was a virgin.

When I answered yes he said, “Wonderful, we’ll have
plenty of time to take care of that tomorrow before mom
and dad get home, now go to bed.

I looked at him in total disbelief at what he just said
as I screamed, “no fucking way will you ever touch me
again or I’ll k**l you. With that I turned and headed
to my bed leaving my robe and panties still on the
floor at his feet.

“Ooh and by the way my little personal slut, I like to
eat off a clean plate when I’m in the mood, so when I
see you in the morning that cute little pussy of yours
better be clean shaven or you’ll have a first hand
example of what punishment means.

I looked over at him and mumbled to myself “it’ll be a
cold day in hell when you fuck me, you asshole.”

I didn’t realize I said it so loud as he responded with
an evil laugh in his voice, “GREAT IDEA SIS, maybe I’ll
do just that and take your advice, yea that’s it maybe
before I make your cherry b***d, I’ll just shove my
cock up your ass first.”

Frightened by his threats I got back up, locked my door
and cried myself to sleep.

Chapter II – I’m Taken

Around three in the morning I woke up needing to pee so
bad it hurt, so I ran to the bathroom. As I sat on the
toilet I looked down and all I could see was my tuft of
light brown pubic hair, and my mind went haywire.

“What if he really meant it? What if he plans to eat me
or really fuck me? Would he be pissed if I don’t shave?
Ooh my God, I thought, maybe to punish me he might
really fuck me up the ass. Ooh shit, with his massive
fat cock I would most likely b***d to death and imagine
the pain I’d have to endure while he fucked my ass.”

Fear can be overpowering, so without thinking I just
reacted. I soaked a hand towel with hot soapy water and
washed my entire pubic mound, found dad’s shaving cream
lathered up and shaved myself as clean as when I was at
ten. Then I quietly went back to bed, it was three
forty-five as I slipped back between the covers and I
laid there just wondering if once Jerry sobered up in
the morning if he would really do all those things to
me. I mean he’s my brother, he would never r**e his own
sister if he was sober and he’d definitely never force
me to take that big fat cock up my tiny ass, now would
he. No never, besides when he wakes up he’ll be in here
begging forgiveness for what he did last night, yes
that’s it, and I’ll make him pay. Yes I thought, I’ll
make him suffer a fate worse than death, then fell

I felt a warm wet finger dragging across my lips
startled me awake with as the sunshine burst on my face
through the open window blinds. As I opened my eyes
there it was again just like last night, not a damp
finger but Jerry’s engorged cock was being dragged
across my cheeks and lips by my wise-assed evil smiling

I opened my mouth to tell him where to go, but he
already knew where he wanted to go and that was into my
mouth and throat like last night. “Here you go sweetie”
he chuckled, “suck it nice and you’ll get a warm creamy
pre-breakfast shake, suck it bad and I flip you over
and fuck your dry ass till I fill it with cum, GOT IT

I knew where I stood, so I capitulated and began
duplicating the things I had done to his cock last
night. Experience is an unbelievable ally, so as I used
my newfound expertise, in no time I was swallowing
loads of what he called his pre-breakfast juice. But
this time it was very different, because as I sucked
his cock he tore back my bed covers, pulled up my baby-
doll and made me shed my panties.

When he saw my bald pussy he seemed pleased and began
to go easier on me, he stopped trying to shove his cock
down my throat. He just became enthralled with
massaging my pussy mound and let me set my own pace
sucking him off.

But this time was so very different for me as well; he
massaged my freshly shaved pussy mound making me fight
not to respond. But once his middle finger found my
little nub, in no time at all he had my hips humping
his hand wanting more.

Jerry pulled his cock out of my mouth, pushed the
pillow out from under my head, moved my body to the
center of the bed, straddled my head facing my feet and
fed his cock back into my mouth while simultaneously
his finger found my clit again.

God it felt so wonderful, How come I could never make
myself feel that good when I played with my little
clit? Then without warning everything changed again.
The sensations I was feeling were so good I thought I
was going to explode. You see, Jerry had fallen forward
and attacked my pussy and clit with his hot wet mouth
and tongue taking me to a place so awesome I never
dreamed it could exist.

Almost immediately out of nowhere it happened, his
tongue and teeth made my toes curl, my legs become
rigid; right then and there I understood why Jerry
liked shoving his cock way down my throat and what a
mouth could do to a person. My own shoulders had now
become a lever and legs the fulcrum as I tried to shove
my entire pussy into his mouth and down his throat like
he did to me.

