Jim goes for a check-up and the nurses check him out

There Jim sat in the waiting room. Thumbing through
magazines and waiting for the nurse to come get him. It
had been at least 10 years since his last physical and
he was due. This was an unusual looking clinic he
thought to himself. Very modern looking with yellow
spongy textured walls and bluish latex couches. The
magazine selection contained older FHM’s and Maxim’s;
kind of odd for a waiting room but Jim wasn’t about to
complain. It was an early Saturday morning and the room
was empty except for Jim.

Finally, the receptionist, a young brunette, came to
the front counter. She looked directly at him and said
with a smile “Jim, we have been expecting you.” As he
stood up he noticed her extremely striking figure. She
was definitely an attractive girl with chin length
hair, a pale complexion with freckles across her cheeks
and nose and deep red lipstick.

She had the top three buttons of her white collared
shirt undone and her enormous freckled bust was heaving
up and down as she breathed. “We need you to go through
that door and follow the hallway down to the last room
on your left” she said pointing to the yellow door.
“Thank you,” Jim said quickly drawing his gaze away
from her swelling chest and over to the door.

Jim opened the door to a narrow yellow hallway and
entered. There were five doors on his left and on his
right was a mirrored glass window that stretched the
entire length of the hallway. The floor squeaked under
Jim’s shoes as if it were made of hard rubber. All the
doors were shut except for the last one on the left.

Jim stepped into the square room that resembled a small
classroom, not exactly what he was expecting. There was
a large desk at the far end and one small chair with an
attached desk in the center of the room. The walls were
made of the same spongy material as the waiting room
and there was a glass door behind the desk at the far

Not knowing what to do now, Jim squeezed into the chair
in the center of the room. Then the glass door slid to
one side and in stepped a tall blonde girl. She was
wearing a blue lab coat that covered her body
completely. She must have been almost six feet tall but
what stood out the most was her massive chest jutting
out from her tone figure. Her blonde hair was pulled
back into a ponytail and was wearing narrow rectangular

“Hello James, welcome to the Institute. My name is Dr.
Jennifer Cox. We will begin with a basic examination
and then move on to more advanced tests,” she said

“Advanced tests? My new employers at AHG are only
requiring a standard physical.” Jim hated going to the
doctor ever since he was little, even if the doctor was
a hot blond with big tits.

“Listen Jim, it just so happens that THIS is an AHG
facility. Therefore, YOU will not begin working until
you pass OUR examination.” At that she walked right up
to the little chair, slapped down a pen and packet of
papers and left the room.

Jim, puzzled, picked up the pen and began reading the
documents she had laid before him. The first page had
questions all inquiring to Jims sexual experience of
the “how many?” and “how often?” sort. The second page
got weird, it inquired as to size of Jim’s penis, the
amount of semen he could ejaculate, and numerous other
sexual abilities he could perform.

The last page was a consent form. It basically stated
AHG is not responsible for any long term side effects
of the testing. Jim knew that he needed this job; and
he had done a lot worse things for money. So he signed

Into the room walked an olive skinned nurse. She walked
up from behind Jim and took the documents. Then she
smiled as she set down three paper cups in front of

To Jim’s amazement, the nurse also had a pair of huge
balloon sized breasts. Her white nurse’s uniform
stretched like latex around her curves. “Please take
these. I will be right back for you,” she purred. She
turned and walked out leaving Jim with the cups.

One cup contained a small white pill; one contained a
large green pill, and the last contained water. Jim
swallowed each of the pills and finished off the cup of
water nervously. The small chair he was sitting in was
becoming increasingly uncomfortable but now was almost
unbearable. After a few minutes of waiting, Jim
impatiently began shifting in his chair. His head felt
cloudy and his arms and legs began tingling.

Finally the nurse came walking back in. She walked
right up to the chair and got down on her knees. “My
arms feel weak! I think I’m having a reaction to the
pills you gave me!”

“Of course you are, silly, you’re going to have a BIG
reaction,” she said then giggled. She then bound Jim’s
ankles to the chair with two elastic bands. “Don’t
worry, you’re arms and legs will come back around in a
few minutes. That’s why I need to tie them down” and at
that she bound Jims wrists to the sides of the seat.
She then stood up, her huge breasts whooshing by Jims
face, and removed the desktop on the chair. “Almost
ready,” she said patting Jim’s crotch and then she left
the room again.