Just as the final straw had been dropped and I was
about to enter heaven, the no good miserable worthless
bastard pulled his head away and left me and my orgasm
hanging in limbo. “Muff, mumble, ugh, I mumbled around
the enormous cock that filled my little mouth. What I
was trying to say was something like, please, please
don’t leave me like this or something like that, but
all I heard from him for a response was an evil
chuckle. The worthless motherfucker was laughing at my
pain as I lost my utopia and was slowly dieing inside.

As my body lost it’s rigidity and relaxed falling
unsated back onto the bed and I had begun seriously
contemplating biting off half of the bastards cock in
retribution, he fell forward and once again swallowed
my entire pussy.

Almost instantaneously I was half way back on that road
toward utopia so I relented and began to suck his cock
again. But this man was more than just evil; he was the
reincarnation of Satin himself. Again and again he did
it to me, he brought me to the gates of paradise only
to slam them in my face. After the third time I was
beaten, I spit out his cock and begged him to let me
come, please, please I cried out as I begged like a
lost soul.

He just chuckled again and said, “I want to take your
cherry today, now tell me baby if I let you come and
come really big will you willingly let me fuck you?”

“Yes anything you want, yes fuck me twice if you want,
please just let me come.”

Immediately Jerry pulled his cock out of my mouth,
turned around, slid down between my thighs, grabbing
them and placing them both on his shoulders as he said,
“now just close your eyes baby, think of nothing except
what you’re about to feel and I’ll take you and your
cute little pussy to paradise.”

I did as I was told; I closed my eyes and I could feel
my knees being bent almost back to my breasts while at
the same time Jerry’s lips kissed my neck. His kiss was
so soft and tender I barely felt it, but somehow its
tenderness made my pussy tingle and the rest of my body
shiver. Over and over he repeated those wonderful
kisses on my neck, cheeks ears, nose and eyelids while
his hands caressed my body with a sensuous tenderness.
When I felt his lips gently touch mine, it felt really
weird, I mean my brother was kissing my lips, but
somehow down deep it felt so, so good.

His tongue gently pressed against my lips letting me
know that it wanted entry into my mouth. Still in this
pre-orgasmic utopian haze, I just reacted without any
forethought and opened my mouth welcoming in his tongue
as it began making love to mine. I became so lost in
the naughty sensation of kissing my own brother, that I
slipped even deeper under his control.

Once again I though the mean side of Jerry reared its
ugly head as he took the glorious pleasure away from
me. But before I could raise my head in search of the
wonderful lost tongue that elusive tongue found the
first of my already erect nipples. I never had anyone
nurse at my breasts before, it felt so awesome, but
when he went from nipple to nipple I couldn’t imagine
anything more loving, anything more erotic or anything
else that would make a girl willingly want to be taken
by her man.

But I mean to tell you that this man was the epitome of
vileness, he was the god of evil. I mean here I was
once again on the brink, ready to grasp the brass ring
of ecstasy and the mean bastard left my breasts just to
tickle me. His tongue played around as if it was
seeking lint in my belly button. I couldn’t help it I
giggled and squirmed trying to get away from him but
the bastard held me fast.

Then without warning, in a single motion he dropped
further down and grabbed my clit between his teeth
holding it rigid as he bathe it with the tip of his
tongue. He had done it to me again this man was making
me crazy with lust. I fell back onto the bed as he
nursed away on my engorged button and almost
instantaneously I was at the threshold again. I tried
to beg him not to stop but I had no voice and I had no
strength, worse yet I felt his finger roaming around in
my pussy making me even crazier.

As he licked and sucked as his finger felt around in my
pussy then a second finger made my pleasure grow. He
pushed both into me as far as my Hymen then turned
upward toward the back of my clit. I could feel his
fingers rubbing across these textured ribs of skin, and
as he teased me there he once again took my clit firmly
between his teeth, biting down gently making me
shudder. Simultaneously as he gnawed at my clit his
fingers in my pussy caused those ripples and ribs to
become smooth making them even more sensitive if
possible. I thought the top of my head was going to
explode as he kept up the pressure. I went in orgasmic
convulsions unlike anything I had ever felt, heard or
even read about. I could feel my pussy filling up then
leaking out an inordinate amount of orgasmic juice.