Jim’s mind was a mess, “What are those pills doing to
me? What are these tests? And why was I still
uncomfortable in the chair?” After all she removed the
desktop. Then Jim realized what was happening. His cock
was inflating inside his pants. He did not have an
erection, but there was a enormous bulge in the front
of his jeans and the zipper was straining to stay

The glass door on the far wall swished open, then in
strutted Dr. Cox followed by two young girls carrying
clipboards. The two new girls were dressed the same as
the doctor but these girls were only of average bust
size. They looked like interns or students taking notes
on everything the doctor said.

“Ladies, here is our test subject, an average male of
26 years of age. He has been given a substantial dose
of PE4 nearly twenty minutes ago. Are you both ready to
see the results?” Both nodded their heads and eyeballed
Jim’s crotch excitedly.

The doctor then pulled out a small remote and clicked
it twice. The floor around Jims chair began to slowly
sink. It kept lowering until his head was at knee level
with the girls and then stopped. The walls were covered
in a bright white tile and several small nubs.

Jim started to squirm in his chair then he heard
another click of the remote. From every nub was a jet
of foam spraying on him from all directions. The foam
covered him from the waist down in a thick white
blanket that tingled on contact with the skin. The
tingling was intense and began to soak through his
clothes everywhere. Then Jim realized that the foam
wasn’t just soaking his clothes, it was dissolving his

His chair began to rise back up to the smiling faces of
the young girls. Now Jim began to get embarrassed
realizing that he was going to be totally nude in front
of the three women.

“Ok, I’m sorry but there has been some kind of
mistake,” he stammered.

“Quiet please!” shot back Dr Cox with a completely
serious look on her face.

“Now ladies, I want him cleaned, measured and moved to
the holding room.” She said before turning around and
leaving Jim at the hands of the interns.

As soon as the doctor had left Jim turned to the two

“Please let me go now, there has been a mistake, what
have you-”

“This one looks kinda cute Debra,” said the girl with
short brown hair cutting Jim off. “How much time do we

“Oh, let me measure him Kori.”

The girls began to wipe off the foam from Jims chest
then his legs but left the pile around his crotch.

“I get to check first,” said Kori, then she reached
into the foam. Her eyes got real big and her other hand
tried to cover her shocked smile.

“He’s HUGE! This stuff really does work!” from the foam
she pulled out his huge limp member.

“And slippery” his cock slipped around in her hand as
she tried to get her fingers around his bulk. She then
plopped his cock down on top of her ruler and Debra
jotted down the results.

“Yup, nine and a half inches and he’s still limp.
Betcha’ can’t deep-throat that one” said Kori.

“I told you, I could deep-throat any size and I meant

“Oh yeah then prove it, right here, right now. I wanna
see you deep-throat this fat limp cock to the base,”
she challenged.

Before Jim could let out another protest the petite
dirty blonde intern knelt down in front of him and took
his cock with both hands. She looked up at Jim and blew
him a kiss. Then she sucked his enlarged dick down her
throat, inch by inch she worked it in. Her mouth opened
as far as she could, then she finished the last inch

Slowly pulling the meat from her throat, there was a
thin coat of saliva covering Jims cock. “There! I did
it! Told you I could! Now its your turn!” At that the
Kori dove to her knees and began working on the monster
cock. She obviously lacked the talent of the previous
nurse because she couldn’t even get half the cock into
her mouth.

Next thing Jim knew there were two nurses sucking on
his cock as Debra tried to show Kori how it was done.
His giant rubbery cock began to become more rigid with
every suck. The pleasure was overwhelming and Jim
became light headed as he neared climax. He closed his
eyes but he still could hear the slurping and popping
sounds of the lips on his cock. He still could feel
those petite fingers trying to wrap around his swelling

Then it happened, he felt his whole body tense up and
his cock began to stream cum across the girls faces.
Jim opened his eyes to see jet after jet of cum splash
across the girls faces. Their eyes wide and mouths open
with amazement as the organ still spewed forth streams
of cum, now hitting their uniforms in the chest.

The girls were now moaning, running their fingers up
and down their slippery blue latex uniforms. Both of
them collapse in ecstasy on the floor in front of Jim,
who is still strapped into his chair. Their bodies
begin to writhe in pleasure.

The world around Jim began to get dark now. He felt his
monstrous cock shudder one last time and Jim passed out
as his body shut down.

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