What made it even more awesome was that at the same
time another sensation had kicked in, the sensation of
sound. The erotic sound of his gulping filled my ears
as Jerry tried in desperation to swallow all the nectar
my pussy expelled. It was all so erotic, so wonderful
until it went black. I can’t remember anything else; I
passed out, and remained out until a sharp pain
rocketed through my entire body.

At that instant my eyes bolted open only to see Jerry’s
smiling face above me as he spoke. “Look baby while you
were in La-La land I decided to save you some
discomfort so I have to tell you is that what you feel
is my cock buried deep in your no-longer virgin pussy,
so relax while you and I enjoy your first fuck.”

He didn’t say another word and neither could I as he
thrust his tongue into my mouth smothering any response
as he kissed me again as he simultaneously began to saw
in and out of my pussy. Eventually it felt pretty good
and when he was getting ready to come he lifted his
belly up and moved my hand to my pussy telling me to
make myself come.

It felt so naughty as he watched his cock slide in and
out of me while just above I was playing with my pussy
like a wanton slut. It went on and on like that until
we came together, rolled to our sides still joined as
one and fell into a relaxing sleep.

Chapter III – Ruff-Ruff

As time passed by Jerry and I got into a routine we
would fuck at least once or twice a week. That is until
a month or so after my eighteenth birthday my parents
went away for the weekend leaving Jerry and I alone. I
don’t think they were gone fifteen minutes when Jerry
had me on my knees sucking his cock. After he filled my
mouth and belly with his come he asked me if I wanted
to play a game.

“Sure,” I asked, ” what kind of game is.

“Its called trust, we get naked, I put a blind fold on
you so you can only feel what is happening, then I do
something to make you come, then you do the same to

“How come I have to go first?”

“You are such a dumb ass,” he said, “didn’t I already
come in your mouth, besides isn’t it your turn to

“Ooh yah,” I said like a real trusting dumb ass, what
do you want me to do?”

“Go up to your room, get naked and kneel on the floor
bend over with your upper body on your bed with your
back to the door and wait.”

“Okay,” I yelled as I ran up the stairs to my room.

I knelt there for a few minutes until I heard Jerry
enter my room. He knelt behind me and began kissing my
shoulders then worked his way down toward the base of
my spine, just above the crease of my ass. His gentle
kisses and tongue licks made me tingle with excitement
and some made me giggle from ticklish sensations.

As he worked on my back and upper ass cheeks I kept
turning my head to watch him and kept scolding me for
looking. Finally he stood and opened a paper bag he
must have brought with him, removed a hood and pulled
it over my head. It fit snuggly and I couldn’t see a
thing but it left my nose and mouth free to breath or
speak normally. Then he went back to kissing my
shoulders, neck and upper back.

I couldn’t help but moan from the gentle affection he
was bestowing on my body.

“Do you like what I’m doing baby girl?”

“Yes, but I don’t think its going to make me come very
fast like you promised.”

“Patients my little sister, good things are worth the
wait, do you trust me?”

After answering him in the affirmative, I heard him
shuffling around in his bag, and then he seemed to be
walking to the other side of my bed. He was doing
something over there and just as I was going to ask
what, he gently lifted both of my hands kissing and
sucking my fingers like they were little cocks.

I felt soft fur wrapped around my wrists like a
bracelet, heard the securing sound of large pieces of
Velcro then a tug at both wrist and I realized I had
been tied down.

Before I could protest he ran back to my side and in
what was mere seconds he had my thighs spread and I was
now totally secured in an upright kneeling position.
Before that I had been sitting on my heels but now I
was upright, positioning me so that all of me was
exposed and easily accessible to him. I became
frightened; I mean here I was tied up like a prisoner
without sight or the ability to defend myself.

But as usual he soon had me mewing like a contented cat
as he apparently was lying on his back between my wide
spread thighs and eating my pussy with all his best

I could feel myself getting close when as usual he
changed his tempo and began to play with my ass.
Believe it or not it suddenly was awesome, I could see
nothing at all, so my senses of feel and sound were
dramatically multiplied.

I always loved the sounds of Jerry eating me, noisily
sucking and slurping up my juices, I don’t know why but
it always was a turn on. And what more needs to be said
about tongues, teeth and lips working over your pussy,
besides although new to me the well-lubed finger in my
ass was a sensation that I found quite OK as well.

True to his style Jerry took me to the edge about four
times before he knelt behind me and asked if I was
ready to come or did I want more. I begged him to make
me come as I heard him rustling in his bag once again.
I heard him tear open some plastic package, sounds of a
sealed bottle or jar being opened, then came the buzz,
ooh the buzz.

Suddenly small vibrator was doing a dance on my
sensitive clit; I was on my way to the stars again.
That is until I got that enormous jolt of pain that
felt like a run away dump truck had just entered three
or four inches into my virgin ass.

I was trapped somewhere between a wonderful vibrating
rock and a hard cock that wanted room for at least
three inches more up my rectum. Ooh God, one second
he’d take me to wonderful places at the end of his
mini-vibrator then he’d stop and push his fat hard cock
into my ass another inch or so causing me more pain.

One minute I was moaning with pleasure and the next
begging him to take it out, but as the minutes passed
he would squirt more and more lube between us causing
the pain to began fade and the ass fucking suddenly
began to feel good. The bastard had done it to me
again; he had raped me and was making me love it.

Soon the vibrator was put away and he just began sawing
his massive cock in and out of my now willingly
participating ass. As he pushed in I pushed back, I
couldn’t believe it, I was being ass fucked and it felt
good, no not just good, it was fantastic.

“Ooh god,” I cried out, “ooh lord I’m coming.”

And so did he, as he filled my bowels with his hot
bubbling sperm Jerry fell across my body gently kissing
my neck. He slowly shrunk and plopped free of my
sphincter as he rested on my back, you may not believe
it but there on my knees with him on my back I fell
into a deep restful sleep.

Asleep to dream, to dream wonderful erotic things, I
dreamt I felt Jerry licking away all traces of the
sperm he had deposited in my ass. Ooh what a dream, ooh
what a sensations I dreamt about his tongue as it both
soothed and cleansed my ass. This new lover Jerry had
become had a tongue so strong, so broad that as it
cleaned away his come it stimulated me as it went from
clit to rosebud in a single swipe.

These dream sequences were so intense, so real that as
I approached an orgasm I came awake, opened my eyes to
a sudden flash of light as Jerry took photos of Ranger
our nine-year-old Shepherd licking Jerry’s his come out
of my ass.

I tried to shake my ass as a way of distracting and
discouraging Ranger, but for some reason he took it as
an invitation. Ranger mounted me like I was a mutt, a
bitch on the street or in some alley. He grasped my
waist with authority and began to hump at me with his
hard pointed cock as the digital flash continued
clicking away.

“Stop it you asshole, get him off me I’m no mutt,” I
yelled at Jerry.

“Ah but you’re my little bitch and today you’re about
to become Rangers.” With that the bastard knelt behind
me and guided Ranger’s cock into my pussy. Once Ranger
felt the moist heat of my opening he needed no further
help from anyone.

There had been times Jerry fucked me in anger, or in
haste when he needed to come bad for some reason. He
had also on occasion used long hard violent strokes to
show me he was the boss but all that paled in
comparison to Ranger. Ranger was the master, the bomb
as they say, in just seconds the enormous size of him
and the machinegun urgency of his stroke not to mention
his natural instinct to mate and make puppies made me
have my first orgasm in mere moments after he took me.

Ooh, for sure his talented tongue had set me up for a
quick orgasm but his mastery as cocksman was the
frosting on the cake. I was lost, I knew that after
this day I would have to show Jerry I didn’t think his
game was funny but somehow I also knew that ranger
would become part of my erotic diet.


After graduation from college I got a job with one of
the countries foremost Vet’s, moving into a small local
apartment. I learned a lot in the year and a half I
worked with him, but then just before my twenty-third
birthday my Maternal Grandma died leaving me the old
family homestead. It consisted of her home and ten
acres that were located some eighty miles from my
parent’s home. Jerry my darling brother got the lion’s
share of her money, which by the way was substantial.

Jerry loaned me some money to fix up the place and now
only a year later I have one of the most successful
Retriever Breeding / Training Kennels in the state.

Tomorrow I am going to pay back Jerry’s loan and
becoming totally self-sufficient. That’s why when you
originally arrived at this tale; Smudge and I were
having a celebratory fuck.

Sorrowfully Ranger has passed on to please the Angels
in heaven and wait until Smudge and I arrive to join

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